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Quinn's hand was warm in his when he knocked on the back door of a fairly normal looking house at the edge of town. A little bit bigger than most houses Bert was used to seeing, but normal looking. The door was opened by a tall, thin guy with glasses and flat brown hair plastered to his forehead. He peered around the edge of the door and stared at Quinn, stepping back and opening it fully, allowing them both into a well-lit, quite modern kitchen. The glasses the tall guy wore slipped down and he twitched his nose to push them back up, which didn't work.
"'lo Quinn."
"Mikey," Quinn grinned at the guy and let go of Bert to hug him him tightly before gripping the front of Bert's hoodie and leading him into the room. "We'll head down now, ok?"
"Sure. Dan's working tonight, you know? He's on the bar."
"I know. And Jeph. He's on the pole. " Quinn agreed, leading Bert to a white painted wooden door opposite a large American-style fridge.
He opened it and Bert took Quinn's hand from his shirt and held it.
As they descended the cement stairs, Bert was surprised by the warmth and the pounding bass that was seeping through the door. He was so transfixed, that it took him a minute to realize there was a girl beside the door, watching them and smoking.
Quinn nodded at her. "We're here for Dan." He looked interested. "Are you new?"
"To the door, yeah. I used to work security." The girl said, smoke drifting from her mouth as she opened the door.
They entered the basement and Bert finally had to admit that 'club' probably was the best word for it.
Bert's eyes were confused and he saw dark bodies crushes against bright ones, flashing lights and the smell of alcohol and sweat. He blinked and his vision cleared and he couldn't see Quinn, only feel his hand pulling him into a crowd of people pressed and grinding against each other. He looked up and noticed the hollows in the walls, some had poles in them and some were fronted by sheets of thick glass. One side had boys in them and the other had girls. The music was deafening and Bert's could only distinguish pounding bass and electric guitar before he was pulled free of the crush of sweaty bodies by Quinn. He stumbled after him to a long bar. There were no stools in front of it, just a wide steel counter with two guys behind it, dressed in black button down shits with the sleeves pushed back. Bert blinked in the flashing strobe lights and glanced behind him at the dancefloor they had stumbled through. He noticed it was sunken into the ground, although he hadn't realised he had stepped up.
Then Quinn had tugged on his hand, a little too hard and Bert stumbled into the bar, smacking his stomach off the steel.
Quinn pulled him closer and shouted into his ear so he could hear.
"Sorry," he said and rubbed Bert's tummy for him. Bert giggled and looked up when Quinn waved at a one of the bartenders. He dropped a glass and caught it again, placing it on the shelf behind him and leaning over the bar.
"Quinn!" He hollered. "My main man!"
"Hey!" Quinn roared back happily, throwing an arm around Bert waist and pulling him forward. "This is-"
"The famous Bert, right?" Dan grinned, holding his hand up. Bert high-fived it uncertainly and smiled when Dan beamed at him.
Dan bounced on the bar and ducked down underneath it, re-appearing and handing out one bottle of beer to Quinn.
He pulled glass over to him and poured three bottles into it at once,, Bert tried to watch, but the flashing lights made it difficult. He handed the glass to Bert before frowning, taking it back and pouring it into an empty bottle and giving it to him again.
"Here, free. But do me a favour?" Dan asked, opening Quinn's bottle for him. "Take this over to Jeph for me. He's probably dying right now. Third pole down," Dan said, and pushed a cold pint glass of vodka and Red Bull into Bert hand. "He wants to meet Bert too."

Bert followed Quinn, sticking close to him, feeling slightly afraid of getting lost in the huge club. He eventually gave up on dignity and just held tightly onto the hem of Quinn's button up shirt, gripping the two drinks tightly to his chest. Suddenly Quinn stopped and stepped to the side to let Bert see a girl in one of the wall hollows. Bert blinked and looked again. Oh. It was a boy. Wearing a tight black dress, make-up and heels, but definitely a boy. Quinn waved at him and leaned up on the rim of the wall as the boy slid down the pole and dropped to his knees.
He leaned closer and jerked his head at Bert. "Who's that? Oh, is that him?" He asked and before a slightly embarrassed Quinn could respond, Jeph was waving at Bert and calling him forward.
Bet handed him over the pint of vodka and Red Bull and Jeph thanked him gratefully and sat on his shins, his knees together as he downed about half in one go.
"Thanks," he called to an awed Bert. "Lemme talk to Quinn for a sec. I'll be quick."
Bert nodded and wandered away a little, leaning against the wall and watching as people tripped over each other and ground up against each other. He bounced against the wall and wondered what Quinn and Jeph were talking about, peering at the hollow were they were quite close to each other. Bert felt a strange twinge in his stomach. A weird mixture of anger and possesiveness, that he unwillingly identified as jealousy. Bert frowned at himself and tipped a third of the bottle down his throat. He coughed, never having drank alcohol before and quite surprised by it. He glanced over at the other two boys again. Quinn was laughing. Bert poured the rest of the bottle down his throat.
Then there was a warm hand grasping his wrist and Bert looked up in surprise as Quinn appeared in front of him.
"Hello," Bert said politely and Quinn looked puzzled.
"Good night," Bert said thoughtfully and Quinn grinned slowly.
"Are you drunk?"
"I certainly most am not."

Quinn grinned at him and pulled on his wrist. "Let's get some air. There're windows in the roof of the bathroom."
Bert shook his head and placed his empty bottle carefully on Quinn's shoulder. "No, wanna stay. Le's make out!"
Bert was confused by Quinn's unexcited reaction. Making out was an excellent idea, thank you very much. Bert stamped his foot when Quinn didn't immediately respond and took matters into his own hands, leaning up and pushing his mouth against Quinn's.
Quinn didn't respond for a minute, but then he tilted his head and opened his mouth a little when Bert's tongue trailed over his lower lip. Bert pushed himself up against Quinn and moaned quite loudly and Quinn pushed him away.
"Dude, you're drunk," Quinn mumbled, his hands on Bert's chest.
"Not that drunk," Bert said and pushed against his hands, trying to re-attach himself to Quinn's mouth.
"Yeah, you are..." Quinn said, having to speak right into Bert's ear so he could hear him.
"No," Bert said back, tugging at the hem of Quinn's shirt, slightly harder.
Quinn gripped his hands and pushed them down away from him. "This is stupid. You are drunk."
Bert sighed and bounced against the walls. "Let's do something. Drink. Or dance or something."
Quinn shook his head an tugged on Bert's wrist. "Come to the bathroom. You have to sober up."
Bert allowed Quinn to pull him around the dance floor this time, into the bathroom at the side. It was just a small bathroom, luckily empty and Quinn locked the door behind both of them. Bert glanced at the wide mirror on the wall and the single stall behind it. It was decorated with more steel. Quinn stood up on the radiator and placed a hand on the other wall so he could lean up and open the window that Bert could see the night sky through. Cold, damp air flowed down it and Bert shuddered. Quinn jumped down onto Bert's back and slid down, wetting his fingertips with cold water under the tap and pressing them to Bert's temples and forehead.
"What are you doing?" Bert mumbled, his ears ringing as the music was stifled a little by the door.
"Hopefully sobering you up," Quinn explained and Bert stared up at his swimming face.
"Hmm. Ok," Bert mumbled and tilted his face up to stop the droplets from running into his shirt. When Quinn was distracted by turning on the tap again, Bert stole the opportunity to press himself tightly against Quinn's warmer body and wrap his skinny arms around his waist.
"Warm," Bert mumbled into Quinn's shoulder. "Stay."
"I'm not going anyway. Tilt your face up." Quinn ordered and Bert obeyed, letting the water drip into his eyes and blinking.
"S'ok." Bert said, wiping his face on Quinn's shirt and licking at the bared skin at his neck curiously. Quinn shuddered.
Bert ignored him this time and nipped the warm skin at the junction of Quinn's neck and shoulder, squeezing it between his teeth.
Quinn twitched and mumbled. "Are you still drunk?"
Bert sensed that "no" was the right answer, so he gave it.
"Ok, good. Cool." Quinn nodded on top of Bert's head. The wavy hairs swayed with his breath and Quinn watched them, transfixed. Bert let his fingers pull on the collar of the other boy's shirt and he closed his eyes and suckled on the skin there, as Quinn's palms pushed on his back, letting him even closer.
"Bert," Quinn said, his nails scratching the skin under his t-shirt. Bert didn't respond, just pushed his hips against Quinn's and mumbled out a moan.
"Fuck, um..." Quinn swallowed, watching his hands disobey him and slip to Bert's hips, pushing them against himself more firmly.
Bert inhaled sharply and mumbled into Quinn's neck, embarrassed. "What are you...A-are you hard?"
"Yeah. Sorry," he said, blowing his breath over the top of Bert's head. Bert mumbled something into his shirt that Quinn couldn't decipher. Quinn pulled on Bert's belt, questioning. "What?"
"I said me too," Bert repeated, lifting his mouth away from Quinn's shoulder to speak. Quinn's mouth formed a little 'o' of surprise and he nodded, biting his lip.
"I want...can I suck you?" Quinn asked, mumbling into Bert's shoulder and kissing his neck. Bert was confused by the heat he could feel on his skin from Quinn's blush. Quinn never blushed.
"I don't know what you mean," Bert said, bouncing on his feet a little to look at Quinn's face. He kisses his cheek, almost chastely.
Quinn paused and looked at him in vague surprise. "You don't know?"
Bert nodded, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and wondering why Quinn looked like he cared about that.
"Do you wanna stay here or can we go to my house?" Quinn asked, twining his fingers in the hem of Bert's open hoodie top. Bert shrugged in response and then glanced down, frowning.
Quinn got the hint and thought for a second. "What if I suck you here and then we go to my house?" He offered, nodding at Bert to encourage him.
Bert chewed his lip. "Ok then," he said, shrugging and Quinn grinned at him.
"Cool," he said and Bert glanced down in vague, slightly drunken surprise as Quinn's finger grasped the button of his jeans and popped it through the fabric, sliding the zip down. He eased Bert's jeans halfway down his thighs.
"Just...uh, just sit here," Quinn directed, swapping sides with Bert and pushing him to sit on the warm radiator. Bert squirmed a little when the warm metal met the thin material of his blue boxers. Then his brow furrowed in confusion when Quinn dropped to his knees and tugged his underwear down over his aching dick and blew over the tip. Bert squirmed again and demanded; "What are you doing?"
Quinn didn't answer; he just glanced up at Bert with an expression half-way between highly amused and somewhat irritated.
"What?" Bert questioned, frowning. Quinn didn't answer, he just looked back down and closed his mouth around Bert's tip.
"Oh, ok then," Bert said faintly, watching the blonde head in his lap. Quinn opened his mouth a little more and sank down around Bert until his nose was pressed against the pale hairs at Bert's groin. Bert cursed and hunched forward, his hips stuttering forward. "Q-quinn..."
Quinn bobbed his head, hollowing his cheeks and holding Bert's hips, wiping at his own chin, tasting sweat and precome. Bert gasped out a sound that he would've been embarrassed to make if he were in his right mind.
"Q-quinn, I...I..."
Quinn didn't move off to reply, he just looked up through his fringe and sucked and Bert cried out loudly and came, his hand pushing forward to grip Quinn's hair and pull it, a little too hard as his eyes shut tightly and his hips shoved forward.

He couldn't really concentrate then, but somewhere in the back of his mind he registered that Quinn was standing up and wiping his knees and standing in front of Bert until he opened his eyes.
"Thanks," Bert felt it was necessary to say while Quinn chuckled and pulled him onto his feet and helped him do up his pants again.
"Thanks," he repeated and blinked, a slow grin spreading over his face. Quinn smirked back and turned. "Um."
"I can't walk out there when I'm hard," Quinn pointed out, pursing his lips.
Bert stared at Quinn's crotch for a minute and then reached his hand over to the right, flipping on the cold tap and cupping his hand. He debated for a second and then threw the icy water onto Quinn's face. Then he had to hunch over and croak out a laugh at the image of Quinn's shocked, dripping face.
"Now you're fine," Bert said hopefully and Quinn wiped his face and flicked the droplets at Bert.
"Come home with me," Quinn said, drying his hands on his pants.

Bert had to say it. It had to happen, he couldn't have Quinn around him, making him behave badly and sin against his parents.
"We should break up."
Quinn woke up fully and stared at Bert. He didn't look hurt, merely confused.
"Dude, we've only been dating for like...a-a day," Quinn argued, not moving.
"No. We were a couple before you told me what we were," Bert mumbled, sitting up and fiddling with his fingers.
"Yeah, but..." Quinn finally sat up and stared at Bert, with his lips thin and his face tight. "But so....why?"
Bert couldn't answer. What was he supposed to say? I can't date you anymore, because it took me the past two years to realise that you're actually a boy?
"I was pretending that it didn't matter that you were a boy, because it wasn't like we were dating, it wasn't serious," Bert said, his eyes glazed and directed at the dark green cover on Quinn's duvet. "But now you said it, we are dating and I can't, ok, I can't do that because if my parents find out, then I'll be dead and you'll be in trouble and people will know an-"
Before Bert knew what was happening, Quinn had sat up fully and punched him in the chest. "You bastard. You can't do stuff like that."
Then he was pulling Bert onto his lap and hugging him. "Your parents don't have to find out. We'll be careful, we'll be more careful. Ok? It doesn't matter, they won't know. It'll be ok," Quinn said.
Bert jabbed his elbow into Quinn's ribs, not too hard in retaliation. "I can't-"
"It'll be ok. I promise." Quinn said and rested his chin on Bert's shoulder, rocking back and forth gently.
Bert glanced up at the ceiling and asked. "You promise?"
Quinn nodded, Bert could feel his chin on his shoulder. "I promise."
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