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Choosing Door Number Three

by TheLemonSage

A tale which shows how Hanabi's life is forever altered when after trying to defend Hinata after her losing to Neji in the Chunin Exams, from their father. She is branded with the Caged Bird Seal a...

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks

The Lemon Sage Presents: The Prom*]ise

[*Chapter 2: Choosing Door Number Three

Hanabi was standing in her apartment humming contently as she washed the dishes from the simple meal she had made. She felt a small pang of loneliness due to Naruto being out of the village on a mission with his team, but she had to admit the break had done her some good considering just how passionate they had been upon becoming a couple. Still, she fully intended to make-up for the lack of contact as soon as he returned. She was both looking forward to it, and dreading the moment. The happiness was easy enough to understand, yet her dread was centered on the fact that they would resume their discussion of announcing their relationship to their friends.

She knew Naruto had been a little shocked that she had actually argued against it, especially due to how possessive she tended to get when around any of the people that she had labeled as being a part of his fanclub. That had been even before they had officially acknowledged there shared feelings to each other. Yet, while Hanabi would like nothing more to announce to the world that she was with Naruto from the Hokage monument, she also feared how her sister would react to the news. Not to mention, how she would wield the clans political might. In truth, a part of Hanabi feared her sister already knew and was just bidding her time to strike.

She knew she was being slightly paranoid, but she held true to the old saying that it wasn’t paranoia if they were actual out to get you. Granted, her sister hadn’t tried anything since the kidnapping attempt years ago. But, Hanabi knew her proximity to Naruto caused Hinata to resent her. She could only imagine how that resentment would grow and blossom into hate once her sister learned Hanabi had succeeded in making Naruto her boyfriend.

Drying the last dish, she put them away before moving to a book that she had started writing in the few weeks or so after Naruto had told her that they should wait until they were older before starting a physical relationship. Her short encounter with Naruto’s manhood had awakened Hanabi’s interest in sex and the plain journal detailed many of the fantasies that she had come up with or things she wanted to experience. Turning to the last few pages there was a checklist that she had made of the things that she wanted to enjoy with Naruto and she smiled at the smiley faces next to the ones that she had checked off. She looked through the list and stopped for a moment as she considered giving Naruto her anal virginity. However, she rejected it thinking that it might be too soon in their relationship.

She paused giving extra thought to the idea of reimagining the night where she had clumsily tried to seduce him. She had started preparing for it having even found a bigger version of the sleepwear that they had been wearing that night, although a part of her also considered having them each henge to look like they had. She felt that might be a bit much for Naruto, but she found the idea rather exciting.

She stiffened suddenly as she heard the doorknob of her apartment begin to turn. Closing her book and grabbing a kunai that she had strapped beneath her table, she activated her bloodline limit. Expecting to see a squad of Hyuuga or even hired assassins, the last thing she anticipated was her boyfriend having arrived back from his mission a few days early. Standing, she darted to the foyer shouting, “Don’t…”

The door opened activating all the traps that she had set for uninvited visitors. The first of which were a pair of spring activated kunai. Naruto’s eyes shot open in surprise as he had to leap forward to avoid them which was quickly followed by dozen of shuriken that peppered where he had landed, but missed as he again rolled away. Reaching the end of the hall, he had to leap one last time as a pair of kama sprung out from the entrance with one placed about head high while the other was around knee high. Flying between them, he rolled on the ground before hitting the far wall.

Staring at the hall of death he had avoided and holding his heart as it continued to beat a mile a minute he said, “H…Hanabi… what the hell!”

His gaze shifted to the kunai that she held which upon noticing where he was looking she quickly hid behind her back. “Um… hey… you’re back early. How was the mission?”

“Oh no, we are definitely talking about your little security system,” Naruto said standing. “What kind of welcome was that?”

“The kind that keeps unwelcomed visitors out,” Hanabi said traversing the hall to close her door. “Why do you think I always said to knock before coming in? And why would you pick my lock instead of knocking?”

“Wait, hold on a second,” Naruto said noticing that a lot of the launchers had been disguised in the wall suggesting that they had been there for a while. “What’s going on? Just how long have you had traps installed in your apartment?”

Hanabi shrugged beginning to pull the shuriken out of the wall and floor, “Since I moved out of Tsunade’s home. Why do you think I never gave you a key?”

Naruto frowned as he replied, “I just thought you wanted your own space and didn’t want a boy going through your apartment when you aren’t home. I never gave you one.”

“That is because you never lock your door unless you aren’t home,” Hanabi countered. “Can we just drop it?”

“No,” Naruto said stubbornly, “I just found out my girlfriend has been barricading herself behind a bunch of traps.”

“I haven’t felt the need to arm them for a while,” Hanabi said as she had been lax with her security when after several years the attack she expected never came. “I just wanted the extra peace of mind while you were away, okay.”

Naruto could see Hanabi was uncomfortable with the discussion, and sensing it was tied to why she hadn’t wanted to announce they were seeing each other even to their friends decided to say regardless, “Hanabi, talk to me.”

The young woman sighed knowing Naruto wasn’t going to let it drop so said, “It’s just… I’ve wanted to be with you for so long that I didn’t really consider the long term ramifications. Now that I have… well I’m worried it is going to stir up a hornet’s nest of problems for us.”

“Why,” Naurto said unsure what had her spooked.

“Oh I don’t know,” she replied a little frustrated her boyfriend was so dense even though she did like that about him sometimes, “maybe because I have a sister that is obsessed with you and hates the fact that I’m way closer to you than she ever has been. Maybe because I’m sure that once word reaches her that you and I are together she’s going to flip out.”

Naruto sighed as he did sometimes feel Hanabi blew her sister’s personality out of proportion. “Hanabi, I know you two have a complicated past.”

“Meaning that she tried to have me kidnapped and dragged back to the Hyuuga.”

“Yes,” Naruto admitted, “but she did it to impress your father, who never forgave Jiraiya for interfering in what he called Clan affairs. She admitted to her wrong doing and was punished. She’s done nothing of the like since and is probably the most loved Hyuuga in the village.”

“Oh, is she,” Hanabi said scornfully, “I’m sorry I can’t blow millions of Ryo on charities and stuff seeing as I was excommunicated from the clan.”

“You know what I mean,” Naruto said his calm response irking his girlfriend as she knew it meant he wasn’t taking her arguments as seriously as she did.

Folding her arms across her chest she countered, “Do I? Since when does the amount of money a person spends correlate to how good a person they are? It’s not like it impacts her lifestyle any. But, I notice you skipped past the fact that she is totally obsessed with you.”

“She’s not obsessed with me,” Naruto replied dismissively.

Hanabi rolled her eyes before saying in a fair approximation of her sister, “Oh Naruto, I just donated a few thousand ryo to the orphanage program because I was remembering how hard it was for you growing up. I noticed you before anyone else did, I was just too shy to tell you.”

“She never said that second part,” Naruto quickly countered.

“Not to you,” Hanabi said quickly, “But ask your little fanclub about how she has positioned herself as the first person to notice you and how she believes that means she’s entitled to you. I’m telling you Naruto, if there was a genjutsu to make you fall in love with her, then she’d use it in a heartbeat. It’ll probably make you into the type of scumbag that would say he only liked Sakura because of Sasuke or something. Even I wouldn’t want you to claim that.”

Naruto chuckled, but regretted it as Hanabi made a face telling him that she wasn’t amused at his dismissing her comments in regards to her sister. Stepping towards her, he pulled her towards him which she struggled against for a moment before sighing as he wrapped his arms around her. Resting his chin on her head, he said, “But, I’m with you now, and if you are afraid she’d steal me away shouldn’t we announce our relationship to the village before she casts her genjutsu on me?”

Naruto made a small oomph sound as Hanabi lightly punched his stomach saying, “Jerk!”

He chuckled before urging her to look up with a finger under the chin, before kissing her softly. He smiled when they separated as he said, “But, I’m your jerk.” Hanabi smiled hearing that before standing on her tip-toes to kiss him once again, before resting her head against his chest and although his presence did mitigate her concerns, it did not banish them as she knew just how much Hinata wanted Naruto for herself.


Naruto was having a hard time not fidgeting nervously and it was all he could do not to breakout in a cold sweat particularly when considering the warm, tight, wetness surrounding his manhood. But it was because of the fact that he was currently deeply buried inside Hanabi while sitting behind Tsunade’s desk that he was nearly panicking, especially as Sakura was standing on the other side of the desk.

Thinking over the chain of events that led him to be in such a dangerous situation, since he was sure if what they had been doing was discovered it would be his skull contacting with the fist which had slugged a goddess. The afternoon had started out normally enough with Hanabi having joined him after her shift at the hospital. It had been several weeks since they had announced that they were dating, which he sometimes made a point of by reminding her that her sister had wished the two of them well, much to her chagrin. Hanabi’s late afternoon visits had become rather standard in that time and despite, his girlfriend wanting him to take her in the office. He had managed to prevent such a thing from occurring by usually Hirashining them to his apartment.

However, today she had refused to take no as an answer so had proceeded to trap him. In hindsight he supposed he should have suspected something when she had simply sat on the edge of his desk while absentmindedly playing with the hem of her dress. Naturally, his gaze had been attracted to her shapely legs as she often let the summer dress ride up them before smoothing it out and proceeding to let it drift upwards again.

That had lasted until he had asked for her help with one of the papers he had needed to go over. It had been drafted in the annoying language that lawyers used to make people sign away their rights while thinking they were doing the opposite. He had made a habit of saving them for last as Hanabi due to Tsunade’s training was very fluent in them due to all the waivers they had to ask patients to sign or go over, particularly before an operation. Hanabi had smiled when he asked and instead of taking the paper had come around the desk to sit in his lap.

He hadn’t really thought anything of it as he did enjoy how she took advantage of her smaller stature to use him as a chair quite often and in public. She had proceeded to read over the paper as he had simply basked in her being close to him. At least until he began to notice a certain wetness and warmth seeping into his lap, something his body responded to automatically. Before he could comment though, Hanabi quickly pulled down his fly and from much practice managed to free his cock. A heartbeat later she was impaled on it causing both of them to moan. She began to grind herself on his cock, likely hoping to prevent him from stopping her. But not wanting to be caught, he had grabbed her hips and Hiraishined them away only to reappear a moment later as Hanabi had moved the kunai that he kept in his apartment and had always teleported to when she got to frisky in the office under the chair that they were occupying. Hanabi squeezed her pussy causing his grip on her hips to lessen which allowed her to begin the circular swaying of her hips again. Leaning back against him, she looked over her shoulder giving him a pleased smile as she said breathlessly, “I’m not letting you stop us this time. I’ve already moved all your go to kunai to spots where I want you to have me.” She squeezed her pussy again causing him to groan and begin moving his hips in time with hers as she said, “But be honest you don’t want to stop. You want to fuck me on what is going to be your desk someday.”

Naruto’s hands reached up to grip her breasts through her dress as he admitted, “Gods, you drive me crazy.”

Hanabi smiled as she pulled his face to her lips as she said, “Good, because someday we are going to have sex on the Hokage monument.”

“Honestly,” Naruto said shaking his head after separating from her lips, “when did you become such a nympho.”

“It was a long, gradual process due to you making me fantasize about you for ten years,” Hanabi said with a soft moan as he began to pinch her hardened nipples through her dress. “I’m a little disappointed that you’re not, but then again being mister popular and all, you probably imagined yourself with a lots of different women.”

Naruto had been on the verge of standing and bending her over the desk to show her just how hot she made him when both of them had looked towards the door in shock as a quick knock announced a visitor. The person on the other side didn’t wait for a reply due to her being used to the people that she generally encountered there never really requiring her to wait before entering.

Although the two didn’t pull apart, Sakura was engrossed in a paper which gave the two of them a little time to try and look natural. Naruto wasn’t sure how it was that Hanabi was able to just sit forward and grab the paper again to look like it had her full attention. He was sure he didn’t look nearly so composed when Sakura looked up upon stopping before the desk. Her eyes did travel to the Hyuuga in his lap and looking for some sign that she was aware of how deeply connected they were thought he noticed her lips threaten to turn down in a frown. They didn’t as she gave them a tight grin before saying, “Sorry to interrupt you, but I was actually looking for Tsunade.”

Naruto had a hard time not groaning as Hanabi’s pussy clamped around him as Sakura had mentioned interrupting. Covering it by clearing his throat he said, “She’s gone home for the evening.”

Hanabi somehow sounding perfectly composed said, “You don’t need to cover for her. She didn’t come in today. Naruto’s been acting Hokage all day.”

Sakura sighed, before saying, “Honestly, she pawning more and more work onto both of us isn’t she. She asked me to fill in as head of the hospital today because she said her Hokage duties were going to keep her busy all day.”

Naruto chuckled as he said, “She told me that it was going to be her medical duties that kept her away today. But since it just so coincided with a gambling tournament being held this morning I figured she would be playing hooky. She deserves it though.”

Sakura nodded as she knew her teacher had agreed to stay on after Kakashi turned it down, both because he felt he hadn’t deserved it, as much as because of the truth of who Tobi was being discovered, as it had to do with his deciding to begin living in the present. A fact highlighted by his marriage to Shizune and the twins that he had with her. Sakura also believed that the one other reason Tsunade wanted to stay on was because she wanted to be the one that handed the title to Naruto as proof that the bet that she had placed on him had paid off. “Well acting Hokage, I need you to listen to the following requests that we need.”

Naruto nodded so Sakura began listing off various items he would need to fill out requisition forms for. But as the list went on and on, Hanabi began to fidget as it became harder and harder for her to remain still due to her wanting to feel his length sliding within her. As such, it became harder and harder for him to remain still himself so on the verge of signing his death warrant by beginning to take Hanabi regardless of the pink-haired kunoichi’s presence, he said, “S…Sakura…I… I’ll look over it and fill out the forms for everything you need before I leave. Go ahead and just leave the paper on the desk… I’m sure there is a good reason for all of it.”

“Okay,” she replied. A hint of worry entered her voice as she said, “Are you coming down with something? Your face is getting kind of red…”

“I…I don’t think so,” he answered it taking every bit of his will to not begin bouncing Hanabi on his cock. “But if I do, I’m sure Hanabi will take good care of me.”

A slight frown did appear on his teammates face before being replaced by a lifeless smile as Hanabi said, “I certainly will.”

“Okay,” Sakura said her tone sounding dull, “well don’t push yourself too hard. We aren’t in desperate straits for those items at present.”

“Roger,” Naruto responded as Sakura turned to the door. To him it felt like an eternity for her to cross the distance to the exit. She reached for the knob, but hesitated before turning it. She looked back over her shoulder, and looked like she wanted to say something but thought better of it.

When she stepped out and the door closed Naruto nearly began to move, but Hanabi stopped him as she activated her Byakugan. She could see the kunoichi standing on the other side of the door while leaning up against it looking like she was either listening for them to resume, or was lost in her own thoughts about something. In either case, it took all of the two connected lovers’ willpower to remain still, until with a sigh she pushed off the door and began walking away.

When Hanabi deactivated her Byakugan, Naruto took that as the sign to continue his earlier reservations banished by the need for release due to being buried inside the Hyuuga’s coiling tightness for so long. He surged forward pushing Hanabi to her feet and bent her over the desk as he began furiously slamming his hips into her backside. Hanabi moaned appreciatively as every powerful thrust lifted her to her toes and threatened to push her up onto the desk. After several moments she gasped in loss as he suddenly pulled out of her.

She looked back to see Naruto deciding to get more comfortable and so began to undo his pants. He growled as he fumbled with the snap which when it gave way caused to hurriedly strip out of them. She turned to face him as his lust fill gaze settled on her before drifting to the door of the office. He created a clone which quickly moved to the door and locked it as both of them knew there would be nothing to stop either of them from reaching the release they desired this time.

Naruto stepped towards Hanabi where after grabbing her by the waist, he easily hefted her up and sat her on the desk. They kissed hungrily as he grabbed her sundress and they separated so that he could pull it off and over her head. He spent a moment to admire her lithe and nude body before leaning in to suck on her pert breast. Hanabi moaned as Naruto nearly sucked her entire tit into his mouth. She clamped her hand over her mouth as her cry nearly turned into a shriek as he also reinserted his cock inside her.

Instinctually she wrapped her legs around his hips as he began pumping his length within her. She decided to silence her increasingly louder moans by placing her lips against his neck and moaning into him as she sucked on his skin. She pulled away and smiled to see the kissing mark that she left before licking it, and running her tongue up to his lips.

They kissed hungrily as their rhythm became blistering with Hanabi using her legs to aid Naruto’s forward motion, while her pussy did everything in its power to prevent his dick from pulling free. “Fuck…Hanabi, you’re pussy is gripping me so tightly. Just how fucking turned on are you?” Naruto groaned upon pulling away from her lips

Hanabi having been kissing down his chest said, “’re one…you’re one to talk…you…you’re the one fucking me so wildly.”

“That’s because my naughty girlfriend kept teasing me until she got what she wanted,” Naruto said while nibbling on her ear.

“N…not yet,” Hanabi moaned, “B…but…but I’m close…”

Naruto nearing his own climax began pumping harder so they could finish together. He felt the familiar tightening telling him that he was about to explode, which he announced, “H…Hanabi…I’m cuming!!!”

To his surprise he was suddenly pushed back and he fell backward into the chair behind him. Before he could inquire as to why, he groaned as Hanabi quickly dropped off the desk to her knees and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She furiously stroked the rest of his length while her other hand was buried between her legs rubbing her quim. Naruto groaned from her tongue swirling around his length as well as the gentle grip she used to massage his shaft. She began moaning into his cock as her fingers gave her the climax that they had been building to. The vibrations of which caused him to explode filling her mouth with his jizz.

Hanabi eagerly swallowed his release until the torrent of semen ended. She let him slip free of her lips with a pop being careful not to spill it. She then made heavy gulping sounds before sighing contently when finished.

Naruto watched in a pleased daze as she then began licking his manhood to clean up anything that she might have missed. When he came back down to earth he asked, “Not that I’m complaining…”

“Because you really shouldn’t be,” Hanabi said teasingly

“But why the change from our usual finish?”

“You mean where you’d fire off what seems like gallons worth of your seed into my tight little pussy and womb,” Hanabi said in between licks of his still hard cock. When her boyfriend nodded she said, “Because, it’s still a little early for me to want to be a mom and today isn’t a safe day.”

Naruto looked surprised asking, “D…Don’t they have a jutsu for that or pills?”

“Of course,” Hanabi said kissing the head of his dick, “But I don’t want to use those with you. Keeping track isn’t the best way to be sure, but I guess I kind of like taking the risk. It excites me knowing that at any moment you might be giving me your child.”

Naruto was surprised to find the idea excited him as well, but confused as to why she had not let him finish inside asked, “Why not go on the pill and let me cum inside then?”

“Because while I look forward to the day when you’ll make me a mother,” Hanabi said crawling into his lap, “I don’t necessarily know if now is the best time so guess I’ll let fate play a role and not cheat by using chemicals or chakra.”

“I don’t really understand,” Naruto said giving her an amused grin.

She mirrored it as she replied, “You don’t need to. Just cum inside me when I tell you too, and pull out when I tell you to.”

“So basically just do as you tell me?”

“Exactly,” Hanabi said wryly, “Now, why don’t you go ahead and put that hard cock that I’ve cleaned up for you back to some good use?”

“I think I can handle that,” Naruto said as he stood to place Hanabi back on the desk. Pushing her knees into her chest, he brought his face to her smooth and hairless pussy which he licked causing her to moan before stating, “But first I think it’s time for me to quench my own thirst.”

Hanabi could only moan in agreement as Naruto’s tongue began dancing over her pussy lips before he plunged it inside.

The two continued with their love making unaware that their act was being observed by another, who was taking advantage of the fact that the Hokage office wasn’t covered in the seals that blocked her vision and which covered the two places where she normal tried to catch a glimpse of the man that she had desired before the woman that she could only view as being the whore currently with him.

Naruto was dressed pretty solemn considering that most of the village was in a celebratory mood. For Konoha, as was true for the rest of the shinobi world, it was the day that Sasuke and he had defeated Kaguya. Still despite it being the day of one of his greatest triumphs, all he could ever think about on it was how it was also the day of his greatest failure. The reason being that it was also the day that he had needed to choose between the man that he had considered one of his first and closest bonds, or the lives of the many important bonds that he had made since becoming a shinobi.

As the two had fought and it became more and more apparent that Sasuke was set on his goal of revolution. Naruto had been prepared to fight as hard as needed to just match each other. He had intended to die with the Uchiha to put an end to the cycle of hatred between the two brothers’ spirits that had latched onto them. However, just as they were about to initiate their final clash he had flashed to his important people. But who had led the charge in his recalling important moments was Hanabi, who after encountering a clone when he had escaped from Turtle Island had made him promise not to hold back as she was confident Sasuke would make an appearance. Although she hadn’t suspected his intent to die alongside Sasuke at first, when she had commented on her having a bad feeling that something would happen to him and instead of assuring her nothing would he had tried to make a quick joke she had snapped on him realizing the truth.

The young Chunin had laid into his clone while on the verge of tears, “Don’t you dare think about sacrificing yourself for that trash.”

The clone knowing his mind on that matter had tried to reply, “Hanabi, you don’t…”

“Understand,” she had said furiously the tears openly leaking from her eyes, “No shit I don’t understand. Dammit Naruto, I know you think you have this mystical connection to him. But it has entirely been only you that feels that way. He’s already stabbed you in the chest with a chidori. He’s tried to kill Sakura and even though Danzou probably had it coming, he killed him along with a bunch of Samurai just doing their duty of guarding a meeting. He’s stabbed that teammate of his through the chest as well just because it was easier to do that then rescue her. If he shows up here, the only reason he’ll help is because it is necessary to stop Madara’s plan which is going to screw him as readily as the rest of us.”

“Hanabi, he’s my friend and…”

“What about me?” she had shouted, “Sakura and I were the ones who were there by your bedside after he tried to kill you to run to the snake Orochimaru. I don’t care about Sasuke, and you can think it is selfish of me to say this, but if you have to kill him to save yourself. Then do it. Don’t let him hurt us through you anymore.”

“W…what do you mean?”

“If Sasuke desires revenge against Konoha he’s going to go through you to get it,” Hanabi said grabbing the clone by his jacket as she stared pleadingly into his eyes. “It’s not just because you might be the only one who can stop him, but because he wants to destroy Konoha’s hope. You’ve become that hope for so many people Naruto. I don’t want to lose you… you promised me…”

“Hanabi…” the clone had tried to comfort her, but had been dispersed by the Hyuuga.

Naruto had tried to hold strong to his faith in Sasuke, but hearing the Uchiha plans to kill him before moving on to people he cared for such as Tsunade and Gaara, he had been forced to give it his all. After all, while he had accepted dying with Sasuke as a possible outcome of their fight, he knew actually planning on such would mean he had broken his word to be there to respond to Hanabi’s feelings. Yet it wasn’t just that, as he knew the young Hyuuga had come to view Tsunade as a surrogate mother in the years that she had lived with the Hokage while he had been on his training trip.

Failing to stop Sasuke would mean that in order to hold onto a bond that was important to him, he would potentially be forcing Hanabi to sacrifice hers with Tsunade. Not to mention, he had little doubt it would cause her to lash out at Sasuke, who had been perfectly willing to let both Sakura and Kakashi, two people he had hoped the Uchiha still cared somewhat about fall to their deaths in lava because he viewed them as being unnecessary in defeating Kaguya, and as such the Hyuuga would likely soon follow him into the next world. That was something that Naruto had been unable to allow happen, so as they mustered the last of their chakra, he had poured everything he had left into his Rasengan. It had sadly been more than Sasuke could handle and he had died as a result of losing in their final clash of jutsu.

The Bijuu had then aided him in ending the Infinite Tsukuyomi after Team Seven had spent several moments grieving their lost teammate. Naruto had feared Sakura might come to hate him for his killing their former teammate. But she had recognized that the Uchiha’s death had probably cut him more deeply than it had even her. It was a death that still hurt to this day which was why as the rest of the village celebrated Team Seven met at the cemetery to mourn. Well for the most part Naruto and Sakura did as Kakashi often showed up several hours later as he often had for the team’s gatherings in the past. Sai would make an appearance some years, but Yamato skipped such a gathering considering the one time the Uchiha and him had met face to face it had resulted in him being stabbed.

Naruto admitted that the approaching anniversary had filled him with a certain amount of dread as it was often a day that Hanabi and he would argue about his attending. Much like Yamato, Hanabi hated the idea that Team Seven tried to paint Sasuke as anything but the criminal that had put his desires above everyone else’s to the very end. She often liked to point out that Sasuke had earned his fate and if it had turned out any different it would have been due solely to his efforts, not the Uchiha’s. Naruto tended to argue back stating she didn’t know Sasuke like he did, but she often quickly pointed out how the rest of the world knew him like she did because that was the face he showed it, and she also loved to remind him that having a sad backstory didn’t excuse his actions.

Having been dating the Hyuuga for almost three months Naruto expected Hanabi would have wanted him to end his visits to the grave in favor of attending the many neighborhood festivals. He had been surprised when she hadn’t brought it up and wondered if he should have, especially as he still planned to attend. He wondered if she was testing him in some way as he could easily understand that she likely anticipated that since they were seeing each other, he should ask what her plans were. But as the date came closer, he kept putting it off until it was upon him and he felt that he couldn’t just not attend. He knew it was pretty cowardly of him, but he knew Sasuke was a sore point for Hanabi so didn’t want to start a fight with her. Of course he understood that he might just be putting it off for a later date, but would be more prepared to deal with it then.

He heard the door to his apartment open, and sighed figuring he should have known better. Preparing for the yelling to come, he left his bedroom and stopped seeing Hanabi dressed in a simple black dress. He wasn’t sure how to take her garb so she filled him in saying slightly annoyed, “I really don’t understand why you continue to mourn the bastard. But, I’m not going to let him be a wedge in our relationship today. Therefore, despite you purposefully not bringing it up, I’m going to swallow my reservations about your mourning a person that tried to kill you twice.”


He stopped as she held up her hand letting him know she didn’t even want to start down the road of his trying to explain Sasuke’s actions. When he trailed off she added, “But, next year it is going to be an entirely different matter. You are going to stop living in the past, and start seeing this day as the celebration of the fact that we have a future thanks to your actions as well as those that died during the war that it is meant to be.”

Naruto wanted to point out that it was also thanks to Sasuke, but she had turned that argument around on him enough times to know it wouldn’t end well. Not to mention send them both into the argument that her concession was meant to avoid. “Thank you,” he said simply causing a soft smile to appear on her lips. “I’m also sorry I tried to avoid having this discussion with you.”

“You should be,” Hanabi said turning towards the door. “So let’s just get this over with.”

Hanabi stood next to Naruto as Sakura stepped forward to lay some flowers on top of Sasuke’s headstone . She stepped back and Naruto placed an arm around her to give her shoulder a rub reassuringly. The pink haired kunoichi smiled at him gratefully before turning back to face the gravestone which was relatively new as the old one had been defaced a few years back as someone had carved “murderer,” in it. The person that had done it had been caught, but the charges had been dropped by Naruto, as he had paid for the grave plot. Hanabi suspected the reason had been because after speaking with the person he had learned the culprit had been a child of one of the many samurai killed during Sasuke’s raid on the Five Kage Summit.

Hanabi felt Sakura’s gaze linger on where her hands were clasped around Naruto’s hand as it returned to the headstone. The pink-haired medic after several moments of silence said, “I’m glad you decided to come.”

“Where else would I be today?”

Sakura’s gaze shifted to Naruto’s face before moving to Hanabi as she responded, “Where indeed?”

Hanabi didn’t say anything figuring the kunoichi was likely referring to how Naruto might have showed up in the past rather angry due to the arguments they would have in the past and commented on the source to his teammate. Hanabi felt a stab of jealousy at the idea that Naruto would then likely open up to his Sakura about reasons why it was important to him to attend. But she tapped down on it since she knew Sakura would understand in a way Hanabi never could. She looked back towards where Sai stood likely feeling similar to her about Sasuke, but was still willing to show up due to his loyalty to his friends.

She turned back to see Sakura still studying her and felt there might be a hint of a challenge about Hanabi’s not understanding why they insisted on mourning a person that had betrayed them, and proven time and again he had no problem with letting them die if they got in the way of his goals, or were not necessary to their completion. Not being one to back down from a challenge she replied, “I could think of a half dozen places where I would rather he be right now. But, we are here because I am trying to be supportive of my boyfriend. Yet, next year it is going to be a different story. Today is meant for the living.”

Hanabi felt a bit triumphant as her boyfriend comment hit the mark. She knew she was being rather catty, but seeing as she always felt Sakura would be the roadblock to her feelings reaching Naruto admitted it felt good to be the one with him. She started to feel a little guilty though as a look appeared in Sakura’s eyes that told her the pink-haired woman knew exactly what she was missing out on. It also confused her since she wondered why then she had never acted on those feelings. She received a hint though as Sakura said, “I know it is hard for you to understand. But… I just can’t help but feel that we... could have reached him.”

“I don’t think this is a conversation we should really get into,” Naruto said quickly aware of Hanabi’s thoughts on the matter.

Sakura likely saw Hanabi was holding back her thoughts as well so said, “You’re right. I just will always remember Sasuke as being the caring teammate he was before… he decided to pursue his personal agenda. I know it is hard for you to believe Hanabi, but there was a time when I saw warmth in his eyes. I like to believe it was an unguarded moment between us.”

Hanabi let go of Naruto’s hand, since she had a hard time ever picturing him with such a look. Turning to join Sai, she said, “Um… Naruto’s right, I don’t think now is the time to discuss this.”

Sakura though wasn’t willing to let it drop adding, “It was on the day Team Seven formed.” Hanabi turned back to state that she didn’t care, but paused as she caught a small tick appear on Naruto’s face. The pink-haired medic mistaking her curiosity of her boyfriend’s reaction caused Sakura to elaborate further, “On that day he sought me out, and said something that I still carry in my heart to this day. It was just the thing I had always wanted to hear and made me feel like fairy tales could become real. That is the Sasuke that I’m mourning and why I regret not being able to reach him.”

Hanabi’s gaze had continued to study her boyfriend and although he had controlled his reaction well. To a Hyuuga well versed in reading body language, she could see guilt as well as a hint of disappointment. She focused back on Sakura before responding, “I know a little something about having a complicated relationship with people you want to love, but were instead hurt by. I’m not saying you can’t hold onto your positive feelings of him, only you two don’t deserve any of the guilt you two are feeling that brings you here year after year. Sasuke might have been a great teammate at one point, but his body of work speaks for itself. Did he have reason to hate Konoha? Yes he did. But he had no right to try and stab a Chidori through Naruto’s chest, especially as he didn’t even know about those reasons when he first defected. What did the Samurai in the Land of Iron do to deserve having a castle brought down on them? What did the Cloud-nin due to deserve being killed as he tried to tail him after he kidnapped Killer Bee?” Hanabi could see her reminding Naruto and Sakura of their teammate’s sins was hurting them so sighed before stating, “I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t have come. But the truth is Sasuke was the one that pushed you two away. You both tried to reason with him, but even if he hadn’t died in that last fight, the fact that there was one at all just means that he didn’t value the bonds you shared as much as he did his own desires.”

Hanabi turned away walking past Sai, who smiled at her and inclined his head indicating he felt similarly as she did. She gave him a tight smile in return as she moved deeper into the cemetery to stop at a grave. She bent down to brush away a few leaves covering the name and felt conflicting emotions as the name of her father appeared. She felt a little guilty about what she had said to Sakura and Naruto about their mourning Sasuke as she guessed she was little different in a sense. Granted she felt her father hadn’t scarred her as deeply as the Uchiha had the two members of Team Seven, but she would admit to being a little conflicted in her feelings for her father. A part of her felt she had every right to hate him, and yet there was a part that still caused her to visit his grave from time to time.

She supposed it was because of how her father had suddenly died shortly after Hinata had indicated her attempt to kidnap her had been to seek his approval. The more suspicious part of her sometimes wondered if he had been secretly murdered so the matter would just quickly go away. It had been much easier to believe that Hinata had acted so overtly in returning her when the story that Hiashi had been suffering from a terminal illness had begun to spread. His dying a few days after the attempt had further substantiated the story. Hanabi had found it strange that the Hyuuga had refused to allow Tsunade to have an autopsy performed, but most just attributed it to how paranoid the clan was about the Byakugan falling into outsiders hands. In point of fact, Hanabi knew there was no body beneath her feet as the Hyuuga had cremated his remains hours after his death.

Yet, while she knew it was easy for her to paint her former clan as villains just waiting for the chance to strike at her, even she felt it might be stretching the realm of possibilities that her father had been sacrificed to prevent too much scrutiny from falling on the clan. Still, despite having every reason to hate him, she couldn’t deny that at times she missed the man or the times he had praised her when genuinely happy with her achievements. She figured it was something similar to Sakura and Naruto’s complicated relationship with Sasuke, but where it was easy for her to despise the Uchiha due to her seeing the damage he did to those she cared for. It was a different matter entirely when she thought of her father.

She was saved from thinking about it further as Naruto said, “Thank you for coming with me today.”

Hanabi turned towards him before replying, “You should be demanding an apology from me. I put on such airs about coming here to support you and instead lectured the two of you. Yet look where you find me.”

Naruto stepped up smiling as he said, “The point is you came, and what you said isn’t wrong. If we could just control how we feel about people life would be much easier. But we can’t and whereas to you Sasuke was only someone that hurt those around him. I saw him willing take an attack that was meant for me. Was that Sasuke still in there waiting to be saved? Maybe, and in truth that is who we come here to mourn like Sakura said. But I can understand why you see it as being something he is unworthy of. After all, I feel something similar when watching you stand over your father’s grave.”

Hanabi stepped up to Naruto and leaned up to kiss him before asking, “Then how about we let the dead rest and go somewhere else?”

“Sure,” Naruto replied offering his arm to her which she latched onto, “How about we take in one of the festivals?”

“Actually,” Hanabi said feeling a little frisky, “I’m in the mood for a little something that will make me feel alive.”

“Really, and what would that be?” Naruto asked although he had an idea.

“Oh, you know,” she said smiling up at him, “Something that will get both our hearts pumping.”

“I don’t think we’re dressed for a little training,” Naruto replied with a smirk.

“Well, the training I have in mind doesn’t exactly require any clothes to begin with.”
Naruto was having trouble entering his apartment as he tried to insert his key into the lock. The reason for the difficulty was the Hyuuga with her arms wrapped around his neck and her lips pressed firmly against his. The two had struggled to keep their desires in check as they had left the cemetery in order to once more become one. However, as the village’s hero, the two of them had been stopped constantly as people thanked Naruto and often tried to get him to join in with one celebration or another. Sometimes they were able to politely decline, but others were more insistent so that a walk that normal took about fifteen or so minutes had nearly taken them two hours. Naturally, Naruto could have just teleported, but since the streets were packed there weren’t a lot of places they could have ducked down to do so where people wouldn’t have noticed and correctly guessed why they were leaving.

Hanabi wouldn’t have cared particularly since one of the fantasies in her journal had been to make love with Naruto in front of a crowd, but she figured that one was a little too out there for her lover. But, once the two of them had reached Naruto’s apartment building and found it deserted the two of them had made the relatively short journey from the lobby to his lodgings take longer due to their making out the entire way. Once or twice, Hanabi had tried to free Naruto’s cock in order that he would bury it inside her, but he had deflected her both times. With him being busy with trying to open the door, she tried again and was pleased when he didn’t stop her, but figured it was only due to his succeeding in opening the door.

As such, she only just freed it before he pushed her by the shoulders into the apartment before kicking the door closed behind them. Hanabi broke the kiss smiling seductively as she said, “Finally, that took forever.”

“It wouldn’t have taken so long if you practiced a little self-control,” Naruto said ending his sentence with a groan as she began stroking his dick.

“I didn’t see you pushing me away,” Hanabi said with a smirk, “You could have just teleported us here when we hit the lobby” She sank down to her knees adding, “But you were just as hot for me as I am for you so couldn’t think straight.”

Naruto couldn’t think of a reply not that he would have been able to deny it, but the reason for his silence was due to Hanabi kissing the tip of his dick before parting her lips around it. He groaned as she pulled back to look up at him with lust filled eyes while she stroked his length. Seeing the stupor her actions had left him in she smirked before leaning in to begin running her tongue over his cock as the hand stroking him moved to cradle his balls. After covering almost every inch of him with her tongue, she ran it around the tip before taking him into her mouth once more. Moving up and down the length of him that she could comfortably take in, she used her free hand to stroke what remained as the other continued massaging his heavy testicles.

Naruto placed his hand on the back of her head as he began to pump his hips in time with her actions causing Hanabi to suck even harder. She felt his heavy nuts begin to retract as he swelled in her mouth so she knew what was coming even as he announced, “Shit…Hanabi….I’m cumming.”

She hummed into his length letting him know she didn’t mind but gagged a little as the hand on her head pushed her forward just as he jerked his hips forward. His cock tickled the back of her throat as he began filling her mouth with his seed. She swallowed what she could, but some began to leak pass her lips and run down her chin. After a moment, his grip relaxed while his knees sagged as he grew weak from his release.

“Mmmm,” she said after letting his dick slip free of her lips and began to make a show of swallowing his cum. She smiled seductively as she traced her finger over her chin to scoop up what escaped and made a production of licking his essence from the digit. “Naruto, my favorite flavor.” She rocked back to her heels spreading her thighs to show her dampened panties as she added while rubbing her mound, “But now down her wants a taste as well.”

Naruto growled with lust as he picked her up by the shoulders before supporting her weight by gripping her ass. He kissed her hungrily as she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he moved to his bedroom. Reaching the bed, he lowered her down before kissing down her neck. Reaching the material of her dress, he slipped the right strap from her shoulder before peeling the black gown down to suck on her petite breast. Hanabi hissed in pleasure as she ground her hips into his groin and feeling his hardness against her panty covered pussy pleaded, “I…I need you inside me.”

Naruto bit her nipple causing her to arch her back as she moaned from the painful but enjoyable feeling. Pulling back he said, “Now there’s no need to rush.”

Hanabi gripped his face between her hands stating, “When a girl tells you to fuck her pussy, you fuck her pussy.”

Naruto smirked, but responded, “Yes ma’am,” as he pushed the material of her panties to the side. They both groaned as his cock clipped inside her and upon the tip touching her womb, they basked in the feeling of becoming one once more. They both held still for several moments until Hanabi began moving her hips slightly. Taking that as the signal to begin, Naruto began to move slowly at first, but the two of them soon found their comfortable rhythm.

Hanabi basked in the feelings that Naruto’s cock moving within her created until they ceased as her world spun and she found herself on top after Naruto rolled them over. Hanabi didn’t pause as she quickly began grinding her hips against his in a circular motion. As she did so, the blond reached up pulling down the other strap of her dress so that he could pull it down to her waist. He then sat up and began to flick his tongue against the just exposed nub.

As a result Hanabi arched her head back as she moaned out towards the ceiling. This lasted until Naruto fell back again and with a gentle guiding pressure from his hands on her hips urged her to turn away. Hanabi followed the silent instructions as she spun on his pole until she was facing his toes. She then began to raise and lower her hips as Naruto pushed the hem of her dress up her hips so he could watch his cock appear and disappear from her pussy.

Hanabi gripped his knees as she bounced her hips quickly feeling the building pressure in her core which told her that she was close. She felt Naruto was reaching the point as well as his cock swelled and he began pumping his hips to meet hers. They began to slam into each other erratically as they both tried to stave off their orgasms for as long as possible. Naruto groaned as he couldn’t hold back any further shouting, “Fuck…I’m at my limit…”

“Good ahead,” Hanabi said, “T… it’s okay today. Give me your cum. My womb is so thirsty for it.”

Naruto groaned grabbing her hips and pulled her into him fully as he raised his hips off the bed. She climaxed as much from being fully impaled on his cock as from the liquid heat pouring into her. The two yelled each other’s name as they rode the waves of pleasure together, before Naruto went slack beneath her. She nearly collapsed forward, but managed to spin around before lying beside him.

She smiled as he breathed heavily stating, “Damn, I think we should make this a new tradition for today.”

“I don’t know about that. What really differentiates it from how we spend almost every day?”

Naruto chuckled as he responded, “Maybe, doing it with our clothes on.”

“Mmm,” Hanabi said feeling sleep trying to take her off to slumberland, “we’ve done that before too.” She wasn’t sure why, but as she was about to go under she flashed back to the cemetery and the guilty look that she had seen Naruto make as Sakura talked about the Sasuke that she had wanted to reach. Finding her curiosity more invigorating then rest, she pulled her head from his chest to ask, “Back at the cemetery you reacted kind of funny when Sakura was discussing how warmly Sasuke regarded her on the day your team was founded.”

From a lot of practice in reading Naruto, not that she needed it as he was a horrible liar; she knew he was being evasive as he said, “Did I?”

Hanabi zeroed her eyes above his as she said, “Yes, now spill it and don’t even think of lying to me. I’ll know.”

Despite her words she could tell that for a moment he actually considered not telling her the truth or even just refusing to answer. However, after a moment and with a heavy sigh he said, “I’m the person that told her those things while I was henged as Sasuke. I had wanted to know what she thought of me, so ambushed him to approach her since back then she barely even spoke to me. I told her that I though her forehead was charming and it made me want to kiss it. I tried to play it off as being something I didn’t mean, but I could tell she really took it to heart. To make a long story short I ended up needing to leave in a hurry, but she still doesn’t know it was me.”

Hanabi was stunned, not sure how to respond so settled on a simple, “Oh.”

She laid her head back against his chest as he said, “I guess I just feel bad that the Sasuke that she seems to have loved never actually existed.”

Hanabi tried to sound reassuring as she said calmly, “Well maybe that’s a good thing. At least then she does have a positive image of him, as what would she have otherwise if she is still clinging to that.” However, inside Hanabi was less than calm about the revelation particularly since in a sense the person that Sakura had loved was still alive and well. Hanabi began to worry that Naruto’s feelings for her might waiver upon learning that the woman he had loved had feelings for him in a sense as well. The Hyuuga had realized that Sakura’s regard for Naruto had changed when he came back from the training trip and had even blossomed into love through their many adventures together. But, Hanabi suspected what had prevented his teammate from acting on her changed feelings were the ones she harbored for a version of Sasuke that had never actually existed.

“Maybe you’re right,” Naruto said causing Hanabi to frown although she was glad her words helped ease some of his guilt, she worried that perhaps the only reason he had been unattached to respond to her feelings was because of a misunderstanding. Worrying about what it might mean if that misunderstanding was ever cleared up, she felt her head begin to spin in circles, but it all faded away as he said, “I love you.”

The three simple words eased Hanabi’s heart as she knew Naruto wasn’t the type of person to profess his feelings for someone unless he meant them. But still, some part of her couldn’t help but fret over all the times she had seen him profess having strong feelings for Sakura as well.
Outside Naruto’s apartment building another Hyuuga was taking advantage of the fact that for the first time the seals that had barred her vision were no longer present. However, she suspected the reason for their removal was so she could witness the act that had just taken place between Naruto and her sister. The Hyuuga clenched her hands into fists causing her nails to dig into her palms as she watched the two lay together in bed.

“Good evening, Lady Hyuuga,” a man called out to her forcing her to cut the chakra to her eyes.

Giving the man a pleasant smile she responded, “Good evening. How are you enjoying this Day of Victory?”

“About the same as every other as they’re all a gift thanks in part to the Hero of the Leaf,” the man said stumbling a little from celebrating the gift a little harder than normal.

“Indeed,” she replied, “Just be sure to not push your enjoyment of that gift too hard today. We wouldn’t want you cursing tomorrow from the sun’s rising. If you’ll excuse me?”

“Sure thing,” the man said a little too intoxicated to wonder why someone as important as the Leader of the Hyuuga would duck down a dank alley rather than walk through the streets. Shrugging, he went along his merry way as Hinata reactivated her Byakugan until she could no longer view Naruto’s apartment and after ending her jutsu looked forward to revealing the surprise that she had in store for her sister.
Hanabi watched Naruto pace nervously for several moments before saying amused, “Will you calm down? Come here.”

Naruto sat down next to Hanabi as he said, “This is probably it. They’re finally going to make me Hokage. Why else call me before the Jounin council with the Fire Daimyo present?”

Hanabi smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes as she wondered why she had also been summoned. When she brought it up to him, Naruto had simply stated that naturally they would want to tell him with his girlfriend present. She hoped that was the case, but couldn’t deny feeling something was off. Although, she did hope the feeling was simply because her sister was a member of the council.

She felt her own nervousness spike as Shizune opened the door to invite them in. Hanabi noted that Shizune seemed rather tense, but doubted Naruto noticed it as excited as he was. Upon entering the room with the Daimyo sitting at the head of a long rectangular table next to Tsunade, Hanabi instantly went on guard. The reason was primarily due to the look on Tsunade’s face as she saw her mother figure looking like it was taking everything in her not to start swinging away at people. A quick look to Hinata and the smugness she was giving off despite the serene face that she wore was all Hanabi needed to know that whatever was about to be discussed involved her.

Hanabi’s gaze drifted to Kakashi. The jounin looked to be in the same boat as Tsunade, but was keeping his emotions under better control. Her gaze switched back to Tsunade as she said, “Naruto, the true purpose of this meeting before it was hijacked…”

“Tsunade, that enough,” the Daimyo said calmly, “we have already discussed the matter at length and you have made your position quite well known. Let the matter go.” Tsunade scowled at the man, who ignored it to say, “Naruto Uzumaki, the world at large owes your team and you in particular a great debt. Still despite that, you have continued to serve with distinction…”

“But you can’t help asking for more,” Tsunade said under breath causing a look of annoyance to appear on the Daimyo’s face.

He let it slide though as he continued as if she hadn’t spoken, “But, the life of a shinobi is continuous service as you well know and one of the purposes of this meeting is to let you know that soon that service will be from the position of Hokage.” Despite the tension in the room, Hanabi couldn’t help but to smile broadly as Naruto sent her a look due to the happiness she saw reflected in his eyes. She had the misfortune of seeing some of that happiness fade as the Leader of the Land of Fire continued, “But there is a catch.”

Naruto looked back to ask, “Catch? What kind of catch?”

“Recently, the matter of what would we do if Kaguya ever returned to the world again has begun to way upon me. The Black Zetsu creature after all existed for untold millennia working to such a goal. What if Kaguya has other such means to return?”

“We’d stop her,” Naruto replied confidently, “The Shinobi Villages have never been more united. Zetsu’s plan was only able to work as we never saw the true scope of it until it was almost too late. With the communication levels currently passing between villages I doubt we would be caught so unaware again.”

“Yes, a very good argument,” the Daimyo said with a nod, “One your teacher and the current Hokage have already made against what is to be proposed as the condition for your becoming Hokage.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, when you get right down to it. Despite the entire shinobi world uniting against the enemy, Kaguya’s defeat came about from only two people. One being you, and the other the criminal Sasuke Uchiha. This was only made possible by your being descendants of the Sage of the Six Paths. A lineage shared at present by only two people. One is you, and the other is Tsunade.”

“There is also Karin,” Kakashi pointed out, “Although her whereabouts are unknown.”

“Which is why she is not being included in the Daimyo’s count,” Hinata said leaning forward, her gaze locked squarely onto Hanabi’s face. “Moreover, simply being from a clan that can trace its roots to the Sage is not necessarily all that important. My own for instance can trace its roots back to Kaguya’s other son. But what is important is that Naruto has been shown as someone able to wield the sage’s abilities and even if this was partially due to his being an anchor for the spirit of one of the sage’s sons. The other anchor necessary was destroyed with Sasuke’s death.”

“Indeed,” the Daimyo said, “Therefore it is up to us to restore it should Kaguya return to the world.”

“How?” Naruto asked confused.

“Simple,” the Daimyo said, “You must take several wives in order to produce future anchor points.”

“What?” Hanabi said noting the smirk that appeared on Hinata’s face at the revelation.

“This is a joke right,” Naruto said focusing on the Hokage. “Come on Granny Tsunade the jokes not funny.”

“I wish it was one,” Tsunade said solemnly, “Unfortunately as passed by this council the Sage Arts Restoration Act or S.A.R.A is a reality. Furthermore, as part of its passage it is mandatory for you to find and marry several kunoichi within a period of six months. Within a year’s time of that, you should have produced at least two offspring from a combination of them. Failure to meet either of these requirements means you will be passed over for the position of Hokage.”

“I… I don’t understand… how… why?”

Tsunade sent a glare towards Hinata but upon looking back towards him while sounding as soothing as possible said, “Certain parties managed to…”

The Daimyo cut her off stating, “That doesn’t matter. The point is that it is a Hokage’s duty to put the village and well-being of others before even his own interests. This is a principal your father exemplified when he sacrificed himself to seal the nine-tails inside you even as he had just become a father. Much like you and Sasuke are branches that can trace your roots back to a single source in the Sage, you are to be the source for future generations that might be needed to face Kaguya. Therefore it is in our best interest to create as many branches as possible. I understand that you are currently involved with someone and as such this must come as a shock to both of you so I will give you the day to discuss the matter. If you refuse, then the only thing I can do to show my displeasure is to install a Hokage who is willing to sacrifice for the good of others. We’ll reconvene tomorrow.”

With that the Daimyo and the others stood to leave with Tsunade and Kakashi approaching to offer their advice on how to proceed. Hanabi could see her adoptive mother was worried that the bet she placed years ago was about to fall short, but that she would ultimately understand it if he told the Daimyo just where he could stuff his ultimatum.

For Hanabi it had been a long night particularly as it had ended with her and Naruto making love several times. Before she had finally fallen asleep, she couldn’t help thinking that she was partially to blame for the situation Naruto found himself in. After all, having known of her sister’s stalking habits she had covered Naruto’s apartments in seals meant to blind the Byakugan shortly after her banishment from the Hyuuga. Yet, upon becoming his girlfriend had removed them as she had wanted Hinata to see her being taken by the man that she would never get to have due to the Hyuuga Clan’s rules.

She figured that since Hinata knew she wouldn’t be able to position herself to become Naruto’s lover she had sought to drive a wedge between them by giving him an impossible choice. On one hand if Naruto took the Hokage position, she figured that Hinata likely thought that she would come to resent him for putting his dream before her. On the other hand, if he turned it down then he might come to resent her for being the reason he didn’t achieve his ambition.

She had slept with a smirk as Hinata had vastly underestimated Naruto’s loyalty to her as he had told her that they weren’t even going to consider it. It had left Hanabi in the unique position of having to argue why he should allow the S.A.R.A to be applied to him. While it was born of her sister’s jealousy, it was a relatively valid reason at least for people living in fear that Kaguya would return. The smile that graced her lips as she slept had also been due to her crossing another item off of her checklist as she had experienced anal sex for the first time. In the morning provided her ass wasn’t too sore she planned to convince him to maybe create a few clones so she could experience having all her openings filled at once. She had woken to find her pussy a soaking mess due to the dreams she had experienced of such, but her backside had been a little too sore to put them into action.

However, while glad that Naruto seemed determined to abandon his dream for her. She couldn’t just let him go through with it, but she was surprised that she didn’t feel all that defeated by the notion. She hadn’t been able to place why until she had opened her journal to fill in the chart she had made of sexual experiences she wanted to enjoy with Naruto. She had drawn a happy face next to the entry on anal sex, and felt a little wistful about the one that followed seeing as it was the foursome with clones. It had been the next entry on the chart that had finally given her clarity as to why she had the peace of mind to go through with her plan.

The entry had read, “Have threesome with Naruto and another girl.” Next to girl she had crossed it out sometime in the past and put Sakura, as in truth as she had daydreamed about the scenario of sharing Naruto with another woman, the person had often changed at first. But in truth the entry on her chart had been placed mainly because Hanabi had always figured that she might have to one day go through Sakura to get Naruto. She had figured the best way to prepare for that potential outcome would have been to seduce the kunoichi and try to convince her to let her join in on their fun. With that being a possibility, she had figured it might be best to at least fantasize about it beforehand.

It was that understanding that helped remind Hanabi that if she hadn’t of ended up with Naruto, she would have been one of the first people lining up to be considered for something like the S.A.R.A. While sitting gingerly, due to her still sore butt, she looked over her journal and smiled as her sister had vastly underestimated her as well. Or, at the very least her perverseness as she found she was actually looking forward to being able to knock another item off of her list.


Naruto stepped into the council room hand in hand with Hanabi. His gaze settled on Hinata and for the first time he saw all the things Hanabi saw in her sister as she smugly said, “So, have you two made a decision about whether or not to accept the terms laid out in the S.A.R.A.?”

“Yeah we have,” Naruto said angrily, “We decided to tell you that you can go…”

A large part of Hanabi took a particular sense of glee in Hinata’s face beginning to respond to what she imagined was about to follow which was Naruto telling her to go to hell. But, her Hyuuga ability to read body language quickly told her that not only had her sister not expected Naruto to be willing to abandon his goal of becoming Hokage for her. But, that hearing the naked anger that he had for her at the moment and was being reflected in his voice was actually wounding Hinata. For a moment, Hanabi saw the sister that she remembered, mainly because she figured some part of Hinata couldn’t fathom actually being hated by Naruto.

Still, despite that brief glimpse of the sister that she had related to, it wasn’t what motivated Hanabi to quickly clamp her hand over Naruto’s mouth as she said, “…get the papers ready as we can’t wait to sign them.” Hanabi felt Naruto’s jaw stiffen under her hand as a result and she knew he was about to argue so she added, “Well we’re leaving; just get us those papers as soon as possible.”

She quickly spun and began leaving the room followed by her lover who figured his dramatic moment was ruined if he couldn’t show they were united in the matter so called after her. “Hanabi, now hold on a minute.” She made it a good distance down the hall before Naruto stepped in front of her holding out his arms to bar her passage as he said, “What the hell was that? We agreed that I was going to not accept becoming Hokage if it meant accepting this stupid act.”

“No, we argued about it and I knowing that you are a stubborn noble fool decided to let you think you won until just now,” Hanabi said amused. “I’m not going to let you give up on the dream that you had before we even met just for my sake.”

“But it isn’t just for your sake,” Naruto said quickly, “They have no right to demand that of me.”

“Unfortunately, thanks to some Hyuuga manipulation they certainly seem to think so,” Hanabi countered calmly. Stepping closer, she put her arms around Naruto’s neck as she looked up into his eyes to add, “I love you, and I want you to be happy. Hinata manipulated this because she figured either you would give up your dream, and come to resent me for it. Maybe not right away, but she figured eventually you might. Or, you would accept the idea of taking multiple wives in order to hold onto your dream and I might come to resent you. In either scenario she wins, or at least she believes so because there is no way a clan as concerned with bloodlines as the Hyuuga would ever let her marry an outsider. I doubt she wanted to hurt you, but she cannot stand the idea of me, a person with the same blood as her finding happiness with you even less.” Hanabi leaned up tasting Naruto’s lips before pulling back and cupping his cheek as she continued, “But she vastly underestimated our feelings for each other. I know you would have given up your dream for me, that’s why I cannot let you do it.”

“Then why do you have to give up on the life that you imagined together with me,” Naruto asked touched by Hanabi’s willingness to sacrifice for him.

But the way her lips twisted into an amused smirk as she said, “What makes you think I’m sacrificing anything?” caused a look of confusion to appear on his visage. She giggled as he tilted his head in the manner he often did when confused as she added, “I’ve imagined all sorts of scenarios over the years and I was extremely aware of the possibility that you might end up with another woman before you would feel comfortable about our age difference. What with you saving like a half dozen princesses and such. Not to mention saving the entire world from a crazed Rabbit Goddess, and all the female attention that earned you.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying my sister vastly underestimated the lengths I would have gone to in order make sure I had a place in your life, your heart, and your bed, which included convincing whichever other woman you might have ended up with to let me join in as a second wife and lover.” Naruto’s mouth dropped slightly from Hanabi’s admission causing her to giggle as she pulled his face closer to hers before she stated, “Face it Naruto. You’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to your soon to be wife.”

She sealed her lips to his and was pleased as he got over his stupor to begin kissing her back. They made out in the hallway, and in the back of each of their minds they could almost hear the man they each called Pervy Sage saying as he pictured the turn their life together was taking, “Now that’s a book worth reading. I knew I liked that girl for a reason.”

Next Chapter: The Gatekeeper

Author’s note: Well here we are three months later. It’s about a half hour before midnight on the 18th as I write this so mission accomplished. Let me also thank everyone for their kind words and support. Naturally, the troll didn’t arise to the challenge but nevertheless I think I have a pretty good story in mind as to where I want to take this story. I know some would be disappointed with it taking the harem route, but one of the reasons I decided to is because it allows me to create relationships for Naruto without having to create a new story for each one. Plus, for lemon fics it just kind of keeps things fresh letting lemons appear in each chapter.

I also kind of wanted to give my own spin to the typical CRA where it was used as a tool to destroy an existing relationship. Naturally things didn’t exactly go as planned. This will be a rather small harem as I stated on my Deviantart account, with probably only about 3-5 women appearing. I also figure the story at most will probably be only around twenty or so chapters, maybe even a lot less. The next three few will center on Hanabi choosing the women that Naruto is going to marry along with her hence the title.

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