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Chapter 2: Sparks

by megamatt09

The second chapter features Kara and Harry searching for Remus but they run into a threat. Plus more.

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Chapter Two: Sparks

The feeling of bliss, contentment and utter joy above the skies of Las Vegas, as Harry and Kara soured through the air the Vegas Skyline.

No feeling on Earth seemed better.

Harry cherished this experience. He had new Patronus fuel.

Kara inclined her head towards her husband. “Enjoying yourself?”

“This is the best!”

Kara giggled. Harry said he had a love of flying and she figured he would enjoy this.

“Right, as fun as this is, we do have to focus,” said Harry. “Remus, he has to be around here somewhere.”

“Take the streets, I’ll look in the buildings.”

“Wait, you can look through walls?”

“X-Ray vision, it can be useful. But abused so easily, I’ll tell you more later,” replied Kara as she scanned. “Let’s see, not in there, no he’s not there, not that, wow, didn’t know that position, we need to try that later Harry, not in there, not in there.”

Harry looked but he saw Remus or no reasonable resemblance. Moony was all alone in the big city and who knew what trouble he could have gotten himself into between last night and this afternoon.


Up in the sky above Smallville in Kansas as morning became afternoon, a sonic boom echoed as a figure flew over the fields. A cape fluttered in the breeze as the blurred figure had taken in the smells of the fresh and untainted country air.

It was not a bird.

It was not a plane.

It was Superman.

The last few months had been taken one day at a time, one step at a time, in an attempt to rehabilitate the trust that Darkseid had destroyed. He scowled at the thought of that evil individual. If Kara had not stepped in; he would have likely did something that he regretted to Darkseid.

Superman dropped down to the air and in a blur, he changed into the guise of Clark Kent, Mild Mannered Reporter, Kansas Farmboy.

He walked on the ground towards the Kent Farmhouse.

There was no place like home.

With a small smile, Clark knocked on the door.

“Ma, I’m home,” said Clark and Martha Kent opened the door.

“Clark, what a pleasant surprise!” exclaimed Martha as she invited her son in. “Come in and sit down, dear, I was just baking a pie.”

Clark smiled. His mother always seemed to be baking a pie. It was not seem like home otherwise.

“Perry owed me some vacation time, I figured it be a good time to take some time off,” said Clark. “Plus Lois can cover anything. I just hope she doesn’t get herself into too much trouble.”

“Yeah, that’d be the day.”

“How are you and Lois?” asked Martha. “You two getting along?”

Clark frowned “What are you trying to imply?”

“She did kiss you after that entire mess with Darkseid, and I thought…”

“It’s complicated,” said Clark, as he closed his eyes.

Martha did not pursue the topic any further. She did hope her son would come to his senses, but he had been rather stubborn at times.

Yet, she held out hope.

“Your father’s out working and Kara’s…she said she’s not feeling well,” said Martha. “The poor dear, she must have caught a bug. She’s been in bed all day.”

Clark frowned. Any human illness should have not really been that much of a problem with her.

“I’ll go check on her, I’m surprised she’s not going stir crazy,” said Clark.

Perhaps he had become paranoid.

Okay, he was nearly not as bad as Bruce, who tagged all of his protégés with a tracking device.

A free spirited teenage girl like Kara would be bound to go nuts stuck inside in the summer. He still had to keep her here. If someone like Luthor or Darkseid or even Metallo or Parasite got a hold of her, he would never forgive herself.

Clark knocked on her bedroom door. “Kara? Ma, says you’re sick. Is everything alright?”

No response. Clark scanned the inside of the room with his X-Ray vision. Something did rest underneath the sheets.

And that something was pillows, with a recording device that simulated the sound of breathing.

Kara had run away.

It took a moment before he realized what had happened.

Immediately Clark blasted down the stairs towards the kitchen at a frantic speed, and saw that his father, Jonathan Kent, had joined them. “Clark, how’s it going son, what seems to be…”

“Kara, she’s gone,” said Clark, his breath heavy, as he looked around. Maybe she did not go far.

The Kents paled.

“Oh my God,” managed Martha. “I thought she was just…she said…”

Jonathan took a deep breath. He was worried too but working themselves into a tizzy would do no one any good “Martha, calm down, she couldn’t have gone far”

Clark closed his eyes and grabbed a stress ball that he had custom made. It resembled the face of the bothersome fifth dimensional imp known as Mister Mxyzptlk that had bedeviled him a time or two. He squeezed it to calm his nerves.

He then looked around on the clutter on the table.

Kara had gone off somewhere in a fit of rebellion. She had no regard of how her actions would affect those who loved her.

In other words, she acted like a teenager.

“Vegas,” muttered Clark as he looked at the brochure that had been buried in the clutter in the table. “That’s where she went.”

“Clark, don’t do something…just don’t do something reckless,” pleaded Martha.

Clark crumpled the brochure in his hand. “I’m going to go get my cousin and we’re going to have a nice talk about what she did.”

Clark moved toward the door.

“We should be back by dinner.”

Clark opened the screen door and walked outside.

“Jonathan, do you think Kara’s okay?” asked Martha as she saw Superman in the skies once again.

“Martha, don’t worry, what’s the worst that can happen?” asked Jonathan with a slight dry chuckle.

“I hate that question,” muttered Martha Kent. “Nothing good comes out of it.”


An imposing castle within Scotland, magical energies filled the air. A dark figure walked forward, greasy black hair, black robes billowed, a perpetual scowl on his face, with a hooked nose. A mental cursing of the last name “Potter” filled his thoughts.

Severus Snape, Potions Master, Death Eater Spy, and feared Head of the Slytherin House of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hastened his movements through the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. He ascended the staircase and turned towards the Griffin that guarded Dumbledore's office.

“Licorice Wand,” muttered Snape with disdain as the Griffin split open to reveal the entrance to the quarters.

Portraits of respected and wise witches or wizards covered an entire office wall . The office contained shelves of books, a large cabinet off to the side, and a perch, where a magnificent bird known as Fawkes, a phoenix, rested.

Yet, he turned towards the desk, cluttered but yet organized, as he faced the wizened wizard before him. Long white hair, a beard, brightly colored robes, and blue eyes, behind glasses, the wizard had looked slowly up from an instrument on his desk.

There were many instruments and only the old wizard knew what their purpose was.

Albus Dumbledore was considered one of the most respected wizards of his age or any other. Yet, many felt his grip was slipping as old age had made a fool of him. The aged wizard had power still and at this moment, a very important piece to the game had gone missing. He had broken the silence. “Severus, what do you have to share with me?”

“Every lead, nothing, not even a hint,” reported Snape. “That brat seems to have slipped right under our protections.”

“Most curious,” muttered Dumbledore as he studied the measuring instruments.

Snape felt the mental urge to slap the edge of his palm right into his own face. The old man and his inability to properly explain himself, it would be the death of him. “What, may I ask is curious?”

“The protections, that keep young Harry safe, are gone, without a trace,” said Dumbledore. “It means one of four things.”

“Which are?” prompted Snape.

“He’s of age, married, dead, or I need to buy a new monitoring instrument,” said Dumbledore, as he looked over it. “The Dursleys are being moved right now to a different location. I authorized Alastor to convince them in any way he saw fit.”

The Potions Master sneered and then responded. “Potter’s not dead. The Dark Lord would trumpet that fact through Diagon Alley.”

“Of course, the Dark Lord would likely know where Potter is. That fool Fudge did babble his home address right to the Wizengamot at a very public trial.”

Dumbledore’s eyes just twinkled. “Yes, rather. Considering my arithmetic has yet to fail me, Harry does have one year before he becomes of age. Marriage, I’d assume that would not have occurred. Harry seems to have little luck on the relationship front. So broken, but just to err on the side of caution, Petunia, Vernon, and young Dudley will have to be moved. Alastor will report to me when he is successful.”

“And likely any causalities,” thought Snape.

“Potter’s not there, but he has to be somewhere,” said Snape.

Dumbledore just smiled. “Basic logic indicates yes. We’re having search teams all over the United Kingdom. Nymphadora Tonks has graciously seen to lead with the effort. She was rather broken up that Harry has gone missing.”

“Do you trust Nymphadora with such a responsibility without tripping over her own shoe laces?” asked Snape.

Dumbledore did not respond. He was used to his colleague’s rather pointed and acidic remarks directed towards anyone who had a pulse.

“Do keep an ear out, in case we’re wrong and Lord Voldemort has managed to capture young Harry.”

Snape looked like he swallowed something rancid. The summer was supposed to be his vacation from Potter. Now he spent every moment of his time in his search for Potter.

When Potter got back, he would be spending every weekend of the rest of his time at Hogwarts, in Detention, for he wasted Snape’s valuable time.


“Harry, I’ve found him…this might be a tiny problem,” said Kara. “You see, he’s right over there.”

Harry followed his wife’s finger and saw that she had pointed right to the lock up. Whatever Moony had did, he landed him in jail. “Damn you Remus, you’re supposed to be the level headed one! What did you do?”

“Let’s go ask him,” said Kara, as she dropped down and lead gracefully lead Harry down. She did not let up. “Do you think we’ll need bail? How much?”

“I’ll get him out, the same way I apparently got you into the casino,” muttered Harry. “If I can remember what charm I used. I hope I didn’t use an Unforgiveable Curse when under the influence.”

“No, you told me, some Confundus Charm, that’s not one of these Unforgiveables is it?” asked Kara and Harry shook his head.

“Good, nothing that can get me landed into Azkaban. An Imperius Curse performed while under the influence could fry someone’s brain cells permanently. At least that’s what Moody, well fake Moody, said.”

A loud scream brought Harry right out of his thoughts. He saw sparks flying each and every way in the air.

“Yeah, I knew I couldn’t take one vacation without someone causing some problem.”

Kara turned around to see the sense of the disturbance and she recognized the loud and obnoxious voice.

“Come on boys, the party’s just getting started. We’re just turning up the juice.”

“Livewire,” muttered Kara as she took a deep breath.

“You know this nutter?” asked Harry as he watched the crazed blue hair woman send people screaming as she blew up electrified signs.

Kara floated up to get a better look. “Unfortunately.”

Leslie Willis had been the top shock jock in Metropolis and had thrived on controversy. Her main target for some time was Superman. She was loud and obnoxious, but none too bright, as she had the bright idea of holding a concert out in a thunderstorm.

Despite Superman’s best efforts to stop her, she refused to listen. They were both struck by lightning. The combination of Superman’s powers and the electricity had mutated Willis into the crazed villain known as Livewire.

Kara had the misfortune of dealing with her. Livewire was a bad enough headache, but when she teamed up with the Gotham City villainesses known as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, the trouble tripled. Thankfully, she had a friend, named Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batgirl, who helped her stop these three violent vixens.

Before she could take any action, Livewire turned to spot Harry and Kara. Her eyes fell on the girl. Even though Kara was not currently in uniform, Livewire recognized her with sadistic amusement. “Well if it isn’t the boy scout’s blond errand girl. What’s the matter, is Big Blue too busy trying to untie a knot to come out and play?”

“I didn’t think they’d let you out for good behavior early, Livewire,” said Kara.

“Nah, broke out, bored, figured I see the bright lights in Las Vegas,” said Livewire as she turned to give Harry a good look over. “Who’s your friend? He’s kind of cute, but let’s see how good he looks with a ten thousand volt charge.”

Reflexes ingrained in him through years of Quidditch had given him a pretty good sense of when to duck.

Lightning was one of those times where it was a good idea to duck.

The lightning sizzled the ground, as Harry glanced out of the corner of his eye, as Kara had lifted off, arms extended, ready to attack. She drove Livewire right into the nearest wall with all of the force she could muster.

Livewire began to charge and send Kara down right to the ground. Harry rushed over to her and helped her up.

Just in time for Kara to push them both into the ground, so the lightning could sail over both of their heads and strike a billboard with a picture of a bald headed man on it.

Harry reached right into his sleeve to pull out his wand.

“Man we’ve just met, and you’re already sporting wood,” said Livewire as her high pitched voice got higher. “Here, sweetie, let me blow you a kiss.”

Livewire blew several extremely powerful sparks right off her hand. The couple scattered.

Along with Harry’s wand as it flew right out of his grasp.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, you know,” said Harry but Livewire laughed.

“Man, you don’t get it, kid, I’m a bit out of depth class, I can command power,” taunted Livewire as she sent a bolt right towards Kara who had just left the ground.

Harry eyes narrowed at the attack on Kara. Livewire continued her attack. A bright glow appeared right around his hand.

Livewire’s laughter stopped, as she felt a new source of power in the air. A source of power clashed with her own.

Suddenly sparks began to fly out of her body. Livewire resembled a kitchen appliance that just got short circuited. She dropped to her knees and then promptly collapsed.

Kara made her way over. Burn marks right on her shirt and jeans, but she was more durable than her clothes.

“She’s still alive, isn’t she?” asked Kara and Harry shrugged. She went over and checked. “Okay, breathing, for what it's worth."

Kara floated right into Harry’s arms, where he grabbed her around the waist and they exchanged a brief kiss before they surveyed the damage. The crowd moved over and studied them. Harry looked up and noticed the news crews which had documented the battle.

“Our little scuffle made the news,” said Kara, as she placed her arm around her husband’s waist.

Harry looked crestfallen. “Well that’s all I need right about now.”

“I know you hate your fame, you told me that too,” said Kara as she placed her arm over his shoulders. “But it’s not that bad, a little act of heroism here and there, lives saved, everyone goes home to their families, all that good stuff.”

“No, not that, it’s just the Statute of Secrecy, we’re kind of forbidden to use our powers in the presence of…non magical people,” said Harry. “The Ministry frowns on it, even if the situation is unavoidable.”

Harry retrieved his wand.

“I got hauled into the Ministry last year for a trial, because I had to save my cousin, Dudley, from two Dementors,” explained Harry and Kara frowned, that seemed kind of harsh.

“I’m not sure, but there are people who use magic around here, in public eye, often enough and people don’t really get too bothered, it’s just another super power,” said Kara as Livewire was secured. The look on her face indicated the lights were on but no one was home.

Then again, that might have been an improvement for Livewire.

Kara added after a few seconds of thought. “Are you sure that law counts here?”

Harry considered something. He knew little to nothing about the American counterpart to the Ministry of Magic. America while a super power in the Muggle World, seemed rather unimportant in the Wizarding World.

That might have been a reason why Sirius suggested his little trip to occur in the States.

“I’m sure I’ll find out before too long,” said Harry, who half expected Aurors, if they existed in this country, to come down on him about now.

His little magic tricks in the casino were one thing. Outside, with sober witnesses, and in front of television cameras, that could cause a bit of a problem if the wrong person put two and two together.

They walked out of the view, into an alleyway, and away from prying ears and eyes, as they made their way around to the police station.

Kara broke the silence. “Did you ever do anything like that with your powers before?”

“No, well once,” said Harry as he recalled. “My cousin’s computer, I was not in the best of state of mind and my guardians…we tend to be somewhat at odds given my powers.”

Harry stopped and Kara's lips turned into a slight frown, her blue eyes met Harry's green eyes.

“They don’t exactly like you, do they?” asked Kara. Harry, even at his drunkest, seemed to avoid talking about his relatives like the plague.

“Not in the slightest,” said Harry and Kara gave her spouse a comforting hug, and Harry pressed on. “So my uncle was ranting about dealing with freaks and then he said the wrong thing about my parents. Next thing I knew, Dudley’s computer went kaput. Completely fried.”

They turned and walked up the side steps.

“Magic and electricity don’t tend to mix, you see,” explained Harry. “Most of the time. There are people who try to take apart machines and put them back together, using magic.”

Harry remembered the horror stories that Mr. Weasley had shared with him in the past about toasters, waffle irons, and microwaves, among other things. “It doesn’t end well. Ever.”

Kara understood. There was a reason why the mystic arts were forbidden on other planets. The technology was too high end and too expensive, to risk the damage done by magic.

Any study was strictly forbidden on Krypton and its colonies, due to the very nature of magic which clashed with highly advanced scientific nature and philosophies. It was regarded a chaotic and unpredictable universal anomaly that defied conventional science and thus was forbidden by the Krypton Science Council.

She kind of broke that rule a few times and managed to pilfer a forbidden book or two. It seemed so cool and mysterious. She didn’t quite have the nerve to try anything she read. Study without application was overlooked. Actual application of said powers meant a lifetime sentence in the Phantom Zone.

Thoughts of the past reminded her that she had a lot to tell Harry later. That would be a fun conversation. But that could wait.

They needed to get Remus out of trouble first.


Metropolis, one of the most prominent cities in the United States of America, a city built mostly on the vision of one man.

Inside a large black tower with the word “Lexcorp” written on the side of it, down many levels, a bald businessman dressed in an expensive black suit was busy at work. In one cylinder, experimental Nano technology rested and in the other cylinder contained a glowing green rock known as Kryptonite.

He carefully measured the variables of the experiment. Should this experiment be a success, it would spell the end of a very bothersome issue for him. The man in question was one of the richest men in the world, the world’s foremost scientific genius, and a man who was the greatest enemy to the Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor waited, as he looked over notices that indicated that stock had changed hands with his company. Luthor regarded stockholders as nothing more than a necessity. As long as they got their handsome dividend, they remained silent about every single corporate decision. Transactions had occurred in Vegas, apparently, as they had bet shares.

The same name popped up. A man named Harrison Radcliffe. Whoever this mystery man was, he held a good chunk of Lexcorp stocks in his hand. This Radcliffe was an unknown but given Luthor’s resources, he would find out. He was Lex Luthor. He could find out these things.

His intercom buzzed to life.

“What is it Mercy, I’m in the middle of an experiment,” said Luthor in a dismissive voice.

“Lex, you need to see this,” said Mercy Graves over the intercom. “On the television, right now.”

Luthor turned, curiosity getting the better of the bald billionaire. With an immediate press of the button, he activated the large screen television in his lab. It showed footage of a woman he knew. He kept tabs on all of the people that Superman had dealt with, in case he needed use of them in the future and this woman was Livewire.

He had recognized the blonde brat immediately as well. His eyes narrowed, as he watched Supergirl struggle.

Then he saw that Supergirl was not alone in her battle.

This new player, a teenager by the looks of things, had shown up. Luthor found himself amused as the alien and her companion were knocked around by Livewire.

The bald billionaire allowed himself a brief chuckle.

His amusement faded when the mystery hero had turned, and there was a brief hint of some kind of glow. The camera went all fuzzy, with only brief images and the scream of Livewire, as the sound of something being short circuited could be heard.

Luthor watched the news broadcast draw to a close, raised eyebrow. “Interesting.”

Another alien? A meta-human? Or something else entirely?

Luthor would need to find that piece of information too.


The hangover had nearly left Remus Lupin, as he sat against the walls of the cell he was in. He learned so much on this trip.

A few drinks seldom meant a few drinks and tequila and werewolves did not mix. And never fall asleep in Vegas in the middle of the road if you don’t want your eyebrows shaved off. Along with a blood alcohol content that can legally kill you means an immediate trip to jail.

And protests that you’re a werewolf and can handle more than the average person did not prove a case against disorderly conduct.

Among other things.

A cop who looked more shady then many of the criminals in the joint walked up. “Lupin, you’re free to go.”

The door opened and he saw Harry and a girl, he vaguely remembered him chatting with at the bar last night. They seemed to be hitting it off great from what little he could remember.

“Oh hello Harry,” said Remus in a low voice. “And…”

The girl supplied hopefully. “Kara. You must have been drunker than Harry, Mr. Lupin.”

“Remus please, Mr. Lupin makes me feel so old,” said Remus.

“You are old, though,” said Harry.

“Don’t you start, Sirius is bad enough, we don’t need another one of him,” said Remus. “So you managed to post bail?”

Harry shifted at Remus’s glance “Not exactly.”

Remus looked at Harry with a frown.

Then again, Lily did something equally morally dubious when all four Marauders got locked up because of Sirius and his crazy "pose as Stubby Boardman and the Hobgoblins" scheme the summer after their seventh year at Hogwarts.

“As long as you didn’t do anything too illegal,” said Remus in a resigned voice. “So anyway, let’s get out of here, you and your girlfriend better help me get out of here, where’s my wand?”

“Here, along with your wallet,” said Harry. “And Kara’s not exactly my girlfriend.”

Remus looked apologetic but Kara held back laughter. “Oh, well you two seemed to be getting along so great, I guess really good friends then.”

“No, wife,” said Harry, as now both teens were struggling not to be amused at the situation, that appeared to not register with Remus

“Oh well that explains….” started Remus but he paused as enough of his brain cells registered that remark. “Did you say wife?”

“I said wife.”

“Of course, you said wife,” said Remus in a resigned voice as Kara and Harry had finally both broke out into hysterical laughter.

He knew Vegas was a bad idea. He suggested Disney World, but Sirius had put his foot down on that one. Padfoot stated that Disney was the evil empire and Mickey Mouse was secretly conspiring to take over the world. He had read so in the Quibbler so it must have been true, said Sirius.

It was hard to really argue with someone like that.

“You didn’t get married last night too, did you Moony?” asked Harry.

“That’s about the only thing that didn’t happen to me, I’ll tell you that,” said Remus with hazed fragments of the debauchery in his mind’s eye. “Yes, I remember it well…I’m not sure how much legally this will hold up, anyway. Well unless you used the rings.”

There was a pause. Remus looked at them. “You used the rings, didn’t you?”

“Yep,” said Harry and Kara in unison.

“They used the rings, Molly’s going to pitch a fit she had her heart set on…well I guess they’re going to have to suffer,” muttered Remus. If he had remembered what James told him correctly, the ring wouldn’t just work with any random girl. They needed certain qualities.

Circumstances mattered little whether it be a formal wedding or some spur of the moment decision in Vegas.

Remus took a moment to collect himself. “Well congratulations you two, but this is…well congratulations.”

“Thanks,” said Kara and Harry nodded in agreement. “We should go, get something to eat, and then…we still have to talk.”

All three parties came to an agreement and moved off.

Through the sky, Superman reached the destination of Las Vegas, Nevada.

His super hearing picked up something interesting on a news broadcast.

“The mysterious super powered duo had defeated the powered Metropolis villainess known as Livewire just early today, saving many civilians from certain death and destruction.”

Superman floated in for a better look. He had a suspicion.

He hated when his suspicions were right.


The Man of Steel watched, as his cousin and another teenager battled Livewire. The teenager’s powers seemed to be almost magical in nature. Something Superman had a bit of an unfortunate experience with a few times in the past.

Magic affected him just the same as any human. Bullets, knives, cannons, laser weapons, all were not a problem, but magic, was a sure vulnerability in addition to Kryptonite and red solar radiation.

The feed went fuzzy, which meant something had to disrupt the cameras and cause instability.

“Our heroes saved the day. Eyewitnesses say that they appear to be rather close as they had shared a passionate kiss in the aftermath of the battle.”

Eyes narrowed, scowl on face, arms folded, overprotected instincts engaged.

This looked like a job for Superman.

“Seems like Kara’s not the only one I’ll need to talk to.”

First he had to find them.
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