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Passing dream

by NHunter

Naruto/Konan lemon. AU, OOC, LEMON, PWP. Don't like - don't read.

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Title: Passing dream
Author: NHunter
Genre: General
Rating: M = NC-17
Characters: Naruto/Konan, others...
Warnings: AU, OOC, lemon. If you are under 17 and/or don't like lemons - DO NOT read this story And author still has no idea what he is writing about...
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto or its characters
Author notes: siyoku no tenshi - paperwinged angel

'Kyuubi talking to Naruto'

Passing dream

Naruto stood in the center of now wasteland in front of the only female Akatsuki, Konan, with bouquet of paper roses she gave him not a minute ago. Two bodies, wrapped in paper, were floating behind woman's back.

"So... What will you do now, Konan?" Kyuubi jinchuuriki asked.

"I'll return to the Rain and will give my friend the best burial I can. I will quit Akatsuki as I was there only because of Nagato. But I don't know what I will do then..." Bluehaired angel answered.

"Well... Maybe you can move to the Wave country? I have friends there, they say that country prospers now. You'll find a place for yourself there, it's for sure. If you'll need help, find Tazuna or Tsunami and say that you came from me." Naruto suggested.

"Thank you." Konan bowed. "Maybe I'll really do like that. I think, it'll be too painful for me to stay at Rain... But why are you willing to help me, I'm your enemy?" Naruto shrugged.

"Not really. You yourself said that you really don't want to be a part of Akatsuki. And you personally never were my real enemy. Why not then?" Konan nodded.

"You know, you are too kind for your own good, Naruto..." She stepped forward and laid her hand on his shoulder. "I'll pray for you, as now you're caring Yahiko's dream. Make his dream come true. Thank you." 'He acts like I'm already his friend... He is so much like Yahiko... He carries their dream now. I will be by his side... ...What's with me? Am I falling for him?..' And she went away with two bodies floating after her... Kakashi appeared on the battlefield.

"Naruto, are you OK? Everything all right, hero?"


Seven weeks later Naruto was walking on the road towards Wave country, Tazuna, Inari and about fifty more workers who helped to rebuild Konoha, were walking behind him. Tsunade, who retook Hokage's position from Danzo half a month ago assigned him to ensure their safe return. He took another turn and stopped, shocked by what he saw. 'Great Naruto bridge'.

"Oh, I see you like your bridge?" Tazuna laughed.

"But... Why?.. " Blond jinchuuriki asked. "I never did anything that great..."

"Really? And weren't you the one who brought our hope back? You are hero of Wave, Naruto." Old drunk said. "By the way, Tsunami-chan said that there is special someone who is waiting for you."

"Who is it?" Naruto asked, but Tazuna only shook his head.

"Don't know. She didn't say."


Naruto entered the village. Unlike what it was three years ago, when he visited it for the first time, now it was like another place: all looked new and clean, no drunks and hungry children on the streets... Village was prosperous...

Tazuna's house was the same, only repaired to its best shape. Old man entered his house, Inari followed him a second later. Naruto too came in. He leaned his scroll, toad summoning contract, on the wall, and removed his red with black flames on the bottom cloak. Then he kicked off his shoes.

"Tsunami-chan, we have a very special guest!" He heard Tazuna calling. Second later darkhaired woman in her thirties appeared in the corridor and hugged him, turning him around.

"Naruto-kun, is that you? You grew up, boy!" Suddenly blond felt another pair of arms snaking around his body. Moment later another female body was pressed firmly to him from behind.

"I'm so-o-o-o happy to see you, Naruto!" Someone cooed in his ear. Finally women decided to let him go and blushing blond was able to breathe again. Naruto turned around and face bluehaired beauty. She was dresses in white shorts and short dark gray T-shirt that showed some of her flat stomach... These clothes made her look younger and prettier unlike that Akatsuki cloak she wore last time they met...

"Konan?" Naruto asked, not really believing his eyes.

"Yep, it's me." Woman answered. "I couldn't find home for myself there yet, and Tsunami-san was very kind and allowed me to stay at her house."

"Konan-san helps me with the housework and I'd say she is origami mistress - children in the village love her." Tsunami added. Then she invited everyone to the kitchen... The rest of the evening was spent there, sharing life stories.


Next morning Naruto woke up only to find that the house was empty. Tazuna and Inari were repairing someone's house in the village, Tsunami went to buy some groceries while Konan was just nowhere in his sight. Blond junchuuriki ate some breakfast that was left for him and decided to go to the 'private' beach that was near Tazuna's house. To his surprise, one of chaise longue was occupied... Blue hair with paper rose in them were dead giveaway to who was there... Konan too sensed him and sat up, taking her sunglasses off. Now blond shinobi could see that she was wearing bikini. And that bikini made him step back... In fear. It was black with red clouds...

"Oups... Sorry." Konan smiled warmly. "It's just a souvenir." Naruto silently prayed that she was telling the truth, but took another chaise longue and removed his T-shirt and trousers, making bluehaired woman see his body and her cheeks turn pink...


Naruto emerged from the sea and returned to his chaise longue. He saw that now Konan was lying on her stomach. He blushed a bit and silently noted that she had very nice posterior. No, her whole body was beautiful and if Nagato hadn't told his story, he'd never believe that she was forty. No, she was twenty five, in body and soul, it seems.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, is that you? Can you rub some tan lotion on my back?" She asked when he came close. She saw him nodding and untied her top... Then his hands began working on her back the way that made her purr from pleasure. "Naruto... You are kind, strong, caring, good-looking... If only I was younger..." She said dreamingly. "...I'd love to be with you... And yours."

'Strong... Beautiful... And she likes you, kit. She'll be fine mate for you. It's your chance, don't lose it.' Kyuubi roared from it's cage. And somewhere deep inside his own mind Naruto knew that nine-tailed demon fox might be right for once...

"But you are beautiful as you are." Konan turned over and sat up, giving eyeful of her bosom to the blond, whose face was turned crimson. She wiggled her chest and then brought her index finger to her lips, trying to look like an innocent girl.

"Am I?" Naruto nodded and next moment was enveloped in the hug, blushing even more from the sensation of her hot skin pressed to his. "Mmm... Thank you, Naruto-kun." She cooed into his ear and then she rubbed their bodies together, both moaning from pleasure that came with the action. Konan turned them over so now Naruto was lying on chaise longue and she was lying on him all while her hands were roaming all over his body. Several seconds later he too allowed his hands to explore her body. He grouped her ass and Konan moaned, her lustful eyes telling him to continue.

'Wow... You have a bad girl that wants you. You're lucky bastard, kit!' Naruto heard his demon's voice in his head.

'Shut up, fur ball!' Blond hissed at his tenant. And for once Kyuubi did what it was asked to do... While he was speaking with 'fur ball', Naruto missed the moment when Konan kissed him. Bluehaired angel backed away a bit and pouted. "Sorry, just talking with the fox." He said. She kissed him again and this time he responded to her kiss. Konan licked his lips asking for entrance and he allowed her in, sending his tongue to explore her mouth like she explored his, both moaning in each other's mouth from how great this felt. Bluenette caught his tongue and sucked on it, licking it with her own, earning moan from blond teen. Then Naruto tried this with her and did it, even if clumsy a bit, good enough to make woman moan into the kiss too. Finally the broke more than minute long kiss: they were still humans and needed air... Konan took breathe and kissed him again, with more force and passion than before... ...After half an hour of making out, when they broke the kiss once more, instead of kissing him again, bluenette leaned forward more and cooed in his ear.

"Shall we move to the next level?" Naruto irresolutely nodded. Konan smiled at him and kissed his collarbone, licking it. Then she moved south, sliding against his body, while her hand were removing his swimming trunks; Naruto's hand were now massaging her shoulders. When she reached his crotch, Konan kissed him on the tip of his already stone-hard dick and looked at him with her eyes full of lust. She licked him from the tip to the testicles and back several times, covering his whole member with her saliva. Then she began planting butterfly kisses on the tip and licking it from time to time while stroking him and massaging his balls, making Naruto moan in pleasure... She felt him ejaculate some precum and tasted it. 'Mmm... Tastes nice... I want more...' So she took his tip in her mouth and began sucking it lightly and licking it, slowly taking more of him in... Naruto, whose hands were now on her head, let out loud lustful moan when his tip hit the back of her throat. And another one, when Konan began deepthroating him, which only made her 'work' on him harder.

"Konan... -chan... I'm going to cum..." He warned. Bluenette let him out of her mouth with a wet pop and licked him from the tip to the base and back before taking the tip of his member in her mouth again with her tongue working miracles on it. "I'm cumming..." Naruto warned her again, but she didn't stop pleasuring him even when he came in her mouth with loud moan of pleasure. He came a lot and even some of his seed leaked on her lower lip chin, but Konan didn't stop her tonguework until she was sure she got it all. She let his member out of her mouth and swallowed his cum. Then she used her tongue to lick the rest of it from her face.

"Yummy." Konan licked her lips seductively and kissed the tip of his already hard again member. Then she kissed her way up his body till their faces were on the same level. Naruto decided that now was his time to act. He rolled them over so that Konan was now under him. He kissed her body down to her breasts and kissed each on dark-pink erect nipple, making bluenette giggle. He took her right tit in his mouth and began sucking it and playing with her nipple with his tongue while he was massaging her left breast with his right hand, brushing his fingers against her nipple there, making bluehaired beauty under him moan in pleasure... Some time later blond teen switched between her breasts to give them equal attention. This made her moan louder... ...Naruto took her left breast from his mouth and used his previously free hand to play with it while he continued kissing his way down her body. He stopped massaging her bosom and brought his hands down to spread her long toned legs.

"Do you want this?" He asked, looking hungrily at her bikini bottom.

"Yeah, go ahead! Eat my pussy!" Konan half-said half-moaned while she massaged her own breasts. Naruto nodded and untied laces of her panties and threw them to the rest of their clothes. He kissed and then nuzzled his nose into small blue triangle of her public hair, making her giggle from the sensation. Naruto stopped for a moment to admire her wet pussy, glistening on the sun with juices, before diving into it tongue first. As his tongue explored depth of her moist cavern, Konan wrapped her legs around his head, trying to bring him even closer to her core... Naruto found her juices to be nice and tasty and eagerly lapped them, flicking his tongue against her clitoris when he wanted more nectar from lustfully moaning beauty. Experimentally he sent his tongue into the tight depth of her vagina, licking her inner walls there, earning a cry of pleasure from Konan... ...Several minutes later her entire body tensed and began rocking, her inner walls tightened around his tongue and with a long lustful cry she orgasmed, lots of her juices streamed into his mouth. Naruto drank all of her cum and licked her thighs and lips clean. He untangled her legs and looked at her face that showed pure bliss, before kissing her pussy one last time, sending shivers through her now limp body. He trailed kisses up her body, again stopping at her breasts to give them some extra attention with his mouth... ...Naruto kissed her on the tip her nose, making her giggle and then pressed his lips to hers. Konan gladly responded to his kiss, unmindful that it carried her own taste. "Fuck me." She pleaded when they broke their kiss.

"As you wish, siyoku no tenshi." She giggled at her new nickname. And then moaned with him as Naruto began pushing his eight inches long tool into her. She was very tight as she had no real sex for about two decades and Naruto gave her time to adjust to his size. Konan wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him even deeper into her, and nodded, saying that she is ready. Naruto put his hands on her breasts, giving them a good squeeze and kissed her before sliding out of her almost completely. Then he slammed back, both lovers moaning from it. He repeated his actions and Konan began helping him as she moved her hips, giving both of them even more pleasure...

"Fa-a-aster!.. Aaa... Ha-a-a-arder!" Naruto did as she asked, increasing his pace and putting more force behind each thrust, while she shifted a bit, allowing him to go even deeper in her vagina... ...Minutes later Konan's body tensed and she began trashing as she was approaching her orgasm. Naruto felt her inner walls contract around his member and her juices flowing against his length and leaking out of her pussy. ...With a loud cry of pleasure she came. He stopped thrusting into her and leaned forward, planting kiss on her lips. When she began coming down from her orgasm, Konan rolled them over so now she was on top of him while he was half-lying half-sitting on the chaise longue. She sat up on him and placed his hands on her hips. She began playing with her bosom while he massaged her ass, this making his member grow even harder inside her. Konan rose up on his tool and then slammed down, making them both moan in pleasure. She started bouncing on his member rapidly then and Naruto was helping her to keep the pace... ...Several minutes later she tightened around his meat pole again and her body began shaking with another orgasm approaching, but she continued bouncing on him, crying lustfully from pleasure, until she couldn't anymore and her limp sweaty form collapsed on his chest. Naruto moved his hand to massage her back. When her caught her breath a bit, he began kissing her and she eagerly responded to his kisses. "Let's eat something." she suggested.

"...OK." Naruto agreed, though he really didn't want to be out of her right now. Konan summoned two paper-made hands that flew into the hut there. Minute later they returned with small container of lemon flavored ice-cream, teaspoon and two glasses of orange juice. Hands put their delivery on the table near chaise longue and disappeared into the nothingness. Konan began rolling her hips slowly, wanting to keep Naruto's member inside her pussy hard. She loved how complete she felt with his dick deep inside her... Bluehaired beauty took ice-cream container and began feeding them with it: one spoon for herself, one for Naruto, all while rolling her hips lazily... At one moment Konan took too much ice-cream and some of it fell onto her left breast. Blond jinchuuriki ate ice-cream from the spoon and then leaned forwards and licked bluenette's tit clean, earning a moan of pleasure from her.

"Maybe I should feed you this way?" She asked playfully. And while he smiled and nodded, she continued using the spoon... When ice-cream was no more, they drank juice and readied themselves for the next round of their sex, when...

'If you mark her, it'll be possible to make her fifteen, maybe even twenty, years younger...' Naruto heard Kyuubi's roar in his head again.

'Mark her? How? ...Wait, why are you doing this, fur ball?' Blond asked his tenant.

'Listen you, shit of hairless monkey, I won't lie if I'd say that I hate you with passion. Hell, there are only two humans I hate more: Madara of the Uchiha clan and that bastard of you father...' Kyuubi answered. 'But with your seal reinforced chances that I'll be able to take over you body or free myself from imprisoning in your gut are nonexistent. And with enemies you are facing now it is my own selfish interests to help you: I'm not ready to leave this world. Not yet.' Great nine-tailed demon paused in its cage. 'How you give her mating mark? Hmm... Let's see... You should bite her till she bleeds and send you chakra along with some of my yokai there... And voila, mark will appear.'

'Well... Thank you.' Naruto said to Kyuubi.

'Oh... One more thing. Since the moment you mark her till either of you leaves the world of living she will belong to you, her body and soul.' Demon fox added, laughing in its mind as there was more to the mark than was said.

"Again speaking with the fox?" Konan, who noticed that Naruto had absent look on his face, asked, motioning him to sit on the edge of chaise longue.

"Yeah, Kyuubi says that if I mark you, You'll be young again" Blond jinchuuriki answered honestly as he took the position she wanted and out his hands on her back.

"And drawbacks?" Bluehaired angel asked, starting to bounce on his member.

"You will be mine, your body and soul, till either of us dies." Naruto told her. She thought about this and came to conclusion that she won't mind. Maybe she wasn't in love with him yet, but she liked him very much and her feeling for him only grew stronger since THAT day...

"Mark me." She finally said.

"Are you sure you want this?" Naruto asked her. When she nodded, he leaned forward and bit her left shoulder, making her cry from pain. He felt metallic taste of her blood and channeled his chakra with some of Kyuubi's yokai into her body. Konan's cry became louder, yet she continued to ride his tool, and vortex of blue and red energy appeared around lovers. Seconds later energy was sucked to the bite. Naruto licked blood from her shoulder, that was already healed, and saw the mating mark he gave her: Uzumaki spiral with nine fox tails embracing it, forming circle of about fifteen millimeters in diameter. "Are you OK, Konan-chan?" Naruto asked his panting mate.

"Yeah..." She tried to smile between whatever the pain was left from placing the mark and moans of pleasure from being fucked hard by him... ...Some time later Naruto felt that he was coming to his orgasm

"I'm going to cum." Naruto told her.

"Cum in me! Fill me with your seed!" She answered, continuing to ride his dick... Not a minute later he again felt her inner walls tightening around him, intent to milk his seed from him, while her body tensed and began trashing wildly in his arms. Konan cried in pleasure as her orgasm, stronger than any before, hit her and second later Naruto came into her with loud lustful moan, filling her womb with his hot hick seed... They were luxuriating in post-orgasmic bliss, when he sensed someone, Tsunami, approaching.

"Shit!" He sweared quietly. As Konan was in no condition to do something, Naruto had to act. He quickly created illusion, that showed him and his bluehaired angel dressed and on separate chaise longues. While he sucked in genjutsu, he still could created illusion good enough to fool civilian.

"Are you two OK?" Tsunami asked, caught in blond's illusion and seeing what he wanted her to see. "I heard someone crying there."

"No, no... You are hearing things." Naruto answered, rubbing his already sleeping lover's back.


Week later Naruto in his sage clothes, complete with his cloak and toad summoning contract on his back, and Konan, who looked the same but physically was twice younger now, in her civilian clothes were approaching Konoha when they met Tsunade with ANBU escort, probably heading to Suna. Godaime Hokage looked at blond jinchuuriki, then at his mate.

"Oh, hello, Naruto-kun, had a nice vacation? And who is this beautiful girl with you, your girlfriend?.. She seems familiar to me, though I can't remember where I could meet her..." Both Naruto and Konan felt their hearts skip a beat. "Well, anyway, I have to go. Shizune will give you your money for escort mission - She replaces me now as the village leader." And Tsunade of the sannin, fifth Hokage of Konohagakura no Sato went on her way
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