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heya. wow the only person that reviewed was one of my best friends? haha the review-monster wants more reviews! LOL I'm so random. Oh, and sorry for thsi short, TERRIBLE chapter

Frank left about half an hour later, leaving me on my own to mourn the death of the relationship I had been in. I asked myself what was wrong with Brendon or me and why he'd left me. I heard a knock on the door. At first I thought it was Frank coming back to make sure I was okay. But, believe me, I couldn't have been more wrong. I didn't bother telling the person behind the door that they could come in, I was lost in a world inside my head, where there were unicorns, fairies and leprechauns. But most importantly, I was happy. Inside my head, I was still with Brendon. The door swung open, and in walked the man of my dreams. He blatantly pretended I wasn't there as he started filling a case with his belongings.
'Just collecting my stuff' He said, noticing that my eyes hadn't left him.
'Why, Bden? Why?' I asked, my voice little more than a whisper.
'I'm sorry RyRo, I really am. But... you see... There's someone else' He sighed.
'What's his name?' I asked, hoping he wasn't trading me for a 'newer model', a jock.
'HER name is Hannah' He said, grabbing the now-full case and leaving, slamming the door behind him. I couldn't believe it. 'He told me he was gay. He fucking lied to my face' I thought. suddenly, it was replaced with thoughts such as 'Was he bi?', 'Was I just a pity date?' and 'Was he just a fucking heartless, stupid, selfish, lying bastard?'
'Bden!' I yelled, bitter, salty tears rolling down my cheeks and falling gently into the corners or my mouth. I was scared because I felt alone, but I wanted to be alone. So the last thing I was expecting was to see Brendon walk in with a leech attached to his side. A leech with black hair and pale skin. She had one brown and one blue eye, and was wearing a black corseted dress with chain-covered boots and long black lace socks, to match the lace fingerless gloves. There was more lace, in the form of a choker. She also wore a bright black bow in her hair.
'This, Hannah, is my ex, Ryan Ross' Brendon said. 'So, the pretty girl is Hannah?' I thought. She reminded me of my sister, Catriona and Brendon's sister, Shadow. Except they didn't dress exactly like that. I thought of how great it would be to bring another girl into the group. I wanted her to be the fourth girl, since Jon's sister was also part of out little 'gang' and I knew that the three girls felt slightly left out being surrounded by 16 gay guys. The 20th member? Despite the constant issue of her being my replacement, I thought this would be a good idea. Maybe finally someone could teach the immature girls to grow up.
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