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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

by SoulSushi

It's time to say goodbye, but Gin's acting up. Who will die before they escape?

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Chapter 11
Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

The others were all stood in the attic, a little wooden room that reminded me strangely of a ski cabin I had stayed in once.
And then I remembered where I was and what the rules were, and decided to just simply say it was that ski cabin.
The others all smiled when I walked in. I had a huge grin on my face from watching that major turning point, and I think they found my facial expression weird.
They had all faced their worst fears. I had done no such thing.
Gin suddenly ran into the room, wrapping his arms around me and crying.
“It was horrible! He tortured me!” Ulquiorra appeared and sighed.
“I did no such thing. We merely played chess.” Gin pointed at him.
“You cheated.”
“Just because I won every game, it does not state that I cheated. At all.” I nudged Gin off.
He was just being a drama queen, but I had never seen him act like that before. It wasn’t very Gin. Then, I spotted something.
His skin was red.
“Can we go now Grimmy? I don’t like it here, and I don’t like him!” He shoved a long index finger in the direction of Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra sighed and shook his head, and then turned around to walk out of the room.
“I missed you Grimmjow! I was so worried! I...” I shoved Gin out of the way.
“Ulquiorra? Are you okay?” He didn’t turn to look at me, but the trembling in his voice gave me a very clear picture.
“I am fine Grimmjow. Exit through the door you entered and you can all go.” I stopped.
“But you told me one of us would...” He nodded.
“That still holds true.” He looked at me.
Tears were falling down his face.
“As soon as you leave, my time will have passed. I will die by your hands.”
I froze.
No, this was all wrong! That couldn’t happen! I had grown too attached to him!
“Come on Grimmy.” Gin started. “You can forget he ever existed. He’s done nothing for you. He’s nothing to you. Come on...” I pushed him aside.
“Shut it, Gin. You weren’t there.” He stared at the others.
“Is there any way to stop it?” Ulquiorra wiped his eyes and nodded.
“You would have to sacrifice one of your friends for me, but I would never expect you to do that.” I sighed, shaking my head.
“Why do you want to help him? What wasn’t I there for?” Gin asked. Nnoitra growled.
“Will you shut up? Your moany voice is starting to piss us all off. They kissed. Seems that while Grimmjow’s been saving our backsides, he’s become determined to save Ulquiorra’s too.” Gin stared at me, looking heart broken.
And then he snapped.
He grabbed a lamp off of a near by table, and ran towards Ulquiorra.
The look on Ulquiorra’s face then was one I would never forget.
He looked terrified, almost a mirror image of the younger me. Tears were still falling down his cheeks, but he wasn’t moving.
He was going to die in a few minutes anyway, What was a few minutes deducted from his overall time?
But Gin. Gin had taken this way too far.
I had to make a decision now.
The lamp flew towards Ulquiorra’s head, and he cringed, ready to take the blow, when I blocked it with my forearm.
I had made my decision. I was going to choose Ulquiorra over Gin. Ulquiorra at first had seemed terrifying, but underneath the gloomy exterior lived the most loving, helpful, sad person I had ever met.
Gin appeared to be nice, but a fox hid behind his smile, ready to attack the helpless prey at a seconds notice.
I know which one I would rather be with.
I threw Gin across the room.
“ARE YOU INSANE?” I shouted. “GET A GRIP!” He snarled at me.
“Get out of the way or I’ll kill you too!” The others gasped, but didn’t intervene. They were too shocked.
Gin growled.
“I didn’t mean that Grimmjow. Just let me have him. I’m just putting him down a few minutes early.” He charged again. My hand flew to the desk, and picked up the first thing I could find.
I hit Gin with it, and only after did I realise that it had been a steak knife.
It was sticking out of Gin’s chest. I growled.
“Not only did you attempt to kill someone who had done nothing to you, you also tried to take my life. That was unforgivable.” Gin stumbled back, falling against the legs of a wooden chair.
“Grimmjow?” Nnoitra stared at me.
“Nnoitra, me or Gin?” He shut up at that. Szayel shook his head.
“He’s not going to survive that. He probably has a few more seconds left.” Gin then spat up blood.
“You murderer.” I stuck up a finger at him.
“Look who’s talking. I was wrong about you. Just fucking die already.” Gin went to retaliate, but his head dropped.
Ulquiorra was shaking.
“You should not have done that for me.” I shook my head.
“He shouldn’t have tried to attack you. I wasn’t going to stand by and watch him do it.” Ulquiorra hugged me.
“I suppose you should leave now.” I stared at him.
“I didn’t do it for that specific reason, but there’s an empty space now.” He turned to the others.
“They would not like that. They could never forgive me for what I have put them through.” Ilforte stepped forward.
“You ruined my hair TWICE, brother!” He snarled, and then laughed, sticking out a hand.
“But you’re cute, you’re actually a nice guy and you make our Grimmy the happiest we’ve ever seen him, so I’m all for it.” Ulquiorra stared at him, hesitating.
Suddenly, a small smile appeared on his face and he took Ilforte’s hand.
“Thank you, but what about the others?” Stark shrugged.
“I can’t argue with Ilforte.”
“You can’t physically argue with anyone Stark.” Nnoitra laughed.
“But even I can’t argue with Ilforte. One, he makes a bloody good point, and two, he would kick my ass.” Ilforte flicked his hair over his shoulder and smirked.
Szayel laughed.
“Why on earth not? I want to get to know about you and your abilities some more. They fascinate me.” Ulquiorra stared up at me.
“Do you want me to come?” I took his hand and grinned.
I suddenly then picked him up, and kissed him.
“Don’t be stupid. Of course I do.” I grinned. He threw his arms around my neck, a genuine warm smile one his face, his eyes closed, but wet with tears of happiness.
“Thank you. All of you.” I smiled.
“Let’s go.” We all made our way to the door, and then Ulquiorra laughed.
It sent shivers down my spine. It sounded like a tiny little bell tinkling.
“I forgot, did I not?” He waved his hand, and a door handle appeared.
We all burst out laughing. I walked up to him.
“For old times sake.” He nodded. I stared at the door, took my aim, and booted it wide open.
There was a flash of white.
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