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Luna Joins In

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When would be one of the worst points in time for an over-powered Harry to return to his past? During the Trial before the Wizengamot! Time-travelling rework Year 5. In this chapter, Lavender pl...

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Disclaimer: This story is based on characters, ideas, and situations created by JR Rowling and owned by her and her publishers. I own the original elements & characters. No money is being made by me, and no trademark or copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter XI

"Quite the little matchmaker, aren't you, Harry?" Lavender asked, coming out from the shadows.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"You're setting the twin terrors up with the two who have been chasing them since Bell got angry at the pair of them for double- teaming her at the Ball, and I overheard Ginny and Hermione talking a few minutes ago. You want her to go after Neville Longbottom instead of you." Lavender almost leered. "What plans do you have to make Ron Weasley more attractive?"

Harry almost shuddered at the prospect of 'Won-Won' and 'Lav' a year early. Still, this had some potential. "Why? Are you interested?"

"Maybe," Lavender admitted. "No offense, but on looks, I'd take Ron over anyone else in our year and most of the Sixth years, although you and Seamus are both attractive. And I like him, but he treated Padma badly at the Ball, he was obviously crushing on Hermione after that until you whisked her away, and half the time he still acts more like a Second year than a Fifth. He's nowhere nearly mature enough to enter the Bonding, and with you and Hermione doing it, and possibly his older brothers, too -- well, that's what he'll want."

Harry projected a slight compulsion spell onto Lavender, while projecting the feelings of 'helpfulness', 'trust', and 'interest' through his aura. This was a trick he had been shocked to have learned that Dumbledore often used it. These were easy to resist if you were really so inclined, but Lavender wasn't.

"If I was attracted to Neville at all, I'd make a run at him, but I'm not. I am attracted to Ron. I just don't know how to approach him, especially since I don't know if I'm ready to Bond at the moment, and I know he isn't. And if we go ahead anyway, then I'm mostly stuck, Harry. I don't think most boys appreciate that." She looked at, confused and worried and hopeful all at the same time. Unlike Ginny's faux coyness earlier, Harry could tell Lavender's feelings were genuine.

"Ron is directionless," Harry said. "And he needs direction. The temptations will be either to boss him, like Hermione would have, or smother him with affection." 'Which is what you did in our original Sixth year,' Harry thought. "If you really want Ron to succeed, you need moderate amount of both as you test the waters. Don't nag him about homework, just set aside times to do it together. You're in all the same classes, and except for Divination, you two have much the same attitudes towards each class." Lavender had to agree with that.

"Start there, and encourage him at the Quidditch tryouts. I'll offer to toss Quaffles at him, and you can either do that, too, or if you don't think you can, you can help in some other way, even if you just show up and cheer. Keep any snogging very very light for a while. When Ron suggests more, tell him you hope to make it the type of full relationship Hermione and I have, but you don't want to get to that point until after the Easter break or even next year at the earliest -- you can always move it up. Right now, you want to get to know him, and for him to know you, because once you start, you'll likely be together for the rest of your lives. But as you sort of pointed out, you will have to control the relationship, not Ron."

"That makes sense," Lavender admitted.

"If you and Ron do get together, don't worry," Harry said. "We'll get him on a decent career path somehow. Actually, if he has confidence, I think he could actually play Quidditch for a few years and then move into coaching."

Lavender cocked her head to one side. "Wouldn't he have needed to be team captain for that? Here if not professionally?"

"Not necessarily here," Harry said. "If he makes the team this year, he or I could be captain for at least one year. If it's me, Ron would be the play designer, and I'd be sure to give him credit."

"Thank you, Harry," Lavender said. It was at least a start.

For Harry, the next few weeks were some of the most enjoyable he had ever spent at Hogwarts. Classes were a breeze. Moody was not quite as entertaining as his imitator had been, but he was a far better teacher, giving the students a solid theoretical background to go with the strong grounding he gave them in practice.

Harry, Ginny, Fred, and George had spent several hours the first week of class throwing Quaffles at Ron, while Hermione and (to everyone's but Harry's surprise) Lavender helped by retrieving any stray Quaffles and putting them back in play. Ron was surprised by Hermione's competence on her broom (and that she even owned one, a Cleansweap model noted for its stability), not knowing that Harry had coaxed her into flying again in August and had coached her.

The final surprise (to all but Harry and Hermione) had been the quality of Ginny's flying. The twins and Harry easily convinced Angelina to give her a tryout, and so Ginny was listed as Reserve Chaser and Reserve Seeker.

Harry's romance plans for his friends were also working out. Officially, Fred and Alicia, George and Angelina were couples starting their own Bonding by the end of September, with Katie acting as Chaperon. In reality, the two couples were switching off. And, after each time, Angelina or Alicia would then share the semen with Katie, just as Hermione was sharing with Luna, and then Angelina and Alicia would share the remaining taste with each other. It turned out that the three best friends were at least as interested in finding a way to stay together as they were in the twins.

Ron went through the roof with joy when he learned that Lavender was interested in him. A real, serious relationship frightened him nearly as much as the idea pulled on him, however, so Lavender's cautious approached actually relieved him. Her hugs and light kisses, which started after he made the Quidditch team, were more than enough to keep him going.

Neville had no idea what to make of Ginny at first. Then he realized that she was seeking a substitute for Harry, which both thrilled and bothered him. In truth, Neville was by nature the boy with the most natural ability to woo a girl in his year, and one of the best in the school. What he lacked was any confidence. After a pep talk from Harry, however, Neville began to put his hidden, natural charm to work.

Harry rather hoped that this would take care of both Neville and Ginny.

Luna was spending more time with Harry and Hermione each day in the library and even some private time in the Room of Requirement, as the trio got to know each other as close friends. She reported that things were still often tense for her in Ravenclaw, but the open problems were at least totally gone for the moment.

"You have returned of your own will, Lucius," Voldemort drawled. "You have news, or a plan?"

"The news, which I am sure you already have my lord, is that Potter is Bonding with that know-it-all Mudblood in his year, Granger," Malfoy replied.

Voldemort nodded. "Macnair is already trying to track down her parents' location. Proceed."

"Potter knows that I, Crabbe, Goyle, and I believe Nott are your followers, my lord. However, I am certain that the name of one follower who has a child at Hogwarts was skipped over in June."

Voldemort thought back, and his eidetic memory quickly remembered, "Smythe."

"Yes, my lord. Even better, Smythe's daughter is in Ravenclaw, not Slytherin, and is separated from her and her mother, which is even better cover. Also, Draco believes that Potter is already considering taking a second consort, a Fourth year Ravenclaw named Lovegood."

"Lovegood? An old name in modern form," Voldemort mused. "Coincidence? A Half-blood?"

"A Full-blood, actually, as she does have a great-grandfather who was Muggle-born on her mother's side," Lucius said. "The girl's father runs a ridiculous scandal-sheet called The Quibbler."

"So, we can either send Smythe in for a suicide assassination, or perhaps he can convince his daughter to help us abduct the Lovegood girl, if not Potter or even Granger," Voldemort thought aloud.

"A portkey could spare Smythe the need of it being suicidal, my lord," Malfoy suggested. "He would need to stay underground, and could claim someone impersonated him with polyjuice. That way, he would still have access to his fortune for us and his family."

"I shall consider the two options," Voldemort said. "See Smythe, and hear his opinions of his daughter's worth."

"Yes, my lord."

Saturday, September 30, 1995

Luna looked up from her tome on ancient Mitanni charms and looked at Harry and Hermione. The three of them were in the Room of Requirement. The room itself was a pleasant one, a cross between a sitting room, a study, and a reference library. She was curled on an amazingly comfortable (and huge) leather chair while Hermione worked on new study schedules for the First year Gryffindors at a library table. Harry was in a corner, dressed in a gi and practicing wand movements with such quick and fluid motion that it looked like a cross between a dance and a Muggle martial arts demonstration. (Harry, it turned out, had learned several martial arts, although not at the very top levels.)

Between Hermione and Luna, on a low table, was a large pot of peppermint tea. Nearby was a pitcher of pink lemonade for Harry. There was a platter of cheeses, sliced cold meats, and breads, which they periodically munched on.

It was warm in every sense, domestic even.

It was the closest Luna had felt to being at home, in her heart, since her mother had died.

Luna, when she realized that, thought about those feelings very carefully. She decided that she not only approved, but wanted those feelings to last.

Luna slipped off her shoes and quietly undid her robe and then her dress. When she stood to take them off, it caught Hermione's peripheral vision, and she looked up to see Luna placing them on the chair, followed by her bra, then her socks and panties.

Luna smiled at Hermione, dressed only in her necklace of butterbeer caps and mismatched earrings -- a small silver Celtic cross and a hard green plastic spider.

Harry caught that sight as he made a spinning turn in his workout. Harry fell out of his spin and onto his arse, stunned.

"Wow," he said.

"You are beautiful," Hermione agreed.

"I am not," Luna said simply. "I have no boobs, no butt, I am too skinny, my eyes pop out, I have scrawny legs, my hair is. . . ."

"If you were a Muggle, you would be hired as a high fashion model in a minute," Hermione avowed. Luna was a bit too short for that, at least currently, but Hermione was fairly accurate in her assessment. It was not a popular look in the wizarding world, however.

"Easily," Harry agreed.

"I shall take your word for it," Luna said. "Harry, Hermione, I know I must wait until February to officially join my life to yours, but I thought I should give you notice of my desire."

"We would have to wait until February to make it official," Hermione said, her voice husky from desire. "We can do anything you want now."

Harry merely nodded and secured the entrance with a wave of his wand.

Hermione set down her quill and moved to her knees in front of Luna. "Please, may I kiss you . . . everywhere?"

Luna took the two steps necessary to bring her to nearly touching Hermione. She bent and kissed Hermione deeply. "Only if I can return the favor," she replied after breaking the kiss.

Harry approached and touched their shoulders, and concentrated for a moment. The Room wavered and reformed around them.

Luna's chair and possessions remained, as did Hermione's library table and work. Even though it was mid-afternoon in mid-autumn in the real world, a large window had formed on one wall, showing an evening scene, looking out on snowy woods. The ambient temperature dropped a few degrees, then went back as a fireplace, merrily burning fragrant apple wood, appeared opposite the window. An immense canopied bed was against the room opposite the trio. Harry gestured to behind Luna, where a door had appeared. "There should be a bath nearly equal to the Prefect's Bath in there, along with some water-proof cushions. Any preference?"

Luna looked at Hermione, who replied, "This is your day."

"You and I should go to the cushions with Harry, and perhaps, if we are still able, then Harry, you, and I on the bed." She looked at Harry. "If you wish to last, you might want to stay out here."

"I don't care if I pop in a second," Harry said, "if neither of you would mind."

"I don't mind a bit," Luna answered, her voice now heavy with lust.

"I want you to watch us love each other," Hermione added.

"Then you are overdressed at the moment," Harry said, for he had slipped out of his workout gi and was standing only in the jock strap.

Looking down, Hermione said, "Maybe Luna and I should relieve your pressure, then make love. You might be inspired afterwards to take me to bed, with some help from Luna . . . or even the other way around."

Harry adored Hermione's blowjobs, but had not been inside her since the morning of September 1. His hard cock pulsed at the idea.

"I think he is in favor," Luna said with a smile.

"I think so, too," Hermione agreed. "Still, before we go any further. . . ." She took her wand and held the tip just above Luna's clit and said a contraception spell.

"I not certain if I'm ready for that," Luna said.

"True, but it's best to be safe," Hermione pointed out. "Shall we?" The other two nodded. Hermione went through the door first. Harry and Luna watched her arse gently sway away from them.

"So perfect it would make an artist cry out of envy, isn't it, Harry?" Luna stated.

"Exactly." Harry smiled at Luna. "So, partners as well as lovers?"

"Partners and lovers," Luna agreed. They shook hands and then kissed.

Hermione looked back at them. She hoped she was doing the right thing. Harry swept Luna up in his arms and threw her over his shoulder, which made her shriek and giggle, and followed Hermione.

"Where do you want this lovely wench, my love?"

Hermione glanced around, and saw a large sunken bath, with mats, on one side of the room, but her attention was drawn to the other side. "Set her on that futon over there, then lie down on your back, with your feet on the floor. You might need the leverage. Maybe we'll play in the water later."

Harry set Luna down and then did as Hermione directed. Hermione got on the futon, on Harry's right side. Luna slithered over him and knelt on his left.

Hermione took a deep breath, and then started licking up and down Harry's erection. Luna's head came close, staring in lust and interest. Soon Hermione was licking and sucking up the right side while Luna was doing the same on the left. They went slow, and often kissed at the top. Luna had never done this, but all First year girls were given instructions, and all had witnessed this done.

After a few minutes of this, Hermione readjusted her position, and slowly sucked Harry into her mouth, and after a moment of hesitation, down into her throat, something which was impossible to do in the formal Bonding setting.

"Oh my!" Luna exclaimed in an awed whisper. She had never thought 'deep throat' was anything more than an expression. She saw now it was real, and from the small sounds Harry was making, he loved it. From the yummy sounds Hermione was making, she loved doing it.

Hermione expelled and sucked down the entire length of Harry three more times. Luna watched in awe as she saw Hermione's throat bulge with each swallow. Then with a final lick around the head, Hermione sat up and swung her left leg over Harry, so that her arse was facing Harry. She held onto his cock, while trying to position herself -- he was so long it wasn't easy to aim from this height.

Seeing this, Luna touched Harry with her hands for the first time. She watched as Hermione slowly eased herself onto the wet pole. Hermione's inner labia formed something of an 'innie' -- very little of them were visible.

Harry was holding still, letting Hermione massage his cock in and out of her, with it going in a little deeper every third or fourth mini-thrust. After a few moments of this, Hermione seemed to have hit bottom. Less than a third of the cock was still outside Hermione.

Hermione sighed with satisfaction. She spoke to Luna in a dreamy voice than Luna had never heard before. "This is great, but it can hurt both of us a little if I bounce him off my cervix very much. So. . . ."

With that, Hermione gave a little grunt, and the remaining two inches slowly sank into Hermione. "That feels. . .so weird," she said, with obvious satisfaction.

"It's rather on the snug side," Harry said, and Luna realized Harry was inside Hermione's womb.

Hermione eased Harry out slightly more than half-way, and began flexing her vaginal muscles a little. "Make me cum, Luna," Hermione begged.

Luna sat up and looked at her friend and lover. Hermione was red in the face, neck, and even a little around her breasts from her sexual flush, her reddish-brown nipples hard and vulva dripping, and she was breathing hard. Harry was supporting her back with both arms. Hermione was leaning back, totally relaxed except for those muscles gripping Harry's cock, her arms relaxed -- she was waiting to hold Luna's head, Luna realized.

Luna leaned forward, and licked around Hermione's right nipple, drawing a low moan from Hermione throat and Hermione's arms went around Luna's shoulders. Luna's tongue worked over to the left nipple, and then down Hermione's sensitive tummy.

Hermione's pussy was slowly leaking a mixture of her own juices and Harry's pre-ejaculation lubrication. Hermione moved off Harry slightly, and Luna licked the lowest quarter of his cock clean, before moving directly to the source, and then to Hermione now-exposed clit. It only took about a half minute of flicking before Hermione orgasmed, and lost control of her body as she nearly passed out. If Luna had been thinking clearly, she would have marveled at the power of Hermione's passions.

She wasn't thinking clearly, however. Luna eased Harry out of Hermione. Her own lust had been building, and she licked and sucked him clean. Harry reached down and pulled Luna to him, and they kissed hard and deeply.

Luna felt the glans rubbing against her vulva. "Harry?"


"I was wrong about not being ready. Would you claim my virginity? Would you claim me as your second consort?"

"No," Harry answered, "but I will take your virginity as a gift, and I would be honored to have you as my first consort, if we ever bother with ranking ourselves." Hermione, she realized, would be his full bondmate if any would. "I love you."

"And I love you, Harry." She sat back slowly, savoring the fullness as Harry sank in some seven inches -- this felt like heaven was slowly splitting her apart, only slightly burning as he ripped her maidenhead and opened her for the first time. She didn't care. The pleasure was far more overwhelming than the pain. "Oh, goddess, yes! Split me! Spit me! Send that in all the way!" Luna screamed a little as Harry did just that -- in a smooth thrust that barely hesitated at her cervix, Harry was all the way inside her.

"It's a good thing I cast that spell. I hope I did it right! Cause if it didn't work, he's about to impregnate you," Hermione, recovering, murmured.

"I'm sure you did," Luna managed to moan, "but I wouldn't care if I get preggers! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, master!"

As Harry did just that, Hermione sat back in surprise. Luna had never shown any submissive tendencies that she had ever heard of, not that she knew Luna all that well. On the other hand, they were both being showered with testosterone.

Hermione came close to Luna's ear as she could without getting slammed in the jaw by Luna's shoulder. "Did you mean that, Luna? Are you our slave in bed? What shall we do with our slave?" Hermione whispered, although it was loud enough for Harry to hear.

"Yes," Luna moaned, "I'm yours. Hermione, my love, my mistress, my beloved darling, have him fuck me! Spank me, rip me, do anything, but don't let him stop pounding me!"

Hermione's hand slapped the side of Luna's arse, hard.

"Yes!" Luna called out. "Love me!"

Hermione spanked as Harry fucked her. In less than two minutes, Luna was having as great an orgasm as Hermione had. Luna fell on Harry's chest. Hermione rolled her off and hugged her.

Luna and Hermione were embracing, kissing deeply, when they became aware of a long rod near their lips.

"Poor baby," Hermione cooed, shocking Luna again. "And you were so good at holding back for us."

"What shall we do?" Luna asked.

"Get astride him, and start sucking," Hermione commanded. Luna hustled to obey. A small voice in the back of her mind wondered why she was acting so submissively, but she smothered it and concentrated on sucking Harry's glans. Hermione had no compunction in stationing Luna at the tip and concentrated on jacking Harry off into her mouth.

Harry had nearly cum three times in the past forty minutes, restraining himself only with increasing difficulty. Now he just laid back and slowly relaxed. In far less than two minutes, he was ejaculating into Luna's mouth.

Luna pulled back after three jolts of cum filled her mouth, trying to swallow it all. Hermione was there in an instant, swallowing the rest, jacking Harry dry.

Only when Hermione was sure the last drop was out, and Harry had mostly softened, did she sit up and kiss Luna on the lips. They nestled down on either side of Harry, clasping hands. Harry's arms held them close. They each sighed, and fell into a short nap.

Margot stared at the letter from her father. It was discreet, almost to the point of being obscure.


Margot had long wondered why her mother had left her father when she was just an infant. That wonder had grown in her First year, as she had learned about the Bonding, and learned that her mother had been Bonded to her father. What, she had wondered, had been so bad that her mother had broken that Bonding in November, 1981? Her mother, after all, was a vague, weak woman as far as Margot was concerned.

Then she had realized what the cause had likely been. One of her parents must have supported You-Know-Who. As much as Margot wished that it had been her mother, she knew that it would have had to have been her handsome, nearly-perfect in her eyes, father. As the tensions over the Chamber of Secrets rose during that late spring, numerous accusations had flown around the Ravenclaw Common Room. It was only then that she had learned that her father had spent a year in Azkaban, and had only partially gotten off by pleading he had been under the Imperius.

It had been Lovegood who had actually told her what the other students had been saying, but Margot had placed most of the blame on the messenger.

Margot had firmly believed in her father's basic innocence ever since. However, this letter destroyed that belief. Her father was either a Death Eater, or had been close to being one. Stated plainly, what he had taken six paragraphs to ask was if she would either be ready to help him kidnap Luna Lovegood, or invent an excuse for him to come to Hogwarts to either kidnap or kill Harry Potter.

Kidnapping Lovegood by portkey should not be difficult. All Margot would have to do would be to say a password and drop the portkey onto Lovegood's sleeping form or into her bookbag, and at the prearranged time, it would whisk the annoying girl away.

'Why not?' Margot thought. 'What could go wrong?'

That thought made Margot stop and wonder what in deed could go wrong? Therefore, when she wrote her reply, she asked some very thoughtful questions, ones which Smythe did not feel qualified to answer.

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