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One Night

by AsylumFarm

Kind of crack. Fei Long kidnaps Kou again.

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Fei Long resisted the urge to throw the remote at the hotel’s television, settling for tossing the gadget across the room. He was miserable, bored, and now frustrated.

“Miserable piece of flesh,” He snarled as he re-buttoned his pants. He had tried everything tonight, and nothing helped.

Redressed, Fei Long walked to the window and leaned his cheek against the cool glass. The Tokyo skyline was pretty, but it made him feel homesick for Hong Kong. He had been here all week, listening to boring old men arguing about trade routes, financing, and local police. The only thing that made any of it in the least bit interesting had been the chairman’s assistant.

The young man had a beautiful ass, and had spent the morning standing where Fei had an excellent view. Not that he could spend all that much time looking. Those uptight old men would have had seizures if they had known what he had been thinking. Fei laughed mirthlessly to himself as he remembered his daydreams of bending the little cock tease over the table and taking him there in front of them all.

That of course was what led to his current level of frustration. After watching that lovely ass all day long, he had come back to his hotel and tried to get some relief. But he had bled his daydreams dry over the course of the day, the boy had not been that interesting; and the only porn on television had been all women. Now he found himself bored and frustrated and a little lonely.

Down on the street, he saw something that caught his attention. Actually someone. It was one of that brat Takaba’s friends. The dark haired young man was walking casually through the crowd, blissfully unaware of the dark gaze above him in the hotel suite.

One phone call to his men in the next room would have the boy up here faster then he could say “No, thanks.”

Kou struggled to understand what was going on. One minute he had been walking down the street, the next he was standing in an expensive suite in one of the most expensive hotels in Tokyo. The two goons that snatched him off the street stood uneasily at his side. They seemed almost as confused as he.

The room was beautifully appointed, and Kou briefly lost himself in it, despite his anxiety. Whoever was staying here had to be rich beyond Kou’s wildest dreams.

“You may leave.” A silky and disturbingly familiar voice said from another room. “I believe this young man and I have some unfinished business.” It was then that Fei Long appeared from around the corner. Kou’s mind went blank with terror. He almost wanted to plead with the gorillas at his side to stay. He did NOT want to be left alone with this man.

However, there was no hope there, the men, obedient as trained dogs, nodded deeply and left the room with a snick of the door handle.


Kou flinched at the sound of that soft voice, and shook his head. He remained standing near the door, paralyzed by indecision. This was the man who had held him and his friend hostage, what did he want with him now? “Is Takaba in trouble again?”

The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. But instead of becoming angry, the older man just gave an amused, if undignified, snort. “I would have no idea.” He replied calmly. “I really don’t.” Fei Long turned his back on Kou and placed his glass on a table. “I don’t like talking about him. I wanted to talk to you instead.”

Smooth and graceful as a jungle cat, Fei approached the immobile young man. Kou’s mind was screaming for him to turn, to run, anything but stand there. Finally, unable to watch as his death stalked closer he closed his eyes and waited.

Surprisingly soft fingers brushed his cheek. “Why do you not look at me?” The Fei asked softly, his deep voice almost a purr in Kou’s ear. “Just open your eyes.” Fei brushed his lips against the young man’s, then pressed harder, letting his tongue trace the soft curves.

Against his will, Kou’s eyes opened to look in the eyes he remembered so well. So many months before, he had looked into those eyes and thought he was about to die. He pulled back quickly from the kiss. The fear and indecision was clear on Kou’s face. But it looked like loathing to Fei. His temper flared.

“Get out.” He snarled and wrenched himself away from the boy. “Get OUT!” He shouted as he threw the still full glass of liquor against the wall behind Kou. The shattering of glass broke the spell Kou had found himself under and he flinched and backed away quickly.

Fei Long did not see all this; he had already stormed into the adjoining bedroom and thrown himself on the bed. In the front room he heard the door open and close. The boy was gone.

Miserably he turned onto his side, facing away from the door. Was he that terrible? That disgusting? The boy had been revolted by his touch.

So that was how it was going to be. Fei Long felt wretched. Of course it was. Never had he had a lover that had been with him of his own accord. All of them either thought that they could gain something, were too scared to say no, or hoped to blackmail him. The first and last types were all dead now; the rest were fewer and fewer as the years went on. Fei just couldn’t stand that any more. He wanted to be with someone because they wanted HIM, not his money, or his power, or because there was no way to say no.

Every day, Fei was surrounded by fawning idiots who petted and flattered. They all told him how beautiful he was, how desirable. It was nothing but a lie. It had to be. If he were as beautiful as they said, he would be able to find someone who was not afraid of him or use him.

Lost in his self pity, Fei did not hear the door to his room open. It wasn’t until someone’s weight caused the opposite side of the bed to dip that he was aware of another in the room with him.

Without thinking, he lashed out grabbed an arm and wrapped his arm around the intruder’s neck. A strangled squeak came from the other, and Fei gasped in surprise. It was Kou in his arms.

Struggling to sit up, he released the boy’s neck. “What are you doing?” He snarled. “I told you to leave. No one will stop you.”

“’re hurting me-,” was all Kou said as he tried to pull his wrist away from Fei’s grasp.

With a grunt of annoyance, Fei released the boy’s arm and petulantly folded his arms over his chest. “Why are you still here?”

Kou thought for a second. “I don’t know,” he finally admitted, looking down from Fei’s face, “I got out into the hall, and just turned around and came back. You looked so sad.” He immediately felt stupid for saying that. It sounded so lame and childish, and was likely to anger the high-strung man in front of him.

When nothing happened, Kou dared to look up again. In any other situation, the look on the beautiful face in front of him would have made him laugh, but not tonight. The bewildered look of a deer caught in the headlights of a car stared back at him. It quickly became apparent that he was not going to get a response, so Kou decided to act instead.

The dark haired young man leaned forward and placed his lips firmly on Fei’s. This time the response was immediate. Long fingers tangled in Kou’s hair and pulled him closer. A hot tongue traced his lips and he parted them, feeling Fei push his way past his teeth.

Before he knew it, he found himself rolled onto his back, his shirt pulled up almost to his chin. Fei’s nails where sharp, and left trails of fire as they traced along Kou’s skin. Things were moving so fast that he felt he couldn’t stop them, and didn’t want to.

The morning sun was just beginning to peek through the window when Fei awoke. He found himself wrapped around a warm breathing pillow. He sat up quickly, and saw Kou sprawled there on his stomach, and happy goofy grin plastered to his face.

The boy stretched as he woke, and turned bleary eyes to Fei Long. “Morning,” he mumbled as he draped himself inelegantly across Fei’s legs and promptly fell back to sleep.

Fei’s laughter could be heard two rooms down.
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