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Dean got possessed and now he's tying up everyone. Yikes.

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Suddenly, the bright lights stopped and Dean stood there, looking blankly at the ground. He looks up and shows his white, soulless eyes and begins to charge towards the trio, forcing them to move out of the way of his psychotic rampage.

"Shit, Dean. You-you've been possessed by a pissed pissed spirit!" cried Sam, dodging Dean's charges.

"What do we do?!" screamed Jared, looking into Dean's snow white eyes.

Dean waves his hand and all of the vases and lamps fall to the ground, flooding the house in pitch black darkness. The trio decide to split up and run in their separate ways, Jared running up the stairs. Dean hears Jared's quite loud steps up the squeaky stairs and goes after him, walking calmly towards the screaming man.

"Shit, shit, shit! I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" thought Jared, filling his head with pessimistic thoughts.

He turns a corner to find Dean standing there, staring into his soul. Suddenly, he rushes towards him, knocking him out. He grabs his jumper and drags him into the bedroom, stripping him and tying his wrists to the bed frame. He hears a thud downstairs and floats down the stairs, like a fairy that wants to fuck and kill you.

"Oh, my head. I haven't felt this bad since I was in Hell and that's Hell for fucks sake!" whispered Sam, rubbing his head from his collision with Shannon.

"Wait, you were in Hell?" questioned Shannon, not caring about the possessed man coming behind him.

"Well - SHIT" replied Sam, seeing Dean standing behind Shannon. "I'm so sorry but, he's right behind-"

But, before he can finish his sentence, Dean has already knocked out Shannon and was dragging him while staring into Sam's worry filled eyes. Sam knew he was next so, he didn't move, he didn't speak, he didn't do anything. He thought that his plan was working until he went to lean back and felt jeans instead of wall.

"Shit." he whispered as Dean struck him on the head and dragged him up the stairs into the bedroom.

As the trio woke up, Sam tried to move but found out that his wrists were tied to the bed frame, in doing this he also found out that the same fate fell for Jared and Shannon. He looked in front of them to find Dean, still with his snow white eyes coming towards him. As Dean's lips met Sam's, he tried to push away but, through kissing Dean placed a portion of the sex demon inside Sam, making his eyes glow a pale white.

With his new strength, Sam was able to rip the rope connecting him to the bed and began to slowly crawl towards the Leto brothers. The Winchester brothers looked at each other, nodded and advanced towards Jared and Shannon, joining their lips. Sam's lips met Jared first while Dean's met Shannon's second, letting a bit of the sex demon inside both of them and making their eyes also glow a pale white.

"It's time to get started" the group said in a demonic voice.

As Sam and Dean's lips met, Dean slipped his hand down and softly touched both his and Sam's arousals. They looked at the Leto brothers who knew just what to do.

Jared slipped his head down to Shannon's crotch and licked the underside of his erection, making Shannon buck back in pleasure, this didn't phase Jared who continued to slowly lick Shannon's arousal. He lifted his head and looked at the Winchester brothers who slowly advanced towards them.

Jared threw himself over Dean who began to lick his arousal, forcing Jared to grab his hair and twist his fingers in it. Shannon began to slap Dean's ass, making him groan with pleasure and began to enter a finger, hints if "oh yeah!" hidden by groans.

As he pulled out his finger, he readied his arousal, giving it one last stroke before entering it into Dean's ass, making him moan with pleasure. Sam began to force his arousal into Shannon's face who opened his mouth, letting Sam in and making him moan.

Shannon slipped his hand down towards Dean's crotch and began to jack him off, making him moan and groan in even more pleasure. As Shannon's hand movements sped up, Dean began to groan more and more before finally climaxing Shannon's hand who swiftly lifted it up to his mouth and licked it off.

This gave Dean the extra force to speed up his movements, making the Leto brothers groan before finally making them both climax, Dean swallowing Jared's cum with pleasure.

As Shannon took his arousal out of Dean and Dean took his mouth off of Jared's, they all looked at Sam before tying up his wrists and making sure he couldn't move before Dean entered his mouth, Shannon wrapping his mouth around his arousal and Jared slowly penetrating him from behind. It wasn't long before they swept Sam clean off the edge, Shannon swallowing his cum.

Suddenly, a white light appeared from across the room and formed a man wearing a trench-coat, blazer, tie, shirt, trousers and smart shoes.

"What the hell is happening?!" he asked.

Authors Note - the man at the end is Castiel, if you haven't guessed yet.
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