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Chapter 7

by raytorosfro

Oh Some gay lovin going on. Don't like don't read.

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Chapter 7
A/N Yeah second update today. I felt bad because I hadn't updated in like a week?
Anywhoo ENJOY! and like I said in the summary there is some gay loving so if you don't wanna read it don't.
~Transmission Exploder xoxo

Mikey’s P.O.V

We were all sitting in Frank’s living room singing along to the misfits. I saw Gerard whisper something in Frank’s ear who nodded to whatever had been said. I wonder what that was about. He turned off the music.
‘Ok... So... Uh... Frank and I. We’re together now.’ Gerard mumbled nervously.
I chuckled ‘About fucking time too!’ Everyone nodded and laughed in agreement to my statement.
‘We all knew how much you guys liked each other I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner if I’m totally honest.’ Ray added.
‘Well seeing as people are sharing... Well stuff...’ Zoe started and looked over to where I was sitting. I nodded. She walked over to me sat on my lap and kissed me gently. Well that is one way to tell them. A chorus of aww’s came from the room and we both chuckled.
I turned to Ray and Bob. ‘Now we just need to find someone for you two.’ They both looked around nervously.
‘Well actually...’ Ray started.
‘We are kind of... Dating each other.’ Bob finished. A shocked silence fell across the room. Well I never even thought they would be gay.
‘When did this happen?’ Frank asked breaking the silence.
They spoke in unison. ‘A few days ago.’ Ray continued. ‘He just kissed me. It was a shock but I realised I wanted it.’
‘That is great dudes!’ Frank got up and hugged them and we all said our congratulations to them. Frank then disappeared into the kitchen.

Frank’s P.O.V

‘CELEBRATION TIME.’ I called as I walked back into the living room with alcohol that my mum had got us in a bag. She trusted us a lot and now we actually had a reason to drink!
Everyone cheered and I passed out some beers. This is probably the first time in a while I have had a real smile on my face.

Gerard’s P.O.V

Frank looks so happy. I haven’t seen him smile like that for years, He was sitting next to me having a conversation with Zoe. I waited for there to be a gap then pulled him onto my lap.
‘Well hello there.’ He smiled. It seems that we are both rather drunk.
‘Hey.’ I smile back. We both leaned forward and crashed our lips together passionately.
‘Eww. Guys seriously? I could have gone my whole life without seeing your tongues down each others throats. Please get a room!’
I smiled innocently at Mikey. ‘Oh but, my dearest brother, we are in a room if you had not already noticed.’ Frank started giggling and Mikey just rolled his eyes at me. ‘Fine if you want to be like that then could you get a room, THAT I AM NOT IN!’ I smirked at Frank.
‘What do you think? Should we go find a room in which we can do anything we want?’ I winked at him. He smirked evilly.
‘Well seeing as this is my house, I think that this room is perfectly fine.’ He adjusted how we were sitting so he was straddling my hips and crashed his lips eagerly against mine. I flicked his lip ring with my tongue and he moaned into my mouth. I heard Mikey ask Zoe to make it stop and I think they may have gone into the kitchen with Bob and Ray but I’m not to sure I was concentrating more on the fact that Frank was kissing me. I could feel my already tight pants become tighter. He grinded his hips down onto mine and we both moaned. I started kissing down his neck ‘Geee. You moan like a porn star.’ I pulled back and raised a questioning eyebrow. He started to blush and I chuckled. I started to rub his crotch and he soon forgot about what he had just said. I will remind him of it.
‘Gee. My. Room. Now?’ I stood up and he put his legs around my waist as I carried him up to his room. When we got there and I put him down he pushed me against the door. I don’t think we would’ve had this much confidence if it wasn’t for the alcohol we had consumed. He went up onto his tip toes so he could rub our clothed crotches together. He removed our shirts and started kissing down my neck, chest and stomach until he was kneeling in front of me. He undid my jeans slowly, teasing me. Then he finally pulled them down around my ankles and I kicked them off. He started breathing on my already leaking cock. ‘I’ve never done this before Gee. What if I’m no good at it?’
‘You will be perfect Frankie.’ He nodded and wrapped a hand around the base of my cock. He gently flicked his tongue against the head tasting pre-come.
‘P-please Frankie’ I whimpered.
He chuckled and took as much of me into his mouth as he could. ‘Fuck. So good.’ I moaned and he chuckled with my cock still in his mouth sending a wave of pleasure through me. He pulled off and I made a noise of complaint. He dragged me over to the bed and pushed me onto it to straddle my hips. At some point he had taken off his jeans. He kissed me passionately.
After a few minutes he moved to nip my ear ‘fuck me Gerard.’ He growled in my ear. My cock twitched but I knew I couldn’t do that. We’re both drunk and would probably regret it.
‘No Frankie.’ He moved back and looked at me shocked then he smirked.
‘Why you want me to fuck you?’ I sighed. I hope he understands why I have to say no.
‘Frankie no.’ He looked hurt and I felt so guilty.
‘You don’t want this?’ He chocked out his eyes threatening to free some tears. He looked away trying to hide them. I grabbed his face in my hands and made him look at me. ‘I do. Just not yet. I want our first time to be special Frankie. Not when we are both drunk and will possibly regret it.’
‘You’re right.’ He gently kissed my lips and moved slightly reminding us both of our hard state. I flipped us over so I was in control. I lined our dicks up and started pumping them both. His hand joined trying to help us reach our climax.
We both came at the same time screaming each other’s names in bliss. I had forgotten that there were other people in the house until Frank reminded me. ‘Mikey will probably be having a heart attack after hearing that’ He giggled.
Mikey is going to be angry.

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