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Challenge fic. Must use the words Cooking, Jaded, Fierce, Beef, Pirouette, Underwear. It is Fei Long birthday and he has a present waiting at home. Dub-Con.

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Fei Long found that he had no appetite. The dinner of spicy beef and noodles with fresh vegetables was just a waste of time. While the cooking was impeccable, he had no interest in it. He still had to make it through the ballet and the horrible mingling with the crowd after. Tonight was his birthday and he had a very special present waiting for him back in his room. One he hated to keep waiting.

“Just giving you something you really want.”
The hastily scrawled note was held to the gift by a bow. And what a gift. It was true; it was just what he wanted. If he could just get back to it.
He smiled at the right times, said the right words, and inwardly counted the minutes.
The dancers on stage were good enough. Normally he would have enjoyed the performance, but he just couldn’t keep his mind on it. The ballet seemed to take an eternity, the dancers would leap, or pirouette, bow and tip toe and all Fei Long could think of was his present waiting for him at home.
A drink, dozens of admirers, congratulations and praise. Normally he would have loved the attention and revel in it, but tonight he worked his way toward the exit as soon as it would not be an insult. In the car on the way home he found himself fidgeting in anticipation.
In his room, the lights were low and he untied the braid that held back his hair, and tossed the suit jacket on a chair. Tao would take care of it in the morning. One the bed lay his present, tied with ribbons at the hands and feet, his mouth covered with a bow.
So pretty. Fierce dark eyes stared at him as he crawled onto the bed and leaned over his gift, letting his long hair fall over his shoulder and tickle along one flushed cheek. This was going to be even more fun than he had hoped.
Pulling back the sheet, he found that his present had been unwrapped for him. How thoughtful, he smiled cruelly at the bound man on the bed. He ran his long fingers hands along well muscled sides and pinched at already hard nipples. He slid the sheet down further and found that the anger was not completely genuine. He found the hard, leaking arousal and gave a gentle squeeze and was rewarded with a muffled moan and those dark lashes fluttering down for a second.
His gift was surprisingly responsive when he lowered his mouth to first one nipple and then the other, making the normally jaded Fei Long smile with genuine excitement.
Without leaving the bed, Fei Long slipped out of the shirt and pants he had worn to the ballet, those he tossed to the chair with the jacket, but the underwear he left on for a little longer. His pretty present was naked, and exposed without the sheet to cover him, and Fei wanted him to feel even more naked.
On the second pillow, he found a tube of lube with a matching bow and laughed. They had thought of everything. He un-wrapped the ribbon slowly, smirking at the look of unease in his guest’s eyes.
Not letting go of the tube, Fei Long went back to kissing and licking the large expanse of chest exposed to him, taking time to bite and suck to leave large dark marks on the perfect skin. He smiled again at his handy work, after tonight, it would take days for these marks to fade completely.
Pleased with his work and amused as the tied man squirmed and wiggled beneath him, Fei Long slipped the lose shorts from his lean hips. He really didn’t want to wait any longer. He had waited all evening.
Slowly and deliberately he untied the ribbons holding the ankles together. He dragged the red fabric up along the freed legs and playfully dangled it in front of the still apprehensive eyes before tearing off a piece and tying it around the erect penis of his partner. A series of undignified grunts and a lot of squirming later Fei Long was ready to move forward. A brief struggle later and a good deal of half-hearted kicking found Fei Long pushing the first slicked finger into a very tight hole.
Still, very still, he wasn’t even certain the man was still breathing he had gotten so still. Two fingers, then a third and he was rewarded with a groan when he rubbed against the prostate. It was time.
Forcing strong legs to his shoulders, Fei Long slowly forced his way inside. It was just a good as he had always imagined it would be. He started to thrust slowly, but soon gave into the urge to push harder and faster as the man under him moaned and writhed, eyes fluttering uncontrollably.
Taking the bound flesh in his hand, Fei Long began to stroke his lover in time to his thrust and when he felt himself getting close he pulled the ribbon off with one tug and was pleased to feel the hot spill of semen over his fingers.
Very pleased with himself, Fei Long finally pulled out and rolled to his side. He watched the broad chest heave as sweat rolled down the muscled sides as he reached up to untie the bound arms.
At first nothing happened, his lover just lay there, arms still above his head, but now untied. Then slowly, oh so slowly, he brought those strong arms down to rub at numb wrists. Carefully the tape was pulled from over that beautiful mouth and the sat up.
Glaring at the grinning man in the bed, Asami stood and grabbed the first thing he found to clean the mess from his skin. It was the discarded boxer shorts. He quickly dressed, tossed the shorts back toward Fei Long and stormed from the room, the embodiment of hurt pride. Fei Long just lay there and laughed.
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