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The Problem with Luna

by DrT

When would be one of the worst points in time for an over-powered Harry to return to his past? During the Trial before the Wizengamot! Time-travelling rework Year 5. In this chapter, Padma figur...

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Chapter XXVI

Harry's consorts, friends, and the Coven were all surprised to learn about what had happened in the Welsh valley. After the impromptu meeting and dinner, Harry took Hermione and Susan to his bedroom.

"Anything I should know about?" he asked.

"Actually, yes," Hermione answered, blushing slightly. "One of Padma's half-sisters sent some magical dildos. They magically attach themselves over another woman's clitoris and labia. I doubt if they feel like the real thing, but they are supposed to transmit some pleasure."

"You haven't tried them yet?" Harry asked, surprised.

"Not without your approval," Hermione replied, not quite convinced herself. Still, the other three teens had been certain they should wait.

"Not a problem," Harry said. "Have fun. What about Luna?"

"What about her?" Hermione asked.

"I'm still a bit worried about her," Harry answered. "Learning she had Tracey and Padma strangle her in various ways scared me, and she's been more interested in spanking than usual."

"Well, I did spank her once while you were gone. . . ." Hermione admitted.

"So did I," Susan agreed, to Hermione's surprise.

"I bet Padma did as well," Harry nearly growled. He scowled. "One of us needs to talk with her."

"Padma might be best," Hermione suggested.

"Alright," Harry said. He looked at Susan. "We've fallen a bit behind on the ritual. Would you care to stay tonight?"

Susan looked at Hermione hopefully.

Hermione smiled. "I'll rearrange the schedules, if that's acceptable, my lord."

Harry nodded, and leaned forward to kiss her gently. Hermione caressed his cheek, kissed Susan on the cheek, and left the pair together.

"I need a shower," Harry said. "Care to join me?"

"Very much so!"

The pair walked into the bathroom hand-in-hand. "Have you been keep up with your workouts?" Harry inquired.

"Padma has been teaching me Tai Chi," Susan answered. "And the water down in the pond is warm enough that I can swim there, even if it's a bit dirty. The mill stream is still a bit too cold."

Harry looked a tad puzzled, so Susan explained. "It's these, remember? Susan said, hefting her huge jugs. "We're trying to find a stabilization charm that works so I can run, but we haven't found the right one yet. The ones we've tried work well-enough for me to use most of the exercise equipment, but not running or aerobics. The best alternative is the backstroke."

"That makes sense," Harry agreed. He stopped and had Susan stand still and then started stripping off his clothes.

Susan went on. "I have to say, between that potion and the weight training, not to mention a potion Hermione found, my back feels better than it has since I turned thirteen and these started growing too big."

"What potion is that?" Harry asked, pausing taking off his last sock.

"One first designed for vain mothers, after they've stopped nursing," Susan admitted. "It tightens the boobs up, so-to-speak. No droop, in other words."

"You know, there is a Muggle operation to reduce breast size," Harry told her. "If they bother you that much, we can have it done over the next Yule break."

"You don't like them?" Susan asked, tears coming to her eyes.

"I love you," Harry answered, hugging her and kissing the tears away. "All five of you are beautiful, especially on the inside. Don't think you're my consort just because you have breasts that are both pretty and large."

"Huge," Susan corrected.

"Huge," Harry agreed. "Besides, we can always take them down just one size. I want you comfortable."

Susan pondered that, and said, "I don't think so, unless they grow a lot bigger than they were before I took the tone-up potion. I will keep it in mind, though. Now, unless you have something else planned, may I fulfill a fantasy of yours you didn't know you have?"

"That sounds intriguing," Harry answered.

"Now that you're finished taking off your clothes, lay face up on that mat."

"I wondered why that was here," Harry commented.

Susan stripped and then took her wand and touched her breasts, muttering a spell. Over the next minute, they swelled past their old size.

"I don't understand," Harry confessed.

"It's an emergency lactation spell," Susan answered. "It only fills the titties once, and can't be repeated for a few days. It was developed for, well, emergencies."

"You mean. . . ."

"I have drunk from you, my lord." Susan hefted her right teat. "Please, drink from me as we couple."

Harry smiled and laid back. Susan gently lowered herself on her Harry, and then bent forward, the milk beading on her nipples. She pinched her left nipple, and squirted milk onto Harry's face.

They laughed, and happily made love, and then finally took a shower together.

All of Harry's sworn followers of course wanted to celebrate their lord's birthday. Dumbledore therefore had granted them permission to use the Hogwarts grounds and great hall. Harry made a moderate donation to the school's general fund for the use, plus the use of the house elves. He also paid for the food, pumpkin juice, and butterbeer. The one strict rule imposed had been 'no presents'.

All of the sworn had shown up, of course, as had the current members of the Coven at Hogwarts. At Ginny's suggestion, they had also hired Colin to come and take photographs.

Harry should have suspected what would happen. Colin had been unable to swear himself to Harry's service, as he was too young. He had turned 15 on July 1, and the first thing he did was beg Harry to 'swear me in, please'.

Considering that Harry had turned no one down yet, he knew he couldn't turn Colin down. Colin was still an annoying fan-boy. He was not terribly good in Defense. What he was was enthusiastic and loyal.

Before the party started, Harry gathered his forces together. He now had exactly ninety sworn followers, if he included his consorts. Harry thanks them for their support, repeated that he expected this to break apart after Voldemort's defeat, and then had Hermione and Padma distribute envelopes all around.

"Remember," Harry told them, "Voldemort's people almost certainly know who each of you are. I am surprised that there have been no attacks on any of you. In addition to the escape portkeys you already have, your envelopes have instructions on adding wards to your homes, in case your family doesn't already have them. For those of you underage, contact Remus and Sirius, and they will arrange to put them up."

"Now that we've had a month off, we need to get back to work. Several locations and numerous times are noted. I expect everyone to show up for 'shield and stun' drills at least three times in August. For those of you who have left Hogwarts, there's a set of assignments. You are our eyes and ears in the community. You will be reporting to our intelligence officer, Tracey."

"Any questions?"

There were none.

"Then let's party!"

The group enjoyed the party, to say the least. Outside there was a picnic and dancing. In the great hall, with some help from Sirius, Hermione had set up a video projector. She screened some Muggle classics, which fascinated the magicals who had never seen 'Dracula', 'Frankenstein' and 'Bride of Frankenstein' (followed of course by 'Young Frankenstein'), 'The Mummy', and 'The Wolf Man'. Sirius had especially found the last hilarious.

It was a few evenings later when Padma had her turn sleeping with Harry. Padma, Hermione, and Luna usually spent their evenings with Harry engaging in long, slow bouts of vaginal sex. Harry would 'warm them up' with his tongue, and they would finish him off with their mouths. The exception since Harry's return from Wales had been the one night Luna had requested to be sodomized.

This night had run true to form. Afterwards, Harry laid back, physically and emotionally content. Padma still lay curled up next to Harry's legs, one arm under the small of Harry's back, her other hand still cupping his balls, her head on Harry's abdomen.

Padma didn't know why she loved watching Harry's huge cock shrink down after sex, but she found it enjoyable to know that she could help cause such extreme physiological changes, and rather humorous as well.

When Harry's cock had shrunk to an inch (plus the crown), Padma said, "My lord, may we speak seriously, or are you too tired?"

The title and tone told Harry that this was indeed something serious. "What's wrong?"

"Hermione and I have been researching what Luna's problem may be. Hermione was researching what we might call the Muggle aspects -- psychological that is. I've been looking to see if there might be any magical explanations."

"And there is one?"

"Very possibly," Padma answered. "Luna of course has very strong empathic magic. It's possible that she is also a Seer of some sort, and is fighting the deeper Gift."

"And that might relate to her bouts of masochism how?"

"We think she saw a vision of her mother dying, but didn't recognize it as such. Instead, she thought she wished her mother died in exactly the way she foresaw, and internalized it as having wished her mother dead, maybe even killing her magically. Not only could that guilt produce some of the masochism, but it would also explain her fighting the Gift. Her manner, especially before she became involved with you, was developed so that she could separate herself from the everyday world, including the Gift. Now that she's involved with us, she can't do that. The pain drives the Gift away when it's too strong."

"And the solution, if any?"

"We're looking into it," Padma answered.

"Does she fully know she has the Gift?"

"We think so, but she's frightened of it," Padma pointed out. "She may never have fully admitted it to herself."

"A Prophecy may be iron-clad, but it usually just means the most likely outcome," Harry reminded her. He had spent some time studying the idea of prophecy. "A vision is even more just the most likely outcome at that moment, unless it's far-sight."

"Far-sight? Seeing something that's actually happening?" Padma asked.

"Exactly. And I understand having the full Sight, even if there's no Prophesying, is disturbing."

"What are you saying?" Padma asked.

"If Luna's masochism doesn't become too common or too deep, and if we can always heal her, which would be worse for her? She seems to have lost interest in asphyxiating herself, at least for the moment."

"True," Padma agreed. "Still, you convince Hermione that knowing what a problem is, and maybe learning how to fix it, does not mean we should fix it."

Harry made a face and a sound of complaint. That changed as Padma leaned down and again took her lover into her mouth. She loved having Harry there nearly as much as Hermione, and didn't really care if it was hard or soft.

The next afternoon, Harry and his women had a meeting on another unpleasant topic. This one was at Hogwarts with the Headmaster, Moody, Sirius, Tonks, and Remus.

"I just don't understand it," Harry growled when the 'adults' were finished. "How can any git as fundamentally egotistical as Voldemort stay hidden?"

"Didn't he during your original Fifth year?" Remus asked.

"I suppose so," Harry admitted. "Still, he was trying to get at the Prophecy."

"So perhaps Severus had his uses?" Dumbledore asked archly.

"Perhaps," Harry acknowledged. "That was about the only thing he ever did that I heard of that might have useful to our side without being mostly useful for him or cutting both ways."

"Is there any indirect evidence of what he's been up to?" Hermione asked.

"A little," Moody allowed. "The German and central European Ministries keep a better eye on the old pro-Grindelwald families than we did. There have been a few small transfers of funds, but no more than a few thousand Galleons in total."

"One of the nastier Polish werewolf packs was contacted by Pettigrew at the last new moon," Remus said. "They threatened to keep him around for a game of 'Animagus keep-away' at the next full moon if he came back."

"A Romanian vampire coven reported finding a huge snake skin shed in one of their caves, and many of the bats gone, presumably eaten," Moody went on. "These reports suggest Voldemort is moving into the Urals or central Asia."

"I have alerted the guards at the giants' preserves," Dumbledore said before Harry could ask.

"What else could be there for him?" Harry asked.

"There are a fair number of old, secret communities tucked away in the Caucasus Mountains, in the Urals, in the Himalayas, in the Hindu-Kush, in the deserts of central and northern Asia," Dumbledore mused.

"Is there anyone I should be talking to?" Harry asked, out of his depth.

"There are no real magical authorities in these places, other than the local ones," Dumbledore answered. "All should be well-able to protect themselves, and I doubt if any would long give Voldemort shelter, if any would give him aid at all. More likely, he knows of some abandoned site where he can take refuge."

"I've never been to central Asia. . . ."

"No!" nearly everyone chorused.

"We need to end this soon," Harry retorted. "Is it possible to rejoin a soul fragment from a Horcrux back to the soul, and then split it again?"

"Of course," Dumbledore answered. "Is that what you think Voldemort will do?"

"He must at least suspect we might know what the final Horcrux is," Harry answered. "We couldn't find the damn thing when we knew what it was, and were fairly certain it was in Britain or at least not too much further away. If it can be anything, anywhere on Earth. . . ."

Dumbledore nodded. "I shall. . . ."

At that moment, Harry screamed and clutched his scar.

It had only been Voldemort, along with Wormtail and two other servants to care for Nagini, who had made the trek to a deserted area of Kazakstan. From 3165 years before until 1290 years before, a small branch of the Silk Road had run within a few dozen miles of this small valley, where, during that period and a few decades beyond, a small magical community had flourished.

Abandoned, the buildings had collapsed more than a thousand years ago. The old trail had partially grown over, and had otherwise been destroyed by blowing winds. The land was now nearly desert.

Deep in the caves, however, Salazar Slytherin had found refuge in his exile, as well as water and some old knowledge. Slytherin had returned to Europe to die, and left the location for any future heir who might reclaim his knowledge.

It had taken Voldemort three days to set up the ceremony, as he had made discoveries at the site that Slytherin had not. Then he triggered its start by murdering the two servants. To complete the ceremony, he killed Wormtail and Nagini, and broke the Horcrux.

It had been at that point that Harry had screamed.

Harry woke up the next day. All five of those pledged to him were nearby, but only Hermione was actually sleeping with him in the Hogwarts Infirmary. She stirred and hugged Harry. Harry hugged her back quickly, then slipped out to use the toilet.

"I see you think you're fit, Mister Potter," Madam Pomfrey said archly when he came out.

"Fit enough for that," Harry retorted.

"Sit down and let me examine you," she commanded.

"Alright," Harry agreed. "Padma, Luna, get the Headmaster here. Tell him I need to see him, Moody, Remus, and if he's available, Sirius, as soon as Madam Pomfrey allows."

"A wise caveat, Mister Potter," Madam Pomfrey observed.

"Hermione, take Tracey and Susan with you to Gringotts. The Goblins know you are authorized to speak for me. Tell them I would be honored to meet with any senior goblin as soon as possible, if they would like to win a treasure equal to a pharaoh's tomb. Make sure you emphasize 'as soon as possible'."

"That should fetch them," Hermione agreed. In less than three minutes, the girls were gone.

"Now may I examine you?" Madam Pomfrey snapped.

"I figured you'd want to do it without an audience," Harry teased.

"Jackanapes," the healer grumbled, good-naturedly.

Harry was not surprised that Hermione was back with three senior goblins before Dumbledore could get Moody, Remus, and Sirius together. Dumbledore was not happy with the arrangement, but didn't argue.

"Some quick background," Harry said. "Voldemort was down to one Horcrux. An emerald used by Rowena Ravenclaw."

The three goblins nodded, unsurprised Harry had known what the last Horcrux was.

"He had the emerald stuffed down a viper, which had been mutating because of this for over twenty years. Yesterday afternoon, our time, Voldemort killed two people I didn't know, Peter Pettigrew, and the snake." He pointed at his scar. "This links me to Voldemort. We've both tried to keep the link closed, but he lost it during the ceremony, and the feedback got to me."

"Now, the ceremony Voldemort performed did far more than kill three people and the snake. First, it broke the Horcrux and rejoined the soul fragment to Voldemort."

Everyone winced.

"Second, you have to remember that Voldemort's body was made up of several different things, magically combined. The pseudo-body he was in before his current one was made had been largely made with the snake's venom. The actual body was made from that pseudo-body, a bone from his father, a bit of my blood, and Pettigrew's hand. I don't think he captured any of Pettigrew's soul, but the ceremony did capture some of the life-force from both Pettigrew and the snake. He then re-split his soul into three parts. Most in his body, and then two weaker Horcruxes. I'd say each held roughly half the amount of his soul as the emerald Horcrux. It shouldn't have worked, but he somehow made it work, using the life-force from Pettigrew and the snake, since they had so much in common with his body."

"As interesting as this is, Lord Potter," Ringchain, one of the goblins, spoke up, "what has it have to do with us?"

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