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Molly Weasley

by LabRat

Not the lemon drops that Dumbledore favors, that's for sure. Fair warning, read the author's note in the first chapter.

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The Weasleys are a Really Loving Family

This is a new series of Harry Potter lemons. You may notice that the first three stories are pretty much the same as some from the Different Strokes series, and I'll tell you that essentially they are the exact same stories, only with different endings to replace Harry getting caught masturbating.

Thank JK, authors. It is because she completely botched the last two books that we have such motivation to write. Had it been done how we wanted, then we'd be severely bored.

This story is for Mayfair Void, and dedicated to my friend Stephen; whose mom helped this story get written. The woman is a fox of Kyuubi proportions people. Also what started out as a oneshot has developed into something sinisterly fun that I’ll likely keep going. Ironically enough, this was supposed to be the first chapter of Different Strokes, but Pansy got finished first.

Since I know everyone’s definition of plump is different, I figured I’d give you an example. Just for the record, I consider plump to be Toccara from Next Top Model, and that is who I‘ve modeled Molly Weasley after. Also, since most of these are a PWP with a ridiculous concept, I plan to use liberal amounts of ridiculousness in the stories.


The inside of the Burrow was quiet and calm, with only the occasional sound from the ghoul in the attic. This was disturbed by the sound of green flames flaring up, and the crash landing of a young man of sixteen being tossed out of the fireplace.

“Oof!” He grunted, as he landed face first. Groaning as he climbed to his feet, the young man said. “Damn it, I hate the floo. The only thing worse is a portkey.” Waving a hand over himself, the soot from his travel disappeared. Harry smiled at the small trick he’d picked up over the summer. Although it was still only useful for small things, it was still nice to have. Who’d have thought that a movie could have such a profound effect on him. After seeing a movie called Star Wars, he’d been in his room, pretending to be a Jedi to pass time. A combination of heat and boredom had had an interesting effect on him. When he’d been using his powers of The Force to toss his desk at his Sith enemy Darth Voldemort, he’d discovered an innate ability in wandless magic, tossing his owl‘s cage across the room.

He was just glad that Hedwig was out hunting at the time, and not in said cage. He was shit scared of pissing his owl off; she had sharp claws, bit hard, and was too damn smart for his health. Coming back to himself, he glanced around the empty room. He also noticed that the house seemed to be awfully quiet for mid-afternoon. He heard some clamoring in the kitchen, and immediately went on alert, drawing his wand. Moving quietly, he inched towards the kitchen door, before hearing the banging of pots, and a familiar voice curse.

“No way,” Harry whispered. “As much as she rags on Ron about his language.” As Harry slipped through the kitchen door, his breath caught, and his pants began to tighten at the sight before him. There in all their large, round glory, were the globes that made up the most beautifully rotund ass Harry had ever seen. At that moment, Harry desperately wanted to walk over, and caress the bulbous backside. To spank the soft flesh, and feel it jiggle beneath his hands. To squeeze it and feel his fingers sink into the plush ass meat. His breathing became heavy, and his cock was almost painfully hard, but he knew he had to calm himself. The chance that Mrs. Weasley would turn around, and find him like that was too embarrassing to risk.

Harry managed to school his features, but the massive bulge in his pants made his desires glaringly obvious. Harry swiftly shifted his pants to make the bulge less obvious. It was just in time too, as Mrs. Weasley turned, and squealed in shock. Her face then broke into a huge smile. Wiping her hands on her apron, she called to him, and she descended upon him with arms wide.

“Harry dear, so wonderful to see you.” Pulling him into one of her patented hugs, she asked. “When did you get in?” Harry had to bite back the moan, and the urge to kiss, suck, and lick every bit of flesh he could reach, as his face was smothered into Mrs. Weasley’s bosom. Wrapping his arms around her torso to return the hug, he also had to quell the urge to pull her closer; to slide his hands down to her rump, and pull her hips flush against his own, and rub his erection into her thighs and crotch. While he probably held on longer than he should have, it did give him enough time to again compose himself. Giving her his famous lopsided grin, he answered.

“I just got in.” He then added. “And it’s good to see you again, as well.” Molly smiled back, and ushered him to the table.

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything ready, but I wasn’t expecting you till dinner.” She spoke. “There’s some leftover roast in the fridge, if you want to make a couple sandwiches.” Harry thanked her, and did just that. While he ate, he watched as she began dinner preparations. Watching her bustle about the kitchen, he began imagining what it would be like to take her against each of the surfaces she stopped at for more than a few seconds. Deciding to get his mind off of the very vivid image of her naked body propped upon the kitchen counter, or bent over her own kitchen table, he tried to make small talk.

“Are we the only ones here?” He purred. He then gasped in horror, hoping to all that was holy that hadn’t come out the way it sounded. The fact that the Weasley Matriarch visibly stiffened told him that it unfortunately had. He was almost grateful when she spoke normally.

“Arthur is at work, and the other four are at the Twins’ joke shop. Fred and George are preparing for their grand opening, and Ron and Ginny have volunteered to help.” The thought of Gred and Forge opening the shop could only be summed up in one word.

“Wicked.” Molly turned, and gave him a playful frown.

“They don’t need any more encouragement.” She said, before gifting him with a genuinely loving smile. “But I do want to say thank you for helping them finance their dream.” Harry swallowed his bite of sandwich with some difficulty.

“W-what are you talking about?” He asked.

“Really Harry, did you think I wouldn’t figure it out?” She asked. “They mysteriously acquire a large amount of galleons, right around the same time that you did. You‘re the only one they know who has that kind of money to just give away, or even who would.” Harry blushed. “Thank you again, Harry.” Looking around, she asked. “Where’s your trunk?”

“In my pocket,” He said. “I learned a new trick over the summer.” He waved his hand, and one of the kitchen chairs began floating off the ground. “It’s almost useless in a fight, but for small things, I can go without my wand. I‘ve gotten through about half of my first year Charms book.”

“I always knew you’d be special.” She said with a mother’s smile. “Why don’t you go on up and get settled, dear. You can take Percy’s old room.”

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said. “I’m going to go get settled, then take a nap. All that floo travel is exhausting, especially after having to cut the grass before I left the Dursleys.”

“You go on right ahead, dear.” She said. “I’ll come get you when dinner’s ready.” Harry nodded, then headed upstairs for a quick kip.


A restless thirty minutes later, Harry decided to help himself along. A good tug always made him drowsy, so why not. Fishing himself out of his pants, Harry tried several different fantasies before he found one that had him stiff as a board, and set to work. So engrossed was he, that he missed the knock on the door.

“Mrs. Weasley.” Harry moaned. “Mmm, Molly, your mouth feels so good.” The gasp that followed his statement made him freeze mid-stroke. He sat up to find a frozen Mother Weasley standing in the doorway. At least, that was the case, before she took a swift step backwards, and walked briskly away.

With some difficulty, Harry quickly stuffed his still erect member back into his pants, and went down to the kitchen. Almost as soon as he passed the last stair, he was wrapped up in a hug from Mrs. Weasley.

“I’m so sorry Harry, I didn’t mean to barge in on you.” She said remorsefully. “I had just knocked, and thought when you called out my name, that you knew I was there.” Harry hugged her back.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Weasley.” He answered, a little shocked that she‘d made no mention of the fact that he‘d been masturbating while fantasizing about her. “I really should have locked the door before starting. Um, what were you going to tell me earlier?” Harry asked, not intending to end the hug until she did.

“Oh, just that it’ll be just the two of us tonight. Ron and Ginny have worked themselves to exhaustion, and decided to stay with the twins for the night, and Arthur floo’d saying that the Ministry was doing Department Evaluations again. They tend to last well into the night, and tended to get ugly when certain people had things to hide.”

For some reason the news only made Harry pull her tighter. He knew she’d worry about her husband, and decided to comfort her. On instinct, she pulled him tighter against her as well, mashing her breasts into him more. Unlike when he‘d first arrived, he couldn‘t stop himself from pressing into her this time. Molly stiffened as she felt the huge bulge press into her thigh, and almost blushed as she felt more of it trailing down her leg.

“Harry dear, is that what I think it is?” Molly gasped, stepping away. Panicking, Harry said.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Weasley, but I’m sixteen, and hormonal.” She smiled at his small joke.

“It’s alright Harry, really; I‘m actually flattered. Besides, Arthur and I have discussed this, and I think it’s about time to bring you into the family proper anyway.” Harry adopted a confused look. “Harry, in our family we have a tradition called the Mother‘s Gift. When a Prewitt man reaches sixteen, it is the mother’s duty to teach them about women.”

“But Ron said he’d had the talk when he was thirteen.”

“This is different than The Talk, Harry.” She explained. “Arthur gives them the talk about sex, and all of it’s responsibilities when they’re thirteen. This talk teaches them about women, how to treat them...and how to please them as well.” Harry blushed. “Since we consider you just as much our son as our other boys, Arthur felt that we should include you in the tradition.”

Harry blushed at the idea of learning to please a woman from one of the very ones he wanted to use said skills on. Nodding, Harry sat at the table, prepared to learn all he could, while trying to keep from tearing his pants off. At Harry’s action, Molly actually blushed; for it made the bulge in his pants more visible, and she could see that it was very long, and very thick. She actually found herself looking forward to this lesson.

“I must warn you dear, this lesson is very...hands on.” At those last two words, Harry had to fight to keep from messing himself. “Now I have to ask you, have you ever done anything sexual before, besides masturbation?” Harry shook his head. “Alright, then we need to get your first shot out of the way, so you won’t go off unexpectedly during the lesson.”

She stood in front of him, before kneeling between his legs. She rubbed his cock through his pants, before undoing the button, and lowering the zipper. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of his boxers, she pulled at both his trousers and his unders. Lifting his hips, the two garments slid down to his knees, where she quickly pulled them off, and sat them to the side. Molly felt her breath catch at the monster that sprang forth, and licked her lips subconsciously. She also made a mental note to talk to Ginny about staking her claim on this specimen, before others became aware of it.

“Well, it seems that magic and quidditch aren’t the only areas where you’ve been blessed, are they.” Mrs. Weasley teased, causing Harry to blush more. Now, there were three types of women in the world of blowjobs. The ones who didn’t like it and either didn’t do it, or only did it as foreplay. They preferred receiving to giving, or didn’t do oral at all. There were the ones who somewhat liked it, and mostly used it as a teasing method to get their lovers in the mood. They liked giving as much as receiving. Then there were the women like her. The ones who loved it, who enjoyed giving even more than receiving. Who could cum just as hard from sucking a cock, as she could from good sex.

Molly could never understand why, but ever since that first time with Arthur at fifteen, she’d fallen in love with the feeling of having a man’s erection encased in her lips, resting on her tongue. The throbbing of the pulse against her tongue, and the jumping it did, before spewing it’s thanks into her throat. Yes, she was definitely suffering from an oral fixation.

Molly didn’t bother wasting time teasing, but engulfed half of his erection in a single movement. She moaned at the feeling of having her mouth full again, then began to bob her head slowly, lavishing attention upon it with her lips and tongue. Harry’s breath quickened, the vibrations from Molly’s moans pushing him closer and closer to that amazing nirvana.

For several minutes, Molly gently, and lovingly sucked Harry’s erection. Enjoying the act far too much to have it end too soon, the motherly witch used all of her considerable skill to make him last as long as possible. As is the case with most virgins, even that could only help so much, and when his cock slipped into her throat, Harry knew his release was imminent. Harry groaned as he felt his first orgasm coming.

“Ngh, Mrs. Weasley, you might want to stop, I can‘t hold it.” Pulling back, the Elder woman smiled at him. She continued stroking him softly, just enough to keep him on edge.

“Oh, Harry dear, you’re such a sweetheart.” He gave a confused look. “I’ve got seven boys older than you, and I’ve been with Arthur for over thirty years, twenty-seven of those married. I’ve swallowed enough of this stuff to impregnate more than a quarter of the fertile witches in Britain.” Harry blushed. “You did right by telling me, though. Girls will appreciate that, but you don’t have to warn me. I can tell when it’s coming, so just let it go.”

She wrapped her lips around his crown again, and slid down, taking him back deeply into her warm, wet cavern. His balls churned when he felt Molly’s throat give way, and her lips slide to the base of his cock again. The suctioned upward caresses of Molly’s wonderful lips finally proved too much. With a loud grunt, Harry released his seed into the redheads mouth. She was pleasantly surprised by how much the boy came; the first spurt alone having nearly filled her mouth. Not only that, but it was thick and creamy, making it ooze, more than trickle, into her mouth and down her throat. Molly could feel her loins begin to moisten as she swallowed.

Harry rode out the shudders of his climax. It had been one of the strongest ones he'd ever had, and the young wizard found himself envying Arthur Weasley.

Several spurts, mouthfuls, and swallows later, found Molly rolling her tongue over Harry’s semi-hard cock. Molly was thoroughly amazed at the amount of cum she’d just swallowed. It was more than both of the twins combined when she’d done them. Molly made a mental note to make her talk to Ginny a high priority. If Ginny was as much like her as she thought she was, then she’d probably develop an oral fetish as well; and what better tool to sate that fetish than this one.

Running a hand down between her thighs, she found that she’d already soaked through her knickers. The only man to ever have made her this wet without having done anything to her, was her husband. Molly gave a forlorn sigh, as she realized that she had a lesson to continue. Forcing herself away from the magnificent cock, she sat back on her knees.

“Alright, it’s time for you to learn how to sensually undress a woman.” Molly stood, pulling Harry to his feet as she did so. “Now you’ll want to start with a kiss; where doesn’t matter, but your lips should remain connected to your lover as much as possible. I’d recommend the lips and the throat, they allow the most maneuverability.”

Despite how much he wanted this, Harry was frozen to his spot. “Come along, dear. This is a hands on lesson, remember.”

She gave him a relaxing smile, that calmed him, and the lesson began. Leaning forward, Harry captured the lips of the woman who’d replaced Cho Chang as his premier fantasy co-star. For the next couple minutes, Harry enjoyed the kiss; relishing the feel of Molly’s tongue writhing against his. He could still taste himself on her tongue, as well as traces of the amazing cinnamon-mint flavor of her mouth. When air became a necessity, they pulled apart. Harry immediately went back in for another sample, but was directed to Molly’s neck instead.

“This way, I can explain things as we go.” She said, moaning as Harry found a particular spot that always made her lower lips drool with excitement.

Molly slowly, and methodically guided Harry through the process of sensually undressing a woman, and had to admit the young man was an excellent learner. The way he gently nipped, kissed, caressed, and nibbled on each piece of her flush flesh as it was revealed, was swiftly driving her towards an orgasm. When he paused at the unveiling of her breasts, she experienced a small climax at the look of lust filled hunger in Harry’s eyes.

Mrs. Weasley’s breasts had a bit of sag to them, but with breasts that size it’s understandable. Harry took a moment to just stare at the G-cup melons. Large and round, with galleon sized areola, and large puffy nipples; they were truly a sight to behold. He raised his hands, and gently squeezed the mounds of flesh, and gave a swift pinch to the nipples, garnering a moan from his lover.

When her inner robe joined the rest of her clothing pooled at her feet, Harry paused again. He took a step back, and just gazed at Mrs. Weasley’s naked form. She was indeed a plump woman, but she was startlingly fit. While larger than the average woman, her curves were smooth, and flowed into one another flawlessly. Harry licked his lips as gazed hungrily at her.

Harry’s lustful stare made Molly shiver with anticipation. While she loved her husband, and the things he did to her behind closed doors, he was still getting on in age. The virility of her sons, and hopefully of Harry, was a welcome, if fairly rare, enjoyment- though she really did hate having Arthur memory charm her sons. With the fog of passion partially lifted, Molly was able to resume the lesson that she had started.

“Now, Harry dear, there’s one thing that is of utmost importance before we go on.” She said, voice husky. Harry nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment. “One thing that all witches and wizards need to know is contraception. Now, the spell that I’m going to teach you will only last for 24 hours, but is good for on the fly protection.” She explained.

“The incantation is Sperma Retardo(1)! The wand movement is a circle around the abdomen on the first word, followed pressing the wand tip to the abdomen on the second. What it does, is form a barrier between the uterus and the fallopian tubes, that render the sperm sterile. You‘ll know that it‘s worked if you see a red glow.”

Molly grabs her wand, and hands it to Harry to practice. Once he’s got it down, she has him try it on her. She’s amazed when she sees her abdomen enveloped in a brighter than normal red glow. As soon as she nodded in acceptance of his work, Harry tossed the wand over his shoulder.

Contraception applied, Harry moved back in, and pulled her into a fiery kiss, his arms going around her waist. As the kiss grew more passionate, Harry’s hands slid down to her hips, then around to her bum. Harry tightly gripped Molly’s rotund backside, thoroughly enjoying the way his fingers sunk into the soft fleshy globes. As they kissed, he ground his cock into his lover’s wet crotch; relishing the feel of his member sliding along the wet slit. Pulling back for air, Harry decided he wanted to taste more of her. He recaptured her lips, and began slowly backing her up against the refrigerator.

Molly was surprised by how good a kisser he was, but was to be further surprised as his kisses soon strayed from her lips. He began planting kisses along her jaw line, before slipping down to her neck. Harry found her pulse point, and began licking and sucking on it, drawing pleased moans from the redhead. He nibbled around, until he got to her ear, and spent some time on her lobe, and the shell of her ear. Molly was shocked that Harry seemed to be a natural at this, as he was clearly going on instinct. Harry kept moving, until he reached the valley between her large breasts.

With a few soft kisses to his right, he found her hardened nipple. Running his tongue around the galleon sized areola, Harry finally sucked the puffy, grape sized bud into his mouth. When Harry‘s lips had reached her sensitive mounds, Molly‘s hand slipped down to stroke him. Harry moaned, sending vibrations into his lips, and into Molly’s breast, heightening the pleasure she felt. Harry brought his other hand up, and began pinching the other, alternating every few moments. So wrapped up in Molly’s wonderful breasts, Harry almost forgot about his true target. Luckily, after a couple minutes, Molly ground her wet patch into him, reminding him of the purpose of the journey. He kissed back over to the valley, and renewed his trail down.

Harry continued until he found the trimmed bush that led to her mound. He noticed that she was already soaking wet, and slightly dripping onto the floor. Wanting to taste her as well as clean up the juices, Harry flattened his tongue, and drug it from the base of her vagina up to just under her clitoris; however, this only served to make her drip at a greater pace.

Dipping his head, Harry began licking around Molly’s vagina, happily drinking the juices coating it. He then began teasing her labia; occasionally sucking on the glistening flower. After spending a minute or so on that, he ran his tongue up between her lips. Using two fingers, he spread her, and dove mouth first into her pink flower petals. Harry licked and sucked her inner folds with a methodical, reckless abandon; oddly enough hitting the exact spots that got the most vocal responses.

By this time, Molly’s breath was already coming in heavy pants, and this only served to make things more difficult. Her breath hitched, when his tongue brushed her slit, giving it a taste. As Molly had thought before, Harry was indeed a natural at this. She groaned in disappointment when she felt his lips leave her honey pot, but gasped when she felt something probing her opening. She released a cute squeak when Harry slid his middle finger in past the second knuckle, and immediately started stroking her inner walls.

What happened next, she was wholly unprepared for. Harry, while his finger was still working, captured her clit between his lips, and sucked hard. Subconsciously, Molly was extremely hopeful that Ginny and Harry would hit it off. A mother always wants what’s best for her children, daughters especially, and mastery of cunnilingus didn’t get any better than this.

“Harry!” Molly cried, her loins and stomach coiling with tension as her body began to shiver with anticipation of a monumental explosion.

Never once letting up, Harry eventually added his tongue, flicking it repeatedly over the tip of her clit. After only a minute or so, of the triple assault, Molly let out a grunt, and shuddered violently, juices pouring from her. Harry grinned as he saw the woman orgasm, her knees nearly buckling. From his place between her legs, Harry grinned at the heavily panting woman, while lapping at the sweet nectar. Sadly, Molly was unable to find any rest, as her partner was too enamored by her taste.

Harry slowly slid his tongue back into his partner, before suddenly attacking her walls with it. Molly’s breath left her when his tongue began writhing inside of her vagina. He licked every inch of her inner walls he could reach, slurping loudly at the fluids flowing freely from her; his nose unintentionally working her clit. Her moans and groans grew louder and more wanton as his tongue plunged deeply inside her, forcing her still tight, slick cunt walls apart as he greedily devoured her.

Molly’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head when he sucked her clit again, hard, and again flicked it with his tongue. It was finally more than she could take, as her passion erupted. Molly screamed, fireworks exploding behind her tight shut eyelids as her body began shaking violently from another tremendous orgasm.

Harry had spent nearly twenty minutes with his face in her crotch, devouring the pink flower, and pulling two fairly strong orgasms from his lover. After the second, Molly pushed his head away, reminding him that still had a lesson to complete. Harry reluctantly retreated, giving her one last lick, before kissing his way back up her body. After a momentary pause at her breasts, Harry captured Molly’s lips in a heated kiss. She moaned when his lips slipped down to her neck, again finding that especially sensitive spot. Moaning, Molly reached between them, and grasped Harry’s huge erection. She gave it a couple strokes before guiding it to, and inside of, her drenched entrance.

Harry moaned, almost whimpered, as he slid into the woman’s surprisingly tight depths. It was like she was squeezing his erection with an almost iron tight grip. His breath hitched as Molly’s cunt twitched and undulated along his penetrating rod. As Harry bottomed out, he felt the tip of his cock rub against something. Harry grit his teach, trying desperately not to cum immediately. His prior ejaculation from Molly’s heavenly blowjob helped a little.

Molly’s eyes widened as Harry penetrated her vagina all the way to her cervix. She knew that after seven children, she wasn’t as tight as other women, but she was far from loose. She did realize however, that it took a man of considerable size to fill her like she was being filled currently. She hadn’t been stretched like this since she and Arthur first became intimate; back before she started having his children.

Harry slowly slid out until only his head was in, before thrusting back in just as slowly. As he slid in, he tried to push his cock as deep as he could get it to go. From here he slowly built a slight rhythm, while bringing his right hand to grip her thigh. In. Out. In. Out. In. All the while, Harry was gently kissing and sucking on her pulse point. Pulling his mouth away, he brought his left hand up to tangle in her hair, before pulling her into a needy kiss.

Molly gave a wanton moan as Harry plundered her mouth, his tongue forcing hers into submission easily; all the while his gently thrusting hips began to pick up speed and force. She let out a cry and wrapped her leg around his waist as Harry pulled back, nipping her collar bone.

Molly's body glistened with a light sheen of persperation. Her bountiful bosom heaved and bounced with each breath and thrust, bringing Harry’s attention to the beautiful mounds. Harry loved her breasts, had since he first met her. While Ron had been jealous of Harry’s fame and fortune, Harry had secretly been jealous of him for having gotten the chance to nurse such perfection. He was even more envious of Mr. Weasley for having the monopoly on enjoying said perfection. Taking the chance that this encounter was affording him, Harry leant forward, and began placing soft kisses to the huge breasts. Releasing her hair, Harry cupped her right breast, and brought it up to his lips, where he greedily captured the nipple.

Molly’s head fell back as she felt warmth encase her sensitive bud. She moaned as Harry’s tongue circled her areola, then flicked back and forth over her nipple. Her body sang with pleasure as Harry gently pulled on her sensitized nub with his teeth; his other hand soon after finding and pinching the other. All the while, he was continuously pistoning into her in a quick, steady rhythm. In her mind, Molly could picture herself being dragged haphazardly towards a strong climax, and her body easily mirrored that picture.

As Molly’s vagina started squeezing and releasing in rapid intervals, Harry feared that he would cum soon. He knew it was rather selfish of him, but he just didn’t want this wonderful experience to end just yet. With all the strength and control he could muster, Harry pulled his cock from the tight, wet depths.

Molly, who was rapidly getting lost in the sensations, was harshly and unwantedly snatched from the edge of her impending climax. She took a moment to recover, before looking at Harry curiously.

“Wh-why’d you stop?” Molly asked, breathing heavily.

Not wanting to admit that he was far too close to cumming- regardless of the fact that as a newly exorcised virgin, it was to be expected- Harry thought hard for an excuse. Suddenly, an idea came to mind; a thought that he’d had when he first arrived. What at the time seemed like a ludicrously, perverse fantasy, was now a real possibility. Harry held out his hand for her to take, and led her quickly to the kitchen table. Moving so that he was standing behind her, he pulled her close, so that his cock was wedged between her buttocks, and walked her forward. He stopped when her waist made contact with the cool wood.

Molly gasped when Harry applied a gentle pressure to her back, indicating what he wanted from her. Bending at the waist, Molly allowed herself to be pressed forward onto the table. She let out a soft shudder of excitement as the coolness of the wood contrasted sharply with the warmth of skin contact. Her highly sensitive nipples were also stimulated by the many grains and ridges of the table‘s wood, adding another element to the sensations she felt. Molly once again shuddered when Harry backed away from her. The coolness of the table, her cooling perspire, and the loss of body heat making her shiver. With a soft smile, she waited in anticipation- and some embarrassment of being exposed to him in such a manner- for what was to come next.

Harry admired the curve of her ass, so perfectly displayed bent over the kitchen table. Harry leant forward and brushed his lips against her ear.

“You're beautiful,” He murmured in a husky voice, puling a shiver from his partner. Harry dropped to his knees, letting his hand drift over her ass, down her legs and calves, and back up to squeeze the soft ass meat. A quiver ran through her body at his gentle touch. He made her squirm when nipped her beautiful round bum, leaving bite marks and hickeys covering it. Smirking to himself, he raised his hand, and brought it swiftly down upon the spectacular cheeks. SMACK! The sound echoed off the walls, and reverberated loudly in the kitchen. Just as he thought, her ass rippled violently as it turned red. Raising his hand again, he brought it down again on the other, getting the same result.

Molly let out a squeak as Harry’s hands continued to collide with her swiftly reddening bottom. While the strikes did indeed sting, they also sent a powerful ripple of pleasure straight to her clitoris. What should have been painful was surprisingly making her wetter and wetter, and bringing her closer and closer to climax with each smack.

(2)What our dear matriarch didn’t realize, was that the pudendal nerve in her deliciously round buttocks was directly connected to her clitoris. Thus, every time Harry smacked her ass, it was like he was swiping his finger swiftly over her clit. As Harry reddened her behind, Molly was being rapidly and forcefully pushed back to the point she’d been at before Harry had pulled out moments ago. With one final push, a double slap to both cheeks simultaneously, Molly came with a vengeance, spraying the kneeling Harry in the face like a fire hose.

Harry had just enough time to close his eyes as Molly came. He was shocked from the event, sure, but also admittedly turned on by the spectacular spray. Harry wiped the musky discharge from his face, his cock throbbing in anticipation. Once he felt that he’d recovered enough not to cum at the slightest touch, he stood, and lined himself back up. He’d barely gotten the tip in, and he could already feel the steamy, wet tunnel quivering in desire. Satisfied that he was in a position that he wouldn’t miss, Harry gripped Molly’s plush hips, and slammed his hips forward with all his might. The cry of ecstasy that erupted from his best friend’s mum sent a tingle shooting through his balls. Harry didn’t bother wasting time with slow strokes, choosing instead to go full tilt from thrust one.

Molly moaned loudly as Harry pile-drove her into the table. She could feel her body erupting in rapid minigasms as she was pounded harshly from behind. She would likely have cried out in ecstasy, but the deep vaginal injections seemed to tap her in such a way, that it stole the breath that would have been used for such actions. Molly’s eyes were shut tight, her face buried in her forearms, as every thrust hit her deeper than she could ever have imagined being hit; each stroke stabbing that special spot almost continuously.

Harry slammed into Molly as if his life depended upon it. With each slap of his thighs into her backside, he could feel the flesh ripple against him, and it added to his pleasure. The feeling of the hot, wet, contraption that was gripping his penis even made his mind short out for a second; the soft friction sliding over his length setting his pleasure nodes on fire. Harry felt a tingle go up his spine, and knew his end was swiftly approaching.

As the pressure continued to build in his loins, he started working double-time, trying to bring his lover along with him. Just when he thought he was going to fail, he felt Molly begin to tense erratically. Harry felt the exact moment her orgasm started, the tight tunnel collapsing around his cock until it had a death grip on his sensitive tool.

Molly’s cunt tightened around Harry's cock, rippling and undulating along its length, as her entire body and mind gave in to a totally mind-blowing orgasm. A fiery coil of sensation sprung, and erupted throughout her body. Molly wailed out her release at a volume that could be heard all the way down in the village, and at a high enough pitch to break glass; thank goodness for unbreakable charms. Her juices flowed abundantly, gushing out onto the floor as he thrust into her harder and faster. The amount of fluid running down the inside of her shapely thighs growing with each thrust, and subsequent shiver.

Harry grunted loudly; his testicles seizing, and his cock jumping like a chipmunk on speed as they prepared to let their millions of micro missiles fly. A few seconds later, Harry’s own orgasm exploded like a warhead(3). Calling her name, Harry thrust as deeply into his lover as he could piercing her cervix. Harry flooded her uterus and entire passage like a megatsunami; his cock spurting thick ropes of cum into his lover's body in inhuman volumes. Molly’s vibrating cunt massaged Harry‘s sensitive tool, milking all his essence into her.

Suddenly, to Harry's horror, a familar voice interrupted their post coital cuddle- though really, leaning over a kitchen table didn't offer a proper cuddle environment.

"Honey, I'm ho...oh." Arthur Weasley said, coming into the kitchen.

"Mr. Weasley, it's not what..." Harry trailed off at the man's raised brow, for it was exactly what it looked like. "I'm sorry, I-"

“Well what have we here?” Arthur asked with a large smile. “Molly finally bringing you into the family proper, I see.” Had he been Japanese, Harry would have had one of those falling down in shock moments.

“Huh? Y-you’re not mad?” Harry asked.

“Goodness no.” Arthur said jovially. “We've discussed this at great length, Harry. We've thought of you as our own for years now, so it's only fitting that Molly do for you the same things she's done for our own boys.” He then turned to his wife. “You remembered the charm this time, right? You remember what happened with Bill.” Molly’s face took on a bashful look.

“Yes dear, I remembered.” Arthur chuckled.

“Good, good.” He said. “I know you miss having little ones around, but...” The initial question and Mrs. Weasley's reaction to it had already stroked Harry's curiosity, but Mr. Weasley's cut statement, and Mrs. Weasley's blush only added to it.

“Mr. Weasley, what happened with Bill?” Harry asked. "If you don't mind me asking of course." Arthur looked at Harry, then Molly, before drawing his wand. He suddenly turned to Harry with a serious look.

“What I’m about to tell you, you can’t tell to anyone.” Harry nodded. “Ginny almost wasn’t the only girl.” Harry’s jaw hit the floor.

“I was invoking the Mother’s Gift with Bill, and forgot the Contraceptive Charm.” Molly said. “I was so embarrassed, I just couldn‘t tell him.”

“You’re joking right.”

“Afraid not, my boy.” Arthur said. “She was nearly six months along, and had just begun to show when she fell ill, and lost the baby.” Arthur smiled at his wife. “Well, I’ll just get out of your hair now. Enjoy yourself, Harry.”

"Sir?" Harry asked, shocked at how his day had turned out. First he'd been practically seduced by Mrs. Weasley, and he'd shagged her crosseyed. Then he'd been caught by her husband, and been given post coital permission to. Now, he was being encouraged to continue sleeping with another man's wife.

"Harry, Prewett women are two things; extremely fertile and nigh insatiable." Arthur explained. "I can hardly keep up with my Mollywobbles any more. No, have at her Harry, and give this old boy a rest."

Harry stared after Arthur Weasley as he headed up the stairs, and would have continued doing so until he felt a familar warmth and wetness wrap around his cock. Staring down, he found a crown of red bobbing slowly on his rapidly restiffening penis.

"You heard him, Harry." She said. "We've still got several hours before the contraception charm wears off, no need to let it go to waste."

Harry certainly couldn't disagree with that.


1. Sperma Retardo- combination of Greek and Latin meaning literally Sperm Obstruct respectively.

2. I’m not quite sure if I have the right nerve, but this is absolutely true, and you can look it up if you like. If you can get past all of the medical jargon, you will find that a nerve in the ass is directly connected to the endings in the clitoris, and head of the penis. Thus how spanking can lead to arousal.

3. Sorry, I’ve been playing Ace Combat like crazy the past couple days.
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