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Chapter 2: Uzumaki Inheritence

by Tamult

Tsunade gets a little personal in her medical review. And an old clan document comes into play.

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Chapter 2: Uzumaki Inheritance

* * *

Tsunade was tired. Three years of being Hokage without the blond knucklehead was somehow less then they should have been. As if it was less full. And the brat always, and she knew it was always, got back into her mind. The idiot somehow managed to always be in conversation, and any alliance the leaf recently had seemed to have his name attached to it. Nami no Kuni was probably the most impressive example, as they brought a huge amount of trade. Even the Daimyo knew him by name from others.

And what was worse was that Naruto had no idea of it all, she was sure. He was the cause of her finally finding that scroll of Mito's, and found out exactly what his heritage was, thanks to Kushina's family tree. Surprises really weren't that surprising anymore when Naruto was involved. Or it should have been.

No, Naruto had to be the sole surviving heir of both the Uzumaki clan, and the Uzu no Kuni Daimyo. And that was without knowing who or what Naruto's relation on his fathers side was. And the bloodlines that the Uzumaki had made Tsunade groan in pain. As all Uzumaki bloodlines except for their stupidly huge amount of chakra were seen only after puberty.

Tsunade even found out why her breasts seemed to grow so suddenly during the third war. It was apparently an Uzumaki seal that Mito had placed on her, like all Uzumaki's should have for their own protection until they learn how to form the seals themselves. As all Uzumaki were what would have been for the lack of a better word, prominent with the sexual genitalia.

And with how long lived they were, it was actually rather easy for them to notice certain sexual differences between those that were clansman, and those that weren't. It was actually the Uzumaki who led the medical probability of chakra being the deciding factor, as the relations between the closely related Senju clan was an eye-opener after remarriage of a female Senju to another Senju to an Uzumaki after widowing showed vast differences beyond genetic differences in her sons.

It was a fact rarely remembered these days, after the destruction of Uzu no Kuni and Uzushiogakure. But the Uzumaki family itself was known not just for their red hair, and seals, but something that made a large number of individuals jealous. They were big in bed, and the size queens and kings wet dreams made real. A huge number of people called them the clan that slept with demons, because nothing human was about them in that way. Some of them were called to have parents who were sex demons, and quite a few called them the sex demons themselves. It was why red hair was so reviled, actually.

It was the Uzumaki's themselves who smiled at that notion, and the family tree even mentioned the possibility long before those detractors. But not for their size, but for the vast differences between the Senju line that occurred almost immediately after the first known Uzumaki was born. And it was bloodlines that let them live long.

But, no, it was worse than that for Naruto, as he had five different possible known bloodlines from his family tree. His normal Uzumaki chakra inheritance, and his mother's chakra chains were there, but the others made Tsunade whistle. And grimace a bit. And then get a little intrigued.

Uzumaki bloodline possibility one; Rinnegan, as the Uzumaki tree managed to trace back all the way up until the time they seperated from the Senju. This was a rather mythical possibility, as no one knew exactly how it was possible to activate. It was such a fanciful option that it should be dismissed.

Uzumaki bloodline possibility two; chakra nature empowerment. It was likely that very nature that was passed down to Tobirama, whose grandfather was Uzumaki. It might have even been what gave Hashirama the ability to produce mokuton so easily. This was the most likely of them to be had as well.

Uzumaki bloodline possibility three; the fabled Uzumaki bloodline booster. It enhances the natural Uzumaki bloodlines that everyone of the Uzumaki possessed. Chakra through the roof, bodies that barely age a day for each year after puberty. And most glaringly for identification issues, genitals that wouldn't be far off of any sexual demon. Fitting a fist and an arm would be easier for him then his own. Luckily the Uzumaki had seals to help with that. . .

The bad news, of course for Tsunade, was that she couldn't understand them. And she was the second best seal expert in the Leaf, and Jiraiya was of course her only better. The pervert would love this. The image of Naruto's giant penis forcing her to beg. . .

Tsunade shook her head clearing any naughty thoughts that she really shouldn't be thinking of. . . /now/. Shuddering, the whole issue of the Kyuubi gave her another shock.

What did it give to him, as every Jinchurriki had a special power that they carried with them for life. Regeneration was great and all, but she was sure all of them did that, except for the Kyuubi doing it at avastly faster pace. Maybe it was physical?

“Tsunade-sama, Naruto and Jiraiya-sama is back,” called Shizune, breaking her out of her line of thought.

Tsunade glared at the window, where sure enough, there he was. “Hey Hime, you looked like you were thinking about something hard,” Jiraiya laughed, “was it little old me.”

“No, it wasn't little old you, you pervert. Now where is the shrimpy brat,” Tsunade growled.

“Ahh, a little hard on for my apprentice? To bad I've yet to see him even remotely sexually interested in anyone,” Jiraiya whistled, “I tried to get him to even try looking, but he just walked away. Anyway, he should be on his way up, he got sidetracked by the other rookies getting here.”

“Thankfully the brat is still a prude for our sakes,” Tsunade let out aheld breath. “I found Grandmother Mito's old clan scroll that Kushina updated, but well, I fear what the Kyuubi has done to his sexual organ. Let alone old Uzumaki bloodline possibilities.”

“Hime, talking dirty aren't you,” Jiraiya said with a lecherous grin before getting glared at once more, “Alright, alright, what do you mean? Kushi-chan's Chakra Chains weren't likely affected negatively if he has them.”

“No, I mean, the other possibilities. His medical review stated he needed one by me since I have the Uzumaki clan scroll. We'll need to tell him if you think he is ready to learn it.,” Tsunade stated,“Besides, I found something out that requires his . . .” Tsunade broke off as she was interrupted by a slamming door that had a proud and confident Uzumaki Naruto followed by her two apprentices.

“Perfect timing Naruto, I need to get a long overdue medical check up for you. But we will do that after your test tomorrow. I believe you know the person proctoring it. Right, Kakashi?”

“Yo, you've grown Naruto,” Kakashi replied outside the window, “I just got here myself.” Kakashi added hurriedly after a look from both Jiraiya and Tsunade told him to answer.

** *

“You did quite well Naruto, but now I have to give you a check up. I'll let your psychiatric portion go for now, as you seem to be quite similar in personality since before you left,” Tsunade began.

“You got it Baa-chan,” Naruto gave her a toothy smile.

“For that, we are drawing your blood the painful way,” Tsunade said with a grin as she pulled out a few needles. Jamming them quickly into Naruto in nerve points, she trusted the Kyuubi to regenerate him afterwards.

“OUCH!Geez sorry. No need to do that,” Naruto grumbled as the capsules were filled with blood. “So why did you need to do that?”

“We have to check your blood for any alterations and matching any bloodline samples we have,” Tsunade said.

“You mean you may know my parents,” Naruto asked excitedly.

“No, I mean we need to check for any Uzumaki bloodlines or any other changes from the base bloodline when you were born,” Tsunade said, leaving off his parentage for later.

“Oh well,” Naruto said, his excitement dying down.

“Now get undressed,” Tsunade simply stated to a bug eyed Naruto, “We need to check you and your genitals for any odd changes that might have been made by the Kyuubi.”

Naruto gulped as he slowly got undressed, blushing with embarrassment as Tsunade looked on. “Anything weird so far?” Naruto was not muscular, he was sculpted. The only thing not on his body that would fit with that picture was his flacid penis. It was big, but not unusually so. In fact, it didn't look like it could possibly get to thirteen inches, and Tsunade wondered if the examiner had made amistake.

“Have you ever been aroused to the point of erection,” Tsunade asked, drawing a blank stare from Naruto. “Have. You. Gotten. Hard. There?” Tsunade asked poking it. Naruto quickly shook his head no. “Never? You've never done that? I know you've seen a girl naked before, but really?” Naruto flushed red as he shook his head. “Have you tried to get one?” Tsunade was slightly relieved when Naruto shook his head. “You've never masturbated at all either. Have you ever had a sex class?” Naruto shook his head no after pondering for a minute.

“Well, will need to see if it can get up naturally first. Now, Naruto, this time I want you to watch the tape. While I don't admire perverts like Jiraiya, it is perfectly fine to have some sexual thoughts. In fact, not having any is atypical. Even I have had some sexual thoughts.”'Like the one with you and your supposed big dick penetrates me on the desk.' Tsunade actually visibly blushed then. “I'll watch it with you, alright?”

“Hai,” Naruto squeeked as he sat on the bed next to Tsunade. The video rolled, and while Naruto saw the heavy action between some girl with blonde hair, a Yamanaka by the looks of it, with what had to be aNara clan member judging by their typical pineapple hair style. Naruto really did try, but he just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't there, it wasn't personal for him. He just couldn't put him into there shinobi boots.

“Nothing,” Tsunade sighed as she looked down, “Alright, alright. I guess I've got to go a bit more personal, don't I?” Tsunade grabbed Naruto gently and pushed him down on the surprisingly soft hospital bed. It was as Tsunade slowly disrobed that Naruto felt a slight tingle.

He watched as her neck curved with her body as it arched to get that first layer off, revealing that deep cut cleavage baring outfit put on display. As her hands played across her taught belly as she slowly untied the sash helping to keep it on her. The slow jiggle of her massive mammaries as they came out of their cloth bound homes. The slow sensual crawl of her pants and panties as they slid down her legs. Her luscious body bound in a henge to make her seem like she was thirty. That all gave Naruto a slight tingle, but it was Tsunade's ever darkening blush as she touched his penis that sent Naruto to his realization that this was real, and happening to him. Tsunade pressing in for a kiss made him lose control.

He had hesitantly accepted it, Tsunade's kiss, when after he suddenly stopped his minor struggle that he kissed back earnestly. And Tsunade felt his penis engorge itself slowly. A heat rose in her, as it mirrored the rise of his libido. The battle for tongue dominance left Tsunade out of breath. She wanted Naruto now, medical exam be damned, she had never felt this horny before. She placed both hands and wrapped them around his head as he did the same to her and went in for a second match. It was with a sharp squeak from the feeling of not Naruto's hands poking her breasts interrupted it before it began. She looked down and could almost faint at seeing something she didn't expect to see on a horse. It was only two feet long, massive as that was, that seemed probable on a horse, it was the fact that the circumference was at least a foot that got her scared.

And very, very wet, for some reason. Her hormones had gone crazy at asingle sight of the massive beast. And Naruto's eyes had glazed over like hers, from the pheromones in the air as he lifted Tsunade up. Tsunade went on auto pilot as she simply did the signs for a soft body modification technique.

“I want you in me, Naruto,” Tsunade huskily breathed. Tsunade's mind broke into a dead sprint after realizing exactly what she said. Naruto's heavy kiss broke through the resistance that her mind formed.

“I want to be in you, Tsunade-hime,” Naruto spoke, and any more mental resistance shattered as he lined himself up with her pussy. He slowly entered, and even with the technique, her body cried out in physical resistance. Slowly her lower lips parted as Naruto got two inches in, her skin stretched to show it passing upwards as she was spitted on his dick. Her mouth gave a sharp cry, air being pushed out of her lungs as he slid further up. Half his massive rod had penetrated her, and her organs moved out of the way, forcing her to scream in pleasure and pain.

A heavy grunt signaled the final push in as he used all his strength to get in. He looked down and smiled before they stole each others breath once more, his dick visibly twitching in Tsunade's stomach as they stayed put for a minute. Naruto's penis resided just below her breasts at its farthest point. It bulged out, her heaves for air causing her breasts to jiggle and slap it. The motion grabbed his attention, and grasped her beautiful bosom with his hands.

A gentle squeeze gave way to the feeling of soft luscious pillows that man could only dream of. He squeezed tighter, reveling in the feeling of her breasts as her body hitched and let out a groan. Tsunade's body shook heavily, and the feeling of it on his already constricted penis. The magnified pleasure got him to slowly release his grip, and suddenly grasp tighter. The jolt and heavy moan came from Tsunade again.

“More. . . Please. . . Tease my. . . Nipples. . . More,” Tsunade pleasurably groaned out. Naruto went down to give a short kiss to Tsunade. Releasing the mounds of flesh and watched them bounce. Tsunade's nipples stood out, erect as Naruto slid his finger tips over them. A hitch in her breath left a grin on his face, as he took his fingers and pressed downwards.

A loud moan left her mouth, and grasped her as her body shook his member to its core. He gripped her nipples between his fingers and thumb, and pushed in to a moan before pulling out hard. Tsunade screamed with pleasure as her body ripped in an orgasm. Her bodies contortion crushed downwards on his dick, and it took all his considerable stamina to stop from letting loose what he knew would be his own.

“Ha. . . Ha. . . Please. . . Fuck Me,” Tsunade screamed out while panting. Naruto let his hands grasp down on Tsunade's bountiful bust and pulled out slowly, hearing a slow moan. A sharp thrust that jutted into the bottom of her breasts led to a sharp scream of exctasy. Naruto's thrust again and again slammed into her body, each pitch granting a yell of pleasure. “More! More,” Tsunade cried, her body crunching down again.

“Fu. . .ck,” Naruto cried, “I feel like I'm about to burst.” Naruto said as he slowed down. His penis pulsed and engorged.

“Chakra. . . Use. . . to. . . Increase. . . Endurance,” Tsunade cried out. Naruto flooded his body with chakra, and noticed it did nothing to help him stay longer. He focused his chakra on his penis, and felt slight relief, before he squeezed down hard as the constriction got even tighter. “Ouch!” Naruto looked down at Tsunade as he slowly eased his grip.

His penis now rested between her breasts comfortably as her skin stretched to fit it. Her breasts gave a weird feeling as they settled around his dick. “Oh, wow. I knew your breasts were amazing, Tsunade-hime, but they feel glorious.”

“Damn. . . Your Penis is a Monster,” Tsunade buckled, “Fuck it. FUCK ME! POUND IT IN! I CAN'T STAND IT!”

“Your wish is my command,” Naruto grunted, before slowly pulling it out and slamming it in, relishing the feeling of her breasts getting knocked up ever thrust in and jiggle. Slowly Naruto picked up, Tsunade's sharp yells were music to his ears. As he worked faster and faster, Tsunade's bouncing beauties never came back down to center.

“F. . . U. . . C. . . K. . .” Tsunade got each syllable out in between her cries. Naruto grabbed Tsunade's arms and pulled her upright. His penis resting farther in, he growled in pleasure as he slammed her down again to the hilt. Sharply he gripped with one hand the back of Tsunade's head as he planted a heavy kiss. Tsunade suddenly stilled, her body lighting up in pleasure. A heavenly orgasm shook her as her breath was stolen. She was left panting as they separated.

“Sorry. I can't hold on,” Naruto groaned. Tsunade's eyes widened in shock as Naruto's already gargantuan dick engorged. He exploded inside of her, and liters of sperm came out and expanded her body again. Her womb was drenched and her technique stretched even further, before her eyes rolled in to her head in pleasure as the biggest orgasm she had felt blew up with her.

“Ungh,” Tsunade gurgled out as she lost control and even her technique failed to contain her bounty of sperm. Naruto growled out as he let more sperm into her, before pulling out. The loss of pressure released aflood from her, and Tsunade fell back into unconsciousness, as a poof surrounded her. Naruto wrapped his arms around her as he laid his head down right next to her.

** *

An hour later or so, Naruto woke up on Tsunade's bust as his head was stroke slowly. He looked up to see a smiling Tsunade, as she rubbed her self slowly.

“Glad to see your awake Naruto-koi. You definitely had that bloodline enhancement. I don't think anyone else could be that big,” Tsunade smiled at him.

“Glad to see your doing alright, Tsunade-hime. You look more beautiful than usual,” Naruto smiled back. And she did, her face was lit up, her blush was more beautiful than ever. Her skin seemed smoother.

“Is that what you say to everyone who sleeps with you, Naruto-koi,” Tsunade teased, “But, no, I am younger. I wonder if we should market your sperm as an eternal youth 'cream'. Well, I have good news for you since you seem so intent on flattery.”

“And what is that, Tsunade-hime,” Naruto asked as Tsunade glanced at a scroll that had been knocked to the floor when Naruto had fucked her into a coma.

“Anata,” Tsunade replied as Naruto froze and looked at the scroll.

Every two generations of the Senju and the Uzumaki clans shall be rebound. From one main line to another. 'Til either family is unable to do so. Let our bond shine brightly.

“I'm glad to be your first wife,” Tsunade continued as the door opened to a fainting Shizune. Naruto fainted after blushing bright red. “Sleep well, Naruto-koi.”

** *

AN: Well, this gives you the first taste of Tsunade and Naruto's rather interesting relationship. There is no CRA here, Naruto is just the only surviving member of the Uzu royalty. And being the only surviving member of a royal family (or a male member to take the throne) harems are incredibly common, as is numerous mistresses.

Naruto's Grandfather was Tsunade's Grandmother's (Mito) Brother. Yes, that makes Naruto and Tsunade from the same “Generation” of their lines, but his Grandfather married and had children at a much older age. Kushina was the only surviving Uzumaki that they know of, and the only main line member that survived.

For information purposes, this is really the first time Tsunade has had aguy penetrate her. And obviously Naruto doesn't really know sex talk yet. Hope this wasn't terrible.

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