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Disclaimer: Deathly Hallows was published, that should be enough evidence that I don't own Harry Potter.
AN: Amelia wasn't home when Voldie came a knockin, but she also declined the position of fulltime Minister.

For her age, I used the actual age of the actress who played Amelia Bones (Sian Thomas- 50 as of 2003). Oh, and I picture Amelia Bones as looking like Lauren Holly from NCIS (Director Jenny Shepard). Also, while I'm aware that she's described as a severe and stern woman, I'm adding an addendum that she can be quite the cougar when she wants to be.

First I'd like to admit that I, and everyone who complains about the Harry Potter series, has made a huge mistake. For all of our nagging about how things didn't make sense in quite a few places- which is true- we forgot one glaringly huge point. While admittedly darker than most, Harry Potter is a CHILDREN'S series, and most of the things that we ADULT readers are nagging about are honest mistakes that most CHILDREN would not notice or nit pick at. Sure it gives our cynical asses all kinds of nifty plot devices to explore, but we really should quit griping about the things we didn't like.

This second bit is kind of random, but whatever. I've been wondering if anyone recognized just who it was that played Cedric. Considering how many girls are insanely obsessive about the Twilight Saga, you'd think there'd be more girls going cuckoo for Hufflepuff. By the way, even though I can't stand the series (teen angst...shudder), I have a question for Team Edward.

Sparkling in the sun....that's who you're rolling with....seriously?

Finally, I wish to warn you all that I may have made a huge mistake while writing the lemon part. After rereading this during my proofread, I realized that I may have ruined the intercourse section. Not that I didn't try to make it good, but the fellatio section was so much more intense, that I think everything after might seem...well, kind of mundane.


This story starts with a series of mistakes between friends. Mistakes that would very soon change the feelings and dynamic of a pair of best friends.

The first mistake was made by one Ronald Weasley, who assumed that his two friends were secretly forming a relationship. While his thoughts and distrust may have been compounded by the locket preying on his insecurities, Harry knew that the thoughts had to be there to begin with. After a short argument, Ron leaves the two, seemingly abandoning them to their fates.

When Ron abandoned Harry and Hermione, the young witch had felt the betrayal much more than Harry had, due to the serious feelings she'd begun to develop for him the year before. As a result, she had turned to Harry for comfort, and reassurance. Shortly after, a disastrous trip to Godric's Hollow would prove Ron almost clairvoyant, and lead to the first of many major mistakes. Having lost Ron, and being overcome with emotion after nearly losing Harry as well, Hermione crept into Harry's sleeping space. A desire to feel him, to make sure that she hadn't lost him, led to the two teens taking their friendship to a new dimension.

It started innocently enough, the two of them laying in one of the beds, just holding each other. That changed when Hermione began softly kissing and nipping at Harry's neck, up along his throat, then along his jawline, before finally taking advantage of Harry facing her, and pressing her lips softly to his. Softly at first, the kiss deepened, adding tongues a moment later, followed by roaming hands. Never once did the pace pick up between the best friends, slow and intimate was the order of the day.

So into the kiss, neither noticed when the roaming hands began to roam a little too far. It wasn't until his pants had been unfastened, and he felt one of Hermione's hands rubbing him through his boxers that Harry realized just how far things had gone. Swiftly pulling his hand from beneath her jumper- where it had been kneading her breast- Harry asked.

"Wait, Hermione, what are we doing?"

"We are comforting each other, both physically and emotionally." Hermione replied easily. "And we're providing a strong support base for each other during this extremely dangerous, and uncertain quest."

"You know, that sounds like something out of a cheesy romance novel." Harry teased.

"Harry, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to you at least a little." Hermione admitted. "The fact is, I'm scared. I knew this would be dangerous, I knew this wouldn't be like the other times, but until I almost lost you in Godric's Hollow, I don't think I realized just how much more dangerous this was than everything else we've been through. Not only that, but with Ron gone, all we have is each other now. I-I just need this right now, please Harry."

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Please, Harry, make love to me." Harry groaned when her hand began moving over his cock again. All too soon, he'd reclaimed her lips, and breast, and while they revelled in the comfort of the other, the rest of the world ceased to exist for the two teens.

What should have been a one time thing, ended up not being so. A couple nights later, Harry was feeling guilty about his indiscretion against Ginny, and randomly activated his map of Hogwarts. To his shock, he found Ginny's dot, not alone in her room as he had every other time, but overlapped with that of Neville Longbottom in his bed (and according to Sirius, there was only one thing that overlapping dots in a bed could mean).

What Harry would never learn, is that Neville, Ginny, Luna, and a few others had taken to helping each other back to their Commons after detentions with the Carrows. This particular evening, Ginny had been in such a state that Neville had had to carry her back to the tower, and when she couldn't make it to her own bed, he had decided to just plant her in his for the night. He'd just sat down to ease her into the bed when Harry activated his map.

Hermione, who had been nearby, happened to glance at what he'd seen, and gasped. Wrongly concluding that Ginny had moved on after Harry broke up with her, and fearing what Harry might do, she decided to head off a potential explosion of anger or depression in the same way that Harry had comforted her. It was at this point, both feeling as if they'd lost the ones they'd loved, that Harry and Hermione began to more frequently share in intimate comfort.

When Hermione commented one day about the two of them just hiding out together for the rest of their lives, Harry had for a moment thought about agreeing with her. The thought of spending the rest of their lives together as they'd been for the past few weeks was certainly one Harry could get behind. But when the thoughts of what having a family with Hermione might be like started to surface, he knew that he couldn't bring a bunch of children into a world like the one they were living in. Still, he and Hermione married with a family was something to think about after Voldemort was gone.

When Ron finally returned, the two tried to go back to the way things were, but Harry found that much harder to do than Hermione did. Over the past several months, Harry had fallen in love with his best friend, and it hurt him deeply to see her so easily go back to Ron. To see her go back to the man that had so easily abandoned them, abandoned her as if nothing had ever happened.

In the aftermath of the Final Battle, several things were made very clear. First was that Hermione had chosen Ron, breaking Harry's heart yet again. The second was that Harry had moved on from Ginny, and was no longer interested in Molly's vision of the Big Happy Weasley Family. She had not taken it well. The last big thing, was Harry's disdain for Ron's fair-weather mentality, and the fact that Harry felt the redhead was wholly undeserving of a woman like Hermione. The combination of Harry's feelings for Hermione, his strong lack of the same towards Ginny, and his disdain of Ron led to a fracture in the trio that would never heal. Harry, in the middle of the night, and accompanied by the bodies of Remus and Tonks, vanished.

Shortly after Harry disappeared, his two remaining friends, well Hermione anyway, nearly went spare at not being able to locate him. Vowing to do everything she could to find him when they returned, Hermione went to retrieve her parents from Austrailia, accompanied by Ron.

Hermione received a rather large shock when her parents expressed displeasure at her choice of beau. The Grangers, after years of letters and hearing stories from their daughter, had thought- and hoped- that she'd had a thing for Harry, and would have preferred her taking up with him. After reading her multiple letters to them, and hearing of the mission, Mr. Granger accused Ron of being fickle, an unmotivated lush, and decidedly not good enough for his daughter. Harry, having grown up in the Muggle world would have recognized this as standard procedure for meeting the parents. Ron, being the rather prideful and insecure man that he was, took things entirely the wrong way, further antogonizing the situation, and actually proving the sentiment right.

When Hermione had tried to explain her parents' reactions to her boyfriend, he'd accused her of taking their side. The resulting row had been epic, and without Harry to help smooth things over- and keep at least one of them calm enough to think rationally- like usual, Hermione had ended up hexing the boy before it was over. Ron had promptly returned to Britain...the family Granger had not. So distraught over the split with Ron, she completely forgot about her plans to search for Harry.

Hermione would finish her magical education at a prominent school in Australia. She would then go on to receive Masteries in Charms, Potions, Runes, and Arithmancy, eventually moving on to study Alchemy. It was in this study, that she would discover a cure for Lycanthropy victims that would kill the disease up to twenty-eight hours after infection.

She also modified the Wolfsbane Potion to allow for Werewolves to retain all of their cognitive reasoning after transformation; thus greatly reducing the danger that they posed to others. Still, despite all of this success, her one failing had been in love. She would never marry or have children, because she'd realized too late who she wanted to be with, and it was the one regret she would take to her grave almost a century after the split.

Upon his return, Ron would make use of his notoriety from the war to join the Auror Academy. Without Harry and Hermione there to help him through, and keep him motivated to keep at it, Ron flunked out after a year. He is currently the only Weasley child still living at home under the care, and overbearingly watchful eyes, of his mother.

When Harry had left Hogwarts, he'd gone to the only place he felt wanted. Later that week, he, Andromeda, and Teddy held private services for Ted, Remus, and Nymphadora. Harry, not wanting to deal with the fall out from his defeat of Voldemort, placed her home under Fidelus, and began getting tutoring from the widow, while happily falling into the roll of Godfather. Harry ended up comforting the widow, i much the same way he had Hermione. That ended quickly however, when they realized that physical comfort while good in the short term, only hindered long term healing, and for the sake of Teddy, they shouldn't risk things. A little under a year later, Harry sat his NEWTS, and joined the Auror Corp.

Currently, the rookie Auror was on assignment with his senior mentor, Hestia Jones. Aside from Arthur and Percy at the Ministry (who he had very few, and even then brief, dealings with), he hadn't seen or heard from his former friends and family in almost five years.

Fastforward nine hours.

Amelia Bones had been an auror for almost twenty years, and the Director of the DMLE for another twelve. She was a decorated veteran of both Voldemort uprisings (although admittedly if she hadn't been visiting her baby brother the night her home was destroyed, she'd not have survived the second), and had been the interim Minister for Magic while the Wizengamot decided on a permanent replacement. She was a very talented and powerful witch, one of the few on the light side that could go toe to toe with Bellatrix Lestrange and walk away relatively unscathed. In a sense, she was to the deranged woman, what Dumbledore was to Voldemort.

Amelia Bones was many things, but there was one title that had so far eluded her...mother. She'd been in love once, but he'd been lost along with her older brother, Edgar and his family. Sometimes she wondered about what would have happened had she not been running late. Would her extra wand have made a difference, or would she herself have been just another casualty. The DMLE Head shook her head to clear those thoughts, and went back to the only slightly less morose ones of before. She was fifty years old, had no husband or lover, and no children. According to the Healer she'd consulted, she only had about two or three more good years before trying to conceive children became a health risk.

Anyway, there was no time to think about such things. She had evaluations for the new graduates to schedule, and that was going to take some time. She needed check in with her Senior Aurors who had rookies to see if they were ready to be promoted to Junior Auror. Her first stop would definitely be to the office Auror Jones' shared with her rookie Potter.

That young man had all the tools to be the greatest asset to the Department since Moody by the time his career was over. Hell, he could probably ascend to her current position if he didn't mind being stuck behind a desk dealing with beaurocrats, or easily make Master Auror if he was as like Moody as he seemed. Amelia was suddenly broken from her reverie when a harried looking rookie ran into the office.

"Madam Bones, we have a problem." He called, out of breath. "Auror Potter is being locked into one of the holding cells."

Amelia, who was still rather fit and sprite despite her age, jumped to her feet, and ran from her office. Without breaking stride, she summoned a bit of floo powder from the tray on the floo grate, and banished it into the Department floo. She stepped in barely a second after the flames turned green, yelled her destination, and was gone.

Down in booking, she exited from the grate at a run (it should be noted that she had yet to break the stride she'd begun after leaving her office chair), until she got to the holding cells to find several exhausted, and thoroughly abused, Aurors. She also took notice of the severely torn robes of Auror Jones.

"Hestia, what happened here?" The woman with the torn robes, and a good portion of her bosom visible, turned to see her superior, and gave a frown.

"Harry caught a hex in the back." She said. "According to Kingsley, it's one of the uncontrollable lust variety."

"Why would someone use that?" Amelia asked. "If they were really Dark Wizards, why something so...tame?"

"Distraction, maybe?" Hestia guessed. "And they didn't seem like traditional Dark Wizards. To quote Harry, 'More like a gang of thugs trying to pretend they were badass.'"

"Right, continue." Hestia nodded.

"It took several of us to subdue him, and that was only after he'd knocked out our entire team, and had proceeded to start having his way with me; as I'm sure you can see." Bones nodded. "If Delta team hadn't shown up when they did, I'd have probably been shagged seven ways to backwards. Don't get me wrong, after hearing some of the things he's capable of doing to a woman, I'd so spend the night with Harry, but not when he's in that condition."

Amelia rolled her eyes at the comment. She looked into the cell, and could see the young man inside giving her a rather seductive leer. Those intense green eyes sent a spike of something naughty up her spine, and for a second made her forget just where she was, and the situation.

"Go file your report, I'll watch Potter until someone from reversal gets here." As soon as the other woman was gone, Amelia heard the 'prisoner' speak up.

"Hello again, Amelia." Harry said in a silky smooth voice. "You're looking rather...delicious today. I'd love to just eat you all up."

"I just bet you would." Amelia shot back. "Now why don't you have a seat, and wait for the Reversal Squad to look up the counter hex?"

"Why don't you just let me out." Harry sent back. "I'm sure I could make it worth your while." Had she been anyone else, Amelia was sure she'd have blushed at the way the young man licked his lips.

"Nice try brat, but I've heard just about every pathetic pick up line there is." Harry spent the next few minutes regailing her with several pick up lines; many she'd heard, and even a couple she had to admit she hadn't ("The word of the day is legs. How about you get naked and let me spread the word."). He'd then spent another several trying to convince her to either let him out so he could ravish her, or at least come in so he could ravish her. It was as she was wondering what the hell was taking the Reversal Squad so long, that he finally said something that put a little chink in her armor.

"Do you have children, Amelia?" Harry said, and took notice of the slight flinch. "Would you like some? I bet our children would be beautiful. You're very sexy, and I may be modest, but I'm well aware of how many women want to sleep with me. And I bet between the two of us, they would be quite powerful, and magically gifted too."

"Potter!" Amelia growled in warning.

"Come on, Amy." Harry smirked at her gasp. It was a little known fact that her husband used to call her Amy, and it was career- and many believed literal- suicide to even dare call her that. "I'm more than willing to put at least a half dozen little ones inside you. Why don't you just join me inside, we've got a cot right here. I'm sure you're more than good enough to Transfigure it into a more comfortable bed that we can use." Harry's face then turned downright animalistic. "So get your sexy arse in here, and let me give you babies woman."

"The only reason I haven't cursed you yet, is because I'm very sure that it's the hex talking." She said. "My patience, though, is running out, so kindly shut up."

"No!" Harry spat back, taking the woman by surprise. "Not when there's so many things I can, and want to do with you, Amy. Would you like to hear some?"

Despite her negative answer, Harry began a very erotic spiel of all the things he'd do if she'd stop being such a prude, and come in. By the time he got to the things he'd do between her legs with his tongue, Amelia could feel her body's reaction to his words, and her breathing had become heavier. Just as she felt her hand, unbidden from her brain's objections, begin to trail up to her breast, Amelia heard footsteps on the stairs, and snapped herself out of her lust induced haze. Looking over, she found several people coming down the stairs.

"Took you long enough." She griped. "And why are there so many of you? This isn't even really a two man job."

"Sorry, but after I got Auror Jones' briefing, I felt that it might be better if we had a few extra wands down here just in case." He said. "Besides, the rookie here still needs some experience before we send her out into the field." Harry perked up at the mention of the rookie, noticing the rather fetching, and familiar, young woman with the group.

"I'll make you a deal, Amelia," Harry purred, causing one of the Reversal Squad members to blush. "I'll let them come in and do their jobs, if you let me keep the cute little rookie to snuggle with tonight."

Said rookie- a young woman by the name of Natalie McDonald- felt her blush increase until her entire face, and upper portions of her chest were red. She'd known Harry back at Hogwarts, and like many of the girls there, had harbored something of a crush on him back then. Now, they were both adults, and he was even more handsome than she'd remembered.

After not seeing him again for almost five years, and now having him make such sexual insinuations about her person the first time she's meeting him again, well, it was almost more than she could take. She knew why he was making such perverted comments, but it didn't change the fact that a man she'd crushed on was making them. Her reverie was interrupted by the voice of her boss.

"McDonald!" The woman shouted.

"Ma'am," She said, snapping a salute.

"Upstairs, and send Chalmers down." She said, noting the look of disappointment on the girl's face. "It's not that I don't have faith in your abilities, more that I'm more worried about Potter's. He managed to knock out nearly his entire squadron, and had back up not arrived when it had, would have had his way with Auror Jones." The girl gasped. "I don't know if he's capable of that feat without his wand, but I don't want to take the chance that he is. If he somehow gets ahold of someone, I'd rather it be an old bag like myself, than some poor a girl like you who has so much to look forward to."

"Yes ma'am, I understand, ma'am."

"Oh come on, Amelia." Harry said, his voice like silk. "I'm sure Natalie wouldn't mind spending the night with me. I'm sure I can make her first time very memorable. And don't sell your sexy self so short. I'll even let you join us; have a more experienced woman to teach her the ropes, so to speak."

"Potter!" The DMLE Head growled.

"Oh fine, maybe I'll see you around sometime, Nattie." Harry said. "Maybe then Boss Lady won't interrupt, and we can get better acquainted." Seeing the glaring face of his boss, Harry decided to give it a rest. "Alright, alright, I'll be good. I'll even leave the rookie alone, you don't have to send her away."

Getting the go ahead from the DMLE Head, the group of reversal squad members opened and entered the cell, all with wands pointed at Harry. Suddenly, Harry leapt from his seat, and in a matter of moments, all but Natalie found themselves on the ground groaning in discomfort. He sat back down with a grin, and smiled deviously at Natalie.

"Well, are you gonna take care of me, Natalie?" Harry asked. "Don't worry, I won't do anything, I promise. I just felt you should have the chance to prove yourself."

"M-ma'am?" She asked, backing up to the cell door, wand pointed at Harry.

"I swear on my magic that I won't do anything you don't give me permission to do, first." Harry said. "This oath will expire in exactly one hour." Not trusting herself to act, she glanced over at Amelia.

"Just get it over with." She said. Blushing, Natalie began her work, trying to ignore the bedroom eyes, and naughty remarks Harry was giving her. It didn't take long before she had countered the hex used on him. "I'm finished, so, um, I'll be going now."

"I'll be seeing you later, Natalie." Harry purred. "And I hope you taste as delicious as you look." Natalie, face and torso on fire, ran out of the cell. As she left, she paused long enough to give Amelia a warning. "Um, you might want to quarantine him until at least morning, it's going to take some time before he's completely back to normal."

After giving Amelia her warning message, she ran down the hall, and up the stairs. She made a beeline for the loo, locked herself in a stall, and cast the strongest privacy charms she could think of...she'd need awhile to calm herself. As it was, it took her nearly an hour to get back to work, and she had a thoroughly shagged look about her as she returned to her desk blushing up a storm.

Back downstairs, Amelia watched with a hawk's eye- and a small sense of trepidation- as Harry wandlessly levitated the downed men out of the cell, all the while keeping his gaze locked on hers. Now while this may seem impressive, it should be noted that the only spells Harry had any success with wandlessly, were the Summoning, Banishing, and Levitation Charms.

Once they were out, he gave a come hither motion, and the cell door closed. It was in seeing such a casual- even if she didn't know how limited it was- display of Wandless magic, that Amelia realized she wouldn't be able to just leave her auror here to recover. The chance of him escaping, and making some witch's day, even if it was a bit forced, was too great, and she'd already had to deal with the major scandal that was Ronald Weasley making a fool of himself when he was booted from the trainee Auror program. Sending a Patronus memo up to her secretary, Amelia conjured a chair, and took a seat.

"Now, we wait." She muttered with a somewhat tired sigh.


Almost an hour had passed, before she heard a groan from inside the cell. Looking at its lone occupant, she saw her young auror clutching his head, as he sat up.

Glancing around, Harry found himself sitting on a cot in a holding cell, and outside of said cell was his boss. Deciding to find out why he was currently there, he asked.

"Boss, am I in trouble?"

"Less trouble, more precaution." She replied. "Feeling better, Potter?"

"Not really, what happened?" After a short explanation, one which had Harry looking at his feet in embarrassment, he replied. "I was hoping that was just a really screwed up dream. I'm guessing I've got some apologizing to do then."

"Save it for tomorrow." Amelia said

"So, do I have to stay the rest of the night, or can I go home?" Harry asked. Amelia was rightfully a bit suspicious. Then again, Harry always had been quick to recover from things, and she'd seen him shake off worse effects in less time during his Completion Evaluations for Trainee Aurors (CETAs).

Shaking off the sudden apprehension, Amelia opened the cell, and entered. "You know, Potter, you've caused a lot of trouble for me today. Assaulting your auror squadron, attempted sexual assault of a senior officer, assaulting a magical reversal team, and the verbal sexual harrassment of both a co-worker and your boss."

"Um, oops?" Harry tried.

"I have half a mind to discharge you from the corps." Amelia threatened. Amelia saw a strange glint form in his eyes before his confused expression changed, and a second before she found herself pinned to the cell wall.

"Do what you must, Amy," Harry said. "-but it'll have to wait until after I've discharged inside of you."

Amelia cursed herself for falling for such a ruse. Even if the man was capable of shaking things off quickly, she should have erred on the side of caution, especially for something like this. The DMLE Head tried to struggle, but Harry was stronger than she was, his having both her hands pinned above her head with only one of his was a testament to that. She was utterly defenseless against him, and it wasn't someting she was comfortable with.

"I'm not going to force myself on you, Amelia." Harry said, pressing his crotch into hers. "Even as much as I want to fuck and impregnate you, as I'm sure you can feel, I'd never rape you. I also fully plan to apologize to Hestia for that unseemly display while under the thrall of that hex."

"What do you want then?" She asked. "Why are you still holding me, if you don't plan to do something?"

"I never said I didn't plan on doing something." Harry teased, his warm breath ghosting across her neck. "I just don't plan on forcing you. What I do plan on doing, is turning you on until you can't stand it anymore. I'm going to tease you until you tell me to take you."

Harry punctuated this declaration when he pressed and ground his straining crotch firmly against her center. Amelia had to fight back a groan at the feeling, and the fight became even harder when his lips began planting soft kisses up and down her neck. On his next trip down her throat, his lips didn't pause and start back up, but continued to work their way down to where shoulder and collarbone met. After nipping at her shoulder, Harry reversed his lips' path, and traced them back up her neck, and didn't stop until he had reached her ear. After a soft kiss to right behind her lobe, he flicked his tongue out, and traced it slowly down the shell of her ear, before nibbling on her earlobe.

"Merlin I want you so bad, Amy." Harry whispered into her ear as he ground his straining growth into her again. Amelia gasped at the feeling of Harry's bulge rubbing against her clitoris. It was about this time that she began to worry. It had been far too long, and much to her annoyance, she was becoming far too responsive to resist him for very long.

One of the good thing about purebloods, is that they tended to stick with wizarding clothing. The top layer of wizarding wear was an outer robe, which was basically like a combination coat, cloak, and dressing gown. Beneath this was an inner robe that was like a choir robe- or for socialite pureblood women like Narcissa Malfoy, a robe of a lightweight fabric that was practically a cocktail dress. Beneath this...well depending upon the pureblood there was anything from bras, knickers, shorts, a chemise, or any combination of them. Some even went regimental...that is, nothing at all.

Auror robes for desk jockeys like Amelia- and the last person who'd called her that had been demoted to the custodial department of the Auror Academy- consisted of outer robes, inner robes, and their underclothes. Slipping his hand into her outer robe, Harry found that Amelia's inner robe was the zip-up type, rather than the button-up or unbroken fabric type. Taking a hold of the zipper, Harry slowly lowered it. Once done, Harry slipped his hand inside her robes, and came in contact with warm, soft skin.

Harry caressed up and down her side a few times, before his hand began a slow glide up her ribcage. He had just cleared her second rib when his hand came in contact with warm, soft flesh. Not believing what he was feeling, Harry pulled the robe open, and was surprise at what he saw. Harry was admittedly shocked that she'd gone braless- at least until he remembered that most pureblood witches used support charms rather than bras- but the prevailing feeling was definitely arousal. Harry smirked, knowing he should have expected her to go au natural...well, almost au natural anyway.

Harry caressed beneath the curve of her breast, enjoying the softness and give of her huge baps as his finger traced her bust line. He then palmed one with a teasing grope, relishing the delicious, heavy weight of the pillowy mounds.

"I see Susan came by her tantalizing assets honestly." Harry whispered as his hand softly kneaded her breast, running his thumb over her tightened nippled.

Amelia shivered in response to his whispered seduction. Her abdominal muscles clenched reflexively as his knuckle ghosted across her pale skin, tracing lazy circles down to- and around- her belly button. Amelia's breath came in pants, the scorching heat trails his fingers left behind left her craving for more of his touch. A moan escapsed as his nails trailed slowly up her torso, stopping right beneath her large breasts.

Harry again ran his finger along the curve of her breasts from her right to left, before his hand moved around to her back and down to her bottom. She gasped as his strong hands grasped her, the only thing separating his hand and the toned flesh of her behind being the rather racy knickers she was wearing. Normally she wouldn't have worn such things, but it was the only pair that she had with the right cut not to aggravate the injury she'd acquired the day before. Trying to take down an attempting to escape suspect- one who was fairly large, and had foregone magic for brute force- after a decade behind a desk, especially at her age, just wasn't a good idea.

She was pulled from these thoughts as Harry pulled her crotch flush against his, and began to rub more insistently into her. He nibbled her pulse point, squeezing the tight, firm flesh of her bottom. The very prominent bulge in his pants was being ground against her clitoris, and sending some very intense sensations rippling through her loins. She'd known it was only a matter of time before she gave in, and it seemed as if she'd just reached her limit. Harry grinned against her throat when Amelia moaned, and began grinding her crotch back into him.

Harry knew he had her when Amelia's body relaxed and molded to his. He released her pinned hands, and brought it down to join the other one on her bum. Her right arm snaked around his neck, while her bare, toned leg slid up and around his waist. Pulling his lips away from her neck, he kissed her and moaned when her tongue sought his out. Then, suddenly, and without warning- and just as he was really getting into that kiss- Amelia struck.

Amelia bit down on his lip, almost like a lover would in the heat of the moment. Once he was distracted by the motion, she stepped down on the back of his knee, grabbed the back of his neck firmly- and using a twisting motion- pushed him into the wall with her arm, before then grasping him, and flipping him onto his back. Harry let out a loud 'OOF!' as he landed on the hard cell floor. Harry groaned while trying to come to terms with what had just happened.

"Not so great when you're on the receiving end of that, is it?" She asked the man struggling to his feet, after being painfully introduced to the cell wall face first, then the cell floor. "You're lucky Potter, that you actually succeeded in doing what you set out to do, or I'd have your head and your badge for this. Now I hope you can deliver on all of those promises you made earlier, or you might just piss me off."

Harry processed what he'd just heard, before with a lustful glint in his eyes, he swiftly made his way back into her personal space. Amelia once again found herself quickly pinned against the wall, but this time she wasn't being restrained...not that she needed to be. As her lips were claimed in an almost animalistic manner, Amelia's arms quickly went around his neck.

Amelia could tell, just from the way Harry was kissing, groping, and grinding himself into her that it was going to be a long night. A night that she would spend the majority of in the throes of passion. Or rather, it would be spent with him shagging her rotten if any of the rumors about the young man were true- and Sweet Merlin did she hope they were. She also knew what was likely to happen as a result of that much sex, and that if she didn't take care of it now, there would be no chance to once they really got going.

Reaching into her pocket, Amelia drew her wand, and was halfway through casting a contraceptive, when a hand grabbed her wrist firmly but gently. She suddenly found herself facing away from him, but pulled no less close than she had been when she'd been facing him.

"The whole point of me seducing you is to get you an heir."Harry whispered into her ear, before nibbling on it. "I wasn't kidding at all when I told you I planned to impregnate you."

With his arm wrapped around her waist, his hand splayed across her stomach, and his crotch pressed into her rear while his teeth and lips worked her earlobe, Amelia rapidly forgot about the spell she was trying to cast. It wasn't until Harry pulled the wand in her hand from her loose grip that she'd even remembered she was holding one.

"I can't do that if you cast that bloody charm. Besides, if you're going to cast any spell, it should be this one." With a flick of the wand, a magenta spell shot out, and impacted her abdomen.

"What was that?"

"A little variation on the fertility charm." Harry replied. "Instead of making the woman more susceptible to fertilization, it instead makes her ovulate, and blocks any contraception in the system from working."

" the...why the hell would you even know a spell like that?" Amelia asked.

"It was in a book left to me and whoever my wife would be by my mum." Harry replied. "She called it 'Spells That Any Prospective Couple Should Know'. I hope you're ready to be a mother, Amy, because I'm more than ready to make you one."

As the gravity of what she'd just heard fell upon her, Amelia had a split second of indecision. While she was woman enough to admit she was randy enough to shag him, she wasn't sure about allowing herself to become pregnant, regardless of how much she wanted to be a mother. At least, she wasn't sure until Harry started nibbling on her neck, behind her ear, and on her ear lobe proper. After that, and feeling her knees almost buckle twice from the pleasure, she didn't quite care anymore. She was too bloody horny, it had been too damn long, and whatever consequences came after, she would deal with them then.

Amelia reached up and behind her, pulling Harry's head in for a kiss, and rubbing her pert rear end against his straining crotch. That he hadn't messed his pants several times over from all the rubbing and grinding was impressive to say the least. Amelia turned in his embrace so that she was again facing him, all the while their tongues were engaged in a battle of wills as they kissed fiercely.

When it became obvious she wasn't going to win that battle, she switched tactics. Backing away, Amelia shrugged off her robes, and let them fall to the floor.

Harry took a good long look at Amelia's near naked form. Thanks to magic, there were very few signs of aging. Most adult witches over thirty looked ten to fifteen years younger than their muggle counterparts. Given the fact that Amelia didn't look a day over thirty-five max, he would guesstimate that she was either late forties, early fifties max. Regardless of her age, the woman was still hot- the prime definition of a cougar.

And what a cougar she was. Her legs were long, topped by strong, toned thighs, and her shapely bum was firm, but had just the right amount of give. Her waist was slim, and trailed into hips that were womanly, and curvaceous. When Harry caught a full, unobstructed view of Amelia's breasts, his brain nearly shut down. Sure, he'd seen them just moments ago, but he hadn't really taken the time to properly look. If he'd thought Susan's near E-cup was something- and no one but he would know of the accident that had resulted in him seeing those glorious beauties- Amelia's certainly took the cake, and then some.

Amelia smirked, seeing him stare shell-shocked at her chest. One thing that Bones women could count on, was that huge breasts always bred true. It was a little known fact that there hadn't been anything less than a D-cup in almost 12 generations, and that particular Lady Bones had been a very large C that had just barely missed the mark.

It was now her turn to again take advantage of his lustfully distracted state, and she did so, pinning him against the wall. Undoing the fasteners on his outer robe, she slipped her hand inside and began rubbing his chest through his shirt.

Typical active duty field auror robes for purebloods consisted of an outer robe, an inner robe with splits up the side to allow for maneuverability, and whatever one chose to wear beneath it. Recently, with the auror's budget properly padded, along with a sizable donation from Harry after harvesting the remains of the basilisk he'd slain at twelve (despite the decay, there was still quite a bit left to harvest), they were able to also get dragonhide vests standard issue for each new auror. Now, while upkeep and replacement fell on the auror, they didn't have to buy their own initially like in the past.

Harry was one of the few who'd taken a different route to the auror uniform. He discarded the inner robe entirely, preferring a shirt and trousers. While normally he would wear his Basilisk hide vest over his shirt, he'd not been wearing it, and as a result had found himself needing it. Still, those vests were a pain to get on and off until they were properly broken in, so she was rather glad that he wasn't wearing it.

Now that she had the upper hand, Amelia decided that turnabout was fair play- give the young man another taste of his own medicine. Her right hand slid up his chest, up to and behind his neck, teasing the hair at his nape. Her late husband had always enjoyed when she stroked there with her nails, and she'd heard that most men were a bit sensitive there as well. While this was happening, her left hand had gone the opposite direction. As soon as her hand came in contact with- and felt just how large was- Harry's erection, she almost abandoned her plan in favor of getting it inside her.

Still, she hadn't gotten where she was by being impatient. With the self-control that had kept her from cursing Fudge and Umbridge on numerous occasions, she continued with her original plan. Whereas Harry had kissed along hers, Amelia nipped a trail down to his throat as she just barely gripped him through his pants, and began stroking. Hearing him groan in desparation, she slipped to her right so that she could rub his crotch in a more comfortable position for her arm instead of the twisted position trapped between them. Leaning up just a bit, she nibbled his lobe, and whispered into his ear.

"You aren't the only one who can tease, you know." Amelia taunted him, rubbing lightly up and down his crotch front. "How badly do you want me, Potter?" Harry's answer was to groan in frustration, and press harder into her hand to get more friction from the contact.

Leaning back, the witch glanced down to the very large lump beneath her hand. Amelia smirked at the bulge straining in the young man's trousers. The outline of it was now plainly visible, and if he got any harder, the button was liable to pop right off. Amelia continued to stroke his turgid bulge, before softly pinching the head when she reached the tip again. Sliding her hand up to his waistband, she made quick work of his belt, fastener, and zipper, before bringing her other hand down to join the first.

Amelia slipped her hands in the opening of his trousers, and moved them around unto they cupped his buttocks, then pushing them down off his hips. Harry's pants falling to the floor revealed that his stiff penis had slipped through the hole in his boxers. She couldn't help the small smile of satisfaction as she realized this was probably why the outline had been so visible through his trousers. As Amelia squatted to get a little taste of the impressively sized cock that was unveiled, she ran her nails down his thighs, and felt him shiver beneath her finger tips.

Amelia had to pause and stare in disbelief for a moment, as she came to see just how large he was. Feeling it pressed into her was one thing. Seeing it bulging through his pants was even deceiving, but this was more than she'd imagined. Even seeing it bared from above hadn't given her the full scope of his size, but being down on this level, with it sitting right in front of her face showed just what she was getting herself into. Lengthwise, he was fairly well endowed, but would never be labeled huge. His girth however, far exceeded any man she'd ever been with.

'He's so thick.' She thought. 'I don't think I've ever seen one that thick before.'

Running her hands back up his thighs, she brought them to the center, and slowly trailed them along the length of his cock, before taking him in both hands. She could feel how warm and hard he was as she stroked him, and it was throbbing in her hands like crazy. She slowly, almost lazily stroked him, her hands twisting in opposite directions just as slowly, relishing the soft groans coming from the man in front of her.

"Are you ready, Potter?" Amelia teased, sliding it down, and taking the base of his cock in her right hand, her grip a bit firmer than before.

She stuck her tongue out, and seductively wagged it a bit like a writhing tentacle, before making contact with him. Starting about an inch down the shaft from the head, she very slowly ran the bottom fifth of her tongue up the underside of his shaft, breaking contact just as it reached the split at the tip. Harry's stomach and pelvic muscles contracted at how good the torturously slow action felt.

Embarrassingly enough for Harry, his anus joined the clinching when the underside of her tongue touched him where the top had broken left from, and took a reverse trip back to where she'd started from. While some may have taken advantage of the situation to compare how the two sides of the tongue felt against them, Harry was concentrating far too much on how amazing it felt to have her tongue rubbing against him.

Steadying him with her hand, Amelia pressed the tip of her tongue against the opening of Harry's cock, and again made it writhe like a tentacle. She then backed off until it was just barely touching, and began flicking her tongue up and down the sensitive tip. Harry's legs almost buckled at the pleasantly unfamilar sensations. Sure, he'd slept with Hermione quite a few times, she'd even gone down on him just as many, but it had never felt this good. The difference in skill level was quite obvious.

She licked each side of Harry’s swollen head, before slowly circling it. She made a few more revolutions, before coming to a stop with just the head sitting on her tongue, followed by a quick flick upwards across the slit. Leaning back, the DMLE Head licked her lips, making sure to properly wet them for what was coming next. Leaning back in, she formed a small bowl shape with it, before again placing just the head of his penis on her tongue. Using the wet, spongy appendage to cup the head of his cock, Amelia drew him into her mouth.

Amelia slowly engulfed him until she had taken about a third of him, wrapped her moistened lips tightly around him, and took a deep pull of Harry's swollen staff. Almost immediately, Harry was blown away- no pun intended- by the wet warmth of her mouth, and the deep pulling suction that tried to draw him back in even as she tried to pull him out. Considering the way her tongue was flicking around him as she did this, it was a wonder that his legs hadn't given out on him.

Drawing her head back until just the tip was still in, Amelia loosened the grip of her lips. She then slowly engulfed him once more, making circular sweeping motions with her tongue along the underside of the shaft as she filled her mouth with him. She kept going until her lips hit her fingers, which happened to be just under half of his length. This time, when she pulled back, Harry's legs did buckle, but he was luckily able to keep standing. Pulling him free with a wet pop, Amelia stood, and gave him a wicked grin as she licked her lips again.

"How about we take this to the bed before your legs really do give out?" Amelia teased. Harry shuddered in agonizing pleasure as cool air brushed the wet skin of his cock, before quickly recomposing himself.

Grinning, Harry summoned her wand, and handed it to her. With an almost lazy swish, the cot turned into a large bed, easily filling half of the small cell. Another flick guaranteed them all of the privacy that they would need to enjoy the evening's activities without interruptions or unwanted discovery. With a smirk of her own, she pushed him down onto the bed, before again tossing her wand to the side out of the way.

Kneeling on the bed between his spread legs, Amelia traced a finger down the midded of his torso. When she reached his crotch, she grabbed ahold of him, and began softly pumping his shaft as she leaned over him. Starting at his adam's apple, she slowly licked down the middle of torso, planting a kiss every inch or so. When she reached the base of cock, she continued kissing down the length of it, before kissing the crown, and giving him a soft nip.

Hands perched on his thighs, Amelia knelt between his legs, and slowly slid her lips down his shaft, downing half of him before stopping. She slowly pulled back until just the tip was encased between her lips, then sank back down onto him, rubbing along the length of his cock with her tongue. Amelia, bobbed her head up and down slowly, massaging his erect cock with both her tongue and lips. While her pace was still moderately slow, it had developed a steady rhythm that made Harry glad she'd laid him down.

After a slow bob, with a particularly strong suck, Amelia let him slip free with a pop. She ran her tongue up his shaft until she reached the head, and gave it a little flick before trailing her tongue back down, and flicking the spot where his shaft met his scrotum. Licking all the way back up, Amelia circled his head with her tongue, and flicked the underside of his head. Taking Harry back in, she went back to thoroughly sucking and bobbing on his rod.

Harry groaned at the vacuum like suction that was assaulting his organ. Merlin he'd never thought he'd say it, but he was actually experiencing a blowjob that was better than actual sex. He was thankfully given a reprieve when she leaned back to take a few deep breaths. It felt like he was going to cum at any moment, but the way she was holding him seemed to be blocking it. His break didn't last long, as Amelia was soon back bobbing steadily up and down his organ.

After a few more bobs, Amelia again pulled back with a deep pull of vacuum like suction. As her right hand softly stroked him, her other soon joined the first in a slightly tighter grip. She added a gentle twisting motion as she started caressing him with longer, firmer strokes. She held back the smirk that wanted to come when Harry started to buck into her hand, and squeezed him tighter to make sliding in her grip more difficult.

Finally, Amelia loosened her grip, and pressed his large willy against his lower stomach. She rubbed up the underside, tracing the large vein with the bottom of her knuckle, before continuing up to his stomach, and chest. She leaned down to plant kisses up and down his stomach, and even flick his nipples with her fingers just to tease him, when she heard him gasp as his cock was smothered by her boobs. She let loose a gasp of her own when she felt his warm, solid rod start humping into her cleavage.

Amelia gained a thoughtful expression as a memory of something she'd caught her niece doing suddenly flashed through her mind. Amelia had to blush at just how much she'd learned about sex from catching her neice with boyfriends- then ending up watching from a hidden spot while Susan worked her magic. Still, she was nothing if an avid learner- even if she knew her baby brother would blow a gasket if he'd known what she'd allowed Susan get away with at her house.

While Amelia knew she was about to spoil the young man for nearly every other woman he might hook up with, she couldn't be bothered to care at the moment. Besides, it had been awhile for her, so she was going to enjoy this, and she didn't plan on holding anything back.

After a few moments, Harry felt something warm and wet dribble over his cock. Less than a second later, he felt himself encased inside something warm, and soft. Unsure what he was feeling, Harry decided to open his eyes- though he couldn't for the life of him remember closing them- and find out what it was. He did so, and almost came immediately. The sight in front of him was one of the hottest, sexiest, most erotic things he'd ever seen. There before his eyes, his penis was completely smothered between the generously sized mounds of Amelia Bones.

Harry groaned aloud, a look of utter rapture on his face. With his cock smothered between her breasts as it was, he could actually feel her heart beat, and the gentle throb of her pulse tapping against his sensitive length was downright tortuous. The incredible warmth, the soft beat of her heart, and the the way her plush bosom molded snugly around his cock combined for one of the most amazing physical sensations he'd experienced in his life.

While Harry was coming to terms with the new sensations, Amelia was preparing to unleash several more on him. She took a moment to build up a good amount of saliva in her mouth, and let it slither out of her mouth, over her bottom lip, and down into her cleavage. Eyes locked firmly on his partner, Harry groaned at the erotic display, and even moreso when the warm liquid landed on him. She continued this for a few more moments, until she was satisfied that she had a decent amount of lubrication for her plans.

She started with a slow up and down motion, temporarily allowing Harry to enjoy and savor the new feelings. Amelia herself was startled at the tingling sensations she was starting to feel as she slid Harry's member back and forth between her breasts. Now she understood why she'd caught Susan doing this so many times. It felt just as good to give as receive, and for a few minutes she enjoyed the sensations she was giving and receiving in return.

While she had no doubt Harry was enjoying himself, for Amelia, the repetitive motion soon became slightly dull. She stopped her previous motions, and began waving her breasts left to right with him still trapped inside. While it wasn't as intense as before, the different stimulation from the change of direction still felt very good. This respite didn't last long though, as Amelia changed her motion again, going back to the up/downs. The way she kept altering her motions seemed almost as if she was trying to keep him off guard.

After a very pleasant downstroke with her warm, soft pillows, she paused. A couple seconds later, one of her breasts slowly came up, while the other stayed down. Then when that one came down, the other went up, and vice versa. It didn't take long before she'd begun to pick back up to the speed she'd been going before with her breasts mimicking one of those seesaws at the park.

After a few alternating up and down motions, she began moving her heavenly breasts simultaneously again, and began to rapidly pick up speed. With her moving the way she was, combined with what she'd been doing before using her breasts, Harry didn't know how much longer he would last.

Suddenly, just when he thought he might pop, she stopped, and the warm, soft, pillowy tunnel that had encased his cock disappeared. While Harry was a little disappointed that she'd stopped doing what she had been, he still greatly appreciated what she was doing, so kept silent.

He was thoroughly, and pleasantly, surprised when she took his head back into her mouth, and gave it a sturdy suck. Amelia gave a grin when Harry gave an involuntary buck of his hips. Rather pleased with the reaction, she concentrated her efforts there, sucking heartily, and flicking her tongue wildly across the tip. Harry was having a seriously hard time keeping himself from thrusting his hips, but he was determined to let Amelia do what she wanted.

Then suddenly, and without warning, Amelia engulfed his head and plunged her mouth down as far as she could. To his immense surprise, she kept going until he felt her lips reach the base of his cock. Agonizingly slowly, she withdrew; her lips as snugly around his shaft as she could get them to go. Again she took him in, and again he felt her lips wrapped around his base. Pulling back, she came down a third time, and a fourth time, over and over. Just when he didn't think he could take anymore, she pulled all the way back, and the cool air of the holding cell rushed over his spit glazed tool.

'It's been awhile since I've been able to do this, and it has been fun, but it's time to move on.' Amelia thought pulling back to catch her breath.

Once she'd done so, she wasted no time taking him back in, and building up a steady rhythem. A few seconds later, she began to speed up. Not only that, but the strength and intensity of her sucking increased as well, resulting in soft, but clearly audible, slurping sounds every time her head came up.

Harry nearly cried out as she stroked and tugged his cock with her mouth. She was sucking as hard as she could now, her cheeks hollowed with the effort. The intense heat and suction of her mouth was becoming far more than merely ‘too much’.

The faster up and down bobs soon got an upgrade when she adapted the twisting motion to her bobbing head- her head twisting to the left on each downstroke, and right on each up. The new additions allowed her caressing tongue to reach more of his sensitive shaft without changing its position. This was compounded on even further when her hands joined the fray. Her right hand, perched at the bottom never moved more than a centimeter as it twisted back and forth, while the other hand stroked up and down the rest, mimicking the twisting motion of her mouth.

Up and down his cock Amelia's velvety soft lips went; caressing over half his length, coaxing him to completion. Harry whimpered loudly as Amelia's lips stroked him vigorously, even more so when he felt the suction in her mouth intensify- something that he hadn't thought possible. The pleasure pulsing through him was incredible.

It was when she backed off, and started concentrating all of her efforts on his head, that Harry realized that he wasn't going to last very much longer. Her tongue was caressing the underside of his mushroom head with swift flicks that seemed to keep changing direction at random. And then she started swirling her tongue around him in a most chaotic fashion. That was it for Harry, he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Amelia...too much...cumming." With a deep gutteral growl, Harry erupted, his seed exploding from him almost like a cannon.

Amelia moaned as she felt the first splash of Harry's seed coat her tongue. Her cheeks puffed out as she tried to catch all of it in her outh before swallowing. She realized her mistake when her mouth began to get too full. When she gave a cough, and felt some of the thick, creamy fluid come out her nose, she was forced to start swallowing immediately.

Smirking to herself, Amelia used nothing but her jaw muscles to coax Harry's cock from her mouth, making sure to squeeze him tightly with her lips as he slipped from their all encompassing embrace.

For Harry, his breath was coming in deep, harsh pants. He was bloody spent, and didn't think his dick would be of much use to anyone for several minutes. Never had he imagined a blowjob could feel so good, and he was forced to again wonder at how this woman could make her mouth feel better than sex. By the time Harry recovered, Amelia was sitting next to him on the bed, grinning like the cat that got the canary.

"So, is that all you've got?" She teased. "You don't look like you're going to be up for knocking me up, Harry." Giving her a grin of his own, he replied.

"Well, considering that you've pretty much sucked the life out of it, I guess you're right. It'll probably take me a bit to get ready again after something like that."

"Oh?" She said, her grin widening. "That's just a shame."

"Yes, it is. Lucky me, I know just the thing to occupy that time." This time Harry was the one with the predatory look. When she raised her eyebrow in askance, his answer was to pounce onto her, and whisper- "Now it's your turn." - before claiming her lips heatedly. The kiss was intense, but didn't last long, as Harry's lips descended to her throat.

As Harry nibbled and suckled on Amelia's throat, his right hand- which which wasn't being used to prop himself up- began a northward journey, until it reached her sizable mounds. As he gently kneaded the plush flesh, the pad of his thumb softly swiped the stiff nipple.

"Harry," She groaned, breathily. The combination of his lips and the warmth of his breath against her neck, with the roughness of his fingertip as it worked her nipple was exhilirating.

Harry's lips soon left their perch on her throat, and began to trail down, pausing only a moment to suckle on her collarbone before moving on. He placed several soft kisses on the bountiful mound cupped in his hand, then began circling her areola with soft, lingering, open mouth kisses.

He captured her nipple between his lips, causing Amelia's back to arch, pressing her sensitive bud further into his mouth. Harry gently suckled on Amelia's sensitive nub, while swirling his tongue around the tip in a slow motion. He happily licked and sucked Amelia's erect nipple, relishing in the soft whimpers and moans he was pulling from her throat. Pulling away from the glistening nub, Harry switched breasts, and began his assault anew.

Following a similar, yet different pattern, Harry circled the areola with his tongue, before attacking the nipple with his lips. He wasn't going to tease her this time. Harry captured the stiff bud between his lips, and sucked hard, while flicking it with his tongue. Amelia's reaction to the deed was telling of how it felt; her whimper of delight echoing off the cell walls.

Harry suckled Amelia's breast and nipple for several moments, but it was when he gently bit down on her sensitive peak that he got both the most vocal and physical reactions. She cried out in pleasure, and bucked beneath him, grinding her crotch into his. After a few more minutes of pleasurable torture, he finally eased up on the woman with one final, gentle pull with his teeth.

Harry gave Amelia a smug grin as he began kissing down her torso. He may not have been a parselmouth anymore, but that didn't mean he was any less talented orally. He was going to show her that she wasn't the only one who could use her mouth to render someone incapable of thought.

Reaching the waist of the surprisingly sexy panties, Harry hooked his fingers into the band. He slowly drew the garment over Amelia's hips, and down her legs. Once the garment was discarded, Harry's fingers began to slowly trail back up her smooth, toned legs, dragging his nails along the bared, goose pimpling flesh all the way. Amelia's muscles clenched in anticipation, at the soft touch, and she damn near orgasmed when his fingers found a particularly responsive stretch of sking halfway up her thigh.

As his fingers moved along their path, Harry took a moment to take in his prize. Full lips framed her core, and surrounding that was a full, yet well groomed bush. It was certainly different than the only other girl he'd been with, but no less beautiful. When Harry's fingers reached their intended target, he decided to tease her a bit. Placing his pointer and middle fingers into a 'v', Harry gently rubbed her puffed up labia. Using the same two fingers, Harry pulled her plump lips apart, and uncovered her inner lips, licking his lips in anticipation upon seeing that they were already wet.

Sliding them down, Harry ran his two fingers up and down her wet slit, drenching his fingers in her juices. When he pulled them back, he was amazed at just how thick and sticky Amelia's nectar was. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he sucked the creamy juices off of them, and moaned at the exquisite taste. He knew he was certainly going to enjoy eating her. But that was later, for now, he was going to tease her.

Several minutes later, a barely coherent Director of Magical Law Enforcement found herself extremely frustrated, and severely annoyed. When the two fingers currently stroking inside her had first been inserted, they had quickly brought her to the cusp of a rather spectacular climax. The problem though, was that while she was as close to cumming as you can get without doing so, they hadn't been able to bring her the rest of the way. At first, she thought that maybe he didn't quite have the experience to get her off without rubbing her clit, using just his hands. It wasn't until his thumb began massaging said nub that she understood.

It wasn't that he didn't have the skill or experience to, for it was now obvious he did. No, he was teasing her, keeping her on the verge of orgasm, completely capable of, but refusing to grant her release. Amelia glared at the young man posted between her legs smirking up at her. His middle and ring fingers were buried inside her, his palm facing upward, as he gently stroked in and out.

"Tell me what you want." He teased.

"Let me cum, damn you." She whined. "Sweet Merlin, please let me cum."

"Then cum for me, Amy." And then it happened, his fingers began curling, flexing, and flicking in a come hither motion.

The way he was stroking her insides after his declaration was hitting her in just the right way to make her do exactly as he said. Amelia's eyes shut tightly as she tossed her head back- well as much as one could laying on ones back- grinding her head into the bed, and let loose a deep, primal roar through her clenched teeth. Her hips rose into the air, jerking and bucking as she was consumed by her rapture, fisting the bedsheets with fingers and toes. And while she didn't quite squirt, her juices flowed in abundance, until they began to spill down Harry's arm.

Harry slipped his cum soaked digits from the gushing pot in front of him, and again sucked them clean. While her taste was an earthy musk, it was definitely one that Harry found he liked. It was as he was savoring the taste of his partner that Harry decided playtime was over. Amelia had taken her time enjoying teasing him, and drawing it out for her amusement. Harry decided to go in the opposite direction, and make her cum as hard as possible, as quickly as possible, and as often as possible.

Harry started by planting kisses, and gently sucking Amelia's labia. Fully circling the puffy lips, he softly licked the plump folds, sweeping up the moisture there. Finally he returned his mouth to her center, spreading her outer lips with two fingers. He quickly licked her inner lips, his tongue flicking between her folds like a hummingbird's wings. He spent a few minutes gently lapping at the delicate petals, and honey pot, before deciding that it was time to make her cum.

Harry flattened his tongue- though made sure it was narrow enough to slide between her folds- and licked from the bottom of her wet core, up between the lips to her clit. This earned him a surprised gasp, as well as a quick tensing of her muscles. A grin on his face, Harry circled Amelia's clitoris with his tongue, before giving it a firm lick. He followed this up with several quick flicks of his tongue over her clit, finishing with a gentle suck as he pulled back.

Deciding he was done with the warm-up, Harry leaned back in to let his intentions be known. He covered her entire slit with his mouth, stuck the tip of his tongue inside her opening, and slurped as loudly and obscenely as he could for several seconds. Amelia gave a grunt, and tried to buck up into his mouth, but Harry held her down.

After that, Harry attacked her clitoris with his tongue and lips with abandon. His assault was relentless, not letting up for a second, and soon Amelia lost track of how long his attentions lasted. It felt like he'd been sucking and teasing her for hours- when in reality it was only a few minutes- and repeatedly driving her to the edge, but not letting her achieve that peak. Finally, his torturously wonderful treatment came to a head when he suddenly, yet gently bit on her clit. Amelia's eyes crossed, and she felt like jolt of lightening had ripped through her as she came undone.

But Harry wasn't done yet. With a single minded determination, he slipped his fingers back into her, and continued to attack her clitoris with his lips and tongue.

A while later, after screeching, wailing, and screaming out her undying love for the pleasure being delivered to her, Amelia gave a grunt through clenched teeth, and shook violently. As Harry continued to attack her overworked bud, she had all but degenerated into a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Finally, she'd taken all she could, and her hands were soon on his head trying to push him away from her gushing pot. With a smug grin, Harry finally backed off, the lower part of his face soaked in her essence.

Amelia's body shivered- her oversensitized pussy tingling sharply- as she clutched the sheets of the transfigured bed. She breathed deeply, trying to catch the breath that had been knocked from her lungs from the strength of her orgasm, and finally come down from the intense rush of sensations she'd been consumed by. She was definitely going to need a few moments to recover before they got to the main course.

Several minutes later- after finally regaining the energy to continue- found Amelia standing over her supine lovers waist. Rubbing her pussy to make sure she was still ready for him, she lowered her self to her knees over him. Rubbing his head against her wet center, Amelia lined him up, before lowering herself onto him.

She almost whimpered as her inner flesh gave way to his penetrating organ. She wasn't promiscuous, but Amelia was a decently experienced woman, and Harry was easily the biggest man she'd been with since her late husband. With a long, drawn out groan, she guided him in with two solid strokes; the first taking him in halfway- though she was forced to pause, and give her walls a chance to adjust to his size- and the second pulling him in to the hilt.

Harry hissed through clenched teeth when Amelia finally bottomed out, grasping at the bedsheets. Her tight sheath was incredibly hot, and was already wrapped around him as if trying to milk him dry before he'd even started cumming. The soaking wet walls of her insides were grasping him like a vice, and felt like they were melting around him. Just when he thought it couldn't feel any better, he was proven wrong when she began moving.

Amelia settled on her knees and the balls of her feet once she'd felt she'd adjusted enough to his size. Her hands rubbed his chest as she started riding him, before slipping up over his shoulders, and coming to rest on either side of his head. Amelia forewent starting slow in favor of quick release, and began thrusting back and forth at a moderate pace right from the start. Her huge breasts bounced gently back and forth in tune with the soft rhythm of her thrusting- her nipples scraping along his chest- drawing very audible moans from the the pair.

Rising into a more upright straddling position, Amelia rocked atop him and began cupping and squeezing her breasts; pinching and pulling at her own nipples to heighten her pleasure. Between trying to run an effective auror department that was underfunded and undermanned under two virtually useless Ministers, and keep it under budget, it had been a long while since she'd had time to get something bigger than her fingers inside her, and it felt good to be so full again. Beneath her, Harry bucked, rocking her, and comprimising her balance. To remedy this, she leaned back down with her hands on his chest to stabalize herself, and began rocking even harder.

Slowly, her hands began to rub his chest; up and down, up and down in slow oval like motions. Had Harry been able to concentrate on anything but the wet grip on his cock, he'd have noticed that the tips of her thumbs were circling his nipples. It wasn't until her hands slid up over his shoulder, and again came to rest on either side of his head that he was able to pull his focus away from what was happening below his waist. The slightly heavy, doughy mounds resting on his chest went a long way in doing that.

His concentration was further engaged when Amelia leaned down, and captured his lips in a tender kiss. Their tongues dueled for a bit, before she pulled away; her lips tracing his jaw line, before going down and teasing his throat. Even at fifty, Amelia Bones was a sexy, sensuous woman, and if he didn't think the age gap would make things awkward, he would easily be willing to try for an actual long term relationship.

Harry let out a small half grunt/half gasp when she nipped at his shoulder, and continued down his chest to his left pectoral. A shuddering breath was drawn from him when she leaned down further, and her teeth gently pulled at the tiny bud there. From there a groan was inevitable as she suckled at Harry's nipple, before switching to swiping it up and down with her tongue. With her position and angling making grinding a little uncomfortable, Amelia switched to bouncing her hips atop Harry; the sound of damp skin slapping could be heard, along with the sounds of her sucking and lapping at his nipple like a hungry pup.

Harry could feel her large, soft mounds bouncing against his stomach, and the cacophony of sensations- especially with the grip her hot pussy had on his cock- started to drive him wild. Releasing the bedding, Harry's hands came up, and took a firm grip on Amelia's firm bottom. Squeezing the tight flesh, Harry began to meet her bounces with thrusts of equal furvur. Amelia was forced to right herself when Harry gave her a particularly strong thrust that hit her really deep, and threw her balance off.

With her hands moving back to his chest, Amelia sat back up to give her more leverage, and put a bit of weight on his pelvis to reduce the strength of Harry's meeting thrusts. She knew she had to stay in control of things, because if Harry took control, he'd likely end up wasting her by the time they were finished. As it was, too much more of what he was doing, and she'd have been done for far too soon. Deciding to take it a bit further, Amelia leaned back even more- hands braced on his thighs- and renewed her previous grinding pattern.

When she leaned back, Harry decided to take advantage of her new position, and the lack of pressure on his chest holding him down. Harry pushed himself into a sitting position, and immediately began devouring her breasts with licks, sucks, and gentle pulls with his teeth. His hands traced up her thighs, around her to behind where it gave a soft grope, before sliding up her back, over her shoulders, and down her chest to her huge baps. He then cupped both her soft, pillowy breasts, smushing them together. With a teasing grin on his face, Harry brought her nipples to his mouth, and began to greedily suck both them both at the same time. Amelia trembled in ecstasy atop him, her grinding picking up in intensity.

Still, Harry wasn't satisfied with just being along for the ride, pardon the pun. No, he wanted to do more than just let her bounce and grind on him. More than just using his mouth and hands to supplement what she was doing. Harry wanted to be in control of the pace for a bit. With that in mind, he set about fixing this current situation.

Releasing her nipples, Harry wrapped one arm around her waist, and using other to gain leverage, flipped them over so that he was on top. Harry leaned over her braced on his forearms and knees, smirking down at her shocked, and slightly worried face. With his hands positioned under her arms near the shoulder, it only took flipping them over to grip her shoulders to give him the leverage for an exceptionally strong and fast pace.

With her knees spread wide, and her legs hooked over his thighs, Amelia knew that Harry was in control, and in a position to shag her rotten. The only thing she could do now was ride this thing out, and hope she was still coherent enough to enjoy the massively huge orgasm she knew was coming.

With a naughty smile on his face, Harry started thrusting. Like his lover before him, he forewent taking it slow, mirroring her steady pace right away. Harry couldn't help staring at the erotic form beneath him as he pounded her. Her face was etched in a mask of pleasure, her mouth stuck in an 'o' as she cried out, and her body was slick with the perspiration their exertions had created. But the most beautiful thing about the picture were her bouncing breasts. They were pushed together by forearms as if pincered inside them, and with her hands perched on top- seemingly boxing them in- it looked almost like just the tips were of her breasts were bouncing in time with his thrusts.

The amazing sight caused something primal to snap in Harry. The pace and strength of his thrusts suddenly picked up, sending deep, pounding shots of delight into the inner depths her pussy. Amelia didn't know if she'd underestimated his length, or if it had just been too long with only her fingers, but he was hitting far deeper than she thought he would. Teeth clenched, and tensely primed for a powerful climax, Amelia groaned.

'He's so thick, digging so deep. I'm so full, I can feel him everywhere.' She thought as her arms wrapped around his torso. There was a burning coil tightening in her belly that was just itching to be released, but her partner's deep, probing injections never seemed to hit her the right way to do so.

It wasn't long after this thought entered her mind than two deep gut shots- ones she would later swear had penetrated her cervix- proved to be too much for her. Amelia's back arched like a bow, and her eyes rolled up as an orgasm- the likes of which she'd never experienced before- slammed into her like an overpowered bludgeoning hex. Her body shook violently, her grip on him tightened severely, and her nails dug into his back, leaving a red trail as she clawed at him.

Harry groaned and tensed as the pressure built in his loins to a breaking point. He tried to hold off the inevitable for just a bit longer, but when he felt a tingle go up his spine, he knew it was to no avail. The squeezing ripple of her vagina felt like it was trying to milk every ounce of fluid he had to offer, and he was more than happy to give it.

As soon as Harry felt his lover contract and convulse, he erupted. With a cry that resembled more of a growl, his organ jerked violently, spraying his seed deep inside Amelia. The orgasm was so intense, he felt like all the energy in his body was leaving him with the massive tidal wave of spunk that flowed from his loins.

'Oh Merlin, he's pumping so much inside of me, I think I might aready be pregnant.' Amelia cried in her mind, clutching even tighter to him.

Amelia released several shuddering moans as she finally came down from her climax. Even as she twitched from the orgasmic aftershocks, she could feel her lover's seed churning inside her. There was no doubt in her mind that she was pregnant, or would be soon, especially given Harry's voluminous explosion.

It was only once she'd started to recover that she noticed that not only was her lover still hard, but that he'd already started moving again. Far too sensitive to immediately go again right away, she pushed at his chest with all the strength her orgasm weakened frame could muster. Feeling the soft pressure against his chest, Harry paused midthrust to see what was wrong.

"Too s-sensitive...n-need a...moment..." Amelia stuttered. Giving his boss a smug grin, Harry slowly withdrew from her- earning him a groaned whimper- and laid on his side next to her.

"Oh, is that all you've got?" Harry teased, throwing her words back at him. "I thought I was supposed to be knocking you up. I can't do that if you quit after just one go."

Amelia glared, but didn't respond, vowing to make him pay for it once she was ready to go again. She was going to make him beg her to keep him as her little boytoy by the time this was over. In the mean time, she was just going to lay there, and try not to get too turned on from the feel of his cum spilling out of her.

When Amelia had again recovered enough to start again, she vowed that this time she really would wipe that smug grin off his face. Grabbing him by the face she kissed him, and pulled him back on top of her. Now while Harry started out on top, he ended up again on the bottom. Still, having proved his point once, he was content to let her take the lead this time. It wasn’t long before she came violently around him for a second time. Her orgasm washed through her like a tidal wave, setting her to trembling, while she laid down onto him, and held clutched him for dear life.

When her bucking hips suddenly froze, and her sheath tightened around him like a wet vice, Harry knew that this round was over. Feeling her muscles rippling around him proved too much for Harry.

"God, Amelia." Harry gasped, as he filled her wet cavern with his semen, and flooded her womb for a second time.

Amelia groaned as she felt the numerous pulses of his seed splashing inside her. She hadn't cum like that in over a decade- or that many times at once since her husband Gerald- and it felt terribly good to have a man inside her again; and equally as good to feel his seed filling her. As Amelia gasped for breath trying to recover, she knew without a doubt that she was going to conceive. Unless he was sterile- which she doubted- then his volume alone would see to her getting pregnant, and that wasn't even taking into account that spell he'd used to boost her fertility.

In the few moments it took to consider her conception possibilities, she had yet to realize that the young man was still hard, had already started round three, and was thrusting into her again. Dear Merlin, trying to keep up with a lad this virile was going to be the death of her.

'Although it would be a delightful way to go.' Amelia thought. 'I think I'll introduce him to my neice, well, reintroduce I should say. He's a good man, and would make a woman a good husband.' When Harry gave a thrust that hit her in just the right spot to make her moan loudly, she ammended her statement. 'After he's succeeded in giving me an heir, of course. No point putting the burden of continuing the line on Susan.'

It took another five hours for the effects of the hex to wear off, and by then Amelia Bones was utterly wrecked, and ready to pass out. As she wailed out her eleventh penis induced climax, and felt her already overflowing passage utterly filled for the ninth time, she knew she couldn't take another round of this. She had reached her limit three rounds ago, and was just barely hanging onto consciousness. When her lover finally stopped convulsing atop her, the insane flood subsided- and how he had been able to cum with such volume and thickness ten times she didn't know- and Harry finally collapsed onto her back completely spent, Amelia thanked her lucky stars that it was finally over.

While being shagged rotten after so long without had been exciting and wonderfully pleasing, that had far more than she was ready to take on after so long. A few minutes later when she felt herself pulled to her side, and a pair of strong arms wrap around her, Amelia couldn't help snuggling back into Harry's chest. This was another thing that she'd missed since the death of her husband.

Just as she was about to doze off, Harry's now softened cock slipped free, and the massive cream filling it had been holding back began to ooze out of her. Sure, she had enjoyed the sensation before, but there hadn't been nearly as much the first time. While the feeling of so much thick fluid spilling from her was slightly unpleasant, she knew without a doubt that she was going to be a mummy.

Amelia Bones retired as the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement three months later. Just under a year after their romp in a holding cell, James Edgar Bones was born. A bit over three years after that, Harry Potter married his fiance of a year, Susan Amelia nee Bones, followed quickly by the birth of their twins Sirius John and Lily Winifred Potter. Another two years after that, with Susan's consent- and after a really wild night with the two mothers of his children who he found were very kinky- Harry became the father to Colin Hugo Potter and Amelia Rose Potter, who were born two days apart.


This is the status of the main characters (people who had a significant impact on events) of this fic as of the last period of the story.

Harry Potter: Married to Susan Bones, with her Aunt Amelia Bones as something of a very welcome in bed mistress (with Susan's complete consent). He has five children: James age 5 (Amelia), Sirius and Lily age 2 (Susan), Colin a newborn (Amelia), and Amelia whose two days old (Susan).

Amelia Bones: Sort of Mistress to Harry Potter with her neices complete consent (especially if the way Harry's youngest two children were conceived is any indication), and the mother of his eldest and youngest sons.

Hermione Granger: Very successful witch, cured Lycanthropy for the newly infected, and reinvented Wolfsbane to make transformed werewolves virtually harmless. Never married or had children. Went to her grave regretting her logical decision to be with Ron, rather than following her heart (and loins) that was telling her to be with Harry.

Ron Weasley: Failure at life, still lives with his parents. Without Harry and Hermione there to help keep him motivated, his habitual slacking attitude worked against him.
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