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Chapter 7

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Big update, as I realised that I haven't updated in a while! Hope you enjoy it! x

Chapter Nine
Frank opened his eyes slowly, the sunlight pouring into his room blinding him slightly, and all he could feel was a deep throbbing in his head.

"Did I really drink so much?" He asked the room, sitting up and wiping his eyes, then focusing on somebody stood in front of him.

"Morning Frank" He saw his wife smile at him, she was wearing her dressing gown that she had left here, and holding out a cup of coffee for him to take.

Frank looked wide eyed at her, and took the coffee off her, his face frowning as he tried to remember last night. He was sure he hadnt slept with her.

"Err... Morning" He awekwardly spoke, looking down at his lower half with he felt was bare.

"Don't worry Frank... We didn't have sex" Christina sighed, flopping onto the bed next to him.

"Oh right" He let out a small sigh in relief.

"You kept muttering on about your next door neighbour, and you wouldn't get hard for me! And believe me, I tried for a while to get you up. But little Frank just wasn't playing" She told him, and Frank looked down at his coffee shyly.

"Sorry..." He mumbled, although he wasn't quiet sure why he was saying sorry.

"Oh don't worry about it Frank! It was a stupid idea on my part. I knew you didn't love me any more, I think this just proved it to me" Christina sighed from her position next to him on the bed, and Frank turned and looked into her eyes which actually looked quite sad.

"What the fuck happened to us Chrissi?" He asked, calling her my her nickname for the first time in months.

"I really don't know Frank.. I thought we would of made it you know. But, I suppose we just weren't suppose to make it" She sighed to him, running a hand through her long blonde hair.

"I thought we would as well you know. We were so in love to start with" Frank told her, taking a sip of his coffee and Christina nodded.

"I didn't mean to turn into such a bitch you know. I'm not usually like that, you know that right?" She asked, her voice sounded childish and alone.

"I know Chrissi! I never meant to be so awful with you either. We just got, bitter to each other I think" He told her, trying to explain what had happened to them.

"I did love you Frank, and I still do... But, there's something I should tell you" Christina trailed off, and looked to her lap, shaking slightly, and Frank prepared his self for what was going to be said.

"Tell me.. Its fine" He told her encouragingly, and her bright blue eyes moved to his.

"I've been having a affair. For the last 5 months" She shakily whispered, and a silent tear fell down her cheek.

"I know" Frank whispered back, and Christina looked shocked.

"You know?" She gasped.

"I had figured that's what you were doing. You were spending hardly any time at home. Always saying you were at work. You were starting to resent been married to me... Who is it?" He asked, downing the rest of his coffee quickly.

"Liam.. My ex boyfriend from New York. I saw him a few weeks before it started, and all my old feelings came rushing back for him. I never mean't to fall back in love with him Frank. I never mean't to fall out of love with you' She cried softly to him, her hands shaking. 'I think that's why I was so mean to you! I thought if you fell out of love with me, it would be easier"

"Its fine Chrissi" He said, reaching out and taking one of her shaking hands.

"I promise I won't ask for any money in the dirvorce. I never mean't to do that. My lawyers were advising me to do that" Christina cried to him again, and tightened her hand around his.

"Don't worry about that now" He told her, and pulled her to him, hugging her softly.

"I was so lucky meeting you Frank. And I've really had to think about my life when I met Liam again. It just, clicks with him more. And I'm so sorry" She told him, pulling back and looking in his eyes, and Frank could see that she was genuinly telling him the truth.

"I know... It's fine" He whispered, and stood up from the bed, quickly pulling on his clothes.

"Do you think we'll still be able to get on?" She asked quietly from the bed, watching Frank move around the room.

"Yeah, your not a bad person.. We'll always have a friendship I think" He honestly turned her, lighting up a cigeratte.


Evie sighed, looking over at her clock. 9.30am. She couldn't lay in bed any longer. She hadn't slept all night, she certainly wasn't going to sleep now whilst the sun was blaring through her curtains.

"Come on Evie. Get over it" She mumbled to herself, crawling out of the bed and walking into the bathroom, turning the shower on and stepping in it.

15 minuntes later, she walked into her living room, running a hand through her hair as she thought about which hairdressers to go to for the day. She was desperatly trying to avoid looking at Frank's house as she was scared as to what was going on inside. All night Evie had been awake, wondering what Frank and his wife were upto in his house. Deep inside she knew that they were probably having sex, making up and no longer getting dirvorced. But a little part of her hoped that nothing had happened, that Frank had not slept with her.

Evie sighed and made herself a cup of coffee before glancing at her clock and seeing that it was too early in the UK for her to give her sister a ring and try and ask for some advice. She walked into the backgarden and sat on a wooden chair, lighting up a cigarette and inhaling deeply and breathing it out through her nose. She frowned, the cigarette hanging out of her mouth as she heard Frank's front door open and heard hushed voices. Before she realised what was happening, her body had pulled her to the fench separeting their house, and she was stood on the step, listening to the conversation.

"I'm so sorry, again Frank" She heard his wife say.

"Its fine Chrissi, honestly. Just speak to your lawyers" He told her, and Evie smiled at the sound of his voice.

"I will. And I'll ring you as soon as it's sorted" She heard, and Evie frowned, wondering what they were talking about.

"Ok, bye Chrissi" Frank said, and then Evie heard footsteps walking away, and she stayed in her place until she heard silence.

"You can come out now Evie" Evie screamed slightly, and looked up, Franks grinning face looked down at her over the fence.

"You! Could of given me a heart attack then" She said, finishing her cigarette and throwing it on the floor.

"You didn't need to hide you know. I was going to come round and tell you what had gone on" He frowned to her, and then walked around the fence and into Evie's back garden, following her inside her house and into her kitchen.

"You didn't need to. Its none of my business Frank" She frowned to him, leaning against her counter, and folding her arms over her chest.

"Seemed like you wanted to know when you were spying on me just then" Frank grinned, mimicking her moves.

"Yeah well..." And she trailed off, looking to the floor and kicking it softly with her foot.

"I would of done exactly the same, had it been the other way round Evie. You did nothing wrong" He honestly told her, walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist, then frowned as Evie softly pushed him off her, and she moved to the other side of the kitchen frowning.

"If you think I'm the type of girl to carry on with a married man your wrong. So just tell me now if your getting back together with her" Evie frowned to him, her green eyes looked tired.

"Evie.. I'm not getting back with her" Frank frowned, wondering where she had got that idea from.

"Well you both looked very fucking cosy last night" She spat at him, not meaning to be so angry over a man she hadn't known long and only slept with once.

"What do you mean last night?" Frank asked, looking confused.

"When you got home last night with her. You had your arm around her, kissing her" Evie told him, walking over to her cigarette packet and pulling out a cig then harshly put it in her mouth and lit it.

"I was drunk Evie! I didn't do anything with her! We talked about it this morning!" Frank shouted at her, following her into the living room.

"I don't care Frank! It's not like we're in a relationship!" She harshly told him, and then turned to him quickly, instantly regretting what she had said.

"You don't care?" Frank asked, frowning, his long hair fell in front of one of his eyes.

"Frank.. I didn't mean it like that!" Evie sighed, running a hand through her fringe.

"Well what did you mean? What exactly was the other night to you Evie? Just a fuck?" He asked, his own eyes showing anger.

"No Frank.. I just.. I mean" Evie stuttered as she tried to find the words to say to him.

"What? What do you mean?" He shouted, getting annoyed.

"I do like you Frank! A lot! I'm just scared! I don't wanna get too close to you! Incase you just drop me!" She shouted to him finally, and when she finished, she laughed slightly, and took a drag of her cig, before putting in out in the ashtray on her coffee table.

"What do you mean drop you?" Frank frowned, not understaning.

"Come on Frank.. Your a fucking rock star! And you've just got divorced, you won't want to get into a relationship, which I'm not asking you for by the way! I.. Just don't wanna get too attatched to you, and you leave me alone" She told him, walking closer to him slightly, and Frank continued to frown to her.

"You really think that of me? That I would lead someone on?" He asked, a slight hurt tone to his voice.

"No, I honestly don't Frank.. But I really don't think you'll be wanting a relationship any time soon" She answered, and looked to the floor.

"But do you want a relationship soon?" Frank asked, walking over and standing in front of Evie.

"I don't think so.. I think if we're going to do this, we start off slow. I don't want to fall for you too fast" She whispered, looking into his eyes.

"I agree. Take things slow" He told her, and Evie smiled softly. 'I'm not getting back with Christina. She was talking about the lawyers this morning because she was asking for a lot of money from me in the divorce. But she's pulling out of it. Not asking for anything! I mean, obviously I'll give her some" He told her, and Evie smiled to herself, a feeling of worry leaving her stomach as she heard the words come off his tongue. He wasn't getting back with her.

"Well, I'm glad for you" She told him, and smiled when he wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her close to him, where he pecked her on the end of her nose.

"What are your plans for today?" He asked, liking the feeling of her body close to his.

"I'm going to the hairdressers soon. Getting my hair dyed" She told his, wrapping her arms around his neck and smiling to him.

"What are you getting done?" He asked, running a hand through her long hair, and playing with the bottom of it.

"I'm getting it dyed a whole new colour" Evie grinned to him, and he smiled back.

"Any idea what colour yet?"

"Bright. Red" She told him, and watched for his reaction.

"Will the school allow that?"

"Yeah. Already rang the headteacher. School goveners have said thats fine" She smiled to him, and he smiled back, pulling her close for a kiss.

Evie smiled into the kiss, and felt Franks tongue ask for entrance, which she gladly allowed him, and let their tongues battle for dominance. She felt him pushing her back, and when her legs touched the back of her couch, she fell back, Frank falling along with her, and he smiled to her before kissing her again quickly. After a while, their kisses became more urgent, and Frank's hands groped Evie's chest, before one of them moved to the denim skirt she was wearing, and he reached under it, touching her through her pants she was wearing. Evie sighed into Franks mouth as she felt him do this, and then he pulled her pants to the side, before stroking her pearl gently. Evie moved her hands to Franks hair, and tightly grabbed it as he continued stroking her. She let out a small scream as he moved his fingers, and pushed two into her, moving at a slow pace, causing Evie to bit his lip harshly.

"Fuck Frank" She moaned against his lips, feeling pleasure throughout her whole body.

He picked up his pace with his finger, and used his other hand to move her top to the side, and moved her bra as well, then quickly took her hard nipple in his mouth, biting and sucking on it softly.

"Oh, Frank.. I'm close" She shouted, her hands pulling at his hair, and then Frank felt her tighten around his fingers, as she shook as her orgasm pulsed through her body. He continued to plunge his fingers in her, until her body stopped shaking and she had finished cumming. And he smirked at her, moving his head up and kissing her softly, removing his finger from her and then brought his fingers up to his mouth, and licked them clean of her juices.

"You like that sugar?" He grinned, as Evie looked at him, her eyes full of lust.

"Fucking amazing. Your turn now" She told him, pushing him back until he was laid on his back and she was hovering over him. She kissed him deeply, and then sat up, removing her top from her body, and then quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head. She moved and kissed all over his chest, stopping and sucking harshly on his nipples, and moved her hands to his belt buckle, undoing it, and quickly pulling them and his boxers down slightly, revealing his hard erection. She quickly moved her head, and licked the top of his cock, looking up at him as she watched his eyes which were directly on what she was doing. She smirked to herself, before moving and sliding all of him into her mouth, and she heard him moan as she did it. She moved one hand to cup his balls, and she massaged them gently as she continued to bob her head up and down, sucking him softly. She continued doing this for a short while, and then she felt Franks hands in her hair, pushing her to go faster, which she gladly did. She felt his cock go deep down her throat, but she didn't mind as she was causing him pleasure. She felt him tighten his hands on her hair.

"God, Evie!" He shouted, before he tensed up, and Evie felt a hot, salty liquid in her mouth, and she continued sucking him softly, until she had drawn his orgasm out of him for a long time. She felt his hands soften in her hair, and she felt him begin to soften in her mouth.

Evie quickly swallowed what was in her mouth, and then removed him from her mouth, and wiped her mouth, smirking to Frank as he watched her, as he laid on the couch, running a hand through his hair.

"That was unbelievable!" He grinned, sitting up and kissing her again.

"I'm pretty good at them apparently" She smirked to him, pushing her arms around his neck as Frank kissed her neck.

"Well, sugar. That was the first time I've come with a orgasm" He mumbled to her from her neck, and Evie laughed. She was interrupted from her embrace with Frank when she heard her phone buzzing from the table. She frowned as it read her sisters name.

"Olivia? Whys she calling?" She frowned standing up, and picking up her phone.

"Olivia? What's wrong?" She frowned.

"Evie! Its Lily! She's in hospital" Her sister frantically told her.

"What?! Why what's wrong?" Evie asked, fear clenched her chest as she worried about her niece.

"I don't know! She won't wake up! The hospital are running some tests. I just, had to ring you and tell you" Olivia cried down the phone, and Evie felt tears spring to her eyes.

"I'll get a flight home!" She cried, quickly walking into her bedroom.

"No! There's no point Evie! Just stay there until we know what's wrong" Olivia said, sounding a bit more calmer.

"What? No, I want to come and look after you" Evie cried down the phone, and looked as Frank ran into her bedroom, now fully dressed and wide eyed.

"No Evie. Best thing you can do is stay there! I'll ring you once we know whats going on!" Olivia told her, and Evie put her hand to her mouth, trying to calm her nerves.

"You promise to ring me. Keep me updated" She whispered, tears falling down her face.

"I will do. She's going to be okay isn't she V?" Olivia asked in a small voice.

"I'm sure she will be Olivia... She'll be okay" Evie said, reassuring herself, and her sister.

"I'll ring you soon. I promise. I love you V"

"I love you too. And give Lily my love" She said, and then listened as her sister hung up the phone. Evie looked at the phone, and then felt Franks hands on her back.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" He asked, a worried tone to his voice.

"Its my little niece. She's in hospital, she wont wake up" Evie cried, throwing her phone on her bed, and then she was pulled into Franks warm embrace, his hand on the back of her head, rubbing her hair softly.

"I'm sorry Evie. She'll be okay" He whispered, and Evie nodded.

"She has to be Frank.
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