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Stolen Faith

by helluin

Passion in a dark place. Love or lust? Lulu and Auron won't have time to find out.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica, Horror - Characters: Auron, Lulu - Warnings: [R] [X] - Published: 2006-04-04 - Updated: 2006-04-05 - 2444 words

Author's note: This chapter involves some icky nonconsensual stuff that some readers may find disturbing. Thanks to Fyre Byrd for evil encouragement when I was being wimpy about... well, you'll see.

Lulu could count on the fingers of one hand the people she trusted. Yuna. Kimahri. Wakka, despite his talent for thinking with his heart instead of his head. It had been a long time since she had let anyone else past the other end of a cool measuring gaze. Auron must have known this, or he would not have challenged her to drop her armor during their playful sport at the Al Bhed inn.

This time, it was no game.

I trust you.

Auron's arm around her shoulders relaxed, although she could still feel the quiver of tension within his muscles, like static electricity building within her hands when the rigid control holding back her volatile temper began to fray. He said nothing, but she saw his face go still and quiet. Leaning forward he swept a feather-soft kiss against her lips that was more breath than touch. The anger in his eye faded, and she could almost see the shift behind his gaze as he dismissed Yojimbo from his thoughts with the forcefulness of a Sending and centered his attention on her. Auron seldom did anything by halves. A delicious shiver rolled down her spine as his moody brown eye locked upon her with all the impassioned focus of skilled lovemaking.

Meeting his kiss with sweet, minute nibbles, Lulu opened her hand inside his trousers, trailing her fingertips down his length and letting go. Auron swallowed a harsh groan in the back of his throat. Bringing her hand up, Lulu reached back to unlace the bodice sheathing her upper body, but found his sturdy arm in the way. She nudged his elbow lightly. The swordsman shifted his hand sideways, coming to a halt between her shoulderblades where her bodice left an enticing strip of skin exposed all the way down her back. He touched her hand with a simple question that was not simple at all. "May I?"

It would have been easier if she had not been able to see a hint of red just above his head. Almost she refused, buying herself time to choose the manner in which she uncovered herself to Yojimbo's greedy gaze. That, however, would let the capricious spirit dictate her actions, and rob Auron of the very gift she had just given him.

"You don't have to ask," Lulu whispered, reaching around to hook her fingers under the band of soft grey fur that fell across her bosom. As the warrior began to unlace her with deft, quick movements, she peeled the bodice down and away, baring her white skin to him, only for him. Sir Auron saw it out of the corner of his eye, but still held her gaze with profound intensity as he slowly disrobed her, drinking in the subtle tightening of her brows, the way her chin suddenly darted upward as a tremor passed through her, her full lips parting involuntarily. His breathing quickened, deepened; she knew it by the hot breaths beating against her bared breasts even as the cave's chilled air began to raise goosebumps across her exposed skin.

"Ah, now that is a delicious sight," came the oily commentary from their ungracious host, but they barely heeded him this time, as one might ignore the scratchy inconvenience of sand during a passionate coupling on the beach.

Auron had reached the bottom of her corset, and together they eased it loose and set it aside. He carefully released the straps on her upper arms that kept her gown secured just off her shoulders. Mindful of the ragged red line along her forearm, he slipped the sleeves free one at a time. The mage hissed at the sting, but it was forgotten the next instant when Auron sank down in a slight kneebend to press his tongue into her navel. Slowly, luxuriously, he traced her body in a long, steady lick that passed between her breasts and ended at the hollow of her throat. She arched her back involuntarily, flowing with his movements. Whimpering, Lulu draped her arms around him and pulled him close, savoring the warm planes of his chest rubbing against her breasts. She was keenly aware of the the pressure of his erection squeezing against the leather straps between her legs, calling out to her. Her sex pulsed in silent, yearning answer.

"'Delicious' is not the word I would use," Auron remarked gruffly, smoothing her hair down around her shoulders with his hands, warming her skin with soft, slow kisses and the puff of his breath as he browsed the porcelain planes of her shoulders, her breasts, her upper arms.

"Oh?" she panted. Her fingers worked their way across the muscles of his back, kneading him lightly. She shivered again. The air of the cave was cold, and she had other reasons to feel chilled, but she concentrated stubbornly on Auron's heated body moving over her.

"We'll discuss it later," he grunted in a brisk, curt manner that elicited a fleeting giggle from her. They had spent so much of the journey exchanging such words to plan their party's route, compare notes on potential hazards, and arrange camp duties and watches, that the phrase seemed disarmingly innocent. Tonight they were making up for lost chances, annoying spectators be damned.

Auron licked her nipples to life and wrapped his arms around her waist, giving her a reassuring squeeze when the inevitable sly, "Go on, hero, eat those juicy teats," trickled down over them like slime from a sand-worm's looming maw. Lulu winced and leaned over him, kissing the top of his head so that she would not have to see Yojimbo drifting closer. "Don't stop," she whispered. Her loosened hair tumbled forward, black braids falling over the swordsman's scarred shoulders. Growling in reply, he drew one breast into his mouth while fondling the other, sucking her with such tenderness that tears welled in her eyes. Her nails dug into his back in a silent warning even as the tingling warmth of his mouth wrenched another helpless whimper from her. Auron bit down hard and suddenly. She gave a startled yelp.

"Better?" he murmured, moving to the other side.

"Mmm," she whispered back, not about to admit here and now that she was enjoying his loving attention as much as his rougher play.

Auron did not linger over her breasts too long, although he had her moaning by the time he moved to the white polished lake of her stomach, licking and nibbling. He released his embrace, trailing his hands around her buttocks and thighs until he came to the buckles draped low across her hips. Again, there was a subtle pause, and he glanced up, gauging her expression. Auron was rewarded by a sight that Yojimbo had good cause to envy. Lulu was flushed, her eyes deep and enflamed, her hair falling in loose wisps and black waves around her neck and shoulders. In truth she looked like the insatiable wanton Yojimbo kept teasing him about. Yet still she held herself proudly, straight and pale as a sword.

When Lulu spotted the swordsman's questioning glance, she pressed her lips together and nodded with determination, eyes flicking upwards in cool defiance. Her hands were clinging to the warrior's shoulders just a little too tightly. Auron turned his head and pressed another emphatic kiss against the smooth, flawless skin of her inner arm, then set about unbuckling the leather straps through which the white skin of her legs peeked so enticingly.

There was little teasing play between them tonight. Mindful of their host, Auron stroked her legs with firm, soothing caresses that flooded her with warmth even as her upper body began to cool in the moist air. Settling onto his knees, the swordsman bowed his head in her lap, breathing in her scent. Lulu tensed when he pressed an insistent, lingering kiss against the inside of her upper thigh. He pulled back at once and let one hand drift up her leg and in, brushing the back of his knuckles against her heated flesh. Cupping his hand gently over her mound, he looked up. The mage let out a purring sigh, smiling down at him raptly.

With a gleam in his eye, Auron watched her expression as he dipped three fingers into her damp folds and began to fondle her with intimate, tingling touches. He savored her silent gasp as her full lips fell open and her dark lashes fluttered closed. Rumbling under his breath, Auron paid sensual homage to the alluring spectacle, lavishing her with firm, quick stokes that slid deeper into her folds with every beat. Her fingers curled behind his shoulders, kneading him with short, convulsive squeezes that unknowingly mimicked the heated pulse of her sex. Tiny, nearly inaudible whimpers spilled out from her throat.

"Lulu," Auron groaned raggedly. His outburst made her jump. The sorceress opened her eyes, startled to find they had been closed, and saw the raw, pent-up need in the clenched muscles of his face. It both stirred and terrified her.

Could she really do this? Dear Yevon, the image of the Fayth was planted at Auron's left shoulder like a temple statue, so close that the insubstantial fabric of Yojimbo's jacket fell right through the swordsman's elbow. The strange bird's head mask was reflecting the blood-red of Auron's coat bunched behind her and the all-too-familiar pale gleam of her own skin. Just in time she averted her gaze, for she could feel inhuman eyes soaking up the sight of both of them, draining away the heady flush of yearning that made her body tremble with anticipation.

The mage anchored herself on the honest, frank lust in Auron's features and the deeper tenderness that she shied away from naming. "Take me," she commanded, bracing herself.

She expected him to make a spring for her, pinning her against the rock: that would be true to form. However, Auron did nothing of the kind. The swordsman eased his fingers from her sex with a tender caress, kissed his fingertips, and inhaled the sweet scent of her juices. Instead of mounting her at once, he stopped to unbuckle his boots and step out of his trousers. The evidence of her earlier handiwork jutted out from his body proudly. She ached to touch him, but she had only a brief tantalizing glimpse before Auron grasped the hem of her dress and lifted the garment over her body, moving his hands slowly up her hips, waist, and sides. He tossed the gown over the hilts of his sword standing nearby, causing the buckles to jingle together and making her flinch. "Shh." Auron gathered her loosely in his arms and gently positioned her on the edge of the ledge, kissing her nose and provoking a startled laugh. Sobering, Lulu parted her knees and encircled his broad chest with her arms as far around as she could reach, drawing him in. Auron let out an explosive breath as the head of his shaft brushed against the bed of silky fur between her legs.

Tears began to bead at the corners of her lashes as the mage raised her head to meet his searing kiss. Auron hesitated, smoothing her hair back from her face once again, and searched her dark, desperate eyes for one last confirmation. Flashing him a bright smile, Lulu pushed her hips against him, wriggling to center herself.

Stroking her hip with gentle, soothing caresses, Auron began to sink into her slowly, plying gentle kisses across her cheeks and lips and licking away the stray tears. His body was taut with concentration. He was holding himself firmly in check, taking her by slow, scintillating degrees. Lulu moaned as he filled and stretched her, pushing deeper and deeper into her heated sex. She felt as if they were falling. Finally he was sheathed fully inside of her and gave her another kiss that was two parts lust and one part reverence. "A goddess, I would have said," he whispered darkly. Lulu shook her head wonderingly and kissed the corner of his jaw. By unspoken signal, their bodies molded together and began to rock in a slow, voluptuous dance.

Mild euphoria began to take hold as Lulu opened her legs wider and rolled with him, taking his long, hard strokes with a slight twist that made both of them gasp and tumble together in fervent kisses. Sometimes when Auron sank into her, he stayed and growled whisperingly at her ear. Then she wrapped her legs around him, summoning all her concentration to flex and tighten her burning inner walls and pleasure him in a way that Yojimbo could not see. When the swordman's will began to buckle and he thrust with eager, harder strokes, they held each other's eyes rapturously, watched the turmoil of passion unraveling the other's stern features, or sank into each other's mouths and made love with tongues swirling, lunging against each other.

Auron's face gleamed eerily in the eldritch light of the pyreflies. For a moment his skin flickered, and Lulu thought she glimpsed a faint sheen of silver, a mask covering his cheeks and jaw. She reared back in shock, but saw nothing amiss and everything right in his wild, lust-filled features. He made a puzzled noise deep in his chest. Rallying, she flashed him a sultry smile, breathed deeply, and squeezed him tightly with her inner muscles, drawing a strangled groan from the warrior. Lulu joined him with a deep throaty sigh, sagging in his arms as the dizzying sensations of his cock thrusting deep within overwhelmed her for a few trembling seconds. The pleasure was still mounting to an impossible crescendo, and she was already soaring in his embrace.

His face contorted. "/Yu Yevon/," he gasped suddenly. She started at the uncharacteristic oath and reached up to stroke her hands through his hair.

"I won't break," she whispered fiercely. "Just.../ah/. Let go." She bucked her hips against him, adjusting the angle and crying out as a stab of pleasure lifted her even nearer the brink.

"Lu--" He breathed her name like a talisman, but his voice broke in his throat. The warrior's hands gripped her waist almost painfully. Tears started in her eyes again as he hung above her for a pregnant moment, giving her an unfathomable look. Three words even more dangerous than I trust you were on the tip of her tongue.

"Yes, you really are a delicious creature," Auron hissed in a silky growl, and plunged into her.
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