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Grand Opening

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AU 5th year. Hermione starts a secret business called Sapphic Curiosities at Hogwarts. This business is made so that girls who are curious about other girls and explore their desires in anonymity f...

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Rating: M for sexual things

Disclaimer: Don't own it.

Warning: Femslash

Pairings: Hermione/Many girls

Summary. Alternate 5th year. Hermione Starts a business that strives on every girl's sapphic curiosity. Adapting the alias "The Mistress" she lures girls in by word of mouth, have them send a letter of interest to "The Mistress" along with their measurements and the outfit they wish to have. Then when they're with her in the never used classroom in a back corridor on the 6th floor she uses a lust potion to help them along and when they're done she collects her price. She remains anonymous by a contract that lets her clients speak about "The Mistress" but not of her identity or anything that may give her away.

A/N: Just thought this would be a fun multi-chapter story to write.

Sapphic Curiosities

Chapter 1: First Client is Free

Hermione smiled in satisfaction as she corked the last vial of her vast storage of lust potions. She looked around the classroom she'd commandeered and grinned. She'd watched this classroom all the previous year during the tournament. It was never used so she decided to transfigure furniture in it and turn it into the location of her school business.

She'd known she was a lesbian since she was 13 and started noticing how aroused she'd get from being around Lavender and Parvati in their skimpy night wear and during their showers. She'd noticed girls curious or petting each other in hidden areas and during her 4th year came up a plan to start a business at Hogwarts to let every girl who was curious about other girls explore their curiosity in anonymity for a small fee. She spent the 4th year finding the perfect place to make her office, and finally she was ready to start at the beginning of her 5th year. She'd only wished she had it ready the year before. Though slightly stuck up and proper, Fleur would have been an amazing lover, of that she had no doubt.

Hermione smiled as she looked over at the large fluffy round mattress that could fit 7 girls on it covered in silky dark blue sheets with fluffy pillows. The ground covered in Dark green carpet with several well cushioned chairs depicting colors from all four houses. She looked over at the far corner where her 'office' would be. Closed off by sliding doors she'd transfigured, with a desk, chair, closet of potions and a dresser of materials for transfiguring her client's preferred attire. She went to her desk and sat down to put the finishing touches on the anonymity contract she'd made as well as write and send off the letter inviting her first client.


Ginny Weasley sighed as she sat back in the Gryffindor common room reading her transfiguration book. She'd recently been turned down by a jerk in Ravenclaw and was trying to distract herself. She didn't have any real attraction to guys, though she hero worshiped Harry, she didn't find him very attractive.

She'd never really had much luck with guys and was growing depressed from it. She wasn't sure why, but she just had no desire to be with any guys even though she knew that at her age she should be pining after boys. She was a bit startled when a beautiful raven flew through a window and landed in front of her with an envelope. She quickly took it and the Raven flew off.

She looked down at the purple envelope with curiosity and noticed the message on it.

'Ginny, Read This Letter In Private"

Her curiosity peaked, she gathered up her things and rushed up the girl's staircase never noticing then quick glance Hermione sent her way.

Sitting alone her dorm Ginny pulled the envelope open and got a whiff of beautiful jasmine perfume. She sniffed it a few times enjoying the smell before she pulled the lavender colored parchment out and read the letter.

My Beautiful Ginny,
I have recently started a business of sorts here at Hogwarts that I call Sapphic Curiosities. I've noticed many girls in our beautiful school have interests in other girls, or simply don't have an interest in guys. I've noticed that some are just too shy to approach other girls for the simple fact that they are unsure if they would be interested in other girls and what would happen if word spread around to everyone about it.
I've taken on the task of providing such girls with a possibility of exploring these curiosities in other girls with total anonymity. We will sign an anonymity contract I designed that prevents me from mentioning your business with me and you will be unable to mention my real identity or give clues as to who I am to anyone. You will be able to speak of my by my alias and about what I do, as I hope much of my business will come from word of mouth.
I've noticed you've not had much luck with boys and haven't shown much desire outside of Harry Potter. I offer you the chance to test the waters of being with another girl. Nobody will know of it if you wish and you can have total anonymity afterwards. The normal price I'll charge will be 5 galleons for girls who just want to make out and have light petting, 10 for girls who wish to make out and have heavy petting, and 15 galleons for those who want to have everything. You will be my first client if you accept and you session with me will be free. In payment I ask that if you enjoy yourself, which I guarantee you will, you would spread the news about me by word of mouth.

If you wish to accept please send a small note mentioning your acceptance. Also add in your measurements, and what kind of outfit you wish for me to have for you to wear or let me know if you wish me to choose. Send with a school owl to "The Mistress" and I shall send you a time, day, and location for our session. I hope to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,
The Mistress

Ginny bit her lip as she considred the possibility. After only a few minutes of thought she scribbled out a note saying she accepted, her measurements, and for The Mistress to choose her outfit. After she was done she hid the letter from the mistress and rushed off to the owlery to send the letter.


Hermione smiled as she arrived at her desk in her office to find the letter of acceptance from Ginny. Reading the measurements and that she could choose the outfit, she grinned and scribbled a date and time and the room location and sent it off with her conjured raven before setting to work on Ginny's outfit.


Ginny was startled as a familiar raven flew up to her in the hallway and dropped her a note. She looked at it and smiled before rushing to her dorm.

Friday, 8 p.m. , Rm. 6C, farm west corner of the 6th floor. Permanently unused classroom I claimed.


Ginny arrived outside the room mentioned in the note and steeling her Gryffindor courage, she knocked. After hearing a sultry voice telling her to enter she opened the door and entered quickly while closing it. She turned to look at the room and gasped in surprise. It was a beautiful room of cushiony chairs, a big bed, silk coverings, and beautiful dark colors. She was definitely liking the atmosphere of the room. She was just about to ask The Mistress where she was when the last person she expected to see came around a sliding wall in the corner.

"Hermione?" Ginny gasped out in surprise.

Shortly after that exclamation Ginny's mind froze as she took a closer look at Hermione. Her hair wasn't bushy anymore. It was wavy and framed her face and hung to her shoulders. She was wearing a dark blue silk crop top that showed a couple inches of her smooth abdomen, and showed off her 34C breasts beautifully. Her hips spread out a bit from her waist making her curves noticeable and her lower section was covered by a short black pleated mini-skirt that seemed to go just low enough to cover her round thick bum. Her toned and smooth legs showed free as she walked barefoot across the carpet to the stupified Ginny.

"Hello Ginny, I'm glad you accepted." Hermione said in her same sultry tone that Ginny never knew she had.

"You're The Mistress?" Ginny asked in surprise.

"Obviously Love. Is that OK?" Hermione asked the last bit with a little insecurity.

"Merlin Yes! You look gorgeous! I was just surprised is all. I didn't expect that." Ginny said with a smile and a blush.

Hermione smiled as she walked over and slid her right hand to Ginny's left cheek and after a quick glance at her eyes lowered her clear lip gloss covered lips to Ginny's, began sensually kissing the young redhead. Sliding her tongue across Ginny's lower lip she was granted access and slid her tongue into the redhead's mouth and played with the younger girl's tongue before withdrawing. She giggled at the dazed look on Ginny's face before backing up and looking at the red head.

"You can go back into my office. Your outfit is on my desk. Slip it on and come on out and join me at the small table in the corner." Hermione said as she walked over to the table.

After letting her eyes follow Hermione's swaying hips and her round thick bum, Ginny went and got changed.

Hermione poured two glasses of fire whiskey with a bit of lust potion in Ginny's. She looked up when Ginny came out and smiled as naughty thoughts entered her head.

The young toned red head stood a bit nervously as she let Hermione appraise her. She had dark red lipstick on her lips and eye liner to make her eyes more noticeable. She was wearing a sexy black and crimson pixie dress Hermione found in a muggle catelog. The dress had small straps over her shoulders, it wrapped snuggly around her round firm B cup chest pushing her chest together and showing cleavage in the center, the cubs of the dress being triangle shaped. The dress wrapped snuggly around Ginny's toned athletic stomach, and at her hips it spreads out in black and red see through slips of cloth that gather to make a skirt shaped like flower petals around her bum which is only covered by a black string thong with red lining. Hermione was worried she was drooling.

"Wow. I thought you'd look good, but I definitely picked the right outfit." Hermione said with a grin as she beckoned a blushing Ginny to the table.

Ginny smiled shyly as she sat across from Hermione and took a sip of the firewhiskey and coughed in surprise.

"Wow, firewhiskey? You really did plan this all out. What exactly am I wearing though?" Ginny asked curiously as she looked down at her dress.

"It's a dark pixie costume I found in a muggle Halloween catelog. I transfigured some cloth into it to fit your measurements. I think it suits you quite nicely." Hermione said with a sultry smile while sliding her leg across the table and between a surprised Ginny's and rubbed bare leg against bare leg.

That sat and talked a bit about Hermione's plans for the business and then moved on to Ginny's love issues as they drank the firewhiskey. Ginny talked about how she really only hero worshiped Harry, but didn't find him attractive. How she didn't have much desire to be with boys. Hermione assured her it was perfectly normal to be attracted to other girls and then happily mentioned that was what that night was all about.

As their conversation began to die down Ginny began feeling the affects of the lust potion. She noticed Hermione's curves showing clearly in her outfit and how Hermione's nipples were hard under her top. This caused her own nipples to harden and her stomach to feel fluttery. Her breathing quickened as she focused on Hermione's pouty lips and realized just how deliciously curvy Hermione really was.

Without much more thought she moved around the small table and slid into Hermione's lap, straddling her legs as she passionately pressed her lips to Hermione's and slid her tongue in to the brunette's mouth. Hermione's hands quickly slid under the bottom of Ginny's dress to her bare bum and began to caress and squeeze as they made out.

After a few minutes Hermione lifted Ginny up, and while still kissing her, moved them to the bed. She laid Ginny down and got on top her legs outside of Ginny's. She slid her hands up and squeezed Ginny's supple firm breasts earning a moan from the red head. She kissed across her cheek and down to her neck and began sucking on her pulse point as her hands continued their caresses on the redhead's breasts. Hermione slid her right leg between Ginny's and brought her thigh against the redhead's center drawing a loud moan from her. Ginny bucked her hips against the brunette's thigh and began a slow rolling with her hips that ground her wet pussy against Hermione's thigh.

Hermione smiled as Ginny mewed and muttered nonsense as she rolled her hips and her center against her thigh. She continued caressing Ginny's boobs while kissing across her neck and collar bone while sucking at spots and nibbling lightly with her teeth. She growled softly as Ginny's breathing became faster and she began moaning loudly. She felt Ginny tense as her hips shoved roughly against her thigh and felt the red head's thong become damp as an orgasm rushed through her body causing her to shiver.

Ginny moaned out Hermione's name as her orgasm rushed through her. She felt like she was exploding and she didn't want it to stop. As she came down she opened her eyes to see Hermione gazing lustfully down at her. She felt a pulse through her body and quickly flipped Hermione over and slid on top of her and buried her face in the brunette's neck sucking on her pulse point as her hands gripped the full round squishy boobs in her hands and moaned against Hermione's neck. She slid her hand down and grabbed the bottom of Hermione's shirt and pulled it over her head revealing Hermione's large round breasts with her hard dark brown small nipples. Ginny liked her lips and buried her face between them while taking them in her hands and pushing them against her face. Hermione giggled but turned it into a moan as Ginny began sucking and licking the large breasts she was adoring.

Ginny had never felt something as delightful as Hermione's breasts. They felt amazingly soft in her hands as she caressed them and they were like pudding when she squeezed them. They didn't sag but they weren't firm either. Her skin tasted like strawberries and she smelled of jasmine mixed with strawberries. She moaned in unison with Hermione as her tongue flicked across a hard nipple and then wrapped her lips around it to suck as she caressed and squeezed the other.

Hermione's breath became more labored as her body grew warmer. Her breasts had always been sensitive and with Ginny's surprisingly talented attention being given her twins, she was fast approaching an orgasm. She gripped Ginny's arms firmly and scratched her nails down the arms slightly causing Ginny to a shocked hiss of pleasure. This hiss urged Hermione to scratch more and slid her arms to Ginny's back and pulled her nails down her upper back as Ginny hissed in pleasure and brought her right leg up into Hermione's center and coaxed Hermione into grinding her center into her firm thigh while she lavished affection on Hermione's full breasts. Hermione felt the gathering explosion in her body as she dug her nails into Ginny's back as she slammed her hips down onto the redhead's smooth firm thigh and mewed out her name as her juices flooded from her.

Ginny pulled back after Hemione's body relaxed and smiled proudly at the flushed brunette. She reached up under Hermine's skirt and removed her soaked string bikini panties and brought them up to her face. The redhead inhaled deeply, with the panties under her nose, and moaned at the delicious scent of Hermione's pleasure.

"That's so bloody hot." Hermione gasped out as she slid up and buried her face into the redhead's boobs.

Ginny responded by sucking on Hermione's neck and sliding her hands down to remove the skirt as well. Hermione blushed lightly at being naked, but quickly rid Ginny of her dress and thong. She sat back and admire the redhead's beauty. She was slim and toned with round firm b cup breasts, and her body was toned with a small round tight ass. Hermione slid her hands around Ginny and gripped her ass, digging her nails in, and pulled to the sides letting her nails dig in slightly. Ginny hissed in pleasure as the stimulation of pain ran from her ass to her pussy. She moaned Hermine's name as the brunette took one of the redhead's pink nipples into her mouth and suckled softly.

"Oh Hermione." Ginny moaned as she grabbed the back of the wavy haired head and held it firmly to her chest.

Hermione nibbled lightly on Ginny's nipple drawing a loud gasp of pleasure from the redhead. Hermione grinned again and slid her right hand to Ginny's pussy and cupped it. Ginny moaned loudly and rubbed her hips into Hermione's right hand. With a grin Hermione shoved two fingers into Ginny's pussy, enjoying the tight warmth. Ginny groaned loudly and pushed down and Hermione giggled at the redhead's eagerness. She slid another finger in and rubbed the walls inside searching for the redhead's gspot as she took one finger and her thumb and began rubbing them back and forth over the red head's clit. Ginny moaned loudly as her breath became ragged. Hermione moaned into Ginny's breasts as she twisted and pinched Ginny's throbbing clit, and grinned in victory as Ginny let out a loud scream as Hermione's questing fingers found her hotspot. She continue rubbing the hotspot with two fingers while one and her thumb continued pinching and twisting the redhead's clit. Ginny became gasping repeatedly as her breath became deep and desperate. She gripped Hermione's shoulder tightly with one hand while the other arm pulled the brunette's head firmly against her breasts. She let out a loud scream as her body exploded with ecstasy. She rid Hermione's hand for several minutes riding out the powerful orgasm as head lolled back and her eyes shut.

Hermione's pussy had become very wet and her clit was throbbing after pushing Ginny to another orgasm. She couldn't hold back any more and before Ginny even finished riding out her orgasm, Hermione and thrown her on her back and slid her legs between Ginny's, entwining them so that her left leg was over Ginny's right, and Ginny's left was over her right, and she ground her wet pussy and throbbing clit into Ginny's still flooding pussy. Ginny and Hermione moaned in unison as their pussies touched and they began rocking against eachother. Hermione's breath became ragged as she ground her center against Ginny's and the redhead kept repeating Hermione's name as she ground her center back against Hermione's. Ginny was still riding the orgasm from the brunette's exploring fingers and the delicious feelings coming from their grinding pussies was driving her crazy and making her body shudder. Her wetness began mixing with Hermione's as they began to rock their hips faster, moaning louder as they furiously ground their pussies together. With two loud screams they climaxed at the same time, Ginny's new orgasm overpowering the other one and Hermione's causing her to let out a loud scream that continued into a long groan as the two young women continued grinding their centers together as their juices mixed and seeped onto the bed. After 10 minutes of riding out their orgasms The collapsed to the bed and Hermione gathered Ginny into her arms and brought her nails down the redhead's back.

"That was beautiful." Ginny whispered after a while.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Hermione giggled.

"That definitely cleared up the confusion I've had lately." Ginny giggled.

"I'm glad I could help sweetie." Hermione whispered as she kissed the redhead's neck.

Ginny smiled and gently rubbed her hand up and down hermione's side as they laid together. They spent an hour just laying together as their bodies relaxed. Then they both got up and cleaned themselves with a few spells and Ginny got redressed. She gave Hermione a long deep kiss and gripped the brunette's thick round ass before pulling away and smiling.

"I'm definitely going to spread the word about Sapphic Curiosities. You'll be having interested girls in no time. I'll be doing my best to get enough gold to pay for my next session." Ginny said with a blushing smile.

Hermione grinned and thanked her. They shared another deep kiss and Hermione gripped the tight round ass and pulled her hand pack and spanked her once earning a gasp of surprise and desire.

"You like light pain i noticed. We'll have to explore that more another time." Hermione said with a flirtatious smile.

"We will love. I'll see you back in the common room." Ginny whispered as she left the room.

Hermione smiled as she went about cleaning up the room and enjoying the lasting after feelings of sex. Ginny had been surprisingly talented. She'd greatly enjoyed it and looked forward to more girls coming to her little Sapphic Hideaway.

As she exited the room she whispered a spell and then muttered "Pureblood Pussy". Smirking at the password nobody would guess, she walked away with a satisfied glow about her.
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