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Blast from the Past Arc: Mito: Part II

by TheLemonSage

Naruto is given a scroll containing the secrets of making women fall for him, a scroll he uses at first on the women around him but soon on the shinobi world as a whole, giving birth to the Ero-ninja.

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 44: Blast from the Past Arc: Mito: Part II

Naruto was in the lead as he and Tsunade closed in on Kabuto, who appeared to be waiting for them. Naruto had an uneasy feeling which caused him to look back at Tsunade to see the anger and concern he could feel radiating from her. His own emotional state was conflicted especially as Tsunade had given him the rundown of the DNA that Kabuto had acquired as they had left the village. Knowing that among the warriors who potentially could be resurrected should Kabuto choose were men that had enjoyed relationships with two of his lovers, Naruto wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of engaging Kabuto. He doubted that the bespectacled multi-traitor knew of his own relationships with Yuugao and Tsunade so likely wouldn’t use Edo Tensei on them for those reasons. But with that said, it didn’t change the fact that if they encountered Hayate or Dan, it would put Naruto in a rather uncomfortable position.

Knowing he could bring one if not both back should he encounter them was playing havoc with his sense of decency. On one hand, he would admit a selfish part of him didn’t want to bring back people that could be considered competition for his lover’s affections. Especially when considering that for the returned it would seem as if no time had passed since their deaths. Truthfully, Naruto had given almost no thought to the men that had been in his lovers’ lives before him. It just didn’t seem to be something to be concerned with since in essence they were dead while he was alive. But now, with the very real possibility that he could be squaring off against them, in more ways than one, he couldn’t help but wonder how he measured up against them. He looked back at Tsunade again wondering if she was experiencing similar thoughts or feelings, but her face had moved from the anger that it had reflected before to the calm mask of a shinobi expecting a battle.

Admiring his lover’s professionalism, he was about to broach the subject with her when Tsunade said, “You don’t need to be concerned my love. My heart and soul belong to you. Dan was important to me, but he was my past. You are my future. I know Yuugao feels the same way.”

All the tension that Naruto had been feeling dispersed from Tsunade’s words. Turning back to look at her as they continued towards where he could feel Kabuto, he said, “Thank you. I never doubted that you loved me but…”

“My love,” Tsunade said giving Naruto an amused smile, “shut up and stop over thinking it. I spent decades wasting my life grieving for Dan. He was important to me, but I believe that he would have wanted me to move on with my life and I have, with you.”

Naruto bolstered by his lover’s words felt his own face slip into a determined scowl. However, thinking of Kurenai he said, “I’ll admit I was concerned to face Dan or Hayate since I know I could give them back to you, but what if it’s someone like Asuma or Zabuza. I could bring important people back to…”

“Don’t travel down that road Naruto,” Tsunade said quickly and determinedly. “I can’t imagine what it must feel like to know you could bring back people close to you or those you care about. But just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. Have you thought about why Kiyomi would grant us the chance to live forever, but make it dependent on our not having children?”

Naruto shook his head in the negative as he answered, “Truthfully, I haven’t. Like she said, it was something she intended to be a part of our retirement package. With everything that needs to happen first worrying about it seems a little bit like wishful thinking at the moment.”

Tsunade nodded expecting such an answer. Yet, she had thought about it a great deal since Kiyomi’s revealing how she had made it so that they didn’t age as it had opened a whole slew of questions that the medic in her wanted answers to. Tsunade also suspected that a part of the reason he hadn’t dedicated much thought to the matter was because her lover wasn’t all that driven to have children, especially now that in order to do so he may have to lose the woman that decided to have it. She believed that it was a direct result to his having a large Harem of lovers that required his attention and affections. And while it could be said that a child would require both as well, it truly would be at a whole other level since being a good father could very well be said to be harder than a great lover. Unlike some of the Daimyo that kept concubines and often fathered children with them but left the raising to the mothers or servants, Tsunade knew that if Naruto did have a child he would need to be an active participant in his child’s life.

In truth though, she suspected that most of his lovers fell into the same category as her being that giving up having a child when one could potentially live for several lifetimes seemed like a rather fair trade. Granted, she would acknowledge that her acceptance could simply be due to her never having had one, nor being all that inclined to do so. But, she also believed that Tsunami’s and to a lesser extent Tsume’s complaints on the matter were due to their already having children, and by extension could very likely outlive them depending on what their sons decided.

She was of the opinion that Tsume didn’t feel as strongly on the matter due to Kiba being a shinobi and as such had already come to terms with the simple truth that she may outlive her child due to the profession he had chosen. Kiyomi’s assurance that upon their successfully uniting the Shinobi World, she would extend the ability to remain ageless to Kiba and Inari provided they decided to forgo having children as well had seemed to placate Tsume. Tsunami though still seemed conflicted over the matter making Tsunade wonder what she would ultimately decide to do.

Seeing that Naruto was looking at her and waiting for her to explain why she had asked her question she said, “I haven’t questioned Kiyomi on the matter, but I believe the reason for her demand that those wishing to remain young not bear a child is because she feels death is a natural part of life.”

Naruto nodded as he said, “I can agree with that, but then why make us immortal to begin with?”

Tsunade smiled as she said, “Because she loves you, and as a being that was already immortal did not want to lose you to old age. Remember to her years have to seem like days or at the very least they had seemed that way in the past.”

Naruto understanding where his lover was going with her point so said, “Then what you’re saying is that Kiyomi by stopping us from growing older feels she removed us from the natural order of things and if that is the case then we’ve forfeited our right to procreate.”

Tsunade would admit she was a little surprised that Naruto reached the conclusion she was heading towards so quickly, “Exactly. I’m a little shocked you realized my point right off the back, especially if you haven’t been giving the matter any thought.”

Tsunade giggled slightly as he pouted at her to say, “Hey, I’m capable of drawing conclusions on the fly.” Seeing his lover’s amusement he responded with a put upon sigh, before turning serious as he added, “Truthfully though, while I hadn’t given this immortality revelation much thought. I had thought a great deal about having kids.”

Tsunade didn’t hide her surprise as she said, “Oh, really. Truthfully I’m a little stunned. That seems like something you would consider after you succeeded in uniting the Shinobi World.”

“True, but I guess it seemed like a natural concern considering how I planned to go about it,” Naruto said before spending a moment to make sure he could still detect Kabuto’s presence as well as any other potential threats.”

Tsunade waited until Naruto’s focus returned to her to ask, “What do you mean? You’ve known for some time that Kiyomi had arrested your ability to impregnate your lovers.”

Naruto nodded but then replied, “Yeah, but I was more surprised by the fact that I was not only pleased by that. But wasn’t sure I wanted her to ever return it.” He could see his lover’s surprise so explained, “Tsunade, look at how many lovers I needed to take in Konoha just to feel secure that our plans would proceed unimpeded. While that may or may not be necessary to secure our goals in other villages the fact remains there are a lot of women that have come to care for me and there may be many more. The truth is that adding a child to our already complicated lives just doesn’t seem necessary. More so considering the fact that I really don’t feel the need to leave a legacy of flesh and blood as testament to my relationships due to just how long we may get to enjoy ourselves. And speaking of enjoying ourselves, I’m not sure that I want to invest all the hard work into raising a kid after years of plotting and struggling to unite a world divided by hate.”

Tsunade understood where her lover was coming from so added, “Plus, there’s no point in my giving birth to someone that might begin to eat up my own special time with you.”

Naruto chuckled but grew serious as he asked, “Do you think the others feel the same way?”

“I do,” Tsunade said after a moment, “I believe they likely also understand where Kiyomi is coming from. Although it pains me to say it, death is a natural part of life. If we are to remove ourselves from the natural cycle of life and death then we should be willing to give up something in turn. But I think we must also concede that should death still claim us then it is a judgment we must accept.”

“You’re saying that should one of us die we have to accept that?!”

Tsunade nodded gravely as she added, “Yes, Edo Tensei is an abomination. It shames me that my great uncle was the one that developed it.”

“What!” Naruto looked back at his lover in shock, “I…I thought Orochimaru invented it. That jutsu was actually invented by the Second Hokage.”

“I’m afraid so,” Tsunade said after several seconds.

“W-why would a Hokage create such a jutsu,” Naruto asked feeling some disappointment at the revelations and in one of his personal idols, since it further highlighted how and why the Ninja World was such a mess. Knowing that a Hokage could create such a vile jutsu only further showed how other ninja villages could view Konoha with such contempt and hate. Remembering the anger he had felt at Kabuto for bringing Haku back in such a fashion, he could only imagine how shinobi from other villages would feel seeing their own loved ones manipulated in such a way by a man that called himself Hokage.

Tsunade gave a bittersweet smile as she said, “My grandmother used to say it was because where my grandfather was an idealistic dreamer. His brother was far more pragmatic and mistrusting. My great uncle viewed war and battle as an anything goes competition between individuals and if you didn’t do everything you could to gain the upper hand over your enemies then you deserved to be trampled by them.”

Naruto frowned finding that Tsunade’s description didn’t match with the image the Shinobi Academy had instilled in him. Finding it a little disturbing that his village could be accused of the same rewriting of history they in turn sometimes accused the other villages of doing he said, “Still, I thought the Second Hokage tried to better our relationship with Kumogakure. The way you’re describing him would make him almost sound like Danzou or Joseki.”

“I know,” Tsunade said after a moment, “But my Great Uncle was a man that saw the world as black and white. Friends were friends, and enemies were enemies. Unfortunately, such a stance tended to even cloud his views on enemies that became friends.”

“You’re speaking about his treatment of the Uchiha,” Naruto stated.

“Yes, the Second Hokage’s mistrust of the Uchiha and the steps he took to insure that they didn’t betray Konoha ultimately may have led to their attempted uprising. That isn’t to say that I believe the Uchiha were right to take up arms against the village or that the elder’s didn’t take the correct steps when it became apparent negotiations weren’t going to work.”

Naruto sighed since he felt as conflicted by the Uchiha Massacre as Tsunade sounded. Having also been ostracized by the village, it was hard for him not to feel some degree of understanding for the Uchiha. Having helped to find the Leaf Village and by extension the current shinobi system, he imagined it was rather difficult to accept that after nearly a century they were still viewed with mistrust by their neighbors and the powers of the village. Still, Naruto felt that if Itachi could pass such a harsh judgment on his own clan then either there was more going on then he knew. Or, the Uchiha hadn’t been so much about equal treatment as they had been about wanting power. Before Mikoto had been rescued and confirmed her husband had wanted to seize power, Naruto admitted he had already considered the latter to be true. His belief had been based solely on Itachi carrying out the action. He also believed that perhaps it had been Itachi himself that had proposed the extreme method of dealing with the rebellion. Naruto believed this because it was obvious that Itachi had tried to position Sasuke to become the last Uchiha and by extension perhaps the only one besides him that would view Konoha as being more important than the Clan they had come from. Naturally things hadn’t progressed as Itachi had likely hoped, but Naruto was beginning to doubt the current rendition that it had been the elder’s that had placed the burden of killing his clan on Itachi. His reasons were two fold. The first being that if you were plotting to eliminate a rebellious clan it seemed rather strange to turn the matter over to a member of said clan no matter how loyal he was. The second was that Itachi by sparing Sasuke had demonstrated a willingness to go against orders, something he believed the Elders, had they been the ones planning the elimination of the Uchiha, would have had to consider. Yet they didn’t appear to have a backup plan in place. Considering both Danzou and Homura’s particular talent for plans within plans he found their being caught flatfooted when Itachi didn’t kill Sasuke rather strange.

Ultimately Naruto didn’t know if Itachi was as Koharu described a man likely making the best of a horrible situation, or had actually been the one that had presented the Elders a path to eliminate the Uchiha due to a belief that the only way to reshape them into a clan truly accepted by Konoha was by taking them back to square one and rebuilding. He considered presenting his idea to Koharu, but considering Mikoto’s presence felt digging up the ghosts of the Uchiha Massacre would only cause discord in his home. Yet, he figured it was only a matter of time until Mikoto realized that the beautiful brunette that sometimes visited the hotsprings located on Kiyomi’s property was in fact the last Elder of Konoha. He was not looking forward to that day.

Focusing back on the task before them as he could feel them closing on what he was beginning to suspect was a clone of Kabuto he asked, “I’ve heard about Dan’s abilities from Shizune as well as Hayate’s from Yuugao. I’ve also got personal experience against Asuma, so we should be prepared if Kabuto throws them at us. But what can you tell me about your grandma’s abilities?”

Tsunade frowned as she answered, “I’m afraid I do not know much about how my grandmother fought. To be honest I was surprised to learn she was the jinchuriki of Kiyomi. I didn’t learn this until I spoke with Kiyomi the first time and questioned her about why she looked like my grandmother.”

Naruto stumbled on a branch, nearly falling to the ground as he sent a surprised look back to his lover’s amused face, “I take it she never told you that she modeled her face after my grandmother.” Naruto shook his head no and Tsunade was glad that he didn’t inquire as to what the rest of Kiyomi’s form was based on. Quickly moving on she said, “Sadly, this kind of highlights just how little I apparently knew about my grandmother’s abilities. Truthfully as long as I can remember she rarely appeared in public and after my grandfather passed lived a rather secluded life.” Tsunade frowned as she looked back on her memories to add, “Now that I think about it though…she seemed to bare a quiet sadness. I guess it might have been due to losing her husband at a relatively young age and living so long after him.”

Naruto filed the information away and frowned at just how little they knew about a woman that had been married to one of the strongest shinobi of the modern age. Looking inside himself for a moment he asked the woman living inside him, “What about you mom? Do you have any insights into her abilities?”

“No, sorry Honey,” his mother replied concerned about the upcoming confrontation. “I can tell you though that she was the one that designed my seal. It’s probably why that masked asshole Tobi needed to wait until the day of your birth to make his move. It was the only time it had even neared breaking.”

Naruto’s frown deepened as he felt a fair amount of dread settle into the pit of his stomach. He wondered if that was why Kabuto had gone after the DNA of Tsunade’s grandmother. Yet, a part of him doubted it since if Tsunade hadn’t even known how skilled her grandmother had been with seals then he doubted Kabuto would be aware of it. But if there was one thing he didn’t doubt about Kabuto it was the man’s ability to ferret out information that others weren’t privy too. Naruto pushed his concerns away as they neared a clearing and was where he could feel, if not Kabuto, then a clone of some sort that was waiting for them.


The clone Kabuto had left behind smiled as Tsunade and Naruto appeared from the trees to land before it. Almost immediately Tsunade looked like she was going to charge him, but to his surprise Naruto stopped her by holding his arm up to bar her movement. “Naruto…”

“Hold up Tsunade,” Naruto said his yellow eyes studying the Kabuto before him. He then further surprised the clone by saying, “I know you want to pound his face in, but you’d be wasting your time. The real Kabuto is likely nowhere near here.”

“Impressive Naruto,” Kabuto’s clone said his tone genuinely complimentary. It shifted to condescending as he said, “I’m going to have to modify my Ninja Info Cards to show that you aren’t the complete idiot that I remember.”

Naruto frowned, but didn’t let the barb bother him, as he instead said, “Let’s cut to the chase Kabuto. I know what you’re planning and I’m not going to play along.”

“We’ll see about that Naruto,” the clone said as it pressed its hands to the ground causing a coffin to shoot out of the ground in front of it.

A moment later the lid fell away and Naruto heard Tsunade gasp at the woman that resided inside of it. The woman stepped out stiffly at first, but her stride began to smooth out as her skin turned from grey and cracked to smooth and pale. Her dark pupil-less eyes first settled first on Naruto but then quickly moved to Tsunade’s. Her face shifted from a blank mask to one of recognition as she said, “Tsunade…” She frowned as she tried to move, but finding herself unable to caused her to say, “So I’ve been returned via Edo Tensei. Damn it Tobirama, this vile jutsu should have never been created.”

“Now, now,” Kabuto’s clone said as it came around from behind the coffin, “You should be grateful for the opportunity to once more see your granddaughter.”

Mito turned her head enough to see the man that had summoned her prompting her to say, “And who are you?”

“Kabuto Yakushi,” the clone said moving to stand behind Mito. “I’m the man who has mastered Edo Tensei in a way the Second Hokage could never dream.”

Mito frowned as she felt something familiar about the young man and recognizing it she said, “You remind me of that boy Orochimaru. I always warned the Third to keep his eye on that one. He always had a sinister spirit, quite similar to yours…”

“You’re too kind,” Kabuto said amused but it disappeared a moment later as Mito finished her sentence.

“Yet, you’re strangely empty, almost like a cheap copy going through the motions because he has no dreams or…”

“Be silent,” Kabuto’s clone snapped causing the woman to instantly obey. Focusing on Naruto, he said, “Since you’ve figured out my game Naruto try to stop it. But you’ll never find me and even if you manage to subdue your precious Hokage’s grandmother…she’ll spend an eternity conscious and sealed away since even if you did manage to find and kill me this jutsu will remain active.”

“Kabuto you fucking bastard,” Naruto shouted as he charged the clone preparing to deliver a punch he was sure would separate the smirking man’s head from his shoulders.

The clone didn’t appeared concerned in the least and the reason revealed itself when to Naruto’s surprise Mito leapt between them and he found his momentum turned against him as she grabbed his wrist to flip him. Naruto landed on his back roughly and managed to pull free of the red-head’s grip as he rolled away. Getting back to his feet he watched the woman cautiously as she assumed a relaxed stance with her arms folded in the sleeve of her kimono.

“Please forgive me,” Mito said apologetically, “I’m afraid that my actions aren’t within my control.” Naruto nodded causing the deceased Uzumaki to smile before saying, “Tsunade, do not hesitate. That is one of the reasons Tobirama created this jutsu. He understood that facing loved ones as enemies, even those that have passed on, creates a weakness in ones enemies that can be exploited.”

“I understand…”

“Then why do you hesitate,” Mito interrupted looking at her granddaughter, “If you hold back against me, I may end up experiencing the pain of killing my own grandchild. We’ve both lost so much please don’t make me experience your death as well.”

Tsunade gave a grim nod but before she moved the clone of Kabuto said, “I guess I’ll be going. I wouldn’t want to distract you from enjoying your reunion.”

“Kabuto you bastard,” Naruto shouted as the clone burst into smoke. Naruto frowned as a result of his being unable to sense the former right-hand man of Orochimaru.

Focusing on Mito, he created a dozen clones to test her abilities. The clones charged in force causing Mito to turn her attention from her granddaughter to meet the onslaught. The first clone reached her and to both Tsunade and Naruto’s surprise despite being dressed in a fine kimono it appeared the resurrected red-head didn’t shrink away from direct combat. She blocked the first several punches of the clone pushing his arms away before striking it in the chest with her elbow. The blow dispelled the clone as it was lifted off its feet allowing the next two clones to use the smoke of the first clone’s demise had created as cover. However, Mito was ready for them and as one clone leapt through the smoke attempting to hit the woman with a fist, it found its nose crunched in as he smashed her knee into its face after pushing the blow to the side. She then rotated in the air smashing the second clone into the ground with a kick that landed on its chest.

Mito leapt backwards and kicked out catching a third clone in the chin as it tried to avenge its fellow clones. Mito landed in a crouch with one leg sticking out and her body twisted so that one arm was held out behind her and the other was lower almost resting on her knee. She scanned the smoke for any sign of the other clones, but her danger sense flared causing her to roll out of the way of a Heavenly Foot of Pain.

Mito ended her roll and leap into the air to avoid having her balance disrupted from the resulting shockwaves of Tsunade’s blow. But, she was suddenly propelled downwards by a powerful blow to the head that she received from Naruto. The kick sent her earthward like a meteor. Her impact sent dust and debris into the air as Mito’s body created a deep crater where she impacted.

Tsunade charged in believing that her grandmother’s body would need time to recover from such a hit. She could just make out the woman’s form and could see as what appeared to be paper and ash floated about her. Her grandmother warned her off though as she shouted, “Don’t approach me! This is a jutsu that takes advantage of the immortality of those resurrected by Edo Tensei.”

Tsunade was confused for a moment until she noticed the paper instead of approaching her grandmother was flying towards her. “Shit!!!” Tsunade cursed as she noticed the paper was covered in the seals used for explosive tags and strangely enough to store items. However, before the paper latched onto her, she was pushed out of the way by a Naruto clone. The paper that affixed itself to the clone started to glow as several of the storage seals activated summoning more explosive tags. The clone ignored its plight as it threw a tri-prong kunai out of the kill zone. A moment later Naruto appeared picking his lover up and Hiraishining away just as the tags began to explode.

Naruto appeared on a tree branch but quickly needed to keep leaping as the explosives continued to go off engulfing more and more of the forest. Reaching a safe distance, Naruto asked, “Are you alright Princess?”

Tsunade gave a curt nod feeling a desire to kiss her lover as thanks for the save, but confident Kabuto had a means of keeping tabs on the battle said, “That’s not an appropriate way to refer to your Hokage.”

Naruto’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment but the he quickly realized that it was possible despite his being unable to locate the real Kabuto, it didn’t mean the man responsible for Mito’s resurrection wasn’t keeping tabs on them, likely through the woman he had brought back to the world of the living. Setting her down he said, “Sorry, I guess I was channeling Pervy Sage.”

Tsunade smirked for a moment but seeing that the explosions were dying down asked, “Naruto, you said you know what Kabuto was up to. Care to enlighten me?”

Naruto kept his eyes glued on the dust cloud the explosions had kicked up as he answered, “I believe he wants me to use my Bijuu chakra to bring back Mito. The first time with Haku caught him by surprise and since he’s still collecting DNA it appears he’s not going to abandon using Edo Tensei for whatever he’s planning.”

Tsunade nodded as she finished for her lover, “Therefore he wants you to use it on her so he can likely study the process and find a way to counteract it.”

“That’s one thing he might be trying to do,” Naruto said gravely.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he might also be looking for a way to harness the ability for himself,” Naruto replied with a frown as he saw a figure slowly approaching through the dust. “He might wish to bring back Orochimaru or maybe even someone else for that matter.”

“Like who,” Tsunade asked before dropping down to the ground to prepare to once more engage her grandmother.

Naruto followed his lover to the ground as he pulled the chakra blades that Asuma had bought him as a gift which had been delivered postmortem by Shikamaru. Channeling his wind natured chakra into them he answered, “I don’t know. He was connected to Akatsuki through both Orochimaru and Sasori so perhaps he intended to aid Tobi. I’ve been thinking about why Tobi tried to reclaim Nagato’s eyes and I think whoever it was that gave them to him is no longer in this world.”

“What makes you think that?” Tsunade asked as Naruto created another group of clones to engage the Uzumaki to attract her attention and set her up for another attack like they had before.

Naruto shrugged as he answered, “It’s a hunch I’ve had ever since Kiyomi told me that she was of the opinion that Nagato didn’t so much awaken his eyes, but they had been implanted in him to awaken at a moment of stress. The fact that Tobi made a play for them means he needs them for something. I also doubt he was the one that originally awakened them as he wouldn’t have given them up. This makes me think the person that did was likely too old to make use of them so transplanted them to a young Nagato. Tobi probably entered into his employment sometime after this happened.”

Tsunade frowned as several clones were dispelled by her grandmother’s impressive Taijutsu. However, the true reason behind it was her coming to the understanding who her lover believed had awakened the Rinnegan. “You think the broker was the person that originally awakened those eyes.” The frown on her face deepened when Naruto nodded. “If that’s the case then no matter what we can’t let Kabuto see you use that ability again.”

“I know,” Naruto said. His tone softened as he asked, “A-are you sure you’ll be okay with that?” Tsunade sent him a questioning look causing him to explain, “From what I understand those brought back by Edo Tensei can only be sent back if the summoner ends the jutsu, or in some cases if they find peace. That means the only other option we have for the time being would be to immobilize and seal her. But she’ll likely be conscious and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be immobile but aware.”

“I…I know,” Tsunade said not liking what she needed to do, but giving her lover a determined look added, “But my grandmother is a kunoichi. She’d understand.”

Naruto nodded before charging the woman as the last of his clones was dispelled. Due to his Sage mode the wind blades that were extending from the chakra knives he wielded reached the ground leaving furrows in it. Tsunade watched as her grandmother leapt away to avoid Naruto’s attacks so bit her thumb to summon Katsuyu in order to lay a trap for the female Uzumaki.


Mito danced back as the blond man cut off her arm with his chakra blade. She remained silent in order to ensure that both her granddaughter and the young man facing her didn’t begin to hesitate. Despite her desire that they seal her away, she continued to keep her distance until her arm reformed. Mito frowned as she could still feel the man Kabuto due to the link that existed between those summoned by Edo Tensei and the summoner. From that link she could sense a curiosity as well as the emptiness that she had commented on before. To her, the man that had called her back from the afterlife seemed like an empty vessel that was unsure of what to fill itself with so had decided to follow in the ambition of another. He gave her a strange sensation, not wholly evil, although he was obviously capable of performing such acts. Yet, he felt more like a wind of change, but instead of a gentle breeze he was more like a hurricane and while he was aware of the horrors his actions would unleash, like a hurricane it was simply incidental.

Mito was filled with her own sense of curiosity though as she reengaged Naruto once her arm was restored. The reason for her interest was due to her feeling that her granddaughter and the young man she was currently fighting had some sort of relationship. Mito found this curious since although she was well aware that Tsunade tended to hide her age using a henge. Mito had always been aware when her granddaughter was using it. However at the moment she couldn’t detect the henge, at least not in the sense that it was changing her features. That confused Mito since Tsunade looked like she was in her mid-twenties, an age she had been long passed when her grandmother had passed away as a result of having the Kyuubi extracted so that Kushina could take on the burden.

Yet even more surprising to the woman was that it appeared Tsunade had gotten over Dan’s death. But what confused Mito was that she couldn’t recall the young man fighting her, although he kind of reminded her of Kushina. Wondering just how much time had passed since her death, she refused to give voice to such questions lest Kabuto gain some valuable information that could be used against her granddaughter and the man she was begging to suspect Tsunade had taken as a lover.

Getting into Naruto’s guard, she prevented him from bringing his chakra blades to bear on her. Pulling one of the hairpins that held her hair in the twin buns, she stabbed it in Naruto’s right arm causing him to yell and cut the chakra to the blade in his hand. Pulling it free, she spun around and stabbed the needle into his right side before kicking him away. Her curiosity was again peaked due to her granddaughters catching the young man as she quickly extracted the needle and tossed it away. The blonde woman began to heal the injury surprising Mito who against her will began to charge them.

However, she was forced to break off as streams of acid began to be fired at her from the trees. Forced to give the two some room Mito could see that Katsuyu had split herself into man smaller copies and had positioned herself in the many trees. The slugs began to fire again forcing Mito towards Tsunade, who having finished healing Naruto moved effortlessly through the corrosive barrage to engage her grandmother in taijutsu.

Mito wished she could have taken some enjoyment in the fight since she had never truly had the opportunity before. After sealing the Kyuubi, Mito had spent most of her life hiding the fact that she was a jinchuriki so as not to upset the balance of tailed beasts that Hashirama had achieved by giving the Bijuu to the other villages. It had been during his final battle with Madara that Mikoto had taken the Kyuubi inside of her to deny the Uchiha its services. It had not been an easy process on her, but in the end she had endured after months of being bedridden with fever. When she had recovered it had been to a world where her husband had died as a result of how hard he had pushed himself in that final battle.

It had been her husband’s brother that had informed her that with both Madara and Hashirama’s deaths the other villages had begun to position themselves in preparation for a massive battle. Therefore, she was to remain hidden away as an ace in the hole should hostilities erupt and Konoha was attacked directly. Furthermore, since none of the other villages knew what had happened to the Kyuubi, she was to remain isolated to prevent her secret from getting out. But truthfully Mito had come to believe she would have likely remained secluded without Tobirama’s orders. To many in the village and the shinobi world as a whole her husband had been almost like a god, and she doubted there would be very many men willing to put themselves in a position to be compared to him.

As her focus came back to the present she realized that the truly frightening thing about Edo Tensei was that the person using the jutsu didn’t need to know all the ins and outs of the abilities the person they brought back possessed. Provided the controls they used to manipulate the undead shinobi were in place then they just needed to sit back and relax as their puppet did everything in its power to achieve its object. Therefore despite Kabuto not knowing the Mito had been the first Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, when the Uzumaki was backed into a corner and about to be hit from multiple angles by corrosive acid. Mito protected herself by assuming her six-tailed form.


Tsunade was blown off her feet as her grandmother was suddenly coated in red chakra which in turn was covered by a partial skeleton. Before she hit the ground though Naruto teleported to her and caught his lover. He then Hiraishined to a kunai he had tossed before grabbing Tsunade.

“I think we’re in trouble,” Naruto said drily as he set the Hokage down. Grabbing up the kunai he had teleported to, he threw it at the chakra covered woman and then flashed through several hand-signs. The kunai burst into smoke covering the area in tri-prong kunai as Naruto said, “Stay here.”

Disappearing in a red flashed, he appeared at the kunai closest to his opponent and forming a pair of giant Rasengan slammed them into the transformed kunoichi. To Naruto’s shock the jutsu did little but cause the Bijuu to skid several feet. He teleported away as the Bijuu sent a chakra claw flying towards him, but couldn’t escape as Mito roared causing him and his scattered kunai to go flying away.

Landing roughly on his back, he had the wind knocked out of him as he laid on the ground in a daze. His eyes widened as the sky was blotted out by a form which he quickly realized was an airborne Mito who was about to land on his chest. Before the chakra covered woman could crush his chest though she was sent flying by a kick from Tsunade who had released the seal on her forehead. The woman landed on her feet and as Tsunade landed retaliated by sending a chakra claw that impaled her in the stomach and lifted her off her feet until she smashed into a tree.

Tsunade screamed in pain as Mito then leapt into the air intent on using her other claw to decapitate her granddaughter. “Mom,” Naruto shouted internally as he appeared inside the seal. Leaping into the cage, he was wrapped in a tight hug by his mother who filled him with the Bijuu chakra that was at her command.

Instead of taking on a fox like form, Naruto’s body was coated in a red chakra that took on a vaguely female appearance. Kushina being in control threw a punch that hit Mito in the fox like skull covering her head. The blow sent the woman flying off course, causing her to retract the claw pinning Tsunade to the tree. Tsunade’s wounds healed almost instantly but before she could rejoin the fight Kushina rushed passed her. Flipping over the recovering Mito, she grabbed the woman by the body and tossed her into the air. As Mito flew away black and white spheres appeared from chakra coating Naruto which Kushina swallowed before firing a Beast Ball at the airborne woman. The jutsu hit causing a massive shockwave to flatten nearby trees and sent out a wave of dust that covered the area.

The nine tail-like wisps of chakra that resembled Kushina’s hair when she was upset moved about behind her as she looked for any sign that her predecessor as a jinchuriki was still in the fight. To her surprise, Mito had not only survived with little harm, but had dropped her chakra cloak in order to quickly close with her opponent. The older Uzumaki tried to shout a warning of what she was about to do, but her eyes went black as Kabuto suppressed her personality aware that Mito had some means of making his experiment a success.

Creating several shadow clones that surrounded the chakra covered Naruto they knelt down creating a barrier around the two combatants as the real one quickly closed with her opponent. Kushina still in control of her son slammed her fist into Mito’s chest and impaled the woman on it. Mito however remained unfazed as she pressed her hand on Naruto’s stomach where she placed a seal that caused his Bijuu chakra to retract as it forced Naruto out of the seal and thus separated him from his Bijuu chakra. Naruto yelled in pain as the chakra began to retract away from the seal she had placed on his stomach. Then like a master locksmith, she quickly examined his Eight Trigrams and activated the locking function of it. At the same time she opened her own seal as she began to siphon Naruto’s chakra from him.


Inside Naruto’s seal Kushina was quite shocked as the lock began to open. The paper seal only resisted a moment as the doors were thrown open and she felt a pull that began extracting her from her son. Cursing, she sent her consciousness into Kiyomi’s original form and attempted to fight the gravitational pull. Her nails left deep furrows in the floor as inch by inch she was pulled out of the cage. As she fought, she could feel her chakra being siphoned off. Reaching the gate, Kushina in a last act of desperation grabbed onto one of the doors to the cage, she then used her tails to grab onto the other one which she then used to pull the door closed. After several long moments, Kushina finally managed to close the gate causing the lock to automatically latch as the seal reasserted itself after its near failure. Kushina collapsed to the ground a quivering mess as it felt like almost all of her energy had been drained. Fearing what that meant, she couldn’t muster the energy to investigate as she passed out from chakra exhaustion.


Tsunade watched on in horror as chakra was pulled from Naruto into her grandmother in a manner rather similar to how Kiyomi’s will had first entered her host’s body. Except this time it wasn’t on a small scale or appeared very controlled.

Charging the barrier, she slammed her fist into it and was immediately set on fire, but she refused to watch another of her loved ones die. Hoping her healing abilities would keep up with the flames she continued to beat her fist against it causing cracks to appear. She stopped though as she was suddenly covered in many of the copies of the slug she had summoned and Katsuyu gentle voice said, “Lady Tsunade you must stop.”

“No, she’s killing him,” Tsunade replied near frantically as she tried to ignore the pain beginning to flare in her despite her and her summons healing efforts.

Katsuyu began to merge her small selves into one capable of engulfing Tsunade to force her to heal as she said, “It appears the worst is over. I believe Lady Kushina has closed the seal.”

A moment later the slugs words were proven true as the flow of chakra stopped and Naruto pushed himself away from the resurrected kunoichi. Then to both Tsunade and Katsuyu’s amazement Mito threw her head back as she began to yell in pain.

A part of Mito was still aware as she attempted to extract the Kyuubi from Naruto. She felt her heartbreak as she saw how frantically her granddaughter slammed herself into the barrier and tried to beat her way through it despite the horrible pain she must be feeling as her flesh began a cycle of burning and healing. But as both women knew even such physical pain paled in the face of the emotional one of losing a loved one. Mito hated that it appeared she would be the instrument of forcing her relative to once more experience it.

She could feel the strategy that the cold emotionless part of her was coming up with to escape with the Kyuubi. She could feel Kabuto’s gleeful surprise at just how well suited she was to deal with Naruto. Although not quite aware of what it was she had been summoned for other than to force Naruto to do something through her actions or after being defeated, she know knew that Kabuto intended to take the Kyuubi for himself and experiment at his leisure.

Yet to Mito’s surprise it felt almost as if Kyuubi was fighting against her and then a moment later Naruto’s seal had been forcibly closed from the inside. Mito was shocked until she began to absorb the chakra she had pulled into her own body. To Mito’s great surprise she began to also experience memories of the Bijuu she had tried to extract and learned that as opposed to her old adversary it appeared that the spirit currently occupying the Fox was none other than Kushina. She also began to experience sensations of pleasure, as she saw flashes of Naruto with various women including her own granddaughter. Nestled in those memories was one of Haku which the emotionless part of her that was in charge followed to the point of her return to the land of the living. Having absorbed Kushina’s knowledge of how she did it the emotionless part chose to complete the task Kabuto had desired of her and began using the stolen energy to convert the ash covering her into flesh and blood.

Mito felt Kabuto’s surprise and sudden anger at the reversal as he tried to recall the kunoichi but found his control had been severed as her soul became rooted in the new body being created for her. Pain momentarily became her world as she began to separate from the sacrifice that had been used. As a result of her gaining a new form the clones she had summoned dispersed as she stopped being a part of Edo Tensei and once more became a part of the living world.


The K-clone Naruto had created to make it appear he was occupying the Hotel room he had been provided laid on the bed starring up at the ceiling. A week had passed since his confrontation with Kabuto and as one might expect Naruto’s life was still reeling from the encounter. After the battle Naruto had recovered enough to Hiraishin the unconscious Mito back to Kiyomi’s mansion which was unoccupied at the moment except for Mikoto and Miya. Naruto had asked the Uchiha to watch after the woman so that he could return to Tsunade as she made sure Guren didn’t awaken to cause trouble.

Naruto returned a few moments before Yuugao and a squad of Anbu appeared which had left the village after them to provide backup. Tsunade had reported that Kabuto had resurrected her grandmother using Guren, but they had managed to settle her past grievances with life giving her closure and sending her soul back to the afterlife. To explain Guren’s still being a live, she disclosed that her grandmother had quite the working knowledge of the technique and had prevented the woman’s soul from being consumed.

For the moment Guren was being held in a prison cell located in the Torture and Interrogation Headquarters. Although Guren couldn’t dispute the official story it appeared not to matter as she hadn’t said anything since awakening. Instead she just sat on the bench located in her cell and stared off into space. According to Anko though, occasionally at night the guards would report to hearing sobs.

The Naruto clone frowned as he wondered how he could help her, but then turned his focus to Anko. But before he gave the matter much thought a knock sounded at his door. Surprised since he figured any of Naruto’s lovers would be in the Den with him, the clone moved to answer it and was surprised to find Anko on the other side. Before he could ask her what she was doing there she pushed herself into the room and closed the door before sealing her lips to his.

The K-clone was surprised by her behavior as things had cooled noticeably between the two ever since Anko had tried to induct him into being a submissive. In the immediate aftermath the two had apparently reconciled as Anko admitted that she had been a little over the top and Naruto agreed his reaction could have been subtler. But, despite their trying to laugh it off, the issue had remained a persistent sore point between them that both were uncomfortable with broaching. As a result the closeness that the two had shared as a result of their similar hardships had suffered.

Despite the clone just wanting to sit back and enjoy the pleasure it was bound to feel. It recognized that Anko’s seeking it out was just another example of how her and Naruto’s relationship had suffered. Aware that Naruto wanted to address the issue, it pushed Anko away causing her to say, “What’s wrong?”

The clone sighed as it answered, “I think we both know the answer to that, which is why you’re here instead of in the Den with the real me.”

“Or maybe I just wanted some alone time and didn’t feel like sharing with the other women there,” Anko said. But seeing the clone wasn’t buying the argument added, “What does it matter anyway? When you dispel he’ll get to bask in the pleasure so let’s just get to it.”

“It’s also why I know that if Naruto was here he would want to talk about where things stand. So come on Anko let’s discuss what happened,” Naruto’s clone said.

“There isn’t anything to discuss,” Anko said a little heat entering her voice. Calming she added, “Look, it’s quite apparent that you and I just are not compatible. I want to explore the kinkier side of sex. You’re just not interested in that. Therefore, for now let’s just be friends with benefits. I mean with all the pussy you’re pulling in, you can’t tell me it bothers you that much that I’m considering other options. So for the time being let’s just enjoy ourselves and when I find myself someone that interests me, we’ll go our separate ways.”

The clone struggled to find the words to salvage Naruto’s relationship, but before it could think of anything Anko said, “Look, think it over. But don’t feel too broken up about it. Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.”

“Hold up Anko let’s…” the clone tried to say as it closed with her, but Anko simply backed away before giving it a sad smile as she slipped from the room.

The clone watched Anko retreat down the hall not sure if it should chase after her, but for the moment decided to do as she said and think on the matter. Granted a part of it knew she was right and some relationships weren’t meant to be, but giving up wasn’t one of Naruto’s strong suits and it knew the blond upon receiving the memories of the clone would try to win back Anko’s favor.


Mito laughed boisterously as she drank at a local bar. She paused for a moment as she saw a young teenager run passed the window and who looked like Tsunade had as a genin. She smiled as she turned her attention back to the young man that had told the dirty joke she had found amusing. The man sensing that she might be open to the possibility of joining him in a more intimate setting, asked, “So how about we adjourn someplace a little less crowded?”

“Tempting,” Mito said as she gave the man a bright smile, “But I’m not in the habit of leaving with a man just because he bought me a drink.”

“Well what if I buy you two?” the man asked undiscouraged.

“I guess I’ll have to make that call after this second drink makes its appearance,” Mito said after downing the last of her current one. She smiled as the man motioned to the bartender to get them another round. As she waited Mito couldn’t help feeling that she felt more alive than she had for a majority of her previous one. The reason being that she no longer felt the need to maintain the façade of the prime and proper woman she had lived as for most of her previous life. Having felt the need to adopt it after Hashirama became Hokage, Mito had gone from the fun loving Uzumaki she had been to a woman that could attend the social functions sometimes necessary to move her husband’s desire to make a world where their children could grow old a possibility. Unfortunately, even after he had died she had needed to maintain it, and as a result the village that Hashirama had built and loved had almost seemed like a prison to her. Not to mention Mito had tried not to think of the number of decades that had passed since she had last been on the receiving end of a good hard fucking, but considering that her only partner had been her husband knew exactly how long it had been.

Now reborn and able to somewhat easily travel the village provided she let her hair down and removed the seal on her forehead, Mito was looking to perhaps put an end to the several decade long drought. A part of her had considered Naruto to be a contender, but considering her granddaughter was currently attached to him was a little uneasy at the idea. But she couldn’t deny that Naruto seemed to possess many of the attributes she had found so attractive in her husband.

Mito picked up the drink as it appeared in front of her and moved the man talking her up a few spots on the list she was compiling. She knew her party girl attitude was giving Tsunade fits considering that she no doubt remembered how Mito had used to act. But, the older Uzumaki recalling a life where she felt very much like a bird locked in a cage and forced to watch the other birds move about as they wished just couldn’t muster the strength to care. Not willing to reenter such a cage, she knew she was giving Tsunade trouble as she kept sneaking out of the mansion to enjoy herself. But despite her several attempts thus far each time things had progressed to an interesting point her dear little killjoy would appear.

Mito cursed as the bartender said, “Hey little miss you’re a little too young to be in here.” Turning to look over her shoulder she quickly turned away as she saw the young teen that had run by the window moments earlier.

Sounding out of breath the girl ran up to Mito saying frantically, “Big sis you need to come home right away. They say Grandma isn’t long for this world and you should pay your last respects.”

Trying to ignore the henged Tsunade as she pulled on her arm insistently, Mito responded, “I’m sure she’ll be fine. Let me be.”

“But big sis,” Tsunade said turning on the waterworks as she began to pull more persistently, “You know you were always grandma’s favorite. H-how could you say that?”

Mito turned to tell her new friend that the girl was just trying to get some attention, but she could see that the man was being swayed by the false tears of Tsunade and received confirmation when he said, “U-um maybe you should go check on her. They’ll be time enough for fun later.”

“Not if the brat has her way,” Mito said under her breath as she allowed the henged Tsunade to pull her out of the bar.

Once the two were on their way and had reached a relatively isolated portion of the village Tsunade began to rant as she said, “Honestly, what’s gotten into you. I asked you to stay at the mansion, but every time I turn my back you’re running off.”

“Why do I have to stay in that stuffy mansion with the Uchiha and the Mist woman acting as babysitters? No one is going to realize who I am.”

“That isn’t the point,” Tsunade said turning on her heel to stick her finger in her grandmother’s face. However, she quickly realized she was still henged and thus only came up to the red-head’s chest. She noticed several people looking at her from across the street no doubt finding it odd for a child to be lecturing an adult. “Come on,” the Hokage said spinning around again as she began heading to the mansion. Noticing her grandmother’s amused smirk at Tsunade’s inadvertently calling attention to them the blonde muttered, “This must be karma for all the trouble I put Shizune through during our travels.”

Mito sighed as she saw a few handsome men whose attention drifted to her. Giving them a playful wink, she considered pulling rank on her granddaughter and using the fact that Tsunade was henged as a youth to force her to leave for the time being. But quite aware of how stubborn Tsunade could be Mito knew her granddaughter wouldn’t just head off to sulk.

Tsunade noticed where her grandmother’s attention was so grabbed her hand as she pulled her along behind her. Turning a corner the Hokage said, “Can you please try to behave? I thought you said the urges you were feeling as a result of Naruto’s chakra have faded.”

“They did fade,” Mito said annoyed recalling the numerous times she had used her fingers to bring herself to release as the effects of Naruto’s chakra had made her extremely horny for most of the previous week. “So now that they have, when are you going to stop treating me like a prisoner and let me have some fun?”

Tsunade gritted her teeth as she wondered why it was the quiet, wise, and reserved grandmother she remembered was acting like a rebellious teenager. A part of her was concerned that perhaps her grandmother wasn’t being honest with her about Naruto’s chakra having faded. However, she was forced to admit that the tests she had run hadn’t shown her any of the brain activity in the sexual part of the brain that had been present when Anko had been under its influence.

Reaching Kiyomi’s mansion, Tsunade entered the code into the gate and the pair began heading to the section of her property the housed the Hot Springs. Mito after passing through the bath house caught sight of Naruto who appeared lost in thought. She noticed Tsunade’s concern as he didn’t acknowledge their presence, but she opted not to bother him as they took the land path to the grotto. Once inside Tsunade turned one of the torches causing a secret passage to open that would take them to the mansion.

Mito followed behind wordlessly as she replayed the sight of the half submerged Naruto and pictured what he would look like without the water barring her view. Naturally she didn’t need her imagination as she had absorbed the latent memories that had been stored inside the Kyuubi’s original form so knew just how virile and well-endowed the young man was. Truthfully Mito wouldn’t mind having a chance with the jinchuriki, but knowing she would then be bound to him and thus sharing him with her granddaughter did put a damper on such thoughts at least enough not to act on them.

Entering the mansion’s basement Tsunade dropped her henge and turned to her grandmother to say,

“Now please stay put okay. I promise that in time we’ll come up with something to explain your presence to the village.”

Mito still a little put off that Tsunade didn’t seem to understand that she didn’t care if the village understood her presence or not simply waved her granddaughter off. Tsunade sighed no doubt expecting to be hunting the woman down again shortly before she headed to the transporter seal and disappeared in a flash. Mito felt tempted to head back to the hot springs to act on several fantasies she had created around the young man currently occupying it. Even though one or two of those fantasies did in fact involve her riding the young Uzumaki to the glorious orgasm she knew him capable of giving under the gaze of Tsunade, Mito decided to return to her room lest her sex starved body follow through on its desires.


Naruto leaned his head back as he relaxed in the hotsprings with his eyes closed. He had heard a couple of people walk by, but hadn’t bothered to confirm their identities either by opening his eyes or using his connection to them via the Fox Mark. In truth he was rather glad they had decided to continue on without speaking to him since he was still reeling from the memories he had received from his clone upon waking. Although in hindsight he knew that he shouldn’t have been surprised considering the growing rift they both had allowed to open between Anko and him.

Naruto though wasn’t sure if he should try to close it or simply allow Anko to eventually go off on her own. It wasn’t that his own feelings had diminished, nor did he think Anko’s had to the point that they couldn’t repair the rift. But, he wondered if he did decide to do everything in his power to recapture her heart, whether it would be because he loved and needed her, or if it was because his ego demanded it.

It wasn’t an easy thing to admit that Anko might be better served by letting her drift into the arms of another man or even woman. But, Naruto felt it was a real possibility that might be what he needed to let happen. It wasn’t even because of how his own sexual tastes diverged from Anko’s. After all, he had been rather surprised to learn upon doing some research on the matter that some would consider him to be living a lifestyle associated with BDSM as a result of having a Harem. The way he understood it was that it was due to his lovers technically being submissive to him and his desires. Yet, with the understanding that BDSM included more than just pain and submission, Naruto found that it perhaps further tied his hands in regards to Anko, mainly since he understood that although being sexually submissive to Anko didn’t necessarily need to translate to their relationship outside the bedroom. It nonetheless very likely would as he could imagine his esteem may drop in the eyes of a few of his lovers, but particularly Tsume. Despite his knowing he had the Inuzuka clan woman’s heart, her respect might wane if the dominate male that had “tamed” her sudden got off by being submissive to another.

But it did highlight that in his many relationships he did need to be the person in charge if only to prevent his harem from splintering into many different directions. A lesson Naruto had inadvertently learned from Anko’s decision to downgrade their relationship to friends with benefits. He realized that his choice to let things handle themselves as had been the case with Ino, with her needing space to sort out her feelings, and not take the reins of the situation in hand had led to the collapse of his relationship with Anko. Naruto now realized that he should have taken a firmer hand in dealing with the situation. It also made him realize that he had been rather fortunate in his taking Tsunade as a lover so early on. This was due to the fact that as a result of her devotion to him and his concentrating most of his energies to bringing Konoha in line with his ambition. Many of his subsequent lovers had simply followed her lead. This he also believe extended to some of the women like Temari, who although hailed from a different village had viewed Tsunade as the pinnacle of what a Kunoichi should be.

Yet, now Naruto believed it was a benefit that had run its course as more and more his lovers came to the conclusion that while Tsunade might be a Hokage in the outside world. Inside the Harem, she was just another woman that harbored feelings for him and as such they didn’t necessarily need to do as she said. Not to mention some of them were attaining ranks that while not as politically powerful were capable of at times hindering the power of a Kage.

Simply put, it was time for Naruto to start putting his foot down and demonstrating that he was the dominant force within the Harem. Not in a truly over-the-top way, but like in the case of what Kiyomi had done to the Taki kunoichi, he needed to let it be known that he wasn’t pleased and would no longer tolerate the situation. He imagined there would be some rather severe push back from his former Bijuu, but he knew he needed to act sooner rather than later. If only to finally put the matter to rest, not to mention it would show his other lovers that while he believed he needed their conflicting views and inputs. When everything was said and done, he was the head of the family and as such he was the one that needed to be in charge.

Unfortunately, he felt that although he could save his relationship with Anko, he couldn’t do it by submitting to her less he would undermine the position he wanted to take with the others. But giving up wasn’t something Naruto liked doing and while he did see another way outside of submitting to her to potentially bring Anko back into the fold. He would need to first find the missing piece to the puzzle that was their relationship. Therefore for the time being he’d let their relationship orbit in the new status quo Anko had established. He just hoped he found what he needed before she drifted out of his reach.

Before Naruto could give the matter more thought though a horrendous crash cut through the air leaving him with the impression that someone was redecorating Kiyomi’s home with a sledgehammer. Leaping out of the water, he grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around himself before teleporting to the agitated woman at the source of the disturbance.


Rangiku signed in with the front gate and as she began to enter the village began to complain in a high scratchy voice as she repeated the instructions Kiyomi had given her, “Rangiku head back to the village and secure the necessary papers for our sisters to move to Konoha.” Folding her arms across her chest she said to herself, “Jeez, first I’m a babysitter and now I’m a clerk.”

Rangiku let her annoyance fade as she passed a local bar and felt a temptation to enter the establishment to have herself a drink. She ignored the feeling as she imagined the speech Kiyomi would give her if she shirked her task. Rangiku frowned as she pictured her red-headed sister’s face and felt a sense of familiarity. She wasn’t sure why and for the most part had ignored it, yet every time she looked at her sister it was with the sense that she had seen her face somewhere before. Pushing the feeling aside, she decided that before she headed to the Hokage’s office to get the ball rolling on having the remaining Bijuu set up shop in Konoha, she’d first freshen up from her journey.

Heading to Kiyomi’s mansion, she entered and paused as for a moment she thought Kiyomi had sensed her desire to slack off and had teleported to the mansion to reprimand her. However, a moment later a memory flashed before her and she finally understood what it was that she found familiar about her sister. She looked like a short haired version of the woman that had aided the First Hokage in sealing her in the tea kettle and trading her to Suna. The woman responsible for that smiled politely at her from the top of the stairs that she had been in the process of descending, but Rangiku reacted out of roughly a hundred years of anger as she shouted, “You!!!”

Raising her arm, a cloud of ash appeared from her sleeve which smashed into the staircase where the woman had been standing. Ragiku’s eyes narrowed as the woman leapt from the staircase which was destroyed from the enraged Bijuu’s attack. She landed gracefully before holding up her hands as she said, “I’m not an enemy. I was brought here by Nar…”

Mito was forced to abandon her explanation as she rolled out of the way of an ash cloud which gouged the floor as it passed. She began to charge the woman in order to plant a seal to shut down her chakra but a red flash appeared between them. Mito was unable to stop herself as she collided into the hard-bodied youth that had appeared in front of her.

Rangiku realizing that her attack would hit Naruto quickly ended it. Staring down at the two, she said, “Naruto, what’s she doing here?”

Mito had gotten lost in the feeling of being pressed up against a barely clothed man, but hearing the woman who attacked her voice quickly shot to her feet. Glowering at the blonde she said, “I was invited here. Perhaps a better question would be, why would you attack someone before they could even explain that much?”

Rangiku gave her a dark look in response before saying, “Maybe it would be because I would prefer to strike first before you could once more seal me away.”

Naruto stood as he moved between his irate lover and Mito as he said, “Rangiku, that isn’t something you need to worry about.” He paused though as he realized what she said so asked, “What do you mean seal you again?”

Rangiku was surprised and focusing on Mito asked, “What, you didn’t tell him that it was you and that bastard they call the first Hokage that captured and sealed all us Bijuu? Funny, I thought you would consider it a point of pride. It was through the seals you used to bind us to the objects you used to contain us that the villages were able to create jinchuriki.”

Naruto’s eyes grew wide at the revelation, but he kept a watchful eye on Rangiku as he slowly looked over his shoulder. Trying to watch both women at once he now understood why Mito had seemed rather apprehensive when she had learned that all the Bijuu were now free. Despite having no reason to doubt Rangiku he still asked, “Y-you were the one that created the seals necessary to create jinchuriki?”

“I was,” Mito said aware that much of the suffering she had heard that the young man had endured could be laid at her feet. “The secret of creating Jinchuriki died with the Sage of the Six Paths. Hashirama in order to show the other villages established after Konoha that we wanted to exist peacefully decided to show this intention by gathering the Tailed Beasts in order to use them as a means to create treaties with the other villages.”

“Did you ever stop to consider that maybe we didn’t want to be your bargaining chip,” Rangiku said heatedly.

“We did not,” Mito admitted. “Truthfully we never even considered that you could be sentient until I became the jinchuriki of Kyuubi.”

Mito looked like she was about to say more but then Mikoto and Miya appeared in the grand hall where the brief scuffle between the red-head and Bijuu had taken place. Naruto hoping to calm the situation turned to the women that were approaching from behind the red-headed Uzumaki. Sadly, the knot Naruto had tied gave way from the sudden turn as a result of the previous collision with Mito. The blond jinchuriki briefly wondered why the three women he was facing suddenly looked down and following suit realized he was giving them an eye full.

“Shit sorry,” Naruto said quickly grabbing up his towel.

He backed up in fright as Miya hefted the bamboo blade she held above her head as she said angrily, “Why you indecent brat?”

She stopped though as Mikoto held up her arm in front of the woman while saying, “Relax Miya it was an accident.” Naruto thought he heard a little desire bleed into the Uchiha’s voice as she teased, “Besides, I don’t think a woman would stand much of a chance considering the weapon he’s packing.”

Naruto noticed all three women’s cheeks coloring and quickly bowed as he held the towel in front of the “weapon” Mikoto had described as he again apologized. He straightened up almost immediately as Rangiku pinched his ass as she added, “No, many a maiden has been conquered by that particular weapon.”

Miya didn’t appear amused as she held her bamboo blade against her shoulder as she responded, “Well make sure to keep it far away from me less we test how it stands up against steel.” The woman rounded on her heel as she returned to her swordsmanship practice.

Mikoto smiled as Naruto turned pale at the threat before heading back to the library where she had been looking through many of the books Kiyomi had purchased in her research about the truth of the Gedo Mazo and Rinnegan. Finding that her own clans history was tied to it as well she hoped to find some means of ending the hatred that seemed to so easily take hold in her clan. Naruto watched the two women go as he turned to face Rangiku so he could fix his towel.

Rangiku smirked as she unabashedly looked down as Naruto tried to hide his Bijuu tamer as Seven had christened his manhood. She could tell her lover was embarrassed about flashing the women, and was a little hesitant to face the one that remained. But while she believed Naruto felt the eyes boring into his back were those of disgust, Rangiku could tell the woman was fighting back a desire to jump her lover. Practically able to feel the decades of pent up lust Mito was giving off; the Bijuu decided it would be deliciously ironic to push the Uzumaki into binding herself to Naruto as payback for subjugating her to a century as a living weapon.

Hoping to ease the tension building in the room, Rangiku’s eyes shown in barely contained amusement as she suggested, “How about we get ourselves a drink?” To the Bijuu’s surprise Mito quickly agreed and the motion was soon seconded by Naruto.


Rangiku could barely remember why she had disliked the woman she that was sitting across from her. After Naruto had gotten dressed and joined them. Mito had then taken it upon herself to select the first bottle they would be drinking from. To both the Bijuu and Naruto’s surprise they had soon discovered that despite the reputation and legend of Mito Uzumaki’s purity, the woman could hold her own when it came to drinking as they plowed through several bottles.

Rangiku was chugging a bottle and could see the red-head mirroring her movements as Naruto watched on in his more than a little inebriated state. To Rangiku’s shame Mito slammed her bottle down first revealing that she had downed the contents in the same amount of time it had taken the Bijuu to get through half. Rangiku slammed her bottle down as well causing the other empty ones to fall over as she said, “No fair you cheated!”

“Don’t be such a sore loser,” Mito said amused. “You’re a thousand years too early to drink me under the table.”

“Best two out of three,” Rangiku said looking around the table of empty bottles for a couple of unopened ones.

“That was two contests ago,” Naruto said with a chuckle. Studying the woman he was supposed to have read about in history books during the academy, but was only recently doing thanks in part to Shiho, he said, “You know, you’re nothing like what the history books have described.”

Naruto frowned as he wondered if he said something wrong as Mito’s face twisted into an unhappy mask. Finally though she relaxed as she said, “I’m not surprised. It’s not like the people that wrote them bothered to get to know me. Instead of recording history, they romanticized it to the point that I was some dainty princess. Although truthfully Tobirama deserves some of the blame since he encouraged it to make me appear like some noble so no one would guess I was housing the Kyuubi.”

“Its Kiyomi now,” Naruto said swirling the sake in his cup, “I think it would be best if you get in the habit of calling them by their names rather than by the ones people coveting their power gave them.” Leaning back in his chair, he groaned as he said more to himself than the women present, “Man, it’s going to be such a headache if they all remember you as the woman that helped trap them. I probably should Hiraishin to the hotel they are at so I can let Kiyomi know.”

Rangiku giggled as she said, “It might not be so bad. I’m sure Yoruichi, Seven, and Kiyomi won’t have a problem with Mito’s return. They’ll probably be grateful to her since it led them to you. Plus Nel doesn’t seem to remember anything of life before she became human and Urd has never been sealed in a host.”

“I suppose you have a point,” Naruto said giving his lover a smile as he teased, “However, there’s a staircase in need of repairs that stands testament to what could happen if Mito meets them under the wrong circumstances.”

Rangiku’s cheeks colored even more due to the embarrassment she felt mixing with the alcohol as she said, “Hey, I was surprised that’s all. I mean the last thing I expected when I entered the mansion was to come face to face with the women that sealed me into a tea kettle.” Rangiku embarrassment gave way to amusement as she said, “But speaking of surprises did you see Mito’s face when your towel fell.”

She began to laugh as Mito began to cough as she choked on the sake she had been in the midst of drinking. “Rangiku, I assure you neither Naruto nor I wish to relive that particular moment.”

The Bijuu gave a knowing smirk as she said, “Oh ho, so perhaps you are the prudish woman Naruto’s history books made you out to be. But let’s not be coy, I saw how you were looking at him. I’m sure you’ll be reliving that moment again and again later tonight.”

Mito’s cheeks turned redder as she couldn’t deny that the Bijuu’s statement was truer than not. The red-head was quite aware that she would likely be using the image of the naked blond to help her hands as they brought her to release. The only kind of release she had enjoyed in the decades after her husband’s death. Not liking the reminder, Mito stood abruptly as she said, “I think it might be best if we adjourned for the night.”

Rangiku pouted as she said, “Don’t be like that. There’s no shame in admitting you liked what you saw.” Reaching out over the table she grabbed Mito’s wrist and before either Naruto or the red-head could react placed her hand on his groin. She watched the former jinchuriki’s hand at first attempt to pull away before Mito succumbed to her desires as she began to cradle his package. Mito was spurred on as Naruto groaned in pleasure while his body began to respond to his fellow Uzumaki’s gentle caress.

Rangiku helped things along as she pulled the table away in order to allow Mito to kneel before the young man and his tented groin. Naruto watched as the woman took up a position between his legs and for a moment considered putting a stop to things before they progressed to far. His reason for doing so revolved around Tsunade and his concern that she would be upset to learn he had bedded her grandmother. Yet two things stopped him from doing so, the first being that Mito almost seemed in a trance as she continued to tease his hardened cock through the material of his pants. In truth it sort of reminded him of how Tsume or Hana lost out to their animalistic lusts if Naruto neglected them as he had after his run in with Kanji. All in all, it gave Naruto the impression that for Mito it had been quite a long time since any man had looked at her as a woman and not the unknowable wife of the First Hokage. Naruto supposed he could understand why since he figured to most it would be rather daunting knowing they would be compared to what many called the God of Shinobi. Not to mention from some of what Mito had said as they drank it had almost sounded like she had considered herself a prisoner of the status being his wife had entailed especially since it had extended to after his death as well. That and the fact that as Kiyomi’s first host, she hadn’t been allowed outside the village and as a result couldn’t exactly risk finding someone to satisfy her sexual desires lest they not be as discreet as she wished. The other reason he didn’t speak up was because he recalled Tsunade’s own words from when he had refused to seduce Temari, about how some of the women he may take as lovers were bound to have connections to other people he knew and while a part of him was aware it was likely Tsunade wouldn’t consider the her argument as a valid reason to sleep with her grandmother. The inebriated part of him felt that it was a reason not to deny Mito something she obvious was craving.

Yet, just as Mito was about to free Naruto’s rendition of wood style a voice called out, “What the hell is going on here?”

Both Naruto and Mito cringed as Tsunade entered the previously underutilized barroom where drinks were served to guests in a more intimate fashion then in the main dining hall. Mito cursed under her breath as she muttered, “Not again.”

She frowned as Naruto stood to face her angry granddaughter as he said calmly, “I think we all know what was going on.”

Tsunade was obviously surprised by Naruto’s response. Suddenly finding herself on the defensive and a little uncomfortable at the idea that had she finished her paperwork a little later Naruto would have likely inducted her grandmother into the harem, said angrily, “Don’t you think you should have come to me first before deciding to sleep with my grandmother?”

Tsunade was caught off-guard as Naruto retorted, “When I had qualms about sleeping with Temari it was you who told me that I shouldn’t let such things bother me.”

“T-that’s different,” Tsunade said quickly although she knew it was a rather weak response considering she had actually assigned Ino and Tayuya to make sure Naruto got over his reservations in regards to Temari.

Although Naruto knew he could press the issue, he sighed as he said, “Look, let’s all call it a night and we can discuss it in the morning when we’re all clear headed.” Turning to look at the woman behind him, he caught a look of disappointment from Mito, but it disappeared as she gave him a curt nod. Naruto gave her a grateful smile as he turned to give her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Good night Mito.” He then gave Rangiku a deeper one, before moving to Tsunade. He was a little shocked as she grabbed him and gave him a deep kiss that seemed to be rather possessive.

Naruto stumbled slightly as he walked away both from the alcohol he had ingested and powerful kiss he had just received. Rangiku watched as he left the room and then turned her attention to the two women now staring heatedly at each other. She was afraid to move as it felt if the slightest movement would set the two off, but despite her best efforts to remain still it didn’t stop the eruption as Tsunade suddenly blurted, “I can’t take my eyes off of you for a minute can I?”

“Don’t talk down to me like I’m a child Tsunade,” Mito shot back heatedly.

“Then stop acting like a spoiled overly hormonal brat,” the Hokage said her return statement just as intense as her grandmother’s. “Every time I’ve caught up to you lately you’ve been throwing yourself at some man. What happened to the grandmother I…”

“Shut up,” Mito shouted angrily. “Stop comparing me to t-that fabrication. I’m so sick and tired of being Mito Uzumaki wife of the First Hokage. I loved your grandfather, but Kami help me after he died I was forced to live up to an impossible standard. I couldn’t have been more alone if I had been locked in a tower. The grandmother you remembered so fondly was a porcelain doll meant to remind the people of Konoha of the serenity that was achieved through Hashirama’s dream.”

Tsunade was taken aback by her grandmother’s words. Confused she said, “B-but grandpa used to teach me about gambling and…”

“And would promptly be yelled at by his brother who was the more sensible of the two,” Mito responded cutting her grandchild off. Mito continued to stare angrily at her granddaughter for a moment but then sighed as she said, “Tsunade, I’m sorry. I’ll behave from now on. I guess maybe I let my youthful appearance get the best of me. You’re right; I should continue to live by the standards that I held myself to in the past.” With that and despite having drank enough to incapacity a small village Mito straightened herself and began to walk gracefully out of the room.

Tsunade frowned as despite seemingly getting what she wanted she couldn’t help but notice that even though her grandmother had carried herself exactly as she remembered. The look of sadness that she would sometimes see when Mito was staring out a window or up at the sky and didn’t think she was being watched had also appeared. Except now she made no attempts to hide it.


Tsunade sighed as she finished the last of the day’s paperwork. Turning her chair to look out the window she realized it was probably close to midnight. She felt a measure of melancholy settle over her since she had planned to enjoy a night on the town with Naruto, but guessed that was out of the question. Rubbing her tired eyes, she thought about how Naruto having experienced his first hangover had tried to apologize for his behavior. Tsunade though having calmed had assured him that she wasn’t angry as he had raised a valid point about her own dismissal of the bonds he had felt to certain people tied to some of the women he might seduce.

In hindsight Tsunade realized that perhaps the reason she hadn’t been as concerned about such things was because she had no such bonds. But with the return of her grandmother and it at least appearing that she wasn’t opposed to starting a relationship with the man her granddaughter was with, Tsunade knew it would be hypocritical of her to draw a line in regards to her family.

But despite her giving Naruto her blessing and several days having passed there appeared to be no progress. Tsunade felt guilty for that since she realized that in a sense her grandmother had been in a similar situation that she had been before becoming Naruto’s lover. Namely being that as an unmarried woman with considerable sway in the village she had to be careful about how she conducted herself. Meaning it was rather difficult to find a suitable partner for just casual sex since choosing the wrong person could put her in a compromised position and cause her to lose face. She imagined Mito must have felt the same and had apparently endured the situation for decades.

Knowing that she had recently been the cause of her relatives continued suffering really made Tsunade feel like a heel. Especially as Mito had over the past several days begun to act just as Tsunade had remembered such as she’d arrive to breakfast already immaculately dressed. Despite having witnessed her ability to drink like a fish, Mito seemed to have forsworn alcohol much as Tsunade had recalled. Now though Tsunade was of the opinion that her grandmother hadn’t allowed herself to drink because she had been playing a role and was afraid that by partaking in something she had enjoyed her deception would be uncovered. It made Tsunade feel sad that the act was something her grandmother had kept up in dealing with her grandchild since the Hokage had obviously not taken time to get to know the real Mito Uzumaki.

The fact that she was being given a second chance almost made Tsunade grateful to Kabuto for being the manipulative bastard that he was. Naturally though the Hokage now had to peel away the mask that her grandmother was now wearing. Smiling she figured she knew just the way to go about it. Tsunade squirmed in her seat a little as her body began to respond to the idea taking root in her mind. To her great surprise she actually was finding the idea of her grandmother joining the Harem rather erotic. Although the idea wasn’t exactly foreign due to Tsume and Hana’s being members, Tsunade hadn’t paid much thought to the mother-daughter acts of incest she had witnessed. That had changed with Rin’s inclusion into the Harem as she had begun to believe that much like Kiyomi had deaged her as she was in the midst of making love to Naruto. Kushina had likely used a similar method since they had been in Lightning Country at the time and couldn’t afford for Naruto’s Bijuu chakra to be discovered.

At first Tsunade had been rather scandalized by the idea, but the more she thought about it she couldn’t exactly blame the woman. Considering how often Naruto was entertaining his lovers she imagined the curiosity Kushina must have felt was incredible, and Tsunade often being on the receiving end of the her son’s pleasure stick could only imagine how the temptation would only grow after tasting it once. But having decided to let that matter develop on its own Tsunade found herself wondering if her grandmother’s joining the Harem would result in the closeness she saw between Tsume and Hana. A closeness that Tsunade found she was very envious of.


Mito tossed in her bed as she tried to get comfortable. Quite aware of what would help she only hesitated as she had bathed before going to sleep and didn’t wish to get all sweaty again. Looking at her clock that showed the time to be just after midnight she was about to try a new position again when a soft knock sounded at her door. Confused as to who her late night visitor was, she sat up in the bed as she asked, “Who is it?”

Rather than receiving an answer her door opened to reveal her granddaughter. Despite Tsunade not being one of her favorite people at the moment she tried to sound pleasant as she said, “What can I do for you at this late hour?”

Mito could tell Tsunade saw through her pleasantries as she asked nervously, “Can you follow me? There’s something I want to show you.”

“Sure,” Mito said and in keeping with her recent attitude change figured she should make herself presentable and put her long hair in their usual buns, “Please give me a moment to get ready.”

Tsunade frowned but instead of leaving moved to her grandmother’s bed and pulled her out of it as she said, “That’s not necessary. Just follow me.”

Mito did as she was told as they made their way to the basement. To Mito’s surprise she felt a little like she had on her wedding night since when she had turned sixteen she had only met the man that had become her husband a few hours before actually marrying him. Still, Mito knew she had been luckier than most who found themselves in arranged marriages as she had eventually come to love her husband. But nonetheless after the ceremony she had waited alone in the guest quarters she had been assigned before a servant had come to escort her to what would be her wedding bed.

Reaching the basement they stepped on the teleportation seal located there and disappeared in a red flash. Mito was a little disoriented as they appeared in another room and having witnessed Tobirama use a similar jutsu commented, “So that’s what it felt like.”

Tsunade graced her with a smile as she said, “It takes a little getting used to, doesn’t it?”

Mito nodded as they stepped from the room into a tunnel and although they had changed since she had been in them last, recognized where they were. “I thought they decommissioned these tunnels after they built the civilian evacuation shelter into the Hokage monument.”

Tsunade was surprised that her grandmother recognized them as she had not been able to find any record on the tunnels and rooms that made up the Den. Although she had doubted Orochimaru had built them, she was surprised to find her grandmother knew of them. “You’ve been here before?”

“Of course,” Mito said with a smile, “These used to serve as the Civilian Shelters. But they were eventually decommissioned when the one in the Hokage monument was built. I guess people figured it was a bad idea to have the civilians huddled underneath the ground where the battles would be taking place if the wall was ever breached.”

Tsunade nodded as she responded, “I guess that’s why I couldn’t find any records of them. No sense in advertising where you’re keeping what you’re fighting to protect.”

Mito agreed but seeing how the tunnel appeared recently refurbished and noticing supplies stacked against the wall to likely do the same to some of the rooms she asked, “But what are you using them for now?”

Tsunade gave her grandmother a soft smile as she said, “You’ll see soon enough.” Stepping in front of a door she motioned for Mito to enter first. The Uzumaki did so entering a room coated in the soft light of light candles which were spread throughout it. Mito’s eyes grew wide as sitting on the edge of the bed was Naruto who was only wearing some boxer shorts. His eyes shown with surprise as well as he saw the woman standing in the door way before shifting to Tsunade as she gently pushed Mito into the room.

Commenting on the other Uzumaki’s presence he said, “I thought you said you wanted to make up for our missed date.”

“No,” Tsunade said gently as she placed her hands on Mito’s shoulders after undoing the knot of her grandmother’s robe, “I said I wanted to make up for the night I ruined.” To punctuate her statement she pushed Mito’s robe from the red-head’s shoulders.

Feeling her robe fall away broke Mito from the trance she had entered upon catching sight of the half-naked young man. Turning to look back at her granddaughter she began to ask, “Tsunade, what’s…”

But she trailed off as Tsunade said, “Naruto, please make her feel as only you can.”

Mito turned back to the blond man as he stood from the bed to approach them. Mito felt nervous as the young man came to a stop before her and sent one last look towards her granddaughter who nodded her consent. A wolfish smile appeared that made Mito feel like she was piece of meat that was going to be thoroughly devoured, but after decades of lonely nights she found it was something she was eagerly anticipating. Yet despite the look Naruto gave things started off slowly as he tilted her face to meet his and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Yet despite the tenderness of it, Mito soon found her body pressed against his as before she knew it his tongue was slipping past her lips to engage hers. Mito moaned as she experienced her first deep kiss in several decades. The kiss continued even as she needed to adjust how her lips meshed with his as Naruto picked her up in his arms and began to carry her to the bed. Laying her down gently, and taking the spot next to her they continued their heavy kissing while only taking a few breaks to catch their breaths.

Mito wasn’t sure how long it went on but whimpered as Naruto pulled back and began to pull away instead of picking up where they had left off. She was confused as he began kissing down her stomach only paying token attention to her breasts before moving along again. Slipping from the bed as he took up a position between her legs she was about to ask him what he intended but then got a hint as he gently spread her legs apart to admire her dripping pussy.

Mito tried to close her legs as he began to lean in as she said, “S-stop…it’s dirty.”

She moaned loudly as Naruto held her legs open and gave her snatch an exploratory lick. Giving her the same wolfish grin as before, he said, “But it tastes oh so delicious.” Mito moaned again even louder as Naruto began to dine on her pussy to his heart’s content.

Mito tried to find the words to explain why Naruto should stop but as the pleasure of his actions coursed through her found her desire to pull her pussy from his mouth waning. In truth she was rather surprised by Naruto’s predisposition to go down on her since it was the first time she had ever been on the receiving end of a man’s oral ministrations. After all, even when she would occasionally get Hashirama ready with her mouth it was only in preparation for the act of intercourse. The reason being, that the idea of wasting a man’s sperm in any pursuit other than getting a woman pregnant was almost considered a sin. This was due to the high mortality rates among the shinobi clans during the warring clan era. With the average age of death of a shinobi being around the mid-teens, sex was simply a tool to help refill the ranks. Therefore it tended to be a rather dispassionate affair and was complete with the deposit of the man’s seed. The woman’s pleasure was incidental, at least in most cases. But Mito had been rather lucky in that regard as well even though for the most part they had tended to stick to the missionary position since it tended to aid in conception. But still her husband had at least held out long enough for her to get her pleasure as well. Which was why Mito had been rather eager to bore him several children and which resulted in her being a grandmother by the age of thirty.

Guessing that in the resulting hundred years of relative peace that had resulted from Konoha’s founding sex had become something more and more shinobi indulged in for a whole slew of reasons, and as a result led to the more varied sex lives that the civilians and nobles seemed to enjoy. Mito soon found her hands buried in Naruto’s blond locks as she held her legs out in a V so that he could eat her out unimpeded.

Tsunade watched as her grandmother’s toes began to curl as she held her legs out, and began to move her hips against Naruto talented tongue. Having taken a seat on one of the benches built into the wall that surrounded the main bed, she moaned softly as she began to pet her pussy through the thin material of her pants. She had intended to leave after delivering her grandmother, but had been unable to upon hearing the soft moans that the red-head had emitted as she kissed Naruto. Closing her eyes as the chorus of them grew in volume Tsunade slid her hand down into her pants as she imagined what it was her grandmother felt.

Mito’s hands balled up the blanket she laid upon as she could only describe the feelings welling up inside of her as pure bliss. Naruto was demonstrating the joys of having sex for the pure sake of pleasure due to his constantly bringing her to the edge only to back her away before revving her up again. She wondered how it was his tongue still maintained such swift movements as it felt like he had been licking her for hours. Nearing the edge once more and unable to take being denied again she pleaded, “Please…stop teasing me. Let me cum.”

Mito’s eyes shot open as she screamed in pleasure as Naruto pressed his tongue on her stiff and aching clit like a button. Arching her back as she flooded his mouth with her release, she eventually collapsed onto the bed trying to recall when she had ever come so hard. Normally after having such a mind blowing orgasm, brought about by Hashirama cumming deep inside her, Mito would be ready to drift off to sleep. Something she was in the midst of doing until she felt something warm and hard being dragged over her still sensitive slit. Her eyes shot open as she realized Naruto had made her cum so powerfully and had yet to even truly penetrate her.

Looking down at the edge of the bed to see a completely nude Naruto standing before her as he held her legs out by her ankles and rubbing his large member over her slit and through the thin patch of hair above her sex, she felt suddenly nervous about what she could expect to feel when his large log was buried inside her. Giving her a pleased grin and picking up on her nervousness Naruto said, “If you want we can end things here for tonight. I don’t want to go too fast if you’re feeling uncomfortable.”

Mito was tempted to take him up on his offer, but her body soon began to respond to the gentle knocking at her entrance so rather than respond with words she reached down and guided his cock into her wet, willing, and waiting snatch. Mito grimaced as the large member spread her inner muscles wider and deeper than they had been since her husband’s passing. She felt a pleased thrill pass through her as Naruto groaned upon bottoming out inside her. “Fuck,” he said in surprise, “I can’t believe how tight you are. Your pussy is squeezing me like a vise.”

“It’s because it’s been neglected for so long,” Mito moaned as she began to try and increase the pleasure she was feeling by rocking her hips.

“Well let’s put an end to that,” Naruto said slowly pulling his length out before slamming his cock back in. Mito screamed in pleasure as she experienced a small orgasm from the feeling of his dick kissing her womb. A pleasure which only grew in intensity as Naruto prolonged it by pounding his hips into her as he crossed her legs before letting them rest against his chest. Naruto groaned pleasantly as she grew even tighter around his as a result.

Tsunade watched as Naruto pounded her grandmother and began to moan loudly as she stared at his driving ass. Ending herself pleasure for a moment she pulled her pants free of her legs in order that she could spread them wider as she slid two fingers insider her drenched hole. Pulling one of her breasts free of her blouse she raised it up to her mouth to suck on her erect nipple as her moans began to mix in with those of the two before her.

Naruto pulled out of Mito who cried out at the loss, but she need not have worried as the empty feeling only lasted until Naruto could spin her onto her stomach and pull her up to her hand and knees. Pushing back into her, he smiled as Mito cried out and with a mixture of embarrassment and desire said, “N-no not like this…only a-animals…”

Naruto ended her complaint by giving her clit a good rub as he climbed onto the bed and pressed his chest against her back. Mito tightened around him as he said, “But isn’t that you wanted, “Mito. To let that side of you out to play.”

“N-no that’s not true,” she said even as she began to rock her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Naruto chuckled as he began to suck on his newest lover’s earlobe as he questioned, “Then why are you gripping me so hard down there. Admit it, after needing to be so reserved you’ve been dreaming for a chance to cut loose.” Mito couldn’t deny it as she feel face first into the bed and moaned as Naruto continued to pound away at her core mercilessly.

Naruto felt on the verge of cumming, but hearing the sounds of pleasure coming from behind him looked back to see Tsunade with several fingers buried in her snatch and playing with one of her tits. His dick grew larger at the sight and deciding to take things up a notch grabbed Mito by the hips and spun them so that she was on top and facing her granddaughter.

“Mito, look it appears we have an audience,” Naruto said as he continued to drive his pleasure stick in and out of the kunoichi.

Both women’s eyes widened as they met and acknowledge each other’s presence for the first time since entering the room together. “Oh fuck,” Mito moaned as her eyes traveled from her granddaughter’s face down her body to where her fingers were being worked in and out of her slick folds. “D-don’t look at me Tsunade.”

“Come now Mito,” Naruto moaned as he slid his hand from her hip to her pussy, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Beginning to rub it he increased the strength of his thrusts as Mito bent back on her knees to fall against his chest. Naruto looked at his Hokage lover to see her eyes zeroed on where his dick was sliding in and out of her grandmother so whispered into Mito’s ear, “Can’t you feel her eyes looking at where we’re connected?”

“Yes,” Mito hissed as she wondered why her body was growing even more heated and aroused.

“That’s because she wants to see you writhe on my cock in pleasure,” Naruto said before clamping his mouth to the red-head’s. Their tongues battled one another for several moments before Naruto separated enough to say, “Let’s not disappoint her.” He then jammed his cock as deep as he could as he gave Mito’s clit a squeeze between his thumb and forefinger and joined in with her moans as her body began to milk him for his seed. More than eager to give it what it wanted her let himself go and raised his hips off the bed as it felt like he was depositing gallons of his spunk into the woman.

Their cries of release were echoed by Tsunade as she tensed with three of her fingers buried in her cunt as it mirrored her grandmother’s desire to be filled with the hot seed Naruto usually deposited. Feeling strangely satisfied and disappointed she watched the two on the bed as they caught their breath. Tsunade could see her grandmother appeared out of it as Naruto gently slid her off of him and watched her as she recovered from her orgasm.

Tsunade’s eyes drifted to her lover’s groin where his cock still stood proudly and erect despite the evidence of his release which was beginning to leak from Mito snatch. Wanting to feel it in her, the blonde Hokage moved from her bench and began to close in on the bed.

Naruto sat back and watched as Tsunade climbed onto the bed and felt an anticipation as she crawled towards his dick. Lowering her face to his groin he groaned as she gave the tip of his cock a kiss before swallowing it almost to the base. “Fuck,” he said as she pulled back and he could feel her tongue swirling around his sensitive cockhead.

Tsunade moaned into his dick as she tasted her grandmother essence as she cleaned it with her tongue. After several moments Naruto placed a finger under her chin to coax her to let his dick slip from her lips. Tsunade stared up at him in a lustfully daze prompting him to say, “What is it you want Princess?”

Tsunade stared up at her lover as she answered while still stroking his cock, “I want you inside me. Please my love, fuck me senseless. I want you to fill my womb with your hot spunk.”

Naruto smiled as he kissed his lover before turning her away from him and towards her recovering grandmother. Crouching behind her so that his feet rested on the outside of her legs he lined his cock with her opening and slammed his hips into her. Tsunade cried out as she was suddenly full of her lover’s large man meat once more. Basking in the pure delight of being spread around his length Tsunade moaned loudly as he began to rut away and stir up her insides.

Mito slowly drifted back to awareness as she felt the bed upon which she was laying rocking. Hearing the pleasure filled moans that coincided with the movement her eyes focused on the sight of the two blonds in the midst of their lovemaking. Despite being shocked at the sight, Mito couldn’t look away as the young man who had just almost sent her back to heaven via an orgasm pounded her granddaughter into the mattress as he crouched behind her.

His eyes met hers and she blushed, which grew in heat as he leaned down to pull Tsunade’s face from the mattress and point out that they now had an audience. Tsunade met her grandmother’s gaze but rather than appearing embarrassed reached behind her to pull her lover into a wet kiss.

Despite all that had already happened Mito was shocked by the wanton display, but regardless of what her mind told her a moment later moaned out as she subconsciously had begun to rub her freshly fucked cunt. Tsunade hearing Mito’s soft moan broke the kiss and lowered her face to the red-head’s nether lips.

Mito came out of her daze as she realized what Tsunade intended and tried to say, “No, we shouldn’t…”

But Tsunade silenced her by sucking on her lower lips causing her to moan while she replied, “We’ve already gone too far. There’s no reason to hold back now.”

Mito still tried to protest, but gave in as she felt Tsunade’s tongue probing her tunnel in order to drink in more of the mixed nectar that had coated Naruto dick. Mito buried a hand in the Senju’s blonde hair as she gave into the delicious feelings and taboo of being eaten out by her granddaughter.

Naruto watching as Mito feel back and began to feed more of herself to Tsunade was driven to a furious pace by the sight. Although he had experienced a similar one in thanks to Hana and Tsume, they had fallen into it in thanks to their animalistic desires. Watching the two of his lovers engaging in such a taboo act willing was such a powerful turn on, he couldn’t help but fill Tsunade as he felt her pussy begin to tighten around him.

Tsunade screamed into Mito’s dripping and overheating snatch as the feeling of being filled with Naruto’s seed set her off. She rode out her orgasm for several moments before return her focus to her grandmother who came moments later as she slipped two fingers inside her and sucked on her clit. Tsunade continued to lap up her juices until Mito relaxed and extracting her fingers sucked on them in full view of both of the present Uzumaki.

Tsunade then lowered her face to her grandmother as she asked, “Would you like to know what you taste like?”

Mito didn’t hesitate as she pressed her lips to Tsunade’s and tasted the mixture of her and Naruto on her granddaughter’s tongue. The kiss ended and Mito sat up with her granddaughter. She felt unsure of what to say, but then noticed that Naruto’s cock was still hard and glistening from being buried inside her granddaughter. Deciding that words could wait till later, she crawled before the man that had so greatly expand her sexual world and after giving him a quick kiss lowered her mouth to his cock in order to find out what he and Tsunade tasted like, but also to find out what it would be like to have him explode into her mouth.

Naruto moaned as Mito set about her task and could only fall back and watch as she was soon joined by Tsunade.


Kushina sighed as the green light that surrounded the couch faded. Stretching as she had remained in one position for most of the several hours that had passed. She couldn’t help but feel a little envious as she knew that Naruto had claimed Mito as well. Despite her vow not to step out of the light again one she had stuck to ever since the time she had strayed while Naruto trained as a Sage, she decided to look in on her son. She knew she shouldn’t tempt herself, but knowing that it appeared even the Legendary Mito Uzumaki had become one of Naruto’s lovers couldn’t help it. Especially since she had done so while knowing she would be bound to the same man as her granddaughter.

Able to feel the lingering chakra that would have filled her with the pleasure of the Uzumaki woman, Kushina let it fill her for a moment and felt her mouth drop as the Seal world was replaced by the Master bedroom of the Den. There she saw her son with not only a naked Mito pressed into his side, but Tsunade who mirrored her grandmother on the other side of him. Both women slept contently as their heads rested on his shoulders and their hands were clasped together on his chest.

Kushina raised her hand and banished the sight from her eyes as she mentally railed against how unfair life was that she should be denied the pleasure that so many others got to partake in, since she had given birth to the man behind it. Heading off to bed, her fingers soon found their way to her aching pussy as she tried to calm her body less she give into the almost daily temptation that arouse whenever the green field appeared to signal that another woman was to enjoy the pleasures her son was capable of giving.

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