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Chapter 11

by Shiwoggi

Who's grabbing Frank? [People, look at the warning, you can skip this, but it actually does have a part to play. It's not just "Oh Yeah, It Fits In".]

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Would ya look at that? I've managed to keep to a bloody promise - I said in the author's note that this would be posted tonight, and whadda know?

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Frank spins around, and is faced with the green eyes he’s missed so much. The heart stitches that have been getting flimsier with each passing day are torn to shreds at the expression Gerard’s face; it’s the same one he wore in the moments before he ran out of the dorm three months ago – confusion, tenderness, sadness, hurt and anger all twist and shimmy in his eyes and Frank feels anger and love course through his veins. They’re frozen, silent in a crowd of crushing, jabbering bodies and it seems in that second that no one else is there, just Frank trying to hold his heart together and Gerard gripping Frank’s arm as if it’s a lifeline. Then Gerard moves a little closer and Frank can smell that addicting mix of coffee and cloves and he snaps as his heart dissolves into pieces.

“Get off me Gerard.”

“Frank, I thought - ”

“Thought what? That I’d still be waiting for you after you vanished without an explanation!”

“I didn’t have a choice!”

“We all have fucking choices! You just decided to use me for your own little experiment before fucking off!”

Gerard growls at Frank’s statement, and despite Frank’s protests, tightens his grip on Frank's arm and begins to drag him away from the civilized crowd. Some people were gaping slightly at the two furious boys, but Gerard gave them that glare and they shrank away, wilting like the flowers that adorned the lapels of the men. Frank was still twisting his arm in the vain attempt of trying to get Gerard to release it, but that only seemed to be causing him pain, and Gerard had such a determined look gracing his pale features that Frank knew he was unlikely to get free. He didn’t want to be near Gerard anymore though; it brought back every horrible feeling he’d managed to slowly purge from his body over the past three months and Frank hated Gerard for everything he’d inflicted upon him – but at the same time, he was still a sucker for those glittering green eyes.

Frank had been so busy trying to get away from Gerard that he hadn’t noticed where he was being dragged until he recognized the intricately craved door that led into the dorm house. It was empty, of course, everyone else being outside in the warm Californian air, celebrating their release from this fucking shithole of a school, and once inside the common room, Gerard shoved Frank onto the couch with enough force to send the heavy furniture back a meter. Frank felt bewildered, the only time Gerard had ever been this rough was when they were horny and desperate for each other. Gerard had been locking the door that led the common room out into the hallway before slowly turning to face Frank, about five meters away and eyes burning with something Frank couldn’t read from the oversized couch. The air felt thick and charged, and Frank shivered involuntarily, beginning to chew his lip. He wasn’t scared… he was more apprehensive, because Gerard still wore that fixed expression on his beautiful face.

Fuck leaving Gerard alone, Frank decided on impulse. I might never see him again. It felt to Frank that Gerard was an additive drug that he’d just gotten out of rehab for, and then said drug was dangled under his nose, and Frank couldn’t fucking resist. The slight build that was made for Frank to run his hands over, the soft mouth that was begging to be on Frank’s, the ebony hair Frank’s hands were itching to get tangled in and those eyes, those fucking eyes, that Frank was desperate to get lost in; he wanted it all now. And suddenly, Gerard being those five meters away was too far – anything that wasn’t him straddling Gerard or the other way around was too far away. Frank needed that last hit, that final fix of Gerard now, and he didn’t care about the price he’d ultimately have to pay. It was worth it. It would have to be.

Gerard takes a hesitant step towards Frank, eyes still glowering with that same emotion, and Frank couldn’t stand it – Gerard had to be right fucking here two minutes ago. Frank shoved himself of the couch, strode over to Gerard and gave him a push that sent to green eyed boy crashing into the wall. Perfect. Frank followed Gerard over to the wall, before pushing himself against Gerard and attacking his lips in the most violent kiss either of them had ever experienced.

It was brutal and lusty, all tongues and teeth of two boys that couldn’t get away, or enough, from each other. Frank bit Gerard’s bottom lip hard and tasted the coppery sting of blood over his tongue and Gerard tugged on Frank’s hair forcibly, tipping Frank’s head back so Gerard could attach his lips to Franks neck and suck a purple ownership mark into existence.

Frank groaned and Gerard bit down, before cleaning the blood that beaded from the wound away. Frank pulled back for air, looking lust crazed and dizzy, and Gerard spun them around so Frank had his back pressed up against the wall and was caged by Gerard’s body. The look in Gerard’s eyes had been anger that was now heavily tainted with lust and Frank shivered, as Gerard nipped at his earlobe none too gently.

“You were never an experiment to me, so don’t you ever fucking presume that.” Gerard’s breath was curling almost seductively around Frank’s ear, and he tried so hard not to moan and get his next sentence out.

“Fuck you.”

“Promise?” Gerard’s voice had become silky and Frank felt a jolt of lust sear through his abdomen, and shivers danced up his spine, making him tingle. Gerard smirked and leant down again, pressing his lips against Frank’s softly, but Frank knew he didn’t want gentle and loving – he’d been waiting for too fucking long for the asshole pressed up against his chest and he didn’t want to waste a minute of it. He locked his arms around Gerard’s neck and pulled him closer, and smirked when he heard Gerard groan into his mouth. He pulled away slightly, running his lips lightly down Gerard’s neck, letting his smirk warp into a fully blown grin when he feels Gerard whimper and twist restlessly within his grasp. It almost makes him laugh out loud – Gerard Way, the rough, dominant, taller, stronger guy is practically melting under him, and Frank’s not even trying that hard.

“You always seem to be unable to remember, Gerard Way, that you forget every-fucking-thing when you’re with me.”

Gerard pushes him off, and something unrecognizable flares in his eyes. Frank smirks gleefully at him, really not giving a shit how much he’s internally hurting Gerard – the guy fucking left his heart in pieces. Frank runs his eyes properly over Gerard, and likes what he sees; Gerard is tense, fists balled up, with his eyes glaring with lust and fury. His hair is ruffled, and his clothes are askew from where he’d been shoved against the wall, courtesy of Frank, and all the shorter boy wants to do is push Gerard over that edge the green eyed boy’s built for himself.

Frank wants to see Gerard free from every wall and boundary that’s been shoved down his throat, and he figures the best way to do that is infuriate him until all Gerard can see and taste is his own anger, harsh and metal in that mouth that Frank loves so fucking much. Frank stalks towards him, keeping that smirk dancing on his features and leans towards Gerard, and feeling his mouth pull up into a grin when Gerard almost flinches away from him.

“It’s true though, isn’t it, Way? You can’t keep your fucking hands off of me and that fucking scares you to shit.” Frank is spitting the words out, anger ruling dominant in every cell of his body. He fucking hates Gerard, and had anyone else done this to him, he probably would of beaten them to a pulp and walk away laughing. But instead, this green-eyed monster, angel, whatever, had refused to get out of his head or his heart and now both of the boys were paying for it dearly.

“Was Daddy a wittle homophobe?” Frank is jeering now, and from the way Gerard reacts, he knows he’s hit a nerve right on the head.

Gerard snarls, and grabs Frank's throat, before shoving him into a wall so hard Frank knows his shoulder blades are gonna bruise, and pretty badly too. Gerard is leaning over him, and the look in Gerard’s eyes is what Frank wanted to see all along, no fear, no control, just pure undiluted anger and lust – and it sends a thrill through him, knowing he’s the only one who can break Gerard like this, send him over that near perfect edge.

Gerard squeezes a little tighter and Frank can feel his breath becoming a little more restricted but lust is now pulsing through him, a prefect accompaniment to the anger, hate, and hated love he feels towards the boy standing over him. Gerard’s features are almost twisted beyond recognition, marred by anger and frustration, and with his hand still round Frank’s throat, he lifts his other pale fist determinedly.

Frank smiles as Gerard’s fist slams into his stomach, robbing him of all his breath and Gerard has a mean smile to match Frank’s gleeful one. Gerard leans forward and breathes lightly in Frank’s ear for a moment, savouring the hitched breaths and tiny little moans emitting from him. He licks a hot stripe over the cartilage of Franks ear and giggles when he hears Frank groan quietly.

“Be as fucking smug as you like, Frankie, but always remember that I can just as easily break you.

And you have no fucking idea what my father was like.”

Gerard lets go of Frank’s throat, and Frank slumps to the floor crumpling like doll. Frank peers up through his lashes and gives Gerard his most seductive glare, before slowly getting to his feet. He stalks towards the taller boy and punches him straight in the diaphragm, completely winding Gerard. He drops to his knees and sees Frank looking down at him, and feels the now oh-so-familiar stirrings in his cock every time he sees Frank so fired up like this.

The tattooed guy is leering at him openly, obviously admiring his handiwork and he carefully gets on his knees next to Gerard. Gerard smiles at him briefly, without humour, before smashing his fist straight into Frank’s face, catching him square in the eye. Frank falls backward, spitting and snarling, and Gerard crawls over to him, leaning over Frank’s face, which is contorted in pain and eyes surprisingly open and glaring at Gerard with a burning hunger and blazing hate.

Frank looks… almost vulnerable lying sprawled out on the floor, and Gerard feels his stomach quiver at the sight. The image of Frank lying there, almost completely helpless, eyes’ radiating the same anger and lust Gerard knows is burning in his eyes, is turning Gerard on immensely and Frank’s earlier words hang in the air between to the both of them. …You can’t keep your fucking hands off of me… Gerard knows it’s true.

Frank glares up into those angry green eyes, and notices the hastily made decision taint the green orbs. There was lust there before, but it’s morphed into desperate carnality and Frank can’t help but shiver being under that intense gaze. Gerard’s smirking softly, but his eyes still have the animalism burning through them and that carnal desire is making Frank’s blood race with urgency.

Suddenly, Gerard’s mouth is meshed against his frantically, and his back is pressed against the floor more firmly that had it been only moments ago and Gerard is on top of him, with his skinny knees digging into Frank’s sides.

The kiss is ferocious, tongues snaking around each other desperately, the quiet air around them filled with moans that spill into one another’s mouth, breath being shared between the two. There’s no hesitancy in Gerard’s kiss, Frank notes with glee, and he responds restlessly, giving into the tremors of lust that roar through his bloodstream. Gerard’s palms are slicked with sweat as they trace Franks features, and all Frank can feel is Gerard’s heartbeat pressed against his, fast and insistent, and Gerard pulsing between his legs.

He groans out loud and feels Gerard smirk, moving his addictive mouth down his neck, licking and sucking, until he moves his lips just behind Frank’s ear and begins to suck forcefully, making Frank gasp and writhe beneath him. How the fuck does Gerard know that’s his fucking weak spot? Gerard runs his tongue over the bruise he’s sucked into existence there once more, and Frank no longer cares as his whole head is filled with a fog of lust that blinds him to everything that’s not Gerard.

The green eyed boy presses himself a little closer to Frank – and the floor – and relishes in the trashing Frank’s doing beneath him, trying so hard to get some of the friction he obviously wants; needs, apparently, from the hungry look in his eyes that turns Gerard boneless in a second. Well, apart from one.

Frank grins up at Gerard and bites his lip, closing his eyes whilst he did so – Gerard always seemed to have such a strong surge of lust whenever he did this – and was rewarded with a dirty groan that echoed round the silent room. The filthy noise only serves to make the throbbing between his legs more prominent and Frank clutches Gerard’s waist a little tighter, making the other boy look down and leer at him – the expression making Frank shudder with want.

“Let’s move this somewhere a little more comfortable, hmm, Frankie? Don’t know bout ‘chu, but I kinda don’t want my first time on the fucking floor” Gerard murmurs in Frank’s ear, and the lack of the extravagant language and the thick New Jersey accent is seemingly Gerard’s sex voice – and fuck, Frank thinks, it’s working too well.

Gerard’s weight and heat are gone, except from around Frank’s hand, where he’s pulled to his feet, before being dragged down the previously paneled corridor and up the steps to the room Frank thought he’d never set foot in again. Gerard kicks the door open, then tugs Frank into their old dorm by his t-shirt and slams their lips together again.

Frank slides his tongue into the warm cavern that is Gerard’s mouth, and reveled in Gerard’s responding noise – a deep, low moan that sends Frank’s heart into jerky palpitations and his lower stomach tremble in anticipation for the deed they were both committed to following through with. Frank didn’t care whether he’d be entering Gerard or vice versa, all he wanted now was things to move a bit faster.

He shoved the green eyed guy he was so idiotically in love towards the bed nearest the door – what was once Gerard’s bed – and pushed him onto it, before clambering into Gerard’s lap and grinding down hard, eliciting a breathy gasp from Frank and needy whine from Gerard. Frank smiles coquettishly down at the ebony haired boy between his knees and grinds down again, this time latching his lips to Gerard’s collarbone and sucking hard whilst scraping his nails down Gerard’s arching back.

“Frankie, I swear to fucking God, if you don’t get more fucking naked in the next thirty seconds I’m going to k-” Gerard’s cut off as Frank grinds down on him again, and slide his hand’s up Gerard’s t-shirt and the same time, ghosting the sensitive skin just above Gerard’s waistband. Gerard’s mouth goes dry and unable to form words very obviously, and Frank leans right in next to Gerard’s ear.

“Or you’ll do what? Fuck me so hard I bleed? Not much of a threat, Way, I’d rather it was a promise.”

Frank’s pupils are dilated with lust, and his tone is flat, turning Gerard on more than he thought was possible. Frank grabbed two fistfuls of Gerard’s black t-shirt and tears it off, leaving Gerard’s torso pale and exposed to Frank, but the tattooed boy simply leans down and takes one of Gerard’s nipples into his mouth, teasing it lightly with his tongue and fingers until Gerard is digging his nails painfully into Frank’s shoulder – not that he minds, or really cares; more than anything else, it’s turning him on further.

He switches to other one, but Gerard shoves him off, grabs his waist and flips them over, so that Frank’s body is enveloped in Gerard’s scent and the boy himself pinning his hips. Frank bucks his hips up and Gerard growls, pleasure shooting through his veins, before pushing their mouths together, until he decides that Frank’s shirt has to come off now. And preferably every other bit of clothing that adorns the tattooed boy needs to go too.

Frank gasps in between the thrills that spin through his body, and realizes that, at some point, he and Gerard both got down to only boxers and that the skin-to-skin contact between them was like electricity. Each touch, whether it’s accidental or deliberate, is amplified by about a hundred and the pure sensation of it is making Frank’s head spin. Gerard feels the same; if the little gasps of breath he can hear from the other boy are anything to go by.

Then they’re both naked and suddenly apprehensive. Gerard gently kisses Frank, who lightly runs his hands through the other’s ebony hair, as if trying to reassure one another. Frank leans back and kisses Gerard’s neck, nipping softly, and Gerard encircles Frank’s wrists with his long hands, and lightly pushed him back onto the bed, before running his hands up and over Frank’s hip bones, smiling slightly at the quiet shudder Frank does at the action. Frank looks up at Gerard through his dark lashes and expresses his tenderness through the relaxed expression that sits on his beautiful features.

Gerard unhurriedly trails his index and middle fingers up and over Frank’s chest and neck until they reached his lips. Gerard’s traces them delicately, as if Frank is made from porcelain, and then nudges them inside. Frank coats the digits thoroughly in his saliva, being aware of what to do, before moaning quietly when Gerard draws his fingers out of the warm cavern that is Frank’s mouth.

Frank mewls – a tiny sound in the silent room – as one of Gerard’s fingers nudges his entrance gently. Gerard watches, almost fascinated at how his finger disappears into Frank and how the smaller boy seems to love it, twitching and writhing between Gerard’s knees, and moaning softly as Gerard strokes at his inner walls. Gerard slides another finger in and watches as pain flickers across Frank's features, before being replaced with the pleasured expression that had been on his face moments ago.

The feeling is odd, but incredible, and Frank’s cock twitches at the thought of Gerard being inside him properly and not just his long slim fingers. Those fingers carry on curling and stroking in different places – trying to find his prostate – but Gerard gives up after a few moments and slips his fingers out. He repositions himself properly betwixt Frank’s spread legs and presses the blunt head of his cock at Frank’s quivering entrance and carefully pushing in, mouthing at the spot behind Frank’s ear that he marker earlier, that same spot that had turned Frank on immensely. Frank gripped Gerard’s shoulders tightly as the pain juddered through him, and once Gerard had passed the tight ring of muscles, he paused, letting Frank get used to the alien sensation.

After a beat, Frank nods and Gerard pulls out slowly, and pushing himself back in with a little more force. Frank groans and Gerard stops mid-thrust, looking worriedly at Frank, but the tattooed boy spits out to “keep going motherfucker, or I’ll have your fucking balls” and so Gerard just smirks and continues to move in and out of Frank until Frank suddenly yells out and wraps his legs tightly around Gerard’s waist.

“Right there, right fucking there” he manages to pant out, so Gerard nods and begins to speed up his thrusts, and smirks when a particularly long one had Frank arching his back and yelling Gerard’s name furiously amongst a string of swear words.

Neither of them is particularly self conscious now, and Gerard starts to pound in and out of Frank, capturing Frank’s moaning in his own mouth as he leant down to kiss him, using tongue and teeth to express everything he felt for the boy between his legs and feeling Frank respond in the same way made Gerard more desperate to please him.

He brushed his fingers down Frank’s inked chest and waist, before stopping just before Frank’s throbbing erection, teasing, and Frank glared at Gerard right in the eye and deliberately clenched his muscles around Gerard’s cock, causing the green eyed boy to yelp in pleasure and grab Frank’s dick and jack him off in him to his thrusts.

Franks legs – still hooked around Gerard’s waist – began to shake with the sensory overload, and when he felt that wave of heat rise in his lower stomach, he knew he was so, so close. Gerard hit his prostate hard and squeezed his dick with a little more force and suddenly, Frank was seeing stars, nothing but pure, undiluted pleasure soaring through his head, only vaguely registering Gerard still thrusting into him rhythmically, until he felt the green-eyed boy release and become limp, his head on Frank’s quickly rising and falling chest.

“Shit.” Gerard breathes. “Fucking hell Frankie.”

“I know. You’re incredible, Gerard.”

“Likewise, Frankie, likewise”

Neither boy noticed the sun, hanging heavy and red in the sky as the day began to slide into the peace of the night. They were too absorbed in each other, and as they shared sleepy and spent kisses, neither was aware of what would come with the absence of lust and cold hard daylight.

Well, aren't I proud of myself. I joke. Actually, no I don't - I think this is one of the better chapters I've written for the moment.

Anyways, it was still my first smut scene, and... yeah... Let me know what you think of it? And surprisingly, this bit has been planned since the beginning, and it does have a serious impact on the story later.

Speaking of the "story later" I kinda regret to inform you guys that this story is nearly over now - about five or so (give or take) chapters left to go :/ Lots of big shit happens in the next couple - which I was gonna write as one big chapter, but then this was 3,682 words long on it's own and I didn't really want a 10,000 word chapter, so it's been split a little.

Rate/reveiw for me? I'm very sad that the last chapter was an abomination that only got three ratings, but have aspired to really try and finish this story with a bang.
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