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Family Portrait

by death_b4_disco

'"Rhi, why do you have blood splatter on you? Have you been hurt, someone?" I laughed, possibly a bit too hysterically.'

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A/N: Okay, I'm sorry I didn't update last night! My internet was down all day yesterday, I finally got it working and started answering reviews, and then it died half way through! (Grrr) Anyway, so this is a really long chapter, possibly very cheesy (but who doesn't love cheese?!?) I spent all day yesterday on it and as soon as I got home today (I went to see Valentine's Day the movie.) I ran to my laptop to write this and now I'm going to post it. Enjoy!

Rhianne's POV

Gee's car pulled up outside my house, we'd been silent the whole journey. There was no police car there, they'd either been or not turned up yet. I composed my face, sighed and went to step out the car.
"Thanks for dropping me home." I half smiled and kissed him to show I wasn't angry at him; he put his hand on my cheek as I pulled away, concern in his eyes. I kissed him lightly again and went to step out. The engine stopped and Gee stepped out. "What are you doing?" I half shrieked.
"I put you in this mess; I'm getting you out of it." He smiled and walked round to me taking my hand.
"Oh no you'.re not!" I pushed lightly against his chest to prove my point; I was too weak to do anything anyway. He pouted and put his hands over my hands on his chest.
"Why not?"
"I need to explain to my mum myself; it's the only way, please." I put on my begging face and he finally sighed and pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my hands round his neck and held myself there before pulling away and kissing him once more.
"Call me if you need me, okay?" His concern filled his voice and face as he stroked my face from temple to chin.
"Thanks." I sighed, "To the lion's den!" I chuckled darkly and waved goodbye, running up the stairs to the front door, I waved again as Gee sped off in his silver car. I sighed and unlocked the door.


"Rhianne? Can you come in here please?" My mother called from the kitchen, I sighed and made my way to the room at the back of the house. That was when I got the shock of my life.

My Mum and Dad were sitting at opposite ends of the table looking quite civilised.

That was when I began to feel uneasy.


"Rhianne why didn't you tell me about this!" she stood up and walked straight over to me, making me feel extremely small as she had high heels on. My dad just sat there staring at his coffee.
"How's your wife?" I snarled the last word with venom and raised an eyebrow. Finally he turned to me.
"Rhi, this isn't about my life, this is about how the hell you ended up turning from a grade A student to a slut that goes out, gets raped and sleeps around some college guys house in New Jersey most nights with no answer to where the hell you are! And it's about how your mother let things like this!" He slammed his hand down on the table, he was pissed off.
"DO NOT BRING HOLLY INTO THIS! SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!" My dad screamed and pointed at me with the last word as he stood up and walked over to my mum so their faces were inches apart both fuming. So that's the bitches name. Seeing as everyone else was shouting, I'd thought I better prove my point, try to calm things down.
"Look at you two; you can't even discipline me without ripping each other's throats out! Why the fuck is dad here? It's no one's fault, it happened! Deal with it! I have! And as for Gerard, he's the best fucking thing in this shit hole! I can't wait to see him every day because I can forget the about how the shit hit the fan because of you and your fucking gold digging bitch who's named after a festive plant! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, BOTH OF YOU!" Okay, so I ended up shouting, screaming and throwing a hissy fit spoilt brat style but I didn't care, I needed to prove my point. I went to storm out but my dad caught my hand and pulled my towards him forcefully, hurting my wrist.
"Now listen here young lady, I tried and tried to sort this family out after you found out what happened, I tried to get you to keep you trap shut but you wouldn't, it's your fault our family's in shreds and now you have to deal with it!" I spat in his face and wriggled my way free, running to the other side of the table.
"Bullshit! I walked home from high school to find you shagging on the pool table! What did you expect me to do?!? Forget about it so we could all live in a happy family environment and forget all the lies and bullshit that was going on?"
"That's exactly what I expected you to do!"
"I wasn't brought up like that, Daddy." I walked over to the table and picked up the chair that had been chucked on the floor in the commotion, to see my mother crying in the corner. I ran over to her and pulled her up so I could walk her to the lounge. I opened the door of the lounge to see a load of boxes stacked high. "W-what's going on?" I asked in shock, my mum just burst into tears again, I sat her on the sofa and went back into the kitchen. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?" My dad was leant against the counter, shaking with laughter.
"You're going to love this! Now that you finally have a friend!" He laughed again. "You and your mother are moving back to England, to set you straight again!" He burst into a new fit of laughter and smacked the top of his leg, smiling.
"What?!?" was all I could manage. He laughed louder and snorted. I ran up to him and punched him square on the nose, causing blood to quickly flow from his nose, into and over his mouth.
"You. Little. Bitch!" he spat the words and a bit of blood at me. As he launched at me, grabbing my by the hair, I kicked him in the stomach and grabbed my bag off the side, running to the front door, slamming it in his face.

I ran until I reached a playing field, collapsing in tears when I reached a bench, curling up on my side; waiting for the wave of shock, nausea and sadness to wash over me, not worried about anyone who saw, or where I was.


When I came out of my ball it was dark, silent. I slowly sat up and looked for a streetlight, once I found one I ran in its direction, feeling safer under the bask of its light. I looked around and recognised what street I was on and began walking, taking the twists and turns I remembered, and guessing the ones I didn't, I eventually found my way there. That was when I finally remembered I had a phone, I looked at the clock on it; 02.50 am. I moaned and sat down on the front lawn and began to cry, it was hopeless; it was way too early to wake anyone up. Suddenly the front door opened; Frank stepped out, closed it, and lit up a cigarette. He scanned the street until his eyes set on me.
"Rhi?!?" He looked confused, I waved, then he hid the cigarette behind his back, "Uh...I was just...enjoying the night-time sky... what are you doing here?"
"I...urm... had a fight at home, then I fell asleep in a playing field, and then I made my way here as I don't have my keys to get in back home, then I realised it was too early to wake up anyone up so I was going to sleep on the grass like a weird hobo. And I saw the fag Frank, I won't tell anyone." He sighed and took the cigarette out from hiding behind his back, drawing a much needed puff from it. He walked over to me and sat down too.
"Thank God you won't tell anyone, Donna would kill me! Her being a nurse and all." He chuckled to himself. "Want to talk about it?" I shook my head.
"I'd rather not." I admitted, trying my best to smile.
"Can I ask you one question?" he asked, cautiously, way too cautiously.
"Yes, within reason." I stared up as a plane flew over the house; its lights flashing softly, determining it from the stars around it. Frank sighed and I looked back at him, his face full of concern.
"Rhi, why do you have blood splatter on you? Have you been hurt, someone?" I laughed, possibly a bit too hysterically.
"I'm fine; you should see the other guy!" I laughed again, showing him my slightly cut fist and bruised wrist then shuddered in remembrance of what my father had told me, making Frank raise an eyebrow. He stubbed out his cigarette and lied down on his back, hands behind his head, star gazing. I decided to join him.


The trees around me slowly swayed, I closed my eyes and breathed in, the smell of earth and leaves entered my nostrils making me sigh.

A commotion brought me back to the real world; I opened my eyes to see Gee being dragged off by my dad. My dad punched him in the stomach, making him yelp.
"GERARD!" I screamed and stood up trying to run towards him, the branches of the trees around me suddenly gripped me tightly, restraining me.
"RHI!" Gerard screamed as my father raised the knife that was about to plunge into his chest and cut out his heart
"NO!" I tried to struggle free, making the trees grip me tighter.
"RHI!" he shouted again, making me struggle again, when I did the trees began to shake me. My father raised the knife, a branch covered my eyes. I heard a plunge and a scream.

I was shocked back to reality, panting and sweating; I felt grass beneath me. Gerard stopped shaking me as soon as I opened my eyes, I was still on the front lawn but it was now light. I ran my shaking hand up his cheek and sighed, he was safe.
"Are you okay?!?" his voice was full of concern and worry; he put his hand to my forehead, checking my temperature.
"Fine, bad dream." I panted.
"What the hell are you doing on my front lawn?" He giggled, though with a serious tone in his voice. I turned my head, Frank was gone. Gee realised who I was looking for. "Frank ran inside when you started screaming my name." He half smirked, as if under different circumstances he's be happy. I face/palmed myself and tried to sit myself up, Gee pushed my down again.
"I turned up at a very awkward time and didn't want to wake you up! Now let me get up, I'm fine!" my breathing had restored itself and I smiled, reaching up to kiss his lips. He kissed back and then pulled back.
"How did the talk go?" he asked.
"That's the reason I'm here." I sighed and leaned up to kiss his lips again, he kissed back with more passion this time, as if saying sorry for getting me into the mess I was. A muffled moan escaped my lips as the hand that was on my hip pulled me closer to him.
"Oh lovebirds! Waffles are ready!" Frank called from within the house, giggling, Gerard muttered something under his breath and pulled away, helping me up and smirking at my shirt.
"Nice blood-splatter, is it Franks?" He joked, thinking it was fake.
"Nope" I made a pop sound at the end and then continued the sentence as we reached the front door. "It's my dad's." I let go of his hand, leaving him shocked in the doorway, and ran towards the food.
"Wait! Rhi! Are you hurt? What happened? Why was he there? What's going on? Are they back together?" I shushed him by pressing my lips to his.
"Everything is fine." I smiled and carried on walking, mentally wincing, I hated telling him lies.

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