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Healthy Appetite

by helluin

Lulu drops by Auron's cabin on the airship, with predictable results. Brief smutlet, result of a drabble challenge with the theme "hunger".

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Auron, Lulu - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-05-28 - Updated: 2006-05-28 - 482 words - Complete

The airship door closed with a click. The mage leaned against it with arms folded. Framed by the moonlit clouds beyond the portal, Auron swung around, his heavy swordblade dropping between them with a loud bang as it slammed into the scarred block of wood in front of her feet. With a grunt he wrenched the blade free and propped it against the wall at the head of the bunk, then reached for her roughly, upper body bare and gleaming from his exertions.

When she finally broke free of his feral, silent kisses to catch her breath, Lulu skimmed her palm over the fresh hairless skin across his stomach and chest. "Somehow I'm not surprised to find you disobeying healer's orders." She nuzzled his scratchy chin. "Bed, Auron. Magic's no substitute for a night's rest."

"Depends on the magic." His glove hit the floor, and strong hands pounced on the laces between her shoulders.

"Oh..." Her neck arched as he stooped to lick and nibble the hollow of her throat, He never left marks, at least where others could see, but always seemed on the verge of forgetting himself.

Logic be damned. Every single time she saw the muscles of his shoulders glide just so as he brought his blade down in that particular swing, she felt the impact all the way to her knees.

/Rest. Sleep. Meditation exercises/. Auron sliced right through them, and suddenly it didn't matter whether they were going to hunt down Maechen tomorrow for a few longwinded tips or planned to take on Sin at the crack of dawn. Here and now, there was only the rousing leather-and-sweat-scent of a warrior's body begging her to pay homage.

A short time later the buckles of her skirt were clattering against the wall, and the swordsman lifted and swept her onto the bunk with the same ease as he plied his trade, falling over her and catching himself on his forearms. They wrestled for each other's breath, mouths hot and fierce and wild as he settled between her legs.

"I should ask Rikku to use that Al Bhed variant of Phoenix Down more often," she panted.

Auron growled, setting her to writhing as he licked and nipped at the ticklish skin between her neck and shoulder. "Getting killed makes me hungry."

Her nails bit into his chest. "But you're already--" Lulu gasped as his teeth bit down where her hair covered the side of her neck during the day.

"Exactly." Not that he seemed so. Oh, no, not in the least.

Auron's body moved over hers like Besaid's breakers, bringing every inch of her skin alive. He pressed her hands back against the mattress on either side of her ears and loomed above her, one eye glinting. "And you?"

"Famished," she returned fiercely.

They lunged one against the other, Lulu's cry ringing against the bulkhead over his guttural groan.
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