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Chapter 2

by C_P_Apprentice

Harry gets to know the magical world a little bit better.

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After Harry had left Dumbledore in the lounge he had headed up the stairs towards his bedroom to get ready for bed. Once more he caught a pair of brown eyes staring at him before the door was pulled closed, but he shrugged it off and headed into his bedroom. The room had changed very little since he had come into it and he liked it that way. When he had arrived Mrs. Weasley had insisted on getting him some more clothes; most of which were old wizarding robes and shirts. Tonks had come through for him with the muggle stuff even several pairs of undergarments that he didn’t wear.
In the center he had gotten used to simply sleeping in the nude since it got his clothes dirty. He was only given two outfits to wear then and it was a blessing if he could keep one of them clean as long as possible that meant not wearing it to bed. He had gotten into the habit around thirteen of not wearing undergarments regardless of what the weather was like as well. He found that it was easier to get them off or to move his outer wear aside should the need arise.
Crossing to his dresser he opened the top drawer and pulled out some socks and looked over the pile of underwear and boxers that were still cleaned and pressed. He had tried a few of them on when they were bought, but quickly put them away as he didn’t like the feeling of them on his skin. Interestingly enough some of them had disappeared, mostly the one’s that he had worn that one time. He didn’t think anything more of it as he set out his clothing for the next day’s adventures in shopping. As much as he loathed the family of redheads, mostly because of the mother’s molly coddling and the younger staring at him all the time, he did appreciate that they knew more about this stuff than he did.
Stripping out of his clothing he looked at his body in the full length mirror in the room. He had grown quite a lot while he was in the center and his body was much more defined than he thought it should have been at fifteen. His abs were solid, but not quite a six pack and his arms were not flabby at all. He didn’t have one of those muscle beach bodies where men looked like a giant bulge of muscles, but he figured it would give him an advantage over some of the others at school. He climbed into bed and sat up against the headboard with a book sitting in his lap and the gas lamp burning brightly next to him.
He spent some time, as he had for the last two weeks, reading before he switched off the lamp and crawled into bed to go to sleep. It was several hours after the time that most of the rest of the house would go to sleep, but he enjoyed the solitude that the complete darkness and the quiet night afforded him. He continued to listen to the sounds around him, the groaning and creaking of the wood as the house settled as well as the raking of the tree branches outside of his window. It was just as he was drifting off to sleep that he heard a creak just outside his door and then the latch start to turn.
Rolling onto his side he kept his eyes shut and looking straight at the door even as he heard the old metal click and turn slowly in the tumbler. Mrs. Weasley had said before that the doors should have locks on them, but he was sure that she was more concerned for her daughter’s supposed innocence than anything else. Secretly, Harry thought that the girl already had more experience at fourteen than some of the others at normal muggle school, but he kept the thought to himself.
The rays of moonlight cast shadows over the flooring and the bedspread. A lone figure seemed to move with cat like grace across the floor towards the dresser that was next to the bed. It barely passed through part of a moon beam and Harry could make out a pale leg and manicured foot before it vanished into the shadows. Keeping his eyes barely open, a trick he learned while in the center, he still gave the appearance of sleep while he could see a great deal. The figure came to the dresser and slowly slid open the first two drawers.
Harry could tell that it was female, the manicured toes and the well groomed legs told him that much. She was short, about five feet if he could judge the size of the dresser against her size. He couldn’t see much in the darkness, but he made out the distinct swish of fabric against her moving body and figured it was a nightgown that came to about her thigh. The mystery girl started to rummage through the clothing in the two drawers, pulling out the shirt that he had worn the day before and a pair of his boxers that he still hadn’t tried on.
As he watched her through slit eyes, Harry could see the girl inhale deeply from the shirt and seem to shudder a little. Even in the darkness he could see an arm move and join with the torso, the placement of the hand suggested that the girl had moved it down along her body somewhere. As if sensing that she might be caught, the girl pushed the drawers in silently and crept back across the room towards the door. She paused at the door and then Harry could hear the changing of fabric, the movement of it. The door clicked and then closed not a moment later leaving him alone once more.
Sliding out of bed silently he switched on the bedside lamp on the lowest possible setting. The flames flickered a little and cast ghostly pale light across the floor ending just before the door out into the hallway. Pressing his body against the side of the door he cracked it open a little and looked out into the hall. He could just make out a pair of legs and some red satin panties before they disappeared into a bedroom and the door clicked shut; it was the same bedroom that the eyes had been watching him before.
He groaned silently and pushed his own door closed making sure that it didn’t make any sound. Once it was closed he looked around to see if she had moved or taken anything else from him. The room was the same as it had been the day before except for the pale blue nightgown that was thrown across the back of the chair near the door. He shook his head as he fingered the material, finding a slight wet spot. He shook his head again and folded it up before setting it down at the bottom of his stack of pants in his bottom drawer.
Slowly he crawled back into bed, stretching out to enjoy the size of it as he clicked off the lamp. Staring out the window he thought about what he had seen and heard and gave a small shudder about the redheaded girl that he now knew was stealing his clothes. Rolling onto his back he slowly drifted in and out of sleep for a few minutes before fully surrendering and falling into a deep sleep.
It was the thump the first aroused him from his slumber and the subsequent shushing and movement only added to the confusion. He was lying on his stomach, having turned over in the night, with his head facing the window and his back facing the door. Listening hard he could now hear the shuffling of feet and the slightly loud footsteps before they seemed to move towards the rug that was off to the left hand side. He heard twin pairs of thumps before more shuffling feet and the movement of fabric.
It wasn’t too long before he could hear a soft voice muttering to itself over and over again. It was still too far away for him to hear specifically what the person was saying, but the voice sounded soft, like a woman’s. As he concentrated more on it he could hear the footsteps faltering slightly and then moving again, a little stumbling was involved as it moved further towards the bed. This was a different sound from the soft stealthy movements of Ginevra Weasley from before.

“….your pissed….I know I am..” The soft voice was speaking to itself even as it moved to sit on the edge of the bed. “Harry was mad…right to be mad…oh, Sirius.” There was soft sobbing coming from the other side of the bed and Harry had the impression that it was Tonks that was speaking. Before he could move to help her she was speaking again. “Sexy green eyed hunk….never know what he really has….no Nymphie, bad thoughts.”

Harry moved to switch on the lamp on his side of the bed as he heard the movement of more fabric. He stopped however when he felt a feminine hand move across the blankets and slowly tuck down into them. A body pressed up close to his and almost wrapped its arms around him as it moved under the covered. Stopping his own hand he turned over so that he was facing the young woman and got a good look at her in the moonlight.
While he didn’t know what her brand of magic was that allowed her to change her appearance, it didn’t seem to work well under the assault of alcohol. She had changed to a rather pointed looking face with soft round edges along the jawline and her chin. Her skin was mostly pale with a few freckles splattered across her cheeks and her nose and some trailing down under the blankets across the top of her chest. Her hair was a slight golden brown and came down to her shoulders, framing her lovely face for the time being.
He reached out and gently peeled away her hair, letting his fingertips lightly caress her cheek and along her forehead. She stirred slightly, moaning in her sleep as she moved more into his embrace. His body was already reacting to her being in his bed, but he fought it down as he lightly caressed her cheek and down her neck. Slowly she inclined her head towards the movements, moaning a little at the light touch. Peering over her shoulder he could see her clothes piled haphazardly against the side of the bed with her wand sticking out of a pocket of the black shorts he had seen earlier.
Slowly he used his hand to work its way over her body and lean against her a little more to get to the wand. She pulled against him, grinding her hips against his a little that made him moan a little more. Snatching up her wand quickly he tried to remember what he had read the day before about sobering charms. He had come across it on one of the random readings that he did and it didn’t seem to difficult; the main reason that he was reading that particular section was to be sure that he never did anything stupid that he would later regret and this seemed to qualify.
Waving her wand a little and speaking the incantation just under his breath there was a small greenish glow around her body before it faded away. He knew from the reading that it had worked, and that she might still have a killer headache and stomach issues in the morning, but she would remember what had happened. With the easy part done it was time for the hard part, and even though Harry dearly wanted this to happen it was not going to be fun if she wasn’t as coherent as she should be.

“Tonks, wake up.” He gently shook her shoulder that was still clinging to him. Her body moved closer to him putting her head on his chest and wrapping her left leg around his body. This put him in an even more awkward position because of where her leg was located. “Nymphie, you need to wake up.”

She groaned in her sleep and slapped at whomever was speaking, thankfully missing anything that was vital. “Never call….Nymphie…” She gave a loud snore and rolled away from him a little onto her side facing away from him.

Harry snorted a little and shook his head before gently shaking her shoulder a little. “Little Nymphie needs to come out and play now.”
Nymphadora Tonks had never enjoyed her first name and had in fact joined the Aurors so that she could legally beat up on anyone that called her by it. In her semi-unconscious and still slightly inebriated state she still recognized that someone was trying to taunt her with her first name; something that usually led to a broken something on the other person. Using all the grace and skill of her Auror training she was able to flip around immediately and pin the person that was talking about her, all without opening her eyes. It was the feeling of blankets and something soft under her that forced her to open her eyes now.
Harry was mildly surprised when she had flipped around so quickly and straddled him. It was something that his body reacted to rather strongly, poking her in the stomach as it did, but he remained as still as he possibly could. Her hands were on his, pinning him to the bed before she opened her eyes. When she finally did and saw him naked under her with barely a sheet covering his lower bits she squeaked and stared, a blush forming across her cheeks.

“Nice to see that you’re awake now, but I kind of think that you might want to cover up.” He indicated her own naked body and she squeaked again before falling off the end of the bed taking some of the blankets with her.

Harry moved quickly to the end of the bed and peered down at her sprawled form. He could still make out small pockets of her flesh, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when she was on top of him. Leaning over he offered her a hand which she took and gracefully pulled herself into a sitting position while the other hand kept a hold of the blankets around her body. Keeping as much modesty as she could she slowly stood up on wobbly legs with a toga wrapped around her body and exposing her back slightly.

“What are you doing in my bed, you naughty boy?” Tonks winked a little and put a hand on her hip, the other still holding the blankets up.

Harry smiled and waved around the room. “You were the one that stumbled into my room and started to cuddle with me. I only wanted to wake you now to save you the embarrassment of the morning, especially if Mrs. Weasley found us together.”

Tonks shivered involuntarily as she looked around the room and then blushed again as she looked down at her feet. “Sorry about that, I went out with a few of the girls and I guess I drank a little too much.”

“I’m certainly not complaining.” Harry smiled at her and sat up, still keeping his lower half covered by blankets. “I just figured that if you wanted to come to my bed that you would do it willingly and not drunk off your..” He wasn’t able to finish that statement as she had moved in and kissed him deeply kneeling on the bed.
Her hand let go of the blankets and came up to cup his face in her hands as she kissed him rather soundly. Her body hadn’t changed since he had saw her and he could now see that she was rather fit with some baby fat on her hips and her thighs, but it was more athletic than he had seen on some of the teenagers in the center. She was fit and slightly younger looking than she had before and her lips tasted like strawberries. Slowly she pulled back from him, smiled and then hit him on the back of the head.

“That’s for calling my Nymphie.” She smiled a little as she noticed that he too was naked.

“You always sleep in the buff? I think that I should get to call you something seeing as how close we are going to be getting.” He moved in just a way that his lower half was peeking through the blankets a little, giving her a poke in the chin.

She bit her lip a little and stared into her eyes. Her eyes, now that she was awake, were a smoldering granite grey, and he could see the indecision behind them. “You’re too young, and I’m….”

“Horny and naked in my bed.” He smiled and finished for her. She gave another little blush as she scooted over to sit down next to him, not bothering to cover up her body this time.

“Am I going to become another conquest, a notch in your belt, something for you to brag about to the other boys in your dorm?” Her insecurities were coming fast and hard as she stared down at the blankets, fiddling with the hem a little.

He gently gripped her face and forced her to look at him in the eyes. “I won’t tell if you don’t and this doesn’t have to be anything more or less than what you want. I will say that I am rather experienced and during school I may seek out others, but that’s nothing against you or them. It’s just what I’ve become used to.”

“What about…” Her hands indicated her covered body a little as she wouldn’t look at him in the eyes. His hands on her face kept her to look close, but she wouldn’t look exactly at them.

“What about it? I think you look beautiful just the way that you are.” At a confused look he smiled and kept speaking. “I asked to see the real you because I wanted to, not because I thought it were the right thing to say to get in your pants. I don’t know the full extent of your ability to change yourself or even if others can do it, but I enjoy what I see right now.”

“But I’m….imperfect.” She shuddered a little and pulled the blanket away from her stomach. Across her stomach was a large scar about an inch wide and went from left to right, a rather ugly white line. Reaching down his fingers lightly traced the line causing her to shudder. “And….” Being careful she pulled the blankets away from her legs to show a small tattoo that started at her left hip and dipped downwards beneath the blankets.

Harry smiled and laughed slightly, but at seeing the hurt look he stopped and kissed her lips deeply. “Nym, I think that you’re beautiful regardless of anything that you show me. I’ve seen scars and tattoos much worse than that and I probably have worse. No ink, but I do have scars.” He lifted up his shirt to show the black spot, approximately four inches wide and two inches long. “We’re all imperfect, but it’s how we deal with those that really matter. No one is perfect.”

“How did you know…I mean….when we first met at the center, how did you know that it wasn’t what I really looked like?” She fiddled with the end of the blankets, buying time as she ran through all the outcomes of what could or might happen in the bed.

“It’s something I’ve been able to do since the accident that took my family.” He peeled away his hair to show the thin line that went along his hairline right behind his eyes. “It might have something to do with this, but I really don’t know.”

Her finger slowly traced the line like he had done with her scar. “What happened?”

“If I say, will you?” He smiled and indicated her stomach, but she pulled back and held the blankets tight to her stomach. “You don’t have to right now, and nothing has to happen, but I have to be honest that since I’ve been here I’ve been very frustrated.”

“Frustrated?” She smiled and giggled a little musical note. “I guess going without for so long….it has been a while for me too…” She smiled and leaned in, kissing his lips passionately as she slid closer to him and almost in his lap. After a moment she broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. “This doesn’t mean that I love you or anything, and if I have to I will make you take a wizard’s oath never to talk about this.”

Harry held up his hand a little and kissed the edge of her nose. “If you require it then I will, but I will never knowingly say anything about you to anyone. We’ll see where we go from tonight, how’s that?”

She nodded and moved in to kiss him again before she pulled back and spoke in a low husky voice. “Now, let’s see what the big bad Mister Potter is packing.”

[Lemon Start]

Harry growled deep in his throat as his arms came up and wrapped around the body that was next to him. His hands worked their way down her back slowly, grating his nails against her flesh as she continued to kiss him. She moaned against his mouth as he moved his hands around her hips and down to her naked butt. His fingers went around her butt and gently dipped into her crack.
She moved against him, grinding her hips against his leg for a moment and then moving away a little. He pouted when she broke contact, but she smiled more as she crawled up to him, pushing off the blankets off of her body as she went. His hands came up and gently cupped her C sized breasts, lightly playing with the nipple and eliciting a few moans.

“You’re such a tease.” She groaned as she sat up displaying her body to him. He leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue around her collar bone and started to work his way down her body a little.
When he reached her breasts his left hand worked on her nipple while his tongue worked on her other breast. He slowly swirled his tongue around her nipple making her groan and moan once more. She ran her hands through his hair slowly and held him to her breast as his hand dipped from her breast across her stomach down towards her pussy.
His fingers lightly teased the blonde hair between her legs and then moved south, finding the slit. Slowly he teased the slit with a finger, finding it rather moist already even as his tongue worked on her nipple. She moaned and thrust her hips forward against his hand. With a little more teasing of her lips her hips were grinding and humping against his hand, nearly forcing his finger inside of her.

“Merlin, stop teasing and fuck my pussy.” She groaned out, keeping her eyes closed and her head back.
He gave in to the request as he slipped first one and then two fingers into her tight hole. He could feel her gasp at the second finger, but slowly she got used to it as he worked them both in and out of her first at a nice slow pace and then picking up. He would work her hard and then slow down again before speeding up again.

“Yes, that’s it, Harder, faster….fuck…” She moaned as he worked her pussy with his fingers, pounding in and out of her faster and harder as she had asked.
Gripping her body he slowly pivoted them so that she was lying down on the bed and his fingers were still buried deep inside of her. His hard cock was resting against her thigh as he worked on her body. His tongue continued to love her nipples as his fingers of his other hand worked up and down her body, touching and tweaking her nipples. After a moment he could feel her body start to shudder under his touch, but he didn’t stop.

“Oh god…yes…yes!” She gripped onto him tightly as she thrashed around on the bed, groaning and throwing her head about.
He felt her walls start to contract against his fingers as he worked against her a little more, forcing a third finger into her body. She reached out and started to feel for the hard cock against her. Letting her find it she started to work her hand up and down over it even as she was coming down from her own orgasm. Her fingers wrapped around the cock and worked it expertly applying small pressure and then working it up, but never close to what would be considered painful.

“I want you to fuck me with this monster, baby.” She groaned and stared into his eyes, lust and desire clearly written in her orbs.
She let go as he moved between her legs. Slowly he pulled his hand out of her body coated in her juices. He sucked and cleaned his fingers before he put his hand on her hip and slowly guided his cock between her legs and into her pussy. She groaned at the contact and the initial movement inside as she pulled her legs up to her chest to give him more leverage into her body. They both moaned as he slipped into her up to the base and then slowly pulled back out.
He set a slow and deliberate rhythm, pulling out and then pushing hard back in that made her moan and groan. He worked slow back and forth while his hands moved to caress her breasts and even her clit. He found the small button and gently put pressure on it with his finger, working it in a circle as he did. She nearly had another orgasm around him as she arched her back and moaned harder.

“Oh, Merlin you are good. Fuck me harder, baby.” He obeyed her request and started to move harder and faster in and out of her body, nearly slamming his body into her.
He used his hands to raise her legs up a little higher on his body, locking her ankles around his torso as he worked in and out. The added angle helped to get a little deeper and to press against the g-spot, making her moan even more as he worked in and out of her body. He kept it up for another minute or two before he slid all the way out. She pouted a little at him, but he just smiled and turned her body over.
She slowly got up on all fours, but he pushed her forward a little more so that she was holding onto the headboard. He re-entered her from behind, pushing his entire body up as close as he could to her and then leaning back to make his cock slide back out. She moaned and pushed against him as her breasts were left swinging. He reached forward and pulled on her nipple a little as he pushed hard and fast into her body.

“Oh, Yes, Harry, use me.” She groaned making him slap her ass as he worked in and out of her pussy. This made her moan harder. “Yes, SPANK ME.”
He swung back and smacked her ass a little harder with each thrust, not enough to distract from the pleasure, but enough to send a shockwave through her body. He worked in and out of her for another minute before he grunted and groaned. Neither of them were going to last very much longer, but she had other ideas. She moved her hips so that he slipped out of her completely and then turned around and gripped his face for a soul-searing kiss.

“I want you to ride that hard cock.” She pushed him down and straddled him, forcing his hard cock deep into her pussy.
She moaned as the cock split her open and she started to buck against it, letting it slide against her clit as it went in and out. Harry leaned up a little, propping himself up on a pillow, to reach her nipples and tweaked and lightly pulled on them still. She moaned more and started to buck against him, forcing his cock deeper and harder inside of her.

“Fuck…Fuck…Fuck!” She groaned and chanted as her body start to orgasm, spasming around him as she arched her back. She sank all the way down onto his hard cock as she continued to work her hips back and forth against him.

“I’m going to cum, you want me to pull out?” He grunted, using his fingers to move down to her clit and rub the button again as he pushed up against her downward thrusts.

“Don’t you dare.” She growled. “I want to feel that cum deep inside my pussy.” She moaned and teased her own nipples as she arched her back more.
Putting her hands on his chest now she worked her hips back and forth as well as up and down and before too long they were both starting to feel the strain. Moaning Harry felt her pussy clamp down on him and it was enough to send him over the edge as well. Gripping her hips and putting more pressure on her clit he forced his cock as deep as it would go inside of her and let loose his seed, letting it splash inside of her body.
Feeling the warm liquid squirt into her, she let loose her own animal growl and near scream as she started to cum. Her pussy lips clamped harder around him than they already were, milking him for everything he had even as her juices spilled out around the cock and slithered down along to his balls. After a few seconds she collapsed down against him, still impaled on his slowly diminishing cock.

[Lemon End]

She moaned and rested against him, her sweat covered forehead against his chest. “That…was…amazing.”

Harry laughed and ran his fingers through her hair slowly, lightly touching her shoulders and down her back. “I do aim to please.” They both laughed at that and then grew silent. “Are you…uhm…protected?”

She smiled and looked up at him through hooded eyes. “What? You don’t want a few little Potters running around?” She laughed at the horrified look on his face. “It’s ok, I’m on a potion that acts as a spermicide in my system. I took it earlier tonight and should be good until the end of the month, just about when you go back to school actually.” She gave a devilish smile and a wink as he laughed.

“Should I expect a few more late night visits then?” He didn’t stop his gentle caressing of her back and she purred a little, pressing into his hand.

“I might think about it, Mister Potter. And I’ll get back to you on that nickname thing.” She smiled and cuddled into him, laying her head on his chest as she slowly drifted off into sleep.


Harry woke first the following morning with the soft heavy weight against his chest. Slowly opening his eyes he was assaulted by the fluff of golden brown hair that had cascaded down around his chest and against his face a little. His arms were wrapped around a small body that was moving in time with his chest moving up and down a little as he breathed. He smiled a little as he clutched tighter at the naked woman’s body and lightly ran his fingers through her hair. He was rewarded by her soft mewling and movement against him.
Smiling even more, Harry trailed his hand slowly down her body and against her spine. His fingers worked their way down along her spine and then around her lower back and the top of her butt. She continued to purr in her sleep and moved a little against his chest, but still refused to wake up. He shook his head as he moved a little so that he could kiss the top of her head.

“Nym, you’re going to have to get up.” He smiled and prodded her as she shifted a little on his chest like she was trying to hit him again.

She groaned and pulled her head up for a little and then laid it back down. “Too warm….no Nym…errgg…” She moaned as she snuggled back into his body and he laughed again.

“Nym, Mrs. Weasley is going to want to go shopping here in a little while and I don’t think it would be good for her to find you naked in my bed.”
This statement got her moving, but it wasn’t quite what Harry had in mind. She started to move her hips a little and startled as she was she shook herself off and both of them, joined as they were, fell off the bed with a loud crash. The sheets pulled down on top of them after a moment they just laid there staring at one another before the giggling came. Both of them were laughing pretty hard when there came a knock on the door.

“Harry, dear, are you all right, I thought I heard something.” The lock on the door started to turn and click, but Harry jumped up so that the bed was still covering his lower half.

“Mrs. Weasley, I’m perfectly fine, just fell out of bed.” The door was still starting to creak open as he continued. “Seeing as how I’m not wearing anything at the moment I would suggest that you do not open that door.” The door paused for a moment and then it flew shut with a bang.

“Dear, we should get you some pajamas when we go to Diagon Alley this morning.” A flustered Mrs. Weasley spoke from the other side of the door. “Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if you want to come down.” Harry waited until he could hear her footsteps walking away from the door before he let off a small sigh of relief and reached out a hand to help Tonks off the ground.

“That was handled rather expertly.” She smiled and kissed his cheek before smacking him on the back of the head. “That’s for your repeated use of Nym, although I have to admit that I’m starting to like it.” She smiled again and looked down at their rather naked bodies. “I guess I should get dressed, shouldn’t I?”

He smiled and pulled her close, kissing the tip of her nose. “Probably, although I’m not sure about how you’re going to get out of here without someone noticing. I have found that the littlest Weasley seems to have a rather unhealthy obsession with me.”

Tonks was already moving around to the other side of the bed to gather up the clothes that she had dropped the previous night. She pulled on a red thong and bent over to display her butt to Harry before straightening up with a black robe in her hands. “Why do you say that?”

“I’ve caught her staring a few times when I walk past her bedroom and last night…” He pulled on a pair of jeans and walked to the chair near the door, picking up the baby blue nightgown. “…after she stole some of my clothes she left this behind. I can only imagine that she was trying to drop a not so subtle hint.”

Tonks giggled a little and moved back into his arms. He was all too willing to hold her close to him even if she was wearing a black robe that came down to her shins now. “I think that she might have some competition, plus I’m not sure if she could handle you after what you showed me last night.” She sighed and snuggled into his chest as he held her close to him. “What are we?”

Harry smiled and shook his head a little. “Two crazy people that happen to have sex. I said it last night and I’ll say it again, I’m not looking for anything permanent or long term, but you were fantastic last night.”

Tonks blush a little and her face started to change. She slowly changed back to the heart shaped face with the purple hair and violet eyes that he saw before. He also noticed that her breasts pushed out a little more. “Thank you, I believe I said you were as well.” He cocked his head to the side and she sighed a little. “I know; it’s what people expect though….”

“You’re beautiful; don’t let anyone tell you differently. Now, how are we getting out of here without causing problems?” He kissed the top of her forehead as she smiled and captured his lips in a searing passionate kiss.
Stepping backwards she retrieved her wand from the pile of blankets near the end of the bed and tapped it on her head. Before Harry’s eyes her form seemed to shimmer slightly before he could only barely make out an outline of her. If he concentrated hard enough it was like he could see a ghost image of her out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked it was nothing. Shaking his head at the complexity of magic he slipped on his shoes and pulled open the door just as he was pulling his shirt over his head. He felt a small brush against his bum even as he heard a sharp intake of breath somewhere nearby.
Looking to the left he caught the brown eyes of a young red head coming down the stairs with a bag in her hand. She was staring at his back covered in scars before he tugged the shirt all the way down to his waist. Her eyes remain transfixed on his body as she was half-way through coming down the last step. She was wearing a light yellow summer dress that showed off her legs and some sandals on her feet that showed that she had painted her toenails red to match her hair. The dress hugged her form making it painfully obvious that she was a growing young woman.
The two stared at one another for a moment before Harry tugged on the hem of his t-shirt to be sure that it was on completely and turning around to head down the stairs. He could hear the soft movement of feet behind him, but he wasn’t sure if it was Tonks moving to her room or if it was Ginny trying to catch up to him and talk to him about what she had seen. Taking the steps slowly he let the redhead catch up to him, but she stayed a few feet behind him breathing heavily and opening and closing her mouth letting out small sighs.
When he had reached the bottom of the stairs he turned right and headed into the kitchen. The breathing behind him told him that Ginny was right behind him as well even as he slipped into the kitchen. The room was just as small as it always had been, but appeared almost smaller with the amount of people that were going to be crowding into it; he couldn’t think about how they were able to get so many adults into it during the meetings at night. Mrs. Weasley was already working on the stove while Ron was seated across the table from him. Ginny hurried past him leaving a soft scent of strawberries in the air as she went past, and seated herself across from her brother.

“There you are, Harry dear.” Harry stifled the groan that had come up in the back of his throat at the sound of Mrs. Weasley’s voice. He had nothing really against the woman, but he had seen that she coddled her children far too much and seemed to have taken it upon herself that he needed the same attention. “Come in, come in. Take a seat at the table and I’ll get you a plate of food.”

It seemed to be pointless arguing with the woman since there was no where else to sit in the small kitchen and the fact that she had commandeered the stove for herself. Ron had looked up at his mother’s voice and stared at Harry for a moment indicating the seat next to him; it was either that one or the one next to Ginny whom was currently staring at the table top. Let out an audible sigh, Harry slowly sank his body down into the seat next to the small girl; he noticed that her face flamed red when he sat down and she immediately looked away. As he sat down a plate of food was pushed in front of him curtsey of Mrs. Weasley bustling around the kitchen.
Picking up a sausage with his fork he slid it into his mouth and slowly chewed on it before swallowing. When the food fell down through his body he felt an odd warming sensation, and then a slight prickling at his side. Lifting his shirt unconsciously he scratched at the black mark on his side before he felt a little pain in his stomach. Pushing the plate away from him he stared at it for a moment, his concentration only broken by the voice of Mrs. Weasley again.

“You should eat up, dear. A growing boy like you needs his food, just look at Ron.” The aforementioned boy was on his fourth plate and causing hash browns to fling all over the table. Harry bit down a scowl a little as he watched the other boy eat. Ginny seated next to him seemed to be staring at his plate and ignoring her own.

“It’s all right, thank you. I just don’t seem to be as hungry as I thought I was.” He pushed the plate onto the other side of the table, but Mrs. Weasley pushed it back a little more and then left it there in the middle.

“I suppose that’s all right, but I’ll be sure that you get a proper meal for lunch. Now, we just have to wait on Nymphadora before we can leave.”

Almost on cue the woman in question came through the door looking like her normal self; that is to say the heart shaped face with the puffy lips and the bubblegum pink hair. She was wearing her red Auror robes today with the seal of the Ministry emblazoned on the left breast as well as the leather doc martin boots that was also her normal. She smiled at the collection of people, refusing to meet Harry’s eyes for a moment as she stumbled into the chair across from him and next to Ron, being sprayed with bits of food after a few seconds.

She gave a loud yawn and stretched her arms over her head. “Morning all, sorry I’m a little late in getting up.”

Molly came over and placed a plate of food in front of the girl, giving her a conspicuous look for a moment before turning back to the stove. “Had a late night at the Ministry, dear?”

Tonks stole a quick look to Harry before she smiled and nodded, digging into the plate of food in front of her. “Yes, Molly. Thanks for the breakfast; we’ll leave in a few minutes if it’s all right with you.”
Receiving a nod from the woman she dug into her plate even as the others were starting to finish. Even Ron was nearly done with his fourth plate and pushing it away as he let out a mighty burp that seemed to rock the table slightly. Harry simply shook his head as Molly tried to admonish her son and Ginny was still stiff as a board next to him. He tried to sneak a glance at the girl, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes as she kept looking away and her face flaming almost as red as her hair. Giving it up he looked across the table at Tonks.
Tonks was almost done with her breakfast and kept catching his eye and giving a saucy wink as she did so. He could feel her foot sliding along his leg a little, the leather of her boots feeling cool under the tattered jeans that he was wearing. Making sure that Molly was still at the other end of the table brow beating Ron he slipped his own trainer clad foot up along her leg a little, feeling around for her clothing. Finding nothing he raised an eyebrow at the woman and received a wink in return. Before long they were all done with their meal and stood to leave.
The first time Harry had taken a magical transportation device he was sure that it was going to kill him and that maybe it was not all going to be this way, the second time he was sure that the magical world was screwed up. He tumbled through the grate at the Leaky Cauldron to the laughter of Tonks that had gone through the few minutes before him. They enjoyed a few seconds of touching one another, under the guise of dusting each other off, until the redheads came barreling through the grate as well. Mrs. Weasley was the only one that seemed to simply step through and then look confused at the fact that her children were splayed out on the floor before helping them to their feet and heading through the pub to the back courtyard.
Harry’s overall opinion of magical people was lowered even further, if that was possible, by the ramshackle look to the pub and the dingy looking characters. Unconsciously or not he smoothed down his black hair to keep from being noticed or the scar from behind seen. He knew from the books that he read that he was famous, but he didn’t want to test just how famous he really was. He followed the others out into the courtyard and stared at the brick wall in confusion for a second. He tilted his head to the side a little and stared at the third brick in the fifth row down before Mrs. Weasley pulled her wand out and tapped that specific brick, opening the gateway to the alleyway proper.
The Alley was somewhat subdued today even with the people moving from one storefront to the next. Much of the windows were covered in Wanted posters as well as notices in Ministry yellow from various departments. Walking along, Harry could see that many of them were notices on escaped prisoners or how to recognize various dark creatures that might attack them. The people themselves were rushing from one store to the next, never spending any more time out in the open that they had to. No one was talking to each other and the general atmosphere was one of a populace waiting for the attack to come and not just recovering from the last. Harry shook his head at the behavious even as they started down the long walk towards the head of the shops near a large marble white building.

A sudden thought had Harry stopping halfway there, forcing Tonks to bump into him from behind, although how she got back there was a mystery in itself. “Nym…Tonks….how am I to pay for any of this?”

She opened her mouth to admonish him about her name before she grew contemplative and then reached into her robes to search for something. “Dumbledore gave me a few galleons so that you could get your things since we really don’t have time to go to your vault today.”

“My vault?” Harry put his hands on his hips and then crossed them as he stared at the woman. She seemed to grow a little nervous and looked past him to where the Weasleys were looking in the shop window nearby.

“Ok, here’s the thing, your parents set up a trust vault for you to use when you started school. The Headmaster has been in charge of the account since you were a baby…” She held up her hands as he looked ready to start yelling about something. “…I didn’t know until recently, so you’ll have to talk to him, but he did give me the key and I’ll give it to you when we get the chance, deal?”

Harry smiled a little as he thought about it for a moment and then nodded. Leaning in he whispered to her, causing the hair on her neck to feel the slight warmth of his breath. “I wonder if you might have been wearing that key when I was shagging your brains out last night.”
By the time she had recovered enough to move he had already moved ahead and was walking with the other teens towards the first of the shops. She caught up with them easily enough and gave Harry a glare before a wink as they moved on. Mrs. Weasley was not so easy to admonish as she kept giving glances between the older woman and the black haired teenager. Interestingly enough she seemed to keep trying to get Harry to walk with Ginny, suggesting that they go shopping together. She had even physically pushed him to go with her at one point.
When he brushed by Ginny he felt a flash of something, a rush of hatred and loathing, of self-deprivation and despair. He could see the flash of pale white skin and a sneering look with a flash of black hair before it was all gone and she was moving away from him once more. She didn’t seem to notice anything beyond going slightly pale and then blushing to the roots of her hair from the unintended contact. Harry stared at her for a moment before he followed Tonks and the others into the bookstore to pick out their textbooks for the coming term.
The redheads seemed to know just where to go for the ratty and torn second hand books while leaving Harry and Tonks to wander the aisles aimlessly looking at all the different types of magic. Occasionally they would brush hands and feel nails touch palms and then share a knowing glance before turning away to look at another book or a set of bookshelves. They were deep in the defense section, the sounds of the other customers drowned out, when Harry decided to speak up again.

“Nym…” He smiled when she looked up with a slight blush to her face. “Is there a type of magic that would be like mind reading?”

Tonks took on a thoughtful face for a moment before she punched him in the arm. “When in private you can call me whatever you want.” He saw a flash of something in her eyes, but it was gone before he could identify it. “But in answer to your question there’s a branch of mental magic for both offense and defense. Why do you ask?”

Harry shrugged, not entirely sure himself why he might have brought such a thing up. “I’ve got secrets and I don’t want someone poking through my head if I can help it.” Tonks nodded and slipped past him indicating him to follow.

They moved along the aisle to near the back of the store where a shelf contained several large and old books. She pulled one down and then another, handing both to him. “Here you go, this should start you off. The defense is called Occlumency while the offense is Legilimency, but I wouldn’t start off with the offense portion until much later.”

“Any reason why?” Harry added the books to the middle of his stack, making sure that someone wouldn’t be able to see them from the outside. He got the distinct feeling that Mrs. Weasley wouldn’t want him learning such a dangerous, and useful, art.

“While Occlumency is mostly easy to learn, Legilimency involves delving deep into another person’s memories. It’s not mind reading in the comic book sense, more like going to a disjointed cinema.” Harry gave her a raised eyebrow that earned him another sock on the arm. “Prat, my dad is a muggleborn so I do know some of the other world. What I was saying is that it’s a very intimate encounter for an accomplished Legilimens to go through your memories and see both the good and the bad.”

Harry got another smile as he leaned in close to her until his breath was hot on her neck. “Another incentive for me to learn it so that we can keep our little secret rendezvous.” She shivered unconsciously until he moved away and spoke in a normal tone. “Why is Occlumency easier to learn then?”

She gave him a hard look before taking a deep breath and trying to control the blush that was starting at her neck. “Besides the fact that a Legilimens expends incredible energy in getting through a person’s mind, let along seeing memories, there’s a theory that everyone has a natural barrier to their mind that keeps out mundane things and keeps a person sane. It’s yet another reason why Dementors are so feared.” She shivered again, this time out of fear and not joy.

Instinctively, Harry slid his arm around her body and let her relax against him for a moment as she controlled her breathing. “What are Dementors?”

She shivered again for a moment and snuggled into his warmth as she spoke into his shoulder. “They’re foul, nasty creatures that suck all the happiness out of a person leaving them with only their worst nightmares and fears. The Unspeakables at the Ministry think that it’s the Dementors aura that forces the fears to come to the surface destroying any natural barrier that a person might have. Long enough around them and even the most skilled Occlumens would be destroyed and their mind completely insane.” She took a long steadying breath. “Just before…Sirius died….when he escaped there was talk of his sanity, but he seemed all right when we spoke.”

“Any theory on that one?” He gently led her away from the aisle to a small bench that they both sank down on.

“He always joked that it was because he knew he was innocent, but I think that there was something more to that.” She sniffled a little and snuggled down into his embrace a little more, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“This natural barrier, you said that everyone has it?” She nodded even as she dabbed at her eyes with a napkin that he hadn’t seen her pull out. “Besides Dementors, what would destroy something like that?”

She took a steadying breath as she sat up a little and looked deeply into his eyes. He felt that she was searching for something, but then she smiled a little. “Are you planning something, or are you just curious?”

He smiled and laughed a little. “I’m honestly curious, magic is still so new to me that I want to know what I should be able to do and not.”

She gave a small snort and then glared at him for a moment. “Tell no one that I do that…along with…” She blushed to her roots once more, a small red streak even appearing in her hair before it turned back to the bubblegum pink. “You’ve already done the impossible; I would think that after that there isn’t anything you can’t do.”

Harry stared at the ground for a moment lost in his own thoughts for a moment before he took a deep breath. “I’m famous for something that shouldn’t have happened, something that I can’t even remember.” He smiled a little when he felt the hand on his back, but waved her off a little. “Too much sentimentality around here.” They shared a nervous laugh as he smiled again at her. “Anyway, back to these shields.”

She smiled and nodded, making her hair a little longer so that it tossed around closer to her natural length. “Yes, shields. It’s theorized that everyone has a natural barrier that keeps out the general traffic of the world and helps you to sort through things and think along the most sane lines. Besides Dementors I would say there are several dark spells, mostly the Unforgiveables, as well as a skilled Legilimens could destroy the barrier.”

“So someone going on the offensive could destroy the natural barrier that someone might have?”

She nodded. “The barrier is actually very fragile and relies on the person to shore it up almost on a daily basis even if you don’t consciously realize what you’re doing. If a skilled Legilimens put enough pressure against it, the entire thing could collapse and without the proper teaching it might be gone for good. The Cruciatus curse, one of the three Unforgiveables, is famous for destroying a person’s mind completely. Beyond that the only thing I can think of would be a possession of sorts.”

Harry looked around for the redheads and making sure that they weren’t being overheard. “Possession?”

“Spiritual possession would do it, the will of another being pressing in on the mind of another and forcing them to do their bidding. It’s one of the reasons why the three Unforgiveables are classed as such; they can utterly destroy a person’s will and mentality.”

“Is there anyway to treat or even recognize these people?”

Tonks sighed and rested her elbows on her knees for a moment, playing with a lock of her hair. Harry reached forward and started doing the same, causing the woman to purr slightly. “That’s the rub of it really. You can’t tell with subtle possessions or even the use of the Imperius. Blackouts and unnatural behavior is most common with those types, but with the Cruciatus it’s much more apparent, and unfortunately there’s no real cure for that.” She shook her head a little. “Come on, enough of this serious talk, I’m sure that Molly is wondering where we got off to.”

Harry stood and stretched, smiling as he caught Tonks looking at him and licking her lips a little. “I suppose I could always tell her that we got into a little bit of a tiff in the back about a book and ended up snogging on the ground.” He laughed as he turned from her and hurried to the front of the store ducking and dodging her punches, her wand seemingly forgotten in the holster on her wrist.
The two were laughing at one another when they finally met up with the Weasleys outside of the robe shop. Mrs. Weasley gave them a hard stare that neither of them really winced at before being ushered into the shop and up to be measured. The entire experience was rather disconcerting for Harry because the woman that measured him was rather attractive and would keep wrapping the length of measuring tape around his upper thigh to “get a more accurate reading.” He also noticed the jealous glares that Ginny was giving the woman, but ignored it after a while. With the fittings done the standard robes were all ordered, but Harry was able to slip in an order for a dragon hide cloak on the advice from Tonks which would be billed separately and set out when it was ready.
The apothecary was next and smelled just like it sounded to Harry. It was a vile place that had very low lighting and small vials of things with horrible writing on them. The man that owned it seemed in a rather bad mood to be around other people as he sneered at them and turned his nose up at the students asking for the standard ingredient list. Eventually he did help them, but it was frustrating to all involved to get him to just give them what they wanted and not make comments about their abilities with the ingredients. As he was walking out, Harry accidentally knocked over a few jars of something that looked expensive and disappearing before he could be blamed for it.

When Ron and Ginny both complained about going up to look at the new brooms at Quality Quidditch Supplies, Mrs. Weasley was torn about what to do until Tonks spoke up. “It’s ok, Molly. I can take Harry here to get his wand while you look after the kids.”

The woman looked a little upset that the group would be separating as well as the arm that had fallen around Harry’s shoulders from the woman. “Now, dears, I didn’t want us to split up.”

“It’s all right, Mrs. Weasley, I wouldn’t want to keep you all from something important. Plus, it’ll get done faster if we split up.” Harry smiled and knew that he had said something right as Ron’s eyes light up.

“Quidditch is the best sport in the world, mate, you should come with us to look at the newest brooms.” Ron said eagerly and Ginny was nodding her head along with him even if her face was as red as her hair once more.

“Harry needs to go get his wand, but I’ll escort you over there. Now scoot so that we can meet up at Fortesque’s in fifteen minutes.” Mrs. Weasley wasn’t asking she was telling and it grated on Harry a little, but he tolerated it until she was out of sight and they had turned towards the wandmaker’s shop.

“Does she always have to treat everyone like they’re five?” He groaned as they walked up to the door and pushed it open. He could feel the tingling over his side again, but it was gone before he could really pay attention to where it was coming from.

“These are troubled times and we’re supposed to be guarding you. She’s just used to dealing with kids, although I do agree with you. She talks to everyone like that and it’s a little annoying for someone…well…my age, to be talked to like I don’t know my left from my right.” To prove her point she tried to turn a little and ended up falling into Harry’s arms. She blushed before pulling herself right and looking around the dusted old shop.
The shop was of course Olivander’s as the sign outside the door proclaimed to the entire alley, but there didn’t seem to be anyone in at all. While Tonks moved forward to ring the bell on the small counter, Harry felt another tingling feeling around his stomach as he twisted this way and that trying to see everything at once. Out of the corner of his eye he caught movement and turned just in time to see an old white haired man seemingly appear out of the darkness of stacks of shelving units. The two stared at one another for a moment, Harry with anticipation and the old man seemingly with both shock and joy on his face.

“Ah, Nymphadora Tonks.” As expected when the man spoke the woman twirled around with her wand in her hand and pointed at the old man’s heart. Also expected was her tripping and nearly falling flat on her face if not for Harry catching her again. “Ash, twelve and a quarter inches long and unicorn hair if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes, sir.” Tonks pulled herself up and dusted her robes off even as she fought a blush from where Harry’s hands had landed on her chest. “We’re here to get Harry his first wand.”

The old man turned to Harry and smiled mysteriously at first before moving around to the desk and pulling open a drawer. “Ah, yes, I wondered when I would see you, Mister Potter. I remember every wand I ever sold and it seems only yesterday that your parents were in here buying their first wands.”

Harry stared at the man stoically before cocking his head to the left slightly and then nodding, but not saying anything further. Not to be deterred the man continued to speak. “I had thought that I would have seen you sooner, around when you were eleven.”

“I wasn’t available when I was eleven.” Harry said emotionlessly and felt a small tingle in his side before he waved it off and stared at the man. “How do you remember so much after so long?”

Olivander seemed taken aback for a moment and then nodded as he pulled out the measuring tape and it went to work. “An organized mind is a wonderful thing, able to pull out memories of long ago at a near instant.” He smiled and leaned forward whispering so that only Harry could hear him. “It also helps to have a ward around the shop that tells me the registered wand of the user.” He smiled and winked.
The tape measure, having done its job of measuring just about anywhere it could reach, flew back into his hand and he disappeared back into the stacks of wand boxes. After a moment he came back with a stack of half a dozen small boxes of various sizes and colors, but most were covered in a small film of dust. He blew off the dust away from the customers and laid them out side by side in front of Harry before opening each one with a flourish. Each box contained a wand of various sizes and colors, but all polished to an amazing shine that almost seemed to sing.

“Come now, Mister Potter. Start at the left and work your way down the line until you find one that works best for you, don’t be afraid if you don’t get a response out of some of them.” Olivander smiled as Harry picked up the first wand and promptly dropped it back into the box hissing in pain and gripping his right wrist. “Definitely not that one I see.”
For the next half an hour Harry tried out various boxes with wands in them, everything from ash and unicorn hair to holly with phoenix feather. Olivander was particularly disappointed when that one did nothing but create a shadowy phoenix that created sorrowful music when Harry waved it. Even with that small bit of magic Harry told the old man that the wand just didn’t feel right in his hand. The pile of used boxes started to stack up and about the time that Tonks was starting to nod off in the chair Harry was getting a little frustrated. He thought to play a little prank on Tonks just to give her some incentive to stay awake.
The next time Olivander had gone back into the stacks to get another set of boxes Harry hooked his fingers into his pants and tugged down a little as inconspicuously as possible. This exposed the top of his naked butt to Tonks as well as to the window that was just behind her head. He didn’t turn around to see her reaction, but the sharp intake of breath was enough for him for the time being. After each successive batch of useless wands he would tug on his pants a little further down exposing more and more of his toned butt to her and anyone that looked in the shop window; he was getting a secret thrill out of the possibility of some bored housewife seeing him nearly in the buff and his body reacted accordingly.

“Well, Mister Potter, I dare say that you are a tricky customer, but I do so like a challenge.” Olivander had come back with the latest batch of boxes to try. Harry had started to notice that the boxes were getting older looking and more frayed and covered in dust as they went; these last six were the rattiest he had seen yet. “I shan’t continue to bore you with what each of these is made out of until you find a match.”
As with the last six and the previous hundred or so that Harry estimated he had tried, he started at the left and slowly worked his way downwards. He was getting more and more of a reaction out of each of the wands as he went and could feel his magic pulling on him to choose a certain wand here or there, but it still didn’t fit just right. He didn’t know precisely what he was waiting for, but figured either he or Olivander would know it when it came. As he put down the fifth wand he looked around a little and let his pants fall to the back of his knees before he pulled up the last one in the bunch.
Almost as soon as his finger touched the wand he could feel a rush of power and pleasure course through is body. It was like nothing he had ever experienced and it was only his immense control that kept his body from going into spasms from what he was feeling. Giving the wand a wave anyway he produced sparks that would alternate colors from yellow to red to green and blue. Each spark would linger in the air a moment producing an intoxicating aroma before disappearing in a flash of beautiful haunting music leaving all three of them dazed for a moment.

“Ah, good show there, Mister Potter. Excellent choice there, although as I am fond of saying it is the wand that chooses the wizard.” Olivander pulled the other five boxes from the table and scuttled about the shop putting them away even as Harry pulled his pants back up and fastened them earning a groan from behind him. In short Olivander was back at the table and looking over an old leather bound book that he set on the ledger. “Here we are, I had almost forgotten about this one. It was made some years ago by a relative of mine that had started a business in the far east.”

“You mean, you didn’t make it yourself?” Tonks came up to stand next to Harry whom was staring at the polished ivory looking wand. It had small shapes engraved in the handle that wrapped around it to the tip and almost seemed to move if he stared at it long enough, a grain of black ran just on the outside of the shapes and followed from the tip down to the handle.

“I can’t make all the wands in this shop, some are incredibly valuable and some are made for custom clients.” Olivander waved her off a little as he indicated the book. “While I remember every wand that I personally make, this book contains a listing of all the wands that were given to me by relatives or other wand crafters to sell over the years. It seems that this wand has been in the shop for quite some time, and that’s saying something.” He ran a wrinkled hand down the column and stopped at the appropriate entry. “Curious, very curious indeed.”

Harry couldn’t help as he turned his eyes away from his new wand to look at the old man. “What’s curious, sir?”

“It would appear that your wand is made from Laurel fired in Mount Olympus itself. The black line is rumored to even be a strand of kalpavriksha, but none of this can be confirmed, even with detection spells. The space for the core is blocked out, possibly by some powerful charm to keep it secret or it simply doesn’t have one.”

“A blank?” Tonks looked down at the white wand that Harry was now cradling as if it was a baby, more precious than gold. “If that’s true then that wand shouldn’t work at all, but with the woods I’m not surprised that it gave such a powerful reaction.”

“Will someone explain to me what’s going on? I’m a little confused here.” Harry groaned as he looked from one adult to the next crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s the big deal with the woods?”

Olivander smiled as he pulled the old leather bound book closed and it disappeared down below the table somewhere. “The Laurel is the personal tree of the god Apollo. It is said that in ancient times the leaves were used by the high priestesses at Delphi for the oracle and legend has it that the High Wizard Apollonus is the root of the myth of the god Apollo. He was scorned by the love of a woman, and chasing after her he changed her into the Laurel so that she would forever be his. Now, the kalpavriksha is only a myth as well, and could very well be different wood in there, but it would fit with the laurel. The kalpavriksha is a divine wishing tree that appears in Sanskrit mythology very early on.” The old man dipped his hand down below the table once more and came out with a black leather bound book covered in dust; blowing off the dust the gold lettering on the front looked almost brand new.

Tonks leaned over the book and gave a small whistle as she ran her hand over the title Wand Lore for the Inexperienced. “I thought your craft was a closely guarded secret.” The old man smiled before turning to Harry and giving a wink.

Harry turned the book over in his hands feeling the leather for a moment before nodding to the old man and fingering the new wand. It felt odd to have a piece of wood in his hands and the smooth finish gave him ideas about a few things, but he had something tugging on the edge of his mind. “Pardon me, but do you all have holsters or something for this thing?” Getting strange looks from the pair he sighed and looked around. “I mean, honestly, you all simply carry this around in your pocket? If you were to go out into the muggle world you could be mugged and then where would you be?”

Olivander nodded thoughtfully and disappeared among the stacks once more while Tonks leaned on the counter lost in thought. “The Aurors and the Unspeakables do use belts that can hold a wand, but it would make more sense to have something on the wrist I suppose.”

Harry shook his head a little as he looked around the shop. “You’re basically giving every child a weapon and you expect them not to loose it?”

“Hey, everyone is taught how to use it safe and effectively once they start school. It’s one of the main tenants of being enrolled at Hogwarts that you would learn to control your magic and not let it control you.”

“Yeah, but what about the unsuspecting muggles?” Harry asked, but Tonks didn’t get a chance to answer as Olivander was back once again brushing off dust on an old looking box. The box was larger than any of the ones that held the wands and almost a perfect square.

The box was set down on the table between the old man and teenager and the top removed with a flourish. Resting on a red velvet cushion was a black leather wrist binding that had three slots of varying sizes. One, Harry noticed would fit perfectly wrap around the wand that he was still holding. Reaching out he slipped the holster around his right wrist just under his long sleeved shirt and put the wand, handle first, into the small slot. It took some practice, but he was able to slide his wrist out of the way and have his wand fall into his hand.

“How much for the lot?” Harry asked, pulling his attention back to the old man on the other side of the table.

“Fifteen galleons for both and I’ll throw in an extra holster for free if you let others know of your ideas.” Olivander produced another box the same size and handed it to Tonks. Both men winked at the confused look on the woman’s face before the gold was exchanged.

It was as they were exiting the shop that Tonks seemed to gain the ability to speak. She had soundlessly slipped the holster onto her own right wrist and slipped her polished brown wand handle first into it same as Harry had done. “You didn’t have to do that for me, Harry. I can buy me own things.”

Harry smiled a little as he nodded and added the book that he had gotten to the rest of his purchases that Tonks had shrunk down to put later into his new trunk. “Sure you can, but I want you to be kept safe. It wouldn’t do well to have my lover unprotected, would it?”
His language and his word for her caught her off guard a little, so much so that she stumbled across the cobblestones. He reached out and steadied her a little as they were standing across from a darkened archway and he looked curiously to it. She sighed a little and looked around before pulling him towards the arch. Her wand was in her hand in a moment and his hair had started to change from black to blonde and reaching down almost to his shoulders. His eyes were turned to blue and her own physical characteristics changed as well making her an athletic redhead with a modest chest.

“Why’d you do that?” Harry looked around at the darkened alley that they had entered into. The store fronts were noticeably draped in shadows with very little light even though it was still the middle of the day.

“We can’t just go walking into Knockturn Alley looking like ourselves. Your famous and this place is known to attract a less than reputable kind of crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were attacked and killed if you tried to come in here.”

Harry took a look at her up and down a little. Besides the hair and chest she had reverted most of her body back to her normal form that he remembered from the night before. “And why did you change yourself?”

“While no one but yourself and my family knows what I really look like, and I want that to be kept under your hat Mister, I am an Auror and likewise I might be attacked if I go in there with my robes being as they are.” She waved her wand and changed the red Auror robes into black with the Ministry logo vanishing from the breast.

Harry shook his head a little as he looked around. “It’s my experience that places like this don’t just appear out of nowhere. They come about because people in the government either want them to or have to inclination to stop those criminals that start it. Once started it’s very hard to pull a community out of the criminal mindset. Besides, I haven’t seen anything that doesn’t look like the other alley.”
They were walking as they talked and had reached a fork in the alley that lead off into different directions. As far as Harry could tell there was no real logic to the setup with random side passageways going here and there in seemingly random directions. Shaking his head he took one of the passageways that would end in a storefront and came upon what looked to be an identical shop to Olivanders. Pausing for a moment so that Tonks could catch up he was about to enter the shop when a noise attracted his attention.
He had spent enough time in the center to recognize a variety of different sounds. There were the sounds of people being beaten, of someone being killed, but there were others that he had learned, and this was the one that he found intriguing as he walked to a small passageway barely hidden in the shadows. The small opening would have gone completely unnoticed, but he pressed his back against the side wall and leaned over the edge to get a peek around the corner. What he saw made him smile a little, partially because he was right and partially for what he was watching.
Tonks had moved to the other side of the passageway and peeked as well, but she turned bright scarlet at the scene. Harry did notice however that she seemed to be rubbing her thighs togther a little more. A few feet into the passageway a man was pressed up against the bricks with his robe splayed open and his trousers around his ankles. From their vantage point they could see a dirty looking woman between his legs on her knees on the ground.
After watching for a moment Harry pulled himself away from it and grabbed Tonks’ wrist and pulled her away as well. They were nearing the exit when he felt pressure on his hand and was pulled around to face the woman. Tonks was breathing heavily, but forced Harry up against the wall and crashed her lips against his. They were still a good several yards away from the entrance to Diagon Alley and in a position where they would be unseen unless someone walked right past them. Tonks worked her hands under his robe and started to undo his jeans even as he did the same with her own.

[Lemon Start]

Harry’s hands slipped into her robes to be met with only flesh. A small smile spread across his lips as he realized that Tonks had gone naked under her robes except for the stockings that were sticking out from the underside of the robes. He raked his hands across her stomach and dipped down between her legs to find her pussy completely bare; she must have taken care of that with whatever magic she used to change the rest of her body. He teased the skin slightly causing the woman to moan into his mouth as he smiled and worked his other hand down along the inside of her thighs.

“Did my little Tonksie get all worked up watching that other man get off by his whore?” Harry asked when she let go of his lips to start sucking on his neck. She groaned and nodded as he slipped a finger into her sex. “Come now, I want to hear your naughty thoughts.”

She groaned and growled slightly as she pulled herself away from his neck capturing his eyes with her own even as her hand slipped down into his jeans to grasp his cock applying subtle pressure to it just to get his attention. “I want you to fuck me up against this wall here in the middle of the alley. I want some old whore to watch us and finger herself to death.”
As experienced with a woman as he was, Harry still groaned at the image and bucked his hips slightly into her hand. Her other hand came down to join the first and worked on getting his pants down around his ankles as fast as she could while he continued to work on her own body. He pulled and felt the rip of her stockings as he turned her around and forced her up against the wall. Slipping his hands under her butt he raised her up off the ground and instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist locking her ankles behind his back as she moaned.
Capturing her lips with his he pressed his body against her naked one, letting her robe flap open in the pressure against her. His fingers were still working on her body even as they were pressed together. He moved his hand between them as he captured her clit between his fingers and gently rubbed at it. His cock was resting against her entrance as she reached down and stroked it to its fullest. She groaned at the contact with both her entrance and her clit as he moved harder and starting to grind against him in earnest. Slowly she gripped his member and guided him into her. Both of them moaned as he sheathed himself inside of her body and slowly started a rhythm of going in and out. Tonks leaned down and bit hard against his lip causing it to bleed slightly.

“I don’t want love, baby, I want you to fuck me.” She growled even as he started to piston in and out of her.
Before too long both of them were moaning as he rammed hard and fast into her body slamming her up against the bricks again and again. He was sure that they had gotten at least one person to stare at them, but wasn’t sure where it was and frankly could care less. Her cries of passion and screams of orgasm crashed down around her time and again as he rammed harder and faster into her body. In a few moments he could feel his own body start to react as he continued to use her body against the side of the building.

“I’m going to cum inside of you, my little slut. You’re my own little whore.” His voice was low and gravelly and caused her to shiver slightly as he pounded in and out of her. Gripping her hips he finally let loose and groaned as he started to spill inside of her.
Tonks was in heaven as she felt his manhood pound in and out of her. She hadn’t been used like that even last night and even knows she could feel him start to twitch a little in his own orgasm. Her body responded in kind as she felt the warm splash of his seed within her. His voice and his tone of voice caused her to orgasm as well, her sex contracting hard around him even as he spilled more and more inside of her. Slowly coming down from that high she kept her ankles locked around his waist and him buried deep within her. Even after his own orgasm, she could still feel his cock rock hard and twitching within her.

[Lemon End]

“That was bloody fantastic.” They both heard a soft whisper just over Harry’s left shoulder. Tonks craned her neck to see and saw something that made her smile just a little.
Just behind the pair and pinned up against the other wall was a woman around forty years of age with her robe open displaying her own body to the pair of them. She had finished herself as she pulled it around her and picked up her purse laid forgotten on the ground at the start. Giving a wave and a wink to the pair she disappeared into the nearest building and they could hear the lock turn a few times. Once she was gone the pair broke into giggles and laughter soon after.

While they were cleaning each other up Harry smiled a little and kissed Tonks on the lips. “Did I fulfill a fantasy for you or something?”

She smiled and gave a small demure bow of her head. “My master pleased this slut very much.” Seeing the horrified look on his face she laughed even harder. “Harry, when you called me your slut….it was very erotic for me. I might seem a little forward and overbearing at times, but that’s just because I haven’t found the man that would really please me.”

“What do you mean?” Harry took her hand instinctively and led them back towards the sunlight alley even as Tonks was undoing the changes that she had made to them both to go in there in the first place.

“That whole thing was amazingly erotic, but maybe I’ll explain it to you sometime later.” Tonks pointed up the Alley where Mrs. Weasley and the others were looking around for them. Seeing the redheads the pair groaned, but went up to meet up with them and then head back to the house.
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