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Too Late

by whatareyouevensaying

Harry confronts Severus Snape after Dumbledore's death. Chaos ensues. NO SLASH!

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Too Late

A/N: This here's my entry in the PottersPlace3 yahoo group's monthly scene writing contest of July 2006, and I'm proud to say that it took first place, though, to be fair; there were only two other stories. I chose to combine two of the three offered scenarios, though I did a half-assed job with the second. The two that I chose can be seen below.

Harry finds and confronts Snape after Dumbledore's murder.
Harry is seduced by an older woman.

Without further delay, I present you disclaimer!

Disclaimer: I own no part of the Harry Potter universe. This is just me having fun at poor Severus Snape's expense.

EDIT: Fixed a typo and italicized the brief flashback.

Severus Snape sat back in the plush armchair, lazily surveying the Muggle hotel room with grudging approval. His idea of hiding from the Dark Lord in Muggle London was not met with much enthusiasm from either Narcissa or Draco, but they'd had no other options.

When Narcissa had asked Severus to make an Unbreakable Vow, she went directly against the wishes of the Dark Lord, who wanted Draco to die in the line of duty as punishment for Lucius' failure in the Department of Mysteries. After Dumbledore's death, Severus had taken Draco to his mother, and the trio had immediately gone into hiding.

Looking over at Draco, Severus' face twisted into the sneer he usually reserved for Harry Potter, his least favorite person in the world. The platinum-haired boy lay on his side on the couch, watching the curious Muggle device known as a "telly" with his mouth opened slightly. Draco had once been Severus' favorite student, but after spending six months in close quarters with the spoiled brat, he had to admit that Potter now had competition for the position of most loathed. He often wondered how a woman as perfect as Narcissa could possibly be related to someone so insufferable.

Narcissa. Though he loved her dearly, he couldn't help but be frustrated by her superior attitude. Upon arriving, she had claimed the largest bedroom; the only one connected to a bathroom, and had coldly informed Severus and Draco that she would kill anyone who crossed the threshold. Severus knew that she had never loved Lucius; it was something she admitted freely to anyone who asked, so her constant refusal to even acknowledge his advances baffled him to no end. She only came out for meals.

Still, Severus would never complain. He was closer to the love of his life than he had ever been, which wasn't saying much. While he was happy about that, he was absolutely ecstatic at the thought that he would never have to see Potter again, though he was proven wrong a moment later when the heavily warded door to their room was reduced to splinters, revealing a very angry Harry Potter.


Harry strode through the lobby of the hotel, wondering where Snape got off calling him stupid. After all, he wasn't the one who thought that a high-class Muggle hotel was the perfect place to hide from Voldemort, completely forgetting about the small fact that he had enemies on both sides.

Enemy, actually. After the massacre at the Burrow, the few survivors were more concerned with Voldemort and the remaining Death Eaters than renegades like Snape. Harry felt the same way at first, but after killing two thirds of Voldemort's inner circle in the months that followed, he decided to give himself a reward before continuing his hunt for the Horcruxes. That reward would be the satisfaction of finally killing Severus Snape.

Only Fred, Charlie and Gabrielle remained by his side, and they were well hidden under a Fidelius Charm. There was no one in danger anymore, no friends to worry about, and no holding back. He smirked slightly at the thought, scaring a girl who had been holding a lift for him into letting the door slam shut. His smirk widened; he wasn't interested in company anyway.

He walked inside the next one over, pressing the button for the thirty-fifth floor. As the lift began its slow ascent, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall, remembering what had brought him to this point.

Harry's sanity was not in question. Fred and Charlie weren't sure if it was the sight of the mangled bodies of Ginny, Hermione, Tonks and Fleur, or if it was the subsequent murders he had committed to avenge them, but they were certain that he'd gone 'round the bend. Gabrielle, who had witnessed every single act performed on the four girls by the Death Eaters, wasn't capable of speculation, at least not with Fred and Charlie. She only spoke with Harry, and he never shared anything from their conversations with anyone.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lift stopped, a soft ringing tone signifying the action in case anyone was too out of touch with their nerves to notice. Harry stepped out, drawing his wand like a sword, and immediately sniffed the air. He turned right and walked to the end of the hall, not pausing until he reached the door. He waved his wand slowly over the portal and snorted.

"Unbelievable...Well, if this is really the best he can come up with. Reducto!" The door exploded into the room, shocking its occupants out of their lethargy. Harry's face automatically shifted to the mask of hate he wore whenever looking at a Death Eater.

He saw that Snape had his wand drawn, but seemed to be waiting for him to make the first move. Malfoy, on the other hand, had already begun the incantation of Snape's invented spell, Sectumsempra.

Harry gave his wand a casual flick in Malfoy's direction, silently chanting a complex incantation. The pale boy's wand was suddenly pointing upwards, as if an invisible force of had pushed it up. Assuming that Harry had merely interrupted his casting, Malfoy shouted the full curse, ignoring Snape's vain cry of "NO!"

The curse, rather than hitting Harry, emerged from the wrong end of Malfoy's wand and struck him in the chest, opening several deep gashes. He crumpled to the floor a moment later.

"I didn't think you'd know what that spell did," Harry said softly, batting a dark blue curse from Snape aside like it was nothing. "It's easy enough to counter, really. If the stupid git had only concentrated on his target, my little trick wouldn't have worked at all." He deflected several more curses while he spoke, smiling all the while. "Come on now, Snivellus, it's just like you told me, your mind is an open book. With you this angry, winning is child's play."

"Crucio!" was the only response he received. To Snape's credit, his attack finally forced Harry to begin the duel in earnest. However, it didn't last long. Harry exploded into motion, diving forward under the spell and released a barrage of curses. Snape managed to dodge the first two, but then attempted to shield himself. This was proven to be a stupid move a moment later when Harry's own Cruciatus Curse struck home, penetrating the shield as though it wasn't even there. While he still couldn't cast the curse with anything more than anger, it interrupted the shield long enough for Harry to hit his wand arm with a Cutting Curse, severing it at the elbow.

"Well?" Harry asked as Snape fought the urge to scream in pain. He wordlessly cut off the other hand to prevent any surprises. "Why'd you kill Dumbledore?"

Snape took a moment to respond, which was perfectly understandable, given his current state. He was trembling in pain, crying out every now and then as blood continued to flow from his arms. "I-it was him or me. Him or Draco. I d-did what I had to. I have no regrets." He finished by spitting blood at Harry, though it only made it as far as his own chin.

"I see, so you were protecting your own," Harry said silkily. "Does it make you happy to know that it was all for nothing?" He made a show of looking over the recliner at Malfoy's prone form. "He's dead, and you're about to join him. I hope Dumbledore dropped his forgiving attitude when he died, because I'd hate to have to punish you further myself when we meet in the afterlife." He paused and made a show of thinking, even going as far as to stroke an imaginary beard between his thumb and forefinger. "It doesn't matter, I guess, because I know I can count on my father and Sirius to continue where I left off. Reducto!" While not designed be all that effective on a living thing, it was plenty at point-blank range. Pieces of Snape's skull suddenly littered the expensive carpet.

A sharp intake of breath let him know he was being watched. Harry looked up just in time to see Narcissa Malfoy's eyes widen before she fainted.


She brushed her platinum-blonde hair gently, careful not to pull too hard on the occasional knot. Narcissa hadn't had much to do, so she concentrated on her beauty, knowing that she was slowly driving Severus to madness by refusing him. It didn't concern her, though.

Narcissa was a true Slytherin. She used Severus' misguided feelings for her to gain protection for both herself and Draco, though she was beginning to regret ever lifting a finger to aid her worthless son.

"A mother's love indeed," she muttered angrily, now brushing a little harder than was necessary. She hadn't spent much time with him ever since he began attending Hogwarts. Lucius had insisted on mentoring Draco during the summers to turn him into a proper heir, making him about as appealing to her as her revolting husband was in the process. Now the boy was a nuisance, primarily because he insisted on speaking whenever she ventured out of her room for food. She couldn't stand the sound of his voice.

Still, Narcissa was fairly self-sufficient. The better part of two decades with Lucius had resulted in her actually preferring to keep to herself rather than spend time with her husband and his similarly prejudiced friends. Not that Narcissa had any positive feelings for Muggles, but she was at least willing to acknowledge their intelligence.

A particularly hard tug pulled several hairs out, causing her to slam the brush down on her dresser in frustration. Thinking about Draco and Severus had made her far too angry to continue the delicate task of keeping her hair tame, so she instead pulled out a Muggle novel, one of several that the hotel had provided.

Before she could even open the book, Narcissa heard a muffled crash from outside her door. Due to the dampening ward she had placed around the room, only the loudest of noises should have made it through. Because of this, any noise that came from outside worried her greatly, even though the last time had simply been because Draco had turned the sound on that infernal Muggle device too high. A minute later, when it became obvious that no more sounds would come through; she got up and left her room, wand in hand, completely forgetting about the fact that all she was wearing was a flimsy silk robe.

The first thing she noticed was the extraordinarily familiar stranger standing in the middle of the room, his wand pointing down at something out of her line of sight. Though she had only seen him in person twice, it was impossible to not recognize Harry Potter, even if he had grown considerably in the year and a half since their last encounter.

As silently as she could, Narcissa crept around the door in the hopes of seeing the other occupants of the room. As soon as her eyes fell on Severus' mangled form, she let out a gasp before her vision swam and everything turned black.


"Women," Harry muttered, walking over to Narcissa's prone form. He couldn't help but give a low whistle of appreciation at what he saw. Narcissa's skin, while slightly pale, had a healthy glow to it, as opposed to the grayish tint of her son's complexion. Her emerald-green robe did a poor job of hiding her impressive cleavage from view, and an even worse job of concealing her long, toned legs. Because it had ridden up when she fell, Harry's eyes were drawn to her barely covered, perfectly shaped bum. All in all, it was a picture he was reluctant to disturb.

Harry shook his head slightly to clear it, reminding himself that this was the mother of one of his least favorite people in the world, and the wife of a Death Eater.

"Mobilicorpus," he said softly, pointing his wand at her. He didn't know if his sigh was of relief or disappointment when her robe shifted slightly to better cover her legs as she rose into the air. He pulled her behind him into the room she had just vacated, depositing her gently on her bed.

Though sorely tempted, Harry had not yet fallen so far as to commit rape. Murder didn't bother him, as long as he felt it was justified, and he suspected that he would end up killing her. She was too closely related to Death Eaters, and too close to the pair he had just killed. No, she was obviously guilty of something; it was just a matter of finding out what.

He pointed his wand once again and silently revived her. Rather than sit up immediately as he sometimes did when Ennervated, her eyes fluttered open slowly, something Harry found far too attractive for his own good. Instead of mentally berating himself, Harry focused on her ice-blue eyes and delved into her mind, searching for the reason she was on the run with Snape and her son.

Luckily for him, she knew no more about Occlumency than most, making his search absurdly easy. Harry immediately dug through the memories connected to her current living arrangements and eventually discovered the Unbreakable Vow. An instant later, his wand was pointed between her eyes. He didn't know it, but he looked terrifying.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you," he whispered, his eyes flashing.

"I did it for my son," she said softly, seeming remarkably composed despite the fear that showed on her face. "The Dark Lord wanted Draco to kill Dumbledore, and the price of failure was death!" Suddenly, her voice changed from pleading to uncertain. "Where's Draco?"

"Unconscious," Harry answered, smiling at the half-truth. "He'll wake up when I want him to." 'Which is never,' he silently added.

Narcissa looked, if anything, even more confused by his response. Harry assumed it was because she picked up on the fact that he wasn't telling her everything, which she had, but it was actually because she didn't know whether to be relieved or frustrated.

"I think I'll just go finish him off before I deal with you," Harry said venomously after a minute's silence, turning to leave the room.

"Wait," Narcissa said as he crossed the threshold, her instinctual love winning over the intense dislike that had become a large part of her feelings towards Draco. "Please, don't kill him."

Harry hid his smile well. "Very well, I'll leave him as is. You were trying to protect your son, which is understandable. I can't really hold you responsible for Dumbledore's death."

"Thank you," she said, her head bowed. "I know how much you must hate him."

"If you only know what he's told you, then I doubt you know anything at all," Harry said quietly. "He never has been much for the truth."

"I'm well aware of that," she said dryly.

"I suppose you are. So, Mrs. Malfoy, care to tell me why exactly you keep such disreputable company?" Harry said, relaxing into the room's only chair with a sigh.

"The Dark Lord is undoubtedly after us due to the Unbreakable Vow I asked Severus to swear," Narcissa replied haughtily. "It seemed prudent to follow Severus into hiding. I assumed he would be able to protect us.

"I very much doubt that Voldemort is particularly concerned with any of you," Harry said evenly.

"And why, pray tell, is that?"

"Because he seems to be after me at the moment."

"He's always been after you," Narcissa said dismissively. "That hasn't stopped him from killing others along the way."

"It's a bit different this time."

"How so?"

"I hadn't killed your husband and sister, among others, when you last saw him. I think he blames me for his sudden shortage of capable wizards, as well he should."

Narcissa raised one delicate eyebrow. "Was that supposed to bother me?"

"Not really. I just wondered how you'd react."

Narcissa licked her lips and smiled at him, eliciting an audible gulp. Her smile widened. "I must say that I'm happy to hear about dear Lucius. And as for Bella, well, she never was much of a Black."

Black. The name alone sent Harry careening back to the end of his fifth year.

"He went to the only Black family member for whom he had any respect left.... Black's cousin Narcissa, sister of Bellatrix and wife of Lucius Malfoy."

"Yes, I suppose she wasn't." Harry's voice was rough. He was reeling from the sudden realization. 'Not only did that bint help facilitate Dumbledore's death, but it's partly her fault that Sirius died!'

"Well, Harry," she said softly, getting up from the bed and slowly walking over to him, "I suppose I've got you to thank for my newfound sense of security. Perhaps after I thank you properly we can discuss finding myself and Draco a new place to that you can visit whenever you want."

Harry felt himself becoming aroused against his will as she continued forward. Her hands were already moving, untying the loop around her midsection. Harry knew what was coming. He knew that he wouldn't be able to resist. He didn't care. 'I've already gotten my revenge in the form of dear Draco,' he thought to himself. 'I just haven't let her in on it. No harm in having a bit of fun beforehand, it'll only make the knowledge eat at her more afterwards.'

His conscience, or what was left of it, appeased, Harry stood up and pulled her to him. Their lips all but slammed into each other, Harry's tongue immediately forcing its way into Narcissa's eager mouth. She tried to reciprocate, but he kept her tongue cornered, teasing it with his own before pulling back.

She groaned at the sudden loss of contact and attempted to pull him back to her, but Harry just pushed her backwards, causing her to stumble onto the bed.

"Wait there," he bade her as he unbuckled his belt. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it behind him, where his pants, socks and boxers quickly joined it. Before he knew what hit him, Narcissa was back, her lips and tongue trailing all over his muscled chest. Her robe lay forgotten on the floor beside the bed.

Feeling his arousal against her stomach, Narcissa smirked at him and fell to her knees, taking his fully erect member into her mouth. She seemed determined to coat him with her saliva, and he had to admit that she was doing an amazing job. He groaned in appreciation when she started applying suction to the crown and put one hand on her head while his other grabbed desperately for the bedpost to help keep his knees from buckling.

It wasn't long before he gave in to her ministrations and shot his seed into her mouth. She made quite a show of milking him down to the last drop, swallowing every bit of it even though Harry didn't think she cared for the taste.

"Are you up for more?" she asked. It was a stupid question; he hadn't even deflated fully.

Harry pulled her into a searing kiss, this time allowing her to take control. He tasted himself on her, a salty, but not altogether unpleasant flavor. Narcissa's arms tightened as her hands linked behind his neck, allowing her to pull her legs up to a similar position around his waist. His hands fell to cup her bum, causing her to moan into his mouth. He guided them both to the bed and fell atop her without breaking the kiss.

His hands traveled to her breasts, one kneading rather harder than necessary while the other pinched and rubbed one of her nipples. She let out a much louder moan and arched her back, pushing her chest further into his hands. He broke the kiss and lowered his head to her free nipple, taking it in his mouth and biting down. She practically screamed at this, but he could tell by the way her hands desperately grabbed at his throbbing erection that she hadn't come yet.

Grinning slightly, Harry disengaged completely and pulled both of her hands over her head, keeping them there with his left. His right guided his rock-hard member to her entrance, where he didn't hesitate to enter her without preamble. She screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure as he fully sheathed himself inside her in one swift thrust, stretching her considerably.

He wasn't prepared for that. He didn't think she'd be any tighter than Ginny, but she was. Her silky smooth inner walls made him dizzy with pleasure as she tightened around him. Harry pushed Ginny out of his mind and kissed Narcissa, playfully nipping at her lip as he pulled out of her.

Her reactions clearly showed that she hadn't been with a lover in quite some time, or had been sorely disappointed if she had. She whined pitifully at the sudden loss, but her complaints were drowned out in another scream as he reentered her. Now that his right hand was free, he resumed his teasing of her breasts as he continued to thrust into her. He felt her whole body tense up as she came, flooding his firmly embedded cock with her juices. He acted as if he hadn't noticed, speeding up his pace if anything.

Narcissa seemed unable to speak. Her mouth was open in a now-silent scream of ecstasy as he slammed his hips into hers. The only indication he had that she was even conscious was the fact that her eyes were locked onto his and her hips met his every time he thrust forward. Her fingernails were likely drawing blood from his back, so tight was her grip, but it didn't bother him.

Before too long, Harry felt a familiar sensation signifying his impending release. He didn't warn her, didn't change his momentum in any way. He just kept thrusting, his balls slapping against her bare bum every time before he suddenly came inside her, pulling her over the edge once again.

Harry rolled over beside her, pulling out in the process. She rolled to face him, pulling at his shoulder until he did the same. She leaned in and kissed him softly.

"That was incredible," she said huskily. "Far better than Lucius. Probably the best I've ever had."

Harry chuckled, pulling her closer until their bodies were flush against each other. He saw no reason to lie. He'd have his revenge as soon as he told her, but there was no reason to ruin the afterglow. "Yes, I suppose it was for me as well." His face brightened, feigning an idea. "I've just thought of something! Put your robe on!" Harry rolled away from her and off of the bed, smirking at her groan of loss. He began pulling on his clothes as quickly as possible. "Hurry up, love, I've got something to show you!"

"Couldn't it wait?" Narcissa whined, flowing into his arms and poking his chest with one finger. "I was hoping for a repeat performance."

"I'm sure you were," Harry said with a laugh as he squeezed her bum, causing her to groan in anticipation. "Look, it's just in the other room. Close your eyes, though. I don't want you seeing Snape's'd ruin the moment.

"Fine," she groused, seeming unaffected by the mention of the Potion Master's death. Harry covered them with his hand to make sure.

He guided her to where Draco's body lay and tilted her head down. "Keep them closed for a moment," he whispered in her ear. "Do you remember when I promised not to harm Draco?" She nodded. "Well, I'm afraid it's far too late." He pulled his hand away from her eyes and stepped back to watch her reaction. Her eyes widened in horror at the sight of her son, but strangely, no tears emerged.

"Why?" she asked him without looking up.

"You got Dumbledore killed to protect him. I can understand that, but what's your excuse for Sirius?" Harry didn't wait for her response. He apparated away, leaving her to her thoughts.
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