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If he got what he really wanted

by AsylumFarm

If Fei Long got what he really wanted.

Category: Viewfinder - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Asami,Feilong - Warnings: [X] [R] - Published: 2014-06-11 - 480 words - Complete

The lights in the room were down low, and the soft hum of the air as it sighed through the vent was soothing, at least to one of the room’s occupants. He stood by the doors to the balcony, breathing out the last of his cigarette. This was a beautiful night.

Moonlight spilled onto the bed, and the writhing body on it. A most beautiful sight, pale skin, dark hair, and angry eyes greeted him. The real pity was that the beautiful mouth was almost completely hidden behind the gag. But the fire on the dark eyes made up for it. Bond at his wrists and ankles, the man on the bed was stripped naked and his muscled body gleamed with sweat as he fought to free himself.

“Tsk tsk,” he chided his unwilling guest. “I’ve waited an awfully long time for this night; do you really think I am going to rush?”

Cool hands stroked heated skin, and long nails pressed into the pale flesh. “So long,” he mused again, “But since you are so impatient, I guess I will have to leave the foreplay for another time.”

A warm pink tongue darted out to swipe at a sweaty cheek. The extra weight lifted from the bed, and the rustle of silk was heard as the loose robe slide to the floor. A drawer was opened and closed, and the hands were back on the bound man’s body.

“Since you do not want to wait,” A dangerous purr, close to the ear, “We will just have to get down to business.” Before the captive could even react, two long fingers were pressed inside his body. He thrashed and moaned and fought the intrusion until sharp teeth clamped down on his ear. “Be still.” A sharp, warning tone. “Unless you want me that much.” The smirk in the voice was unmistakable.

“Good boy.” Another purr, as the body under him stilled.

Three fingers stroked hard inside the man, and finally his tormentor could wait no longer, he slid into the tight body, groaning loudly. He did not stop or wait for his unenthusiastic partner to grow accustomed to the unfamiliar feeling. Thrusting hard, he stroked the other with each forward slide of his hips.

Long black hair tumbled across pale skin before it was brushed aside to reveal to red welts marring the once marble perfection.

Muffled howling and more thrashing accompanied the movement. “So much better then I ever imagined.” Was all he said.

Skin slapping against skin, moans and muffled cries were the only sounds until the bound man let out a much louder groan and bucked hard as he came. The panting cries continued as he was ridden harder.

Finally, as his release approached, Fei Long let out a load groan, “Asami.” He gasped, and collapsed across the heaving back of his unlikely lover.
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