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Lair of the Viking Women

by Lord-of-Altair

Hawkeye went missing and Angela and Charlotte must find him, but things don't go as planned.

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Lair of the Viking Women


Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 is a trademark of Square-Enix. I don't own the franchise, nor do I plan to make any money off of it either.

However, The Realms of Alerfa, Astrid, the Ladgrith vikings and Enyo all belong to me, myself and I.


“Now where did Hawkeye run off to?” Angela wondered as she and Charlotte observed their surrounding environment. It was all so calm, perhaps a little too calm for the Arch Mage and the young half elf Bishop. Hawkeye probably just ran off to rob from the rich and selfish, however, he hasn't returned yet. He was nowhere to be seen. The tents were still there, as well as the heroes' possessions, but it was now just Angela and Charlotte, and no one else.

“I smell something fishy going on here.” Angela groaned and Charlotte agreed.

When Charlotte finds that Nightblade, Charlotte is going to give him a good spanking!” Charlotte spat as she and Angela began to walk off in search of Hawkeye. They looked around each tree for signs of Hawkeye, but it was hopeless.

“Hey, look over there Angela!” Charlotte exclaimed as she points to what appeared to be an abandoned fortress. “Maybe that Hawkeye ran off there. What a jerk.”

“Well, I guess we can search the area.” Angela sighed as the two heroines of mana make their way to the abandoned fortress.


In the main building, there was a luxurious room bathed in the finest silks, satins and velvets. In the center of the room, a harpy like woman was staring into the crystal ball. She looks like a normal beautiful seductress, except, she has a grey jagged beak in place of a nose and mouth. Her feathers and hair were jet black, her eyes were bright red and she wore a royal purple dress with fishnet stockings and matching purple gloves.

“Astrid my dear, they have arrived to our hideout.” the bird woman smiled, turning around to look at the other woman in the room with her.

Astrid looked into the crystal ball. She is the complete opposite of the harpy like woman, her outfit consisting of a skimpy metal top and leather thong that left almost nothing to the imagination. She also wore matching leather and fur chaps and sleeves, as well as leather loafers. Her hair was golden blonde that fell to her shoulders and she wore a winged headress not unlike the headress Riesz wore. It was obvious that Astrid was the leader of an all female group of vikings called Ladgriths.

Astrid was kicking back on a green velvet sofa, with an unconscious Paladin laying next to her. Duran was such an easy young man to seduce. Since Duran couldn't say “no” to beautiful women in skimpy outfits, he took Astrid and the bird woman's bait and fell into their trap, becoming their mere slave boy.
She gave the unconscious, scantly clad Paladin a kiss before heading over to the bird woman.

As Astrid got a closer look at the crystal ball, she saw two girls, obviously magic users, making their way into the Ladgrith hideout. “What lovely young magic users we have Mistress Enyo.”

“Can we capture them now?” Enyo asked impatiently as she licked her beak in anticipation.

“Yes Enyo, we can.” Astrid replied. “However, there is a catch to this.”

“Humph, I knew it.” Enyo spat. “Carry on.”

“Let me capture them myself. You stay behind. They might think you're a Badb out to kill then, and will slay you with their magic.” Astrid explained. “We don't want them to attack us. We want them to join us and be our loyal subjects, since they are female after all.”

“Yesssss! I love your idea Astrid!” Enyo cheered. “We are going to have so much fun tonight!”


“Damn it Hawkeye. Why the hell did you abandon us?” Angela pouted. The main fortress was massive and there were runic symbols, decorative swords and armor decorating the fortress. The decorations glowed brightly in the light to the point that you'd go blind if you looked directly into them.

“Come on Angela. Let's look for that jerk.” Charlotte whined. But as they entered inside, a scantly clad woman appeared before them. It was the viking woman, dressed in a seductive outfit that left little to the imagination.

“Welcome young magic users...” she smiled as she came closer to Angela and Charlotte. “Welcome to my lair.”

Charlotte just stared at the viking woman's cleavage. “”

“Who are you?” Angela asked bluntly.

“I am Astrid, Lady Astrid. What are your names?”

“I'm Angela.”


‘Ah Angela and Charlotte. What beautiful names.” Astrid sighed dreamily. “What brings you into my lair?”

“We are looking for our friend named Hawkeye.” Angela replied. “He's a nightblade ninja and he was last seen searching for treasure.”

“Hmmm...I don't know who this Hawkeye fella is.” Astrid lied as she wore a seductive smile on her face. “Man, you two look exhausted from your journey. You're welcome to rest here if....”

“Charlotte not sleepy.” The half elf bishop whined. “Carlotte just got some sleep.”

As much as they were trying to hide it, the arch mage and the bishop felt rather uncomfortable around this woman. What was up with her anyway?

“But first, let me light up this pipe my dear friend and mistress gave me.” Astrid grinned, bringing the enchanted kiseru pipe up to her lips. A cloud of smoke was making its way towards Angela and Charlotte and started to overwhelm the two heroines. The smoke made them feel good all over and smelled just oh so wonderful to them. “Yes...that's right. Relax...take it easy...the smoke will do you good.”

Angela and Charlotte swayed a little before their knees gave was and made them collapse onto the ground. Astrid breathed more and more smoke, the substance was working its magic on the magic users, making them feel good inside and out. All that was on their mind was the beauty and magic of the smoke, as well as the sexiness of the viking woman, who seemed nice enough to share her magic hashish with them.

“Now's my chance!” Astrid thought to herself as she got closer to the girls, making them stand up on their feet once more. As she did that, she places her kiseru pipe on the ground which still gave off the aroma. She pulled the blonde half elf in closer and started to place her lips up against the bishop's lips. She exhaled into Charlotte's mouth and continues to kiss, until she heard some confused whispering from Angela.

“What the hell....what's going on.” Angela wondered as she was coming out of her trance.”

“Relax Angie...” Astrid smiles lovingly. “I'm merely letting Charlotte experience pleasure. Life is too short to live without pleasure.”

“DON'T CALL ME ANGIE!” Angela shouted in rage. However, she was still shuddering from pleasure.

“My dear lady, I'm just trying to help you two. I'm not here to hurt either one of you.”

“But, but what about....?” right there, Angela fell forward, finding herself in the viking woman's embrace. Astrid smiled at her, and used her free hand to fetch the pipe. She lit it up once more and puts it into Angela's mouth. Angela breathes in the hashish and the smoke started to consume her insides immediately.

“There, that's not so bad, is it?”

“No Astrid, it isn't.”

“Now back to Charlotte.”

Astrid gently places Angela down and approached Charlotte with the kiseru pipe. She puts the pipe into Charlotte's mouth and has her inhale. As she inhaled, Charlotte started to be consumed by the magic hashish, coaxing Charlotte into another trance.

“Now, to take you two back to my mistress.” Astrid grinned wickedly as she flung Angela over her shoulder and carried Charlotte with her free arm. “You two will be seeing that nightblade soon, I promise.”


“Humph, I hope Astrid didn't get sidetracked by the other more immature Ladgriths...” Enyo thought to herself as she was sitting on a blue chair, smoking a joint to calm herself down.

“I'm back!” A voice rang out. As Enyo got up and looked around, she saw that Astrid was back with the two girls that she promised.

“Wow, they're so beautiful. Can I have the half elf? I think she's prettier.”

“She's all yours.” Astrid cheered as she gave the unconscious Charlotte over to Enyo.

“Oh, I almost forgot something dear Astrid.”

“What might that be?”

“I need to feed these girls the pink elixir.”

“You mean the one with a dagoda worm in one bottle?”

“Yes the pink elixir with the dagoda worm. Hurry, bring it here.”

Astrid runs over to the elixir cabinet and goes through bottles. By jove, there were two porcelain bottles with the dagoda elixir labels on them. “Perfect!”

Astrid runs over to Enyo and gives her over the bottles of dagoda elixir. “Can we now begin?”

“Yes mistress. As leader of the Ladgrith vikings, I command you to begin.”

Enyo sits the two girls up and starts feeding the elixir to Angela first. “Once you drink the pink dagoda elixir, you will be ours forever.”

As Enyo gets done with Angela, she moves over to Charlotte and wears a smile on her beak. “Now it's your turn my sexy half elf.”

When Charlotte drank the elixir and worm in one gulp, Astrid moves over to Angela and cups the arch mage's face with her gloved hands, reveling in the arch mage's beauty. “You will be mine and all mine for all eternity!”

The half unconscious Angela's mouth was left open and Astrid easliy slips her tongue in, making the snogging deep and enjoyable as she drinks from the arch mage's mouth. Astrid's boobs started to press up against Angela as she snogged her.

Enyo puts her arms around Charlotte's waist and lifted her off the ground as the Badb's boobs pressed up against Charlotte's chest. Enyo places her beak up against Charlotte's face and started to lick the bishop's lips. “You going to be all mine my pretty half elf. You don't really know how lucky you are.”

But little did Enyo know that Charlotte was vaguely aware of the Badb's statement.

“Ah, they're waking up!” Enyo exclaims as she watches the heroines of mana's eyes open up.

“Wow, what a nightmare...” Angela sighed as she snapped out of her trance.

“You're not dreaming young lady.” Astrid said sternly to Angela.

Angela looks over and sees Charlotte snap out of her trance too. The two magic users looked at their captors directly in the eyes. There was Astrid, and then, there was another. An elegantly dressed harpy like Badb woman grinning at Charlotte. “What is the meaning of this? ANSWER ME!”

“Geez, calm down Angela.” Astrid said as she waved her arms down. “We're just showing you girls some love. Don't you want to feel loved?”

“You hag. Leave Angela alone.” Charlotte spat in anger, but she was quickly silenced when Enyo captured her mouth with her beak, pushing down enough to get Charlotte to kiss the Badb. Charlotte bucked and thrashed, but it was no use, and soon, she was forced to kiss Enyo. Out of Enyo's beak, she spat out some dark colored goo. The dark colored goo was actually chewed up seduction tobacco that weakened the half elf, making her vulnerable to the spell that was about to be cast upon her.

Right there, Astrid pulls herself away from Angela, only this time, she filled her enchanted pipe back up and lit it once more. She blew out some smoke and it instantly envelops Angela's dazed head. “Inhale the luscious smoke my beauty. It makes it easier for you to serve me. You've been on such a long, grueling adventure, and with so much weariness and heartbreak, all you need is someone to love you, and I shall be that person who loves you with all her heart. Don't fight it, I'm just trying to help you out, understand?”

Angela tries everything she can to fight it, but the magic scent was all too powerful. It smelled so sexy, just like Astrid. The viking leader was such a sexy, voluptuous vixen and her voice. The sexy voice. How could Angela say “no”? The arch mage relaxed as she surrendered to the sweet smelling smoke, allowing the scent to dominate her. And to top it off, Astrid gets a hold of Angela's face once more and gives her a full, seductive kiss.

“Oh ho ho ho, I'll make sure this spell sticks.” Enyo laughed as she readies herself to cast a spell. “Seductive smile!”

A group of magic hearts started to make their way over to Angela. The arch mage watched the hearts come near her and lets the hearts absorb into her body. Now Angela forgot everything. The quest didn't matter anymore. She was sick and tired of being lonely and wanted to be loved more than anything.

“NOOOOOO! ANGELAAAA!” Charlotte cried out, but it was too late. Angela now belonged to Astrid. Some sensuous desires stirred in Angela's mind, and Astrid was now the only person that she ever wanted. Now Angela was officially a Ladgrith. Astrid now puts the pipe back into Angela's mouth and the now converted Ladgrith started to breathe it in, relishing the sweet smells and taste.

“Well done darling!” Astrid cheered, embracing Angela tight.

“Angela...” Charlotte whispered in sadness and despair, but it wasn't over yet! Nope, it's just the beginning of things to come for the heroines of mana. Enyo gets the last of the seduction chewing tobacco and spits it into Charlotte's mouth. After feeding the young bishop with gooey, sloppy magic chewing tobacco, Enyo pulls back a little and casts the same spell on her. “Seductive smile.”

Now Charlotte ended up surrendering to her desires and was now officially a Ladgrith, just like her friend Angela.

“As for our new converts, we command you both to undress us!” Astrid commanded.

Angela gets behind Astrid and puts her hands on the back of her metal brassiere. Angela found the snap and unsnapped the viking woman's top, leaving her mistress topless. Next, were her boots and chaps. Angela slowly slides them off to reveal Astrid's voluptuous legs. Then went her thong and her gloves. Now Astrid was now left naked, with a buxom bare body and a few golden curls on her crotch, the only other place where she had hair besides the top of her head.

“Excellent job girls.” Enyo cooed happily. “Now, undress!”

Immediately, all of Enyo's, Angela's and Charlotte's clothing just fell to the ground with ease. No zipping, no unbuckling and of course, no unbuttoning. Enyo was rather impressed with what she saw with Charlotte. The half elf did have boobs, though they were not as big as Angela's boobs. She also has golden curls on her crotch, indicating that she was an adult instead of a little girl like Enyo was fearing. But Enyo started to feel relief that Charlotte was just an adult. The half elf just has dwarfism due to her elven heritage. Right there, Enyo started to engage in some sexual activities with Charlotte.. “Now, eat me out young half elf!”

Now Charlotte was determined to please her Badb mistress and started to eat her mistress out, probing her sensitive spots with her tongue. The taste was better than she thought and Charlotte didn't give up eating out her mistress. The half elf would occasionally manipulate Enyo's clitoris with her tongue in between eating her out and lapping up her vaginal juices. Enyo was loving this, and Charlotte could tell with her moans of ecstasy.

“Keep it up. KEEP IT UP!” Enyo cheers out loud as she felt her orgasm engulf her body, thus sending a river of sticky fluids all over Charlotte's pretty face. “That was wonderful, wasn't it Charlotte?”

“Yes...that was fun.” Charlotte murmured as she collapses in Enyo's arms. The Badb woman took Charlotte over to the sofa and placed the half elf down gently.

Astrid has now begun to grind against Angela as she wrapped her arms around the arch mage's body, both clams mashing together as Astrid led a trail of kisses all across Angela's face and upper body. Angela was coated in kisses, finding herself more and more aroused as Astrid assaulted her with her kissing.

“You like this a lot, don't you Angela?”

“Yes....(pant) YESSS!”

Angela and Astrid started to lay down on the floor, the viking woman placing herself on top of the arch mage, their warm bodies pressing up against on another. Astrid started to move back and forth, their throbbing pussies rubbing up against on another. Angela screeched out, but was muted once more by Astrid's kiss to the mouth. Now the two women climaxed and Angela fell unconscious..


Hawkeye was now left confused. As he was being escorted by the Ladgrith viking women to the main fortress, Hawkeye couldn't help but to wonder why these viking women freed him from his prison cell. He had no choice but to follow the viking women to the main fortress. Hopefully, he will come across Angela and Charlotte after being separated from them.

“Why are you ladies taking me here?” Hawkeye asked the Ladgriths.

“Keh heh heh, you'll soon find out.” A Ladgrith snickered.

“You'll be in for a grand surprise.” A younger Ladgrith added.

After being led over to the main fortress, he was in for a surprise indeed. When the older Ladgrith viking opened the door, Hawkeye was greeted by three Ladgrith vikings. As he observed closer, he recognized the tall, violet haired girl and the small, curly blonde haired girl in the fur bikinis.

“Angela...? Charlotte?”

“Yes. Nice ladies made Charlotte a viking.”

“Join us Hawkeye!” Angela cheered. “You'll love it here.”

“But Angela...Charlotte....”

Before Hawkeye could protest even further, He felt a pair of female arms grab him and render him helpless. “Light the pipes ladies!”

As the pipes were lit, big clouds of smoke made its way to the hapless nightblade. “Join us Hawkeye! Feel the love!”

Before Hawkeye could react, he was consumed by smoke and everything went black.

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