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Chapter One

by bigdonadiet

Good, old fashioned Harry and multiple love slave story. With plot, for you weridos who like that kind of thing. M/F

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Harry Potter and the News: Chapter One

By Big D

Desperate men do desperate things.

Or maybe it was like Voldemort had told him... there was no good and evil, only power, and those who were afraid to seek it.

The real question, in Harry's mind, was: if it was acceptable to kill someone to save the world, was it also okay to do something worse? Was it possible to enslave an innocent person for the greater good? Could he really rape someone to help humanity?

After Sirius died, Harry didn't think that things could get any worse. He was quickly proven wrong.

Less than a week later, the Burrow had been attacked. Arthur Weasley had died a hero's death trying to protect his family, but had failed. Fred and George had been tortured to death while the others were forced to watch. When the Order did arrive, the battle had been short and brutal.

And Ron had been caught in the crossfire.

He had lived just long enough to make it to St. Mungo's.

Just long enough for Harry to come and see him.

Just long enough to curse Harry for coming into his life.

Just long enough to blame him for his father and brother's deaths.

And then he died.

After that, the war had begun in earnest. Harry's sixth year had been filled with attacks, battles, deaths, and for Harry himself, training. The training had taught him one thing.

Training was useless.

The more Harry came to understand magic, the more he understood that it was a matter of power... Voldemort had it, he didn't. The only way that he stood a chance was to become more powerful, and fast.

Secretly, he had begun to research ways to make himself more powerful. He had found several dark rituals that claimed to grant greater power, but most of them were things that he knew that Voldemort had already tried. Even if he could match Voldemort's power, he could never match his experience, and he would still lose. What he needed was something that would make him more powerful than the Dark Lord.

Oddly enough, it was Dumbledore who had given him the answer... love. Dumbledore had said that the "power the Dark Lord knows not" was love, but Harry hadn't believed him. After all, what was he supposed to do, hug Voldemort into submission? No, he couldn't use love to kill the Dark Lord, but he could use it to make himself more powerful. Within Harry's blood flowed the pure magical power of love, given to him by his mother's sacrifice. If he could harness that power, he could use it to create a link between him and another person, allowing him to draw on their magical aura and make himself more powerful.

The application of this would be tricky. To do it, he would have to change the nature of the power within his blood, pervert it into something that he could use to affect other people. The link that he was thinking of was not a subtle thing. It would make the people he used it on fall deeply in love with him, and stay in love with him forever, until one of them died. They would be, for lack of a better term, his love slaves, who would do anything to make him happy. The link wouldn't take effect until he had unprotected sex with them, but he would be able to induce feelings of love from anyone he chose, merely by focusing on them and wanting them to love him. After that, getting them to have sex with him would be as easy as finding a private place to do it in. In essence, the more girls he fucked, the more powerful he would become.

Which brought Harry back to his choice. Just because the girls he used this power on were giving themselves to him willingly didn't mean that it wasn't rape. Not if what they were feeling wasn't real. How many witches would he have to turn into his love slaves before he was powerful enough to face Voldemort? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? More? Would he run out of witches to chose from and have to turn to wizards? Harry shuddered at the thought.

Before him lay the plans to a ritual that he had spent the last six months creating. He had adapted several other rituals to serve his purpose, and he was certain that it would work. The power to stop Voldemort was within his grasp, all he had to do was reach out and take it. But there was a price, and he wasn't the only one who would pay it. He would be taking away the futures of all the girls that he fucked, binding their magic and souls to him forever. Harry knew evil, he had seen it as a baby and been shaped by it as a young man, but he had never done anything that he himself thought was evil... until now.

Harry made his choice.
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