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The Way You Me Me Shake, In Fear

by RockMusic

Frankie's unsure of a lot things. Assassins and Ninjas are enimies. But of course Assassins don't find Ninjas a threat, they only care for Templars.

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I shifted around on the uncomfortable bed. The sudden light blinding me. I sat up with a start. Damn auto-light thingamajigs. 

Haha thingamajig.

I have no control of anything more. The control I once had over my life has completed vanished. I can't even control when the lights in the room go on and off. They control. They've taken everything from me. The hope, I was full of hope once, but soon that will be gone too. My dreams. Almost cracked completely. Once my hope and the dreams I once had are completely disposed, I know my sanity will vanish swiftly after. 

A dark figured entered my room. His familiar silhouette, that I had perfectly etched into my mind. I knew every inch of him. I had to or they'd kill me, or something worse. At this point dying was the best thing that could happen. 

My parents have probably given up looking for me. I'm dead to the outside world. I have no way out this room, except for to the showers twice a week. I don't even know what day it is. Monday? Wednesday? I looked him dead in his eyes. He smirked, right on cue. 

But what he did next was a surprise. He sat down on the bed next to me and smiled. Almost genuine, almost. 

His hands gripped my hair roughly as forced my lips to his. He stuck his tongue in my mouth, I obliged, as I had given up the fight long ago. I zoned out, letting my mind wonder to other things. Random silly things of no real importance. 

Next thing I know I'm stripped of all my clothes and I'm on the floor. He shoves is 
member in mouth. Thrusting in and gripping my hair with a strength that almost scares me. I choked and gagged. Needing air. My hands gripped the bed, one arm on either side, praying it's over soon. 

He exploded into my mouth. I swallowed, contemplating if I liked it or not. Even after all this time, I'm still not sure. I mean it's not exactly sweet, but it's not awful. Its not good. 

He titled his head at me, smirking. Darn, I must get lost in train of thought less. I need to get a map to this train of thought… and I'm doing it again. He smiled at me, stroking my hair. His grin turned maniacal evil one in a split second and he slapped me across the face, hard. "You're zoning out again Frankie." It stroked my cheek, where he slapped it soothingly. 

I apologized and he motioned for me to sit next to him on the bed. I scrambled next to him quickly. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, making me stiffen. Last time he seemed nice or caring he went in with no prep,  no lube, just pushed on in. 

I shivered at the memory. "You know why I'm the only one that visits you now Frankie?" I shook my head, afraid that if I spoke I'd set him off. "Because you're mine and I told them nobody else could have you." He drew small circles into my shoulder. I wanted to relax into it, just cuddle with him, pretend things were normal. But I kept my guard up. 

He planted a quick kiss on my neck. "You're so lucky Frankie. Everybody else here has it so terrible. But you have me to protect you." You're a crazy lunatic who rapes  me. Fact. Where is here anyways?  I desperately wanted to get the hell out of his embrace, but I knew I couldn't.  The sex was almost bearable, sure it was degrading, painful and made me feel immoral. But the beatings were awful. 

He'd beat me till I'd pass out and I know he rapes me too, once I'm unconscious. It's the most painful experience ever. Besides when he goes in dry with no prep. "Speak." It was a command, like a master to his dog. I'm just a pet now. For him to fuck and abuse as he please. 

 I shuddered. Trying to come up with something to say that wouldn't end in me being a bloody mess. "I-I. Where am I? Wh-what i-is thi-this place?" I stuttered out softly, bracing myself for the imminent beating. "Someone thought you were…naive enough. So they took you." He sighed and stipped drawing the invisible circles in my arm, making me frown at the loss of affection. "Now you're in a country I can't say, were other naive enough people are... rented and used by members and staff. It's a business. You're an 'employee'. " He pushed me  on the bed. He kicked his pants off before straddling me. 

If I wasn't already frowning, my face would drop now. What a weird man. One minute he can be all nice, then he's all 'time to stick my dick in your ass Frankie'. Bipolar sexual disorder? He placed a hand on either side of my head, pecking my own lips with his. 

I involuntarily inhaled his scent. Sweat and seamen. Sounds about right. Cheers brain, to another long night of being used. "Someone save me." I whispered, hoping he didn't here.
~In Third Person~ AN: This part isn't even relevant. It's just a quick extra of what's happening elsewhere and has nothing to do with this story at all. Unless you guys want it to.

He looked around the sea of faces in the dark room, before calling the meeting to order. His thin long fingers, gently tapped the fork against the knife before telling everyone to quiet down.

He dark haired man sighed in frustrated manor before sitting at the head of table. He slicked his hand through his long ebony hair debating on if he should cut it. "Ninja Squad, Yellow, Team Four. I call the meeting to order." Everyone took their seats at the long mahogany table. Pausing their conversations. 

The tall ebony haired man, looked around the room. Making contact with everyone before making the announcements. "As you all know, we've been at war with those darn Assassins for years." Everyone nodded, mutters of agreements flying across the room. "People thinking ninjas and assassins are the same thing!" The man scoffed.

 The others in the room, offered 'yeahs' in agreements. "They don't even find us good enough to have a proper rivalry with. They're too tied up with Templars." He mocked sarcastically. More 'yeahs' flew across the room. 

The man took a sip of his glass, surveying everyone in the room. "Today is the day we say NAH MOTHA FUCKA." He slammed his drink down on the table. The people looked questioningly at the sudden gangsterism but went with it anyway. "We see one of those Assassins on a job we say 'back the fuck up! You better stay on that side of the street mother fucker! I'll knock you out.'" Around the room people were looking at each other awkwardly now. 

One girl, a shy blonde girl, with medium length fair and green hazel eyes raised her hand. The man nodded his approval, granting her permission to speak. "I thought this meeting was about us being hired to find the sudden outbrake of missing kids in that one area of Europe?" She spoke shyly. 

He nodded. Taking a sip from his glass than placing it down. "Oh that case. I had the file, but I threw it on the ground. The cops can't buy me. They can go pay someone else with their corporation money."  She cocked her eyebrow. "You do realize the only competition we have is the Assassins." He waved it off. "They only kill." A brown haired man spoke up. "No, they can get information too. They'd do that job." Everyone glared at the leader now. Running through his mind was 'holy shit, holy shit' on loop. But he kept his deminor calm. "I'll get us the job back. That shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy. Pumpkin pie mother fucker. Meeting adjourned." Everyone got up quickly, shuffling the hell out of there, leaving the head alone. "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit." Shit isn't holy "Oh my god.. God?" Hell no mother fucker. You been on speaker phone. "What?"
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