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Another Session

by qtjinla

Naruto and Yoshino have another session.

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Naruto the Milf Hunter


NarutoxMilf Harem(Milfs or Milf aged women or expecting/impregnated women.)


Story Start


Naruto once again found himself in therapy with Yoshino. He would often found himself talking about daily occurrences of interest. Well now Naruto would come in any day he wasn't going to have a mission once he was assigned his genin team. Technically he was only supposed to go in three times a week, but Yoshino didn't get a lot of 'assignment's because she told the truth. She wasn't like people's friend who would sugarcoat their words or bullshit something to make you feel better. She straight out told a person a truth and often hurt their feelings.

'' paint the Hokage's Monument not only in day light, but in a bright orange jump suit and no one noticed until you were done?''

'''Pretty much. I mean I'm switching to dark blue and or greenish clothing once I switch to my team of course, but for now it's easier to have people think I'm retarded.''

''I led Chunin, Jounin, and even some Anbu on a chase...''

''Yeah. I heard you were eventually caught by Iruka.''

''Yeah I know. I think he's a sensor or something. That's the only reasonable idea I can think of that explains how he always finds me.''

''The only reasonable?'' Yoshino asked with curiosity.

''Yeah, the only other thing I can think of that he's Psychic. Hey if you tried to read the mind of an enemy kunoichi and when you're going through their memories and come across one of them taking a shower does that make you a voyeur or a pervert?''

Yoshino sighed and massaged her forehead. She knew Naruto was just messing with her to past the time, but did he really have to be so...Narutoish at times? A tongue lashing wouldn't work on him. After a rather tough morning dealing with her lazy son and husband she had a sort fuse. Naruto had accidentally set her off and at the end result of her verbal lashing he was turned on. It was after that Nara Yoshino decided she would save enough chakra to be able to travel home via Shushin. As a smiling and limping Yoshino set off the alarms in people's mind and it took hours for her husband to bail her out, let alone convince Anko and Ibiki she was who she said she was. Eventually the smile from the sexual rush of having an affair with a younger and virile young male wore off through the annoyance of her situation.

''Naruto let's just stick with today's events okay?''

''Fine...but not much happened. I mean besides the whole scroll incident. You would think an entire village full of shinobi could find an academy student in a forest not too far from here. The Inuzuka couldn't track me by scent? What about the Aburahame they couldn't track me with their insects? The standards of our village is going down, way down.''

''Tch...with your speed and stealth, I doubt a normal shinobi would have been able to found you. At least not within a certain amount of time.''

'' more thing. Isn't it retarded only to pass 9 students? Why are the academy standards so pissed poor? Also why is the Dead Last placed with the Rookie of the Year? To balance the team so they won't be too powerful? Because that's unfair? That's fucking retarded. We're shinobi, you know ninja of the night, assassins and information gatherers. Why the hell were fangirls even let in? Seriously? You're not even going to try and analyze what I'm saying huh?''

'To be honest no. After the last few weeks of rants and statements I decided to just record it all on tape and listened back. Dealing with my family laziness and your asinine statements and crazy theories does not do well for my nerves.''

''Hey! My rants aren't asinine? Are they?''

''Do you want my honest opinion?''

''Nevermind then. Hey since I'm Genin I can go buy booze now right?''

''Technically once you become a shinobi you're an adult in the eyes of the law, but why would you want alcohol? Even if you are a shinobi you are still a young male and your body...''


Yoshino took a moment to breathe in and breathe out. ''Naruto...''

''Would you like a massage Yoshino? The girls told me my hands are pretty magical.''

''Sure, why not...'' She replied without thinking. She was a bit wound up and didn't think any harm could come from it. When Naruto started his magic rub down Yoshino fought to keep the moan escaping from her throat silent. 'Damn, he really does have magic ha...aaaands.'' The last part was moaned out as a shock went through her body.

''How about a 'full body' massage,'' she heard him whisper in her ear as she moaned 'yes' in ecstasy. Looks like once again the therapy session was going to be interesting.
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