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(One shot - Frerard) After an attack Gerard is too afraid to open up enough to be with someone, but one night with his best friend Frank can heal all wounds.

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So, I was gonna add to Halloween today but I had this story rattling about in my head and I really wanted to get it down so... here it is! This is a one shot filled with man smutty goodness with some semblance of a plot. But the beginning part is a little all over the place just to sorta lay down the background.
Any who, hope you enjoy, please R&R and just in case you didn’t read this -


Much love to you all ^_^ xoxox

Gerard had been eighteen when he had received the scars, and he hadn’t slept with anyone since.

Frank had been fourteen at the time, a lively, energetic little rascal that spent his days skipping school and smoking in the woods with his motley crew of friends. He had befriended Mikey when he had been kicked out of his catholic school for his absences and sent to the local public high school which the youngest Way had attended. Mikey had been fifteen and put in charge of making sure Frank settled in and went to at least the majority of his classes. The two boys, though different in many ways, had been inseparable from day one, and when Frank met Gerard the three boys became closer than ever.

Gerard had always known he was gay, and he had always been open about it. His family were loving, understanding. No one cared that he had got his first boyfriend at fourteen and started having sex at fifteen. He was happy and healthy and people adored him...

Frank adored him.

Frank hadn’t been instantly attracted to Gerard. The Iero kid, as Gerard fondly called him, was very much into girls. It was only at seventeen during a drunken fumble with some guy at some party that he realised there was a whole other side to sex that he could explore. And at first that was all it had been about. Frank hadn’t considered himself anything other than straight, but when he got his first real boyfriend he had discovered he could really care for guys just as intimately as girls and he figured he was bisexual. Gerard and Mikey had hardly been surprised when he told them, and it had become just as unimportant as Gerard being gay was. None of them cared who the others slept with, just so long as they were happy.

But of course. Gerard hadn’t been happy then. He hadn’t been happy since the first year that Frank knew him. Gerard had gone through a phase of sleeping around at seventeen, but the winter of that year he had met a boy and he had fell in love. They stayed together for a year, and when Frank first met him they had been together then. Frank never met the boyfriend though, for only three months after he had started attending Mikey’s school Gerard was attacked.

Gerard was attacked by his boyfriend.

Frank didn’t know the details of the fight. Hell, he didn’t think even Mikey knew. Gerard didn’t like to talk about it, and he despised people bringing it up. All Frank knew was that the ‘perfect’ boyfriend had not been everything he was cracked up to be. In fact, whenever alcohol got involved he was a monster. And so one night Gerard’s parents had had to rush to hospital, Mikey sent to Frank’s to sleep over whilst doctors fought to save his brother’s life. Gerard had overdosed on heroin that had been forced into his system by his partner, in the scrabble to get out of the house he had fought with him and Gerard had been left with scars down the left side of his face.

Frank could remember it all like it was yesterday. Mikey had been terrified all night, confused to what was going on. Frank had been allowed to come with him to visit Gerard in the morning, the four, straight lines that went down his face had been red then, freshly stitched. Frank wasn’t sure if they had been caused by the boy’s fingernails or a knife, or maybe even something different. Either way, they were there. And Gerard hated them.

After that the eighteen year old had become a recluse. He never went out, he hated visitors. It had taken him a full six months before he even let Frank and Mikey hang out with him in his room again. The scars had been a little distracting at first, but as years went by they became just another feature and Frank didn’t even notice them anymore. But he knew when Gerard looked in the mirror they were all he saw, and hadn’t been able to hold down a relationship because of them.

God knows he had tried. As Frank and Mikey got older and started being able to go out clubbing like the teenagers they were, they had insisted on dragging Gerard with him. He had despised it of course, but he did try his best. Plenty of guys had shown an interest in him, and sometimes he’d disappear with them but he’d always come back far too soon. He couldn’t trust anyone, he was too afraid to let anyone close to him, even for a night. Not even Mikey was allowed to touch the scars on his face, and Mikey was his world.

It had been upsetting for a while, but it soon just became a part of everyday life. Gerard had changed and that was how it was, how it would always be. Frank and Mikey continued living their lives; they went to college, got jobs. Mikey got a serious girlfriend; he had started talking about getting engaged. Frank dropped in and out of relationships with men and women but he was always happy, and though Gerard continued living silently on the sidelines, getting a career as an illustrator where he could work from his own home, he was still very much Frank’s best friend.


Frank looked around with a sigh and bit his lip. It was his twenty second birthday and Halloween night, and a party was in full swing. Mikey had insisted they hold it at Gerard’s house, since the twenty six year old still didn’t like going out, especially not to house parties where he would be forced to be in a crowd in a small space, and at least if it was at his home he could hide out upstairs if he wanted. It had taken weeks to finally convince the man to let the party happen, only after Mikey had promised to pay him and clean up the next day, and Frank had put on his best sad pout for four hours straight. But though Gerard had finally agreed to let it happen, he had shown his face for only half an hour before hiding upstairs like they knew he would.

Knowing didn’t make it any better though. Frank wanted to see him, to share his birthday with him... He knew Gerard didn’t like partying, knew he couldn’t stand being around a lot of people but Frank had hoped he would make an exception for him. It was only one night after all.

The night was beginning to wear on and most people were too drunk to hold a decent conversation with. Mikey and Alicia were making out in the kitchen and Frank had grown tired of everyone by now, just desperate to see the scarred artist he had been thinking about more and more with each passing day.

Frank couldn’t remember the exact moment he had realised he cared for Gerard a lot more than a friend. It just seemed that one minute he was happy dating anyone good looking who came along, and then the next he was dreaming of Gerard and wishing he could become more important to the man. They were best friends, but Frank knew they could never be more than that. Not when Gerard was too afraid to open himself up to people. Hell, the guy hadn’t had a boyfriend – or even a one night stand – for eight years.

But if he would open up to anyone, then Frank knew it would be him... Or Mikey. But preferably him.

Whilst everyone was busy drinking and dancing Frank took the opportunity to slip upstairs unnoticed, putting down his bottle of soda on the way (he hadn’t drank that night, knowing Gerard didn’t like it). He went to Gerard’s bedroom door and listened against it for a moment, he couldn’t hear anything inside but then the music downstairs was pretty loud.

“Gerard?” He called, knocking lightly and opening the door before he was given permission, beaming when he found the older man sat at his drawing desk, doodling on a sheet of paper. “Hey.” He grinned, Gerard glancing over his shoulder and smiling at him.

“Oh, hey Frankie. What’s up?” He smiled, putting his pencil down and turning on his swivel chair to face Frank properly. He was working by the light of his lamp and the dim lighting cast his face in shadow, the scarred side facing the lamp so that it threw the marred skin into prominence. Frank knew it was weird, but he thought it made Gerard look beautiful. He had been through so much, and Frank loved him for it.

“I thought I’d come see you since I haven’t seen you all night.” He giggled, Gerard blushing and rubbing the back of his head as he grinned sheepishly.

“Ah... yeah, sorry Frankie I’ve just been drawing and stuff... You know I don’t really like parties.” He sighed apologetically but Frank dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

“Eh it’s fine. Just let me stay up here with you for a while and I’ll forgive you.” He smiled, perching on the end of Gerard’s desk and tracing his fingertip over some of the drawings. Gerard felt his heart flutter and he nodded, smiling widely.

“You can stay as long as you like.” He said softly; he would never admit it but he was grateful for the company. He used to love partying before... before the ‘’accident’’. He looked up at Frank and bit his lip, his small teeth clamping over the pink flesh as he gazed at his younger friend. The lighting of the room cast Frank in a warm glow and made his brown eyes sparkle when they hit the light just right, and Gerard couldn’t help but gently reach out to touch his hand. “Not enjoying the party?”

Frank smirked along with Gerard and nudged him lightly. “I’d enjoy it more if you were down there.” He teased, Gerard smiling sadly. He knew Frank was only being playful but it still made his stomach twist with guilt.

“I know...” He whispered, bowing his head. Frank bit his lip and slid down into Gerard’s lap, turning so that he could straddle Gerard’s thighs and he laid his hands down on his chest.

“Hey, don’t look down.” He whispered gently, placing a finger beneath Gerard’s chin and gently tipping his face back up. “I was only kidding.” He smiled, Gerard smiling weakly back as he shrugged.

“I know but I just... It’s your birthday and everything and I told myself I’d make an effort for you but... I just don’t wanna go down there Frankie.” He whimpered, Frank surprised by how deeply upset he was and he sighed, trying to stay happy for him.

“You did make an effort Gee; you were down there a full thirty minutes remember?” He giggled, Gerard sighing and turning his face away. He tried to gently push Frank off his lap, hurt that he hadn’t done more. He had told himself he’d spend the whole night trying to socialise and just be... well, normal. He had wanted to do it for Frank, but he had failed.

“I’m sorry Frankie...” He sighed, Frank squeaking and gripping his shoulders when he was pushed. He slid along Gerard’s legs a little, and he glared at him, shuffling back up with a stern expression. Gerard’s eyes widened as he met his gaze. Frank looked determined and that usually meant whatever he was after, he was going to get it.

“Don’t apologise. I’m not upset, so you shouldn’t be either.” He said firmly, resting his hands over Gerard’s collarbones and gazing deep into his hazel eyes. Gerard stared calmly back, his arms wrapping around Frank’s waist out of instinct. They had always been close, so it just felt natural. “But...” Frank continued, a slow smirk tugging at his lips. “If you want to make it up to me... I think I know a way how.” He purred, Gerard raising his eyebrows and biting back a smirk of his own.

“Oh you do? And what would that be?” He chuckled. He knew there was no use in even trying to guess what was going on in Frank’s devious little mind. The guy had always been energetic and fun loving. His head was constantly whirring with new ideas of things to do; Gerard wouldn’t be surprised if he demanded they go trick or treating right now despite it being late at night.

Frank’s smirk widened at Gerard’s question and leaned closer to him. He wasn’t very nervous, though his stomach did flutter a little. If Gerard pushed him away then he was sure they’d be able to just forget about it and move on without too much difficulty. But he was worried that he would over step a line. Recently Gerard had become even worse than ever for getting out and the last time he had ever let anyone show an interest in him had been a year ago as far as Frank knew.

Gerard felt his heart miss a beat when Frank remained silent and slowly began to lean closer. He bit his lip and tensed slightly, but Frank kept going. He raised a hand to cup Gerard’s chin and ran his thumb beneath his lip, causing him to release it from his teeth just in time for Frank’s lips to touch against his. Gerard’s eyes fluttered closed a second after Frank’s and he relaxed back into his chair.

It had been a long time since he had last kissed someone, but it didn’t feel like it. He felt as if he had kissed Frank a million times before though this was the first time they had kissed on the lips and he smiled a little when he felt Frank’s lips curve upwards.
Frank felt a wave of relief wash over him when Gerard relaxed and didn’t push him away but actually held him closer. He kept his lips motionless for a moment, just brushing them against Gerard’s until he felt certain he was okay and he pressed a little closer. He moved his lips gently against the older mans, keeping it tender and slow so that Gerard wouldn’t become alarmed.

Gerard smiled gently at the tender pace; stroking his hands up Frank’s back as they kissed. He had never gone much further than kissing ever since the attack, but even then he had felt on edge and uncomfortable. But Frank’s kisses were so delicious, so sweet, and he found himself actually enjoying them. He didn’t feel nervous or worried, he felt safe. He trusted Frank more than anyone and his lip ring was a new experience Gerard was seriously liking.

“Mm...” He smiled, stroking one hand up further to run through Frank’s hair whilst his other hand stayed on his shoulder blade. He flicked his tongue over the shining metal threaded through Frank’s lip and slipped his tongue into his mouth when Frank’s lips parted. He sighed and gasped a little at the shock of emotions that sparked up his spine when his tongue touched Frank’s, the younger man submitting to him completely and letting him keep control.

Frank sighed and tangled his fingers into Gerard’s hair, letting him just do as he wished. He hadn’t been expecting him to respond so well and he was content to just relax and enjoy as much as he could get.

Gerard’s tongue slid over Frank’s as he explored his mouth, tasting cola mixed with cherry but he was pleased to find no trace of alcohol. He kissed him slowly for a long while, his head light and hazy with pleasure as he got used to the feeling of being with someone like this again. He kept expecting it to feel strange, he expected it to feel bad. But it just felt like an old memory he was only just remembering, it felt right.

“This... This is... what you wanted?” He whispered softly once he broke from Frank’s soft lips, their eyes meeting and they shared soft smiles. Frank’s heart was hammering in his chest, but, though he didn’t know it, Gerard’s was beating faster.

“Mm... yeah... It was.” He confessed softly, smiling as he stroked his fingers through Gerard’s silky hair. “Is this okay?” He asked quietly, Gerard thinking for a moment before he nodded. He smiled warmly and Frank positively beamed at him, leaning forward to capture his lips in another, hotter kiss.

Gerard sighed and moved his hands down and slid them back up beneath Frank’s shirt, his fingertips ghosting over the warm skin on his back, making his stomach lurch. It had been so long since he had touched someone like this, all the guys he had tried to get close to he had always been too afraid to touch. He couldn’t trust anyone, but Frank... Frank was different. He had always loved Frank; he supposed he had always known it too. Deep down.

Frank sighed and mewled softly, pressing tight to Gerard as their tongues met again and he put up more of a fight this time, his pants growing a little tighter when Gerard didn’t get put off by the battle; in fact it seemed to encourage him and he easily dominated Frank, practically sucking on his tongue as he caressed his back.

“Oh Gerard...” Frank breathed, tipping his head back as Gerard tugged gently on his lip ring with his teeth, his hands running down to grip his hips and manoeuvre the younger man so that their crotches lined up. Frank’s body rose rapidly in temperature, a shocked gasp escaping his lips when he felt the large bulge in Gerard’s jeans pressing against his semi. He could hardly believe he had got Gerard hard, let alone so quickly and easily and Gerard broke from Frank’s lips with a soft blush.

“S – Sorry...” He whispered when he felt Frank tense and Frank quickly shook his head, kissing Gerard’s lips over and over again.

“Don’t be, God, don’t be.” He gasped, Gerard smiling shyly as he idly stroked Frank’s waist. “I was just... Just a little surprised. I didn’t think... so quickly...” Frank trailed off, not wanting to offend Gerard but the older man only giggled.

“I know... I’m sorry. It’s... It’s been a long time.” He sighed, Frank nodding understandably and he shifted his ass a little, smirking when Gerard gasped and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. “Fuck, Frankie.” He hissed, his grip tightening on Frank’s hips and when he opened his eyes Frank’s stomach lurched at the lust shimmering in them.

“Gee... Do you trust me?” He whispered, Gerard nodding without hesitation and Frank smiled, leaning forward to kiss him deeply. Gerard hooked his arms tight around the smaller man and held him close; kissing him back with a burning passion he hadn’t allowed himself to let free for so many years.

As they kissed Gerard forgot everything, with Frank’s lips on his it just felt like he had been taken back eight years and that he had never shut himself away, that he hadn’t spent all that time never being intimate with anyone. It just felt like he and Frank had always been like this. But then Frank moved his hands down to cup his face and he seized his wrist on reflex when his fingertips touched his scars.

“Don’t!” He gasped, pulling away from Frank’s lips with a jolt. Frank gasped and blushed, biting his kiss swollen lip and whimpering softly as Gerard slowly pushed his hand down away from his face. “D – Don’t touch them...” He whispered, his voice firm but gentle. He didn’t want to upset Frank, he felt as if they had just made an important step and he didn’t want to ruin it.

“I’m sorry.” Frank whispered, bowing his head with a sigh. He hadn’t met to startle Gerard like that, he had just... he had just been enjoying himself and he hadn’t thought. Gerard sighed and cupped Frank’s face, pecking his lips gently.

“Frankie? I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to snap.” He mewled, peppering Frank’s face in kisses. “Please... kiss me again?” He whimpered, his heart hammering. He didn’t want to stop now, he wanted to keep going. He felt heady with happiness, boundaries were being pushed and he hadn’t found the limit yet. They couldn’t stop.

Frank smiled softly at Gerard’s shy request and nodded instantly, leaning close and kissing him tenderly. It started slow at first, the two of them getting over the little stumble before the fire that had disappeared came back just as quickly as it had gone and soon Frank was pushing his hips back and forth, grinding against Gerard’s lap as his jeans grew painfully tight.

Gerard panted softly into Frank’s sweet mouth as they became frantic, his erection straining against the denim of his jeans and pulsing with need. No one had been able to get him hard like this ever since the attack and it was a strange, exciting feeling to have someone make him feel so good. He felt almost high from it and he kissed Frank desperately, soon unable to take any more and he scooped the younger man up, stumbling over to his bed as Frank squeaked.

“Gerard?” He gasped, landing on the bed with Gerard above him as the older moved to kiss hungrily and a little sloppily at his neck. Years of experience had all been forgotten and he was like a virgin again, but he was sure Frank didn’t mind. He couldn’t have been expected to remember everything over eight years.

“Mm?” He purred, Frank smiling and bucking his hips over Gerard’s, moaning at the friction between their erections.

“Unn... God, you’re okay with this?” He breathed, hardly able to believe it but Gerard didn’t hesitate at all as he nodded. Even if he had forgotten how to be impressive in the sack, he wasnt a virgin, and with Frank he didn’t have to be afraid like one.

“Mhmm... are you?” He gasped, his hips rocking eagerly in time to Frank’s as the younger nodded eagerly.

“Oh fuck! Of course...” He panted, tugging off his shirt before he removed Gerard’s. The older man was working rapidly at his belt, his fingers slipping and fumbling in his haste to remove the jeans that were causing his erection to pain. Frank cupped his face to turn it back to kiss again, Gerard flinching and hissing when he touched his scars again. And this time he knew it was deliberate.

“Frankie don’t!” He whimpered, moving one hand from his belt buckle to grab Franks but the younger man was persistent. He hushed Gerard gently and quickly moved his hand away just a little, though it was only about an inch from touching his skin.

“I thought you trusted me?” He said quietly, meeting Gerard’s eyes and Gerard grimaced at the hurt look in Frank’s.

“I do, I just... I don’t like people touching them.” He sighed, trying to tug Frank’s hand back, but whilst he was trying to be so gentle it was easy for Frank to resist. “Please Frank, you don’t understand.” He groaned, wanting to just be able to let himself go and enjoy himself. He wasn’t ready for his scars to be touched yet, why couldn’t Frank see that?

“Does it hurt or something?” Frank asked quietly, his heart aching. He could tell he was making Gerard uncomfortable and he didn’t want to. He knew that any minute now Gerard was going to shove him away and it would take months for Frank to ever get this close to him again, but he wouldn’t let them go any further until he showed Gerard how much he could be trusted.

“I... No... They don’t.” Gerard answered, sighing as he gazed into Frank’s eyes. The younger man gently cupped his other, unscarred cheek and stroked his thumb beneath his eye.

“Then why?” He asked quietly, Gerard hardly noticing how he was ever so slowly rubbing up against him to make sure they both stayed hard, Gerard’s head a mixture of concern and pleasure. He wanted so badly to just keep going, to seek the pleasure he hadn’t allowed himself for eight years, but at the same time he still had that defensive streak to keep people away from the scars.

“B – Because... they’re ugly.” He whispered simply, as if it should have been obvious. Frank stared at him in surprise, hardly able to believe him for a moment but as soon as he realised how honest Gerard was being he almost giggled.

“But... they’re not Gee.” He sighed, propping himself up on his elbows and smiling tenderly as Gerard shook his head. “They’re not.” Frank insisted, leaning up and brushing his lips slowly across the scars. The contact was so small Gerard could hardly feel it, the intimacy of it somehow less frightening than having someone touch it with their fingers and he sighed. His eyes fluttered closed of their own accord and he felt tears building in them.

“I just... don’t like them being touched.” He whispered, Frank kissing them again, slowly. One by one. “It’s... difficult for me.” He breathed, his voice shaking and Frank mewled, moving one fingertip to rest at the base of the longest scar.

“Gerard... look at me.” He whispered, the older man hesitating before he slowly opened his eyes, causing a tear to roll down his cheek and Frank brushed it away. “I’ve known you ever since you got these. I don’t care about them. You’re still Gerard, you’re still perfect to me.” He whispered genuinely, Gerard’s heart seeming to break and re-fix itself all at the same time. He was surrounded by people who loved him and he knew they did, but no one had ever said something like that. It was simple. It wasn’t a lengthy conversation about how he was still the same person inside. It was just... something he needed to hear.

“You... Mean that?” He asked quietly, Frank smiling and moving his hand to gently rest over his cheek, his palm flat against the scars with his fingers reaching up towards his hair. Gerard flinched and though his heart beat faster he didn’t push him away this time.

“You know I do.” Frank smiled, his heart missing a beat. He was thrilled that Gerard didn’t shove him off, that he was allowed to touch his cheek, though only lightly, with his whole hand. “Gerard... I think you’re beautiful.” He whispered, Gerard biting his lip and mewling softly, moving Frank’s hand away when he couldn’t take the contact anymore and he nestled his face into the younger mans neck.

“Frankie...” He sighed, Frank smiling as he trailed his fingers through Gerard’s hair. “Thank you...”

“I love you Gee.” Frank smiled, kissing over his scars once more before leaving off. He knew he should just leave them alone now. He had touched them for a moment and that was enough, Gerard had had the faith in him to take the discomfort and he was so proud of him. He was hardly healed, but it was a step in the right direction.

“I... I love you too.” Gerard sighed, smiling as he kissed Frank’s neck and mewled softly as the younger man began rubbing their crotches together again, re-sparking the flame of passion now that he had got what he wanted. Gerard wasn’t sure whether their confession for loving each other was meant in a friendly way or as something more, but he didn’t really care at that moment. It all just felt like the right thing to do, like it was something he had been waiting for and he didn’t want to stop. Whilst he still felt so safe... whilst he knew he could trust Frank... he was going to keep going.

Frank moved Gerard’s face from his neck so that he could capture his lips once more, kissing him passionately as they began to grow breathless from the pleasure of their bucking hips. Frank’s hands scrabbled to remove his jeans, Gerard doing the same until after what felt like forever they were completely naked, their erections touching and sliding together.

“O – Oh!” Gerard dug his nails into the sheets as he supported his weight above Frank, the feeling of being against another person’s body like this was almost too much, the pleasure overwhelming and Frank moaned at the feeling of Gerard’s erection twitching against his own. Their eyes were fogged with lust and Frank tangled his fingers into Gerard’s hair, hooking one leg over his waist.

“Gee... Gee I want you babe... p – please... say you trust me... say you’ll do this with me...” He begged breathlessly, his erection throbbing painfully with need and Gerard bit his lip, his own hardened member impossible to ignore. Even if he decided he couldn’t do this and they stopped, he’d still have to sort that out, and it would be so much more enjoyable if he did it with Frank. So he hadn’t had sex for eight years... It was about time he got back into it. With Frank looking at him so needily it seemed almost stupid to have stopped having sex because of scars. But then he remembered he had stopped because he couldn’t trust people enough... sex had become frightening. But with Frank it wasn’t, it was exciting. It was... It was something he wanted so badly.

“I... I do trust you.” He panted, Frank smiling in relief but Gerard leaned back to stop him from kissing him. “But,” He continued, shyly tracing the contours of Frank’s chest, avoiding his gaze. “I... I don’t... I don’t wanna be bottom..” He whispered shamefully, as if it was bad of him. He had never actually been on top before, but he just didn’t think he could be in such an intimate position... couldn’t open himself up like that for someone after so long of being afraid. “I just... I’m not ready. For that. Yet.” He mumbled, Frank sighing and smiling softly as he touched Gerard’s unscarred cheek.

“It’s okay.” He smiled, Gerard meeting his gaze and sighing with relief at the understanding in Frank’s eyes. “Gerard... I’d love for you to take me.” He smiled, the two of them chuckling at the absurdity of the words and Frank smirked. “Hey, no laughing at my sex etiquette.” He smiled, the moment so perfect, so friendly that he knew it would all be fine.

“Sorry...” Gerard giggled, idly teasing one of Frank’s nipples as they agreed who would do what. Gerard had almost forgotten how important talking about sex was before you actually got down to it. His first boyfriend had always discussed it like this, made sure boundaries were set and trust was secure. Though it slowed things down it didn’t kill the mood, and he felt so much safer for it. He was so grateful to Frank for knowing it was what he needed.

“Okay... do you have any lube?” Frank asked softly, Gerard biting his lip and shaking his head. “That’s cool, I’ve got some.” Frank giggled, crawling to the end of the bed to retrieve a small bottle from his jeans pockets. He laid back down on the pillows and Gerard took the bottle from him, biting his lip softly.

“So I just...” He trailed off, unsure of himself. He knew how to do it he just... Didn’t really know how to begin. It had been so long, and he felt so stupid. He was twenty six years old and he couldn’t even prep a guy?

Frank smiled warmly and pulled Gerard down into a heart stopping kiss, working his lips hungrily against his as he took the bottle of lube from him. Gerard gladly let it go, his tongue massaging Frank’s as the younger man popped the cap on the bottle. Gerard paused to look but Frank only smiled, shaking his head.

“It’s okay, I can do it.” He whispered, Gerard sitting back to watch curiously as Frank poured some of the clear liquid onto his fingers and rubbed them together. He lay back and opened his legs, his cheeks blazing when he realised Gerard was going to watch him. He considered asking him to kiss him again, just to stop him from staring but then he mentally scolded himself for being bashful. The poor guy hadn’t had sex in eight years, it was natural that he was curious. He would need to familiarise himself for a second, and Frank supposed it would be good to show him exactly what he liked.

Frank met Gerard’s lust filled gaze for a moment, flashing him a seductive smirk before he reached his hand down and shifted his hips until he could press a finger against his puckered entrance. He rubbed slowly against it, closing his eyes and biting on his lip ring as he focused on ignoring everything but the signals from his own body, rubbing his fingertip in circles until his muscles relaxed enough for him to slowly slide in one finger.

Gerard’s eyes grew wide as he watched Frank’s finger disappear inside himself, first to one knuckle, then a pause. Then all the way in to his second knuckle, where he paused again, his muscles visibly contracting around the digit. Gerard’s erection throbbed at the sight and bit his lip hard, wrapping his fingers around his erection just enough to numb some of the pain as he watched Frank begin to move his finger inside himself.

Frank mewled and sighed, his head twisting back and forth as he shifted his hips and thrust his finger, adding a second digit when he felt ready and smirking a little at the quiet moan that drifted to him from Gerard. The sound spurred him on, pleased that the older man was enjoying the show and he spread his legs more, raising his hips up to move his fingers faster, scissoring them and stretching himself as Gerard watched with hungry eyes.

“Ooh... Mm... See? Just... Like... This...” He purred, angling his fingers until he could find his prostate, nudging the tips against it and gasping in delight, pleasure racing like an electric shock up his spine. Gerard groaned at the way Frank’s erection jerked at the contact, his ass clenching tight round his fingers and Gerard realised he must have found that sweet spot. His own erection was red and throbbing and he resisted the urge to pump his hand, instead just slowly stroking his thumb back and forth to relieve some of the pressure.

Frank had begun rapidly thrusting and scissoring his fingers, preparing himself with soft moans and gasps of pleasure. Gerard bit his lip hard to stop his own moans, drawing his foreskin back and feeling pre cum ooze from the tip. He followed the pulsing vein along his shaft and traced the tip of his finger round the head, his body shuddering as he felt over the sensitive area beneath the head and closed his eyes, tilting his head back. He had got masturbation down to a fine art after so long of only trusting his own hand for pleasure, but now he couldn’t wait a second longer to be with someone else.

“F – Frankie... I want you so bad...” He groaned, Frank looking at him through half lidded eyes and smiling almost drunkenly as he moved his hand away, his ass quivering from the loss of contact and he reached out, dragging Gerard forward.

“Mm Gee... I’m ready.” He mewled, moving his hand down to wrap around Gerard’s throbbing length and stroke it a couple times. He rubbed his fingertip over the head, smearing pre cum down the shaft before he gently tugged him towards him. “Just... Go for it... whenever you’re... ready...” He breathed, placing his free hand on the back of Gerard’s neck and gazing into his eyes.

Gerard nodded shakily and captured Frank’s lips in a searing kiss as he allowed himself to be guided to Frank’s entrance. He nudged against him and felt his body shiver at the sensation. It all got even better as he pushed into him, taking his time for both their sakes. He didn’t think he had ever felt anything like it, the incredible tightness, the incredible heat, wrapping itself around his length after nothing for years... it was more intimate than he could ever imagine, and he moaned loudly as he slid deeper, his eyes never leaving Frank’s. He felt a jolt of pride at how obviously Frank trusted him, letting him do this. He knew it wasn’t a big deal to Frank, but for Gerard it was everything, and he pulled Frank up into a sitting position so that he could hug his arms around him.

“O – Oooh God... Fuck...” He gasped, burying his face into Frank’s neck and Frank buried his face into Gerard’s hair in turn. For a long moment they were both motionless, breathing in the others scent and getting used to the feeling of being attached like this. Gerard was trembling all over, the sensation almost too good. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long, but he was too far gone in his pleasure already to worry about it.

Frank smiled warmly as Gerard released quiet noises of pleasure into his neck and he took it upon himself to start moving. Gerard jolted in surprise as Frank begin to rock his hips, back and forth rather than up and down. He let Gerard have a moment to get used to the feeling, and Frank too got used to having Gerard inside him. Gerard was big but not too much so, he felt deliciously full, stretched just the right amount and there was no pain at all.

“Oh Gee... Oh babe... It’s so good.” Frank purred, rocking his hips for a moment before he began to slide up and down on Gerard’s pulsing shaft, Gerard gasping in delight and making a noise of agreement as he began to thrust his hips up each time Frank slid down. They worked together to create a rhythm that was perfect for them both, Gerard thrusting slow and deep inside the younger man, their faces still hidden in each other’s neck and hair.

From the very start Gerard’s erection leaked pre cum, eight years worth of deprivation making the pleasure increase tenfold so that their movements were soon made easier by Gerard’s slickened erection, his cum running down the length and lubricating Frank’s inner tunnel. Frank moaned loudly at the feeling of it, so pleased that he was making Gerard feel so good. That they were doing this at all. He never would have believed Gerard would let this happen, he had almost believed the man would never trust someone enough for this ever again. And Frank knew now that they had taken this leap, the rest would all follow. He prayed that Gerard felt the same way, that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

“Gerard... Gee... Mmm....” Gerard smiled at Frank’s moans and moved faster, bucking his hips as Frank used his thighs to raise and lower himself. His legs were wrapped tight around Gerard’s waist, their chests pressed tight together and Gerard soon began to angle his thrusts, desperately searching for that special spot inside Frank.

Gerard felt incredibly close already, unable to hold on. He thought fleetingly how he really was like a virgin, unable to last even five minutes but he couldn’t help it. It was just so good, so amazingly good. Better than he remembered... than he could ever have imagined.

“Frankie... Frank I... Fuck Frank, I can’t... Can’t hold on.” He whimpered, Frank shaking his head and tipping his face up to kiss him, Gerard not even noticing how Frank was touching his scars. Frank’s orgasm was creeping steadily closer but he had years of experience and stamina on his side and he knew Gerard wouldn’t last as long as him, but he didn’t care. He wanted him to cum, he wanted to make him feel amazing.

“It’s okay... unnn... Fuck Gee, it’s okay. Cum for me, I want you to.” He panted, shifting his hips and managing to get Gerard at just the right angle. He gasped and cried out in pleasure as the head of his erection pounded into his prostate over and over, and he began desperately bouncing on Gerard’s cock to get more stimulation. He gasped and moaned, his muscles contracting tightly around Gerard and sending him sailing over the edge of his climax.

“Oh – OH FUCK! Frank!” He gasped, crying out and tensing as his orgasm tore through him, his body shaking as he came hard inside the younger man. His nails dug into Frank’s back as he clung to him, still thrusting erratically as Frank rode him through his orgasm, moaning as he felt his cum filling him and dripping down his thighs. Gerard panted as he came harder than he ever had before, collapsing forward so that Frank was lying on his back once more and Gerard shakily pulled out of him.

It took Gerard a moment to come back to his senses, his head spinning and his eyelids heavy. He wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep but though he was sated he knew Frank wasn’t. He opened his eyes and looked at him, Frank’s eyes closed and his teeth clamped over his lip ring as his hand stroked rapidly at his red, weeping erection.

“Frankie...” Gerard panted, his cheeks blushing from the heat and from his embarrassment at cumming so early, but he knew Frank was okay with it, and all he wanted now was to make Frank feel just as good. He hooked his leg over one of Frank’s and reached his hand down, nudging Frank’s thighs apart and slipping two fingers straight inside him, his own cum lubricating the action and Frank gasped in delight as he reached his prostate straight away.

“Oooh... Gee, fuck, yes!” Frank gasped, arching his back as Gerard latched his teeth onto Frank’s neck, nibbling gently before sucking to mark him as his own as he thrust his fingers quickly, rubbing against Frank’s sweet spot and watching through half lidded eyes as Frank continued to stroke his erection. He lasted only a few more minutes, his hips pushing down against Gerard’s fingers as he screamed out in pleasure and came hard over his fingers and stomach, his back arching.

Gerard moaned quietly at the simply glorious sight of Frank cumming, the white substance spilling from the tip of his erection for almost as long as Gerard’s had, the veins pulsing visibly, before he collapsed back down into the sheets and panted harshly. Gerard slowly drew his fingers out of him and wiped them on the sheets, kissing the mark he had left on Frank’s neck gently before just curling up against him and holding him in his arms.

For a long while both men were silent, taking a moment to bask in the afterglow and get their breath back, both of their bodies quivering in the aftermath of their orgasms. After a few, long minutes, it was Frank who spoke first.



“I... Thank you. I... I don’t know. I just –“ Gerard chuckled softly and shook his head, pecking Frank’s lips to silence him.

“No Frankie, thank you. It’s been so long since I... I just, I’m just so glad.” He laughed, hugging Frank tight and smiling warmly at him. “I’m sorry I didn’t last so long... But next time, I’ll be better.” He promised, knowing it was true. Back before he had been scarred he had been extremely promiscuous, in fact, he wouldn’t have wasted a second before going down and cleaning Frank’s stomach of cum with his tongue. But that was then... and this was now, and right now he was far from that sexually confident young man. But he knew that with Frank’s help, with his love and their trust and their bond... he would get there.

“Next time?” Frank repeated, his eyes wide and Gerard looked at him blankly for a second before blushing deeply.

“Oh... err... I’m sorry. I just assumed...” He shook his head, his heart missing a beat. Did this mean that Frank didn’t want a next time? He... Had he only been a one night stand?

Frank saw the pain in Gerard’s eyes and quickly backtracked, not wanting him to think something that wasn’t true. “No no, I just... I... When I said I loved you before, I meant it. I... I want to be with you Gerard. Forever.” He whispered, smiling warmly when Gerard looked up at him with a surprised smile. “I just wasn’t sure if you felt the same.” He breathed, Gerard grinning as he hugged him tight and captured his lips in a soft kiss.

“I do feel the same... Oh Frankie I do. You think I’d have done that if I didn’t?” He purred and Frank smiled, shaking his head and looking softly at his new lover.

“I guess not...” He giggled, sighing as he raised his hand to rest over Gerard’s scars and this time instead of pushing him away Gerard smiled and leaned into his touch.

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