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by Phantom_Swordsman

Uzumaki Naruto is 16. He never attended Ninja Academy, never became a ninja, and has never seen the light of day. That all changes when he decides to leave the place he called "home".

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A Naruto AU
Disclaimer- I own plot, nothing else

Blue Skies

Uzumaki Naruto sighed quietly, his feet trudging beneath his body. He didn't know where he was, all he knew was that he was going roughly due north, north-west from Konohagakure, and that he walked somewhere around 72 hours according to his internal clock.

Konoha. The Village Hidden in the Leaves, his now one-time home. Home, could he even call it that? No one there cared about him, save the old man, Sarutobi. Naruto mulled on these thoughts all he trudged on in the darkness, these musings eventually leading back to the day he left Konoha, which was not too long ago.


Naruto carefully walked down a street in the evening, intent on getting to Ichiraku's Ramen Stand for dinner. The young man brought all of his training to the forefront, remembering the width and length of the street, and how far his stride would take him. It took time to get used to it, but with the help of the old man, he was able to remember the roads.

But this night would be different, so very different.

Not a yard down the road, the young blond's ears picked up on the sound of multiple footsteps surrounding him. Konoha's Jinchuriki tensed visibly, wary of the unknowns around him.

Suddenly, a jump kick slammed into him from behind, causing the teen to roll forward head-over-heals. He was then simultaneously beset from all sides, a rain of blows slamming into his young body. The beating went on for what seemed like hours for the fifth teen year old, the pain skyrocketing as blows struck bruises from previous attacks. After a total of twenty minutes, Naruto passed out due to brute application of force on the jaw via a blow from an uppercut using brass knuckles.


Hours later, Uzumaki Naruto awoke not in the comfort of his room's futon. But this did not surprise him, what did, however, what did surprise him was the he was in. It was tough to even call it a place, as the walls, floor, and ceiling were all a bland, dull gray, not that Naruto even knew what colors were.

Wait a second, a bland looking room? Eyes widening, the blond's hands reached up to touch his face, "I can see?"

"No, child, you are still blind. Physically, at least. This place is in your own mind, therefore, you can see here."

"Who are you?! And what are you doing inside my head?!" Naruto exclaimed, not liking the fact someone else was inside his head.

"You haven't figured it out yet, child?" The voice asked amused. "I am the Kyubi no Kitsune, your...tenant, you could say."

Naruto was not surprised by this piece of information. At the age of 12, he had asked the Sandaime why the villagers hated him. It took some relentless prying and not a few threats on his part to get the aging man to speak, but he had done it.

"So, I really am the living vessel of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox?" He said, making it sound more like a statement rather than a question. "Then that brings us down to business, what do you want?"

Melodious laughter filled the air with that statement as a figure materialized before the young man.

The figure in question was that of a woman with long fiery red hair and eyes. She was dressed in a very revealing outfit that accentuated the curve of bosom and hip. A black shirt, merely a piece of cloth closed by a thin strip of material, stopped just above the navel and parted early on, giving a generous view to the demon's bust. Kyubi also wore a skirt that stopped mid-thigh, giving a generous view of long, slender legs. All the while, nine fox tails swayed behind the demon personified.

Naruto blushed slightly as he stared at the vixen before him. Composing himself he asked impatiently "Well?"

"Now, now, no need to get impatient with me, child," the demon said, her words soft and alluring. "I wouldn't want you to get mad at me, otherwise you might just have to spank me for being a bad, bad girl." Her statement caused the young man to be caught off guard as the kitsune proceeded to slowly rub her hands on her own body.

"S-stop it!" He exclaimed, blushing at the show before him, his eyes unable to leave her body as her hands cupped her breasts. Kyubi slowly moved towards the dazed young man, and reached out with one hand. Grabbing old of him, she pulled him closer while undoing the pseudo-belt and letting the black material fall down her arms, giving him a clear view of her large tits.

He gulped, "W-why are you doing this?" Naruto inquired, barely able to keep his mind coherent.

"I've wanted to make up for so many things Naru-kun. So many things in your life are bad because of me, and I just wanted to make it right. Naru-kun, please..." The demon didn't finish as her lips were met with Naruto's. She gave a heated moan of surprise as he grabbed her by the thighs, lifting her up. Kyubi in turn, instinctively wrapped her slender legs around his waist. She gasped in surprise when he slammed her into a wall and his hands traveled an inch into her skirt.

Of course, her gasp gave him an excellent opening for him to slip his tongue into her mouth. The duel began, as they moaned into each others' mouths while their tongues fought for supremacy.

His hands rushed forward to cup her bare ass. "What, no panties?" He asked in a guttural moan.

"Yes, and it's all just for you," the Kyubi no Kitsune replied. Naruto just moaned in response, letting one hand go up and past her skirt to grab one of her breasts. The demoness let out a moan as he proceeded to knead the mound of flesh while his mouth traveled down her neck.

"How are you so good?! You're a virgin, aren't you?" She inquired heatedly.

"Yeah, I guess it's just instinct," he replied, a wicked smirk forming on his face, as he let his other hand tease her southern lips, the soft, bare flesh was slick with her wetness. She let out a moan from his teasing ministrations. His mouth then proceeded down the crook of her neck, towards her bosom.

Tired with just him teasing her, Kyubi's hands reached down and tore at the fabric of his pants, letting it fall to the ground. Her soft hands then proceeded to grab at his boxers, ripping them completely.

"W-what are you doing?" Naruto asked, surprised at the sudden offensive on his person. Kyubi just licked her lips in response as her hands gripped his shaft. Naruto moaned from the bliss of having his member touched so intimately for the first time.

"Just keep on going, Naru-kun," Kyubi said with a husky undertone, moving her hands slowly up and down on Naruto's cock. Effectively getting his first hand-job, and by a beautiful woman no less, Naruto froze up for a few moments before his mouth went into motion.

His lips softly glided down her chest until he reached her nipple. Taking it into his warm mouth, he proceeded to suck on the soft flesh. The hand on her other breast continued its ministrations, pulling and kneading on the soft mound. His other hand was a different matter, as it stopped teasing her womanly entrance and injected two fingers, while his thumb grinded on her clit. Hearing her moan loudly from all of the attention she was getting, Naruto then started to move his fingers back and forth into her womanhood.

Still surprised at the ability of her newfound lover, Kyubi fought off a moan as she continued her own explorations of her Jinchuriki's body. She brought up a hand to forcefully remove his mouth from her chest region, only to reengage his lips with her own.

"Why don't we take this on to the next level?" Kyubi said while moaning into his mouth.

"You sure?" Naruto asked breathlessly.

"Definitely!" Was her response. With that, the young man removed his fingers from her womanhood and guided his erection towards her entrance. He paused a second, grinding his manhood onto her wet lips. Just as Kyubi was about to growl at him for making her wait, he thrusted all the way in.

They continued their lovemaking for a good twenty minutes, filling the room with their guttural moans as their hands danced over each others' body.

"I-I'm gonna...!" Kyubi's Naru-kun cried out, his erection jerking wildly in her love canal. Then, in an instant, it was all over, both of them spread out on the ground, Naruto underneath Kyubi with his withering erection still in her.

"T-that was amazing," an exhausted Naruto said, trying to catch his breath.

"Are you really a virgin?" Kyubi reiterated. "I half expected you to freeze up or have a massive nosebleed."

"Well, I'm not a virgin anymore," he whispered quietly into her ear, enjoying the feel of her soft body spread out on him. "And I'm kinda glad I gave it up to you, Kyu-chan."

The newly christened Kyu-chan just snuggled him in response, the friction of her skin on his arousing him once more.

"Care to go again, my Naru-kun?" She asked seductively.

"I can't," he said. "It's time for me to wake up and make a decision."

"On what?"

"Whether or not to leave Konohagakure. I can't live there anymore. Truth be told I've been thinking about it for awhile now, but that attack was the last straw. I'll return as soon as possible, Kyu-chan, I promise." With those parting words Uzumaki Naruto returned to the land of the awaken.


Uzumaki Naruto awoke with a start, his hands grabbing the familiar sheets of his bed. With a sigh, he opened his eyes and was once again greeted by the ever familiar darkness, its taunting at his blindness hurt even more with the recent allure of being able to see within his own mind.

Taking a deep breath, his hands carefully took stock of his body. They ran over numerous bandages that covered his body. It seemed that even with the Kyubi no Kitsune, his body could only take so much before his healing failed, probably due to a subconscious limit on the amount of demon charka he could use.

"Is there anyone there?" He spoke out to the darkness, not expecting an answer, and he didn't get one.

'Hmm, what to do, what to do,' he thought, his mind already racing through the possibilities. 'If I leave, it'll be without jii-chan's help. I'm lucky I haven't hit my sixteenth birthday as well, otherwise I'd be a legal bound adult to Konoha, and I'd have to leave via exile or become a traitor and get my sorry butt killed the second I take a step out the gates.'

He knew it would take some careful planning, but another problem also crept up on him.

"FUCK!" He exclaimed as his sightless eyes widened. 'I have to get out of here in two days, so I don't have my birthday in here while I'm still technically not a citizen.'

Konoha laws were very interesting, specifically those made by the Shodaime, the founding father of the village. But first, one must know that the Shodaime was a very thorough man, his mind reaching into every side of a topic or argument. An example of this was that the total amount of laws passed during the reign of the Nidaime, Sandaime, and Yondaime combined totaled a mere twenty percent of all laws of Konoha. Simply put, none of the Hokages succeeding Shodaime found much to alter, or add.

The area of his interest in Shodaime's edicts were the naturalization laws of Konoha, particularly Naturalization Law 2, Article 3, Paragraph 4 which dealt with orphans of unknown origin within the walls of the village. The law itself stated:

In regards to orphaned individuals that reside within walls of Konoha, several special issues must be addressed:

1. Excluding "special and extraneous circumstances", their welfare will be provided for by the state.

2. They will be treated as wards of the state, if no birth records are found, until their sixteenth birthday, in which they will become full naturalized citizens.

3. Until they are naturalized, they are exempt to nukenin status unless they commit treason.

The third rule was what caught his attention. It quite literally gave him the right to leave the village unless he committed an act of treason. Also, he knew of no birth records of him being born in a Konoha hospital, meaning that he wasn't a natural citizen at birth.

'So,' he thought. 'All I need is an escape route. Jii-chan will certainly run interference with that law. But still, how do I get out of here?'

~~End Flashback~~

Uzumaki Naruto fell out of his reminiscing as his stomach growled for the second time in the last minute.

'I've been walking for at least three days,' he thought tiredly, his legs doggedly going through the motions of walking. 'And I haven't eaten since I left Konoha.'

"Naru-kun, it's going to be alright. I know you can do it, the next town shouldn't be too far away." Kyubi said, trying to console her keeper and new found lover.

'I know,' the just recently turned 16-year-old said. 'But, I can't help but lose hope. I'm blind, what happens if I've gotten off track completely. For all I know, I'm heading towards Wind Country, not northwards.'

"Naru-kun... All you have to do is have faith in your own abilities, because I sure do. It's going to be alright," the demon reinforced. Naruto just nodded in response when his ears picked up the sounds of the bustling mid-morning activity of a town.

Taking a steadying breath, he tentatively walked forward, his hand outstretched slightly until it came along to a wall of a building. His malnourished body neared sagged with relief with that contact, knowing that he reached his destination, and that food was also near.

So, the homeless blond started walking, his hand trailing along the stone wall of some building. He walked at least five blocks before he ducked into an alleyway, letting his body fall into the garbage that littered the area. Slumping with relief, he slept, too tired to get any food.

Naruto slept for a full sixteen hours of undisturbed sleep (including his demonic lover) before he came back to the land of the living. Pushing himself up, he took a sniff of the air, hoping that his nose would zero in on any salvageable food in the trash littered alleyway.


The days passed in obscurely for our hero, the hours blending together as he hunted for food. He got some, not much, but just enough to scratch by. Currently, he was in a half-dazed stupor, induced by the lack of good, clean food.

All Naruto really knew was that he was near the entrance of the alley, obscured by the shadows thrown over him by the building's high wall.

Just then, he felt something nudge his foot. He left his hand slowly drift down to the mysterious object. Naruto let one of his fingers glide over it first, and felt the strange object to be covered in a slight fuzz. Taking a chance, he reached all the way down to grab, only to bump into another hand.


And that's all folks! Any guesses on who it is?
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