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School Days

by thatcrazedfan

It didn’t matter that they were both at work, in a high school, where a student could burst in at any second. It was dangerous, and Frank liked it.

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Mr. Frank Iero looked up to see Mr. Gerard Way walk into his classroom. Gerard smirked, pulling up a chair and sitting down beside him. Frank smiled, closing the lid of his laptop, and turned to face the other man. “Just couldn’t resist, could you?”

The other man shrugged, leaning closer to Frank. “What can I say? You’re so damn irresistible.”

Frank laughed, “Don’t you have a class right now?”

Gerard shook his head, pulling Frank onto his lap. He locked his arms around his waist, holding him in place, before kissing him deeply. “Nope.”

Frank narrowed his eyes and placed his hands on the other man’s shoulders. “So, what brings you into my classroom?”

Gerard smirked, placing soft kisses on Frank’s neck. Frank’s whole body started to shake from the pleasure that was racing through him at Gerard’s touch. He was almost ashamed at how easy it was for Gerard to do this to him. “Well, you see, I’ve been a terrible student lately.”

Frank nodded, barely listening to what he was saying. As Gerard continued to speak, he started kissing and biting his neck. “Maybe I could get some...” He paused, moaning silently as Frank’s mouth continued to work magic on his neck, “extra credit?”

“Mmhmm.” Frank managed as Gerard started running his hands up and down his sides, making him shiver. Each and every touch making him want Gerard more and more. “What exactly did you have in mind, Mr. Way?”

Gerard smirked once again, and Frank could feel himself losing control. That goddamn smirk. He knew exactly what it meant, and he couldn’t wait. It didn’t matter that they were both at work, in a high school, where a student could burst in at any second. It was dangerous, and Frank liked it.

All of a sudden, Frank became aware of the tightness of his jeans. He needed them off, just like he needed to feel more of Gerard.

Without thinking, Frank pressed their lips together hungrily. The kiss was full of passion and want, and Frank couldn’t help but smile as he heard a moan escape from behind Gerard’s lips. He felt Gerard’s hands on his hips. The grip was tight, sure to cause bruising, but that was the last thing on either of their minds. They were too overcome with passion to care about anything except each other.

A moan escaped from Frank’s lips without warning. Gerard smiled into the kiss, and Frank could tell he liked teasing him like this. The kissing went on for what felt like hours, making Frank want more. He knew all too well they were limited on time. THe bell would ring before they knew it, and they would have to go back to work.

With that in mind, Frank grabbed the hem of Gerard’s shirt and yanked it off his body. As soon as the shirt hit the floor, Frank’s fingers were fumbling around with the zip on Gerard’s jeans. Somehow, he managed to undo them. He pulled them down as much as he could, which wasn’t much considering he was still sitting on Gerard’s lap.

Gerard, finally getting the hint, undid Frank’s jeans and then broke the kiss, leaving them both panting. Frank, looking into Gerard’s eyes, pulled his own shirt off and threw it on the floor. Once again, Gerard’s lips were on his. Frank could taste the passion and excitement. Gerard was enjoying the danger of the situation just as much as he was. All of sudden he felt Gerard’s hands slip into his jeans, resting on his ass. Gerard pushed the two of their bodies closer together, causing an amazing friction between them. Frank moaned loudly against his lips. “Fuck me,” he panted. “Now.”

Without hesitation, Gerard grabbed Frank’s waist, lifting him up and setting him on the edge of the desk. Frank quickly pulled Gerard’s jeans and boxers down to his ankles. Gerard kicked them the rest of the way off before attacking small kisses all across Frank’s bare chest. The sensation sent ripples through Frank’s body. He wanted more and he wanted it now.

Gerard smiled before kissing Frank gently on the lips before pulling him off the desk and spinning him around. Frank had been waiting for this since Gerard walked into his classroom. Quickly, he shoved the papers and pens littering his desk out of the way before bending over.

He pressed his palms against the desk, bracing himself. Behind him, he felt Gerard’s hands rest on his hips before slowly pushing in without warning. Frank hadn’t been expecting it to happen so fast or so soon.

At first all he felt was pain, but he knew soon enough the pain would be gone. Sure enough, as Gerard started to speed up his thrusts, slamming into him deeper and harder, the pain quickly turned into pleasure. Behind him, he heard Gerard moan loudly, and grip his hips tighter. A few more minutes passed before Gerard finally hit Frank’s prostate.

At the sudden pleasure, Frank moan louder than he ever had before. He was sure someone had heard, but he didn’t care. At that moment, he never wanted Gerard to stop. He didn’t care if they got caught and were fired over this. All he could think about was the pleasure.

“Fuck!” Gerard moaned, his thrusts becoming irregular. Frank knew he was getting close, and with each slam into his prostate, Frank was getting close to the edge as well. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold on.

Frank gasped as Gerard grabbed his length and started pumping him in time with his thrusts. The pleasure was intense, and mixed with the excitement and danger of being caught at any second, this whole experience was something like neither of them had ever experienced before. Every second brought them closer to the edge.

Frank felt Gerard’s muscles tighten. Just a few more seconds and he would be done. “Fuck, Frank! I-- I’m--” Gerard gripped Frank’s hips harder than he had before and let out a throaty moan as he came deep inside Frank.

It was just the thing to bring Frank over the edge. He released violently all over his desk, not caring about the mess. Gerard collapsed against Frank’s back, panting heavily.

They laid there for a few minutes, just trying to catch their breath, when the bell rang. They exchanged terrified glances, remembering where they were and what they had just done. If they were caught, they were definitely going to lose their jobs. Quickly, they both jumped up, finding their clothes and dressing as quickly as was humanly possibly.

Frank finished pulling on his jeans as the first of a few students walked into the classroom. He managed to get them zipped before any of the students noticed. Gerard smirked at him, running a hand through his messy hair before disappearing into the hallway.

Frank ran his hand through his own hair, trying to hide any evidence of what just happened. More and more students started to file into the classroom and take their seats, as Frank surveyed his desk. He threw some blank papers over his mess and tried to reorganize everything so it appeared somewhat normal.

He sighed, turning back to his class as the bell rang. Next time, Frank would go to Gerard’s classroom.
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