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Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2.
The rain was coming down hard, stinging my face as the cold droplets of water splashed against my skin. Head down, I began my journey to my local sanctuary although to others it’s considered hell. High school. I stopped at the gate entrance quietly observing the wave of students enter the door laughing without a care in the world. I sighed; it was bad enough having nowhere to live but being an outcast at school was no picnic either. I felt someone tap my shoulder, spinning round I came face to face with someone’s chest. Have I mentioned I’m extremely short, another reason to be jeered at? I looked up and stared into the face of perfection.
“Hey, Frank right?” he smiled. I stared at him dumbfounded. Why in the hell was Mikey Way speaking to a kid like me? He stared at me looking confused, expecting an answer.
“Uh, Yeah.” I said dumbly.
“You’re in my Algebra right?” He asked again.
“Yeah I think so.” I answered quietly.
“I was just wondering if I could get some notes off you cause’ I missed class yesterday.” He smiled.
“Sure.” I said pulling my bag off my back and taking out my notes. I handed them to him with shaking hands.
“Thanks” He said. “I’ll have them back to you before class.”
And he was gone.

Exhaling deeply I practically skipped to first period. He actually spoke to me. Mikey Way spoke to me. Not many popular guys spoke to me, actually come to think about it no popular guys spoke to me and Mikey was up there at the top.
A ruler slamming down on my desk made me jump in fright letting a very feminine scream out.
“Welcome back to us, Mr. Iero.” Mr. Davis smiled as the class erupted into fits of laughter. I blushed crimson and mumbled a sorry just as the bell rang. I grabbed my books and fled the classroom. Practically running out of the classroom I crashed into someone knocking us both off our feet. I scrambled to my feet picking up the other person’s books and began apologising profusely.
“Oh god, I’m such a douche, I’m really sorr-.” Oh shit it was Mikey; I just made a complete and utter fool of myself. Again. I bit my lip as I watched him get up and brush himself off.
“No problem.” He smiled taking his books that I was holding. “Oh by the way here are your notes, I owe you big time”
“No it’s okay, it was nothing,” I said sheepishly, investigating my dirty converse to avoid eye contact.
“Well I’ll see you around Frank” He smiled. I stood watching him leave before I headed to my next class. Today might not be as bad as I thought. Humming a random tune to myself I pushed my way through the crowded hall of students bustling towards they’re next class.
My next class was gym, although I didn’t do gym. I used some lame excuse at the start of the school year that I injured myself skiing in Iceland and I wouldn’t be able to do any serious exercise for a year. Me going to Iceland? You got to be kidding me. I wasn’t about to be leaving New Jersey anytime soon because of the situation I’m in. Taking some books out of my locker I stared at its contents. It contained my books, some money, toothbrush, rotten banana (needs to be removed.) and some fresh clothes. It was the only place I could keep my stuff without having to worry about them being robbed. I closed the locker and leaned against it; my forehead pressing against the cool metal. I really needed to find somewhere to stay and fast winter was around the corner, which meant I could no longer rough it out on the streets. Scratching my forehead I made my way to the library for my last class of the day. Once inside, I felt a strong wave of peace wash over me. I inhaled the smell of the books and old furniture deeply. I dropped my rucksack on the floor and began my homework.
It wasn’t long before my mind drifted towards non-homework related things. I wondered why Mikey had become so nice to me all of a sudden? Maybe there was a reason for his actions. Although I doubted it severely and even if he meant something by it he would no longer want anything to do with me once he found out about my life. No one wanted anything to do with Frank Anthony Iero. So I’ll walk alone forever and always. Won’t I?

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