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The Mistake

by anonymowriter

A surprise person takes Brendon home from physical therapy. Mistakes are made. // Smut warning!

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Ryan’s POV

I wasn’t entirely sure who I was expecting it to be. Obviously it wouldn’t be Brendon. Greta would stop him if he did see my car. It could just be a neighborhood kid, knocking on my door to get me out so he could kick my ass. Then again, the neighborhood wasn’t that bad. It actually wasn’t bad at all. It was really nice and suburban.

When I looked over, Greta had her arms crossed over her chest and she was staring at me. Her look screamed ‘What the hell are you doing?’ She made a gesture, telling me to roll down the window, so I did. She shifted her weight onto her other foot as she spoke, “Ryan, what the fuck are you doing here?”

I hesitated, biting my lip. What was I doing here? I kinda forgot. Actually, I don’t think I had a reason to begin with, “I… I missed this apartment building…” that was the lamest excuse ever. And she called my bluff. She was waiting for a better response. She was waiting for the truth. And I knew the truth, even if I didn’t want to admit it, “I… missed Brendon…”

“And that’s what I was waiting for. You need to get out of here. You ruined him. He can’t stop crying since he got into my car,” she had her arms crossed over her chest still. I knew she was right. I had to leave, but I needed Brendon to love me. I needed Brendon to need me.

I frowned, “I miss him…” I whispered, “I don’t want him to hate me… I don’t want him to cry anymore…” I let my hands fall onto my lap, staring at them. I didn’t know what else to say. I really couldn’t handle Brendon hating me anymore. I loved him. I really did.

“Like I said, don’t not try, but don’t pressure him,” she turned to walk away before she turned to look at me, “Leave before he finds out you’re here,” and she walked back into the building. I stared at my steering wheel before I turned my car back on and drove off.

Brendon’s POV

“Why, Greta, why? Why did Ryan have to show up again? Why can’t he just disappear off the face of the planet?” tears were streaming down my face, “Why do I still love him? Why do I still want him back? Why can’t… Why can’t I hate him? Why… Just… why?” I put my face in my hands as I sat on the couch. I just wished I could hate him.

“Why don’t you give him a chance?” she asked, sitting down beside me. I didn’t know. I sighed and she continued, “I know what he did, and I know that it’s hard for you. But he still cares about you. And he’s back… You told me he said he’d quit his job for you.”

I looked over at her, “I’m not giving him a chance because he only wants me back because I can move my arms now,” I whispered, “He doesn’t actually care about me anymore. He just wants me back to satisfy some sick inkling he has, but I’m not doing it. Not this time.”

A few days passed and it was time for my next physical therapy session. I just wished all of this attempt to walk wasn’t so painful. Just getting out of the chair hurt enough as it was. They’d straighten my back so I could stand. I still couldn’t stand on my own. We’d been doing this for a year and I still couldn’t stand on my own. I still couldn’t move my legs. I was losing hope. They hadn’t yet though. I still didn’t know why.

“Listen, sweetheart, I can’t pick you up, so a friend of mine is coming to pick you up and take you home. He’ll take care of you.”

My jaw dropped as I just stared at the ground, the phone pressed to my ear, “But… I… You always pick me up. Who is taking me?” I was hesitant. The guys in her band weren’t exactly nice to me. That was fine though, considering I wasn’t nice to them either. It was a mutual hatred.

“His name…” she paused, “His name is George. Don’t worry about it. He’ll be there on time. I have to go. Bye Brendon,” she hung up and I pulled the phone from the side of my face and shoved it into my pocket. George? Well I’d never met a George. Maybe he was her new boyfriend.

I sighed and looked at the doctor who smiled at me, “Ready?” I nodded slowly as he knelt down. He picked up one leg, allowing me to put my hand on his shoulder. He bent my knee and then unbent it, “How is that?”

“It hurts,” I muttered softly.

“Does it hurt any less than before?”


The doctor kept bending my leg back and forth and each time, I winced. I had forgotten about being picked up by this George guy I didn’t know. I was more in pain than anything else. Soon enough, the two hours had passed and the doctor sat me back down in the chair. I sighed, “Are you ever going to give up on me?”

He laughed, “No. I’m not. You’ll make progress soon. You are better than when you first started though. I can actually move your leg without having to put any effort into it, so that’s improvement to some extent. You’ll be up and walking soon enough, Brendon. You have to have faith in yourself. I’ll see you soon,” he smiled and turned to walk off.

I sighed and rolled off toward the exit. I saw Ryan standing at the door. I stopped and just stared at him. He gave me a sheepish smile and a wave. It was then that it clicked. George. George was Ryan. Fucking Greta… That bitch. I glared at him, but he moved forward toward me, “Hey.”

“No. No fucking hey. I’m not talking to you. You’ll take me home and get me up to my apartment and you will leave. I don’t want you near me,” I rolled out of the building. I was so pissed. How dare Greta do this to me.

Ryan followed me, “Brendon… Greta isn’t coming over tonight. She can’t. She asked me to spend the night with you… Just let me.”

I turned my wheels to look at him, “Then I’ll just sleep in my fucking chair. You’re not staying the night. You didn’t seem to care about me sleeping in my chair three years ago, so I don’t see why you should care now.”

“I got scared because I was stressed and tired and you didn’t seem to care anymore about getting better. I’ve explained this all to you. I do care. And I miss you. Just let me try…”

“You’ve tried, and you’ve failed. So take me home and leave. I don’t want to look at your face. You lost your privileges three years ago. And you’re not getting them back. Not now, not ever. You got that?” I rolled away from him. I heard a sigh as his footsteps followed behind me. He stepped in front of me and started off to his car.

He opened the passenger door and helped me into the seat. He moved over to the other side of the car to get in. He then drove off, not talking to me, as promised. I stared out the window, not caring about the silence. I didn’t want to talk to him and I wouldn’t respond if he talked to me, so silence was preferred.

We stopped in front of the apartment building and I opened the door. I waited for him to come over. He took my chair out of the back and set it up, helping me into it. He then brought me inside and up to the apartment. Once inside, I turned to him as he closed the door behind him, “Bye.”

“I know what you said, but I’m not leaving. Just… Can we at least talk? Like civilized people?” he asked, moving toward me. I turned and moved toward the couch. I heard him following me, “Brendon… I still love you. I’m never going to stop loving you. I think you should just let us talk.”

“Fine,” I turned to look at him, “We’ll talk. Sit down and we’ll talk.”

And the next thing I knew, he was sitting on my lap. My arms were wrapped around him and our lips were smacking against each other. I slid my hand up into his hair and gripped it and he gasped into my mouth. I grinned and kept kissing him, pulling him closer. As we closed, I rolled us into the bedroom and next to the bed. He kept kissing me. And then he pulled away, climbing off the bed. He pulled me off of the chair and onto the bed.

He climbed over me and reunited our lips. His hands slid down my torso and under my shirt. I arched my back into him and he grinned against my lips. He kept kissing me and I wrapped my arms around him. I felt his hands on my chest, rubbing the skin there. I moaned softly into his lips and I felt him smile.

He moved his mouth away for a moment and I watched as he pulled my shirt off over my head. He moved down to kiss my neck and I tilted it to allow him better access. He started sucking on the skin below my jaw. I gasped and bit my lip, “Ryan…” I whimpered. He grinned and kept sucking, licking, and then nibbling. I grunted as he did that. Damn him. He knew my neck was my weakest spot on my body. Okay, second weakest.

I grabbed his face and pulled him up to kiss me and he laughed a little. I blinked, “What?” I pouted, “Why are you laughing? This isn’t funny.”

He shook his head, “I’m laughing… because in all the times we’ve had sex… I’ve always had complete control. You’ve never been able to pull my head up to kiss you, you’ve never been able to arch your back or touch me. And I’m laughing… because it’s nice. I never thought… I never thought you’d ever be able to.”

I took a deep breath and just pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. He smiled and kissed me back while my hands roamed under his shirt. I pushed him away from the kiss and pulled his shirt off. I pouted and he tilted his head, “I can’t… I can’t climb on top of you and… and kiss you the way you can kiss me.”

“It’s okay,” he led his fingers down my chest, resting them on the button of my jeans, “You will be able to soon… I believe in you…” he leaned back over to kiss me on the lips as his fingers unzipped my jeans and began pulling them off. He moved off of me to pull my jeans and boxers off. He then took off his own before climbing back over me. He kissed my lips and then stopped, “Do you still… keep the lube in the same place?”

I nodded slowly and watched as he leaned over to the bedside table. He pulled out the bottle and leaked it onto his fingers. I pouted, “No blowjob or hand job?” he just glared at me as he leaned over and kissed my lips, pushing my legs apart before sliding one finger in. I gasped and arched my back. He was not wasting time. I was okay with that though. I hadn’t had sex in over three years.

He pumped the finger in and out of me, hitting the spot each and every time. He didn’t forget anything about my body, did he? I moaned each time. And then he put in a second and he connected our lips. I felt sweat accumulating on every curve of my body and I felt it on his too. He slipped in a third a lot sooner than he’d done the second. He was eager. Soon enough, he pulled all three out and started to put the lube on his hardened cock.

He pushed it against my entrance and I gasped, “Ryan, wait…” he looked up at me with eyes filled with lust and somewhat with impatience. He didn’t want to wait, “Condom.”

“…Brendon, I haven’t had sex in over four years. I’m clean. If I wasn’t, then we’d have the same STDs because you’re the only person I’ve slept with since I started the military.”

“Oh… Okay…” there was a pause and Ryan didn’t move. I whimpered, “Go in already,” at which he grinned and pushed it. I smiled as a long groan escaped his lips. I pulled him to me and kissed him on the lips as I arched my back. And then he thrusted in again, roughly and I moaned. The thrusts got faster and harder and rougher.

I moaned as loud as I could, my back arching on its own. I felt my toes curl. Wait. My toes curled? How the fuck did my toes curl? I couldn’t even move my legs. But that thought quickly left my mind as he kept thrusting, kept hitting that same spot. And then I felt his hand grip my shaft and I moaned, moving my hand up and down my body. He then began to stroke with the same rhythm of his thrusts.

It was then that my hips bucked up into him and he gasped. He pulled away from the kiss to look at me, “Did you… But your…”

“Shut up, just keep going,” I grunted, so close to reaching my orgasm. He nodded and kept thrusting. My hips bucked up into him again and I grabbed onto his hips, “Oh god. Ryan,” I moaned. I was reaching it and fast. And I could tell he was too. His thrusts and strokes were getting faster and harder and his moans were getting louder.

“Oh… Oh… Oh! Brendon…” he moaned and I loved hearing him moan my name. I missed it. I missed it so much. And then I felt him come inside of me at the same time I came all over my stomach and chest. But I didn’t care about the mess. We rode out our orgasm together and it was the best thing I think I’d ever felt in my life.

Once both of us were done, he pulled out and collapsed next to me. He looked over at me and laughed a little at the white that was falling onto my thighs and sliding off my torso. He grabbed the tissue box and handed it to me as he helped me clean up. I winced as I sat up. But my legs moved. My legs moved. How were my legs moving? I tried again, they moved.


“Yeah?” he looked over at my face.

“My legs… They moved.”

He looked down at my legs, “Holy shit. Did they really?” he leaned over and kissed my inner thigh where there was still come. He licked some of it up and moved over to my lips. He kissed me and I moaned into the kiss as I easily swallowed it down. He grinned at me, “I think you’re cured.”

And then it hit me. I just had sex with Ryan. The same Ryan that hurt me more than words can express. I sat up again and pushed him off of me, “I can’t believe I did that,” I muttered, “You have to leave.”


I looked over at him, “You… You left me three years ago because you couldn’t handle it. I don’t want you anymore. I made that perfectly clear. At least, I thought I did. You need to go.”


“GET OUT!” I yelled, looking over at him, “Get the fuck out of my apartment. Right now. Before I kick you out.”

I watched as he slowly climbed off the bed and put on all his clothes. He headed out the door and then looked back at me, “I love you…” and he walked out. I felt like crying. I felt like the world had just crumbed around on my shoulders. I let him fuck me. I let him touch me. He wasn’t even supposed to stay. I told him to leave as soon as he took me home…


A/N: I finally give you actual Rydon smut in this story. Cause the rape scene in Lethal Force didn't count. Haha. So here you go. Paraplegic smut. I hope you enjoyed! Three reviews gets next update!
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