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Chapter 2

by ArsaoTome

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Chapter 2

It was just after dusk when Mizuki emerged from the secret vault, the forbidden scroll in hand.

‘With this, I’ll destroy that demon brat and save the village while I’m at it.’ Mizuki thought. ‘And if I happen to learn a few jutsu’s that will earn me a chance at being a future hokage, all the better.’ he smirked as he dashed into the forest.

However, what he didn’t know, was that he was being chased by Iruka, the Chunin educator having also gone to Naruto for help earlier.


As a means of apology, Sarutobi had given him the Namikaze Manor. (UL)

The mansion itself was as large, rivaling the Hyuga and Uchiha manors, and even came complete with staff and branch members. When Naruto introduced himself, each of the branch members as well as the staff had bowed in deep respect to their new leader, as it were.

It took Naruto a couple hours to learn all the names.

It was nearly dusk when Iruka came to the door. A female branch members came to the door and answered it.

"Yes Iruka-san," the woman said. She was about the same age as Iruka with dishwater blond hair in a ponytail and hazel eyes. She was dressed in a house robe with a running fox on it and slippers. "How may I help you?"

"Sune-chan," he said with a bow. "I need to speak to Naruto."

She nodded and led him in to the mansion. When they reached the living room, Sune turned to Iruka.

"Please wait here." she said and then went to locate Naruto.

After she had left, Iruka looked around and noticed that everything seemed to pertain to foxes and beauty.

(Naruto's room)

Sune knocked on the door, tentatively. "Master Naruto?" she said.

"Come in." Naruto responded.

Opening the door to the master bedroom, the girl saw Naruto dressed in his black and orange tights, ninja boots, and a steel mesh t-shirt. He was standing in front of a full-length mirror, a kunai hidden in his hand from her sight.

"Master, Iruka-sensei is here." the girl said.

"I know Sune-chan." he said as he took the kunai and drew it across his wrist. He stared at it as within seconds, the open wound closed up and healed, the scar fading soon afterwards. He smiled. No mark or scar or unsightly blemish will ever hinder my beauty. He thought as he looked into the full-length mirror to make sure he was perfect. "Get my battle mask and claw."

Sune nodded and went to get them from his private armory.

(Living room) (UL)

Iruka was waiting on Naruto as Sune came down with Naruto's mask and claw.

"Master Naruto is coming." she said.

A minute later, Naruto appeared, walking down the stairway as a female servant was braiding his ponytail. She was finished when he reached the bottom step. Sune held out the battle mask and claw. He took the claw first and slipped it over his left hand before accepting the mask.

"So, please tell me, Iruka-sensei, how did that ugly thing get my father's scroll?" Naruto asked.

Iruka looked shocked. Naruto knew about the scroll and who his father was.

"How did you know the Fourth...?" he started to ask.

"Was my father?" Naruto finished, "Well to being with, it's not rocket science I look like him when he was my age." He smirked, "But of course, I am more beautiful than he was. Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice looking man but he didn’t have my beauty." He secured his claw and headed for the door.

"Right. But... how did you know about..."

"The theft of the scroll?" he asked and Iruka nodded. "My father placed a blood-seal upon it so that if anyone other than his bloodline removed the scroll, those of his bloodline would know it. It sends out a type of chakra-flare that only those of his bloodline are sensitive to. I read it in my fathers journal. One of the many possessions that he left to me."

Iruka just stared in wide-eyed shock. He knew the Fourth was good, but this...

"Come, we must stop him before he tries to master the powers of that scroll." Naruto said.

Iruka just stared at the beauty that was Naruto. He was like a god as he walked out of the manor. The servants and branch members bowed to him and wished him luck.

(Outside towards the outer forest)

"Mizuki somehow tricked the guards into giving him the scroll, and then killed them." Iruka said as he and Naruto raced through the upper tree branches. "I don’t know how he managed that. He’s a Chunin teacher, and even the guards knew he wasn’t scheduled for this rotation."

"Well then, I say that they certainly deserve their vengeance then. Shall we?" Naruto said.

Iruka nodded. But unbeknownst to them, someone was quietly following them.

(Hyuga compound)

Hinata had been sitting and meditating upon the roof of her family mansion. Unbeknownst to her family, she had already mastered the Hyuga-Eye, also known as the Byakugan, and was using it to look out into Konoha. It was then that she saw both Naruto and Iruka flying through the tree tops. Naruto had his mask and claw on. This alone sparked enough interest for her to race back to her room, grab her coat and head out into the night after them.

(Outer forest)

Iruka gasped as Mizuki swung hard at him, kunai in hand, Forbidden Scroll strapped to his back.

"Are you out of your mind, Mizuki?" Iruka asked, leaping away. "Stealing the Forbidden Scroll was bad enough, but killing the guards?"

"A necessary sacrifice!" the pale-haired ninja growled as he leapt into the nearest tree.

"There was nothing necessary HEY GET BACK HERE!!!" Iruka shouted as he leapt after the rogue ninja. "Mizuki! What purpose could be served for killing the guards?"

"And making it look like the demon brat did it? Plenty!" Mizuki grinned.

Iruka suddenly put on a burst of speed and tackled Mizuki from the tree-tops and into the ground. Mizuki scrambled to his feet and elbowed Iruka in the face. He pulled his kunai and lashed out, cutting the Chunin teacher across his arm. Iruka ground his teeth, gripped the wound with his right hand, before jumping up and kicking Mizuki in the chin.

From the nearby trees, Naruto watched as the pair fought.

Iruka-sensei has been holding out on us! Naruto grinned as the Chunin teacher spun around and threw a roundhouse kick to Mizuki’s face. Mizuki rolled with the kick and leg-swept Iruka out from under him. With enough time he may win, but Mizuki will deal him severe damage to his already scarred body. I should intervene.

Naruto landed with great silence and approached Mizuki from behind. He was close enough to the pair to overhear what they were saying.

"Give it up Mizuki, you'll get a fair trail." Iruka said, "something Naruto was never given!"

"But he was given the Fourth's home! Given power and tale—ARGH!" Mizuki shouted as he was suddenly clawed in the back.

"The Fourth was my father," Naruto said. "you ugly peon!" ($)

Mizuki was now on the ground as Naruto stood over him.

"He’s telling the truth, Mizuki. As for you, it’s over!" Iruka said, standing up with the Forbidden Scroll in his hand.

Just then, Hinata showed up. Naruto looked over and noticed her first.

"Hinata?" Naruto gasped, taking his eyes off Mizuki for a moment, which was enough time for him to pull off a Substitution Jutsu and teleport right in behind Hinata. He grabbed Hinata and started inching backwards.

"Let her go!" Naruto shouted.

"I think not!" Mizuki said, aiming a kunai at Hinata’s cheek. "Now hand me the scroll!"

"Fine." the blond ninja relented, and then motioned to Iruka to toss the scroll over.

"Here you go, traitor!" Iruka said, tossing the scroll to him.

However, the second he did, Hinata slammed her elbow into Mizuki’s stomach, enabling the young woman to twist out of his grip and fall to the ground. The second Hinata had elbowed him in the gut, Mizuki was hit in the head with the Forbidden Scroll, distracting him enough for Naruto to rush in and strike him down. Naruto’s right hand grabbed Mizuki’s collar as his claw was up and about to impale the Chunin through his throat, when he felt Hinata grab onto his arm. ($)

"NARUTO-KUN!" she shouted. He looked over to her and saw tears in her eyes as she held his arm. "Don't do this for me." She said before grabbing his body in a tight hug.

"He would have ruined your beauty, perhaps killed you, and you wish him spared?" he asked softly to the young woman.

"He isn’t worth it." she said.

He looked back to Mizuki before releasing him, his hand turning into a fist and punching Mizuki hard and fast in the face, which dropped him like a rock. ($)

"Agreed." he said and hugged the girl back.

Iruka retrieved the Scroll and approached them both.

"ANBU should be on their way to pick him up." Iruka said. "I’ll make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Why don’t you take Hinata home."

"Yes. Of course." Naruto said and lead the girl away. ($)

(Namikaze Manor)

Once Naruto’s staff had ensured that Hinata was all right, Naruto offered her one of their guest rooms in order for her to rest in. But before Naruto could bid her a good night, the young woman gripped Naruto’s hand.

"Hinata-chan?" he asked, looking at her with confusion.

"Would you.... would you really have killed Mizuki-sensei.... for me?" she asked.

"Yes." he replied without hesitation. "A beautiful lady should never be threatened. Ninja or not."

Hinata blushed warmly at that. "I... you think I am beautiful?"

"Yes. As beautiful as myself, Hina-chan." he said, moving close to her, causing her blush to increase.

"Naruto-kun... I..." she started to say as Naruto moved in and covered her mouth with his.

Inside the blond ninja, a certain kitsune was laughing madly.

Who would have thought that enhancing the kit’s senses to detect that girl’s pheromones would also get a rise out of him? Kyubi thought as he watched the scene through Naruto’s eyes.

Outside the blond ninja, Naruto moved his lips away from Hinata’s, the pale-eyed girl gasping in lust over what had just happened.

"Na-ru-to." she sighed contently.

"Did you like that, Hinata-chan?" he whispered hotly into her

"Yes." she whimpered.

"Then, with your permission.... may I go further?" he asked, his fingers tugging gently at the zipper on her coat-jacket.

"Are... are you sure.... I’m the one you want?" she asked as he leaned in close to her ear.

"Yes. I want to make love to you, my beauty." he whispered with passion in his own voice.

Hinata nearly lost it as her lips found his, their hands working feverishly to remove their clothes.

Naruto stared at Hinata’s naked body, grinning in approval. For a 16-year old Hinata she was more curvaceous and well-endowed than anyone else her age. Her breasts were a high C-cup, almost a D, her legs long and toned, arms firm, stomach flat, her long purplish hair flowing down her back like a silk waterfall.

Hinata stared at Naruto’s naked body, herself getting hot just looking at it. He was ripped and athletic more so than his fellow classmates, six-pack stomach, strong looking arms and legs, long blond hair, and a reddish fox tattooed across his athletic chest, it’s nine tails wrapped around behind his back. But when she came to the organ between his legs she nearly died.

By Kami! Will That Even Fit In Me? She briefly wondered in shocked.

But her question was quickly put out of her mind as Naruto moved to her and pressed his lips to her mouth, his hands holding the sides of her face, as they both tumbled back onto the bed.

His tongue dove into her mouth as he laid down upon her, his chest pressing down upon her breasts, their arms wrapped around each other. His mouth moved from her lips and went down to her neck, Hinata moaning impassionately at the sheer physical contact and what was going on. His hands went up and down her sexy body, brushing against her breasts, stimulating her even more.

Oh, Kami. Is this what love is? She thought as her hands brushed across his athletic chest as their mouths moved against each other.

This.... is so beautiful! Naruto thought as he moved up and pulled her closely to him, her breasts flush against his chest, his arms around her back to hold her close.

His lower leg felt the wetness from her womanhood, indicating that she was ready.

"Hina-chan? Are you ready?" he whispered to her, his nose nuzzling her hair softly.

"I-I-..yes. Naruto-kun, please...." she sighed/whimpered into his chest.

Naruto rolled her over onto her back and positioned himself between her legs. He kissed her lips softly, calming her as he could feel her rapid breathing and hear her heart pulsing wildly. His rather large member pressed against her womanhood, Hinata taking a deep breath as she could feel him enter her. ($)

"Are you alright, Hina-chan?" he asked softly.

"I-I-I trust you, Naru-kun. And..."


She looked him in the eye, steeling her resolve. "I want this."

He kissed her lips passionately as he pushed forward, piercing her hymen and causing her to cry out in pain. A natural reaction, as she held on tightly to his back, her nails clawing his skin deeply.

Ordinarily Naruto would have been upset at this, only to remind himself that his healing abilities would take care of the scars that the girl, now woman, had left upon him.

Within less than a minute, Hinata was feeling less pain and more pleasure, as Naruto, taking his cue from the beautiful woman beneath him, moved his hips back and forth to make her body feel every inch of his member inside her.

"Oh! Naruto! It. Feels. Won. Der. Ful!" Hinata gasped, punctuating each word in time with his thrusts.

As Naruto thrust into her sexy body, he looked down at Hinata’s face and just stared at the glazed, impassioned expression on her face, her half-closed eyes, her panting mouth, even the way her hair swished back and forth as her head moved side-to-side wildly. He seared the image into his mind, wanting to remember how beautiful she looked while in the throes of passion.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up into his lap as he sat on the bed on his knees and kept thrusting into her. She held onto his shoulders firmly, her legs wrapped around his waist, her large breasts bouncing animatedly with each thrust as she cried out again and again.

She came within seconds of being pulled up into Naruto’s lap, her body starting to fatigue but she didn’t stop.

"OH! NARUTO-KUN! I LOVE YOU!!" she cried out as she came yet again.

However, before Naruto could respond, a voice inside his head spoke up.

(Bite her, kit) Kyubi spoke to him.

What? Naruto gasped.

(Bite her! Mark her as your mate. If you do this, she will have the same healing powers you do.)

You mean... she will be beautiful as I will?

(Yes, kit. She will be able to heal from any injury. No lasting scars, or bruises or burns. Same as you. So...will you?)

I just bite her?

(Bite her and send your chakra into her body.)

I understand. He thought. "Hina-chan?" he asked as she came again.

"Y-Yes, Naru-kun?" she asked, still in the throes of passion.

"I want to give you something." he said, still thrusting into her.

"You have given me something. Something wonderful." she gasped, her adrenaline spiking again.

"I want to bite you." he said, somewhat bluntly.

"W-What?" she asked, slightly confused.

"I want to mark you, as my mate. If I do this, you will gain the same healing powers I possess. You will forever be beautiful." he explained, still thrusting into her.

"I would be.... like you?" she asked, on the verge of another orgasm. "I would be... with you?"

"Yes." he answered.

"Then, yes. Naru-kun..... bite me."

Naruto leaned in and sunk his teeth into left side of her neck, his canines suddenly growling longer in order to pierce her flesh. Chakra was immediately sent into her body through his teeth as another orgasm hit her, sending her over the edge as whiteness engulfed her.

"OH! NARUTO-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as she held onto him tightly, her body convulsing and spasming wildly, right before she froze up and collapsed in his arms. ($)

(Congratulations, kit. You and this girl and now bonded.) Kyubi said as Naruto gently lowered the young woman back down to the bed, cuddling with her as she nuzzled his chest with her face. (I should tell you, that you both will continue to age until you reach the prime of adulthood.)

How much more aging? He asked.

(I’d say... 30 or so.)

Will we still be beautiful?

(Of course. You are beautiful teenagers. But as adults, you will be... well... forever beautiful)

Thank you, Kyubi-san. Naruto said as he wrapped his arms around the girl and kissed her forehead gently. "And I love you too, Hina-chan." he whispered to her.

This simple phrase caused her to smile in her sleep.

TBC ($)

Hope you enjoyed this.


Unlockables: ‘Master Naruto’ (was given Namikaze Manor), ‘Forbidden Scroll quest: take down Mizuki!’ (Iruka told him about the theft), Forth Hokage avatar and ‘sackboy’ (revealed to Mizuki Naruto was the Forth’s son)

Achievements and Trophies: ‘Son of the Forth’ (revealed to Mizuki Naruto was the Forth’s son), ‘I’ll take that back now’, (taking back the forbidden scroll and rescuing Hinata), ‘Handsome fighters can show mercy’, (did not kill Mizuki for holding Hinata hostage), ‘Let’s get you home’ (took Hinata to Namikaze manor), ‘Cherry Popping time!’ (took Hinata’s virginity and lost own), ‘Bound for life’ (marked Hinata as mate.) Hokage’s son (completed chapter 2)
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