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The Only Hope For Me IsYou

by BleachThatBitch

After years of being separated the boys are finally reunited, but unfortunately it's not under the best circumstances. Can they save there former best friend, will romance spark again?

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As Frank helped Mrs Rush into the bathroom of the small room he flinched slightly as she brushed off his stomach. The night before had proven to be ... adventurous... if that's the word you would use. Never before had Kyle used knifes as his way of punishment but last night, for a reason only Kyle knows, he decided a knife was the best way to get his point across. Frank was starting to loose the battle and he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold on for. He had no choice though, thanks to his drug addict mother he now had his 3 year old brother to consider and he wasn't about to fuck his life up like his mother had his. He had finished work at 2 and was waiting for Georgina to drop Joshua off so he could go home, so he decided to spend a little one on one time with his favourite lady. Elena Rush Way. His former boyfriends grandmother. In a way he was glad he still had some contact with the man who stole his heart almost 6 years ago because now he knew he was fine, doing amazing according to Elena. Things had been amazing between the two, and then one day it started to change and that was it. They broke up and never spoke again. Although he worked at the same nursing home Gerard's Grandmother now lived in, and Gerard now owned, he actually never seen him. Not once. But he was still greatful he still had some contact.

How he adored the woman he was now walking over to the toilet. Her laugh, much like Gerard's, made his heart burst with love and admiration. She was humming to herself as she watched the young man she loved like a son, he had bags under his eyes and his face showed nothing but pain despite the smile he wore for her. She would ask what the matter was when she was back in her armchair, afarid to annoy the boy so much he'd leave her stranded on the toilet. Her thinking was dramatic, as Frank would never do such a thing and she started to feel guilty at the thought. Her sweet Frankie would never harm a fly, let alone leave one to defend for themselves.

As she turned to sit on the toilet Frank moved his arm and she hit off his stomach. He groaned in pain but tried to cover it with a cough. Instant concern flooded her body as she sat down as quickly as she could and pulled up his shirt without him even realising. She gasped at the horrific sight of his bruised, bloody torso. She covered her mouth with her right hand and she used her left hand to gently, oh so carefully brush her finger tips over his bruises.

"My dear boy, what happened to you? Who did this to you?" She urged for an answer but he didn't look at her, he just looked at the wall behind her. "Frank who the fuck did this to you? It was him, wasn't it? That rat bastard ha..." the door swing open and frank wanted to die right then and there. The man he hadn't seen in over 6 years stood at the bathroom door, anger evident on his beautiful, sculptured face.

"What the fuck is going on here. What are you doing to my grandmother?" He was so angry, Frank flinched once again and Elena was starting to get sick of it. The boy who was once care free and hyper had turned into a frightened mute. She had enough.

"Do not talk to him like that Gerard, he has done nothing wrong" she huffed as she pulled down his shirt gently and took his hand.

"Then why where you shouting?" Gerard's anger had now turned into confusion. The thought of anyone harming his grandma hurt had angered him.

"I raised my voice because he is hurt and would not answer my questions. Frankie, sweetheart, will you please go sit down in my room. I will be out on a moment."

"but I have t.." so now he speaks?

"Gerard can do it sweetie. You go sit down" Frank nodded and headed towards the door: he didn't look up once at Gerard but my god did he want to. His smell was electrifying. Gerard watched as the boy he hadn't seen in years slowly walked past him. He was thinner, even smaller some how. He watched as he left the bathroom and took a seat by the window. He turned back to his grandma and closed the door. He said nothing as he helped her off the toilet. He knew what ever questions he had, she would make sure to answer them once she was back in her room. They walked back to her chair and she sat down, Gerard sitting on bed watching both his grandma and former lover. This was very strange to him. He sat waiting, watching; wondering. It was driving him crazy.

"Frankie.. I need to tell me what has happened." He shook his head. He couldn't. It wasn't fair to her.

"I can't Elena, it's not professional. I don't ever want to hurt you. You have enough going on without hearing about my problems. It's just not right" he felt tears in his eyes, the thoughts of ever hurting the wonderful woman sitting in front of him was to much to handle.

"Baby you could never hurt me. You are too sweet of a person to ever hurt me. But I need to know what has happened. I can help you. Are you in trouble?" He nodded, finally. "Is Joshua in trouble?" He shook his head.

"No, I will kill anyone who ever laid a hand on him. Nobody will hurt him, even if it kills me." He looked right at her. Nobody would touch his boy. Nobody. Elena nodded, "So it's just you then. You need to fight back Frankie. You have too." frank shook his head furiously.

"No I can't, I just cant. I have to protect Joshua. I can't." Elena sighed. She was getting nowhere fast.

"yes you can Frankie, you have to. Fighting back will protect Joshua" Frank quickly stood up and started pacing.

"No it won't. I'd be killing him. If I fight back he will kill me and then kill Joshua. Or hurt me bad enough I can't fight and then he will kill Joshua. He swore he would. I can't : I just can't: you have to understand Elena I can't do anything."

Gerard had heard enough. He didn't know who 'he' was or who 'Joshua' was but he had heard enough. "Frank, come here." Frank stopped his pacing and looked directly at Gerard for the first time in 6 years. Even back then Gerard never spoke to him in that tone of voice unless he was deadly serious about something. Without taking a second breath Frank walked over to Gerard and stood in front of him like a small child who was in trouble. "Now I'm gonna ask you a series of questions and I want simple answers. No explanations just simple answers ok?" Gerard use to have these kind of conversations with frank regularly. Frank would get so worked up over something that he would just babble on and not make sense. This was the only way Gerard was ever able to get answers and make sense of them. Frank nodded that he understand and took a deep breath. "Good, who is Joshua?"

"My 3 year old brother."

"Who is 'he'?"

"My boyfriend"

"Where dose he live?"

"My house"

"Dose he hit Joshua?"

"Not yet, but he hates him"


"he says he ruined our relationship"

"Why won't you make him leave?"

"He said he would kill me and or Joshua"

"Dose he hurt you?”

“Yes” Frank looked down at his hands as he answered, ashamed.

"It's ok Frank. Last question. Show me what my grandmother saw."

Without hesitation Frank lifted his shirt. Knife wounds, dried blood, dark bruises littered his toros. Gerard wanted to cry. Gerard nodded. And took Franks hand so his shirt would fall to its rightful place. He looked over at his grandmother. "I'm taking him into the bathroom; I need to examine the damage okay?" She nodded as she wiped her tears. Her sweet Frankie. Gerard guided Frank to the small bathroom within his grandmothers room. Once inside he shut and locked the door and turned to Frank. "Take your shirt of baby. Let me see the damage properly." Frank sighed as he done what was asked of him while Gerard rolled up the sleves of his shirt. The more skin that was exposed the worse the brushing was. Franks Ex was doing a number on him. The boy was destroyed, Gerard also noticed that he was right, he was thinner, a lot tucking thinner than he use to be. frank was never fat, he use to be slim, but now he was practically nothing. "You aren't eating baby, that's not a question either. I'm telling you, you are not eating." Gerard carefully examined a shaking Frank. It hurt Gerard to think Frank was afraid of him, but I guess with the only contact he had had lately was from fits or a knife he couldn't blame him. Gerard had decided he had seen enough. "I have to clean and dress those wounds or they will get infected. You will have to come to my house, I have nothing with me." Frank started to button up his shirt, as he did he looked Gerard in the eyes for the second time.

"I can't, I'm waiting for Joshua to be dropped off" Gerard nodded

"that's ok, we will wait for him."

They sat and talked with Elena for 20 minutes before a little boy came flying in the door and jumped on Frank. "frankieeeeeeee" frank laughed and Gerard heart skipped a beat. The laugh that made his knees weak was back, his palms started to sweat.

"Hi baby, you have a good day?" The hyper 3 year old nodded his head so fast Gerard thought it was gonna fly off.

"Yes, I went swimming and then had a nap" he bounced excitedly on Franks knees until he spotted Gerard. He turned around on Franks lap. "Hi, I'm josh. What's your name?" Gerard laugh as he reminded him of Frank.

"Hi Josh, I'm Gerard, how are you?"

"I'm good" Joshua went back to chatting with Frank about swimming so Gerard got up and kissed his grandmother goodbye, explaining his plans to bring Frank and Joshua back to his and to Treat Franks injuries. She nodded and thanked him, saying good by to her 3 boys she felt a little more hope for Franks future, hoping her grandson would be apart of it.
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