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Birth of and First Target: Ino

by TheLemonSage

During his training trip, Naruto is given a scroll which holds the secrets in how to seduce and ensnare women. A scroll he uses at first on the women and kunoichi around him but soon on the Shinob...

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 1: Birth of and the first target Ino

Naruto had a knack for finding trouble. He was two and a half years into his training trip
with the Perv he called a teacher. The Pervy Sage was off gallivanting with some prostitutes leaving Naruto to his own devices, which was how he got caught up in defending a man being strung up in a tree in the forest near the village they were staying in. The man had been chased to that spot by several ronin samurai most likely in the employ of the local governor.
Naruto was simply minding his own business when he came across the scene. The lead samurai said, “You’ll never touch the Governor’s wife again scum.”

“Look fellas this is all one big misunderstanding,” the man said sounding rather calm considering the situation, “besides leaving a hot piece of tail like that is a crime. Your governor should really think about losing some weight to solve that erectile dysfunction he suffers from.”

The lead samurai growled angrily before saying, “Very well cur, prepare for oblivion.”

The samurai was just about to have his men pull the rope taunt when the man seeing Naruto said, “Ah apprentice just in time to save your master.”

The lead samurai and his men spun to confront Naruto, seeing the blonde the leader said turning back, “Ha this boy is going…?” He trailed off noticing that the man was gone and in his place hung a silly looking doll with a note attached to it. Glancing at the note, which read, “Better luck next time.” The samurai rounded on Naruto shouting, “Where is he boy?”

“How should I know?” Naruto shouted right back, “I’ve never seen him before.”

About then one of the other samurai said, “Don’t lie to us he said you where his apprentice?”

“Well he lied to you,” Naruto said taking a step back as the samurai all pulled their swords.

“Regardless, because of you he escaped, so you will take his punishment.”

“Hey now, hold up…what did he even do?”

“He slept with the governor’s wife. Now die,” the samurai said charging. Luckily for Naruto the men were not the Samurai that lived in the Land of Iron so the blonde made short work of them.

After entering the village he passed a café which was when he heard, “Ah apprentice.”
Turning towards the sound he growled seeing the man that he had inadvertently helped escape from the governor’s justice earlier. He was about to launch himself at the man, but he quickly held up his hands saying, “Whoa, look sorry about earlier but I have a strong aversion to dying.” He could tell Naruto was still on the verge of attacking so said, “Look at least let me make it up to you. Let me apologize to you by buying you dinner.”

“Fair enough,” Naruto said before sitting down and ordering half the menu. After eating his fill Naruto said, “Thanks mister…”

“Kanji,” the man supplied amused.

“Well thanks, I guess you aren’t such a bastard after all,” Naruto said standing.

“Hold up a moment,” Kanji said, “There is one other way I would like to apologize and that is by making you my apprentice.”

“Thanks and all but I already am learning from someone and no offense, but if you needed help escaping from those weaklings I’m probably a lot stronger than you.”

Kanji chuckled saying, “Oh I wouldn’t doubt that. But my strengths don’t really lie in battle, but in the bedroom. Tell me do you know why those men were after me.”

Naruto nodded saying, “You got to fresh with the governor’s wife.”

“Ha, that's a wonderfully naïve way of putting it,” Kanji said his tone riff with amusement, “In truth I fucked her six ways from Sunday and she loved every moment of it. So much so that for the past year she has been slowly bleeding the fat bastard dry of his money and giving it to me.”

“What? How…Why would she do that?”

Looking confused Kanji said, “What are you confused about? Did you not understand the part about me sleeping with her?”

“I got it,” Naruto said quickly, “I just don’t understand why she would do all that because of you sleeping with her?”

“Because I make her feel special,” Kanji said with a shrug, “it’s what I do.”

“So you are a con-man and don’t actually care for her,” Naruto said sitting back as a hard glare appeared in Kanji’s eyes.

“Kid I like you, but I’m a shinobi. We do all sorts of despicable things. However I do care for her, just as I do all the women I’ve charmed. That’s why while you were taking out the governor’s guards I went back and rescued her. She’s waiting for me at the edge of town, where I’ll take her to my manor to introduce her to the others.”

“You mean she knows about you sleeping with other woman,” Naruto said his jaw dropping.
Giving the blonde a lecherous grin Kanji said, “Oh yeah, and she can’t wait to meet them, so here take this.” Handing the blonde a scroll Kanji said, “These are the techniques that I’ve perfected to making any woman you want yours. Granted they work best on civilians since most Kunoichi seductresses may recognize some of the techniques as variations of the ones they use. But in the right hands they can make any woman devoted to you.”

“I don’t think I’ll need something like this,” Naruto said pushing the scroll back.
Kanji frowned, but said, “Keep it. Use it or don’t. But it’s my gift to you. Trust me kid once you make it with a girl you’ll realize that these jutsu are worth far more than a mountain of gold.”

Kanji stood about to leave but Naruto said, “Wait…why me?”

“Well for one you helped me out of a jam. Also I guess you kind of remind me of myself back when I was a genin for the Hidden Hotsprings Village.”

“Isn’t that some sort of resort town or something?” Naruto asked.

“It wasn’t always that way,” Kanji said, “But since lots of famous people went there for relaxing, it sort of became one. But it’s also where a great deal of the techniques in that scroll came from, since it was a shinobi’s job to seduce the women that went there in order to make them betray their husbands and countries. I went freelance shortly after amassing power by seducing the women behind the powerful men of the continent. Not to mention, I left because some crazy religion was starting up around then. Anyhow, I’ve got to get going. I’ll be interested in seeing if you one day use those techniques, kid. Later.”

With a wave, the man disappeared into the crowd of passerby’s leaving Naruto to contemplate whether to take the scroll or not. In the end he did, but told himself it was only to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Arriving at the hotel room he shared with Jiraiya he sighed seeing the, ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door. Knowing that meant his pervert teacher wasn’t done entertaining his lady friend he settled against the wall next to the door. He looked at the scroll feeling a temptation to open it but fought it down. An hour later the door opened and the women left sending a wink his way. Entering the room he was glad Jiraiya was at least covered this time. Sticking the scroll in his bag he got into his own futon and went to sleep. Already forgetting about it by the time he woke up the next morning. The scroll would lay forgotten in his bag for the next six months.


He was unpacking from saving Gaara when he pulled the scroll from out of his bag. For a moment he looked at it in confusion before remembering what it was for. He was surprised to find the temptation to look at it return with such force, but guessed it had to do with Sakura throwing up the same walls in front of him. Hearing her latest refusal of a date playing again in his head he decided to open it.

Inside the scroll was writing on the techniques that he needed to master. After that, was what appeared to be lessons on how to apply said techniques. Most of them appeared to be gibberish requiring some key to make them legible. For instance to unlock the first lesson he needed to master the art of the Temptations Touch what the technique he needed to master was called in order to proceed. Apparently he would need to get his chakra to feel just right and press them to the seal to unlock the next lesson. Staying up all night he set to work on learning the art of foreplay using the chakra techniques the scroll described.


Ino wondered who her mystery client was. All she knew was that she was to meet him at a training field for some training. Not normally a mission she would except accept it had asked for her by name and promised her a bonus should she perform all the tasks asked of her. Considering that she had been eyeing a brand new dress it was a mission she found too tempting to refuse. However seeing Naruto waiting for her at the most secluded training field found herself wishing she had.

Not that she didn’t like him but she knew that considering the way he trained in his youth whatever she was getting paid wouldn’t be enough. But noticing the changes that he had gone through in the past three years she could think of worse ways to kill an afternoon then sparing with the attractive blonde. Giving a wave that was quickly returned, she hustled over towards him saying, “Are you the client Naruto?”

“Yep,” he replied.

Teasingly she said, “Kind of sad that you need to pay a girl to spar with you. What’s a matter Sakura not doing it for you anymore?”

“Aw come on Ino,” Naruto said. “You haven’t seen me in three years and you have to put me down almost moments later.”

“I’m just teasing Naruto,” she said flashing her white teeth in a dazzling smile.

Naruto gave a grin back especially as thoughts of what he had in store ran through his head. Ino hadn’t been his first choice, Sakura naturally being that. But since he was positive that she would kill him if he asked, he had to find another candidate. Hinata had almost been his next choice but since she could barely form a coherent sentence around him and was prone to passing out settled on Ino. His fellow blonde would be an excellent test subject for his techniques since she was as Sasuke orientated as Sakura and due to how she dressed seemed to be a bit more promiscuous as well. He was positive with a little coaxing he’d get her to go along.

Deciding to get down to business the Kunoichi asked, “So what sort of sparring do you have in mind.”

“Oh, it isn’t sparring but training,” Naruto said correcting her.

Ino frowned having a hard time imagining Naruto training in anything but ninjutsu or taijutsu. And since for the most part training in ninjutsu was often done alone had believed she was there for a sparring match. Shrugging she said, “Okay, then what do you need me for.”

“I want to use you as a test subject for my techniques,” Naruto said a blush adorning his cheeks.

Not liking the sound of being a test subject Ino said, “What sort of techniques?”

“Basically I want to touch you in order to find out what seduction techniques work best,” Naruto said.

Almost as soon as he finished Ino was saying, “Hell no, there’s no way I’d let you put your hands on me.” Rounding on her heel she said, “I guess Sakura was right and being with that pervert teacher of yours did turn you into one as well.”

Far from being offended Naruto said, “A shame really. Guess I’ll have to find someone else who wants this dress.”

Ino stopped to see Naruto holding the dress that she had been working for. Surprised and confused she asked, “How did you afford that? It was imported from Iwa and made…”

“From only the finest silk harvested from the Earth Daimyo’s personnel silk worm farms,” Naruto finished repeating what the sale woman had told him as he purchased it. Adding what she said afterwards, “It’s a shame really because the store owner was rather positive that Konoha would never see another one like it.”

Ino knew that of course, which is why she had wanted it so badly positive that when Sasuke returned seeing her in the one of a kind dress would make him fall madly in love with her.
Biting her lip, but wanting the dress Ino asked, “Is that the bonus the mission was talking about?”

“That’s right,” Naruto said keeping the smile he felt from his face, “I didn’t choose you by accident Ino. I believe you are the only one that can help me master this technique.”


“Because, we never really hung out so if they work or fail I can expect an honest response from you. Also, I know I’m asking for a lot and seeing you eye this dress and well everything just sort of fell into place after that.” Seeing that Ino was on the fence he said, “If it makes you feel any better I’ll keep my hands above your clothes.”

Ino gave it some thought but was torn. On one hand she really wanted the dress but allowing Naruto to grope her in order to get it sort of made her feel cheap. Yet on the other hand she’d have to do a S-ranked mission simply to afford it. “Besides,” she reasoned with herself, “It’s only Naruto. He’ll probably suck at it and give up after five minutes and there are Kunoichi who do this kind of thing for a living. Might as well see how the other half live.”

“Alright Naruto, but you keep your hands above my clothes,” Ino said her tone promising consequences if he didn’t listen.

Naruto allowed the smile he felt to reach his lips as he said, “Fine, Ino and thanks.” Placing the dress back in the box it had resided in he began making his way towards young woman.

Ino turned away and closed her eyes waiting for his initial rough grope of her body. However, she opened them again in surprise as she felt Naruto’s hands on her shoulders. He then began to gently massage them.

He must have sensed her confusion because before she could speak he said, his tone hushed, “Shh, Ino I know that this is a mission to you but that’s no reason not to enjoy it. Relax you’re too tense.” Ino almost couldn’t help but do as Naruto suggested feeling the tension melting from her body. It almost felt like his hands were warming her insides.

Naruto smiled as he felt Ino sag as he worked his magic on her shoulders being careful to channel the chakra his hands were omitting into the blonde girl. According to the scroll the Temptations Touch was currently using his chakra to raise Ino’s own desires in effect making her far more malleable. However it cautioned him against pushing for too much, too soon saying that the key to the jutsu was to make the target beg him to continue. The scroll had used the analogy of the pitcher flower and a fly to explain the reasoning behind it. Which basically was that it wasn’t the smell of food that lured the insect to its doom, but the temptation that the smell represented.

When Ino actually leaned into his chest he knew it was time to begin really working her over. He began by moving his hands up and down her arms almost as if to keep her warm. Her head leaned back against his shoulder and he moved his right hand towards her breast. He wasn't surprised to feel that her nipple was hard or that Ino gave a suppressed moan as he gently rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

When Ino didn’t tense or complain he moved placed a kiss on her neck while he moved his other hand towards her stomach. He rubbed it in circles across her exposed midriff before bringing it up to join his other hand in exploring Ino’s chest. When that hand gave Ino’s other nipple a slight tug and she responded with a guttural moan, Naruto believed he had her right where he wanted her.

Moving his right hand down her body he reached into the flap of her skirt and began rubbing her pussy over the material of her shorts. He felt her tense so whispered into her ear, “Relax Ino I’ll honor our bargain,” he finished his sentence by nibbling on her ear lobe. Ino did relax and even began panting as he started to increase the speed of his ministrations, knowing that she was getting close to her release he prepared to up that ante.

Ino couldn’t believe that it was Naruto doing this to her. Even the dreams she had of Sasuke having his way with her never felt anything like what she was currently experiencing judging by her increasingly dampening panties. It almost felt like an electrical charge was passing through her and the circuit was between wherever Naruto put his hands. As he began to speed up his rubbing, she knew she was about to cum and she knew that compared to the few she had given herself it would be one for the record books. That was why it almost hurt physically as Naruto stopped all together, prompting a weak, “no…” to escape from the kunoichi’s lips.

“Sorry, what was that Ino,” Naruto said having taken several steps back from the girl.

“Why…why’d you stop…?” Ino asked finding standing, let alone coherent thought difficult.

“Oh that,” Naruto said sounding fine something that bothered Ino, believing he should be as flustered as her, “I believe I learned all I can at this current level of training. Thanks, but I guess I’ll find a more willing partner for next time.

He turned to leave and smiled as Ino quickly said, “Wait…” she trailed off as he turned and shyly asked, “What do you mean by current level?”

“Well as good as this session turned out, I can’t help but feel your clothes aren’t allowing me to use my technique to their maximum effectiveness. Thanks for your help, but there really is no point in continuing.”

Ino could think of one really big reason to continue, her impending orgasm. Wanting to experience it she said embarrassed, “I…I suppose I can allow you to explore a bit more…”

Giving her his biggest smile Naruto said, “Really that would be great Ino.” She began to unbutton her shirt but was stopped as Naruto closed the distance between them whispering huskily into her ear, “No, allow me.” The way his voice reverberated through her made Ino even wetter something she didn’t think possible.

He picked up where he left off turning her to face away from him again except this time the hand that had been on her breast began to unbutton her shirt. Leaning back into his chest Ino watched as more and more of her chest was exposed to Naruto’s eyes. When the blouse was fully unbuttoned Naruto gave her bra encased nipple a rough squeeze eliciting a moan from the kunoichi. He smiled before pulling the bra up exposing her breasts fully and showing off her pink nipples. Maneuvering her, he leaned forward running his tongue around the aureole of her breast before sucking on the nipple. Ino moved her hand into Naruto’s hair pulling him into her breast wanting more of the sensation his tongue flicking her nub was creating within her.

Meanwhile he slid the hand working her pussy over, up over the band of her shorts and in a smooth motioned moved them and her panties down to her knees. With direct access to Ino's special place he began to work her lower lips and clit directly using his chakra encased hands. As Ino neared her climax Naruto pulled back from her breast and gazed into Ino increasingly cloudy gaze before placing his lips to hers. She responded immediately to the kiss, meeting his tongue with her own in a duel.

The kiss only ended when Naruto gave her clit a gentle squeeze sending her over the edge and causing her to pull back to shout her orgasm into the sky and coating his hand in her release. All strength left Ino’s body, so as best he could he straightened her clothes before leaving her sitting against a tree all glassy eyed. Giving a lecherous smile he said, “Thanks Ino, let’s do it again sometime.”

There wasn’t a response but then again he didn’t expect one. Making his way to his apartment trying to ignore the throbbing hardon he had as well as being careful of the hand that was coated in her juices he finally arrived. He placed the hand on the scroll the key to unleashing the next level of training being the cum of the woman he tested his technique on. He watched as the words began to unjumble and explain what the next step was.

Reading on what to expect he hoped the next part would at least allow him some release of his own as he was sure that at the moment he could drive a nail into wood due to how hard he was.

It had been several day since his encounter with Ino and he was beginning to suspect the scroll was wrong. It had told him to be patient insuring that she would come to him soon enough. Having no choice but to accept he had waited. When he heard the knock at his door he answered a little more excitedly then he imagined he should but was immensely disappointed when the Anbu agent told him to report to the Hokage’s office.

For a moment he was worried that Ino had gone to Tsunade but calmed believing that the Hokage would have visited him personally in order to make her displeasure known. Telling the Anbu he’d leave right away he got ready and made his way to the Hokage mansion.

As he walked he began to think about what Tsunade wanted. However due to his recent interest in sex he couldn’t help but imagine applying his new jutsu to her. Thinking about it, he realized that Tsunade may have actually been an even better person to use them on then Ino had been. Mainly, since Tsunade would have had experience, and as a result would be better prepared to ward him off. Second guessing himself he figured that meant he should stick with Ino for the time being as he picked up his pace to see what she wanted.

Entering with his usually loud, “What’s up Granny Tsunade?”

He ignored her customary growl to notice that Sakura and Shizune were also present. Sakura looked back at him eagerly, but Tsunade cut her off saying, “Well done on your previous mission. With the Kazekage safe we can now act on the matter of Sasuke and Orochimaru.” Tsunade then went on to explain how Sasori had in his final moments told Sakura of a spy that he had in Sound and how he planned to meet with the man in two weeks time. “That’s why I’m going to send you…”

“Sorry, but I’m going to have to decline this mission,” Naruto said shocking all the women present.

Sakura was first to give voice to her confusion saying, “Naruto, this could lead us right to Sasuke. Don’t you care?”

“Yes,” Naruto said evenly, “But it sounds to me like the mission is a simple snatch and grab. I’m not necessary for such a mission and I’m sort of in the middle of some special training.”

Sakura still looked upset but Tsunade leaned forward curious saying, “I wasn’t aware of any new training given to you by Jiraiya or Kakashi.”

“That’s because it’s something I’ve undertaken by myself,” Naruto said coolly, “but I feel it’s at a critical stage and don’t wish to experience any setbacks.”

“Well it’s good to see you are continuing to improve yourself,” Tsunade said giving a smile, “I look forward to seeing the results. Alright I’ll find a replacement for you as well as Kakashi. Dismissed.”

Naruto sent Tsunade a mysterious smile saying, “I’ll enjoy showing you the results as well,” before leaving.

Sakura stared at Naruto’s retreating back until he left the room. After being dismissed as well Sakura began to get angry that after three years of hard training they stood at the cusp of finding Sasuke and suddenly Naruto didn’t seem to care anymore. Deciding to let her anger out she went in search of somebody she was sure would understand her feelings.

Ino stood in her family’s flowershop trying to ignore the arousal she still felt. Ever since the day in the training field with Naruto she had been plagued by a constant feeling of hypersexuality. It seemed all day long she was plagued by a desire to experience more, and even though she had masturbated to several orgasms had not felt her desire lessen in the least. She was just about to sneak into the back to try again when the bell to the shops front door opened.

Biting back a curse she said as pleasantly as possible, “Welcome to Yamanaka’s Flowers. How can I help you?” However noticing her customer was Sakura she said, “Oh it’s you. Since I doubt you are here for flowers, what’s up?”

“Naruto decided he doesn’t want to go after Sasuke anymore,” Sakura said and Ino was surprised that as soon as the blonde’s name was mentioned she felt her arousal skyrocket.

Trying to lend a sympathetic ear even though all she really wanted to do was strip naked and once more try to put out the fire searing her, she said, “Well maybe he’s busy with something.”

“That’s what he claims anyway,” Sakura said derisively, “but what could be more important than saving Sasuke. We’re running out of time.”

“Look, just suck it up,” Ino said, “and besides the mission is to grab the spy not go chasing after Sasuke.”

Sakura stared at Ino in confusion having been sure that of all the girls in the village, the blonde Kunoichi would understand how important the mission was to get back Sasuke so said, “I thought you wanted Sasuke back as badly as I do.”

“I did…I mean do,” Ino said although even to herself she didn’t sound sure, “but why do you need Naruto to go so badly anyway?”

“Because he promised,” Sakura snapped.

Ino snapped back saying, “Promised what to be your slave and drop everything in his life at your say so. Sure he had a crush on you but don’t you think you’re asking a lot of him while giving nothing in return. Kami you’re so selfish. No wonder he didn’t ask you…”

“Ask me what?” Sakura said her eyes narrowing.

“Nothing,” Ino said not believing how worked up she got in defending Naruto and that she almost let out what the two of them did.

Sakura closed on her and said her voice tinged with anger, “What are you hiding?”

“It’s doesn’t concern you,” Ino answered firmly. “Now if you don’t mind, buy something or get out.”

Sakura glared at her, which Ino returned, before the green-eyed girl conceded the staring match by turning away from her rival and leaving. After Sakura left Ino was torn between ignoring the growing feeling of wetness between her legs or running to Naruto’s to offer her help with his new training. Finally she decided it may be best to at least wait until after Sakura left on her mission.

Naruto sat in his apartment, wondering if he made the right choice in not going on the mission. He had gone to the gate to see who was picked to go and had seen a pale faced boy along with an adult he didn’t recognize. Chouji had also been picked and he guessed that the Akimichi had been chosen to fill his spot on the team, mainly because the pale boy reminded him of Sasuke.

He didn’t see them off figuring Sakura was still pissed about his refusal to go along. A sudden knock at his door pulled him from his thoughts so getting up to answer it he asked, “Who is it?”


Hearing the kunoichi’s voice brought a smile to Naruto’s face as well as blasting all thoughts of Sakura’s mission from his mind. Opening the door he said, “Hello Ino.”

“Can I come in,” she asked.

Before responding Naruto took a moment to study her appearance. She looked as beautiful as ever if slightly flushed and a little worn down as well. He smiled as he noticed that she was wearing the dress she had earned from him by agreeing to be his test subject. She appeared to panic slightly since it took so long for him to answer but eventually he stepped aside saying, “Sure.”

Moving into the apartment quickly she gazed around at the spotless room in surprise due to all the horror stories she had heard from Sakura. “I cleaned,” Naruto said answering the question written on her face, “After all, if I’m going to use those techniques I practiced with you I can’t be bring them to a pigsty, can I?”

Ino shook her head still facing the room instead of the her fellow blonde still feeling too nervous to tell Naruto the reason behind her visit, but she didn’t need to as the jinchuriki said, “Back for more?”

Ino spun to stare at Naruto in surprise who chuckled, saying, “What’s with the look of surprise? Surely even I’m capable of guessing the reason behind your visit is due to our time together, since you’ve never come over before.”

“I haven’t been able to get what we did together out of my mind,” Ino said her head down, “I want to experience it again.”

“I’m sure you do,” Naruto said confidently closing with the girl. Placing a finger under her chin, he lifted her gaze to meet his eyes and then kissed her greedily. The kiss took Ino’s breath away and just as the need to breath became too over powering he ended it.

Walking from the panting kunoichi he sat in a chair saying, “However, last time it was all about your pleasure. This time it’s your turn to return the favor.”

He then spread his legs in effect telling Ino exactly how he expected her to return the favor. She hesitated not only because of how demanding Naruto had sounded, but because of how his words affected her. The way he watched her made her feel sexy and wanted, but a part of her recoiled at his demand. Picking up on her hesitance Naruto said, “Ino, if you don’t want to continue then leave.”

Nervously, the girl approached the sitting blonde before kneeling in front of him. She could see his hardness tenting his orange pants; reaching up with a shaky hand she gripped the zipper of his pants pulling it down. She was surprised as his dick actually popped out of the fly and stood straight at attention. Guessing it to be about nine or ten inches long she licked her lips at the sight of the throbbing cock. Reaching forward she grabbed the base and began working her hand up and down his length looking at Naruto to see if her actions pleased him.

Naruto, however kept his face impassive giving nothing away even as he began to feel the pleasure of Ino’s actions. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the handjob, but he wanted to see just how far she would go to please him without his prompting.

After several minutes Ino began to worry as Naruto hadn’t so much as grunted at her actions. Fearing that he would send her away she leaned in and gave his length a lick starting at the base and moving to the tip. Naruto groaned in approval, and Ino felt her own panties dampen at the sound so repeated her action running her tongue up and down his cock. Reaching the top she decided she wanted more so opening her mouth engulfed him.

“Very good Ino,” Naruto said almost immediately as he placed a hand in her hair to guide her along. Having never experienced a blowjob before Naruto was quickly learning what worked for him and what didn’t and began giving Ino instructions on how to best please him.

Ino for her part had begun to truly get into the act enjoying the way Naruto tasted, but also the sounds her actions drew from him. When Naruto said, “I’m cumming,” she decided to catch his load with her mouth having enjoyed the precum she had already swallowed. However she was surprised at just how much there was as he exploded inside her mouth. Catching as much as she could, she couldn’t believe that it actually made her cheeks bulge before leaking from her mouth.

Swallowing as best she could she found him to be quite bitter but knew that if he asked her again that she would gladly drop down to her knees. Naruto for his part smiled at her as she brought a finger to her chin to trace a line of cum that had escaped and brought it to her mouth licking it clean. She smiled at him showing some of the more confident and sure Ino that had been missing since the day at the training field as she asked, “How was that?”

“Fantastic,” Naruto said, before motioning her to stand. Ino did so and he turned her around before bending her over slightly while he remained sitting. Raising the hem of her dress he said, “And know for your reward,” he then pulled her panties down loving the way the crouch of her panties had remained stuck to her body due to the juices she was leaking. She stepped out of them and Naruto brought them to his nose inhaling Ino scent saying, “Smells delicious.” He then dove into her snatch eating her out like a man possessed.

Ino came almost as soon as his tongue touched her and did moments later. However, Naruto simply drank up her love juice and continued to lick her to two more orgasms. Still facing away from the blonde as he ate her from his sitting position she almost collapsed after her second one but the blonde stopped her.

He began to lower her down towards his lap but stopped as she came into contact with his revitalized dick. Ino couldn’t believe how hot it felt against her lower lips, and wondered why Naruto stopped as at that point all she wanted was it buried in her to the root. She received her answer as the Naruto said, “The next part you have to do on your own Ino. But understand that doing this will almost certainly make you fall even deeper into my jutsu. Not only that, but I plan to have many lovers.”

“You mean this is all your jutsu’s doing,” Ino said but instead of pulling away rubbed herself along the tip of his cock.

“Yes,” Naruto admitted, “The first time I’ve touched you I channeled my chakra into you heightening your response to my touch. It also bound you to me, so that only I could create such a response in you. Surely you’ve masturbated since then, didn’t you notice how muted it felt.”

Ino shook her head moaning slightly as her desire to plunge him into her fought with what she was learning, but she managed to say, “It always felt like that, what you did felt so much better.”

That caught Naruto by surprise but chalked it up to his own inexperience and supposed he should have guessed considering Ino’s handjob had felt better than when he did it himself. Ino asked him, “Does this mean you plan to simply have your way with me and leave me.”

“Of course not,” Naruto said soothingly, “As I said, this will bind us together it’ll make you mine and only mine. I will treat you well I promise and will always protect you.”

Hearing the sincerity in Naruto’s words made up Ino mind and she began to lower herself onto his dick. The sensation of being filled by him was uncomfortable at first and she was glad her hymen had broken years ago, but beneath it was a promise of pleasure.

For Naruto it was as if his dick was being enveloped by a warm, liquid heat. When Ino finally fully sat on his dick, he simply leaned his head back to enjoy the sensation as he knew a girl’s first time could be painful. After what seemed like an eternity and the temptation to move became almost too much to bear he sighed in contentment as Ino shifted herself ever so slightly. The gasp of pleasure it elicited from her drove Naruto wild as he picked her up and let her fall again. Doing so several times he smiled as Ino soon began helping out and the two quickly established a working rhythm.

“Oh fuck…it’s…it’s so fucking good,” Ino moaned leaning back into Naruto’s chest no longer able to move herself.

“For me too,” Naruto said pounding into her as he fucked her in his chair, “you’re so fucking tight…shit I’m about to cum…”

“Me…me too…cum with me…” Ino said turning her head to meet Naruto’s in a kiss of dueling tongues.

As his tongue warred with hers, he reached between her legs where they were connected giving her clit a rub with a chakra covered hand which sent Ino over the edge. She tensed bodily screaming, “Naaaaarrruuuttttoooo,” as she came, the tightening of her cunt around his cock sending him over as well, and flooding her passage with his seed, which in turn triggered a second orgasm in the woman.

Breathing hard Naruto said, “Phew that was fucking great.” When Ino didn’t respond he moved as best he could with the woman still laying on him and saw she had passed out. Picking her up, he stripped her of her dress, before laying her in his bed.

Moving towards his kitchen he picked up the scroll and was surprised he could read the last section it said, “Well done, you’ve successful seduced your first woman. Although the techniques will remain the same the tactics will change. Good luck.”

Naruto smiled as he sat back in his chair, leaving the scroll on the counter as he planned just how to use these techniques for not just his own pleasure but to actually do some good. He realized that although he had chosen Ino, not only because she was beautiful and someone who he hadn’t really interacted with, she was one day going to be the head of the Yamanaka clan. That meant he had in a sense already begun incurring a small powerbase within the village.

Thinking of Jiraiya’s wish for peace in the shinobi world he believed that he could use the techniques he now possessed to help make that a reality. After all, most shinobi villages had powerful women in key positions within their governments and probably even running them like in Konoha. But first he would need to strength his power in the village before looking outside its walls.

Feeling tired, he decided that further planning could wait till morning, where maybe Ino could help him plan his next move. Getting into his bed, he smiled as Ino immediately cuddled into his side. Placing an arm around her, he pulled her tight and decided he’d ask after enjoying her again in the morning before allowing sleep to overtake him.

As the boy slept, he was unaware that due to his weakened seal that an ancient creature had experienced sensations that it had never felt before, and truly hoped to experience again. So therefore planned for ways to help its container in its endeavor to seduce the various kunoichi it encountered.
To be continued…*]
[*Next Target: Hinata
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