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Wrapped in Crimson

by GenocideHeart

The aftermath of Iruka's birthday party left a few questions in Yuuhi Kurenai's mind - questions like, "What happened last night?" "Why am I in bed with Naruto?" and "WHERE ARE OUR CLOTHES?!"... Na...

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(A/N: Hmm... lately I seem to be harassed by the Lemon Plot Bunny. All I seem to churn out is smut.

Oh well. This here is a Naruto/Kurenai fic. The idea came to me all of a sudden at 3AM in the morning, sank its teeth in me and didn't let go. And this Kurenai is... novel, in a way. Read and you'll see what I mean.

Later all!)


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Wrapped in Crimson

Konoha: Now

It was a beautiful morning in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The birds chirped happily on the trees' branches, basking in the warm morning sun. The early risers in the village were already going about their business, and the rest of the town was slowly coming to life as well.

Uzumaki Naruto slowly woke up from what he vaguely remembered to be a very, very pleasant dream, humming happily as he snuggled closer to the warmth enveloping him and lightly suckled on the soft, warm object between his lips. Absently, he thought, Mmmm, these pillows are really soft...

His half-awake thoughts were interrupted by a light moan coming from above his head. The blonde boy blinked sleepily, then fully opened his eyes and took a peek around. A few seconds later, his brain finally processed what his senses were telling him, and his eyes widened in shock and a noticeable amount of fear.

The reason for his reaction was rather simple, and could be divided in a few key considerations.

One, he was currently snuggled up against a very shapely woman's warm, soft body. That in itself would have been embarrassing as it was, but the fact that they both were completely naked made the situation go from just awkward to uncomfortably intimate.

Two, said woman, whose face he still couldn't see due to his head being mashed against her naked breasts, had her legs wrapped around him in a rather sensual way, and he noticed with growing discomfort - and a growing something else - that their private parts were pressed against each other just enough for him to know she had no panties on.

Third, the 'pillows' he had been resting on and whose softness he had appreciated were the aforementioned breasts, and the 'object' he had been chewing on was one of said breasts' nipples, which now stood proudly at attention, as if demanding to be serviced more.

Naruto managed to just barely suppress the urge to struggle free and bolt, and instead cautiously shifted his head around enough to see the room he was in. He was successful in not rousing the still-sleeping woman latched onto him, although his movement ended up rubbing his cheek against her engorged nipples, which caused a moan to escape her lips.

Taking a quick look around, he determined that he was definitely not in his apartment. It was too well kept, with no cracks and missing paint in the walls, and the decor was different. He then proceeded to try and remember what had happened the evening before. He could remember being invited to Iruka-sensei's birthday party, and mostly hanging around on his own or talking with a few other people Iruka had invited. The scarred Chuunin had then asked him a favor later in the evening... to escort...

Naruto's eyes widened even more as he finally remembered what had transpired the previous evening, just as a light groan and a shifting warned him that his female companion was finally waking up.

Frozen with fear and not daring to move a muscle, he hesitantly raised his head, meeting the initially sleepy, then slowly and progressively more shocked and horrified eyes of the woman he'd consummated a night of passion with.

"G-good morning... Kurenai-chan..." he managed to croak with an unsteady smile as he gazed in the deep red eyes of a startled Yuuhi Kurenai. "Please... don't kill me? I can explain, I swear it... Hehehe..."

As he sweated under the beautiful jounin's shocked look, Naruto couldn't help but remember the events that led to his current situation...


Konoha: Before

"Oi! Naruto!"

Naruto stopped walking and looked around the street he was in when he heard a familiar voice call out his name. Spotting Iruka on the other side of the road, he broke in a goofy grin and quickly made his way up to his former teacher.

"Hey, hey, Iruka-sensei!" he greeted him. "What're you doing? Are you going to treat me to ramen?"

"What? Forget it!" the scarred chuunin replied. "I already treated you three days ago, and my wallet hasn't recovered yet!"

"Aw, don't be cheap," the blonde pouted. Iruka glared at him, then snorted in amusement.

"Well," he said in a studied tone, "if you think I'm cheap, then maybe I shouldn't invite you to my birthday party tomorrow..."

That caught Naruto's attention. If there was one thing he loved, it was parties. It was an exceedingly rare occurrence for him to be invited to one - so far, the only ones he'd attended to were Iruka's and, in one occasion, Sakura's.

His attendance to the latter had been cut short when he'd started a ruckus with Sasuke which resulted in Sakura booting him out - literally. Shortly afterwards, Sasuke had left as well, despite the desperate pleas of the pink haired girl to stay, and he and the blonde ended up exchanging insults and rudeness until they went their separate ways.

Despite that less than pleasant experience, he thoroughly enjoyed Iruka's birthday parties. He always made sure to invite only people whose opinion of Naruto was neutral at worst, so he could actually enjoy himself without having to worry about insults and general animosity.

"Cooooooome on, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto whined. "Don't do this to me! You know I love your parties!"

Iruka pretended to think it over for a while, then smiled at the blonde, ruffling his hair. "Fine, you can come. But no complaining about lack of ramen, understood? And no pranks!" he warned him in a half-serious, half-affectionate tone. Naruto nodded enthusiastically.

"Promise! What time do I have to be at your house at?"

"Seven o'clock in the evening," he replied. "Don't be late, or all the best snacks and sweets will be gone!"

"I'll be on time, promise!" he assured him. "Oi, is Sakura-chan going to be there as well?"

"Well..." Iruka began slowly, not sure how to tell him that upon being invited, the first thing Sakura had asked was 'Is Naruto going to be there?', and upon his affirmative answer she had flatly turned him down, claiming it was 'her chance to convince Sasuke-kun to go on a date'. Opting for a gentle lie, he replied: "No, she said she had to clean her room up. Sorry, Naruto."

"Oh," the boy said, looking crestfallen. he perked up shortly afterwards though, smiling at Iruka. "Oh well. I'll still have fun. Thanks, Iruka-sensei! You're the best!"

After a quick hug to the chuunin, the energetic blonde ran off, excited at the prospect of the coming party. Iruka shook his head with a smile, then frowned slightly.

Sakura doesn't know what she's missing out on/, he thought. /She could have a gentle, devoted kid like Naruto, but all she cares about is outward appearance. Oh well, her loss...

Shrugging and dismissing his thoughts on Sakura's tastes, he went on to distribute the rest of the invitations for the party. Let's see... next... Kurenai-san...


The next evening found Yuuhi Kurenai walking through Konoha's streets along with her on-and-off friend Mitarashi Anko, as the two women headed towards Iruka's place. That in itself would not have been particularly noteworthy, if not for the way the two women were dressed.

Anko wore an outfit not unlike her official ninja gear: fishnet body, a very short black skirt and a tight short-sleeved black tank top which left her net-clad midriff bare. The ensemble was completed by a pair of knee-high leather boots and a studded black leather belt. All in all, Anko screamed 'danger' as usual.

Kurenai, on the other hand, was dressed in an absolutely stunning red and white kimono, which had been arranged so that it left a noticeable amount of her cleavage exposed. A pair of short white socks and white/red sandals completed her outfit, giving her an air of quiet seduction that, all in all, made her as intimidating as she was sexy, in a 'you can look, but aren't worthy of touching' way. The fact the kimono went naturally with her hypnotic red eyes only improved the effect.

Personally, Kurenai found the kimono a lot more daring than her usual ninja attire (which, despite being little more than wrappings, never showed that much cleavage), and couldn't help but blush. But Anko had all but bullied her into wearing it, claiming that with such a dress, she'd have had men dropping at her feet left and right.

Unfortunately, the psychotic Special Jounin hadn't quite realized that Kurenai wanted to attract a good man, not keep them away by appearing to be an untouchable goddess of some sort. At least part of the fault for Kurenai still being a virgin at 27 was Anko's, in fact, as the younger woman's preference for flashy, eye-catching clothes, while appropriate for herself, tended to make men hesitant in approaching the red-eyed jounin when she was similarly dressed. And while Sarutobi Asuma did show interest in Kurenai, their relationship was very on-and-off, as the lazy Team 10 instructor, much like Anko, often made the red-eyed woman very mad, causing long periods of break-up to grind any progress they may have made towards intimacy to a screeching halt.

Currently, their relationship was in one of their 'off' times, and Anko had apparently gotten fed up with Kurenai and Asuma's indecisiveness and constant fighting. Thus, she had taken it upon herself to, in her words, 'ensure that she would find a man to sweep her off her feet and make her a true woman.'

That phrase actually made Kurenai very nervous. She could still remember the last time Anko made a similar grandiose proclamation. The end result had been that most of the Konoha ninja she knew cast weird looks towards her for over a month. The memory was still enough to horribly embarrass her.

As they walked to Iruka's, Kurenai politely kept nodding while tuning out most of Anko's chattering - the majority of which often dipped on the perverted side, as she had been talking about men - and began wondering if she'd end her days an old maid. While she was aware that she was very attractive, she was also aware that men tended to be intimidated by her, and rarely, if ever, approached her. Most of those who did mistook her for a woman of loose morals, an impression that was quickly and brutally dispelled by Kurenai herself. And the few who didn't were either boring, did not meet her tastes or just plain infuriated her to the point of driving her to ditch them.

Asuma belonged to the latter category, and while to his credit he always managed to get back in her good graces, she was beginning to get tired of his constant habit of putting his foot in his mouth, so to speak. The fact he was a chronic smoker and she hated smoke did not help.

Kurenai idly remembered her younger days, when she harbored a king-sized crush for the Yondaime Hokage. To her, the handsome leader of Konoha had been the perfect man - kind, gentle, caring and selfless to a fault.

Sure, he had his bad habits - for instance, he had a tendency to scarf down an unhealthy amount of okonomiyaki (and how he managed to not get fat was something Kurenai never managed to figure out), and he could occasionally be denser than a brick wall when it came to intimate subjects, as Kurenai herself learned when she'd attempted to ask him out on a date (another thing she never quite figured out - how could the disciple of the infamous master pervert Jiraiya be so completely clueless about intimacy?). But those imperfections, in her eyes, only served to make him even more desirable, and his tragic and heroic death while defending the village from Kyuubi made her view of him even more idealized.

Thinking of the Yondaime led Kurenai to a related topic that had been on her mind for a while now. Namely, her pupil Hinata's infatuation with the young Kyuubi carrier, Uzumaki Naruto.

Unlike other ninja, Kurenai had the common sense of not thinking of Naruto and the fox as the same. While she had a healthy amount of fear for the creature sealed within him, she also admitted the boy was far too gentle and good-natured to be a rampaging monster of death and destruction.

She had also, unlike most other ninja, noticed a marked resemblance between the Yondaime Hokage and the boy. While the Hokage never officially had a companion, there were rumors that he had been in an affair with a younger woman (something which left Kurenai crushed when she first heard of it), and one of the most insistent rumors was that the woman had become pregnant over the course of the relationship.

She had actually asked the Sandaime about it, but Sarutobi had just shaken his head, smiled benevolently and told Kurenai to draw her own conclusions, without letting the ramblings of an old fool sway her.

To the young kunoichi, that had been all the confirmation needed, and it became a large part of the reason why she actively encouraged Hinata to pursue Naruto. Even if he hadn't been the Yondaime's offspring, though, there were infinitely worse choices the young girl could have made.

Kurenai's train of thought was rudely interrupted when Anko suddenly shoved an elbow in her side, causing her to wince and gasp in pain. The red-eyed jounin cast her friend an accusing glare, to which Anko replied with her characteristic smirk.

"Sorry to interrupt your daydreaming, Kurenai," she snickered, "but we're here, so you might want to pay attention. the way, what were you thinking about?"

"Oh... nothing," she replied. "Just... a boy that my student Hinata seems to have a crush on. I wonder if she'll ever gather the courage to tell him..."

"Ah, I see," Anko nodded sagely. Waiting until Kurenai was about to climb the stairs to Iruka's apartment, the snake jounin then took her potshot: " You should have told me before, Kurenai-chan. I had no idea you liked them so /young/..."

To her credit, Kurenai managed to avoid collapsing to the ground in a heap after she stumbled. Her dirty look at Anko was met with the younger woman's roaring laughter. Deciding to at least keep some dignity, she straightened up, smoothed her kimono and climbed the stairs, with Anko following at a slower pace due to her uncontrollable laughing.


A few minutes after Anko and Kurenai made their grand entrance (and it had been grand - practically every eye was glued to either woman, although none of the men had made so much as a move towards the red-eyed kunoichi, clearly intimidated by her beauty), The door of Iruka's apartment opened and Naruto happily skipped in, clad in his characteristic orange jumpsuit. Upon noticing him, Iruka muttered and made his way over to the blonde.

"Oi, Naruto," he hissed, grabbing him as he darted around and glaring at him. "Couldn't you put on something nicer? It's always orange with you!"

"Well, I don't have anything better," Naruto replied in a petulant tone. "You know nobody will sell me anything if they can help it..."

Iruka's gaze softened. "Right... sorry, Naruto," he apologized, motioning for him to follow. "Come on, I'll show you to the buffet. Kakashi-san and Gai-san are also here..."

"What! You invited Super Fuzzy-Eyebrows?!" Naruto said loudly. "And you complain about me not dressing nicely?"

"Gai-san actually changed his clothes to come here, Naruto," Iruka pointed out as he indicated the eccentric jounin. Naruto followed his index finger and took a look at Gai.

And looked.

And looked.

And then collapsed to the floor in a fit of laughter, joined by a discreet snickering by some of the jounin who were closer to him and overheard the exchange between the blonde and the scarred chuunin.

Over at the buffet table, Gai (who had decided to wear a smoking jacket, and actually looked worse in it than in his trademark spandex suit, resembling a penguin with two caterpillars over his eyes) looked over, saw Naruto laughing on the floor and smiled at Kakashi, who was leaning on the wall and sipping some sake. Although, exactly how he drank with his mask on, no one will ever know.

"Ah, my eternal rival!" he proclaimed, gaining an eyeroll from the silver haired jounin. "I see the flames of youth burn strong within your pupil! It is a shame that Lee was unable to attend this most excellent party, or the two of them together would surely have blinded all the present with their shining youthfulness!"

Kakashi rolled his eyes again. "Yes, Gai... whatever you say," he replied in a bored tone, then added under his breath: "...although I suspect Naruto is laughing at your dress, not because of youthfulness..."

"Did you say something, rival Kakashi?" Gai smiled at him. Kakashi schooled his face in a perfectly cheerful smile and shook his head.

"Who, me? Nope. Not a word."


Two hours later, the party had mostly become routine socializing. Most ninja had divided themselves in small groups, usually composed of people acquainted with each other.

Naruto had been one exception - after chatting with Iruka a bit and inhaling a good amount of food at the buffet (he was a glutton for anything that met his tastes, though his rate of eating other food was nothing compared to ramen), he headed over to Kakashi and Gai and talked to them as well - or rather, talked to Kakashi and endured Gai's lectures on youthfulness and hard work.

Afterwards, he'd randomly wandered around the apartment, poking his head in a few places - and quickly leaving the vicinities of a room when he caught a couple - Inuzuka Hana and Shiranui Genma, if memory served - in the middle of a heavy make-out session. The growl coming from Hana paired with the glare from Genma ensured that not only would he leave quickly, but would not talk to anyone about what he saw.

Besides Naruto, someone else was also left to their own devices. Kurenai had been discreetly abandoned by Anko with a wink, as the snake jounin aggressively went after the young chuunin proctors Izumo and Kotetsu. She'd met the two youths during the last Chuunin Exams, and they'd quickly started a rather steamy threesome relationship. Neither Izumo nor Kotetsu held any illusion as to Anko's feelings: it was a pure 'sex friends' arrangement, and all three were happy with it.

Unfortunately, Anko's attempt to make Kurenai look available backfired. While before, the younger woman's presence made approaching Kurenai seem doable, if very dangerous, now she appeared to be off-limits, and none of the young men glancing at her dared approach her alone. Being acutely aware of that situation, Kurenai had taken to drowning her sorrows in sake, conscious that this night would be yet another fiasco.

That, however, led to an interesting side effect on Kurenai that few actually knew about. Namely, she could not take alcohol.

It was a bit ironic, really. Kurenai did enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages from time to time, including red wine after dinner. However, she had one of the worst tolerance levels for alcohol known to man, which was exactly why she actively avoided drinking too much of it in public. While her case wasn't as bad as Rock Lee's, she still got tipsy after just two, sometimes even only one shot of sake, and three or four shots generally left her plastered.

She was currently on her third shot, and people were actually beginning to notice and raise eyebrows. It wasn't often that calm, collected Yuuhi Kurenai let herself go, let alone wasted herself in public.

The situation finally drew Iruka's attention. The scarred chuunin was one of the few who knew of Kurenai's abysmal tolerance to alcohol, and that coupled with some unhealthy stares he noticed the younger men cast at Kurenai made him take action. While he knew that the kunoichi had been complaining about her nonexistent sex life, he rather doubted she'd appreciate being taken advantage of while inebriated, and as much as he liked to think none of his acquaintances would do it, he also knew that the flesh was weak before the temptation of so much vulnerable beauty.

That was what prompted him to track Naruto down and pull him apart from the crowd. At Naruto's questioning glance, he grimaced and scratched his head.

"Er... Naruto, I need a huge favor from you," he asked slowly. The blonde's face lit up at that, confusing him slightly.

"Sure, Iruka-sensei!" he nodded enthusiastically. "I was done here anyway, and if I can do you a favor as a birthday gift, then it's OK!"

Iruka couldn't help but smile at that. So that's why he looked embarrassed when he spoke to me during the evening/, he thought. /He thought that he had to bring me a present...

"Well, I'll certainly appreciate that, but it may be a hassle..."

"Nothing's a hassle for the future Hokage!" Naruto boasted. "I'll do it! What is it?"

"Okay... you see, Kurenai-sensei... how can I put it... can't take alcohol very well, but overdid it a little this evening, and needs to be escorted home. I don't trust anyone else with doing it but you... the others might get too... grabby, you know?"

"Eck, perverts," Naruto commented with a face, then smiled. "Sure, I'll do it! Kurenai-sensei lives near the Hokage tower, doesn't she?"

"Yes, this is the address," Iruka nodded, giving Naruto a piece of paper. "I'm counting on you, Naruto. Keep her safe, okay?"

"I'll be a perfect genetel... getenl... um... good guy!" Naruto exclaimed, stumbling on the word. "So, where is she?"

Nodding in satisfaction, Iruka led him to the drunk Kurenai, who in the meanwhile left the 'tipsy' zone to fall in the 'drunk as a skunk' area. After a bit of an awkward moment where the inebriated woman hugged him and giggled, Iruka and Naruto managed to escort her at the base of Iruka's home's stairs. From there, Iruka stood and watched until the red-eyed woman and the blonde boy supporting her unstable frame disappeared in the night.

As he turned to head back upstairs, Iruka felt a slight chill sweep across his back. Casting one last glance in the direction Naruto had disappeared, he searched for whatever it was that had caused his unease. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he dismissed his feeling as a trick of the night, and made his way back to the party.

Several minutes later, Anko glanced at the table she'd left Kurenai at as she prepared to leave with Izumo and Kotetsu. Seeing it empty, she couldn't contain a grin.

Score! she thought. Get'im good, Kurenai-chan!


A few minutes later, Naruto reached Kurenai's apartment and began fumbling with the keys to the door while precariously balancing himself and the drunk woman he was supporting. After several seconds, some grunting and a close call with a catastrophic fall off the stairs, he managed to unlock the door and kick it open, muttering something under his breath about how triple-locks were an invention of a particularly sadistic demon.

As he closed the door with another kick, causing the locks to snap back into place (apparently, Kurenai was paranoid enough to not want someone to get in on the off chance she accidentally forgot to lock her house) and moved towards the closest chair, Kurenai snuck another glance at him. While she was still very inebriated and wasn't quite thinking straight, she was capable of enough thought to consider Naruto's likeness to the late Yondaime and somewhat wistfully wish he'd been interested in her and not the Haruno girl.

Had he jounin been sober, she'd have squashed such thoughts mercilessly under an iron fist. However, the alcohol in her body had considerably lowered her inhibitions, and this coupled with her frustration for the dismal failure the evening was turning out to be made such thoughts linger more than they should have. And having someone who looked so much like a younger Yondaime so close to her was oh so tempting...

Upon reaching the chair, Naruto prepared to lower the older woman on it, but his action was met with resistance as Kurenai refused to sit. His interrogative glance to the jounin was met with a shake of her head.

"Not... here," she whispered. "Too... drunk to... make it to my... room. Please, carry... me there?"

Naruto couldn't help but blush at that. While he fully intended to keep his promise to Iruka (in no small part because his 'naughty fantasies' were rather miserable, having taken most of them from pin-ups in discarded softcore magazines), this would have been the first time he'd entered a girl's room, even if the 'girl' was a woman over twice his age. The fact Kurenai was admittedly very attractive and currently leaning on his shoulder in such a way that her cleavage was pressed into it didn't make him feel much more at ease. Still... she asked for his help, and a future Hokage had to help those who asked, didn't he?

Turning around and shifting the red-eyed woman around to better support her weight, Naruto shambled towards the corridor leading to the rooms. A few minutes and some effort later, he managed to get her in the bedroom without bumping into the doorframe and carefully set her down on the bed. Kurenai sighed as she let herself fall on her back, shook her sandals off and threw her legs on the bed as well.

Naruto couldn't help but stare at her, as her actions had uncovered a considerable amount of flesh - her smooth legs were almost completely visible, as the kimono had come slightly undone during the previous movements, and her breasts were just barely decent due to the fabric covering the nipples, but were otherwise pretty much exposed.

His staring was interrupted by a giggle, and Naruto blushed as he realized the woman caught him looking. He opened his mouth as if to apologize, but Kurenai waved a hand in dismissal.

"Don't worry about it, Naruto-kun," she murmured with a smile, one hand resting on her forehead and the other dangling off the bed. "I'd be worried if you didn't look. It'd mean I'm ugly."

"What? No! You aren't ugly, Kurenai-sensei!" Naruto quickly denied, under the mistaken impression he'd insulted her. "You look really good, that kimono is great on you and you're hot..." he trailed off as he realized what he'd just said, then blushed again. "Um... I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did," Kurenai informed him in another fit of giggles. "Thank you, though. It's nice to be appreciated."

Naruto scratched his head sheepishly, feeling very awkward. He was embarrassed enough that he failed to notice a strange light appear in the jounin's red eyes as she looked intently at him. Unconsciously licking her lips, Kurenai raised an arm to attract the blonde's attention.

"Say, Naruto-kun... come closer for a minute..." she beckoned. The blonde blinked, then tentatively moved a few steps closer to her. She made an impatient gesture with her hand. "No... closer. I want to take a look at your eyes..."

A half confused, half nervous Naruto complied, drawing even closer and leaning slightly forward. His eyes immediately locked with the older woman's, and he couldn't help but notice that the peculiar color gave them an exotic look. Wow, she's prettier than Sakura-chan... way prettier, he found himself thinking.

" look just like him..." Kurenai murmured, causing him to snap out of his reverie. "The same eyes, the same hair... even the same attitude... I'll bet you even go out of your way to help those you care about, don't you?"

"Uh..." Naruto began, unsure of what exactly to say.

That was when Kurenai struck. Her hand shot out, faster than lightning, and hooked behind his head, pulling him down. Naruto barely had time to register what was happening before he found the older woman's soft lips pressed firmly against his own.

Shocked by Kurenai's sudden action, the blonde was unable to put up any sort of resistance when she pulled him on top of her, and instinctively parted his lips when the jounin's warm tongue lightly probed them, giving the woman full access to his mouth.

After several seconds during which Kurenai firmly hugged him against her body and fiercely kissed him, Naruto finally reacted and with a mighty push disentangled himself from her. Stumbling backwards, he panted as he looked at the now sitting woman, who was staring at him with an unnervingly... hungry... gaze.

Somehow, he wasn't completely sure alcohol was entirely responsible for her actions.

"What the hell! Kurenai-sensei! What was that for?" he yelled, pointing a finger at her. His protest was made a lot less convincing by his unconscious reflex to lick his lips, something that the inebriated jounin did not fail to notice. An uncharacteristic smirk spread across her face.

"You didn't like it, Naruto-kun? I suppose I'll have to do better than that with the next one, then..." she murmured in a tone that made Naruto shiver. The blonde's eyes widened as he realized the older woman was about to assault him and try to kiss him again, and he began to turn around to run out of the door.

To his credit, he managed about one and a half steps and dodged the first kunai the jounin threw at him before three more cut his sandals' elastic band, another two severed his pants' belt and the remaining two pinned the bottom half of said pants' legs to the floor, causing him to trip and collapse to the ground.

Twisting around in an attempt to free his snagged pants, Naruto froze upon seeing that Kurenai had dismounted from the bed and slid to the floor on all fours, giving him an unobstructed view of her breasts as she slowly crawled over to him, licking her lips. After staring mesmerized at her pink tongue slowly running over her red lips, the blonde finally unfroze, and with a quick and desperate plan in mind, he made a series of handseals.

"Oiroke no Jutsu!" he shouted, and with a poof he turned into his female Henge, although this time he opted for a bikini instead of the usual clouds in strategic places. Seeing Kurenai pause and blink in surprise, he chuckled nervously, hoping she'd fall for the bluff and let him go.

"Hehehe... See, Kurenai-sensei? I'm a girl now. Girls can't kiss and touch each other and all that, can they? Now let me go..." he ventured. Kurenai blinked again, then her eyes narrowed and she held two fingers up, concentrating as best as her admittedly intoxicated mind could.

"Kai," she whispered. Naruto could only stare in horror as his Henge dissipated, leaving him still pinned to the floor and in his male appearance again. Seeing she had resumed crawling over to him, he tried one last attempt to reason with her.

"Kurenai-sensei, stop! You're drunk!" he shouted as the jounin began to straddle him. "Don't do this! You'll regret it..."

His protests were silenced by a slender finger against his lips. Looking at Kurenai, he saw her smile at him as she looked down, her black hair cascading around his face.

"I might be drunk, yes... but I still want this. Please, Naruto-kun..." she breathed, then leaned down and kissed him, causing him to freeze up. After a few seconds, she broke the kiss and continued: "Don't you always say you're going to be the Hokage? Isn't the Hokage supposed to take care of his people's needs?" She kissed him again, this time only briefly, while unbuttoning his shirt and finished: "I need this, Naruto-kun. I need /you/. Don't say no..."

Those words were enough to bury Naruto's resistance and doubts. While he was still agitated, he found that he was also completely unable to say no to a pleading girl, especially one as beautiful as Kurenai. And the sensations from her kisses and her hands lightly roaming across his chest were also a large part of why he caved in. But what truly killed his resolve was the exact words Kurenai had used.

She needed him.

Naruto had never felt needed in his life. His greatest desire had always been to be acknowledged. Now, Kurenai was offering him this acknowledgement, and went as far as to say she needed him. It was something he had wanted too much to refuse. With a sigh of surrender, Naruto nodded.

"What do you want me to do, Kurenai-chan?" he asked, hesitantly using the endearing term. The jounin smiled brightly at his acceptance.

"Just... let me be your woman for tonight." she breathed in his ear, causing him to shiver. She then resumed kissing him, and this time he did not resist.

Now, Naruto was pretty much clueless about sex - he didn't trust anything Jiraiya said, never touched an issue of Icha Icha Paradise, and his raunchiest exposure to intimate activities had been the pin-ups he used to devise the Oiroke no Jutsu and the occasional kissing he'd noticed couples did.

However, he also happened to be a very fast learner, as both Jiraiya and Tsunade could attest. Seeing how he had figured out the Rasengan in less than a month, it should come as no surprise that after the initial clumsiness and fumbling, he got the hang of kissing in mere minutes. That pleased Kurenai greatly: while kissing him was pleasant in itself, having him respond and actually do it well made the experience even better.

The red-eyed jounin spent the next few minutes ravaging Naruto's mouth with her tongue, and being ravaged herself by his own. The blonde, for his part, had begun mimicking Kurenai's actions on her own body, hesitantly at first (as he'd learned from observation that getting grabby with a girl tended to get you slapped - hard), then with more and more confidence as Kurenai made no move to hit him in retaliation, and instead shifted subtly to encourage him and give him more access to her body.

After a while, the older woman decided she wanted more contact between them. Pausing in her kissing, she tugged at Naruto's jacket. After blinking in confusion for a few seconds, the boy got the hint, remembering how she had unbuttoned it earlier, and shifted to help her remove it. He then moved to lie down again, but Kurenai held him by his shoulder with a hand and shook her head slightly.

"Let's move to the bed..." she whispered, her breathing accelerated. "The floor is too uncomfortable..."

Naruto's heart skipped a beat. Jiraiya had mentioned something about beds being where men and women became intimate, but he'd dismissed what he'd been saying as the usual pointless drivel. Now he wasn't so sure the old letch's words were all useless chattering anymore. Still, given the pervert's track record with women, he wisely decided to not trust his words and let Kurenai take the lead. Taking her offered hand, Naruto rose to his feet and let his ruined pants fall to the floor. Clad in only his boxer shorts, the demon vessel willingly followed as Kurenai backed towards the bed, joining her in sitting on the edge of the mattress with an uncertain smile and a weakly murmured comment on her beauty.

Sensing Naruto's hesitation, Kurenai took the lead and aggressively leaned in, capturing his lips again. As she kissed him, she shifted her right leg around so that it rested on the bed, then laid herself down on her back and pulled Naruto so that he'd be on top of her, resting between her legs. The young boy blushed even as he returned her kiss, acutely aware of the position he was in... and especially aware of how uncomfortably tight his boxers had become.

Kurenai smiled inwardly as she felt the hard bulge in Naruto's underwear rub against her crotch. Anko had convinced her to wear the kimono as tradition demanded, with no undergarments at all, and while she'd been horribly embarrassed about it at first, she actually was glad for it now, as it let her feel everything unobstructed. Moaning slightly, she tentatively rubbed her groin against the tent in Naruto's boxers and was rewarded with a pleasant jolt that left her feeling warm and sexy.

Breaking the kiss again, she pushed Naruto back a bit until he was kneeling between her legs and looked in his eyes, panting. The blonde boy returned the gaze, still rattled by the sudden burst of pleasure and want he'd felt when the woman under him rubbed herself against him. His dick was so hard by now that it was painful, and he felt an overwhelming urge to touch and kiss every inch of her body.

Seeing the lust in Naruto's eyes, Kurenai decided to try something she'd seen Anko do in one of her 'homebrew' movies. Reaching for her kimono's belt, she slowly began to untie it, making sure to exaggerate every movement so that Naruto would notice them, her eyes never leaving his face. Once the knot was undone, she opened the kimono with equally slow movements, progressively revealing her body to the blonde boy's eyes. She smiled as she saw hunger and hesitation flicker across his face, and decided she had tormented him enough.

"You can touch, Naruto-kun," she whispered throatily to him as she reached for his hands and placed them on her breasts. "In fact, I want you to touch... and lick... and suck..."

Naruto felt his mouth go dry at those words, the ache in his groin growing almost unbearable. Unable to resist, he leaned down until his face was mere millimeters away from her left breast's delicate pink nipple. After a brief moment of hesitation, he looked at her, and at her nod, he tentatively licked it.

The pleased hum that left Kurenai's throat did not feel like a sound she'd make if he was doing something wrong, he decided, and he let instinct take over as he began to eagerly attack the pink nub with his tongue, lapping, sucking and lightly biting it until it was hard with arousal. Then, upon Kurenai's prompt, he switched to the other one and gave it the same treatment, experimenting while alternating with both until he found the exact combination of pressure and stimulation that appeared to please the older woman the most.

By then, Naruto's dick felt as if it was about to explode, and Kurenai herself was very wet as well. Licking her lips, she pulled lightly on Naruto's hair, causing him to stop his ministrations and look up at her with a questioning glance.

"Take your boxers off, Naruto-kun," she said breathlessly, a faint blush adorning her cheeks. At Naruto's startled look, she repeated her demand, licking her lips in a way that made him shiver.

Slowly, hesitantly, the blonde pulled his boxers down and blushed as his erect penis stood proudly at attention, pulsing slightly. While Naruto wasn't big, he was not small either. If Kurenai had to judge him based on what she knew of medical records, she'd have said it was 'just right.' Which, given his age, was actually quite good.

Of course, right now her mind was far from thinking such thoughts. She was far more interested in trying something she'd seen in porn flicks, something which men seemed to enjoy greatly.

Changing position so that she was on all fours and level with Naruto's crotch, she grasped his shaft and squeezed it lightly, drawing a startled gasp from his lips. "Mmmmm... you have a nice cock," she said as she gave it a few experimental strokes, which solicited more gasps and groans from the blonde, then smiled mischievously, lowered her head and gave the boy's hard shaft a slow lick from balls to tip.

Naruto almost lost it at that point. It was only the sharp pain from his nails digging into his palms that distracted him enough to avoid blowing his load on Kurenai's face right there and then. His loud groan, the clear twitch of his dick and the jerking of his hips, however, were more than proof enough for Kurenai to smile. Yes, this was definitely having an effect on the boy.

After waiting for a couple minutes for Naruto to regain his breath and compose himself, Kurenai once again started licking his shaft. This time, however, Naruto was ready and controlled himself, gritting his teeth in an effort to enjoy the amazing sensations Kurenai was giving him as long as possible.

While the kunoichi was completely inexperienced and was going more or less by trial and error, the same could be said of Naruto, so her clumsy ministrations still succeeded in arousing him to previously unimagined levels. The occasional mistakes actually turned out to be a good thing, as without those blunders he'd probably have climaxed within minutes - although the teeth scraping incident was admittedly rather unpleasant and had caused a brief interruption of the oral ministrations while Kurenai blushed and apologized profusely to a grimacing Naruto.

However, all good things come to an end, and in Naruto's case, that was when Kurenai took things one step further. Briefly stopping her licking, she slowly pumped Naruto's dick as she looked in his eyes. Then, never breaking eye contact, she slowly, agonizingly slipped Naruto's cock past her lips and fully in her mouth.

Naruto never stood a chance. Seeing her lick and suck at his shaft had been exciting enough, but the sight of his cock disappearing between the red-eyed woman's hungry lips was too much for him. Before his cock was halfway in her mouth, he arched his back with a strangled cry and came, hard.

Kurenai had just enough warning to keep from choking. When she felt the first splash of his cum hit the roof of her mouth, she considered drawing back and letting him come over her, but decided against it, and simply waited, lips wrapped around his dick as she lightly suckled on it, until he finally stopped shuddering and emptying himself in her mouth. Pausing slightly to give one last suck, she slowly drew back from the deflating shaft and let it pop out of her mouth with a wet sound.

Lifting herself to a kneeling position, she rolled Naruto's seed around in her mouth, trying to decide how it tasted. Salty, but not too bad, she thought. Her gaze then fell on the panting boy before her, who was looking at her with a curious expression, and she made her decision.

Naruto, who had been looking at her with a mix of curiosity and concern - after all, he'd just done... something... in her mouth - stared with wide eyes as he saw her throat clearly contract when she swallowed his cum in two quick gulps. His dick twitched at the sight, and he felt an almost irresistible urge to shove the woman down and lick, suck and squeeze her body until it was coated in his saliva and she was screaming his name.

Kurenai smirked inwardly as she licked her lips clean with a slow, sensual move, clearly seeing the lust in Naruto's eyes. Giving him a half-lidded stare, she finished discarding her kimono, letting it fall on the floor at the bedside, then returned to the bed's center and laid on her side, motioning for him to come closer with a slim finger. Naruto promptly obeyed, and she motioned again for him to get his groin closer to her face.

Smiling in satisfaction at seeing that the boy's cock was already half-erect, she wasted no time in engulfing it with her warm mouth again, prompting Naruto to moan loudly as she swirled her tongue around the still-sensitive head, intent on getting it nice and hard... just how she wanted to feel it inside herself.

For an undetermined amount of time, the only sounds in the room were Naruto's gasps and the wet, obscene slurping sounds made by Kurenai as she sucked Naruto's dick, her own drool covering her chin as it dribbled out of her mouth. The older woman had always been convinced she'd hate this activity - she thought it'd feel demeaning and dirty - but to her surprise, she found that she loved the feel of a nice warm cock pulsing and growing hard between her lips. It made her feel powerful and sexy, to know she could have that effect on a male, and she especially loved the taste of it... although perhaps it might just be Naruto's taste that she loved, she thought somewhat confusedly.

Finally, the red-eyed woman drew back, much to the blonde's relief as he was starting to feel dizzy from too much pleasure, and eyed her handiwork with approval. Naruto's cock was slick and shiny with her saliva, a thin trail of it still connecting her lips to its head. Giving it one last lick, Kurenai then looked up to Naruto.

"Now it's your turn to please me, Naruto-kun," she moaned lustfully as she repositioned herself on her back and spread her legs. Naruto swallowed a lump in his throat as he got his first good look at the female anatomy, and Kurenai, noting his reaction, smiled slightly and spread herself open with her fingers, letting him see just how pink and wet it was. A thin rivulet of fluid seeped out of it and dribbled on the sheets.

"Naruto-kun... I licked you. Now I want you to lick me..."

Naruto gulped again, then moved closer to the jounin's cunt. He stopped briefly as he hesitated, then decided that Kurenai was right - she'd done something amazing for him, and if he could make her feel as good as he felt, then he would do it. Closing in on the woman's spread pussy, he gave it a tentative lick.

Kurenai's approving hum reassured him, and he began to experiment with this new and fascinating part of the female body. Privately, he took notes on it, mentally promising himself to try and apply them to his Oiroke no Jutsu and make it even more perfect, then he shoved those thoughts aside and concentrated on trying to find out how to make his lover moan the loudest.

Naruto quickly decided he liked it when Kurenai ran her hand through his hair. Not only did it feel nice, but it also let him know he was hitting a good spot. He had quickly discovered that the small fleshy nub above the red-eyed jounin's pussy was a very sensitive spot and, remembering all too well how unpleasant it felt when Kurenai had accidentally dragged her teeth across his cock, made sure to treat it as delicately as possible while still applying enough force for the woman to find it pleasant.

At one point, Kurenai told him to stick his finger inside her. He'd looked at her with a shocked expression, but she'd insisted and he ended up indulging her. He'd been surprised by how pleasant it felt to push his finger in her hot, moist vagina. It was slick and warm, and pulsed slightly around his invading digit, wrapping it in a soft grip every time he thrust it in and out of her tight passage.

Noticing that Kurenai seemed to enjoy the activity, Naruto decided to get creative and began to lick and suck at her while simultaneously finger-fucking her. The effect was definitely worth the effort, as the woman's moans became groans and gasps. The blonde felt oddly pleased by that. He just... liked... the knowledge that he was the one causing those sounds to escape the beautiful woman's lips.

Eventually, Kurenai lightly pulled on his hair, causing him to stop his activities. When he shot her a questioning glance, she smiled seductively at him and reached out, brushing his hard dick with her fingers.

"Th-that's enough," she gasped, wetting her lips and giving his cock a gentle squeeze. "Why don't we try..." slowly, she led his aching prick to her drooling opening, and whispered, "this..."

Naruto stared at her, speechless, then looked at her cunt, then at her hand, still lightly caressing his cock, and back to her cunt again. M-my cock in there? he thought incredulously. He had the memory of how her mouth felt around it all too fresh in his mind, but the way her tight canal had contracted and gripped at his finger was on an entirely different level. And considering how tight it had felt with just one finger (which was nowhere near as thick as his erect penis was), would it even fit without hurting her?

Something had to have shown on his face, because as soon as the blonde made to voice his doubts the woman anticipated him, stroking his cheek with one hand as she fondled his balls with the other.

"Naruto-kun... please. I need it," she pleaded in a sexy tone. "Don't worry... I want it. You have no idea how much I want it..."

The pleading and expression with which she addressed him once again made Naruto cave in and comply. Swallowing nervously, he moved between her legs as she instructed him. Pausing briefly, he watched his hard dick twitch mere centimeters away from Kurenai's engorged outer lips, unsure of what to do. Sensing his hesitation, she smiled up at him, then reached between her legs and positioned the cockhead at the very entrance of her tunnel.

"Now push," she told him breathlessly, her body eagerly anticipating the feeling of a hard cock splitting her pussy open for the first time. Naruto briefly glanced at her lovely, sweat soaked face, then nodded. Bracing himself with both arms at her sides, he began to slowly and carefully push in.

The red-eyed woman threw her head back and moaned unabashedly, savoring the delicious feeling of the blonde's cock penetrating her virginal opening. Licking her lips, she tangled her fingers in his hair, gasping as she felt herself stretch to accommodate her lover.

While Kurenai was an adult, and Naruto much younger, she was nonetheless still a virgin, even though her hymen had torn during training years before, and thus was so tight that it was a snug fit, something which made both love every second of it. To the older woman, it felt as a part of herself that had been missing was finally being returned, and she enjoyed the feeling of fullness that Naruto's dick brought her as it sank deeper and deeper in her aching body.

For his part, Naruto immediately realized he would not last very long at all inside the red-eyed woman's hot pussy unless he took things very slowly. What he had felt with his finger was now magnified a hundredfold, her hungry canal greedily pulling him in and twitching all around his shaft as he slowly worked more and more of it in.

Eventually, Naruto's groin made contact with Kurenai's, his cock fully inside her. The blonde paused to catch his breath and let them both adjust to the new sensations, as well as to let some of his own excitement die down, lest he come too soon. He then followed the woman's earlier instructions and withdrew from her, wincing as he felt her grip his shaft as if unwilling to let go. He pulled out almost completely, and then began to push back in, hissing as he once again felt her pull him in.

Naruto kept his slow rocking motion, pausing every now and then to let his excitement die down somewhat and to take advantage of his head being at the level of Kurenai's breasts to service them. Then Kurenai locked her legs around his waist and commanded him to go faster. Already feeling another climax approaching, Naruto complied, hoping that he'd last long enough to satisfy her, and picked his pace up. At her request, he steadily increased his pace, until he was pounding into her for all he was worth.

Feeling himself quickly approach the point of no return, Naruto began to suck and bite Kurenai's nipples, wanting to hear her scream his name at least once in the night. The jounin's shrieks became louder, and he noticed she'd become slightly tighter around him. However, the added tightness proved too much for the blonde boy, who thrust into the jounin's receptive body a few more times before shoving himself in as deep as he could, his body going rigid and a deep grunt escaping his lips as he shot his second and final load of the night inside of the beautiful red-eyed woman.

Fortunately, Kurenai herself was at her very limit, and Naruto's final, harsh thrust, which caused his shaft to rub against her clitoris, coupled with the feel of his cum filling her pussy and his sweaty body grinding against hers, was all she needed to be sent over the edge as well.

With a shrill scream of "Naruto-kuuuuuuuuun!" which was thankfully absorbed by the building's walls, Kurenai came hard, the pressure from her legs wrapping his waist becoming almost painful as she contracted violently around Naruto's cock, milking every remaining drop of semen from it as she thrashed and bucked wildly under the younger boy.

Exhausted, Naruto fell on top of the older woman, panting harshly as his head rested between her full breasts, his slowly deflating cock still firmly lodged inside her pussy. Eventually, he tiredly pushed himself up and rolled on his side, his now flaccid dick leaving the woman's tight cunt with a 'pop'. Looking up, he saw her look at him with a tired, satisfied smile. Then, Kurenai rolled on her side to face him, wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him in an embrace, holding him to her breasts and murmuring an almost inaudible 'thank you'.

Naruto was still for a little longer, partly because he was too tired to disentangle himself, and partly because he was unwilling to leave the warm embrace he was in. He listened to the older woman's breathing slow down as she fell asleep, then slowly reached up and put his own arms around her waist, returning her hug.

His last thought before sleep claimed him was, Is this what being loved feels like?


Konoha: Now

Naruto's trip down memory lane ended as Kurenai pushed herself away from him with eerie calm, dismounted from the bed and walked over to her dresser. He froze as she retrieved her kunai pouch from it and took one of the sharp blades out, then blinked when the jounin wobbled unsteadily towards the door.

"Um... Kurenai-chan? Where are you going?" he cautiously asked, still afraid that the older woman would try to cut away a very important part of himself. The jounin's head swivelled around, her red eyes unfocused as she answered.

"I'm going to the bathroom to slit my throat."

"Oh, okay..." Naruto sighed in relief before his eyes widened as her words registered within his mind. "Wait, what?! Stop!!" he shouted as he dove off the bed and tackled the dazed jounin to the ground, knocking the kunai she held in her hand away before she could leave the room and make good on her statement.

"Let me go! This is the only way I can make this right!" the woman protested in a panicked tone as she tried to struggle free of Naruto's grip. The blonde would hear none of it, however, and used every ounce of his strength to keep her safely pinned under him, where she could not harm anyone, and more importantly, herself.

"Don't you dare kill yourself! If you do, I'll kill you!" he shouted back at her, ignoring the redundancy of his threat. "What's come over you?!"

"Why are you stopping me?! I took advantage of you and dishonored us both!" Kurenai protested, her struggles becoming weaker as she started to cry. "Oh Kami... how could I let this happen?"

"H-hey... stop crying!" Naruto said in alarm. He never felt comfortable around crying girls, and in this particular situation, with both of them naked and him straddling her, the discomfort was even more acute. When he saw that Kurenai wouldn't stop crying, Naruto followed a sudden impulse, hoping his instinct wouldn't betray him. He leaned down and kissed her fully on the lips.

The action startled Kurenai enough that her struggling stopped entirely, and her eyes further widened as the blonde boy took advantage of her surprise to slip his tongue in her mouth. Unable to form a coherent enough thought to react, the red-eyed woman lay still as Naruto kissed her. Then, after a few interminable seconds, she hesitantly returned the kiss, letting her own tongue dance with his.

After nearly a minute of non-stop kissing, Naruto finally broke away, gasping for air. Looking down, he saw that Kurenai was also panting and flushed, but appeared to have calmed down and was now watching him with a faintly curious look. The blonde flashed her his best grin.

"See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" he said cheerfully. He then grew slightly more serious as he continued: "I was surprised when you suddenly kissed me and started, uh... touching me yesterday, Kurenai-chan... but I don't want you to think I didn't like it. I did... a lot. And I'm glad it happened. Although," he amended with a sheepish grin as he scratched his head, "I never thought I'd do... that... with a woman as sexy as you..."

Kurenai blinked at him, then cast him a suspicious glare. "Who are you, and what have you done with Uzumaki Naruto?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "The Naruto I know would never say something like that!"

"Hey!" Naruto protested. "I can be smart, too! I just... uh... am too busy to do it!"

"Right..." Kurenai snorted, then blinked as she felt something long and hard push against her belly. Looking down, she blushed. "Um, Naruto-kun? You aren't having... thoughts... are you?"

Naruto blinked, then looked down, blushed horribly and leapt off her with a startled yelp, covering his hard-on with both hands. "Sorry!" he hastily apologized. "I didn't mean to-- uh, it just happened-- I swear I wasn't having weird thoughts!"

"Really? None at all?" Kurenai needled him as she got back on her feet, unable to resist the temptation to tease him. "I'm hurt, Naruto-kun. I thought you said I was sexy..."

"Huh?! No! I didn't mean it like that...!" he stammered in a panic. Kurenai giggled.

"I was just teasing, silly," she chided him, then grew serious. "Are you sure it's all right, Naruto-kun? I'm so much older than you..."

"Hey, I said I liked it, didn't I?" he protested with a faint blush as he scratched his cheek with a finger, looking at a particularly interesting section of the wall to his left. "I know you probably didn't like it much, but..."

"Actually, I felt good, too," she interrupted him with a blush adorning her cheeks as well. "Um, so... will you stay for breakfast?"

At Naruto's nod, Kurenai began to reach for the door, then noticed a certain... part of Naruto's anatomy sway in a very eye-catching manner. Licking her suddenly dry lips, she followed an impulse and ventured:

"...actually... you appear to have a rather... hard problem. Maybe I can help you with it...?"

The expression on Naruto's face as she closed in on him was priceless.


After having breakfast (which for Kurenai included a generous portion of... /milk/... courtesy of Naruto), the two ninja found themselves outside Kurenai's front door. Thanking her for everything, Naruto turned around and began to leave, when the jounin's hand on his shoulder stopped him. Turning around, he saw her look at him with a serious expression.

"Naruto-kun... you do realize that this is going to be a one-time deal, don't you?" she told him. "And that we will never be able to tell anyone?"

Naruto glanced at her with an unreadable expression, then broke in a wide grin.

"You know, Kurenai-chan... I'd agree with you," he answered, "but if there's something that I learned from Baa-chan and Ero-sensei, it's to never take anything for granted. So, instead of 'farewell', I'll just say 'I'll be seeing you', and see what happens from now on. Alright?"

The jounin gave him a startled look, then tentatively smiled back at him. While she still felt horribly guilty about sleeping with him - not just because of his age, but also because she knew how Hinata felt about him - she had to face reality and admit that a small part of her did indeed hope to have another encounter with him sometime in the future. Ignoring that part of herself would have been pointless, so she did what all ninja were taught to do: she adapted and accepted that part.

"Yes... that would be acceptable," she nodded, her smile becoming warmer. "Take care then... Naruto-kun."

"You got it!" the blonde replied with a grin before he bounced away and quickly disappeared from her sight. Kurenai stood a few more seconds where they had parted ways, unconsciously licking her lips as she remembered his taste earlier in the morning, then sighed and went back in her apartment.

She had a lot of thinking to do.


Epilogue: Three years later

Uzumaki Naruto stretched lazily, breathing in the crisp Konoha morning air. Behind him, Jiraiya stood casually with arms crossed, occasionally ogling particularly attractive girls he spotted walking in the streets. It had been almost three full years since he left the village with the Toad Hermit Jiraiya in a journey of training meant to make him strong enough to face Akatsuki.

During this period, news from Konoha was almost nonexistent. Jiraiya had intentionally cut all contacts with Tsunade to prevent dangerous information leaks that could have led to Akatsuki tracking them down. Due to this, the only information they were able to gather was what little the rumor mill had. And nothing particularly stood out besides an alleged assassination attempt on an undisclosed female jounin's newborn children which had apparently been squashed by the genin team said jounin had been training. Jiraiya never found the news relevant, and as such never relayed them to Naruto.

As the blonde and his white haired teacher strolled through Konoha, both noticed that the townspeople were casting odd glances at Naruto - not the usual hateful ones, but a mix of fearful, curious and even envious and admiring looks from some of the younger men of the Leaf. Both him and Jiraiya were left confused by the mixed signals they got, and quickly made their way to the Hokage tower, hoping that Tsunade could shed some light on the situation.

Upon entering the tower, Naruto found himself immediately cornered by a familiar face.

"You're back!" Shizune exclaimed with a big smile and an odd expression on her face. "Tsunade-hime was informed of your presence nearby by the ANBU. She told me to bring you to her office as soon as you showed up. Please, follow me. Oh, and Naruto-kun?"

"Yes, Shizune-neechan?" the blonde asked with a slightly confused expression, noticing her mischievous grin.


With that, Shizune skipped down the hall, not waiting from an answer from either of the utterly confused men. Naruto and Jiraiya gave each other a dazed look, then shrugged and followed Shizune, filing her strange behavior away as yet another thing to ask clarification to Tsunade about.

A few minutes later, the two men reached the Hokage's office. The two ANBU at the sides of the door nodded to Jiraiya, then cast a glance at Naruto and coughed in a way that strangely resembled a snicker. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at that, while Naruto just blinked.

Upon entering, Shizune left them, saying she had other business to attend to, and quickly made herself scarce. Closing the door behind him, Jiraiya seated himself before her desk, while Naruto gave Tsunade a cheerful smile.

"Hey, Baa-chan! Did you miss me?" he greeted her happily. Tsunade glanced at him, strangely unfazed by his usual disrespectful nickname for her.

"Can't say whether or not I missed you, but I'm sure someone else did," she replied cryptically. Shuffling around on her desk, she fished out a scroll and a slip of paper, then gave Naruto a serious look.

"I know you're probably tired, Naruto, but I have an urgent mission for you to undertake," she began in an undecipherable tone, her face set in a perfect mask. "You will receive a S-class pay for as long as it lasts, but exactly how long it will last, even I don't know..."

"Huh? Hey, wait a minute, Baa-chan!" Naruto protested. "I don't mind missions, but I have to go get Sasuke back from snakeface first--"

The noise of splintering wood cut him off as Tsunade's fist cleanly broke her heavy mahogany desk in two, her glare making it clear she wouldn't tolerate any argument.

"Silence. You are not allowed to refuse this mission," she stated flatly. "You will find the commissioner's address on the sheet I gave you. You are to open the scroll only in her presence. After that, how long the mission will last is entirely up to you and the commissioner. I expect you to directly go there, be properly debriefed and then return here to report and communicate me your decision."

"Tsunade, this seems a little excessive to me--" Jiraiya began, only to be cut off by an imperious gesture from the platinum haired woman.

"You stay out of this," she hissed. "And I will have... /words/... with you later as well." Turning her head back to Naruto, she made a dismissing gesture with her hand. "You have your orders. Carry them out, and don't even think of skipping out on this, or I swear I'll rough you up badly enough that even Kyuubi won't spare you a few months in the hospital. Is that clear? Now get out!"

Naruto gulped audibly, grabbed the scroll and sheet and bolted out of the room. He'd only seen Tsunade this angry once before, and it had been right after Orochimaru had attempted to kill him.

He had no wish to push his luck. He very much doubted he would survive.

With a defeated sigh, he made his way to the address written on the paper slip. Idly, he noticed it looked familiar, but paid it no heed as he jumped from roof to roof, sulking as he ran towards his destination.

It was only after he stopped in front of the building that the memory of this particular location resurfaced. Incredulous, he stared at a house he had visited only once, three years before, but whose memory was still vivid in his mind.

"...Kurenai-chan's... apartment...?"


"Tsunade, that was excessive..." Jiraiya began after Naruto left the room, only to be cut off as Tsunade leaped over her splintered desk and punched him in the face, sending him crashing into a nearby file cabinet.

"Shut up/, you perverted bastard!" she hissed loudly, glaring at him with murderous intent. "What did you /teach Naruto in the months before you left Konoha with him in that stupid training trip?! And what other perversions did you teach him during it?!"

"What the hell?! Have you gone nuts, Tsunade?" Jiraiya protested angrily as he slowly got up, massaging his aching jaw. "What the hell do you think I did? And what did the brat do to make you think I taught him anything weird at all?!"

"What did he do? What did he do?! I'll tell you what he did! He..."


Outside the office, Shizune approached the door in time to hear the final part of the discussion between the two former teammates.

"...seriously?! Awesome! Way to go, Naruto!"

"Stop grinning like a /perverted lech/, you senile old coot!"

The noise of flesh hitting flesh and the following loud crash told Shizune that the Frog Hermit had just departed the Hokage tower via Tsunade Air Express. She shook her head tiredly. More repair bills on the horizon...


In another zone of Konoha, Naruto stood before the door to the apartment where he and a beautiful red-eyed jounin had consummated a night of passion. Hesitating briefly, he raised his hand and knocked on the door twice, then waited.

After a few seconds, the door opened to reveal a familiar pair of red eyes. Looking up at a clearly startled Kurenai, Naruto gave her a foxy grin.

"Hey, Kurenai-chan! How have you be/mmmfff--!!/"

The last part of his greeting was caused by the jounin suddenly grabbing his face with both hands and mashing her lips on his own, savagely kissing him. Eyes wide, Naruto was frozen on the spot and unable to react until the older woman broke the kiss and looked at him with a strange expression.

"You're back..." she said cautiously. "Are you here to stay?"

The question caused Naruto to give her a confused look. "Huh? I'm here for that mission Baa-chan gave me. Something about a S-rank pay and indefinite length..." he replied, then frowned. "Man, I'm supposed to go kick Sasuke's ass, not be stuck here for the Kami only know how long..."

"I... see..." Kurenai said slowly, an almost disappointed expression on her face. Naruto blinked, catching the undercurrent.

"Hey... are you all right?" he asked. "What is this mission you need me for, anyway?"

Kurenai licked her lips and looked ready to say something, when the door to the bedroom corridors opened and Kiba and Shino stepped out, each carrying a little girl in their arms. Naruto idly noticed that while they looked similar, their hair and eye colors were almost directly opposite: one was blonde with red eyes, while the other was black-haired with blue eyes.

"Hey, Kurenai-sensei, what's going... oh," Kiba began, then stopped upon noticing Naruto. "It's you."

Walking over to the couch, the two ninja set down the children, then made their way to the door. "If you'll excuse us, Kurenai-sensei, I believe you'll want some privacy," Shino announced, and left the apartment without waiting for an answer. Kiba followed on his trail, but briefly stopped to glance at Naruto with a hooded expression.

"Be careful what you say or do, Naruto," he growled. "Mess up and I'll kill you."

Leaving a nonplussed Naruto behind, the savage ninja left the apartment, closing the door behind him without a word. The confused blonde looked at Kurenai, who was doing her best to look anywhere except at him, then at the two giggling girls on the couch. Confused, he looked back at her again.

"Huh? What was that all about? And who are those little girls?" he asked, curious. "Are you babysitting?"

"No... they are mine, Naruto-kun..." Kurenai replied, still avoiding his gaze. Naruto blinked, then grinned.

"They're your kids? Wow! Congratulations, Kurenai-chan! You'll be a great mom! Who is the dad?"

At that, the Jounin gave him a surprised look.

"You... don't know?" she asked. At his negative headshake, she continued: "Hokage-sama didn't tell you...?"

"No... why should she tell me?" he asked in confusion, holding up the scroll Tsunade gave him. "She only gave me this, and told me to ask you about the mission's details..."

"I can't believe she really did that...!" Kurenai exclaimed in exasperation before cutting herself off. Naruto stared curiously at her, then lit up as he remembered something.

"Oh, yeah... Baa-chan told me to open this in your presence," he said as he began unravelling the scroll. "What a weird mission... she told me to decide with you how long it'd last."

Kurenai couldn't help but blush at that last remark, unsure whether to strangle the Hokage or thank her. That scheming old crone...! she thought as she watched Naruto's face for any signs of reaction to what was written on the scroll.

She didn't have to wait long. Naruto's initial curiosity left place to more and more disbelief as he read the contents of the document, which turned out to be two things at once. First was a letter from Tsunade, addressed to him. It read:


If you are reading this, chances are you just found out the results of your... hrm... 'hard work'. Actually, wait, knowing Yuuhi Kurenai, she probably hasn't told you anything yet, in her misguided belief that it was all her fault to begin with. So, I'll keep this short and to the point.

You may have seen two little girls around two years of age in Kurenai's apartment. One of them has blonde hair and red eyes like Kurenai's... the other has black hair and blue eyes. Like yours.

They are your daughters.

You are probably in the disbelief phase right now, but I assure you, it's true. Kurenai came to me about two weeks after you left, having noticed she missed her period, and told me everything that transpired that night. I had half a mind to hunt you down and personally make sure you'd never have children again, but your girlfriend convinced me not to. Count yourself lucky to have someone like her on your side.

This brings me to the details of the 'mission' I gave you. Simply put, I want you to marry Kurenai. It's your choice in the end, but I am counting on you to do the right thing once again, even if it means putting your other goals on hold. Those girls grew without a father for their entire, brief life. Don't let this be their future as well. Whatever promise you made to Sakura, it isn't worth throwing away the family you've always wanted over it. Sakura agrees to that, by the way. In fact, she said in no uncertain terms that if you don't act mature for once, she'll hurt you.

You need not worry about the village's reactions. Most people think the rumors of the girls being your offspring are just that, rumors, and those who actually believe it know better than to do anything stupid. There has already been an... incident... with some overzealous would-be village saviors when news of who the girls' father was spread, but it was dealt with swiftly and in an especially brutal fashion by Kurenai's Team 8, particularly Hyuuga Hinata. Yes, the same shy girl who had a crush on you since forever. Not that you noticed, knowing you.

Since then, the Aburame and Inuzuka clans made their stance known in no uncertain terms, declaring that any harmful actions taken on your daughters would be met with lethal force. The Hyuuga followed suit after Hinata made a point about not tolerating a refusal on this particular matter by nearly crippling her sister Hanabi during a spar. Hiashi was inordinately pleased with the change, and readily agreed to her demands. So you have three of the strongest clans of Konoha protecting your little girls.

Speaking of which, Kurenai refused to officially name the girls, saying she would wait for you to return and ask you for your preferences before making her final choice. I doubt she was going to ask you to marry her, or even tell you that you were the father - the poor thing still thinks she's the only one to blame - but you may want to get that out of the way as quickly as possible.

At any rate... this is your mission. To raise your daughters well and give them the love you never had. You will receive a monthly pay equal to an S-rank mission for that, so that you can care for your new family. You will still be allowed to go on low-risk missions, but I cannot promise anything more until the girls are older, and I certainly can't let you go after such a dangerous criminal as Orochimaru. Please try to understand.

I know you, and I am fully confident that you will do what you think is right, regardless of what your wishes are. I've included a marriage contract already compiled with your name and Kurenai's. From this point on, the choice is yours. Do not disappoint me, Naruto.

With love,


Kurenai watched as Naruto slowly rolled the scroll up, holding another sheet of paper before his eyes and scanning it as he did so. She had a good idea what it was, and once again was amazed by Tsunade's foresight. Realizing that the choice was no longer hers, and perhaps had never been, she patiently waited for Naruto to speak to her.

After reading the second document over, Naruto looked at the two girls playing on the couch, then his gaze settled on Kurenai.

"Is it true?" he asked in a neutral tone of voice. The red-eyed woman simply nodded. Naruto's gaze returned to the giggling girls.

" daughters..." he murmured, and for a moment Kurenai lost her breath as an absolutely radiant smile spread on his face. He the turned towards her, smiled again and said four simple words which lifted a great weight from the jounin's heart and brought tears to her eyes.

"Where do I sign?"


(A/N: finally done! I hope you liked it. I had to balance Kurenai between being horny and not quite thinking normally due to being inebriated, and it wasn't easy to do it. But I like the end result, and hope you like it as well.

Anyway, for now this is an oneshot, but I might add a couple sequel chapters dealing with the fallout of Naruto's decision and his new 'family', but it's unlikely.

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