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Saving a Dragon

by Oldwolf

Narcissa will do anything to save her son. *Anything!*

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Harry looks down at the note in his hand and idly wonders what the author could mean.

Mr. Potter,

Please meet me in room #6 at the Leaky Cauldron quickly, lives hang in the balance.

The note was unsigned, and Harry didn't recognize the handwriting.

Ever since Harry had defeated Voldemort almost a month ago, the young man had spent most of his time either hunting down the remaining Death Eaters or enjoying the favors almost every witch he came across offered him.

With a light spring in his step, and his wand in a holster ready for action, Harry climbs the stairs of the Leaky Cauldron. He soon stands before the door of room #6, unaware of the shadow stalking him.

The young man opens the door and enters carefully, his eyes seeking out any danger. He notes the blonde woman sitting with her back to the door.

Narcissa says, "Come in and please close the door Lord Potter."

Harry closes the door, but continues to scan the room as he walks towards the table. Finding the room clean, Harry sits down opposite the attractive witch, "So Mrs. Malfoy, what can I do for you?"

Narcissa regards the young man coolly and wishes that this were not required, "As my note indicated, I need your help saving someone's life. First though I must thank you for having the courteous to kill my former husband. Now, as you are undoubtedly aware, my son is currently wanted by the law. I love my son deeply Mr. Potter, and I know where he is hiding. What I want from you is a vow to protect him. With both your noble titles and your status as the Slayer of Voldemort, you can protect him legally from the course that Lucius set him upon."

Harry's voice is hard as steel and cold as the arctic as he says, "And what, exactly, do I get out of this?"

"I will do anything to protect my son, Lord Potter, anything."

Harry looks at the blonde more closely, "Very well, if you do what I say, and if I'm sufficiently impressed, then I will offer Draco my protection, so long as he does as I tell him. Whether or not he chooses to accept my protection or not bears no impact upon our arrangement. Is this acceptable?"

Narcissa curses internally, but she knows this is the best deal she is going to get from the apparently quite jaded young man before her, "This is acceptable Lord Potter."

Harry leans back in his seat and steeples his hands in front of him, "Very well then; are you ready to begin?"

"I am milord."

"Stand up."

Narcissa rises to her feet, curious as to what the young man has in mind.

"That is a good start; now strip down to the buff."

The blonde woman blushes as she reaches behind her and undoes her dress. With just a simple shrug of her shoulder, the dress drops to her waist, giving the young man an excellent view of her bare chest.

Harry smirks a bit as he sees the woman's naked tits; he eyes them for a moment before deciding that they are just about a handful, perfect.

Strangely embarrassed, Narcissa puts her hands on the waist of the dress and pushes down. When she stands straight up, Harry gets his first view of her in all her glory.

"Excellent," Harry says as he stands up. "Now, grip your hands behind your back and do not move. I'm going to inspect you now, and if you move, you forfeit your end of our bargain."

Narcissa stands ramrod straight, with her hands behind her back as the messy haired wizard starts to molest her.

Harry grabs the blonde woman's breasts and is grateful that they are indeed as firm as they appear. He gently tweaks the nipples and they are soon painfully hard. As Harry circles around her, he absently notes her alabaster buttocks and he guesses that they will turn red beautifully and he smiles at the small mole right at the very top of her crack.

Narcissa's face is burning as Harry circle around in front of her.

"Very well Narcissa, here's the deal, Draco's freedom for yours."


"Very simple, I will help ensure Draco's continued freedom, barring him doing anything extremely stupid, such as using an Unforgivable in Diagon Alley at noon, if you will swear an unbreakable Oath to become my property."

Narcissa is shocked at first, but she quickly recovers and makes up her mind, "Mr. Potter, if I did not care for my son as deeply as I do, I would be cursing you right now. However, I have now where else to turn, so I accept."


Bellaire had followed Harry Potter for almost a week, trying to work up the courage to either attack and try to kill the brat, or approach him seeking his protection.

She had followed him to the Leaky Cauldron and eased open the door a little in order to see and hear what was going on. She had heard her sister's offer and watched as the whelp had pawed her sister. However, hearing the final agreement proves too much for the former Death Eater. She hurls herself into the room and launches a Stunner at the boy.

Harry's so sexually charged that when he rebounds the Stunner, he actually manages to shift the magical properties almost completely.

Bellatrix is so shocked when her red Stunner turns purple that she can't even dodge as the spell hits her in the chest. Instead of knocking her out, it merely makes her dizzy.

Narcissa finds herself looking down the business end of Harry's wand and the young man's eyes are as hard as steel. "I swear, I didn't know she was there."

Harry growls, "Make the Oath woman, or I am leaving right now."

A moment later, the Oath is made and Harry turns his attention to Bellatrix.

The raven haired woman looks at the young man with lust in her eyes, but she can't bring herself to just launch herself at him. "I- I- I... I want you now."

Harry is shocked at the woman's words, "What do you mean?"

Bellatrix drops to her knees and says, "Please milord, I haven't had sex in over a year, and my husband has never been able to satisfy me. Do this and I will make the same Oath as my sister to become your property."

Harry, unaware that the woman's mind had been befuddled by his counter spell, nods his agreement, "Alright then. You are currently overdressed Bellatrix."

In a thrice, the woman is naked and kneeling at Harry's feet, "Please my lord, call me Bella."

Harry holsters his wand and decides to take advantage of Bella's current position. He undoes his fly and frees his cock. He grabs the kneeling woman's hair and pulls her face towards his crotch.

Bella happily opens her mouth as her new master presents his manly organ to her humble hole.

Narcissa stands back passively, knowing her turn will come soon.

The wizard wandlessly casts a minor spell on himself as Bella proceeds to give him the best blowjob he has ever had. Finally, he grabs her by the hair once more and pulls her away, "Bend over the table, now!"

Bella doesn't even have time to think before she has complied with his order.

Harry positions his staff at the woman's dripping entrance and grabs her shoulders as he pushes forward, surprised that the woman is as tight vaginally as any virgin he'd ever shagged.

Bella moans as she is slowly penetrated. A long buried flame starts to build at the slow and gentle pace her young lover is using with her.

Harry reaches under the woman and easily finds her clit. He starts to gently rub the nub as his crotch comes into contact with the woman's arse.

Sexual fire is coursing through Bella's veins as her master starts to pull out. She is light headed from the combined stimulus, when he accidentally hits her G-spot, spots of light dance in front of her closed eyes.

The young man smiles as he watches the woman climax. He quickly pulls out of her, glad for the spell he'd cast on himself, and turns towards Narcissa. "Lie her down on her back on the bed."

The blonde woman has an inkling of what's to come as she follows her owner's orders. When she is told to kneel between her sister's legs, Narcissa's suspicion is confirmed.

"Very good Cissa, now, I'm going to shag you good and hard as you eat out your sister. Any questions?"

Narcissa looks over her shoulder and smiles at the young man, "Actually, if I may, I have two requests. First would be a spanking and second, would you please bugger me?"

Harry smiles as he undoes his belt and draws it backwards through the loops. "You're a kinky bitch, aren't you? I don't mind doing either."

As Narcissa bends her head towards her sister's shaven snatch, she hears the whistle of leather passing through the air a moment before the belt connects with her bum.

The young man smiles as he sees his guess was correct. The splotch of color where the belt hit the woman's arse is showing excellently on the pale flesh. He is so aroused that he gives Cissa's injured cheek a twin.

The blonde woman is almost ready to come just from the two belt blows as she continues to give oral worship to her sister.

Bella only peripherally registers the two cracks of leather on flesh, her focus is primarily on her crotch, and Narcissa's talented tongue, proving she hasn't forgotten the lessons she taught Cissa back in Hogwarts.

After the second blow, Harry drops the belt and climbs up on the bed behind Narcissa. He pushes his trousers down and roughly grabs the globes of the woman's bum.

The blonde witch shudders in anticipation as her owner presses the head of his cock to her unlubricated backdoor. She tries to avoid either loosening or tightening up, expecting more than enough pain to push her over the edge into oblivion.

Harry grabs Narcissa's shoulders and forces his entire length up her bum in one hard push. To his extreme surprise, she screams out in climax. He starts to pound the woman's arse relentlessly. After a few minutes, he can feel the pressure building up in his staff. He silently lifts the spell that's keeping him from coming, and starts to spank Narcissa, protracting her orgasm. He roars as he empties his balls into the woman's bum. Finally, Harry collapses atop Narcissa. The last thought to cross the young man's mind before he passes out is that he knows a farmer who needs someone to shovel sheep shit; Draco just became the perfect candidate.

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