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by Rous

S L A S H ! S e v e r e l y A / U! There, you have been warned. If this offends your sensibilities, then kindly move on to the next story. If you are still here, this is my first slash p...

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Checking his horse as it started down the steep hillside, Legolas' thoughts ran far ahead of him.

The scouting foray had taken much longer than anticipated. The two-week stint was now entering its fourth week. Contrary to rumours and various reports, there was no enemy gathering in the northern Misty Mountains. The most he found was a ragged family of men running from the chaos of the northern plains. Disgusted with the waste of time, the slender elf was more than anxious to return home.

The days turned into another week as horse and rider crossed the plains stretching between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. Legolas wondered if Caladonincuil would think him lost.

If the truth were told, he had been lost, before Calad. Their life together was the one constant that kept him going. No longer did he ache for the company of Aragorn or Gimli. His life was settled now, in his father's realm.

Now, he could see the north most borders of that same realm, beckoning him ever onwards. Allowing his horse its head, he soared the last mile, clearing the tree line without thought, concentrating on Calad and their time together.

Supper out of the way, Legolas took the hand of his chosen life mate. Together, they climbed the stairs to their bedroom. As always, Calad emitted an air of shyness, the very trait that had attracted Legolas in the first place. Waiting, with hands folded, Calad was patient in the slow dance that was their way.

Legolas reached behind his shy lover's neck to undo the light tunic. Pausing to gently kiss the hesitant lips, he let the long shirt drop to the floor, lowering himself to undo the trousers beneath it. Rising, he took Calad into his arms.

"Did you miss me?" he whispered in the small ear.

"More than life," was the reply. Calad lay back on the bed, awaiting the feel of Legolas in the bed.

"Then, I must be sure that you do not miss me again." Legolas quickly stripped down, joining Calad. Wrapping his arms around the slighter elf, he reached down to test Calad's true feelings. The hard erection was enough to satisfy the prince of Mirkwood.

Brushing a stray hair from Calad's face, Legolas grasped his face with both hands. His lips bore down, the force causing Calad to gasp, allowing Legolas the opening he needed. His tongue slipped between open lips, twining in a dance of shivers. The passion that had built in both of them for more than a month threatened to culminate before either could enjoy it.

The crushing kiss faded to small smacks that faded even more until the lovers barely touched lips. Legolas drew back, moving his mouth slowly down Calad's neck, leaving red traces where fire burst from the contact. Smiling, he shifted down the writhing body beneath him, the kisses stopping only to settle on a recessed nipple. Within seconds, the nub had hardened and was exposed, obvious in Calad's heightened state. The tongue swirling around the tender flesh moved closer to the epicentre of Calad's pleasure zone.

Unable to stand any more, Calad grasped Legolas and rolled over, pinning him on the bottom.

"Calad!" was Legolas' surprised exclamation. "You, taking the initiative?" He chuckled softly, only to grunt in pain as teeth bit lightly on his own nipple. Growling, Legolas fought to gain control.

"Lay still, my love. You deserted me for far too long. Now you shall pay!" Calad moved lower, eliciting soft moans and frenzied squirming.

Grasping the head of Legolas' lower regions, he began the slow work of preparing his lover's journey. The semi-soft cylinder slowly built into a rigid length of power. Calad reached over Legolas' head to grab the bottle of oil waiting on the nightstand. Liberally pouring it over the long reach of the shaft, he rubbed it in, bringing heat into the arena.

Finally, Legolas could take no more. Forcing Calad back over onto his back, he took the oil and dribbled it down between his legs. Missing the table with the bottle, he turned his attentions to the body beneath him. Lifting Calad's hips onto his own lap, he felt for the portal that would give them both relief. Finding it, he slowly pushed, mindful of harming his lover. Only when Calad wrapped his legs around Legolas did the prince push his way into the blissful depths.

With Calad's aid, thrusting against his own endeavours, Legolas finally reached the haven he had sought. Both remained joined, Legolas slumping over Calad, until their heaving chests quieted. Rolling over, Legolas sighed.

"Now," whispered Calad, "it is my turn. And, should you leave me for such a long time again, I promise you may not survive the reunion."

Legolas smiled, and then laughed, giving the love of his life his wish, paying for his transgressions until the early morning hours.

©2006 rous
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