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Let Me Put My Love Into You

by rmrose2662

Things get steamy on the way to the hotel...

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"Can't even wait until we get to the hotel?" I whispered into Axl's ear.

We were in the car, alone thankfully, headed for the hotel, and Axl had his hand sliding up my leg.

"Where's the fun in waiting for what we can get started now?" he mumbled back between airy kisses on my hair. His hand continued up my leg, slid over my hip, and stopped at the waistline of my skirt. He smirked and let his index finger dip just under the fabric. he rolled his finger across from hip to hip as I began kissing him back more forcefully.

Axl dipped his finger under the elastic of my underwear. It felt like electricity was coursing through my body, sparking from Axl's finger to me. I groaned as quietly as I could, not wanting to catch the attention of the driver.

Axl pressed a button in the roof and a wall rolled up betweent he front seats and the back of the car. His devious smile spread wider as he unbuckled both of our seatbelts.

His contagious grin continued to my face as instinct took over. I swung my lef over to straddle him and grabbed his hair a little harshes than was necessary. His head jerked back somewhat at my pull, but he only laughed. I silenced him with a deep kiss and began grinding against him. Another groan escaped my throat as Axl let his hand come between me and him so he could rub me.

Axl pulled away only so he could fumble with his belt. As he did so I pulled my shirt off over my head and unhooked my bra. We were both moving frantically now. Nature was taking over, and we needed to get the electric feeling coursing through our veins taken care of and soont too, before we both went insane.

Axl tore my underwear off and let me have only a half-second to catch my breath before he plunged into me. I gasped loudly, not caring if anyone heard us anymore. He smiled evilly before claiming my lips again. I started bouncing in his lap, but somehow managed to keep our lips connected.

Only when our speed picked up did I rip my lips away. I arched my back a little and let a high cry leave me. I couldn't keep moving anymore. My legs were getting tired and cramped. Axl seemed to sense my discomfort because he readjusted so I cold lie down on the seat. When things resettled he began moving back and forth, but at a slower pace than before. I tangled my fingers in his hair and brought his ear down to my mouth. "Harder," I whispered.

He obliged and soon my back was arched in pleasure again. "Oh shit!" I cried.

"You like that, huh?" Axl asked. He went faster until my head was hitting against the door, but I was feeling too good to care.

"Shit Axl!" I could feel myself getting closer, but I wanted to see how far Axl could go. "Harder!" I called again.

He laughed strenously. "You've got it babe." He went deeper and a full scream ripped from my lungs. "There it is!" he called out.

"Oh fuck!"

He plunged even deeper until it was almost painful. He was moving at a slower pace again, but simply because he was determined to go as far into me as he could.

"Axl, I'm about to-"

"Don't you dare cum yet."



I set my teeth and did what I could to hold myself. "Axl!" I pleaded. "I can't hold on!"

"Not yet," he grunted. "Not until I get all the way in."

Finally, I felt Axl hit his limit. His body convulsed weirdly before he pulled out. i let myself go finally and tried to get my breathing back to normal.

"Shit," Axl whispered.


"Where the fuck am I supposed to cum?"

I looked around. I had forgotten we were in the car, a car with navy blue upholstery at that. An idea hit me. "Hang on." I crawled onto the floor, which thankfully had enough room for me to kneel down in front of Axl comfortably.

He smiled at me and ran his fingers through my hair. "There's my girl."

I grinned back seductively before wrapping my lips around him. I didn't have to work long before I felt something shoot down my throat. Axl's thighs relaxed under my hands and as I swallowed the rest of his load he began stroking the hair out of my face.

"I love you, Riles."

I wiped my mouth before looking into his eyes. "I love you too."
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