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I love you.

by KiraFlay

What filled Kira's mind during the peaceful times. Flay, you're the only thing on my mind. 18+! My first lemon Fic, Kira X Flay.

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Kira's POV

She looked at me, despair and happiness combined. Eyes widening from what I saw. There she was, inside a shuttle, and the red flames continued to eat her well-proportioned body. Despair, because she was living on borrowed time and happiness because she found the answer she was looking for.

The fire engulfed her, eating her image away from me. Flay, I'm so sorry! If I had just focused on the battle, if only I had gotten to you sooner! If only this war didn't happen, you wouldn't have felt this way. I'll forever bear the guilt of not saving you, and the scar you gave me won't heal anytime soon.

As your life disappeared before my eyes, I thought of the moments we found happiness, and how we supported with each other during this wretched war.

"Don't worry Kira. I'm here for you." Flay said. She cupped the chocolate-haired boy's crying face, tears falling down on his cheeks. Kira looked at her face full of comfort, and in an instant, he dropped to her shoulders, crying it all out.

"I-I couldn't save her. The little girl!" Kira blurted out.
"I told you, don't worry. My feelings will protect you."

She then found herself closing in on Kira's face, and locking her lips with his. Sweetness can be felt. His manly scent scathing Flay as the lights were turned off and both teenagers were on the bed. They kissed each other passionately, and their lips still locked.

Flay could tell she was getting wet down there, as she moved in for the aggressive attack towards her coordinator boyfriend. She opened her mouth, still not breaking the kiss she triggered. Flay then lunged her slippery tongue inside the brunette's mouth.

"Mhhmm!" Moans could be heard from both sides, with the redhead being louder than the boy. With every strike, the two would close their eyes, wanting to enjoy the moment to it's fullest.

"Kira. Take me now."

Kira, with his manly instinct, grabbed Flay and pushed her towards the bed."Flay!" Kira stated. Without a doubt, he was ready. But knowing Flay, she isn't a pushover. She put her hands on Kira's shoulder, pushing the boy away from her and to her side, and as soon as he landed on the bed, she put herself on top of him, her breasts pressing against his clothed chest.

Again, she pressed her lips to the brunette's. Kira would return it back, mixing his tongue with hers. He could very well taste what she ate before this moment. It wasn't really food, but maybe the taste of strawberries? Maybe it was lip balm. Yeah. It's definitely a lip balm.

She closed her eyes, and the moment Kira broke the kiss, she looked at his amethyst eyes sparkling in the dark. Flay sat up on Kira's lap, immediately grabbing the pink and white uniform resting on her body, covering her beautiful curves. She hastily undid her buttons, and threw the uniform towards the bed across from theirs. Kira did the same, but as he was doing it, Flay quickly yelped, expressing her surprised emotion.

"K-Kira, something's p-poking me." Flay said.

Kira then knew what that meant, and what it was. It was his member, stiff and throbbing underneath the cotton pants covering it. He looked away from Flay, a crimson shade seen on his cheeks, embarrassed. Flay looked down slowly, expecting the unexpected and readying herself for the worst. And yes, she saw it, a round tip on Kira's pants, pushing away the fabric.

"Someone's getting naughty." Flay's flirty voice said. Kira remained silent, not knowing what to say.

"Is something wrong?" Flay asked. She stood up, and placed her hands at his trousers, pulling it away from Kira, who was sitting on the bed.

"W-Wait! Flay! D-Don't!" Kira shouted, but to no avail as Flay had already pulled it down. She knelt down, as she saw it. For her it was somehow traumatizing and a sight to see. He had been hard all this time, and she thought, "This is gonna go inside me?" Snapping back to reality, she looked at him.

"You are so naughty Kira." she stated. She nervously put her hand on top of his member, stroking it up and down, going slow and picking up the pace later.

"F-Flay! A-Ah!" Kira moaned. Flay was viciously taking him, and he was so powerless that he already plopped down on the bed.

"It starts here Kira."

Flay then bent over, her mouth wide open as she made his manhood enter her mouth. The slippery sensation Kira felt was pushing him over the top. Flay continued to move up and down aggressively, making Kira's cock wet from her saliva. Kira slowly sat up, looking at the situation he was in. The redhead had noticed his, and she looked up, silver locking passionately with amethyst.

Kira thought, "Damn! She's so fucking cute! I'm so happy I get to be her first!"

"Flay, I'm c-cumming!" Kira then jolted his body back, holding Flay's head, pulling her in. Meanwhile, Flay had swallowed his dick's entirety, and his thick cum gushing in her mouth. Tears flowed out of her eyes as she removed his hand on her head, and her pulling away. Coughing, she slowly made Kira's cum drop on her hands.

"Flay! Sorry!" Kira said, not knowing what to do. She might get mad, he had wondered. But fortunately, not, as he saw her cum-filled hand getting closer to her mouth, swallowing his seed.

"It's okay Kira." She smiled. Again, this triggered the brunette. He grabbed her from the floor, hugging her and putting her on the bed, him on top. He gently kissed her neck, and started caressing her cute, firm breasts underneath her pink brassiere. Moments later, Kira unhooked it, making her cover her B-Cup breasts.

"D-don't look, it's embarrassing." she stated.

"Don't be." Kira said, as he continued to massage her tits. She moaned as Kira's right hand were circling her breast around, and his mouth sucking on her left nipple. Flay had her hands placed on Kira's hair, sometimes ruffling it, and sometimes pulling it when she had her greatest sensation felt. Kira then moved towards the left, left hand on her left breast, right hand reaching at the only clothed spot in Flay's half-naked body.

He could very well tell that she was wet, but what surprised him is that she had no hair down there. "F-Flay, if you don't mind me asking, a-are you a paipan?" Kira asked. "Uhm..Y-Yeah." she replied.

Again, she turned him on more. He rapidly placed his fingers at the bottom most part, shaking it with his hand. It made Flay moan out loud. She was very wet, and this bade Kira to force his two fingers inside Flay. As soon as he felt the warmness inside, he started moving. His fingers going in and out of her. Flay was completely in the moment, enjoying it. Moments later, Kira felt that she was getting tighter.

"K-Kira! N-Not t-theeeeeeree!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed. Her body constricted around Kira's finger inside her, and a white fluid came out from her wet pussy. Kira slowly pulled out his fingers, and undressed Flay just like she did earlier ago.

He put himself on top of her, just like a military person getting ready for push ups. "Flay, I'm putting it in." Flay, who was exhausted, had no time to refuse so that she could rest. "K-Kira?! W-Wait!"

Kira had already entered her. They were now one. His cock was throbbing in her pussy. It was a painful situation for the girl, as the blood came out, staining Kira's manhood. "Does it hurt? Should I start moving?" he asked.

"It hurts a little, but yeah go." Tears were forming in her eyes, looking at Kira.
"Okay." Finishing his talk, he slowly moved, feeling her warmth all over him. Like before, he went slow, as he saw the pain Flay was enduring, all trying because she was trying to pleasure him.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.
"I told you, I am! Go faster!" she said, as she slowly stood on her four limbs, her butt infront of Kira, and her back widely seen. Kira kept going, this time at the pace he wanted.
"Ah! Ah, ah, ah!" Flay moaned. Kira had grabbed her breasts while he was moving in her, providing the redhead for more happiness.

She felt getting weaker every second, and she was about to cum, for the second time. Her arms had finally gave up and she was pointing her butt to Kira. Kira realized this and turned her around, putting themselves back to the position they were.

Then, Kira felt himself. He was at his limit. "F-Flay!" he shouted. He got faster, and soon both parties were reaching their maximum limit. Again, Flay tightened around Kira, which had Kira move faster for a better feel.


Both shouted, their cums mixing in together, their hands holding tightly forever. From her tearful face to a happy face, she locked her lips with Kira. When they broke it up, she quietly whispered,

"Kira, I love you."


Kira's POV

I woke up. I looked at my side, and there she was. Her beauty in the sight of my eyes. I seriously thought she would die. But she didn't. After all, she told me I was her knight in shining armor, who had protected her from the masked man.
She latched on to me after I fainted inside my mobile suit, and stuck with me to the very end.
Now, we are living on timed peace. It's only a matter of time, and a war would start again. It seems inevitable, but I'll do everything I can, surpassing my limits, protecting this redhead.
"Flay, I love you."
AN: I just had the urge to write a Lemon fic. This is canon to my Aeon fic.
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