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Don't Get Well Soon

by BrianJ

It's no fun to get wounded in battle, but recovery is a different story.

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Disclaimer: This in a non-commercial piece of fanfiction, and does not represent any claim on the characters of the Harry Potter series, which are the property of JK Rowling, her publishers, and sundry other entities.
This story is NOT associated with any of my other series. It will probably remain a one-shot, but if you've got some really brilliant ideas on how to continue it, you can follow up (please give me credit).

Harry could blame Susan. Or perhaps Hermione. Lying there, Harry figured he had to blame someone.

The merry band of misfits known as Potter's Army had received a tip from Susan's aunt Amelia that the Death Eaters were working on a new incapacitating spell at a lab not far from Stonehenge. Harry had once had the idea that a single spell could kill many people at once; the Death Eater Dolohov had the same idea and was working to make it real.

As it turned out, the spell wasn't quite that bad. Instead of killing people, it would 'merely' break the bones of many people at once, leaving them in terrible pain and easy to capture and/or finish off. Dolohov had figured out how to cast this spell in a plane extending up to thirty feet, making him very difficult to approach in battle.

Careful deployment and use of a back entrance allowed Hermione to get the jump on him, however, and she cast a high-powered Stunning spell just as he was firing his new and improved Bone-Breaker Curse. As a result, Dolohov just did get the curse off before he hit the ground, and the spell worked on a plane only about five inches from the floor. The only person who was on the lowest step of the lab and unable to get away quickly was Harry, who promptly went down with broken bones in both feet.

Potter's Army had become very good at treating such injuries- practice does make perfect, or at least better. Within a minute, Harry was levitated and had been given potions to dull the pain. However, no one in the group sent to the lab was a Healer, and thus no one wanted to take the risk of accidentally joining little bones in Harry's feet that were meant to stay separate, or even worse, the dreaded "Lockhart's disease." Thus, Susan decided to Stun Harry, so that his feet could be properly immobilized without causing him more pain.


Harry found himself in a darkened room, just aware enough to realize his surroundings. Instead of being in a hospital or at St. Mungo's, he was in a four-poster bed in a well-appointed bedroom. (The death of Bode in St. Mungo's the previous year convinced Potter's Army to avoid the place whenever possible.) Harry was still woozy from the potions he'd been given, and his legs were numb from about the knee down. He was wearing only loose pajama bottoms, but was too out of it even to wonder who had stripped him. Each of his lower legs was bound to the footboard of the bed, leaving his body in a Y shape. With no clocks or other references, Harry had no idea how long he lay there, swooning.

"Bon soir, Harry."

Dim lights had been turned on. Harry looked for their source. He finally found it by the door, where a pale globe hovered.

Beneath it stood a woman. This woman was blonde and tall, about Harry's height if he had to guess. She wore a white nurse's uniform that zipped up the front, with a skirt stopping at about mid-thigh and a small cap. Her legs were covered in either hose or stockings, and white high heels covered her feet. She slowly strode toward Harry on the bed, followed by the light, stray locks floating behind her.

"I came to see that you were alright before the Healer comes tomorrow. You're too important to us to risk on these missions, but you will keep pushing yourself. Are you in pain, mon cher?"

"Not really, but I'm feeling really woozy," Harry mumbled.

She bent down to feel Harry's forehead. "You do not seem to have a fever," the nurse said. This allowed the top of her uniform to gape open. Harry's eyes wandered to the skin revealed before guiltily returning to her face. The nurse didn't seem to notice, and in fact smiled a few seconds later. "I hope you will pardon me, but I need to check your heartbeat and pulse." She crawled onto the bed and leaned over Harry to touch his chest. As she did so, her skirt rode up, showing Harry her stocking tops and lightly tanned skin above.

Just then, the light abruptly brightened. Both Harry and the nurse looked toward the door, the latter with distinct dismay.

The new arrival was another tall blonde, attired similarly to the first. She was broader across the shoulders and more voluptuous, projecting an air of maturity even though she didn't look much older than the nurse currently attending to Harry.

"Did I give you permission to examine the patient?" the new arrival inquired coldly.

"Head Nurse! I was under the impression that..." the younger nurse sputtered.

"Did it occur to you that you might contaminate him? Come over here with me," the older nurse replied, pulling the younger one away from Harry. Since the head nurse was pulling her subordinate by the back of the collar, the latter's struggles served only to reveal most of her thighs to her immobile patient. After a few seconds, the two nurses reached the wall a few feet beyond the foot of the bed where Harry lay.

"Before I let you go any further, I must ensure that you can't make the patient sick," the head nurse snapped. She positioned herself behind the younger nurse, placing her left hand on the other's head as if checking for a fever. Her other hand moved to the younger woman's front, slowly lowering the zipper of her uniform, peeling it back, and reaching inside.

"Your heart rate is rising. I don't think it would be safe to let you near the patient," the head nurse said in a husky voice. That might have been because, while her palm was flush against the other's chest to feel her heart beat, one finger was reaching down into a lacy, well-filled brassiere cup. Or possibly because the head nurse's thigh was now rubbing between the other woman's legs.

Harry had concluded that this was a dream, even if it was a remarkably vivid and detailed dream. That was a real shame, he muzzily mused, because this would be wonderful if it were real.

"No, I think I'll have to handle this patient myself, especially since you're wearing this lace instead of the proper uniform," the head nurse purred as her underling began to pant.

This motivated the younger nurse to act. With a squawk, she broke away from her superior's grip, her hat flying off to reveal waist-length, straight locks. She grabbed the other woman by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall.

"Let's see if you could pass this inspection!" the younger woman snarled. She swiftly lowered the other woman's zipper to her waist, clapped one hand to her forehead, and reached into her uniform with the other hand.

"I see that I'm not the only one who doesn't care for the uniform rules," the younger nurse smirked as she pulled out a very large, firm breast with a nipple she was rhythmically pinching. "Let's see if you have a fever," she continued, running her other hand over the older woman's toned stomach, only to be stopped before she could reach inside her uniform.

"That won't be necessary," the head nurse hastily replied with a sheepish smile. "We can both examine him. I think he'll need help from both of us anyway." With that, the two sauntered up to the footboard of the bed.

"Do you know how far up the numbing spells have gone?" the younger nurse asked when they reached the footboard.

"I know that they went at least halfway up his calves," the older one replied. "But these spells don't work the same way every time, so I can't be sure."

"The Healer will need to know, will he not?" the younger one insisted. "We must test the patient's responses," she continued while reaching for Harry's lower leg.

"No!" The head nurse slapped the younger one's hand away. "We don't want to hurt the patient through our test; that would defeat the purpose! We must be very careful to touch him in a way that won't bring him more pain." She stopped to think for a few seconds, then came up with an idea.

Two very low-powered Diffindo spells split Harry's pajama legs up to his knees. Then the older nurse carefully knelt down to lightly kiss Harry's right leg, about six inches below the knee. She looked beseechingly at Harry. "Did you feel that?" she whispered.

Since she hadn't rezipped her uniform, it took Harry a few seconds to realize he'd been asked a question. He blushed and shook his head.

The younger nurse then planted a kiss on Harry's left leg at about the same point. She also looked up at Harry, who shook his head again. For the next minute or so, the two moved very carefully up Harry's legs, kissing about every inch.

It was the older nurse who got a reaction first, just above Harry's knee. She reached into her uniform to get her wand and carefully mapped out the edge of Harry's numb area with a lightly drawn line. On his other leg, the younger nurse followed suit.

"So what should we do now?" asked the younger woman.

"We need to ensure that no damage has been done to the rest of his legs," the older nurse answered, in a slightly deeper voice than before. She cast another Diffindo spell, ripping the pajama leg to mid-thigh, and returned to her kissing. Again, the younger woman did the same. They crawled carefully onto the bed, avoiding his damaged feet and ankles.

Harry was starting to sweat a bit. What he had seen, and was now feeling, was having a predictable physical effect, one that he knew might not be welcome.

He'd find out soon enough, as one more set of Diffindo spells severed the pajamas to the waist. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the flap of fabric, seemingly of its own accord, gently slipped from its perch and fell to the bedding, leaving Harry exposed for both his guests to see.

"Incroyable," the younger nurse gasped. The older nurse shook her head, causing her hat to fall off and long, wavy hair to be released.

"That cannot be natural," the young woman continued.

"Well... some wizards have been known to cast Engorgio charms on themselves. But they're usually quite incompetent; the resultant growth is either very temporary or only an image," explained her boss.

"We can test that easily enough," her partner replied. "Fin-"

"No, no, no! What are they teaching you these days?! You could cancel the numbing spells!" the head nurse hissed. "Follow my lead, and be very careful."

Harry braced himself for whatever came next, fearing that this would be the end of the dream.

Not yet. The older woman took the younger one's hand and reached for his cock. They found that their fingers just connected around the shaft, while they combined to cover all but the head. "It feels solid enough to me," whispered the younger woman, tossing her hair.

"There is one other way to check," replied the older nurse. "It's the only way to test the entire length at once."

"You don't mean..." But when the wavy-haired blonde knee-walked over Harry's body, it was clear that she did. She carefully spread her calves and feet well away from Harry's body, braced herself with one hand, and slowly lowered herself. Either the uniform policy forbade panties, or she was ignoring it; either way, her slick lips made contact, barely concealed by her skirt. She gasped at the sensation, as did Harry.

Over the next minute, she lowered herself ever so carefully; Harry tried to push up with his hips, but his ability to do so was greatly reduced by his lower legs being frozen and stuck to the footboard. "Relax, let me do the work," cooed the nurse. "It will- ooh!- be my pleasure."

The nurse settled on a slow rhythm, as her subordinate took a hold of her left calf, theoretically to keep it away from Harry. (The way she rubbed the smooth skin suggested other motives.) "Could you- ahh!- give me your hands?" she asked her patient. When Harry gulped and nodded, she sighed, "Please." Harry complied, as the nurse reached up to her shoulders and used Harry's hands to push her uniform down. It pooled around her hips and Harry's body, leaving her upper half completely bare.

It was a very impressive upper half, and when the nurse guided his hands down her chest and onto her breasts, he couldn't help but give them a firm squeeze. With that, she threw her head back and screamed out her orgasm. Somehow, Harry managed to resist the urge to come, but he knew he wasn't far away.

So did she. Her pace sped up sharply. She was a magnificent sight, powerful thighs flexing, firm stomach moving, breasts bouncing and defying Harry's attempt to keep them in hand as her hair whipped around her head and she moaned continuously. He moved one hand down her torso to where her uniform covered their joining, and as if by instinct, moved it down to stroke her clit. Just a couple of rubs set the nurse off again. He rubbed it a few more times, along with squeezing those luscious mammaries, and her third orgasm finally triggered his.

Panting, the older nurse tumbled off of Harry, barely avoiding falling off of the bed. Her uniform was now tangled around her hips, and she pulled her wand out of it before kicking it to the floor.

"Wow," whispered the younger nurse. Her breathing had quickened and she had a hand not-so-surreptitiously reaching inside her uniform. She slowly turned toward Harry's penis, which had only half softened and was liberally covered with juices. A tentative lick quickly turned into more licks delivered up and down the shaft to taste the two lovers, and he quickly revived.

Harry was too far gone to respond consciously. As far as he could remember, he'd never had a wet dream, especially since Hermione and Susan had become his girlfriends. That made him wonder if there was any way they might find out about this...

By now, Harry's cock was shiny and clean, and the younger woman was breathing hard, chest heaving as she sat up and unzipped her uniform. This revealed that she wore nothing beneath but her bra and stockings.

"Let me try something," the older woman said, picking up her wand. "Can you do the splits?" The younger woman answered by demonstrating that she could. With a flick of her wrist, the older woman sent the younger into the air and slowly guided her over toward Harry.

The younger woman smiled as she saw where she was going, and sure enough, her lower lips soon made contact with Harry's erection. What she didn't expect was that the other woman would cut off the levitation suddenly, dropping her hard onto Harry's cock. The younger woman screamed in a mix of surprise, pain, and ecstasy, soon dominated by the third.

Harry was more active this time, ripping the woman's bra off and making an effort to sit up and kiss her. The younger woman, already close to orgasm, pushed him back down surprisingly hard and moaned into his mouth as she came. Like her boss, she maintained a rapid pace with her slimmer, toned body, and popped off for the second time just as Harry came again. This time, the older woman cleaned their combined juices with gusto.

Once the younger woman had recovered, the two of them seemed to continue the task that they'd set themselves earlier, kissing their way up Harry's torso. When they reached his nipples, each woman gave one a long suck and then looked up at Harry with beaming grins on their faces.

For some reason, it was only now that Harry recognized them.

Whether it was the realization, an aspect of the potions and spells cast on him, or just exhaustion, Harry crashed immediately, falling into dreamless sleep.


Harry woke to find himself flat on his back, as he'd remembered being last night. He was looking straight up into the bed's canopy as early morning sun filtered into the room. For a minute, Harry felt completely disoriented, remembering nothing since Dolohov's spell.

Then he remembered his dream- and groaned. How was he ever going to explain this?

Fleur Delacour had been doing her part to help him at Gringott's. She'd found a couple of accounts that had been used by the Death Eaters, and also had helped him with the dispute over Sirius' will, ended when he was officially named Lord Black and heir to the Black family fortune. It wasn't right for him to mentally put her in a skimpy outfit and take advantage of her, but he had.

And the other woman was an even worse case. At great risk to her own life, Narcissa Black (formerly Malfoy) had been feeding him information for months about the Death Eaters. Even someone as dense as Lucius would catch on eventually; when he did, Narcissa pleaded for him to protect her via Portkey. Harry arrived at Malfoy Manor to be challenged to a duel to the death with wand and sword, a duel that ended with Lucius' head separated from his shoulders. Now, instead of protecting her, he was fantasizing about using her body for his pleasure.

And how would Susan and Hermione handle this? He knew he was fortunate that the two of them had gotten along as well as they had since both of them announced that they wanted to help him, and even more so that they told him that they'd let him share their bed. But how could he face them knowing that he'd dreamed about being with two other women?

Harry groaned again, miserably, and tried to get up... only to find his legs stuck to the footboard. When he tried again, he was pressed back to the bed by a pair of female hands. "Careful, Harry dear," a voice cooed in his ear.

Harry turned to his right to be greeted by the part-Veela's smiling face, and to the left to see the grinning Black sister. "Where... where did you come from?" he gasped.

"I live here, Harry," laughed Narcissa. "This was the closest safe place to Dolohov's lab. I hope that I've been a good hostess."

"I don't remember anything since the fight, so I can't... really..." his voice faltered and stopped as he saw the rest of Narcissa's body. She was lying on her stomach at an angle, apparently nude except for white stockings and high heels. Harry sputtered, "That's what... I... Did we...?"

"Oh, yes, Harry," Narcissa answered, purring and stretching like a big, sexy cat. "And you were better than I dared to hope for. Since even before the duel, I was hoping that we'd be together."

"I first thought you were good-looking during the Tournament, Harry. I've been so glad to work with you. I've wanted our relationship to go so much further- but I couldn't tell you and my allure doesn't work on you, so I had to find another way," Fleur explained as her bare upper torso rubbed against Harry's back.

"But what about Hermione and Susan? What about-?" Narcissa put a finger to his lips.

"Who do you think brewed the potions to ease your pain and cast the spells to knock you out, Harry? Hermione and Susan added a little something extra, to lower your inhibitions so that you could do what you wanted to do without guilt. They know you're attracted to us, and have been waiting for a chance like this. You've been beating yourself up because you were attracted to us, and that's not right," Narcissa gently explained, taking Harry's hand.

"They advised us about the uniforms, Harry. I think she'd like to be in your position, too," Fleur chuckled. "Our point is that they know about us, and they wholeheartedly approve- as long as you continue to give them their share. You deserve so much better than you've been given, and we hope we deserve you."

"If you want to punish us for being naughty to you, Harry," Narcissa purred, "you'll have your chance tonight when we start your therapy."

"And keep in mind that we're tough women, Harry, so you can get a little rough. We know we deserve it," Fleur said before leaning in to whisper, "In fact, we like it."

"I don't know about you, Fleur, but I could use a shower," Narcissa smirked, rising from the bed. "Only, I think there might be a problem with the plumbing, so we may have to share..."

"Oh, I can deal with that," Fleur replied, getting up as Narcissa came around to her side.

They met at the corner of the bed and started to saunter toward the door. Harry hardly know where to focus his eyes- on their strong backs, trim waists, firm buttocks, or long toned legs. Just before they reached the door, Fleur stopped them, saying, "One more thing I wanted to do before we left, Miss Black. I wanted to blow Harry a kiss."

"That seems a little childish, doesn't it?" Narcissa replied.

"Not the Veela way," Fleur answered. "Now turn toward me." When Narcissa did so, Fleur kissed her, long and slow and sweet. When she finished, she turned the widow's head to the side and gently blew over her lips and toward Harry. He felt the sensation of lips on his own mouth and... someplace further down.

With grins on their faces, they sauntered out the door, leaving Harry erect and alone. He slumped back onto the bed- his blood was flowing toward his little head, and he was still worn out from all that had happened.


"Oh, Harry, what a mess."

Hermione stood before him, hands on her hips. She too was wearing a nurse's uniform, but a far more conservative one, with a lab coat over a white blouse and slacks. She was staring disapprovingly at Harry's disheveled body, torn pajamas, and the dresses worn by last night's visitors.

"We've got to clean you up before the Healer arrives. MISS BONES!" she hollered.

Susan arrived just a few seconds later. The busty redhead was wearing a uniform similar to Fleur's and Narcissa's.

"I need you to give the patient a sponge bath while I pick up these clothes," Hermione said while starting on her task. She went around to the far side of the bed from Susan, who was conjuring a bucket and sponge. "I'm sorry not to join her, Harry, but at least one of us needs to stay presentable," Hermione whispered. "I'll make it up to you. Promise!"

"Miss Bones, be very thorough," Hermione said more loudly, "I want you to clean every nook and cranny. Oh, and you should do something about that, too," she continued, waving at Harry's erection.

"It would be my pleasure, Miss Granger," Susan purred as she clambered onto the bed.

"Then hop to it!" Hermione finished, swatting Susan on the bum and trotting out the door. "Oh, and Harry?"

"Yes?" he replied as Susan started rubbing his chest.

"These injuries can take a while to heal. So don't rush yourself; take all the time you need to get fully healthy. We need you, Harry! And Harry, one more request from all of us."

"What's that?" Harry asked as Susan rubbed lower.

"Don't get well soon." As Hermione left the room, she heard Susan squeal.
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