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Three cheers for sweet revenge

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It was five days before Frank managed to get any information that could lead him to Maria. When he had left the circus he had had no idea where to go and so had simply sent his horse at a trot through the city they had set the circus up in, looking about for any signs that could help him. He had stopped to talk to anyone he saw, asking around for a woman with a beard but most people just looked at him like he was crazy, and everyone else just told him to try the circus. It was just no use.

In the end Frank had reluctantly left the city in the direction he hoped Maria had taken. One way went back through little country villages the circus had come through in the first place. The other direction went the way the circus would be going next – through more country roads to another city. But that direction also had many other cities en-route, and so Frank hoped Maria would pick that way. It was easier to hide in a city than a village, and surely she would have considered that someone from the circus would come looking for her.

For the next five days Frank had travelled continuously, stopping only to sleep and eating whilst he rode to save time. Cog’s was mostly quiet, and yet still a great companion to have. He kept still on Frank’s shoulder and every now and then would wander down his arms to sit on top of the horses head. He often gazed at Frank with those large, knowing jade eyes and would sometimes nuzzle his head against Frank’s cheek as if trying to comfort him.

With every city that Frank went through he spoke to as many people as he could, asking around for a bearded woman but no one had seen her. In fact, people gave the impression that they thought Frank was either trying to take the piss or was in fact crazy. It was getting him nowhere, and with every city he went through the feeling of dread would grow inside him. Had he gone the wrong way? Had Maria chosen the little village route instead?

It was on the fifth day, when Frank was beginning to lose all hope that something finally came to light.

Frank had stopped in a tavern for the night, his body aching from the constant riding and his head full of thoughts of failure. He would never be able to find Maria and would soon have to admit defeat and return to the circus. The thought of having to do that made him want to be sick, but the thought of staying away for so long – and possibly making Gerard die without the key to his chest with him – all for no reason, was even worse.

“Room for one please.” Frank sighed as he stood at the bar in the tavern. The owner nodded and turned to get a key for a room, taking the required gold and smiling sympathetically at the weary traveller.

“Long journey?” He asked politely as he came from behind the bar to lead Frank upstairs, the younger man nodding as he looked down at his feet.

“You could say that...” He mumbled, following the tavern owner up the stairs to the second floor where a corridor stretched before them. There were about five doors along it and Frank followed the elderly man along to the final one. “Say, you haven’t seen a bearded lady around here by any chance have you?” He sighed, already expecting the man to say no and give him the same ‘are you crazy?’ look everyone else had been giving him.

“A bearded lady?” The man repeated in surprise, Frank blushing as he nodded his head, opening his mouth to tell the man to forget it, but he spoke before he had chance. “We actually had one stay here just last night. Do you know her?” He asked, smiling warmly at Frank as he unlocked the final door and led Frank into the room.

Frank was staring at the tavern owner with wide, stunned eyes. The elderly man had walked into the room and started straightening up the bed sheets, listing the facilities they provided and asking Frank if he’d like any dinner brought up, but Frank was frozen solid in the doorway. For a moment he was sure he had misheard, but as the old man’s words sunk in Frank’s heart began to race erratically in his chest.

“Y – Yesterday... There was a bearded woman here yesterday!?” He gasped, dashing into the room and grabbing the elderly man by the shoulders. He had a mad look in his eyes and the man stared at him in fear, nodding quickly as he tried to lean out of Frank’s grip.

“Y – Yes, she stayed one night and then left.”

“Where! Where did she leave to – did she say!?” Frank demanded, shaking the man a little in his desperation. “Did she say where she was going!?”

“Err, the s – sea I think. She said she was going to the sea!” The man quickly replied, his voice shaking in horror and Frank stared at him with large eyes for another second before grinning and yanking the man forward.

“Mwah!” The man blinked in shock as Frank planted a huge kiss to his forehead, releasing his shoulders and gripping the sides of his face instead. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” He beamed, letting go of the man and rushing out of the room without another word.

The tavern owner was left frozen to the spot, his jaw agape and his eyes wide. He had no idea what had just happened or if the young man would be returning, all he knew was that each day was stranger than the last.

“Such madness...” He mumbled to himself, shaking his head in bewilderment and slowly leaving the room, closing the door and locking it again as the sound of a horse galloping from out of the attached stable could be heard. He hurried to the window and peered down, frowning as he saw the young man on his horse, that strange metal monkey on his shoulder again as they raced through the quiet streets.


The sea was sparkling when Frank finally reached the coastline. He had ridden all night and was exhausted, his eyelids heavy and his eyes aching from the need to sleep. Cogs had sat up with him and the monkey two was fading, slumping against Frank’s shoulder and giving nothing but a feeble chirp when the ocean came into sight.

The town they found themselves in was a typical coastal town, small, quant houses lining the streets with a harbour wall stretching infront of the beach. There was a huge dockyard that was bustling with activity even at this early hour; men carrying wooden crates and rolling barrels onto waiting ships as others unloaded cargo from others. It was only an hour or so past dawn but the sun was bright and blinded Frank a little whenever he looked at it glistening from the water’s surface.

He wondered if Maria had come here to stay in the little town, or if now she had found herself at the coast she would board a ship and leave the country entirely. If that was the case then Frank had to find her quick. The only hope he had now was that she had stayed to rest last night whilst he had continued riding, closing the gap between them and now he simply had to find her before she boarded a ship.

Cogs blinked sleepily as he gazed about from Frank’s shoulder, scampering up to sit on his head after a while to get a better view. He was searching for Maria, Frank supposed, and he too gazed around, trying to pick up on every little detail even whilst his eyes strained to close.

Frank led his horse down to the docks, deciding to start there in his search. He dismounted before he reached the floating wooden pathways, knowing his horse wouldn’t dare walk on them. He tied the reigns to a nearby post and made his way sleepily down towards the men going to and from ships, a gentle sea breeze ruffling his hair and blowing the stench of salt and fish into his nose.

“Excuse me!” Frank called, walking faster towards a man who looked like he could be in charge. He was wearing a royal blue navy jacket and had a long, white walrus moustache. He was gazing intently at a pocket watch open in his palm, one hand idly twirling the end of his moustache around his finger. At Frank’s shout he looked up and quirked an eyebrow, snapping the pocket watch closed again.

“Can I help you boy?” He asked, his voice deep and rich, his words perfectly pronounced and Frank wondered fleetingly if he was putting on an accent to sound more intelligent.

“Yes I... I wondered if you had seen someone.” Frank explained as he approached the man, stumbling a little. He had never been to the sea before and he was not used to walking on floating walkways such as these. He felt a little sick already as he wobbled and swayed his way over to the man, his cheeks tingeing pink at the way the man stared at him. “A – A woman, with a beard.”

At first the man’s eyebrows rose so high they almost disappeared off his forehead altogether, but then barely a second after they furrowed deep.

“I beg your pardon?” He grunted, his moustache flaring as he planted his hands on his hips. “You’re asking me if I have seen a woman who has a beard?” He clarified, his eyes glaring accusingly at Frank and making the young mechanic blush deeply.

“Y – Yes sir, she... She’s from the circus...” Frank bit his lip as the man only continued to glare at him and he decided it was probably best if he just left. “I – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have troubled you. I’ll just –”

“You shouldn’t go making up such wild stories boy, you’re not a child you know.” The man in the navy jacket snapped, pointing his nose into the air. “Boys like you should be put into jobs to stop such fancies – a good year at sea that’s what you need.” He declared, Frank scowling at him and shaking his head as he slowly backed away.

“Yes, thank you. Well I’ll just be going.” He said as politely as he could, biting his tongue to stop himself from snapping at the man. He was tired and he was grouchy, that was all. At least he could safely assume that Maria hadn’t shown up to the docks yet that day.

As he was turning away again Frank heard the man shouting at people to hurry up with their jobs, shouting at demands and getting loud “yes cap’n” in return. Frank glanced over his shoulder again in intrigue, his jaw dropping a little to realise he had been talking to a captain of a ship, and his eyes trail over him he spotted someone walking past him, rolling a barrel towards the ship.

Frank turned quickly and stared in shock at the man rolling the barrel, walking towards him without even really realising he was doing it. The man was tall and though he wore baggy clothes and oversized boots it was clear beneath the excess fabric he was very slender. His hair was short and black, cut so that the longest locks fell against the nape of his neck. He was concentrating hard on rolling his barrel towards the wooden walkway onto the ship, and there was a bead of sweat running down the side of his beautiful face.

“H – Hey! You there!” Frank shouted, the words bursting out of his mouth at the top of his lungs without him even meaning to say them. It was like in his sleep dazed state his instincts had taken over and he began to run as the man paused and glanced over at him.

As soon as Frank saw his face properly his stomach lurched and his heart missed a beat. The man had large, olive black eyes with long eyelashes, his nose small and thin and his lips slightly pouty beneath a French moustache and goatee. He had a gold ring shining in one ear and his skin was tanned, but not from sunlight. He was foriegn... he was gorgeous. He was...


The man startled and let go of the barrel he was pushing, turning his back on Frank and starting to run as he fast he could down the pier. Frank chased after him, men pausing in their work to watch with stunned expressions, the captain gawping a moment before snarling and chasing after Frank and the man.

Frank stumbled and almost fell many times as he chased the man down the floating walkway. He was tired and not used to the sensation of walking and floating at the same time and he struggled to catch up to the man who easily ran with his long legs. But he was coming towards a dead end and soon he had to turn up another walkway and start back towards the town.

Frank growled a little under his breath as Cogs clung to his shoulder, squeaking and clicking in shock as he bounced about from the force of Frank’s running. His jade eyes were spinning rapidly in their sockets, the tassel on his red fez hat fluttering as Frank ran as fast as he could.

As soon as they made it back onto solid ground Frank managed to pick up speed, ignoring the sounds of the captain and some of the ship’s crew shouting behind him, yelling at him to stop. He couldn’t stop, not now. He had his eyes set on the beautiful man running ahead of him and he wouldn’t stop until he had caught him.

Luckily it seemed that the man was not used to running great distanced and he was beginning to slow, running from side to side in his desperation to find an escape route. He glanced over his shoulder and screamed in a rather high pitched voice when he saw how close Frank was.

Giving up he turned and braced himself for impact, ready to fight instead as Frank reached him and barrelled so hard into him they both went sprawling to the ground.

“Help! Help!” The man yelled, Frank growling angrily and easily blocking the weak way the man tried to push him. Within an instant he had grabbed him by both wrists and had his hands pinned above his head, his legs on either side of his thin waist to keep him pinned to the ground. As he stared at him he could easily see what he had been a little uncertain of on the docks. Close up though it was only too clear that he had found Maria at last.

“You can’t get away this time you.... you...” Now he had come this far, now he had finally found Maria the rage and hatred that churned inside him was too much to try to put into a word. He could call Maria every name under the sun and it wouldn’t be enough and he stuttered angrily as he tried to think of a word good enough to express how he felt.

“Get off me! Help me!” Maria shouted, her voice breaking a little as she tried to be loud and yet still keep her voice at a low pitch at the same time. Her eyes were wide with fear and Frank growled as he pressed his hand hard against her throat.

“Not so tough without a knife are you!?” He shouted angrily, his voice rising so high he sounded almost crazy, his blood shot eyes and aching body not helping the situation as he bent awkwardly over Maria. “You little bitch!” He snarled, gasping as he was suddenly yanked onto his feet by the scruff of his neck.

“What the hell is going on here!?” The captains booming voice demanded, another one of the crew grabbing Maria by the wrist so that she couldn’t run away. The sailors formed a ring around Frank, Maria and the captain. Caging them all in as angry, accusing eyes drilled holes into Frank.

“What the hell is wrong with you boy!? Explain yourself quick before I see fit to have you hanged!” The captain snarled, clearly trying his hardest not to raise his voice but his face was red with rage and Frank felt his heart begin to race in fear as he looked at him.

“I...” Frank bit his lip, panting a little as he glanced at Maria. The bearded woman was watching him with cool eyes now, clearly no longer worried now her new pals had come to her rescue. She was quickly straightening out her hair and clothes and Frank snarled as he glared at her. “I’ve come here to settle a duel, you could say.” He purred darkly under his breath and the captain scowled.

“A duel? I do not allow fighting amongst my crew, whether that be with each other or with a land lubber! Whatever issue you may have with Matthew you can take it up with me instead.” He snapped firmly, Frank gawping at him for a moment before spluttering in anger, pointing a shaking finger at Maria.

“Matthew!? Matthew!? she’s not called Matthew! She’s called Maria!” No sooner had the words left his mouth than the crew around them burst out laughing, some of the men nudging each other and pointing at Frank as they all laughed. Frank blushed deeply and scowled down at his feet, even Maria smirking as the captain laughed a little too.

“Oh no, don’t tell me, this must be you’re bearded lady friend you were searching for.” He laughed, sending the crew into another laughing fit, the captain joining in with them and Frank snarled as their laughing faces surrounded him.

“She’s no friend of mine.” He snapped, raising his voice to be heard over their laughter. “She’s a murderer!” He shouted, the laughter around him stopping to be replaced with angry faces.

“That’s quite enough! I will not hear anymore. Clearly you are either mistaken or delusional, this man is obviously not a woman.” The captain declared, Frank shaking his head and clenching his fists.

“She is a woman! Ask her to prove she is a man if you’re so certain, I bet she won’t be able to do it.” He retorted just as strongly, his voice so full of conviction the captain was silent for a moment. He glanced at Maria and looked her up and down with scrutinizing eyes, making her blush a little.

“If he proves he is a man then you will leave?” He asked after a moment, Maria gasping and instantly starting to protest but the captain held up a hand to silence her. “Well?” He demanded, glaring at Frank.

Frank looked over at Maria’s indignant face and then looked back to the captain, taking a deep breath before he nodded. “If I am mistaken, or as you said, delusional; then I will admit I was wrong and take my leave without causing anymore trouble.” He promised as calmly as he could, the captain considering his words for a moment before shrugging.

“Fine. In that case, Matthew, prove to this man what you are and then we can all go about our business.” He decided, smiling serenely as Maria stared at him in shock.

“P – Prove... But captain, people will see!” She gasped, clearing her throat as her cheeks blazed when she forgot to lower the pitch of her voice. The captain didn’t seem to notice though, but he did scowl deeply at her.

“Come now Matthew, it is still early in the morning and the men here have you surrounded. No one will see a thing, just make it very quick and then we can all forget this sorry affair.” He said firmly, Maria shaking her head frantically and taking a step back.

“Captain no I... I really must refuse. I will not degrade myself just because some madman accuses me of... of impossible things!” She cried, gasping and trying to run away as the captain tutted angrily and lunged forward to grab her by the wrist. As she tried to flee one of the sailors gripped her shoulders and pushed her back into the centre of the circle, the captain spinning her round with a roll of his eyes.

“Now really, there’s no need to be bashful. It’s not like we don’t know what it looks.... like...” The captain grabbed the front of Maria’s breeches and yanked them open, his eyes growing wide and his voice trailing off as he looked into the baggy fabric. Frank watched with wide eyes as his heart raced, waiting expectantly for the captain’s verdict. When he only continued to stare and say nothing the other men began to fidget uncertainly, craning their necks to try and get a look too.

“Impossible...” The captain whispered, slowly moving his gaze back up to Maria’s face. He gazed at her for a moment before he snarled angrily and grabbed the front of her shirt, ripping the fabric open easily so that it opened up to just beneath her breastbone, revealing the many bandages she had used to bind her breasts.

“You... You liar!” The captain gasped, Maria screaming as he tore at the bandages just enough to reveal her cleavage before he threw her away in disgust. Maria gasped and fell to the ground, her hands scrabbling to keep what was left of her clothes around her as every man surrounding them took a step backwards in horror.

“She is a woman!” The captain declared, Frank folding his arms and sighing softly as the captain and the sailors stared at Maria in anger. “You foul, lying little harlot! How dare you try to deceive and come aboard my ship. I will not have women on my ship!” The captain shouted, Maria keeping her gaze down as she trembled a little. The captain continued screaming at her as the man scowled down at her with judgemental eyes. Frank watched from a distance, unable to feel any sympathy for her as he thought of everything she had done to him.

“Come! We have much work to do – you,” The captain turned to look at Frank, his moustache still bristling. “Kill her if you wish, I do not care anymore.” He snapped before striding rapidly back towards the docks, his men stumbling after him as they whispered over what they had just witnessed.

Frank watched everyone leave before he approached Maria, doing nothing as she slowly got to her feet and avoided his gaze at all costs.

“Th - There. They know now – you’ve just ruined my chance of getting away from this stupid country. Happy!?” She demanded, finally turning her black eyes on Frank and glaring angrily at him.

“You murdered Gerard.” Frank whispered in response, his voice flat and dead, his eyes dark and without any of his past sparkle. The sight made Maria hesitate for a second, and for one heart stopping moment Frank thought he saw remorse flash across her face but then it was gone and she only glared again.

“He got what he deserved.” She hissed, pulling the fabric of her ripped clothes tighter around herself. “So what have you come here for? Revenge? You think that’s right of you, after everything that you two did? Shouldn’t it be me killing you?” She snapped, Cog’s chirping angrily on Frank’s shoulder but both Frank and Maria ignored him as they stared at each other.

“I will never forgive you.” Frank eventually whispered, Maria scoffing as she scowled at him.

“The feeling’s mutual.” She snapped, blushing as people began to walk out of their houses and spotted her. She missed her long hair, wishing she could use it now to fall and hide her face but she had had to cut it all away to pass as man. And thanks to Frank that was now useless.

“Look you ruined my chances of getting away, you got what you wanted. Now just... go.” She scoffed, turning and striding away as she struggled to avoid the gazes and whispers that followed her, unused to such things.

Frank watched her go as Cogs chirped indignantly on his shoulder, looking at him with confused eyes. Frank eventually turned to look at the metal creature and he smiled sadly as he scratched behind his ears.

“It’s not over yet Cogs.” He promised softly, turning away and wandering back to where he had tied his horse.

Now that he had faced Maria some of his anger had cleared. He wanted his revenge, that hadn’t changed. But he wasn’t so sure he could live with another person’s blood on his hands. Still, there wasn’t much he could do whilst stood in the middle of the street. Plus, he was so tired he just needed to rest. And his horse needed to be fed and watered and allowed to rest too.

He slowly climbed back onto his horse and gazed about before setting it to a gentle trot through the streets. Maria had disappeared from view by now but with only a little asking around it was easy for Frank to find where she had gone and he made his way to the indicated tavern. He made sure Maria wasn’t aware of his presence before he paid for a room for the night and had his horse taken to the stable. He asked for his lunch to be brought to his room so that Maria would not see him at all and as soon as he was left alone he fell into the cheap bed and practically passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow.


Frank slept right through the day and deep into the night. He was exhausted from his week of almost non-stop riding and from refusing to stop and sleep the night before. It was coming up towards dawn of the next day when he finally woke up. Cog’s was already awake and helping himself to some grapes off a plate of food left for Frank on the little desk in the room.

Frank sighed and reluctantly slipped out of bed after considering his options. He wanted to return to the circus, that much he knew. He felt as if he had been away forever and wanted nothing more than to just go back. He couldn’t leave without seeing Maria one last time. He hadn’t come all this way just to let her walk away scot free. Still... he wasn’t sure entirely on what he was going to do when he did see her again.

“Hmm...” Frank yawned and stretched as he made his over to the desk and helped himself to some of the bread and cheese laid out, his hand idly patting Cogs head as the monkey gazed up at him, chewing on the grape held between his paws. As Frank ate he glanced down at the little creature and slowly remembered Cain’s words about how Cogs would know what to do when he found Maria... but Cog’s had done nothing earlier.

Frank quirked his eyebrow as he looked at the metal monkey, his chewing slowing down as he looked at him, Cog’s gazing intently back.

“Do you err... Do you know what I should do?” Frank eventually asked, Cogs stopping in his chewing and putting down his half eaten grape so that he could dash up to Frank’s shoulder and chirp brightly. He nuzzled his head against Frank’s neck and nibbled his ear affectionately, Frank not really sure if that constituted as a yes or not but he guessed he’d just go with it.

The sky outside was beginning to lighten and so Frank finished eating quickly and helped himself to some tea that was left in a kettle over the fire. Once he felt sated he got dressed quickly and gathered up all his things ready to leave. He could hear that the tavern owner had just got up and was making his way down the stairs and so Frank waited until his footsteps had disappeared before leaving his own room.

The corridor was silent and cool, grey light starting to filter through the windows as dawn broke. Frank crept quietly passed door after door, wondering which room Maria was in. He hadn’t thought about this predicament but it didn’t bother him as he continued walking, reaching the second to last door and jumping as Cog’s pulled a lock of his hair gently and pointed frantically at the door he was stood beside.

Frank paused and turned to look at the door, looking at Cog’s again and biting his lip. “Here?” He whispered, Cogs nodding and running down his arm to sit on his palm and press one of his jade eyes against the key hole to the door. Frank watched with intrigue as the eye slowly turned and clicked before Cog’s pulled back and pushed one little metal paw through the key hole and began rattling around inside it.

Frank watched with amazed eyes as Cog’s concentrated hard on what his paw was doing, barely a minute passing before a tiny click sounded and Cog’s scampered back up onto Frank’s shoulder. Frank barely realised he had been holding his breath until the door unlocked and he breathed in again, his eyes wide.

Cog’s snuggled against his neck as he slowly gripped the door handle and turned it, his heart racing as he slid silently into the room.

It was the exact same lay out as the room he had been in, a fire smouldering in the grate where a kettle was hanging ready for when Maria awoke. The bearded woman was still fast asleep though, breathing deeply as she lay on her back in the bed. The covers had slipped down to her waist, her body covered in an oversized mans shirt which was using as a nightdress. The side of her face was lit up by the dim light coming through the window and Frank slowly approached the bed on his tiptoes.

He gazed at Maria sleeping for a long moment, his heart racing as he wondered what he should do. Could he kill her? Was he really capable of that? He thought back to how he had felt when he had woken up to find Maria on top of Gerard, stabbing him over and over in the chest and he winced slightly as he squeezed his eyes shut. She deserved to die, of that he had no doubt, but could he be the one to kill her?

“I don’t know what to do.” He groaned under his breath, Cog’s chirping quietly into his ear and scampering down to sit in his palm again. Frank opened his eyes and held the monkey up, looking at him curiously as Cog’s grinned at him with sharp teeth and began tugging against his stomach. Frank had never noticed before but there was circular hatch set into Cog’s stomach that Frank had thought was simply part of his design. He realised now though that this must be how Silver had created the creature and he watched in awe as the metal hatch swung open.

Lying inside the cavity revealed was an assortment of springs, cogs and wires. But though this was expected, something else lay inside which shocked Frank to no end.

“Is... Is that...?” Cogs chirped brightly as Frank reached forward and slowly slid out the small barber’s knife resting inside the monkey. Frank stared with wide eyes as he unfolded the blade and watched it shine brightly, almost too brightly in the dim light from the window. It was sparkling and sharp, mesmerising almost.

Looking back at Cog’s Frank grimaced a little at the sight of the heart beating inside the creature, revealed now the knife had been removed. It was a real heart, red and fleshy and obscene. Frank realised it must be the heart of the dying marmoset that Silver had taken it from in order to give Cog’s life and he gently shut the hatch again so he didn’t have to look at it.

“So... This is what I’m supposed to use?” He asked quietly, Cog’s nodding as he scampered back up to his shoulder and watched Maria with his wise green eyes.

Frank slowly moved closer to the bed and leaned over the sleeping woman, gazing at her as he gently rested the blade of the knife against her throat. He hesitated a moment, biting his lip at the way her skin dipped beneath the edge of the knife. One quick motion and it would be over...

“Like this?” Frank whispered, frowning as Cog’s remained silent and he slowly shook his head, moving the knife up and poising it against one side of Maria’s jaw. “No... Like this...” He whispered, his eyes growing wide with realisation and Cog’s chirped happily into his ear, letting him know he was right.

Frank almost laughed at the absurdity of the whole situation but he bit his tongue to remain silent. He had no water or soap to hand but as he slid the blade down Maria’s jaw he found that the barber’s knife slid with amazing ease, leaving a line of silky soft skin behind. It was the best shave Frank had ever seen and as he carefully shaved every last bit of facial hair away he wondered what this knife was, how it had come to be inside the monkey. It was almost like magic, the blade giving the closest and nicest shave Frank had ever witnessed.

Cog’s was silent as he watched Frank shave away Maria’s beard and moustache, the whole thing taking only five minutes and then it was over. Frank stood back and gazed at Maria’s face, her beauty somehow diminished without the facial hair. Her lips now appeared thin and light pink rather than crimson and pouty, her eyelashes didn’t seem so long. Her chin looked too pointy and her cheekbones far too defined.

Frank felt somewhat smug to find she was ugly now and he didn’t question anything as Cog’s reopened the hatch in his stomach. On instinct Frank placed the knife back inside the creature and then silently left the room, a strange curtain of calm descending on him. He felt as if everything was right in the world again, all his anger and hurt gone and he smiled as he left the tavern and collected his horse from the stable.

It was time to go home. He had been gone far too long he decided and he smiled as he touched the key around his neck. He knew that there was no certainty Gerard would even be alive when he got back, but as he set his horse at a trot he felt deep inside that he would find the ringmaster healthier than ever when he returned.


Maria awoke late in the morning whilst the sun was shining brightly through the window. She sighed and smiled a little as she stretched her arms above her head, yawning as she wiggled her toes. She was still disappointed she hadn’t been able to sail away the day before but today was a new day and she was sure she’d be able to fool some other ships crew into thinking she was a man.

With another yawn Maria slid out of bed, her feet resting on the floor as she ran a hand through her short hair and her other hand moved up to scratch against her goatee. It was then that she realised what had happened and her eyes grew wide in horror as she felt over her chin and cheeks.

“N – No...” She breathed, scrambling out of bed and racing across the room to look in the little mirror hanging above the watch bowl. Her heart missed a beat and her stomach twisted as she gazed in horror at her reflection.

It was gone... her beard was gone. Her moustache was gone. It was all gone!

“NO!” She screamed as she scratched her hands over her face, as if tearing her skin would bring the hair back. She felt her head spinning as tears began to streak down her soft cheeks. She knew instantly who had done this and she cursed Frank over and over as she sobbed. She couldn’t grow it back, her beard would never return and he had still shaved it away!

Everything that had made her beautiful, everything that had made her different was gone. Now she was just like any other woman and Maria had never been normal.

It took the woman all of five minutes to realise she could not live like this, her reflection like a monster looking back at her. Her beard, her beautiful hair had gone. She would never get it back, she would forever be left looking plain and average and now she would never pass as a man. She would be unable to stow away on a ship, unable to join a circus now her pride and joy had been stolen from her. She would be forced to live an average, normal life and God, she could not have that.

It was early afternoon when Maria’s body was found. The tavern owner was bringing some table scraps to the pigs in the back yard when he found her lying on the ground. For a moment he didn’t recognise her but when he realised it was the bearded woman only... without her beard he instantly called for help. Not that there was anyone who could help her now. The woman, overcome with grief for the thing that had meant most to her in life had thrown herself out of her bedroom window and cracked her skull open against the concrete floor, ending her pain and Frank’s along with it.


It took Frank a further nine days to make it back to the circus.

The six days it had taken to get to Maria had to be retraced and then Cog’s had to lead Frank through more towns and cities for a further three days before the familiar sight of the big top came into view. By then it had been just over two weeks since Frank had left the circus and his heart ached to be back there, so that when the big top finally came into view he felt as if he could cry with happiness.

The circus had set up in a large field in the middle of a bustling city. The red flag on top of the big top could be seen fluttering in the wind and as Frank got closer the golden green fabric of the massive tent came slowly into view, and then gradually the gypsy wagons around it also. Frank’s heart beat erratically in his chest as he gave an exhausted smile, Cogs running from one shoulder to the other as he chirped excitedly.

It was coming up to night time when Frank finally rode into the circus. He guessed they must have only just set up that day since there was no show going on... in fact, there was no one around at all. It was eerily quiet as Frank rode slowly through the little village of wagons and he bit his lip as he gazed about. He could see light through the curtains of each wagon, people clearly inside them but... no one outside. There was no usual socialising or chatter going on, there was no movement at all.

Where was everyone? Had something bad happened? Something that made them want to stay inside their wagons and not talk to each other? The only thing that could cause such a thing would be if they were grieving but...

“No...” Frank breathed, his hand coming up to his chest automatically and his fingers grasped at the key beneath the fabric of his shirt. He felt tears pricking his eyes, his heart racing in horror. Gerard.... Gerard couldn’t be dead. Could he?

Frank dug his heels into the horses sides to make it go faster, galloping through the circus as he hunted for Gerard’s wagon, his head twisting from side to side as he felt fear grip at his lungs like an iron fist. If Gerard had died he would never forgive himself. He couldn’t live without the ringmaster, he knew he couldn’t.

“Aaagh!” Frank growled in frustration as his tired horse began to slow, soon coming to a halt as it recognised their location and refused to go any further. The poor animal was weak and exhausted from so long of constant riding and Frank was forced to slide off him and lead him to the temporary stables of the circus. He could see them ahead so he made his way straight there, though all he could think about was Gerard.

Once he reached the stables he finally found someone, a figure moving in the darkness to feed all the horses and top up their water. Frank recognised the shape of his body, all slender waist and muscled arms and he almost sighed with relief.

“Pierre!” He called, smiling a little when the strong man spun round, his face the picture of shake as he saw Frank.

“Frank? Frankie!? Hey! HEY EVERYONE! FRANK’S BACK!” He shouted, his loud voice booming through the circus as he raced towards Frank so fast the mechanic barely had time to see him coming before he had barrelled into him and was hugging him so tight it hurt to breathe.

“P – Pierre! Whoa!” Frank choked, laughing a little as the strongman loosened his grip but didn’t let him go completely. He was babbling in French and Frank didn’t have a clue what he was saying, but it seemed heartfelt so he simply hugged him back and gently patted his back. “I missed you...” He giggled, gently pulling away after a while and blushing at the tears in Pierre’s eyes. “My horse needs to be taken care of, do you mind?”

“Not at all, no young sir I don’t mind. It is so good to see you again.” Pierre beamed, shaking Frank’s hand frantically before he beamed about and Frank slowly followed his gaze to see what he was looking at. He jumped in slight surprise and blushed deeply as he realised Pierre’s shout had been heard and that pretty much everyone who worked in the circus had come out of their wagons and were stood around staring at him in shock.

“Err....” Frank bit his lip and yelped as Pierre pushed him forward, taking his horse and leading the poor creature to a spare stall to get it fed, watered and rested as everyone else moved forward to engulf Frank in a sea of hugs and tears and kisses.

Frank squeaked in shock at the onslaught of affection, stunned by the reception and not sure how to handle it. He had got along with everyone in the circus right from day one, and he cared for them all but he had never known that they cared for him so much too. In fact, he thought everyone would be angry when they heard about him leaving but all around him people were asking if he was okay, if he had found Maria at all, how happy they were he was back. It was astonishing.

Then things seemed to slow down as a familiar face appeared, parting the crowd to get at Frank and barrelling into him so hard they almost fell to the ground.

“Frankie! Oh God, you’re back! You’re back!”

“Cain...” Frank laughed, feeling a lump rise in his throat as he wrapped his arms close around the clown and held him tight. His long, silvery blonde hair tickled his cheeks as he hugged him, his voice slightly high pitched as he whimpered over how happy he was to see him again, how they had all been so worried and then suddenly there was another pair of arms, a second familiar voice.

“Frankie! I knew you’d come back, I just knew it.” Silver beamed, nuzzling his face into Frank’s neck and laughing as Cog’s gave a strange shriek of delight and scampered onto his shoulder to nuzzle eagerly against his cheek. “Oh and my beautiful pet, you did so well.” Silver beamed, raising one hand to stroke Cog’s fondly as he kept his other arm tight around Frank.

Frank felt overwhelmed with emotion as he hugged his best friends, mewling at their tight hugs and gentle kisses as they clung to each other for a long while. Everyone else stood back to give them some room, the faces around him all smiling and Frank felt as if his head was spinning.

“I... God, I can’t believe all this... I missed you guys so much. I couldn’t wait to get back, I promise I’ll never leave again.”

“It makes me glad to hear that.”

Frank gasped and looked up in shock, his eyes wide and jaw dropped as he recognised the voice that spoke from the very first word that passed his lips. He tugged out of Cain and Silver’s grips, searching frantically for the person who had spoke and his heart lurched as he finally found him, his hands beginning to shake as tears rose in his eyes.

The crowd of circus folk had parted to let Gerard pass and he now stood calmly in the little clearing they had created. He was leaning heavily against a wooden crutch, his white shirt baggy and the ties of the neck loose to reveal most of his chest. He was clearly still healing, his wounds red and scabby, only just beginning to scar. But he had a tiny, serene smile on his face and his eyes sparkled as he looked at Frank.

“It is so good to see you back home.” He said gently, Frank choking a little on the breath he was taking in and he couldn’t stand to gaze at the man any longer.

“G – Gerard!” He whimpered, tears pouring down his cheeks as he broke away from Cain and Silver and ran towards the ringmaster. A few people in the crowd grimaced, worried Frank would knock the older man over but the mechanic had enough sense to slow down before he wrapped his arms around Gerard, careful not to hurt him as he pressed against his chest and buried his face into his neck. “Gee....”

“Oh, my love.” Gerard sighed, bowing is head and closing his eyes as he wrapped his free arm tight around Frank’s waist and held him close to his body. “I have missed you so.” He whispered, resting his cheek against Frank’s head and breathing in his familiar scent as Frank clung to him and sobbed softly.

“I missed you too... s – so much... I’m never leaving again. I promise, never again.” He whimpered, Gerard smiling weakly as he held his young lover and peppered his hair and face with tiny butterfly kisses.

“Good. I don’t think I could bear another day without you.” He sighed, moving his arm away from Frank so that he could press two fingers beneath his chin and tilt his face up to him. “You belong here. Don’t ever go again.” He smiled softly, leaning down as Frank automatically tiptoed up and locked their lips together.

A soft sigh reverberated around them as the people watching swooned, Cain and Silver hugging each other as they grinned, Cog’s clicking and whirring happily as Frank cried softly into Gerard’s mouth and kissed him with every ounce of love he possessed. He knew he would never leave again, being here now, feeling Gerard’s lips on his... he knew there was no reason good enough to ever leave his side.

“Mm... Mmm....” He whimpered as Gerard gently pulled back from his lips, smiling gently at him. “Gee...”

“Shh, shh... you must be exhausted. We’ll get you a bath and a meal prepared.” Gerard smiled warmly, Frank mewling and snuggling into his lover’s side for a moment, sharing another tender kiss before Cain and Silver came to gently pry him away and lead him to the eating wagon to get him some food.

Frank mewled and whimpered softly, not wanting to be away from Gerard but Cain softly explained that the ringmaster was still healing and needed to rest as much as possible, and so Frank reluctantly left with them to have some food and wash.


After eating a much needed meal and having an even more needed bath Frank was left to spend the night with Gerard in his wagon, the two men so eager to see each other Frank ended up crying all over again when he was finally back in Gerard’s arms. But his tears didn’t matter because Gerard was crying too, though he made no noise the tears on his cheeks were clear to see and he smiled softly through them to show Frank it was okay.

Once the two men had finished with their soft tears and whimpers of how much they had missed each other Frank softly explained what he had done in the two weeks that had transpired, Gerard even laughing when he heard he had extracted his revenge by shaving off Maria’s beard and he grinned at Frank as they shared gentle kisses.

“Mmm.... Frankie. It’s so good to have you back. I felt as if I would never get better without you.” Gerard mewled softly, smiling as Frank groaned and nuzzled his face into his neck.

“I worried about you the whole time.” He whimpered, his lips brushing against the soft skin of Gerard’s neck. “I was dying to get back to you.” He sighed, gently laying his hand over Gerard’s chest and smiling when the ringmaster slipped his shirt off so Frank could see how well he was healing.

“Well, you’re back now and that’s all that matters.” He smiled, watching Frank with relaxed eyes as the mechanic gently brushed his fingertips over the scabs on his chest, smiling as he saw they were starting to form scars and he knew that in time Gerard would be fine. He was still weak and couldn’t walk far, especially without his crutch, but he was healing and that was all that mattered.

“Mm... You’re so beautiful Gee, I missed this.” Frank sighed, leaning down to brush tender kisses over each healing wound and Gerard’s eyes fluttered closed, a soft exhale making Frank smile. “Oh! And I can give you this back now.” He added, sitting up and taking the key from around his neck. He dangled it infront of Gerard but the ringmaster only laughed and pushed it back into Frank’s hand.

“I told you before. It’s yours now.” He smiled softly, Frank blinking stupidly at him and stuttering a little as Gerard placed it back around his neck.

“But Gee, if you need it –”

“Then you’ll be here.” Gerard shrugged, smiling as he finished putting the key around Frank’s neck and then started to work on unbuttoning his shirt instead. “You won’t leave again, you said so yourself.” He smiled sweetly, undoing the final button on Frank’s shirt and pushing the fabric away from him so that he could gaze at his beautiful tanned skin as he had longed to for those two weeks they had been apart.

“Gee...” Frank mewled, smiling warmly as he nuzzled back into his lover’s arms and kissed softly over his lips. “I love you...”

“I love you too.” Gerard smiled, sighing as he tangled a hand gently into Frank’s hair and gently tugged him back for another kiss when he went t move away. Gerard had missed Frank so much, now he had him he refused to let him go all night. He wanted to kiss him and touch him and feel him for as long as his energy would allow.

“Mm... Gee...” Frank smiled as he noted the passion starting to spark through in Gerard’s gentle kisses, their lips starting to stick together for longer as they indulged in one another’s silky kisses and Frank sucked gently against Gerard’s tongue when it pushed into his mouth. “Mm... Mmph...”

“F – Frankie...” Gerard purred as Frank moved away from his lips and started kissing his neck, biting and tugging playfully at the screws in his neck as Gerard sighed and sunk into the soft bed sheets, relaxing completely as he let Frank have his way with him. “Mm... Missed this so much...” He purred, tilting his head to the side and closing his eyes as Frank moved to suck on a patch of skin beneath his ear.

“Mm... Yeah? Did you think about this whilst I was away?” Frank asked playfully, kissing up to nibble on the shell of Gerard’s ear. “Did you think about me when you touched yourself?” He whispered huskily, running a hand down Gerard’s chest to rest on his stomach, his fingertips tantalisingly close to the hemline of his trousers.

Gerard chuckled a little and shook his head, smiling as he laid a hand on Frank’s ass. Soft, but possessive. “Mmm... I’m not as young as I was you know...” He smirked. “And I’ve been so weak I had no desire at all for such things.” He sighed, Frank mewling and kissing slowly down the slope of Gerard’s neck to brush his warm lips against his collarbone.

“Oh? Then... Maybe you’re tired now too –”

“I never said that.” Gerard interrupted quickly, biting his lip as Frank sucked and kissed his way down his chest. “Quite the contrary, actually...” He purred, exhaling shakily when Frank flicked his tongue over a nipple and began to tease the soft nub with his teeth.

“Mm? So, you desire me now?” Frank asked playfully, teasing Gerard’s other nipple with his fingertips as he sucked on the pert nub between his lips. Prickles of pleasure tingled over Gerard’s chest and he shifted uncomfortably, his trousers growing tight already as his body eagerly responded to what it had wanted for weeks.

“Yes.... Oh... I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more than I do now.” He groaned, pushing his chest up a little as Frank sucked tenderly over his nipple but the mechanic was quick to gently push his chest back down.

“Mm... Shh, just relax. I don’t want you using any energy.” He purred, looking up at Gerard through his eyelashes and grinning softly as he began kissing back down again. He kept his gaze locked with Gerard’s, his heart fluttering with emotion as he gazed into his lover’s gorgeous hazel eyes whilst feeling the soft mounds of his abs beneath his lips.

Gerard sighed and tried to think of something to retort with his but his brain had already turned to mush. The once confident, animalistic sex deviant inside him was well and truly silent tonight. The urge to dominate was completely missing, he was not interested in fucking Frank like he used to do. Tonight he just wanted to do as the mechanic asked, to relax and savour everything about the younger man and all the things he could make him feel.

Frank smiled softly as he kissed down Gerard’s midriff, still gazing seductively up at him as he popped the button on his trousers and started to drag the fabric down his legs. Gerard sighed and lifted his hips to help get rid of the garment, leaving him naked under Frank’s hungry gaze.

“You’re so beautiful...” Frank sighed huskily, his heart tripping over its rhythm as he gazed at his lover and gently nuzzled his face against his inner thigh. “Missed this...” He mewled, his mouth watering already at the sight of Gerard’s semi-hard penis and he wasted no time in sucking the tip into his mouth and lathing his tongue around it.

Gerard gasped and shuddered softly, his hands reaching down to tangle into Frank’s hair as the younger man suckled gently on the head of his dick before sucking more of him down. Frank ‘mmm’d softly as he swallowed down Gerard’s length and began sucking hungrily around it. It felt like forever since he had last done this and he took his time in gently working his tongue against the underside of his shaft, his trousers growing tighter and tighter as he felt Gerard’s dick slowly lengthening, growing firmer and more engorged in his mouth as he worked him into an erection.

Gerard groaned quietly under his breath as he squeezed his eyes shut, his hands clenching gently in Frank’s hair before relaxing again. His midriff was clenching softly over and over as his muscles tingled with pleasure, Frank’s tongue working so sinfully around him it was making his head spin.

“Oh Frankie... unn...” Gerard tipped his head back as Frank moved up to suckle softly on his tip again, gently lapping his tongue against the slit and rubbing his fingers in a circular motion round the coronal ridge. He mewled in delight as Gerard’s cock twitched in response, a drop of pre cum seeping onto his tongue and he dug the tip of the muscle further into the slit, eager to taste more.

“A – Aah!” Gerard gasped, spreading his legs further as his stomach clenched, his body overcome with the sensations that Frank was making him feel. He whimpered quietly for more as the younger man swallowed his entire length back down, relaxing his throat until his lips were touching against Gerard’s balls. He sucked and swallowed softly, hollowing his cheeks as he began to bob his head up and down, grazing his teeth gently against the vein throbbing in the shaft.

Gerard bit his lip hard as he squeezed his eyes shut tight, trying not to let the pleasure he was feeling overcome him too much. He wanted to last as long possible, but Frank knew exactly how to work him and all too soon he could feel his balls beginning to tighten, the twitching of his cock becoming more frequent, warning Frank how close he was and he whined in disappointment as the mechanic pulled off his dick with one final, obscene slurp.

“Mmm... You taste so good Gee.” Frank growled softly as he began shimmying out of his trousers, Gerard watching through half lidded eyes. “I wanna make you feel amazing...” He purred, Gerard smiling and shifting softly.

“You always do gorgeous...” He mewled, leaning up a little and tugging Frank down to softly kiss his lips, not caring that he could taste himself on his tongue. He just wanted to kiss Frank all night long. “Mmm... Want you so bad Frankie...” Gerard whimpered softly, his cock aching painfully and Frank softly pecked his lips again.

“I know sugar, and I’m gonna make you feel so good. I just need to prep myself m’kay?” He whispered gently, knowing that after two weeks of nothing it would be a stupid idea to try and rush into having sex again. “I won’t take long.” He promised, raising his fingers to his lips ready to lather them in spit but Gerard touched his wrist to stop him.

“N – No, let me do it.” He breathed, his eyes shining with lust as he awkwardly sat up more and struggled to his knees. “Please, let me make you feel good too.” He mewled, gently kissing Frank for a moment before trailing his lips down his neck. “Let me...”

“B – But Gee you... You need to rest you mmm... Mm... M’kay...” Frank eventually consented and sighed as he tipped his head back, letting Gerard kiss and suck at his neck for a moment before obediently turning as Gerard guided him using his hands.

Gerard watched through lust hazed vision as he moved Frank to lie on his stomach on the bed, using his hands to gently tug his hips upwards so that his ass was elevated. Frank bit his lip and closed his eyes, sighing as Gerard’s hands gently kneaded and massaged the soft globes of his ass before slowly spreading them apart and leaning forward to flick his tongue over his puckered entrance.

Frank gasped and shuddered softly, a ripple worming its way up his spine as he mewled softly and curled his fingers round the silky soft sheets. Gerard smiled a little and leaned closer, nestling his face against Frank’s soft ass and lazily rubbing his tongue over his quivering entrance, teasing at first before adding more force and slowly pushing his tongue inside.

Frank’s whole body felt on fire as Gerard licked and nibbled softly, stimulating every nerve ending round the tight ring of muscle until it relaxed and loosened gradually. Frank could feel his body giving in, his erection throbbing and twitching as his stomach flipped over and over. He felt as if he could cum just from this alone, Gerard’s hot, wet mouth driving him crazy.

“G – Gee... Umph... F – Feels good babe...” He groaned, Gerard humming his appreciation and slowly pushing one finger inside him to join his tongue. Frank clenched his teeth and groaned deep in his throat, pushing back a little against the finger starting to thrust deep inside him.

It wasn’t long before a second digit joined the first, Gerard moving his mouth away to kiss over Frank’s backside with tender care, his fingers thrusting and scissoring at a lazy pace. Frank was relaxed enough that not even the third finger was a struggle and his quiet mewls of pleasure was making Gerard’s head hot with desire. He could tease Frank all night quite happily, never able to get enough of the soft noises his lover made. But teasing Frank also teased him too and his body was already begging for release.

“F – Frankie... Are you ready?” He asked huskily, Frank taking a moment to register the question and come back to his senses but as soon as he had he nodded quickly and the two men hurried to change position.

Gerard laid back down on his back, his hands reaching out to take Frank by the hips and guide him closer as Frank moved above him. He knelt with his legs on either side of Gerard’s thighs, one hand reaching backwards to hold Gerard’s erection steady as he poised his body above him, the two men working together to position the head of his cock until it nudged against Frank’s anus.

“I love you Gee...” Frank groaned as he began to push down, Gerard clenching his teeth before gasping and turning his head to bury his cheek into one of the pillows, his stomach clenching over and over as his dick was encased in tight heat.

“O – Oh God... L – Love... Love you too...” He managed to choke back, his breath coming in short, sharp pants as Frank sank down onto him, not pausing until he was completely seated inside him before he moved back and then slowly back down.

Frank had almost forgotten how good it felt to have the ringmaster pressed so deep inside him and he moaned quietly as he used the muscles in his legs to raise and lower his body slowly but eagerly over Gerard’s erection. He tried to keep eye contact with his lover but soon the pleasure was too much and he had to throw his head back, his eyes closing tight as he panted softly.

Gerard slowly thrust his hips up and down in time to Frank’s movements, the two men creating a rhythm together and Gerard kept his hands cupped tight on Frank’s hips to keep the younger man steady and help him move up and down. They kept the movement slow and sensual, Frank rocking his hips back and forth even as he moved up and down, making his whole body arch and twist gracefully. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and torso and Gerard could feel that his own body was also sticky with perspiration. The whole moment was more passionate and seductive than anything they had done before and Gerard could feel the tell tale signs of his orgasm approaching already.

“F – Frankie we... We can’t I... I’m too close...” He whimpered, wanting to last longer, feeling embarrassed by how hard it was becoming to hold back his orgasm. He didn’t want to be like some ridiculous teenager who couldn’t even last three minutes, but Frank only smiled serenely at him as he panted softly.

“D – Doesn’t matter... Mmph... I am too...” He purred in response, clenching his muscles so that he tightened around Gerard and he groaned in response to the way the ringmaster cried out in pleasure. All Frank wanted to do was make him feel good and his body quivered at the knowledge that he was succeeding.

Gerard gasped softly and gazed at Frank half lidded hungry eyes, one hand moving off his waist to wrap around his engorged cock instead and pump it slowly in time to his thrusts. Frank had stopped moving up and down now and simply let Gerard thrust up into him as he rubbed his hips back and forth, pushing his erection needily into Gerard’s tight, sweat slick palm and rolling his ass over the thick erection inside him. He could feel Gerard’s dick twitching and pulsing and knew he was about to come and that made him all the more closer.

“Oooh fuck.... Mmmph... S – So good... Want you to c – cum Gee... want it so bad...” He groaned, thrusting his hips faster into Gerard’s clenching palm, Gerard biting his lip as he pressed his thumb against the tip of Frank’s cock and rubbed in a circular motion, the loud moan it causing making Gerard’s stomach clench tightly.

“Oh God... Oh Fuck... Fuck, Frankie I... I... Aaagh!” Gerard gasped and arched his back as his orgasm swept over him like a tidal wave, gripping his insides and making him shake as he exploded deep inside his lover. Frank gasped and pressed down hard against his dick, half moaning and half gasping as the tip of Gerard’s erection pressed hard against his prostate, cum exploding over it and making Frank’s spine tingle with pleasure.

“A – Ah! Aaah... Haa... Unnn.... Mmm... G – Gerard!” He cried, choking out another, desperate moan as Gerard squeezed his cock tight and rubbed his hand faster, drawing Frank to his climax and milking him of his orgasm as cum erupted from his tip and shot over Gerard’s marred chest and torso.

Gerard groaned softly as Frank whimpered and moaned through his orgasm and the afterglow. Gerard loved how vocal the younger man was and he tenderly stroked his sensitive penis until it was soft in his grasp, Frank having to gently bat his hand away before hissing softly as he lifted his hips and allowed Gerard to slip out of him.

Gerard sighed and smiled weakly when Frank collapsed next to him, the younger man exhausted but happier than he had been in a long time... maybe even forever. He gazed sleepily up at Gerard and for a moment the two men just gazed at each other, smiling drunkenly as they got lost in each other’s eyes. It was cliché but perfect, Gerard had never felt the cliché tale of love before and now he was he never wanted it to end.

“Mm... Love you so much Frankie.” He purred softly, snuggling down and pulling the covers over them as Frank smiled and tenderly pecked his lips.

“I love you too.” He sighed, settling down on Gerard’s chest, careful not to hurt him, and smiling ridiculously as he touched the key around his neck. “Mm... By the way, don’t think I’m letting you off that easy. I’m just gonna rest for twenty minutes and then I’m gonna make love to you all over again.” He warned, smirking up at the ringmaster who stared back in surprise for a moment before he slowly smirked back, his eyes sparkling.

“Mm... Who needs twenty minutes? Keep up old timer.” He teased, flipping them over so he was on top and Frank gasped, laughing a little as he playfully smacked Gerard’s arm.

“Hey, you’re older than me and you’re meant to be resting!”

“Mmph, but I feel fine... more than fine... I could go all night.” Gerard chuckled, stealing kiss after kiss from Frank’s warm lips until he submitted to him.

“Mmph... fine... I’m gonna hold you to that. All night... Or I won’t be happy.” He teased, Gerard chuckling against his lips and running his hands gently down his sides as they kissed passionately.

“Mmm.... mm... deal... mmm.”

And so it was that the ringmaster and the mechanic made love all night long, eventually collapsing asleep in the early hours of the morning in a tangled mess of limbs, bed sheets and cum. It was loving and lusty and the perfect happy ending... And Maria? Well, it seemed that after Frank had been back at the circus for only one day no one seemed to remember her...

Although Cog’s did grow the most charming black goatee, and French moustache...

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