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Get Closer, Stay Quiet

by IndiaGirl

"You like this, don't you?"

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Gerard nodded, pushing his neck up against Frank's lips, biting down on his own. He knew he shouldn't be doing this, especially with Mikey in the house, but - it felt better than anything he'd ever felt.
“Mmm, fuck." Frank moaned, licking, sucking Gerard's neck. He sucked hard, nipping at the soft flesh, his hands stroking his sides. Gerard hissed softly and pushed his lips against Frank's collarbone, enjoying the feeling of the bare skin against his teeth. He moved over Frank and switched themselves around, Frank now lying underneath him, his legs still wrapped around Gerard's waist. Gerard pinned Frank's shoulders down gently, restricting his movement a little as he lay himself across him.
"Mmm." Frank pulled back, leaving a dark red bruise on the side of Gerard's neck, teeth marks littering his collarbone. "We just made out, that's why it felt good." He giggled, looking up at the older boy. "You like being the one in control?" He asked, placing his hands on Gerard's neck. Gerard smirked and undid one of the buttons on Frank's particularly nice shirt. He was careful not to make any damage.
"I think I do." He growled softly, pressing his lips against the pale milky skin of Frank's torso. Frank bit his lip ring, gulping.
"Mmm, feels good." He smirked, licking his lips, rolling his back into the couch as Gerard kissed his chest. "Have as much control as you like." He laughed softly. Gerard nodded, a little protectively, but mostly anxious in getting as close to Frank as he could. He pressed his forehead against Frank's chest as he breathed in deeply, biting his lip from the feelings Frank was creating, pressing himself into Gerard's groin. He reached forward and bit on Frank's lip, taking a little delight in the lip ring he wore. Frank gulped, letting Gerard tug his lip, he bucked his hips into Gerard's crotch, not meaning to, before placing his hand on the hickey he made earlier. Gerard groaned a little, a noise he'd never evoked before in his life - well, not at the hands of another person, anyway. He grew a little frantic, biting and sucking hard on Frank's lips and neck until he could barely breathe anymore. Frank pulled away, panting slightly.
"Wow." He giggled, blushing hard, brushing some of his hair out of his face, and looking up into Gerard's eyes. Gerard grinned, letting his body take control.
"Are we going to.." Gerard whispered, still grinding a little, since he couldn't physically stop himself. Frank rolled his hips.
"I don't mind, up to you." He smiled, biting his lip. "So you go from romantic and cute, to fucking sexy in no time." He smirked. Gerard leant into Frank, before kissing him deeply and passionately, moving himself a little bit at a time, driving Frank insane.
"This is my first.. proper time." He grinned wickedly, delving into Frank's neck a little longer before removing Frank's shirt entirely.
"Same here, but what do you mean by proper?" He asked, tilting his head moaning, tugging at Gerard's shirt. "Shit-we can't, babe." He sighed, suddenly thinking about Mikey in the house.
"I.." Gerard swallowed, refusing to move himself from Frank. He couldn't stop. "I d-don't remember." He shivered, gasping occasionally. "I just know.. And.. I know." He sighed, pausing for a second before moving back into action, unable to hold himself back. He knew that if Mikey wasn't asleep, he'd be able to hear every word - and he knew if they were any louder, which they would be soon, since Gerard could barely control his stifled moans, then they would almost certainly wake him up. "Just one more second, I.."
"You like this, don't you?" Frank smirked, moaning softly, grinding his hips against Gerard's, feeling him hard in his suit trousers.
"Ugh.." He gulped, nibbling Gerard's earlobe, sucking: kissing the soft skin underneath.
"I.." Gerard stammered, letting Frank take control, letting Frank switch and move above him. He threw his head back as Frank nibbled, digging his fingers into Frank's back to stop himself from giving way. Frank sat on Gerard's hips, pulling his shirt off, throwing it on the floor. He leaned down, scraping his teeth across his chest, kissing, his hips still grinding and rolling. Gerard gasped and rolled his hips, pressing himself up against Frank and breathing deeply through feelings he rarely encountered. He felt guilty knowing Mikey could probably hear him, and he knew that this was bad, but - didn't he deserve it? He'd spent so long feeling so bad, for once, he was actually feeling on top of the world (though, still under Frank.). Frank licked up his chest to his neck, moaning, rolling his hips.
"I can feel you're hard." He smirked, licking the shell of his ear, nibbling, his hands stroking over his chest. Gerard's cheeks burnt scarlet as he arched his back, Frank's tongue rolling over him. Frank was fucking with him and he knew it. He reached towards Frank's smart dress trousers, unbuckling the belt and throwing it down on the floor. Frank bit his lip, and copied Gerard.
"You're eager. I like it." He winked, licking his lips, shuffling out of his trousers, sitting back on Gerard's hips, just in his boxers, "I know you're worrying that Mikey can hear us, he'll get over it and moments like this don't last forever, take it and run, baby." He smirked, kissing him deeply. Gerard scoffed and lay back, watching over Frank, who's pale skin looked particularly kissable in the darkening light.
"He isn't innocent. He knows exactly what's going on - he's already over it." He grinned, unzipping his own trousers and pulling them off his legs, with some difficulty. Frank helped Gerard, both sitting in their boxers, smirking.
"So, I wonder what to do now..." He smirked, speaking sarcastically, blushing a little. Gerard sat back, a little stumped. "I.. don't know." He glanced up at Frank, genuinely confused, to Frank's surprise.
"I have a little idea." He smiled, kissing Gerard's cheek. "But, who wants to top? I hope you understand what I mean, if you still want to, y'know."

Gerard nodded thoughtfully and looked up at Frank. "You've done this before, right?" He asked, nervously. Frank laughed softly.
"No chance. We would be taking each others virginity, which is a nice thought." Gerard looked down ashamedly.
"Not quite." He shook his head, softly. "I'm not going to let myself ruin this. Come on. You.. you top."
"Okay, I'll try." He smiled, gulping, "I'm just curious, you've watched porn, right?" He laughed, sounding stupid.
"No - actually." Gerard replied, looking down at himself with embarrassment at his current situation. "I've- um, read it, though."
"Oh, just because, it's not like that, sadly I've.. heard it's a tad more - awkward, but much more. Uh.. How do I explain it... Romantic?" He smiled, stroking Gerard's thighs. Gerard nodded, smiling softly.
"I get it." Gerard lay back, squeezing his frail frame from the boxers around his waist.
"It will probably make us feel more comfortable around each other." He giggled, leaning down, hovering over his face.
"Just before we start. One for good luck." He pressed his lips to Gerard's softly. Gerard kissed him back, nodding inwardly. This was going to happen, and it was going to be perfect. Wait- no. Not perfect. Nothing is perfect.
"You.. you start." He encouraged.
"Okay," Frank sighed, gulping nervously. "I'll take mine off first, I don't care." Frank giggled, slipping off his boxers, stroking Gerard's thighs, "Do you want me to take yours off or do you want to yourself?" He asked, blushing.
"I want nothing coming between us." Gerard whispered, determined, slipping his boxers away from him. Frank giggled, looking at Gerard's crotch.
"Um.. If you don't me saying, wow." He blushed hard, wrapping Gerard's legs around his hips, lining himself up, "I heard it's a little painful, okay?" Gerard grinned inwardly and nodded.
"No, I can do this. Promise." Gerard reassured him, laying his body back.
“I hate to ruin the moment, but you actually like me right? This isn’t a weird plan to have sex, right?" He looked a little worried, gulping, stroking his thighs. Gerard looked shocked, a little hurt, and confused.
"Of course I do." Gerard pushed his body back up and pulled Frank into an embrace. "I never had much interest in having.. it.. until.. well.. today."
"Okay, I'm sorry, just letting my thoughts run wild." He smiled, rolling his eyes, kissing Gerard's nose, going back into position.
"Ready?" Gerard nodded and settled himself back, readjusting himself in Frank's arms, a little frightened.
"I trust you." He said, quietly. Frank stroked Gerard's cheek with his fingertip.
"I still love you, no matter what, even if it's the most awkward sex ever." He giggled, pushing himself in, slowly. Gerard groaned much louder than he had previously, throwing his head back in the pain and pleasure it provided him with. He gasped and shook his head, indicating for Frank to keep going. Frank went a little faster and slightly harder, gripping Gerard's hips, "Tell me to stop.. if.. you ... don't like it." Gerard laughed. "You're-" He panted, trying to get his words out. "Ridic-cul- fuck!" He hissed, his fingers digging tightly into the sofa fabric.
"Mmm, that's the first time, I've.. Heard you.. Swear." He moaned, speeding up, getting slicker.

Gerard grinded his hips in unison with Frank, moaning out loudly, only spurring on Frank a little harder. He reached down and touched, relieving himself a little, impressed by the feelings Frank was creating. Frank rolled his hips, thrusting, biting his lip. He gently took one of Gerard's hands, holding it, intertwining their fingers, moaning.
"G-god, Frank," Gerard cried, making small aggressive noises which probably echoed through the house with each movement of Frank's slender hips. Frank started moving faster and harder, hitting Gerard's prostrate, multiple times, moaning.
"Fuck, I'm gonna..." Gerard nodded frantically, squeezing his eyes tight shut as he gripped Frank's hand in his own.
"I.. I can't -" Gerard moaned out, causing Frank to erupt similarly with him together. Frank came, moaning, slowing his movement, sighing happily and panting.
"Fuck, wow, that was good." He gulped, tucking his hair behind his ear and falling down against Gerard, a tangle of naked bodies. Frank smiled weakly, as he breathed in slowly.
"Few things, one, wow, that was pleasurable. Two, why did you swear earlier, when you never normally swear? Three, Like?" Gerard lay back, sweating heavily, shutting his eyes and letting the corners of his mouth curl. He shushed Frank and pulled him closer to him, tucking his legs around him in an odd, jumbled mess.
"Come on, give me a moment." He panted, grinning.
"Of course, from that, I'm taking you enjoyed losing your virginity?" He asked, smirking, kissing Gerard's forehead. Gerard stared wildly at Frank, biting his lip.
"I.. I had already.." He sniffled, memories rushing back to his head. "You were my first that I - loved." He shrugged, softly.
"Wait. What? Gee, explain." He sighed, sitting up, looking confused.
"I had forgotten. I.. had forgotten." Gerard recited, staring absently. He shook his head at Frank and dipped. "I don't remember enough to say." Frank put his hand under Gerard's chin, lifting his head up, meeting his eyes again.
"Gee, explain, please. I'm so confused." Gerard's fingers trembled as they reached for Frank's, flicking his eyes open to meet Frank's gaze. "So am I." Gerard sighed and pushed the heels of his palms into his eyes, shaking his head in bewilderment. He hated that this had been coming back to him lately. Hazy memories of screams, and pain, but nothing clear enough to piece together an image. If he knew he would share.. But he couldn't make the images focus.
"Gee..." He knew Gerard was confused, maybe even a little disturbed at his past. He did what he could do, comforting him, wrapping his arms around him tightly, cuddling him. "Earlier when you said, you were my first that I loved. Did you mean you loved the sex or..." Gerard smiled weakly and rested his head against Frank's bony shoulder.
"You." He added, finishing Frank's sentence. Frank gulped, smiling.
"Me? You love... Me?" He asked, whispering, wrapping his arms around Gerard's waist. Gerard gazed at Frank's eyes, cupping his cheek softly.
"I think you know." Frank sniffed, feeling a few happy tears roll down his cheeks as he smiled, placing his hand over Gerard's.

wow first smut ha
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