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Born With Lust

by One-Of-The-Sin

Due to some complication at his birth Naruto is born with huge lust. But he uses this lust to achieve his ambitions, his goals, his destiny. Lemons and incest.

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I do not own Naruto. This fic is only for fun.

I am reposting this chapter as last time it was not upto readers expectation. To be honest this idea came in my mind when I was in college computer lab watching porn. Due to all this caused my inner pervert take over and wrote the fic in hurry but when my inner author read this I was disappointed in myself. So I took time and wrote it with patience. Hope you like this new one.
In this story biju are not part of Juubi. Kyuubi is the most powerful succubi that equal every deity of heavens who has taken form of vixen. She is Queen of Hell. Mito and Kushina were not jinchiruki. Naruto is first jinchiruki of Kyuubi. Due to this Naruto is having huge amount of lust within him but he uses that lust for his advantage. Dark Naruto.
And Kushina and Minato are alive
WARNING: Naruto is super powerful. There will be heavy sex, language and incest. Read at your own responsibility.

It was bright day of Konoha. Everybody were going on their work. Fourteen years ago Kyuubi, the Nine tail fox attacked the village. But Yondiame Hokage, Namikaze Minato sealed the beast in his new born child. He used The Dead Demon seal whose consequence was his death. But Shinigami sparred his life. And he was thankful for that.
At first the villagers demanded to kill Naruto the container of Kyuubi. But was silenced by Kushina mother of Naruto. No one wanted to feel her wrath. But still the villagers hated him. Scorned him, berated him, and attacked him whenever they were given chance. But if Kushina caught them she would kill all of the attackers.
Naruto was life for her. He was her precious son, her Naru-chan. She would kill everyone who would try to hurt him. Even if she would unintentionally hurt him she would punish herself for causing him harm.

Namikaze House
Naruto was sitting in hall. He was very sad like someone took his favourite toy from him. Kushina saw this and went to ask about his worries.
"Naru-chan whats the matter, ttebane?" asked Kushina
"Nothing Kaa-chan." Said Naruto with gloomy face
"You know sochi you can talk to me."
At this Naruto jumped and hugged his mother while crying said "That bitch Hinata broke up with me."
"Why did she break up?" Kushina was shocked Hinata and Naruto were in love from academy days and now she broke.
"She says I have too much of libido for her taste. She says I only think about sex and fucking her."
"Oh that slut I will make her pay." Said Kushina going in fury mode
"No Kaa-chan don't do anything to her."
"Please just stay with me."
"Don't worry Naru-chan you will get a good girl like your Kaa-chan." Sai Kushina kissing his cheeks
"Really Kaa-chan." Said a blushing Naruto
"Hell yeah ttebane" but Naruto had different plan, he didn't want a girl like His mom he wanted his mom as his fuck toy. So grabbing the opportunity he slammed his lips to her. Kushina pushed Naruto away.
"What are you doing Naruto." Asked Kushina in anger
"I want you Kaa-chan, I need you right now." Said Naruto with lust in his eyes
"We can't do that you are my son."
Within second Naruto vanished and reappeared behind Kushina and grabbed her breast and began to rub her.
"Oh really Kaa-chan when Tou-san is not at home you are busy getting stuffed by his shinobi, and last time was a gangbang. And does he know his wife is unfaithful."
"No, that is different I have my needs and Minato is unable to fulfil them."
"Well you can ask me for help." Naruto started channelling Kyuubi's chakra in his mom making her more aroused. He started giving light kisses on her neck and occasionally nibbling on her vein. His hand started roaming on her body which could be compared to that of a goddess. He moved his hand on her belly and started rubbing it.
Kushina couldn't comprehend how much of pleasure she was feeling just by touch. She considered that it was due to the person that was doing to her aka her son. The idea of incest caused her more arousal. Sometimes it was pleasurable to do kinky stuff.
Naruto moved away from her which caused her to whimper in loss of his body heat and touch. She was about to say something but he took action.
He tore the blouse she was wearing only her breast been blocked by her red bra. His journey began from her belly. Giving her butterfly kisses all over her body he marched toward the globes of soft and perky flesh which were once his food source as an infant but now in teenage his plaything.
He removed the bra and took time to admire those holy boobs. They were perfect in every way. Round, soft, warm and standing proud even in her mid-30. They were of the size D-cup neither small nor very large. They were milky in colour garnished by red erect nipples which were trying to gain his attention.
He inched his face near her chest. A ripple of pure pleasure passed through her body due to his hot breaths. He gave them a test licks. Her moans indicated that he was on right track; he took the nipple in his mouth and started to suck them.
Kushina couldn't help but bring her hand and use them to pull Naruto deeper into her chest. He used his hand to slowly massage her other breast while channelling small doses of Kyuubi's chakra. He did the same process with her other breast.
Now confident that he can travel towards his ultimate goal safely he began to rub the forbidden fruit from her skirt. He felt moisture and wetness.
"Kaa-chan just by touching you are fucking wet, how much of slut have you become." Said Naruto to his half naked mom
"D.. Don't say such thing" Kushina said with blush on her face
Now Kushina was fighting a losing battle and she knew it. The magic caused due her son's finger were sending pleasurable signal to her brain. She was caving in for him. It has been two weeks since she has good fuck.
Now when she could get a good fuck every day at home why she would go after unknown shinobi. Finally submitting to his lust she said "Ok Naru-chan you can fuck me, how can I say no to my precious son."
Hearing that Naruto kissed his mother. This kiss as more passionate. Kushina began to nibble on his lower lips. Knowing what she wants he opened his mouth. Her tongue darted in his mouth. She discovered every nook and cranny of his mouth. He tasted like ramen.
Naruto took his mother hand and made her lie on the floor. He removed the skirt and saw matching panty and garter belt. He began to rub her snatch through the silk material. Kushina was once again in heaven.
He removed the last obstacle that was standing in-between him and his awaited prize. Kushina tried to cover herself but Naruto caught her hand. "Don't be embarrassed Kaa-chan, let me see your beauty." Said Naruto with love and lust dripping from his voice
Kushina reluctantly removed her hand. Her pubic hairs were shaved except a red spiral patch just above her clit. Naruto loved the scene that was before him. He gently touched her vaginal lips and begun their stimulation. He inserted his one digit in her love tunnel the same place from where he entered this world. But after sometime it would become resting spot for his penis.
Using the skills he learned from Anko he concentrated chakra in his tongue he extended it and started licking her in and out. After sometime he used three digits and started tweaking the nerve bundle of pleasure. Kushina was in heaven; her son's tongue was so skilled that within three minutes she made her cum.
"Naru-chan I am cumming, oh fuck I am cummmmmming." And she came coating her son's face with her love juices.
"Oh Sochi where did you learn such skills from?" asked Kushina coming down from her orgasm high
"Well do remind me to reward her. Now Naru-chan why don't I take care of that." She pointed towards his cock which had become diamond hard. She once again kissed him tasting herself on his mouth. She moved her hand to fell his cock and was shocked. It was at least 10 inch. She removed his pants and gave a test lick to his glance.
Hearing Naruto moan she took all of the length in one stroke. And started bobbing her head.
"Oh fuck Kaa-chan you are the first to take my cock full in one move. And the way you are doing it means you are enjoying." Said Naruto between groans and moans
She began to use her free hand to fondle his testes and started licking his sensitive cockhead.
"I think I am in love with your cock."
"And what about me." He asked in mock hurt voice
"Oh I love more than anything." Said Kushina sincerely
"Ok now continue your work."
She took his cock between her D-cup titis and started giving his boobjob.
"Oh fucking Kami I am cumming Kaa-chan take all of my seed and don't waste it." Said Naruto cumming in her mouth.
She took her time to taste his baby batter and she was shocked it was sweet and salty.
"Now enough of the foreplay just fuck me raw." Said Kushina
"Your wish is my command."
He got in between her leg and positioned his one eyed monster in her divine wet tunnel. In one stroke he was half way in.
"Oh Sochi you are splitting me apart." Said Kushina trying to hold the tears that were threatening to come out.
"Oh you bitch your cunt is so holding me tight, and it is so wet and hot. I think I am gonna melt." He took his cock out so that only tip was in and with a powershot he buried his dick all way in.
Kushina screeched to the heavens. She thought he broke her. He begun with slow speed but with time increased his tempo. He took hold of her ass and started to pound her into the floor.
"Tell me what I am of your and what is your job?" Asked Naruto in husky voice
"Oh Kami, you are my master and I am you slut, your personal cum dumb." Said Kushina "Now fuck me."
With Naruto started thrusting her pussy.

Hokage tower
Today Minato completed his paper work early and was eager to go to his wife to give her a long night fuck. He exited the tower greeting people he moved towards his home

Naruto and Kushina were still busy fucking each other. Naruto summoned to clones and started fucking her in an orgy. The original and clone started fucking her pussy at the same time. There was friction between their cocks and her pussy. One of them was getting a blow job.
They were all on the verge of cumming. With a mental command he ordered them to perform Bukkake on Kushina. They surrounded her and started cumming all over her. From top to bottom she was coated in his essence.
Clone vanished while yelling 'You are the best mom'
Naruto picked her up and started kissing her. Naruto didn't mind tasting his own cum as it was once part of him. He took her to a chair and sat down while placing her on his lap.
"More sochi" demanded Kushina
Naruto bend her over so that her torso was on the floor and her legs on armrest. She was facing away from him. He moved her ass up and inserted his third leg in her cunny. "Oh fuck who taught you this." Aske Kushina
"Oh fuck me hard and raw like you would do to a slut I am you whore use me as you want."
"Yes you are slut but my slut. I love the way your pussy is gripping me. Oh fuck here I cum."
"Give me , give me your child, make me pregnant."

On road
Minato was half way down to this house. Losing patience to hold his slut of a wife and fuck her to infinity.

After third orgasm they took little rest. "Hey mom can I try your back door." Asked Naruto with hope in his eye aka Puppy eye technique.
Kushina hesitated at first but looking at his eyes she couldn't say no. How can someone say no to those beautiful and cute eyes.
"Ok" said Kushina
"Yatta" said a very happy Naruto. Picking her bridal style he move on couch. He got on the couch. He spread her ass cheeks and started to lick her rosebud like cat would do to saucers filled with milk. He angled his cock to her anus and slowly started to penetrate her. She hissed in pain.
"Bear it for now Kaa-chan, after that you will feel only pleasure." Said Naruto
He leaned down and began to fondle her breast and giving her wet kisses along her neck and spine to ease her pain. Kushina reached back and gave squeeze to his butt indicating him to begin his piston movement. He started jackhammering her.
"Oh Kaa-chan your ass is so tight and wet like quick sand every time I try to pull out it sucks me in." said Naruto
"Yes sochi right there that's the spot hit there again" Kushina by now was at her peak. Her eyes became glassy her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Naruto took this opportunity and tilted her head and started tongue wrestling but this time he pushed his tongue into her territory.
With his free hand he rubbed her clit. Near her orgasm Kushina screamed into the kiss and coated his hand with her cum. Naruto brought his hand near her face and without saying a word Kushina understood what she has to do.
She licked his hand clean tasting her own love juice. "I love you Kaa-can" said Naruto "I love you too sochi" replied Kushina
He positioned himself such that half of his body was on air. Kushina got in reverse cow girl position planting her legs on his strong thighs. She used her love juice to lubricate his cock. She guided his penis to her sexy rosebud and lowered herself down.
After sometime of adjustment Kushina started bouncing like a kangaroo. "Oh yes Sochi screw you naughty moms ass. Give her nice fuck"

Home gate
Minato got near his home and then remembered he could have just flashed to his home. Sulking he moved the gates. When he got to main door he heard some noise. Like wet noise.

Both Naruto and Kushina were just on the last rope.
"I am cumming Kaa-chan."
"Me too cum in my ass. Make feel alive"
Naruto was just about to cum; when the main door opens showing his father was home.
"O oh." Said Naruto cumming in her ass while his eyes rolling into his head

.....To be continued
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