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The Games We Play

by AsylumFarm

Why is it they always pick on Takaba? This is Post NT5, written before NT6 came out. Dub-Con.

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Fei Long shifted slightly in his chair. His side throbbed despite the opium he smoked earlier, but Asami sat across from him, seemingly as calm as ever. Damn him, Fei thought, if he could act like two gunshot wounds didn’t hurt, then certainly he would not complain about one,
Across the room, Takaba lay in an awkward position on the bed. His hands were bound, and he lay half on his back, half on his side, his pants still only half way pulled up.
“He really is much more fun then any of the others,” Fei said in a neutral tone, looking at Asami over his wine glass. “I must give you some credit for that.”
Asami grunted quietly, but could not hide the pleased expression in his eyes. He knew the boy was a fine pick for their game. The best yet really.
“I’ve never know one that came back for more on purpose.” This time Fei’s eyes ran over the half naked body lying before them. “A real prize.”
“Yes, a real prize,” Asami said dryly. He was a little sore that Fei Long had captured the boy so easily, he had counted on at least another week before he had to give Takaba over.
“Oh don’t pout,” Fei admonished. “There is no need to sulk, fair is fair, he threw himself to me.” That familiar smirk crossed Fei Long’s pretty face, “Perhaps this time, we should increase the stakes.”
This got Asami’s attention, and he lowered his glass and leaned back in his chair. “How do you propose we do that, it seems the stakes were high enough this time.” The Japanese man indicated his leg and shoulder.
Fei Long’s laugh was low and dirty. “Don’t be such a baby, Asami.” He purred. “I was not trying to kill you.” His pain was receding and the mellowness of the opium combined with the wine was making him feel a little cocky.
“I simply propose a time limit and a price on your retrieval of you pet,” He stated, and laughed again as Asami almost choked.
“What price?”
“Always a businessman, you worry about price before anything else.” Fei gave him a mock pout. “Simple, the winner gets to claim a price.”
Asami thought this over for a second, “And what kind of a time limit?”
“Simple, I give you two weeks to recuperate, and then one week to come a claim him.” He leered at the unconscious boy. “I will not touch him during those two weeks, but he is mine for the week you are looking for him.”
“If you find and reclaim him in that week, you can name a price, if not, I get to claim something.”
The look in the Chinese man’s eyes was unmistakable, What he had in mind to claim was NOT some mere trinket or even a business advantage. Asami took the time to make a mental gulp. Was the boy worth that? He was a good pawn, but to give up something he had so jealously guarded his entire life?
“You sure you are willing to pay any price I ask?” He asked Fei Long.
“Of course, I am not worried that I will have to pay.”
The pair sat and looked at each other carefully. An agreement was made, the deal sealed.
“Now go.” Fei Long said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “You need to be out of here before I have my men remove him to his “room.” He indicated Takaba.

Part 2

Title: Been Waiting Long?
Author: Erestor Junkie
Pairing: Fei/Asami
Warning: Sex, bondage, non-con
Notes: If he got what he really wanted…..

The lights in the room were down low, and the soft hum of the air as it sighed through the vent was soothing, at least to one of the room’s occupants. He stood by the doors to the balcony, breathing out the last of his cigarette. This was a beautiful night.

Moonlight spilled onto the bed, and the writhing body on it. A most beautiful sight, pale skin, dark hair, and angry eyes greeted him. The real pity was that the beautiful mouth was almost completely hidden behind the gag. But the fire on the dark eyes made up for it. Bond at his wrists and ankles, the man on the bed was stripped naked and his muscled body gleamed with sweat as he fought to free himself.

“Tsk tsk,” he chided his unwilling guest. “I’ve waited an awfully long time for this night; do you really think I am going to rush?”

Cool hands stroked heated skin, and long nails pressed into the pale flesh. “So long,” he mused again, “But since you are so impatient, I guess I will have to leave the foreplay for another time.”

A warm pink tongue darted out to swipe at a sweaty cheek. The extra weight lifted from the bed, and the rustle of silk was heard as the loose robe slide to the floor. A drawer was opened and closed, and the hands were back on the bound man’s body.

“Since you do not want to wait,” A dangerous purr, close to the ear, “We will just have to get down to business.” Before the captive could even react, two long fingers were pressed inside his body. He thrashed and moaned and fought the intrusion until sharp teeth clamped down on his ear. “Be still.” A sharp, warning tone. “Unless you want me that much.” The smirk in the voice was unmistakable.

“Good boy.” Another purr, as the body under him stilled.

Three fingers stroked hard inside the man, and finally his tormentor could wait no longer, he slid into the tight body, groaning loudly. He did not stop or wait for his unenthusiastic partner to grow accustomed to the unfamiliar feeling. Thrusting hard, he stroked the other with each forward slide of his hips.

Long black hair tumbled across pale skin before it was brushed aside to reveal to red welts marring the once marble perfection.

Muffled howling and more thrashing accompanied the movement. “So much better then I ever imagined.” Was all he said.

Skin slapping against skin, moans and muffled cries were the only sounds until the bound man let out a much louder groan and bucked hard as he came. The panting cries continued as he was ridden harder.

Finally, as his release approached, Fei Long let out a load groan, “Asami.” He gasped, and collapsed across the heaving back of his unlikely lover.

Part 3

Title: What He saw
Author: Erestor Junkie
Pairing: Fei/Asami, Fei/Takaba
Warning: Post NT5.
Notes: How much did Takaba see?

Takaba saw it all or most of it anyway. More then he really wanted to, to be totally honest. All this time, he thought that he would like nothing more then to see Asami get what he had coming to him. Now that he saw it, it sickened him.
Fei Long pushed hard into the man under him, not caring about the grunts and moans the came from Asami. No, not “not caring”, but reveling in the pain and humiliation he inflicted on the other.
Finally, it was over, Takaba saw Fei pull roughly out of his lover’s body and grab a silk robe. Black silk slid over pale skin, but he never bothered to close it. He leaned down as if to kiss the cheek of the man still bound to the bed and whispered. “I think he rather enjoyed it.” The words caused Asami to buck and a muffled string of words to pour out from behind the gag.
“Oh please,” Fei purred, “We had a deal, don’t complain now.” He stood in one fluid movement and paced to the adjoining room.
Takaba had been unconscious when he had been brought to the room, but had been strategically placed so he could easily see what was happening in the next. Fei seemed to glide across the room, until he stood so close to Takaba that he could feel the heat radiating from the other’s body.
“Poor pet,” Fei Long stroked Takaba’s hair and slid onto the sofa behind him. “I don’t think he appreciates all we do for him.” Takaba tensed, behind him Fei Long had pressed his body against his, and had begun to grow hard again.
“Stop.” Takaba wanted it to sound firm, but his voice sounded weak and childlike. “Haven’t you had enough?”
“Not nearly enough, pet,” was the dangerous purr in his ear. That was the only warning he got, as Fei Long shoved him forward, hands still bound behind him, face down on the sofa cushion. In one movement he had buried himself completely.
“Asami is much tighter, you little slut.” Fei growled as he drove hard into the unwilling body under him. Deep hard thrusts and sharp nails on his back made Takaba groan and squirm.
“Such a little slut.” He hissed and grasped Takaba’s now straining erection in his hand, pumping it in time with his thrusts. “You don’t even care who it is, as long as it is hard and fast.”
Takaba wante3d the nasty words to stop, but they were having the effect his tormenter wanted, he was going to cum.
With a shout he spilled himself on the cushions underneath him, and after a few brutal strokes he felt Fei pull out of his body and his hot seed splatter along his back and buttocks.
“Disgusting, both of you.” Fei Long announced, but he sounded amused. Takaba didn’t dare look at either Fei or Asami.
I was only minutes later, when he heard the door open and shut, and Fei Long voice in the hall. It wasn’t until then that he realized that his hands had been almost freed.
Lying on his side, he stared at the bed; Asami was refusing to look at him. Should he free Asami now that his own hands were free? Or should he leave him here for Fei Long? The choice was not really all that obvious.
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