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I'm Crazy For This Girl

by SheIsARebel

I needed her to forgive me, to let me be here.

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Chapter Twenty Six

Maddie’s parents soon left with some encouragement from Josie. She seem to corral them with her arms as the exited the door calling ‘I love yous’ and ‘call me soons’ as they faded away. Maddie heaved a deep sigh from where she stood at my side. I felt the relief too, but didn’t bathe in it too long because I knew something more pressing was on my mind.

“Uh Maddie,” I said turning to her. “Do you wanna take a ride with me?”

She raised an eyebrow at the question and held my gaze as if searching for my real motive behind the request. “Right now?”

“C’mon,” I sad grabbing her hands in mine. “I swear I’m not planning to murder you.”

She gave me a small chuckle and allowed herself to be led out the door.

I sat behind the wheel of my car navigating the streets with ease. I knew every street, sign, road block and sidewalk like the back of my hand. No matter how many times I went away, Chicago would always be my home. Maddie sat in the passenger seat with her head back on the head rest. She had a relaxed demeanor that seemed like she hadn’t actually released her muscle tension for weeks.

She rolled her head over to look at me. “So,” she said. “Are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

I caught her glance for a second and saw her questioning was more playful than actually demanding. I laughed slightly before answering. “Well, I had to get you in an enclosed space so you’d actually let me apologize about this summer.”

“Patrick, no,” she cut in right on cue.

“No, Maddie,” I stood strong. “Just let me explain.”

She accepted my words this time and stayed silent.

I pulled the car right on a familiar street. “I’m sorry,” I breathed. “I was afraid,” I admitted as the words never rang truer. “So I just listened to what everyone else was telling me. It was easier for me that way, to deal with this.”

The short silence that followed was uplifting for me. Letting the truth sit around us like a fog, made me become awake with words to say. I didn’t get the chance to begin though as I heard Maddie give a small chuckle for her seat. “I’m glad you said that,” she said. “I didn’t want to talk about this because I didn’t want to believe that this baby was some publicity stunt for you.” As she said this, I glanced over to her hands placed firmly on her belly as though shielding it from any harm.

“Of course not,” I answered quickly. I had found my apartment building with hardly trying and pulled into my parking space and stopped the car. “I’m an idiot,” I confessed with a chuckle. “I just didn’t know how to react and ended up choosing the worst possible way.” I turned to Maddie and she smiled a bit but didn’t meet my gaze. “You need to come up,” I stated firmly making a quick move to get out of the car. I bounded over to the passenger seat and opened the door for a confused Maddie.

“Um, Ok,” she said taking my offered hand to help her out of the seat. I pulled her up into my arms and boldly held her close. I didn’t know why I was clutching her so closely, but the emotions of the past few weeks were taking control. I needed her to forgive me, to let me be here. She pulled back a bit to look at my eyes, and again she searched them as if trying to catch the sincerity in my movements.

We stood like that for minutes, bodies close and gazes locked. I knew I would have to let go soon and made a slight move to drop my arms. However, Maddie pulled them closer around her and caught my mouth with hers.

The kiss was electric.

I didn’t know how much I’d missed the feel of her until that moment. I couldn’t get enough and pulled her head into mine, grasping her soft hair in my fingers. Her scent of oranges overtook my sensations and I fearlessly explored my tongue in her mouth. She sighed and gave a short moan at my actions and I didn’t know if I would ever be able to stop for a breath.

Maddie finally broke our lips apart and lifted her head as I furiously continued to kiss down her neck. Next, I felt her soft hands caress my cheeks and pulled my head back up to hers. “Patrick,” she breathed. “We should go inside,” she stated with longing in her eyes.

I didn’t wait for another word and grabbed her hand in mine and led her inside.

We laid facing each other in my bed, our naked bodies entangled in twits and knots. I traced my fingers down her spine as our lips interlocked. My growing excitement was pressing into her and I felt my hot blood pump through my body. She encouraged my every touch by complimenting her body to my hands, arching her back and moaning for more. I didn’t know how long I could continue this foreplay. I just wanted her now.

She broke our passionate make out and flipped her body around to her other side. I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her ass into me. I traced my left hand down her side as I kissed her neck and shoulder. She sighed and gave out small cries of yearning. As my hand traveled lower she pushed back into my hard erection. “Patrick”, she said softly.

I have never heard my name said so perfectly.

My fingers felt the hot sensation of her sex and I lightly touched her, feeling how ready she was for me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her ass closer and let myself slip into her opening. She moaned in agreement and I took myself as deep as I could. Then, I stopped feeling the pure pleasure of being in her. I tried to slow down time and keep myself here forever.

I grabbed her hip and slowly pulled out a bit before plunging in again. “C’mon,” she begged. She didn’t need to say more. I kissed her neck and began speeding up my movements. With each thrust, our bodies met. The friction grew hot and beads of sweat formed between our bodies. I would meet her body again and again and the sweet smell of her skin sent me over the edge. I poured myself into her and she gave a short gasp as it subsided.

A while later, Maddie laid her head on my shoulder as I composed my breathing. We hadn’t spoken any words for what seemed like hours. I didn’t want to let her go.

“Hey”, she said finally breaking the silence. She lifted her head up and pulled her hair over her shoulder. “Thanks for putting up with my parents today. I know my mother can be, challenging,” she said deciding on the word after a moment.

I smiled at how relaxed and calm she looked as she said these words. “You don’t need to thank me,” I replied and suddenly was reminded of the real reason I had directed Maddie to my apartment. “You know Maddie,” I said propping myself up so I could be level with her eyes. “If you ever need anything, for this,” I said awkwardly. “You’d let me know right?”

She gave a quizzled look as if she knew there was more I was intending to say.

“Do you need anything?” I questioned looking at her as she did her usual search of my face. How did this girl see through me every time?

“If you’re asking Patrick,” she said pressing my shoulders down into the bed. “if I need anything from you, then the answer is no.” She smiled and towered over me.

“Well I just thought,” I bumbled as she continued to dominate our position. “I have plenty of space in my apartment and I’m hardly ever here.”

“What are you asking?”

I lifted myself off the bed as much as I could and Maddie retreated away from my body. “I don’t know,” I confessed. “I just want you to feel like you can ask me for help, if you need it.”

Maddie sighed and refused my assistance like I knew she would. Maybe I was just quelling my own guilt with the question, but I knew the answer would always be the same. As great as the day had been, I knew Maddie still didn’t trust me completely and her own pride wouldn’t let me in that easily. Yet, I was determined. I wasn’t going to fade away again, so I smiled at her reluctance and went for another kiss.
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