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Fuu and the Nanabi

by HunterBerserkerWolf

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Chapter 19: Fuu and the Nanabi

“So Hanzaki decided against joining Konoha then?” Tsunade asked looking over the Rice report after Naruto and Jiraiya had delivered it as well as giving an oral summary. “That’s a shame, the Fuma clan numbers are near triple digits; they would have been quite the boon to Konoha.” Tsunade mused as she soon rolled up the reports. “Good work you two, I’ll have your pay sent to your bank accounts.”

Naruto nodded and turned on his heel to leave, believing that was a dismissal.

“Naruto,” the blonde turned to face Tsunade once more. “I already have another mission lined up for you. If you’d want to wait until tomorrow, I might be able to arrange it but it’s a C-ranked mission with Team 7.”

Naruto thought about it for a moment. He wasn’t tired per say but he did want to go home, sleep in his own bed and get a good hot shower. He tucked his arms behind his back. “I’ll do the mission today Hokage-sama.” He said politely.

Tsunade nodded slightly. “Team 7, with Kakashi in command, is escorting a high ranking official from Taki back home. Shibuki is already with Team 7, they’re heading out in an hour. You have that long to prepare however you see fit.”

Naruto offered a nod of his head before turning to leave quickly. First stop was home; he got a shower and knocked back a cup of ramen that he had made a clone to make while he was in the shower. Then he headed out in a different jumpsuit.

He needed some new threads.

Naruto headed to Tomoe Threads once more and got to work with both Sanosuke and Cho to get him some new outfits, as well as a variety to the outfits.

Granted, he only had about forty minutes really to get the work done, but Sanosuke and Cho were skilled at what they did and they already had his sizes. In thirty minutes he had an outfit he could work with and he paid them for it and about a dozen others that would be delivered to his home.

It took up a great deal of his money, but he had clothes that fit now.

Naruto’s new outfit consisted of a black sleeveless top that hugged close to his chest. Sanosuke said it was made of microfilament wires woven together to be quite powerful. They would resist movement, making it great for body armor so long as you had the sleeves removed. Naruto still had most of his range of movement, though he wouldn’t be going for an over the head draw anytime soon. It took a little too long.

The pants were made of leather armor laced again with the microfilament wires. The leather was well worked and worn with oils to make it flexible and movable. Naruto tucked his top into his pants, giving the illusion that it was all one solid piece.

Leather harnesses hung from his waist and back, the Kusanagi at his lower back for a reverse handed draw. His mother’s sword was done the same only on the other hip, allowing him to draw both swords in a reverse handed draw. Of course, it took but a moment for him to get used to flipping them back around the proper way so he could fight a little easier.

He also got a pair of steel toed boots to protect his feet, much like the ones he already had.

His holster went into a built in compartment of the black leather, with his black kunai it looked like he just pulled it from the shadows. A set of silver bracers that extended from his wrists to the middle of his forearms held seals that would hold all of his scrolls.

Naruto ran across the rooftops after paying for the outfit and skidded to a halt in front of the rooftop just as Kakashi arrived with Shibuki. “Yo!” Naruto said with a casual wave. “Chunin Uzumaki Naruto reporting!” he called cheerfully.

Kakashi chuckled a little bit, seeing the stunned looks on both Sasuke and Sakura. Since the Snow mission, they hadn’t been having as many missions together and Naruto had been growing in leaps and bounds. He was now easily taller than Sakura and he was getting to be built. Kakashi shut his book and tucked it away, noticing Shibuki looking at his fellow Chunin.

After all, it wasn’t every day you met someone younger than you that had rather ripped arms. Kakashi made a mental note to start lifting some weights to build up his own just a little bit.

He couldn’t have his own student being more ripped than he was. It was just insulting.

Naruto looked over the Taki Official they were to be escorting and he had to say, he wasn’t that impressed. He was almost… cowering behind Kakashi. Still, Naruto would hold his tongue and stay respectful. He simply followed Kakashi and the rest of the team out of the village.

Occasionally, Naruto would draw his sword and flip it around as they walked. Naruto did it almost on reflex by the time they made it to where Shibuki said his village was. Of course, they were not invited in but Shibuki offered to pay them more money for cleaning up some of the trash around the waterfall with some children. Meanwhile, Kakashi had been called back by Tsunade for an emergency Jonin Meeting.

Naruto, having rank over the other two, simply made a clone and worked on his message seal that he had been working on forever while he supervised the other two and his clone using the additional mission to build teamwork even more.

Shibuki seemed to be watching Naruto from a distance and Naruto glanced over, discreetly changing his eyes to the Sharingan. Definitely male, so he wasn’t some female interested in him for sexual reasons. Naruto cut his Sharingan off and kept working diligently.

“FINALLY!” he shouted almost two hours into cleaning up the trash. He held up his completed work in triumph! It was amazing what a single wrong Kanji could do to the entire thing. Naruto shook his head a little bit.

When they finished up the chore of cleaning up the trash, Shibuki moved forward. “Now that you’re done, I have to ask you to leave. I’d rather the entrance to the village be kept a secret.” He said.

Naruto instead was focused on a child who was running away from the rest of the children to a woman that was collapsing. “Shibuki-sama, the village, it’s… it’s under attack.” The woman said.

Naruto’s eyes hardened but he turned to leave anyways. It was Taki’s problem, as much as he wanted to get involved, and Shibuki had asked them to leave.

“Wait, I’ll pay you additional money, but I need your help.” Shibuki said. He sounded a little desperate, not that Naruto blamed him.

Naruto quickly nodded. “Sakura, take care of the woman and children, get them somewhere safe. Sasuke, you’re with me.” He said and he moved over to Shibuki who was already moving over to the Waterfall.

“Keep up you two.” He told Naruto and Sasuke before leaping in, Naruto followed after him, diving into the water and swimming after Shibuki who was already moving at a steady pace.

As they twisted and turned, going through various different chambers and tunnels, Naruto realized that Taki’s defense was sound. They were really well hidden and no doubt a wrong turn somewhere could and would have an infiltrator going the wrong way.

Once outside of the water, Naruto looked around at Taki which had some building on fire. “Sasuke!” Naruto barked as he saw a group of Shinobi moving away. Sasuke shot off after them and Naruto was about to as well, to provide backup, but Shibuki stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“I need your assistance protecting something else. Please.” Shibuki said seriously.

Naruto glanced off to where Sasuke was headed. “Good Luck.” He whispered before he turned to Shibuki. “Lead the way.” He said and followed the other Chunin towards the village’s center.

When they got there, Naruto saw both Sakura and Sasuke tied up, bound to the roots of the tree. A man walked out of the hollow of the tree onto the water. There were also three Ame Nin. Naruto stuck his arm out and blocked Shibuki from charging in.

“Suien-sensei, but why?” Shibuki asked, staring at his old teacher.

“Because a sniveling coward like you should never have been made the village leader, heritage be damned.” Suien said, making Naruto take a look back at Shibuki. He had figured the man was high up in the ranks of the village, but he had no idea he was the leader of Taki.

Naruto turned to look at the assembled group as he closed his eyes. He began to walk out onto the water of surrounding the massive tree in the middle of the water. He could feel the water rising up around him as Water Jutsu was thrown at him by the Ame Nin. “Shinra Tensei!” he roared out, his anger evolving as he blasted away the water that was coming at him.

He heard the murmurings when his eyes opened to show the Rinnegan blazing with his anger. Surprisingly, the most disbelief came from the Ame Nin.

“God’s Eyes…”

“Pein-sama’s power…”

“We shouldn’t be here…”

The three looked unnerved but the male with a breather on his face hardened. “It has to be a trick; he can’t have Pein-sama’s eyes. No one else in the world has them.”

Apparently, Naruto’s eyes were known to the three. Good, it would make intimidation all the easier. He held his hand up, aiming it at the one that spoke. “Banshô Ten’in.” He said yanking the one that spoke forward across the water. As he got close, Naruto whipped his sword out and in a blur of enhanced speed he slashed open the dissenter’s throat, blood spraying as the man collapsed into the ground. Naruto had also severed the spine with his slash, leaving just a bare flap of skin for the man’s head to stay on.

He bled to death, drowned, or choked as he fell into the water. Any way, he was dead.

The other two looked more unnerved but instead of attacking, they just cut their losses and ran as fast as they could to get away. Naruto would let them go. His sword dragged along the surface of the water a little bit as he watched Suien.

Suien looked at the blonde upstart, a snarl appearing on his face. “It doesn’t matter! I have the Hero’s Water!” Suien then drank a substantial amount of the water from the jug.

Naruto held his hand out and focused on his Hyoton abilities, squeezing his hand tightly. The jug of water dropped from Suien’s grasp, bouncing on the ground a bit but Sasuke was savvy enough to make sure it didn’t spill out by using his feet to keep it righted.

Suien then began to grasp at his throat, his eyes wide in fear as he stared at Naruto.

“Just Die.” Naruto said coldly and expanded his fingers away from his palms, opening the loose fist wide that he had formed. The Hero Water, whatever it had been planned to do, had been frozen and now jutted out of Suien’s throat in ice spikes like some sort of collar. The ice was stained red with blood, but Suien soon dropped like a puppet with its strings cut.

Naruto moved with Shibuki over to Sasuke and Sakura. While the Taki village leader took the Jug of water from Sasuke, Naruto instead cut the binds holding Sasuke and Sakura in place. His Rinnegan turned off when Sasuke was staring at it for a while. “Don’t ask, it’s classified.” Naruto told them to stem off the questioning.

Naruto sheathed his sword and looked to Shibuki. “Shibuki-san, might we stay in Taki for the next day or two so that we can write up our mission reports as well as help make sure everything is in order?”

Shibuki looked to them and then nodded. “Of course, I’ll take care of your lodging.” He ducked back into the tree, putting the Hero’s Water back before he came out once more. “Naruto-san… what did you do to Suien?” he asked.

Naruto looked down at the dead corpse of Suien. “When he drank the water, I used extreme levels of Wind Manipulation, enough to actually drain me some, to block passage of the water down the throat and even cool it. Then I used another ability of mine to freeze the water and extend it into long needles.” Naruto shook his head. “It wasn’t pleasant, and it was more draining than I realized it would be.” He said

Naruto shook his head and began to walk away. He wanted to meditate. It hadn’t been pleasant and he could hear the murmurs from his teammates. After all, it wasn’t every day you see your comrade butcher two people without a single ounce of hesitation. Naruto needed a moment to himself. Was he getting to be too dark?

Naruto exited the Hotel that Shibuki got him and his team the next day rolling his shoulder as he massaged the muscle there. He then began to walk through the market place, looking for something he wanted to eat. He wasn’t a great chef, but he could at least cook something for his teammates that wasn’t ramen.

He was picking out some eggs when he saw the stall keeper scowl and pick up a rock from the ground. Naruto followed the man’s eyes to see a dark skinned older teen with mint green hair and orange eyes. Naruto noticed the Taki headband on her arm and wondered what the man’s problem was.

“Get out of here Demon, you’re not welcome here.” The man then threw the rock at the girl and Naruto’s hand shot out, catching the rock in his hand. Still, the girl heard the man and looked angry and downcast for a moment before running off. “What did you do that for? Are you some sort of demon lover?” the merchant asked, looking at Naruto.

Naruto crushed the rock in his hand. “I’m sorry, it was just reflex that I caught the rock.” He said though he wanted to punch the man in his face. He proceeded to buy the eggs he was getting as well as a few other spices and things. He also bought a cook book full of recipes that he could use. When he was done paying for it all, Naruto took off running after the girl.

Surprisingly, he was headed out of the village and through the surrounding forests. He wasn’t the best at tracking though as he ran to catch the girl. He had a sense of Déjà vu when the stall keeper had called her a Demon.

Naruto paused as he came to a clearing. It was a little quieter than usual. He dodged the Shuriken that came from a trap and dropped under the dead weight that was to take him out. “Wait, I mean you no harm!” he called out to the trees.

“Why have you chased me? Do you seek to hurt me like the rest of the villagers?” Her voice came from everywhere, and it had a beautiful accent to it.

Naruto turned slowly around. “Not at all.” He said sincerely, hoping she would listen to reason. “I feel… a sense of kinship, kinship the likes of which I’ve only felt with one other. He held One, and I hold Nine.” Naruto said gambling on his gut instinct.

The forest was silent for a while. “I hold Seven.” It was whispered, but Naruto heard it. “Prove to me you hold a demon.”

Naruto noticed she still hadn’t come out. He could raze the forest to the ground; he could flatten it and destroy it in an instant. But that wouldn’t get her trust, not to mention he liked the trees. He closed his eyes and thought about the feelings he had when he drew upon Kyuubi’s chakra when he fought Orochimaru after Sarutobi had died during the invasion.

Feeling like fear, sorrow, desperation, denial, anger.


Naruto’s eyes opened crimson and slit and two tails of raw chakra swished around him as he fought to remain in control, breathing heavily as he did so. He knew he had summoned up the Chakra Cloak, but it was still difficult.

He needed to train it, yet he had nowhere safe to train it.

Fuu stared with a sense of awe at the blonde who obviously struggled to tame the cloak and suppress it once more. She moved down from the tree she was hanging upside down in, and landed slightly behind him. She walked forward, hesitantly.

“Be careful Larva, this one has a great deal of power to him.” The stoic voice of the Nanabi was in Fuu’s mind, the only reason she knew she was not a demon. She moved up behind Naruto, cautious of the swords at his waist. She hugged him from behind, not being burned by the potent demon chakra.

“I thought I was so alone.” Fuu said, almost crying at finding someone that knew her burden. She knew, the probability of others was high given Taki was only a minor village and had sealed the Nanabi inside of her. The other major villages were stronger however and would always seek a weapon.

Naruto leaned into Fuu’s embrace and that allowed for him to finally push down Kyuubi’s chakra. He turned in her arms carefully and embraced Fuu back, stroking her spine. “No, we’re in this together.” He promised her.

Fuu pulled away carefully, clutching her left arm with her right. “Why did you follow me?”

Naruto held up the sack of food. “You seemed like you went to the market place for some food, so I thought I might make us something. Do you have somewhere a little safer?” Naruto had no idea how many traps she might have had in the trees.

Fuu nodded and took his hand, leading him towards a large hollowed out tree. She slipped inside, the inside being furnished with a deer-skin bed, it had a simple fireplace with rocks and mud being used to line the chimney to the outside. She only used it when she was absolutely sure she was safe. From the outside, the tree looked absolutely normal. But the inside was her little hideaway.

Naruto looked around, amazed at what he saw. It was an impressive bit of ingenuity. Shelves were carved into the tree walls and Naruto brushed his hands over the shelves, seeing jars full of spices and various other things.

Naruto looked over at his hostess. “You wouldn’t mind if I used some of this, would you?” he asked Fuu softly. He got a shake of the head in response, Fuu instead sitting on the small bed. For a single person, it served its purposes.

Naruto realized that for as lonely as he was during his childhood, not only had Gaara been worse off but Fuu had as well. Were all of the Jinchurikii like this? He wasn’t sure if he wanted that answered. Instead, Naruto started to prepare a few things that wouldn’t require cooking.

Though Naruto did make a Shadow Clone who went off with the eggs and some spices to cook them somewhere outside. Naruto wasn’t sure he wanted to make some eggs inside the fire place inside the tree.

Fuu watched the blonde intently. There were things in his eyes that only someone that had lived a lonely life could see. Fuu liked to think that a mother would also be able to see it, but she never knew her mother so it wouldn’t matter anyways. She saw loneliness, she saw sorrow, and she saw anger.

She saw fear.

The sadness was because they were left alone, the anger was because they had no one. She wasn’t certain what the fear was for.

Naruto knew though. He saw what he could have become. It was terrifying for him. Terrifying enough that he wasn’t sure he liked the thought of what it would have done to him.

Naruto finished the few simple things he could and waited. His clone eventually made it back with some cooked eggs and they moved to eat. Naruto sat on the bed beside Fuu, enjoying the food he made. It was essentially scrambled eggs with honeyed bread. The honey was delicious, and the honey comb inside the jar told Naruto that Fuu had likely gotten it straight from a hive. The bread wasn’t soft, but the honey took the slightly stale taste away from it and made it rather soft enough to eat.

When they finished, Naruto again made a clone this time to take the dirtied dishes outside to clean them up.

Fuu watched the double of Naruto leave and she looked at the blonde beside her on her bed. She slowly leaned in and hesitantly placed her head on his shoulder, hugging him around the waist. If he rejected her, if he pushed her away she would be broken. She wouldn’t be able to take it.

Instead, Naruto just slid his arm around her body and held her. He didn’t say anything, he just held her like she was precious, like she was important.

Like she was normal.

It was enough to make Fuu cry slightly, clinging tighter to the blonde’s chest. She hadn’t cried in ages, but for once the tears flowed freely. She was just so happy she couldn’t stop crying. Fuu looked up with a smile through her tear filled eyes to her fellow demon container. She reached up and kissed him on the lips.

Naruto was surprised by the kiss, but he leaned into it anyways and returned it. The kiss was desperate, inexperienced, but the eagerness of the green haired girl made up for it. He stroked her back a little bit as he kissed her a little deeper. He was surprised, pleasantly so, when he felt Fuu’s tongue probing against his lips. Naruto slid his tongue against her own, drawing her closer to her. He knew the depressing loneliness she was going through, only he eventually made it out.

She hadn’t.

Fuu drew back from the kiss and bit her bottom lip for a moment before coming to a decision. She reached down and in one smooth motion removed her top. She wasn’t exactly busty enough to need bindings or a bra so she never worried about them. She took Naruto’s hand and placed it over her left breast. “Please, help me feel like a normal woman.”

Naruto was a little surprised by the forwardness of Fuu, but looking into her orange eyes and seeing the loneliness, the desperation, the hope slowly welling up, he simply smiled and nodded while he squeezed her small breast, eliciting a small moan from his fellow Jinchurikii. Naruto removed his hand and he reached down to un-tuck his shirt and then removed it over his head. He then drew Fuu into his lap, sliding his hands over her ribs and down a little further. He kissed Fuu on her neck, nibbling and sucking.

Fuu ran her hands over Naruto’s chest, feeling the hardened and dense muscles. He wasn’t bulky, but she could tell he would pack quite the punch. It made her squirm a little bit as she ran her hands over them, feeling each dip and groove that was beginning to form. Fuu stood up from his lap and quickly pushed down the apron skirt and the fishnet shorts. She saw Naruto catching on as he removed not only his bracers but his pants as well.

Fuu was a little surprised at seeing Naruto’s length. She placed a hand on her chest and hesitantly reached out to touch it. Her fingers were a little rough, scars built up over time and effort. She hoped Naruto enjoyed it. Her fingers were nimble though as she worked them over Naruto, stroking up and down carefully.

Naruto shuddered softly, feeling Fuu’s nimble fingers running up and down his cock hesitantly. He knew she would be a virgin, just from the way she touched him. It was all eager inexperience with some initial hesitation. He leaned up a little bit and kissed Fuu’s lips. “Don’t worry.” He told her softly.

Fuu nodded at Naruto’s words and she leaned down, kissing the tip of his cock and trailing a line of kisses down the underside of his cock. She got to the balls and she kissed them too. She worked her hand up and down his cock a little faster as she drew his balls into her mouth and began to suck softly.

Fuu drew back after a brief moment and straddled Naruto’s lap. “Pick me up, please… I like your strength.” She said modestly.

Naruto nodded and stood up, picking up the green haired girl with him. He heard her offer a small coo as her legs slid around his waist and her arms moved around his neck. Naruto tried to stop Fuu from doing the same thing as Kagero, but she just slid his cock inside of her, burying it up to the hilt. Naruto held Fuu close, gently stroking her back and kissing her neck. He comforted her from the pain. He could feel the blood sliding down his legs a little bit.

Fuu kissed at Naruto’s shoulder as the Nanabi made the pain disappear. It had told her it would hurt the first time, but she had underestimated how much. Still, it felt good to be comforted by Naruto. She began to work up and down on his cock, holding him tight as she rose up and down using her hips. She leaned back and looked down at their joining, feeling pleased with herself as she took his entire length inside of her body.

Naruto balanced Fuu a little more, stroking her ass as she leaned back and looked down. Naruto flexed his abdomen a little bit, noticing her head rising from their joining to look at his muscles. He would have never thought a woman would enjoy the sight of his muscles like Fuu did, but she seemed to genuinely like them as she ran her hand over his abdomen a little bit.

He then relaxed his muscles and soon began to work in and out of her tight body, thrusting deep but keeping his pace slow. Her walls gripped his cock and constantly milked it, but the feeling was amazing. It was warm inside of her, and so wet. Not to mention her juices were giving off a sweet scent.

Fuu breathed a little heavier as she rode Naruto up and down, her walls clenching him tight. She felt him sit down on the bed once more and she felt a momentary pang of dissatisfaction, until he leaned back and watched her. His hands moved from her rear up over her hips and along her ribs. She squirmed a little bit more when his hands came up to cup her breasts. She moved her legs a little better, pinning her legs to the sides of his thighs and she began to ride him faster, looking down and maintaining eye-contact as her hands pressed firmly into his hard abdomen.

Naruto stared up at the dark skinned girl, his eyes locked with her own. He could see the satisfaction, the joy, the desire in her eyes. He rolled his hips up on her downward thrusts, hearing her sounds of satisfaction getting louder and louder.

Fuu dug her nails into Naruto’s abdomen as her back arched and she broke eye contact, trying to ride him faster. He went so deep inside of her; she would have never expected such a sensation. She pulled off of his length and spun around; sitting down on it so her back was to him. The different angle of his penetration allowed for him to press against more of her sensitive spots. It also got her moaning louder as she gripped Naruto’s thighs now.

Naruto wasn’t sure how he felt about the change of position. He ran his hand down Fuu’s spine, getting her back to arch and she squirmed on his cock, making him groan a little bit in pleasure. His hand moved to her ass and he gave it a firm smack, squeezing it some as well. She seemed to like that from the way she moaned. Naruto also noticed the seal on her shoulder blade that held the Nanabi back.

Fuu was surprised how good it felt to receive the spanking from the blonde as she rode him harder and faster. She felt his hand touch her shoulder blade where the seal was located. She closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn’t reject her. She didn’t think he would, he shared her burden. But she never knew…

Naruto stood up, his hands catching Fuu under her legs and spreading them as he began to pound in and out of her faster. He was surprised by her stamina and his own. Being a Jinchurikii had its benefits it seemed. Naruto kissed at Fuu’s neck, letting her rest against his chest as he continued to pump in and out of her body.

Fuu reached down with one hand and rubbed at her pussy as Naruto’s cock slid in and out of it. She was surprised at the change of position and one hand moved to hold onto his head as she took it deep inside of her body. “Oh… Oh… Kami, Naruto-kun, I think… I think I’m… Oh Kami… Oh!” she cried out as she finally had her orgasm; her entire body seizing up and her tight walls clamping down on Naruto’s cock.

Naruto felt her walls clamp down on his cock and he could feel them massage his girth. Naruto bit into Fuu’s neck as he had his own release inside of her, hot cum spilling deep inside of her. He could feel the thick fluid sliding out of her as he filled her to the brim.

Naruto sat down, drawing Fuu down with him as he breathed a little heavily, holding her close to him.

Fuu panted a little bit as she gently touched the groin area above her pussy. She could feel all that cum deep inside of her. She nuzzled up to the blonde, tucking her head under his own and turning so she could sit sideways in his lap. She kissed his hard chest a little bit as well.

Naruto kissed Fuu on the top of her head and held her, stroking her spine. “Fuu-chan…” he had heard her call him Naruto-kun so he thought the ‘-chan’ suffix was allowed. “How would you like to come to Konoha with me? I have to warn you though; I have several lovers who I try to treat equally. I consider them all like a big family.”

Fuu listened to Naruto’s words and she dipped her head down a bit. “But what about Taki?” she asked. Her village would never let her leave, not with the Nanabi sealed inside of her.

“Resign from being a Kunoichi; technically they can’t do anything to you. Would they? Likely had it not been for one simple thing.” He said and kissed her on the lips. “My team and I. If they were to see you walking out with us, they couldn’t stop you and I could tell Shibuki that he would be doing a personal favor to me if he were to sign off on your resignation.”

Fuu bit her lip a little as she looked up to Naruto. “Why wouldn’t they do anything if your team was there?” she asked

Naruto summed it up in one word. “Politics. If word got out that Taki killed a former Kunoichi just for resigning, people wouldn’t want to come to Taki for business. And they wouldn’t be able to pass off your disappearance off as a mission. Too many things can go wrong, such as your rather unique appearance being seen, or not seen, elsewhere. Taki will let you live because they can’t afford to lose more business to say one of the other smaller nations or the big five.”

Fuu nodded, understanding a little bit about how it would work. She got up and searched out for a scroll, still naked unaware of Naruto’s frown as he saw the mix of blood and semen on her thighs. She found one and began to write out her resignation letter. Naruto moved over and added a small post script, writing in how it would be a personal favor if Shibuki signed off on it.

Naruto then helped Fuu get dressed and got his own clothes on as well. He summoned a messenger toad and handed it the message. “I need you to get this to Shibuki, the Leader of Taki and only Shibuki.” He told the toad and knelt down, giving it a piece of honey comb that he had gotten from Fuu. He gave a specific description of who Shibuki was and soon the toad was off to deliver the message.

Naruto looked at Fuu. “Another thing of importance, if you and the Nanabi would like, I can unseal the Nanabi without killing you and giving you a replenishing source of Demonic Chakra that would be yours to use. It would be easier to use than Nanabi’s chakra because it wouldn’t have a will to it except for whatever you will it to have. I have even unsealed Ichibi after freeing her from the influence of the mad priest Shukaku.”

Fuu seemed to ponder this, her eyes glazing over for a moment as she spoke with the Nanabi about it. Fuu’s eyes focused back in. “If you could do this, why have you not done it to the Kyuubi?” she asked a little accusatory.

Inside of the seal, Kyuubi sat up wanting to hear Naruto’s answer herself. It had been something that had been bugging her lately.

Naruto closed his eyes and bowed his head a little bit. “I can’t unseal her.” He whispered as he reached down and lifted his shirt up and channeled chakra to show the seal on his naval. “Kyuubi was sealed by the Yondaime Hokage using a Seal that acts partially like a summoning contract. He summoned the Shinigami to seal up Kyuubi. As powerful as I am at sealing, I can’t touch something made by a Divine Entity. I’ve tried, several times, to recreate a key-seal, but every time I sit down and start working on it, my mind starts going fuzzy and I forget what I was going to do or I start messing up the Kanji in every way possible. I need the original Key-seal, something I just don’t have.” He said.

Fuu nodded softly as she thought about what was said. Nanabi seemed to have a better grasp because Fuu eventually turned back around at Nanabi’s urging and lifted her shirt up, showing off the seal once more. She felt Naruto’s hand on her shoulder blade, tracing every line of the seal.

Soon Naruto had the key-seal in mind and he pulled out some of his own sealing supplies, getting to work. His hands flew over the parchment, drawing the key-seal with only his chakra on the highly receptive paper. Soon it was done and he placed it over Fuu’s own seal.

Next came the hard part.

Naruto closed his eyes and began to draw several seals on Fuu’s back. One seal was placed at her lower back; it would contain her Demonic Chakra because at the shoulder blade was a bad spot to have it. He also drew the seal that would convert her chakra in a single substantial amount into the demonic chakra to fill the seal on her lower back. This one he drew on her naval, his eyes staying focused. Then a third seal was placed over top that one, making them work in conjunction. The third seal would rapidly make her demonic chakra swell until it filled the first seal to the brim, about Seven Tails worth of Demonic chakra.

Fuu was a little worried; she could feel his chakra tickling along her skin in several different seals, despite the uproar of Demonic Chakra from the seal being opened wide. She had no idea that Naruto had already placed dampening seals on the ground she stood on so she wouldn’t alert Taki.

Naruto then went to Fuu’s back once more and activated his Rinnegan. A single length of chain moved out of his finger tip into the seal and Naruto drew back, pulling the Nanabi out in one single movement.

At first, the Nanabi had been a mass of formless green chakra that sort of blobbed out onto the group. But then it began to take shape, solidifying into an obviously female human form. Naruto stepped back as she finally formed. She had pale creamy skin, with dark green hair spilling over her form. Green eyes had flecks of gold in them and they looked up at him. Her body tone was muscular, more so than Ichibi at least, but she did have some rather succulent curves. Perhaps not as wide as say Kyuubi or Ichibi, but she had to have at least a healthy D-cup bust.

Naruto then felt it, Wind and Earth Chakra flowing. The wind brought dirt and dust to her, Naruto took a step back once more, his hand shifting to his sword, not quite resting on it. He wanted to be ready to stop her if necessary.

Instead he felt fire chakra as well, showing a tertiary mastery of elements. The dirt turned into metals that were shaped by Nanabi’s chakra. Clothes and armor formed over her naked form. Dual swords appeared at her hip. The armor was a greenish color and was edged with vivid gold. Her hands brushed up to her hair and she drew it into a tight topknot. Still, when she rose to her full height, taller than even Ichibi, she still looked feminine despite the slightly more masculine build and looks. She looked him over before she went to one knee once more and drew her sword, holding it up with both hands.

“For freeing me Naruto-sama, I am yours to command. Your enemies are my enemies, my blade is yours until the day you fall in battle.” Nanabi spoke formally, like some sort of samurai.

Naruto then felt something click inside of his head. Each Bijuu had a sort of station that they served at. Ichibi was a sort of dancer, an entertainer. Nanabi was in fact a Samurai, trained in the art of the sword. This meant…

“You are correct Naruto; I would be considered the Lady of the group, the strongest of all Bijuu.” Kyuubi’s voice echoed in his mind as he looked down to Nanabi’s sword.

Naruto touched the blade. “I would be honored to have you fight by my side Nanabi.” He said as he sliced his fingers down the edge of the blade, tainting it crimson. He was surprised when the blood was absorbed by the greenish blade and the edge became a vibrant glowing crimson.

Nanabi then took the blade and sheathed it with a soft click before standing up once more.

Naruto began to think. If he left with both Nanabi and Fuu, Taki and Konoha would begin to question things. “Nanabi, can I call you Nana-chan?” He asked.

“If that is your will Naruto-sama, I will answer to it.” Nanabi answered stoically.

Naruto pondered a little bit, knowing he was going to have to break through the ice slowly. “Can you feel out Ichi-chan?” he asked her.

Nanabi closed her eyes before giving a slight nod of her head.

“I want you to go to her, Fuu and I will be there soon enough but my team isn’t leaving Taki until later today. As someone without any affiliation to any village, you can enter Konoha easier. Just take the main gate, tell them you are looking for your sister. Ichi-chan has been doing Glass working to bring in extra money.” Naruto told Nanabi, who gave him another nod before she turned to leave, walking away with slow and steady steps.

Naruto went outside to find his toad back with a message from Shibuki who said he signed off on Fuu’s resignation and he deferred payment in the form of a favor at a later date. Naruto had no problem with this, but he kept the scroll. He then headed inside Fuu’s tree and helped her seal up all of her belongings. It would be easier that way.

The two then headed back to Taki where Fuu turned in her headband and Naruto collected Sakura and Sasuke. The group of four then headed out of the village, taking to the trees, though Fuu had a slight difficulty with the imbalance of her chakra. Sakura and Sasuke asked questions, Naruto either diverted them or he answered vaguely. He had already sent another toad ahead to Tsunade explaining the situation.

They made good time to the village, landing just outside the gates as Nanabi was checking in and allowing the Chunin at the gate to examine her weapons, though tradition allowed her to keep her wakizashi. Still, she was allowed to pass with both her Katana and Wakizashi after a brief inspection to make sure neither matched the description of any stolen weapons.

“Nana-chan!” A tanned blonde blur slammed into Nanabi who took only a step back as she caught the blur who hugged her in a tight embrace. “I thought it was you that I sensed!” Ichibi had tackled her sister, making Naruto smile a little bit. He checked in with the guards and got paperwork for Fuu. He even dismissed Sasuke and Sakura.

Nanabi cracked just the briefest of smiles as she hugged her sister. “It is good to see you once more Sister. The desert is not much for me I’m afraid and so I am sorry that the last time we saw one another was with Mother.”

Naruto blinked. “Mother?” he asked sounding confused. The Bijuu had a mother?

“Yes, well we technically have two mothers. The first is… our… origins. The Juubi. The second is the Sage of Six Paths, a noble woman if there ever was one.” Kyuubi spoke in his mind.

Naruto blinked a little bit. The Sage of Six Paths was a woman? That was news for him. Still, he shook it off and waved to Ichibi who gave a wave to him. He’d get the full story later.

Instead he headed to Tsunade’s office and got a full debriefing as well as turning in the necessary paperwork. Konoha paid for the missions out of pocket, a bonus for Naruto because he killed a missing Nin. Taki would pay Konoha back, but the Shinobi needed the money right away.

Naruto escorted Fuu to his apartment where Jiraiya was waiting. By the look on his face, he wasn’t happy about something. Naruto told Fuu to go inside while Naruto went with Jiraiya to the top of the Hokage Monument. “So…” Naruto began, wondering what this was about.

Jiraiya scratched his jaw slightly. “So… Ichi and Nana… Sister… They wouldn’t happen to have a Sister named Kyuu would they?” he asked.

Naruto sighed and nodded. He wouldn’t try to lie when Jiraiya had obviously figured it out. “You’re correct. They are the Ichibi no Tanuki and the Nanabi no Kabutomushi.” Naruto said simply and inhaled slowly.

Jiraiya’s eyes went wide, realizing that two Bijuu were released and free in Konoha. “Are you out of your freaking Mind kid? Do you know the sort of destruction those two could do if pissed off?!”

Naruto’s eyes hardened as he clenched his fists. “Of course I do, but I won’t see nine sentient beings locked up for the rest of the Shinobi Era because people in power want weapons.” Naruto said harshly. “They’re living beings, they deserve better than this!”

“Naruto, they’ve killed countless people, wrecked billions in damage. And you released two of them with plans for the other seven? I’m sorry but you’re going mental thinking this is okay!” Jiraiya said.

“And what about them?!” Naruto shouted, getting angry at Jiraiya’s justification. He understood why Jiraiya was justifying it, it was terror at what even one of them could do, but now two were in Konoha’s center. “Kyuubi has said it herself; she’s been locked away for damned near a century!” Naruto’s voice got quieter. “Solitude, loneliness, despair, darkness, she’s trapped in a dank dark sewer and that’s only my seal. I have no clue as to the horrors she experienced in the other seals. No one to talk to, no one to cry with, no one to laugh with, no one to share her secrets with, she can’t even speak to her sisters. And people wonder why the Bijuu attack when they’re freed and people are trying to seal them once more. They’re not just mindless animals Jiraiya, animals perhaps, but not mindless. They feel as well as we do, they desire the freedom that they began with. Hundreds of years and they lived in solitude, hundreds… but with the rise of the Shinobi Nations, they were hunted down to be used as weapons.” Naruto shook his head. “I can’t stand by and watch as they’re used as weapons, I just can’t.” Naruto’s hand balled into a fist a bit more. “And if you can’t understand this, you’re not Sage at all, you’re just a poseur. “ Naruto said

Jiraiya recoiled like he had been slapped at Naruto’s final statement. He had never had his right of being a Sage brought into an argument. Not even with Gamabunta. His fists balled up and his arms shook. Emotion was taking over logic, but he eventually released the fist and inhaled, relaxing once more. “You’re right.” Jiraiya said suddenly and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

How could he call himself a Sage if he allowed creatures of nature to be imprisoned in the conditions Naruto said they were in?

Jiraiya looked to Naruto. “If this comes back on us, it’s on your head. Thankfully the Ichibi has been getting a good report in the village because of her wares. Hopefully the Nanabi can as well.” Jiraiya inhaled and exhaled slowly. “Just please, take precautions or something.”

Naruto looked to Jiraiya. “Nana-chan has sworn herself into my service; I doubt she’ll get angry. She doesn’t seem the type. As for Ichi-chan, she’s happy and from what I understand she’s been having fun with the glass making.”

Jiraiya nodded before grabbing the blonde in a headlock with a wry grin. “You’ll make a fine Sage Gaki. A fine Sage indeed. When we head out for our training trip, I’ll take you to the home of the Toads first thing so you can start learning.”

Naruto nodded softly. “Do you know where the Key-seal for my seal is?” he asked.

Jiraiya pondered it for a moment before he nodded. “I do, but I have to say you’re not ready for it yet. Give it a little while longer, please.” Jiraiya said.

Naruto sighed softly before he nodded. “Sorry Kyuubi-chan.” He sent mentally. He could almost feel her sulking.

Naruto then began to talk about something else with Jiraiya and soon they went to get the project underway. Naruto was going to buy that apartment building he lived in. Naruto managed to get a loan large enough to cover it and soon he was signing paperwork for the transfer of ownership. It took about two hours to do everything but soon Naruto was the proud owner of an apartment building that he would soon start building into his own home.

Naruto came home to see Nanabi standing there her swords set to the side of the wall. “What’s up Nana-chan?” he asked her as he set the paperwork in a safe spot. He would likely get the girls to help him cover the mortgage which was significantly less than what they were paying for three apartments.

Nanabi looked at Naruto as she followed him into the bedroom where he hid his paperwork. “I spoke with my sister Ichi.” She began and began to unstrap her armor, letting it fall off of her body. “I wish to help you grow stronger Naruto-sama. Am I pleasing to your eyes?”

Naruto looked over to Nanabi who was stripping out of her clothes. Yes, she was pleasing to his eyes. She was gorgeous, even if she was more muscular than the other girls he had been with, but that was likely due to her dedication to her sword. “Do you know about how I get stronger, the mechanics behind it?”

“Yes Naruto-sama, Ichi told me everything that Kyuu-sama told her. I understand you are in a… Game of sorts. Still, I wish to assist you in growing stronger. If I am not pleasing to you, it can be a one-time occurrence so that my body never offends your eyes once more.”

Naruto went over to Nanabi and he cupped her cheeks. “You’re gorgeous Nana-chan.” He said, looking up the difference in height between them. He was told that Nanabi was the tallest of the Bijuu and he definitely believed it. He saw the faint dusting of her cheeks when he told her she was gorgeous and smiled a little bit. She leaned down and Naruto went up to kiss her on the lips. Still, Nanabi was a full foot taller than he was at least. He wasn’t going to make her stay standing for this. He moved them over to the bed and she sat down when the back of her legs hit the bed.

Nanabi looked to Naruto before she looked down. The front of his pants was bulging up with his cock; she must be pleasing to him. She quickly pushed his pants and boxers down and her fingers stroked his cock to full hardness, not that she needed to do much stroking. She then closed her eyes and leaned down, taking Naruto’s cock in her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth on his dick, taking him deep into her throat. She lived to serve him.

Naruto groaned softly as he reached down and undid the topknot holding Nanabi’s hair up and letting it spill out down her back and in his fingers. She wasn’t as good as many of his lovers at oral sex, but what she lacked in ability she made up for in determination and efficiency. No movement was wasted; her tongue was pressed to the underside of his shaft tight enough that every deep bob of her head caused it to brush along his cock like a painter’s brush. Her teeth lightly pressed against his cock, giving him a pleasant sensation as well.

Nanabi felt herself getting wetter but she refrained from reaching between her legs to satisfy herself. Naruto’s pleasure came before her own. She knew her place at the moment. She was to be subservient to Naruto, to let him take pleasure in her body. She drew back from bobbing her head on his cock and instead raised her sizeable breasts to wrap around Naruto’s cock, moving her chest up and down between the soft flesh. Still, the tip of his cock did not disappear between the flesh so she leaned her head down and took it back into her mouth once more, swirling her tongue diligently around it.

Naruto gave a low groan and he began to pump his cock in and out of Nanabi’s breasts and her mouth a little bit. She was the quietest of his lovers, except for maybe Kagero, but it was a more stoic quiet than it was just because she was quiet in nature. Still, she worked his cock over rather well, even if it didn’t have the wet slurping sound that he was used to when dealing with other women. She also showed a touch of creativity, using both her mouth and breasts on his cock. It was causing him to grow closer to his orgasm faster.

Nanabi could feel Naruto’s orgasm building up so she continued at her steady pace. She was startled when she felt him reach down and brush his fingers over her nipples. It felt like a fire rushed through her as the heat spread over her breasts. Her inner thighs were soaked with her fluids and she desperately hoped that Naruto wouldn’t be put off by the amount of fluids she produced. It just felt so good; it felt wonderful, like she was being acknowledged by him.

Naruto thrust between Nanabi’s breasts a little faster, almost panting at this moment. “Oh Kami…” he whispered softly and he gave a loud groan of pleasure as he finally came in her mouth, flooding it with his thick cum. His orgasm felt really good, surprisingly so given the simplicity of what Nanabi did.

Nanabi gave a small sound as she tasted the thick cum that Naruto had given her. Her tongue swirled it around in her mouth, savoring the taste and texture before she removed her head from the tip of his cock and let it slide down her throat. “Thank you for the treat Naruto-sama.” She said before she moved onto the bed more and spread her legs. “I am ready for you Naruto-sama.” She whispered

Naruto moved between Nanabi’s legs, feeling them slide around his waist and hold him close. He pressed the tip of his cock to her entrance, noticing that Nanabi also had a rather sweet smell coming from her, much like Fuu had. He pushed inside of her in a single stroke, surprised at how moist she was inside. She was also hot and tight but the moisture was what really surprised him.

Nanabi didn’t make a sound as she was penetrated. She reached up and drew Naruto’s head down to her, kissing him softly on the lips once more. Most of her height came from her legs so thankfully at waist level she wasn’t that much taller than the blonde. Her legs wrapped around Naruto and locked at the ankles as she felt him kiss back and slowly work in and out of her.

Naruto rolled his hips, feeling Nanabi’s inner walls squeeze his cock and massage it. She didn’t move past pulling him closer for a deep and long kiss. He originally thought she didn’t make any sounds, but this wasn’t quite right. She did make slight sounds whenever he brushed a specific spot inside of her. Still, she had a stoicism that the other girls didn’t have in the bedroom. Naruto decided to make the most of it; she was still quite pleasurable to be with.

Nanabi felt Naruto break the kiss and she felt a pang of disappointment, a pang of sadness that she perhaps did something wrong. This disappeared instantly when his head dipped down to suck on her nipple. She gave off a small sound; it wasn’t a sound most people would pick up on, and definitely not one that could be heard through the walls. She gripped Naruto’s shoulders a bit tighter, biting her lower lip to silence her sounds.

Naruto nibbled on Nanabi’s nipple, swirling his tongue around it as well. She was sensitive to her nipples it seemed and Naruto was taking advantage of that. His thumb brushed the other one when he bit a little firmer on the nipple in his mouth. Despite the lack of sounds she made, the way her body would tighten up or spasm depending on what he did told him all he needed to know.

Nanabi leaned her head back, her back arching just slightly. She gave a silent whimper and she felt her body building up to her orgasm. Softly, she tugged on Naruto’s blonde locks and soon kissed him once more on the mouth, a little more eagerly this time. She slipped her tongue into his mouth as she felt his thrusts become harder and more vigorous. Previous lovers had been put off by her muscles and her height, but it seemed Naruto had absolutely no problem whatsoever with either.

Naruto quickly worked his tongue along Nanabi’s moving it into her mouth and he felt her tongue withdraw to tease his tongue as well. Her fingers dug into his scalp a little bit, but that was okay. He could feel her chakra flaring up a little bit and it was an interesting sensation. She sucked on his tongue, another interesting sensation but it all felt good to Naruto. He thrust inside of her body faster and harder. He was getting close.

Nanabi’s head drew back from the kiss and she was breathing a little heavier, almost panting. Soft whimpers came from her mouth before she could hold them back. Her grip with her legs and her arms tightened on the blonde and soon she came, her eyes widening just slightly as she felt her release. The first one she ever had. As her juices spilled out of her body and her insides gave spasms around Naruto’s cock, she felt the first jet of hot seed splash deep inside of her.

Naruto grunted as he had his own orgasm, burying his mouth against Nanabi’s shoulder and biting into the flesh a little bit as he pumped jet after jet of cum inside of her. He could feel it spilling out of her with the rush of her fluids, but he just couldn’t stop. Naruto exhaled a little bit as he drew back from Nanabi and looked down to her, panting with a small smile on his face.

Nanabi was flushed but she too had a very slight smile on her lips. She curled up with the blonde on his bed, holding him close. She was glad, she was happy. Naruto wouldn’t abandon her; she could just feel it somehow.

Naruto reached over to his bracer and unsealed the book from it and felt Nanabi put her head on his shoulder to look at it as he opened the book. “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAD SEX WITH FUU! +1100 pts., +5 Divine Chakra, +5 Divine Chakra Control, +10 Demonic Chakra, +10 Demonic Chakra Control, +15 Trap Making. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAD SEX WITH NANABI NO KABUTOMUSHI! +3500 pts., +20 Demonic Chakra, +20 Demonic Chakra Control, +25 Wind Elemental Manipulation, +25 Earth Elemental Manipulation, +25 Fire Elemental Manipulation, +25 Kenjutsu. Perk Added! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU RECEIVED THE SILVER IMPALER MEDAL! +1500 pts., +10 Demonic Chakra Control, +10 Demonic Chakra Levels. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU RECEIVED THE BRONZE SEX ARTISAN MEDAL! +3000 pts., +5 Intelligence, +5 Speed, +5 Acrobatics, +5 Endurance, +5 Strength.” Naruto was surprised he got two level ups but he banked them both.

He then went on to the medals page, feeling Nanabi playing with his hair a little bit. “Impaler: Silver. You’ve had sex that was rougher than it should have been with three virgins.” Two of which weren’t really his fault, Sasame was though. He tapped on Sex Artisan. “Sex Artist: Bronze. You’ve had sex with twenty different partners.” Naruto quickly did a headcount on who he had sex with and nodded. He did indeed have sex with twenty different partners.

He headed over to the stats page. He had fifteen stats, on top of the stats he got. He decided that all fifteen would go into his reflexes, bringing it up to the fifty required for the Demonic and Divine forms.

He then headed over to the skills page. He had over two hundred points to use on top of the bonuses he got from Fuu and Nanabi. He put twenty five into the Fire Elemental Manipulation, bringing it fully to mastery level. “Burning Vengeance or Smoldering Rage?” That was different, he had expected Offense and Defense again. He tapped Burning Vengeance. “The Fire within burns strong! You ignite things with more ease and your fire is like a raging inferno, unstoppable until you will it to be.” Naruto tapped Smoldering Rage. “You are calm and collected, but your fire is still deadly. Your touch, when willing it to be so, evaporates the fluids of the object you are in contact with, eventually reducing it to smoldering cinders. Your fire does not act like a raging fire, instead it is focused.” Naruto chose the Smoldering Rage, he wasn’t sure how he felt about his fire being a Raging Inferno. “Perk Added!”

He then put seventy five points into Earth Elemental Manipulation, bringing that up to mastery level. “Titan of Defense or Golem of War?” Naruto tapped the Titan of Defense. “Your skin is as hard as steel, no simple blade will ever break your skin so long as you are in contact with the Earth.” He then tapped Golem of War. “Your blades of Metal are nigh unbreakable so long as you are in contact with the Earth, and should they break just dip them into the Earth to re-forge them stronger than ever.” Naruto selected the Golem of War. “Perk Added!”

Naruto still had three points left over from when he last leveled up, as well as the hundred and twenty seven he had now. He looked to his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu and bumped them both up to two hundred. He tapped on Ninjutsu. “Tank or Battery?” Naruto blinked at that one but tapped on Tank. “You can throw out powerful Ninjutsu and take them in kind.” He tapped on Battery. “You can throw out more Ninjutsu than Tank but you cannot take as many of them.” He chose Battery. He had enough Defense for the moment.

He then tapped on Taijutsu. “Specialist or Creator?” Naruto tapped on Specialist. “You work best using styles and forms you have learned and been taught.” Naruto then tapped on Creator. “You work best using Taijutsu maneuvers you have made yourself, whether spliced from other forms or made off the top of your head.” Naruto chose Creator for that one. “Perks Added! Skill Added!”

Naruto first went to check out the skill. It was Nintaijutsu. He wondered why he wasn’t able to use it already given his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu being maxed out, but he wasn’t going to argue

Naruto headed over to the Perk page and looked for the New ones. “Chakra Wings. Requirements: Wind Elemental Manipulation 200, Have Sex with Fuu, Have Sex with Nanabi no Kabutomushi, Chakra Control 80, Chakra Levels 80. You have master the power of flight through your chakra alone. You can feel the wind currents and it allows you to have the high ground, no matter who you fight.” Naruto had a surplus of perk points so he went ahead and got it.

“True Mokuton.” Naruto blinked. There was more to the Mokuton? “Requirements: Mokuton Perk, Have Sex with Senju Tsunade Three Times, win a Spar against Tenzo (Note: Must use only the Mokuton abilities), Have sex with Four Bijuu (Note: One must be Seven Tails or Higher.), Will of Fire Perk, Water Elemental Manipulation 200, Earth Elemental Manipulation 200, Kenjutsu 200, Chakra Control 125, Chakra Levels 125. You can now use the Mokuton abilities on par with Senju Hashirama himself.” Naruto didn’t even know who Tenzo was, this Perk was going to take a long time to get.

He tapped the next one. “True Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.” Given what the last one was, he was a little worried. “Requirements: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Perk, Rinnegan Perk, Have sex with Uchiha Mikoto Three Times, Win a Spar Against Uchiha Itachi (Note: Must use only the Sharingan Abilities.), Have sex with Four Bijuu (Note: One must be Seven Tails or Higher), Water Elemental Manipulation 200, Earth Elemental Manipulation 200, Fire Elemental Manipulation 200, Genjutsu 200, Ninjutsu 200, Taijutsu 200, Chakra Control 125, Chakra Levels 125, Reflexes 75. You can now use the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan on par with Uchiha Madara himself. This unlocks the True Susanoo Perk.” Naruto rubbed his face with his hand.

“That seems a bit extreme…” Nanabi said from beside him. “But given who those two were, I can understand somewhat Naruto-sama.”

Naruto nodded, and shook his head, laughing a little bit. He went to the next perk and tapped on it. “True Water Elemental Manipulation. Requirements: Water Elemental Manipulation 200, Ninjutsu 200, Retrieve the Raijin no Ken, Will of Fire Perk, Chakra Control 100, Chakra Levels 75. You can use the abilities of Senju Tobirama to draw Water from the air instead of needing a water source.” Okay, Naruto wasn’t that far from that one so he could manage.

He went to the Will of Fire which was unlocked thankfully. “Will of Fire. Requirements: Fire Elemental Manipulation 200. Your inner Will burns with a passion and manifests as an armor of fire around you.” Naruto shrugged slightly. He had nothing to lose and a bunch to gain by taking it

Naruto then snapped the book shut and snuggled up to Nanabi, holding her close. Different day, same thing. His life was actually nice.

End Chapter


He then tapped on Taijutsu. “Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?” Naruto was a little confused about why the ‘Chuck Norris’ option was crossed out and therefore un-selectable.

End Omake.

A/N: this one just rolled right on out folks, I hope you enjoy. No, I don’t need ideas for what Role the other Bijuu are. I have it all covered, thanks though.

Naruto’s Stats:

Level 39: 114800/118950

Acrobatics: 65

Chakra Control: 80

Chakra Levels: 80

Demonic Chakra Control: 60

Demonic Chakra Levels: 95

Divine Chakra Control: 70

Divine Chakra Levels: 55

Endurance: 75

Intelligence: 75

Luck: 40

Reflexes: 50

Speed: 105

Strength: 75


Master Level:

Earth Elemental manipulation: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Earth based Jutsu swiftly and redirect large scale Jutsu that come from his opponent. Mutation Selected: Golem of War. Naruto’s blades and tools are near unbreakable. If they ever do break, he can drive the remains into the ground and the earth will forge them anew, stronger than ever.

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Fire based Jutsu swiftly and redirect large scale Jutsu that come from his opponent. Mutation Selected: Smoldering Rage. Naruto can at will increase the temperature of his skin so that whatever he touches smolders until it is just cinders.

Genjutsu: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can Detect and Dispel S-ranked Genjutsu including Tsukuyomi. Naruto can cast A-ranked Genjutsu, including the standard Clone Jutsu. Mutation Selected: Illusion Weaver. Naruto can cast several subtle but powerful Genjutsu on his opponents putting them in a near unbreakable Genjutsu.

Kenjutsu: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learn Advanced Kenjutsu Arts as well as see openings in his opponent's own Kenjutsu Styles. Mutation Selected: Sword God. All Swords are an extension of Naruto’s body, allowing him to learn them just by watching them in action and holding them.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 200 points. Master level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learned Lightning based Jutsu swiftly. Mutation Selected: Defense. At the cost of being able to create internal Lighting, Naruto can redirect any Lightning through his body including natural lightning.

Medical Jutsu: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can use his Medical Ninjutsu in combat and while under heavy fire. He can heal most Ailments as well. Mutation Selected: Doctor. Naruto sacrifices the ability to use more combat oriented Medical Ninjutsu for a more comprehensive knowledge of ailments.

Ninja Master: 200 points. Master level. Gives a Bonus to all Ninja Skills. (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Sealing, Senjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Etc.) Mutation Selected: Ninja Master. All abilities affected by the Ninja Master skill that use chakra are boosted by an additional 10 points.

Ninjutsu: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn all Ninjutsu swiftly, regardless of elemental manipulation. His current Repertoire costs less Chakra to use. Mutation Selected: Battery. Naruto can throw out more large scale Ninjutsu then a Tank, but he cannot take as many in turn.

Sealing: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can now unseal a Bijuu without killing the host. Mutation: Seal Decipherer. Naruto can decipher even the most complex of seals just by looking at the seals in mere moments

Sexual Aura: 200 points. Master Level. Naruto’s Sexual Aura is at its very highest pinnacle. Even the mighty Kyuubi is heavily affected by it. Mutation Selected: Directive Sexual Aura. Naruto can direct his Sexual Aura onto a single target, making them experience the full weight of his Sexual Aura with an additional Twenty points.

Taijutsu: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Taijutsu Styles easier. He can also see many openings in a fight. Mutation Selected: Creator. Naruto works better using Taijutsu moves that he himself created instead of ones he has learned. He can also use moves he has spliced together better than ones he learned

Water Elemental Manipulation: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learn Water based Jutsu swiftly and even redirect any that come from his opponent. Mutation Selected: Defense. The Water Recognizes Naruto and the blonde will never be harmed by Water based Jutsu. He can use the water to stop all but the strongest attacks.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 200 points. Master Level (+30 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Wind based Jutsu swiftly, and even redirect any Wind Jutsu thrown at him. Mutation Selected: Defense. The Wind Recognizes Naruto as its own and as such he will never be harmed by the wind. He can use the wind to stop all but the strongest attacks.

Expert Level:

Lying: 150 points. Expert level (+10 Sneak bonus). Naruto can lie to most anyone almost all the time. Kage level Shinobi may notice.

Adept Level:

Crafting: 100 points. Adept level. Naruto can learn how to craft and build items easier. Also increases all crafting abilities (Trap Making, Poison making, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, etc.)

Haggling: 100 points. Adept level. Naruto can now haggle for better prices and shops he visits often will offer lower prices. Stores in general have lower prices for Naruto

Pick Pocketing: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Sneak Bonus). Naruto can now pick the pockets of an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time.

Sneak: 100 points. Adept Level. Naruto can now sneak past an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time. Assists all Sneaky Skills (Lying, Cheating, Assassination, Lock Picking, Pick Pocketing, Trap Making, Poison Making, Hacking, Etc.)

Apprentice Level:

Massaging: 90 points. Apprentice Level (+20 Medical Jutsu Bonus). Naruto can give a good enough massage to turn a woman on twenty five percent of the time and make the massage feel good seventy five percent of the time.

Healing Factor: 60 points. Apprentice Level. (+20 Medical Jutsu Bonus). Naruto can regenerate his wounds, most lacerations and bruises will heal in the hour. The application of chakra and speed this process up.


Diamond Level:

Out-Do Your Rival: Gang-Bang your Rival's Mom. +1 perk point.

Platinum Level:

Clone Man: Use 8 Shadow Clones to have sex with a woman or women. +2400 points.

Gold Level:

Have Sex with an Enemy Kunoichi: Naruto has had sex with a Special Jonin Level Kunoichi. +2000 points

Top Fox: Dominate Ichibi no Tanuki. +2400 points.

Silver Level:

Double Down: Naruto has had sex with four different women in 24 hours. +1800 points.

Evened Up: Naruto has had sex with three women using two Shadow Clones for assistance. +1800 points

Foreigner: Naruto has had sex with 7 Foreign Kunoichi. +1200 points

Have Sex with 12 Kunoichi: +1800 points, +10 Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, +5 Speed.

Have Vaginal Sex 25 Times: +5000 points

Impaler: Naruto has had sex with three virgins that was rougher than it could have been. +1500 points, +10 Demonic Chakra Control, +10 Demonic Chakra Levels

Leaf Man: Naruto has had Sex with 8 women from Konoha. +1400 points.

Receive 25 Blow Jobs: +2500 Points.

Bronze Level:

Beautiful Black-haired Babes: Naruto has had sex with 4 different women that have black hair. +1000 points

Blondes Do It Better: Naruto has had sex with two different blondes at the same time +750 points

Bottomed: Naruto has been Dominated once during sex. +500 points

Clones!: Naruto has had sex using Shadow Clones seven times. +1000 points, +5 Chakra Control, +5 Chakra Levels

Danger-Close: Naruto has had sex with a woman that is close to someone that will physically hurt Naruto for having sex with their loved one. +600 points

Danger-Close Diverted: Naruto has had sex to divert the Danger Close Medal. +500 points

Deflowerer: Naruto has taken the virginity of three women. +1200 points

Dirty Dozen: Naruto has had sex with 12 different women. +10 stat points, +1 perk point

Generous: Naruto has had five orgasms with multiple partners +500 points, +5 Divine Chakra Levels

Hat Trick: Naruto has had sex with Three different women in 24 hours. +900 points.

Hatter Trick: Naruto has had sex with one woman using exactly two clones. +700 points, +5 Speed.

Have Anal Sex 10 times +3000

Have Illusionary Sex with an Illusion Specialist. +500 points, 10 Genjutsu

Have Sex with a Mother and Daughter combo. +600 points

Have sex with 2 important political figures. + 750 points, 20 politics.

Have sex with 3 Civilians. +500 points

Have sex with 3 Genin Ranked Kunoichi. +300 points

Have Sex with 5 Jonin Ranked Kunoichi: +1500 points +10 Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu

Leaf Hunter: Naruto has had sex with 5 Kunoichi with allegiance to Konoha. +1000 points

Marathon Man: Have Sex with Two women at the same time. +500 points and +5 Acrobatics points

MILF Hunter: Have sex with 3 MILFs. +1000 points

Mine, Bitch!: Naruto has defended his right to be with a woman and then had sex with her within four hours afterwards. +1000 points, +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +25 Skill points/

Ninja Sex: Naruto has used Ninja Arts for sex 3 times. +350 points

Petite Breasts: Naruto has had sex with Six women that have a B-Cup or lower. +700 points.

Repetition: Naruto has had repeat sex with six different women. +900 points

Revenge: Naruto has dominated a woman that has dominated him. +750 points, 5 Demonic Chakra Levels

Sand Sirens (1): Have Sex with 2 women from Suna at the same time. +1500 points, +5 stat point

Sex Artist: Naruto has had sex twenty five times. Threesomes, More-somes, Gangbangs, and multiple rounds count as 1 occasion. +2000 points, +5 Endurance, +5 Speed, +5 Strength.

Sex Artisan: Naruto has had sex with twenty different women. +3000 points, +5 Speed, +5 Intelligence, +5 Acrobatics, +5 Endurance, +5 Strength

Sound Seductresses (1): Naruto has had sex with four of the Seven Oto Kunoichi. +1500 points, +15 Genjutsu, +5 Intelligence, +5 Luck

Spurt: Naruto has had five orgasms during one session of intercourse without the use or backlash of a Shadow Clone. +1000 points

Strong Woman: Naruto has had sex with an S-Ranked Kunoichi. +1200 points

Suave: Naruto has had sex with five different women in 24 hours. +3600

Three by Three: Naruto has had three separate threesomes with different women. +1000 points

Trippy!: Naruto has had sex with three women with exotic hair colors. +800 points.

Twofer: Naruto has given two orgasms five times to a woman before having his first. +1000 points, +5 Endurance


Animal Magnetism: Women are more likely to fall to Naruto’s Sexual Aura and won’t hurt him for having multiple women.

Chakra Chains: Allows Naruto to make chains out of his chakra

Chakra Wings: Naruto can create Wings made of Chakra to fly with.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: Allows use of the Sharingan Kekkai Genkai and the more advanced Mangekyo version without Naruto going blind

Harem Master: Naruto can now have as many women in his personal Harem as he wants, minimizes the hostilities between the women

Hiraishin Jutsu Version 1: Naruto can teleport randomly within a 5 meter radius around the Hirashin Marker

Hyoton: Allows for the use of the Hyoton Kekkai Genkai.

Iron Sand Manipulation: Allows Naruto to use the Iron Sand ability of the Sandaime Kazekage.

Kotoamatsukami: Allows Naruto to use Shisui’s Genjutsu. Can subtle sway anyone to any will but can only be used once every ten years per eye.

Magnetic Release: Naruto can use the Magnetic release of the Sandaime and Yondaime Kazekages

Moukton: Allows for use of the Moukton Kekkai Genkai. Can calm Bijuu and their Jinchuriki

Rinnegan: Naruto can use the Ultimate Dojutsu, the Rinnegan and all the abilities that come with it.

Sand Manipulation: Naruto can use the Sand Manipulation like Gaara can.

Snake Style: Naruto can use the Snake Taijutsu Style

Super Strength: So long as Naruto has an equal or higher Chakra control to Chakra Levels, he can use Tsunade’s Legendary Super Strength Technique.

Will of Fire: Naruto’s Will burns brightly inside and allows him to manifest an armor made of fire
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