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A Different Kind of Love

by Greyscaleinblue

Ben, Jabril, Trevor, and Justin are the best of friends. This mix of twenty three year olds may be best friends but are also homosexual best friends. These are the adventures of their friendship.

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"Chris?" Chris sits up from his spot on the tanning chair. He places his shades beside him on the end table. He knew he had a noticable sunglasses ring about his nose and eyes. The tan he was trying to get was only slight because of his light skin. It actually felt like he burned. As he sat up he felt the full extent of the "tan". Blisters were forming on the soles of his feet and he could tell he had suffered from second degree burns from the heat. He had asked other black guys of his colour about this but none of them held the same problem. Chris was figuring it was because he was not used to heat. It had always been cold in the immortal world and where he had been living in the mortal world. Tony, the light skinned Mexican, white, and black guy was staring back at him. The guy looked like a hoe with his large tinted black sunglasses covering most of his face and his tight speedo that clung to his thighs. He had on black and red Jordan's and a thin white tank. Chris cups his hand over his eyes. This dude was smoking hot though he was just a pleader and a porn star. Chris looks down at himself at his boring yellow checkered swim trunks and blue Ray Band sunglasses on the end table. He could smell the extent of the Old Spice he was wearing though he was slowly sweating it off. Besides Chris's meager appearance, everyone knew who Tony was now, it was written on his multiethnic face. His career as a porn star had only started a few weeks ago but now he was all over the internet now and was the executive producer to Pornhub. Chris silently heals the blisters on his feet while he continues to look up at Tony. Tony hadn't spoken one word yet. Chris shifts on the tanning chair and stands. He was wondering if Tony would play his game and hold him back if he was to walk away. Chris takes a few steps forward but Tony grabs his arm to Chris's no real amazement. Chris was silently wondering to himself why one of the hottest guys on this ship was even coming near him. Everyone who ever approached Chris or Tony had always looked at him with a hypnotized stare like they were looking off into another dimension. Chris didn't understand. He didn't see the attractiveness other people saw in him but he did see how attractive Tony was even if he was a professional porn star. "Hey Christopher Reed." Tony knew he was sweet talking. His voice was smooth and knowing but not yet Flirty. He looks at Chris and runs his fingertips through Chris's curly hair. Chris closes his eyes and tries his best not to succumb to the teasing. "Do you wanna play with me?" Tony's hands and reach for Chris's plump black boy booty and rub it. Chris's light coloured eyes were wavering. "I don't know you," He answers desperately. He carefully avoids the part about how he had heard of Tony and dreamed of his chance to at least talk to him. This was back before his fling with Trey. Way before... nevermind that. Chris felt a whine split his lips and leave from the corners of his mouth. He knew then he was hard. "Come on boy come play with Tony.." Tony says softly into one of Chris's ears. Chris crosses his light skinned arms. "Dude I'm not going to be that easy. I just went through a b-breakup." Damn, Chris thinks to himself. My voice would crack. Tony looks back at Chris. "Oh." He says. There was no trace of snooty flirtiness in Tony's voice anymore. Chris could actually pay attention to his words now but still felt like he was under some sort of gay boy spell. Tony looks at Chris like he were trying to figure him out. Chris blocks his thoughts like he normally would when someone gave him that look. He was feeling
some sort of weird power source coming from Tony that he had never felt before. Chris takes two steps back from Tony so they were at a more friendly distance. Tony smiles. Chris probably knew by now. Tony holds his hands out in an innocent position.


Chris was so torn. Tony was on his left leaning against the wall and avoiding his gaze. Chris brings himself to his feet but ponders silently. What now? His eye was throbbing in a steady pain from the engagement ring colliding with it but his heart had been hurting for some while now. He didn't know who he wanted but he did know it wasn't right to leave Trey like that. "Wait, Trey!" Chris yells as he runs out of the door. He grips Trey's arm tightly until the surrounding skin turns white. Trey winces and Chris lets go. "Sorry," Chris breaths. He knew what he was about to say was important. Just in that moment Tony comes out of a room on the ship. His shoes and up to his knees were soaking wet. "Umm.. guys? Da ship is sinking." Chris couldn't enjoy Tony's cute accent for long because of the reality that hit him. The ship indeed being swallowed by the ocean fast and Chris knew he had no power to stop an entire sinking ship and didn't know of any power that did. Though Chris and Justin could do mostly anything supernatural, there were obvious things that were just too big to handle. It was a wonder how Chris could manage to change the weather. Suddenly the ship began to float above mid air and land on an island. Chris furrows his brow as he steadily sees people dismounting from the ship. Trey was walking far away from Chris and Tony to a secluded part of the island. He also notices Jabril on the island floor with a bloody forehead. Everything was just too much! This was so stressful. He needed to talk to Trey and Tony. Chris figures the talk with Tony would be the shortest, so he silently plans what he would do in his mind.
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